Saturday, April 25, 2015

Some stuff is out of reach

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This post goes into the Power and Electricity subseries of the off-the-grid main series of posts.

One thing I really like about wind energy is that it can be potentially a lot of power from a little device.  Let's say one is rated at a maximum of 400 watts.  If it can do that for an entire day, that's .4 kwh x 24 hr = 9.6 kwh of power.  Not bad for such a little device.  It can beat the pants off of solar.

The downside of wind has been noted in an earlier post.  It has moving parts that can fail.  It has to be mounted in a high place, which requires some skills which may cost some money to obtain, or obtained the hard way by doing yourself.  Sometimes the equipment isn't up to par in terms of quality.

What would I do with the wind?  What is so enticing about it, after all?  I figured that I can make water with all that power.  I could recycle my grey water.  I could use a dehumidifier to pull it out of the atmosphere.  If the wind really does blow hard enough out there, my water worries could be a thing of the past.

You have to look at it both angles and decide whether of not this is worth it.  It may not be, for there may be an easier way to get water.

Another consideration is the cost.  Looks like something over a thousand for the parts for a system that could produce 1 kwh per day of electricity in a 13 mph wind.  That just may be feasible out there.

It's hard to make a judgment without the practical experience behind it.  If only my solar system worked out there, then I might at least have some idea of what can be done.

Squaring things away here at da House

Now I can't call this place "da House" even though it is an apartment.  You gotta call it something, and this is the most polite term I could think of at the present.

I'm going to sign a new lease, probably next week.  I'll be here at least until the end of March next year.

As for all the equipment I bought, I'm putting it all away until the next time.

That 300 dollar chair that broke was replaced.  Actually, they sent me a new frame.  I had to slip off the cushions on the broken frame and put it on the replacement frame.  Now it sits in the bedroom like new.  Only thing is this:  after having the first one fail, can I trust this one?  I think not.  The metal looks too thin for a bigger person such as myself.  It may work for a person that weighs in at less than 200 lbs.  Preferably even less.  I'd say this thing is more suitable for a woman than a big man.

Moving on to the rest of my stuff, I cleaned up my circular saw and put it away.  Amazing how much crud got on it and in it.  Hopefully, it won't cause a premature failure.

Checked the batteries on my scooter.  I figured it was 12 amp/hrs and so it is.  That's 2 times 12 amp/hrs giving 24 amp/hrs.  That's pretty decent in terms of power.  It's almost as good as the battery I've already got.  Combine them and you've got 60 amp/hrs.  Since you don't want to discharge at greater than 50%, this gives 30 amp/hrs of useful power.  That 30 times 12 volts giving 360 watt/hrs.

It's something to get you started, but it will have to grow a little once I get things rounded out and in shape out there.

Just about ready to resume the old lifestyle, but continue to prepare for the new.  The time is not yet, but I'm getting there.

Shower gizmo

The entire time out there, I did not try this gizmo that I intended to use to take a shower at "da Ranch".  Since there is no running water, there has to be a way to get water on you so that you clean yourself off.  It is especially important out there because it can get so dirty.

I tried the Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower at home before I headed out.  The problem is that it puts out about as much water as your shower head at home, but there's not that much water available.

So, what's the solution?  I may try this sometime:  Buy an aquarium pump, and pump the water -that runs out the shower head into the collection area, in my case, a metal tub- back up into the bucket from whence it came.  It will, in effect, recirculate the water over and over again as long as you are comfortable with the quality of the water coming out.  If you want to rinse off, put the gizmo into another bucket of clean water.  My goal is to be able to get fully clean by using only about 3 gallons of water per shower.

My reaction to Bill Ayers

This link came to me via Instapundit, whose reaction that seems to dwell on the anti-American aspect of the guy's rants.  My reaction is somewhat different, in that this guy is being touted as having some sort of special knowledge and understanding, yet he is an ignoramus.

One of the left-wing's favorite fairy tales--- that we are running out of resources, is nothing but pure nonsense.

And here we are 4% of the world’s population, 4.5% of the world’s population, consuming vast amounts of natural resources, consuming vast amounts of finished goods, and no politician will say that the empire is declining and that the game is over. [emphasis added]

We cannot consume vast amounts of natural resources.  The reason is plain old physics and chemistry, which this clown doesn't seem to understand.  Let me go over this with the thought challenged amongst you.  If you stay with me, maybe you will learn something.

Nothing gets "used up".   The only thing that happens is that the chemical bonds change.  Every atom that makes up a resource, whatever it may be,  is virtually indestructible.  You don't change atoms, you change its chemical bonds, which consist of electron bonds between the fundamental elements that make up the compound in question.  That is to say, when you burn gasoline in your car, you change it from a liquid chemical ( gasoline ) to primarily water and carbon dioxide.  You don't use anything but the breaking of the chemical bonds in the gasoline that unleash energy that can power your auto.  The waste products are water and carbon dioxide.

They say that carbon dioxide itself is harmful, but there is so little of it in the atmosphere that it cannot possibly hurt anything, and besides, it is input to plants that make food for us to eat.  Nothing is lost.  No harm is done.  Yet these ignoramuses claim that there is harm.  The climate is changing because of this carbon we put into the atmosphere.  What nonsense.

The fact of the matter is that they don't know what the hell they are talking about, or they are lying their butts off.  In either case, their lying or their incompetence causes more harm than the harms that they are alleging that are happening.

The fault in our educational and information disseminating infrastructure is that this kind of nonsense gets treated as if it were truth, but the truth will not and is not tested.  Hence young people are deceived.

The real problem is an entirely different one than this fool suggests.  This fellow has no business influencing the young and it is to our discredit that he is allowed to do so.

You should demand the truth.  You should not accept information without it being testable for truth and accuracy.  This is resisted by these people, either because they are frauds and know it, or they are so imbued with some sense of belief that they cannot bear the thought of being wrong.  Either way, they should not be trusted, and it is to our very great discredit that so many people do.

A song for every occasion

I betcha I can think up a song for every occasion.  I did it while at "da Ranch" with the backing up song.  However, when I recorded it on video, I found out that my singing left much to be desired.  I won't be putting up that video.

Anyway, my van is filthy, and it is raining today.  So, I got this idea to go out there with a wash brush and clean it while it was raining.  It sort of worked good on the hood, but the rain wasn't coming down hard enough.  Sure enough, the rain shower was ending as a patch of blue sky appeared to the west.

It was then that I thought up the song Let it Rain, by  Eric Clapton

Still more beekeeping videos

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This post will go into the Food Subseries of the off-the-grid main series of posts.

This little crash course of Youtube videos continues with the technique of making your beehives more abundant with bees.

Beekeeping - How to make lots more Bees - Using the Rose Hive Method Part 3

Obviously a three part series that I didn't watch but the third part.  The impression I get is that I'd better read a book.  I don't know if these videos really explain things in enough detail.

More detail?   Perhaps back to the beginning?   What do you need to get started?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beekeeping videos

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This post will go into the food subseries of the off-the-grid series of posts.

Since I will need money for awhile, I figure that honey could be a good cash crop.  The best part of this is that the bees do most of the work!  I like that idea a whole lot.

As for markets for my products, there is always a market for sweets.  If that doesn't work, I can eat the honey myself.

As for the videos, this first one is from a narrator that I've seen before, and have already embedded here in one of my posts, I'm sure.  The name of the Youtube channel is GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley.  The video looks to be quite professional.  As for me, I'm just getting started, so I'm likely to make some mistakes.  Whatever I produce will certainly not look this good.

This looks like it has 3 videos in the playlist:  Here's the link for all 3.

Back to the job on Monday

Made the call maybe an hour ago.  Asked for and got my old job back.  So that routine will renew beginning on Monday.

As for now, I will be writing about other things beside "da Ranch".

The pressure might be off, but I will still be preparing to make the move.  The original idea was to hang on to my job and move out there when I retire.  That wasn't a bad plan, but as things being what they are, and me being the way I am, I wanted to do something right now.

It's going to have to wait.  It's simply too costly to make a lot of trips out there, and now I've made five.

No doubt, I'll keep making trips, but they have to come less frequently.

I learned a few things with these trips, but they were disappointments in some ways.  One disappointment is that I simply can't do as much as I would like.  Just getting too old for that.

Hopefully, I can keep myself together for another 2 1/2 years.  By then, I ought to be truly ready.

Researching beekeeping

Very early stages of research.  While I was out at "da Ranch", I could have sworn that I saw a bee swarm.  It is conceivable because there were so many flowering plants at that time.  Quite possibly a free range honeybee can produce honey with what is already available, thus the idea.

While I'm thinking of it, I realize that teaching myself everything is the hard way.  Perhaps the simplest thing is to befriend a beekeeper who knows this stuff already.  I think the opportunity is there to raise a lot of bees.  I don't think there's any competition.

By the way, do you know the term for a person who teaches himself things?  Such a person is an autodidact.  Sounds like a disease, doesn't it?  Is autodidacting contagious?  If it were, it might be a good thing.  Here's somebody learning the ropes:

This one will go into the food subseries of the off-the-grid series of posts.

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Backing up song ORIGINAL!!!

Her daddy taught her good!  Lol.

I tried to sing this at da Ranch, but I don't think it is ready for prime time, either.  lol

In USA Since 2008 More Businesses Destroyed Than Created


A link to a video from a commenter:

A lot of his ideas are expressed on this blog.

My suggestions:
  • Do not vote for parties.  Parties are worse than individuals.  If an individual politician bugs you, throw his butt out.  People are trained to fear the opposition PARTY, and vote for someone they don't like because they think the opposition party is worse.
  • Don't feed the Congresscritters or any other political entity. It's big business.  They only want your money.
  • Go on a media strike.  Shut off the TV.  Research issues on your own.  Example?  So-called climate change.  Just a little original thinking can debunk the causes that the establishment loves to push.  I do that on my own blog.  Try it sometime, you'll be amazed at what you can come up with.
  • Don't trust people who make a business out of their messaging.  That is a conflict of interest.  Example?  Rush Limbaugh.  Rush claims to be a patriot, but that doesn't go with making money off his talk show.  He's just a money grubber, not a patriot, no matter what his rhetoric.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Windpower horror story

This guy went through hell he says.  That's before he got it right, and now he is happy.

One recommendation he stresses is to make sure you get a good wind area.  In order to do this, he says to get a good weather station.  These are not cheap!  A name he mentions is Davis.  Over $500 to get a simple station installed.

The reason I'm interested in windpower is that the area I'm in does appear to be windy.  The wind blows more frequently than the sun shines, so I figure I'd get a more reliable source of energy.

It is good practice to learn from the experience of others.  I think I'd take this guy's experiences to heart.

I had some weather equipment there, but it was old and not very useful.  Time for an upgrade?  Well, it's the old money problem again.

This one goes into the Power subseries of the off-the-grid series of posts.

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Tentative plans for expansion of power system

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This one goes into the Power Subseries of the off-the-grid main series of posts.

I want to post something here before I forget about it.  Now that things are organized, I feel confident that I can find anything I think up on this here blog.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I have more power available to me than I thought.  I realize that the car battery isn't really made for deep discharging, but it can be useful at times in order to run a few things.  Not only that, but you can also dedicate a solar panel to keep it charged up while it isn't running so as to conserve gas.

So, that's the idea.  To use the van's battery to run a few things off of it so as to make full use of all resources.

Not only that, my little electric scooter also has 12 volt batteries.  I think 12 Amp hour batteries, if I am not mistaken.  That's two of those little rascals and that almost doubles my power reserve.

I haven't even used my little 800 watt two cycle generator either.  I figured I'd put it on the tongue of the trailer, which is already purchased.  You can run it five hours on one gallon of gas, it is claimed.  That's 4 kwh of electricity for a couple bucks.  Not exactly cheap, but much welcomed, and that is something that also saves on gas, because it is cheaper than using the van's motor.

The trailer will have everything running off of it.  It will have some solar panels on top, and it will also have a breaker box.  I want to be able to isolate each battery and charge it separately with the little charger just mentioned.  The instructions say not to use a big battery with that little charger.  That's why I have only small batts so far.

That's all I remember for now.

REMINISCING, The Little River Band

Oldie but goodie.

Assorted notes on just completed trip out West

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A belated decision to put this into the General subseries of the off-the-grid series of posts.

The main goal was to test myself and see where I was in relation to my preparations.  The result was that I did find out that I was definitely not ready to move out there.  There are many other things that have to be decided upon, built, and/or obtained.  Not to mention the fact that there won't be any income once I move out there, so I'd better be ready to support myself in some way when I finally do make the jump.

Some solid achievements
  • I met a neighbor, and made nodding acquaintances with a few others.  That's a big plus on this trip.
  • I built a quonset hut, and although it is riddled with mistakes, I think it was rather sturdy and should hold up until the next trip.
  • I found many places in which my cell phone could conceivably ( and did on one call )  make a call out of the place.  This was a completely unexpected and welcomed surprise.
  • I found some possible opportunities in Sierra Blanca.  It may be possible to obtain a place to rent, if I choose.
  • There was a job opportunity in Van Horn, and it may be possible for me to get the job, but it is not something that I'd want to do for very long.  Still, that's more than what I expected.
  • Although I didn't try everything I wanted to try, I did try almost everything.  The solutions I tried seem to work well for the most part, although there were some malfunctions, like the solar panel.

Some room for improvement:

  • Need to organize better.  Too much time was wasted looking for items that were misplaced.

All in all, a good solid trip.

Comprehensive layout for base camp

This plan is based upon previous planning work done here.  I took into consideration the work that has already been done, and integrated the new plans into that.

There is a rainwater catchment plan included in these.  The idea is to take rainwater and divert it into the quonset itself, where it will drain into a 5 gallon bucket.  Excess rainwater will be drained into a main holding tank nearby.

This post will go into the off-the-grid Construction subseries.

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Table of Contents Food Subseries

Now that Water and Construction have been accounted for, let's move on to the Food Subseries.

  1. How much area to devote to algae in order to make a gallon of fuel per day?
  2. While I'm thinking along those lines...DIY Homemade Incubator HATCH Chicken Eggs
  3. Chickens 101
  4. Raising pygmy goats
  5. Gas Refrigerator - Who Needs One : All Walks Of Life
  6. Raising Earthworms
  7. How to Farm Tilapia for Food, Fun, Fertilizer & Profit 9-5-13
  8. Growing Potatoes in a Trash Can
  9. Propane running around my brain
  10. Let's grow some stuff
  11. How To Plant Potatoes for High Yields
  12. Closer look at growing Strawberries
  13. Closer look at growing tomatoes
  14. Amazing Sweet Potato Harvest: 139 lbs
  15. 11 Reasons You Should Raise Guinea Fowl
  16. Using inexpensive smooth (non-ribbed) food storage bags with a vacuum sealer.
  17. Rise and shine, 2/25/15
  18. Off Grid Fridge by SolarCabin
  19. Researching beekeeping
  20. Beekeeping videos
  21. Still more beekeeping videos
  22. Beekeeping videos from LDSPrepper, plus other
  23. How to grow celery, and another gardener to keep track of
  24. Off-grid self-watering gardening system
  25. Mapping the quonset greenhouse to the self-watering container gardening system
  26. Mapping the quonset greenhouse to the self-watering container gardening system, alternative system
  27. Raising catfish off-grid style
  28. Stingless Bees

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I can't believe "Global Warming" is still taken seriously

It doesn't take that much to refute it.

Look ya'll.  They are trying to get you to believe something that is totally implausible.  All it takes is something that will show it.

I've tried here on this blog, but somehow it eludes me.  Here's an idea.  You know what atmospheric pressure is don't you?  Well, if carbon dioxide is 400 parts per million, then what is the atmospheric pressure associated with carbon dioxide?  Look at it this way:  400 parts per million is .04%.  So, a rough guess is this:  if standard pressure is 1000 millibars, then .04% of that is .4 millibar.  This is a rough estimate because carbon dioxide is more dense than the oxygen and nitrogen that makes up over 99% of the atmosphere.  However, it is not that far off.  It isn't going to change the numbers by an order of magnitude.  Even if it did, it would only be 4 millibar.  That is less than the atmospheric pressure of Mars, which is pretty cold and its atmosphere is over 95% carbon dioxide.

What could be more clear?  You don't have very much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on Earth.  Even if you double it to 800 parts per million, it makes little difference in atmospheric pressure.

How can something that has so little presence here have so big an impact here on Earth, but not on Mars where it dominates?

Global warming is total bunk.

Queer eye for the Rubio guy

Marco Rubio is said to have "reached out" to the "gay" conservatives.

One thing off the bat---- no such thing as a "gay" conservative.  That is what you call an oxymoron.  No way you should be able to call yourself conservative and go along with any of this left wing garbage like "gay rights".

First Rubio screws us on immigration, and now this.

Rubio has no chance with yours truly.  Ain't gonna vote for him.  No friggin' way, Mr. Bigglesworth.

Table of Contents: Power and Electricity

This is the last of the four major topics.  There are subseries for other topics as well, but these aren't sufficiently developed for me to spend my time listing them.


I've now plugged in each of the Tables into the Main Table.  Any post in this series should now be easily accessible.  Phew!  Lot of work.

Rush-New World Man (Lyrics)

This song came to my attention on my long drive back home.

Who is the artist referring to when he sings of the "New World Man"?

I think it is the modern American Man, and what HE thinks he is, and what OTHERS thinks he is.  So, what is the truth of the matter?

Whatever it is, it isn't complementary.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Construction subseries Table of Contents

  I spent a lot of time on this, and a few errors had to be corrected.  If it shows anything, it shows the evolution of thought on how I will proceed on this project.
  1. Digging Post Holes
  2. Water filtration test 3!
  3. Home again 10/31/14
  4. Bentonite water filtration lab 2
  5. The silly season is officially over
  6. D-day at da ranch is 3 weeks away
  7. D-day at da ranch is less than 2 weeks
  8. Utility Dump 60' x 96' Steel Utility Trailer (No Floor)
  9. Home again 11/26/14
  10. Trailer plans
  11. Saturday after Black Friday ( bought freezer )
  12. Floor plans for " da trailer" changing again
  13. Experimentation with freezer
  14. Quickie post: Freezer experiment
  15. Trailer plans ( exterior )
  16. New thoughts about "da trailer"  ( metal sheets )
  17. Trailer concept F.0 ( Murphy bed frees up floor space )
  18. Alternatives for housing
  19. Walls and such
  20. Some fancy ideas for RV conversion
  21. Going through the options
  22. Sliding door for da coffin
  23. Using the Greenhouse as a shed
  24. Doing some calcs for materials needed for quonset huts
  25. Looking for ways to save a buck
  26. Quadrangle construction details
  27. Pallets or no pallets, that is the question
  28. Rise and shine
  29. Quadrangle goes out
  30. Kicking around some ideas
  31. Fine tuning the plans
  32. Fine tuning the plans, part 2
  33. Coffin details
  34. Trailer concept F.1 Murphy beds with Quonset roof!
  35. Is a Murphy Bed feasible in the Quonset?
  36. No Quonset Murphy Bed setup
  37. Tentative construction plan
  38. Trailer plans, 3/24/15
  39. Comprehensive layout for base camp
  40. Trailer concept with Quonset roof, revisited
  41. Van to RV conversion
  42. Quonset hut on top of van
  43. RV van conversion used as small farm plus another idea for a greenhouse
  44. Adjustment to the RV conversion plans
  45. Van to RV conversion continued discussion
  46. The 5x8 trailer--- bolts with holes
  47. Reconsidering the moving van concept
  48. Rolling coffin
  49. Van to RV conversion; First Steps
  50. Van to RV conversion Next steps
  51. Blown In Insulation, Spray Foam Insulation - Bob Vila
  52. Building a Screen Porch - Bob Vila
  53. The Taj Mahal of Carports
  54. Van to RV new idea
  55. Information mining
  56. RV trailer idea
  57. What to do with trailer and incinerating toilet
  58. (more) Building ideas
  59. (more ) Building ideas ( continued )
  60. Modifying the van to RV conversion concept
  61. Trailer gets a screen porch and awning
  62. Completing my first version of the "coffin"
  63. Need shade from the sun to cut down on a/c use 
  64. Trailer versus Quonset 
  65. Rethinking the Quonset idea
  66. Advice from a pro

Water subseries Table of Contents

Here's a Table of Contents that will allow easy access to all of the posts in this subseries.  I realize that this is probably what I thought I already had.  Perhaps this improves things a bit.

  1. Water filtration progress
  2. Water filtration test 3!
  3. Reverse osmosis system
  4. Get me some water
  5. A few drops in the bucket
  6. Reverse Osmosis System Installation Video
  7. A tentative rainfall capture plan
  8. Home again 21215
  9. Home again 21615
  10. Water filter review comparison
  11. Water classification system
  12. Homemade water distiller diy stove top
  13. Fan Cooler Kit
  14. The potential that exists
  15. Drainage system for the Quonsets
  16. Rainwater catchment concept
  17. Brainstorm: Use a dolly's "blade" to remove soil
  18. Off Grid Water Distillation at its Best!
  19. Using my trash as energy source for water distillation
  20. What would be the best system to handle water
  21. Revisting the water situation
  22. Water collection idea
  23. Water collection idea, part 2
  24. Water experiment
  25. More off-the-grid water distillation ideas
  26. Solar oven as energy source for distillation
  27. Water pumps and such
  28. More how to videos on distilling water and an atmospheric water generator
  29. Water filtration lab
  30. Another  stovetop distiller
  31. Water laboratory (again)
  32. More laboratory work in progress
  33. Yet more lab work
  34. Creativity with straws
  35. Real world example testing
  36. Reclamation system getting close to completion
  37. Water and energy as keys to success
  38. Water distillation lab
  39. Club soda as a water treatment
  40. Ramping up production 
  41. Learning some lessons
  42. Confirmation of a problem
  43. Conclusion for water distillation
  44. Conclusion of water distillation experiments ( maybe)
  45. Water use for off grid-living
  46. Homemade water distiller

 To summarize, I think it is possible to capture rainfall, and to recycle it.  The trick is to implement a system that is really simple and easy to do, cuz I don't have money and I don't have the capacity for a lot of work, so I must be efficient with both time and money.

New solar panel test

Redneck Snow Plow

This is the variation of the DIY'er Mr Plow that I embedded as a video awhile back.  This one is the simplest, and therefore the one most likely for yours truly.


I'm thinking up a scheme for rainwater catchment.  It will involve scraping out about 4 to 6 inches of dirt with this plow device, and placing a tarp on top of it.  At one end, use a pick ax to dig out a hole about the size and depth of a 5 gallon bucket and place a pump at the bottom.  Rain water will collect on the tarp and tend to go into the deep area of the bucket where it would be pumped out of the tarp area and into a holding tank.

An idea under consideration for collecting rainwater

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogger is acting strangely

A few days ago, I tried to start a new series, only for the Blogger interface to put a stop to that.  No more series.  Now, my video bar stopped working properly, so I took it down.

Don't know what's going on, maybe it's nothing, but you may as well assume the worst.  Something could be going on here.

Us Stockmarkets Update - Getting Scarier By The Day...

By Clive Maund | Kitco Commentary

Yet, the markets keep hanging on and on.

It's hard to tell what to do, but this commentary looks convincing.  A must read.

Full day

Hmmm.  Didn't realize that I'd only posted once today.  Normally, I do at least 3.

I got the van serviced, as it was long overdue.  I noted that I had driven 3k miles on that last trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My GOD.

No wonder I was so overstretched.  I must have been driving myself like a madman.  All that driving and all of that work.  It made for very long days and a very tired old dude.

I didn't know that I had driven so far cuz I didn't note what the mileage was when I did my last work.  I had misplaced my mileage log.  I found it today, so now I know.  It would have been 1300 miles if I hadn't gone anywhere else.  I drove to El Paso 3 times, which was 600 of it.  About the rest, here goes:  The trips to Van Horn were about 100 miles for about 10 days.  That leaves about 100.  More than likely, the rest is a roundoff error.

Okay, so now I've got a big gas bill to add to the rest.

Another thing I did was to fix the solar panel.  It's working now.

While out there, I looked at another van which intrigued me.  I test drove it, and now I've Blue Booked it and Carfaxed it.  Don't know that I will take it further cuz the guy wants too much and may be hiding something.  But I am intrigued.

Hard to believe that took all day, but there it is.  I'm still spending money, as the van repairs took some more of that.

My landlord wants more money.  Doesn't everybody?

The FLY-POD ..Best selling PPG Trike.. Proudly MADE IN THE USA

Interesting little contraption.  I was thinking of something like this in order to get around out there in the boonies at da Ranch.

Of course, it costs money and time, like everything.  Don't know if I have either to spare at the moment.  Put it on my wish list for the future.  Maybe some day...

Sunday, April 19, 2015


It has been less than a year since I bought the land out West, and I've went from what I thought to be somewhat secure financial position to one that is looking somewhat precarious.

I've noted that before, but it didn't stop me from making this last trip, which was the most expensive of them all, by far.

Don't know if I'm out of control, but it certainly looks that way.

No quick trip back out West to work on the quonset hut some more.  What's done is done.


It may have been hasty to make that judgment.  If you consider running two households at the same time, combined with:
  1. the purchase of a lot of goods
  2. staying at a motel for more days than anticipated, and
  3. no income coming in
, then it is easy to understand how it looks like you fell off a financial cliff.

There's just one more rent payment here, and the upfront expenses have largely been handled.  The cash burn could be a whole lot lower than what I just experienced.

This requires more thought.

What goes up...

must come down, the saying goes.  Perhaps a corollary to that is this:  what goes into a van for a trip must come out of the van after the trip.  I put off this chore until today because I didn't feel up to it.  Still don't, but it has to be done sometime.

The stuff that's coming out is dirty, since the place it was in is about as dusty and dirty a  place as you can imagine.  It's like a sandbox.  You're always cleaning the dirt off of you and you still aren't clean.

It was like a war in a metaphorical sense of the word.  No bullets, no bloodshed, but a constant battle against the elements.  I think I achieved a victory of sorts, but I am not sure if the victory will hold up, or what value it really has until I do some analysis.  If I have the energy for that, I will do it today.  Still got to finish unloading the van, though.  Also need to clean some dirty clothes.

After an event, there is always a debriefing or decompression or what have you afterwards.  It took a lot of planning to put the trip together and a lot of effort to execute, and it will also take a lot of effort to analyze and learn some lessons.

In the meantime, I will be busy, and posting will be light.  It was heavier yesterday because I wasn't moving around so much.  Now that I am more active, there will be less time for this.