Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are the Polls Wrong Again? - by Robert Ringer

Are the Polls Wrong Again? - by Robert Ringer: In my recent article titled “The Better What?” I speculated that the Dirty Dems are almost certainly going to be overwhelmingly defeated in the 2018 midterms.  However, I added the caveat that the only two things that can prevent a Republican landslide victory is too much Donald Trump chaos or the anti-Trump Republicans in Congress …


Another one who thinks the GOP cannot lose.  But walks that back a bit and adds... "unless".  But of course.  It is easy to say you will be a shoo in if all goes well.  Trouble is, a lot can go wrong, and usually does.

Hillary still got more votes than Trump.  When that can happen, how can you be so sure of victory?

Give it time.  Anything can happen between now and the next election.

Ringer also criticizes Trump.  I cannot agree.  I like the dude, and I am damned glad he's there.

Korea news

The main headline seems ominous enough.  However, if you read on...

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un has challenged the US to a hot dog-eating contest, demanding that Trump send his best competitor and at least 4,000 hot dogs.

Hot dogs?

This is a joke, right?

Of course.  Check out the date, 3 months old.

Not familiar with site.  It seems to be a mixture of serious stuff and not so serious stuff.  Linked from Instapundit.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This could be bad

The more you think about this Korean stuff, the more worrisome it seems.

So, why not just come out and say it, that this is potentially some really bad stuff about to happen.

There is something familiar about all this.  If you recall back in 2000, the Dems made a big stink out of winning the popular vote, and losing the electoral vote.  It doesn't matter legally, but since they won the popular vote, they must feel it gives them some right to act like world class jerks.  America needs to be united, because a major crisis could be dead ahead.

Now history is repeating itself, in a way.  But we don't know yet what the bad thing will be.  History showed in 2001 that the World Trade Center was hit with a terrorist attack.  Could something similar occur before the year is out?

If you look at the current situation, it is quite similar in some respects.  North Korea is not as powerful as America, but it can deliver a deadly blow if the EMP attack is feasible.  That is an asymmetrical threat.  Personally, I have no special knowledge to evaluate this, but I think it may be a threat.  Maybe a very big threat.

If not, then there is still a problem with the Norks perfecting their missile technology.  By splashing some missiles just offshore from American territory, they can make the US look weak and helpless.  This cannot be good on the international stage.

The international stage may not interest you, but it is still necessary because of the way the globalists set up everything.  For America depends upon the rest of the world for everything now, whereas in the old days, before this globalist one world order thing developed, she could produce everything she needed right here.  America First could be implemented then, but now?  Maybe not.

The thing that could upset the apple cart is the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency.

Consequently, if America loses its reserve currency privilege, then there will be huge consequences in the economic sphere.  This could be the game that the rest of the world is playing on us.  Yes, the rest of the world is going to matter if you like that or not.  The globalists seem to think the rest of the world likes us, but they would just as soon see America knocked off the top, and replaced by anyone else.  Even America's so-called allies aren't really her friends.  They just play her for a sucker.

One of these days it could all come to an end, and that time could be now.  If American military might is shown up, that could have severe repercussions as far as the dollar's reserve currency status.  With that eventuality, the economy could implode.

Yes, this could be bad.  Of course, the usual suspects are running their mouths off.  If it happens, it will be all Trump's fault, of course.

Yeah, but if you starve it won't matter whose fault it is.

Occam's Razor suggests this is true

The simplest explanation is the one that is most likely to be correct.  In terms of the alleged DNC hack, if the DNC refuses to prove that it actually happened, then it probably didn't.

By the way, this isn't a "right-wing" site.  I don't accept the left wing's premises.  That doesn't make me "right wing".  It only means I do not agree with them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rush: Democrats will keep losing

Limbaugh says that the Democrats will keep losing.  This will happen even though it may appear otherwise.  Limbaugh makes the distinction between the Party and the Media.  The Media doesn't have to get elected.  ( but they do have to hold an audience )

Interesting theory, but let's see it in practice!

Democrats still win a lot of the time.  I blame them for the mess we are in.  Of course, I also blame the GOP for not doing enough about it.  But here's Limbaugh telling us that it doesn't matter, the Dems will lose anyway.

On another note, if the GOP believes it will win in any case, then does that explain why they won't do anything?  Just a thought.


My verdict on this kind of thinking is that it assumes that an impeachment of Trump will make no difference in voting patterns.

This is an absurdity.  There can no other outcome from an impeachment of Trump and removal, than a catastrophe for the GOP.

The why do it?  It makes no sense, unless they just don't care.

Faraday Cages on the Cheap

Wanna be prepared for an EMP attack?  It looks like it doesn't have to be too expensive, and you can stay in business when everybody else's electronics is fried.

How do you do it?  Here's a couple videos that shows how.

I like cheap.  I like simple.  This may be cheap, but it doesn't look simple.

Maybe better than nothing, though.

Unfortunately, I may not get the opportunity to make one.  He has another idea, which looks simple.  First thing will be this one, then the simpler one.

Now for the simple idea.  What can be simpler than a garbage can?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Do you know your representative in the House?

I didn't.

There is no really good reason for not knowing.  But now I do.  I sent my rep an email, expressing my displeasure with the flow of events regarding the fraud Mueller.

Naturally, I think Mueller should be fired immediately.

People who feel the same should contact their representative and make their feelings known.

Waiting around for them to do the right thing could be a mistake.  They should be encouraged to do the right thing.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because of a flawed campaign.  The Russians didn't cause her to lose the election.  The claim that this is true is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Going after corporations is not socialism

In my opinion, which is based upon how the US Constitution was written, that in keeping with originalism, which is supposed to be a conservative idea, that to go after corporations is consistent with conservative thought.

It has become something of a given that the GOP favors corporations, more than the Democrats, who are okay with corporations, and these same corporations favor Dems and their agenda more than the GOP does. This is hard to understand how the GOP lets themselves be the "party of the rich", when it is the Democrats who tend to favor the rich far more.  Fake news and fake culture of all kinds may be at work here.

So, this comment was in keeping with a discussion about Sanders of Vermont, who may be the Democrat nominee in 2020.  The Dems kept him off the ballot, as you may recall.  The WikiLeaks business showed that, and now the Deep State is going after Trump, another populist type of candidate.  Corporations prefer the fake, in my opinion, because they care nothing for the people.

Corporations need to be controlled.  Instead, they are controlling us.  In my opinion, they are the ones driving this impeachment nonsense.  If they aren't doing it, then who?  Why would the Sanders type voters be interested in knocking off Trump, when Trump resembles Sanders more than Hillary did?

There are those who say people vote according to their tribe.  If that is so, then Trump should not be POTUS.  There is no always in any of this stuff.  That provides the opportunity for someone to come along and fix things when things are not right.  Polls say consistently that we have been on the wrong track for most of the past two decades.

I trust Trump more than Sanders, but either one could betray.  They all do.  One of these types of politicians have to come through for the people in the country to survive.  The corporate state does not care about the people.  You can take that to the bank.

On the other hand, if the Tiberius Syndrome has its way, America will fade into history just like the Romans did.  Corporate power is the Tiberius of the age.

Thorium 2017

Excellent educational video that will show you the advantages of the thorium molten salt reactor.

It is a very complex subject, but the material can be mastered and understood provided that the person is interested enough.

If you aren't interested, you are making a mistake.  Polls show things are not on the right track.  You cannot get back on the right track unless you understand why things are on the wrong track.  Here is a video that will show you why we have been on the wrong track with regards to energy.  This cascades into other areas.  For example, if we had made the right decisions in the seventies, it would have avoided the Energy Crisis of the seventies, and possibly even the terrorism of the recent age.

We need this technology.  The shame is that we could have had it forty years ago.  It is still not too late.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

Originally posted 6.8.17, updated


Glen Campbell has passed away.  He was 81.  In these videos, he looks so young.  Life is short, don't you know.

the original post follows:

A hit song from the sixties.  That was supposed to be the swinging sixties.  Hmm.  Pretty innocent time, if you ax me.

Yes, I like the song.

Wanna hear some good news?

Instead of fake news du jour?

Gateway Pundit has a review of Trump's accomplishments to date.

Put that in yer crack pipes and smoke it, libs.

The best thing to do is to ignore the wackos.  But that really isn't feasible, because wackos can be dangerous.

If they do get too dangerous, well, that is what the Second Amendment is for.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Prediction: Trump won't last

Originally posted 8.3.17, updated


So, Limbaugh is on his show saying that the "swamp" intends to do away with Trump.  Question: So, what do we all do about it?  Just let them do it?

In my opinion, the people behind this are destabilizing the country, and besides that, do not care that they are doing it.  Can things really return to any sense of normalcy after they pull off a stunt like this?

If I am right, then this should be emphasized to the public.  If it is the truth, then it should not be hard to sell.

Fire Mueller's ass.  If you have the country behind you, the swamp is going to have to relent. 

Otherwise, there will be a lot of blood.

Know what I mean, Vern?

8.4.17 :

Wargaming this would show that there would have to be a significant number of RINOS to join the Dems to impeach, and then to convict in the Senate.  The question is this:  do they have the votes?

As of July, there were 240 GOP House members.  The majority is 218.  That means 22 would have to jump to the Dem's side.

Once impeached, the Senate tries the case.  To remove a POTUS requires 2/3 rds majority.  That means 67 votes.  There are 52 GOP Senators.  Fifteen would have to flip.  Not impossible.

I can bet you that these guys are just salivating at the opportunity.  What would stay their hand?  A massive backlash?  One would wonder what it would take to get these people to back off.  I would think the removal of a POTUS without just cause to be highly destabilizing.  Their names would be mud amongst a good many people, I would expect.

At this point, I don't know.  If Graham and company can get the bills that they want that would limit Trump, this would be an important test.  It may be a bluff, but you never can tell until they make a move.  A big clue was the Obamacare vote.  They had seven defections.  That's not even close.

Someone is going to make a move eventually.

original post follows:

Really, really hate to write this.  Couldn't hate it more.  But there's a lot of evidence to me that these guys are going to move Trump on out.

It is just a matter of how and when.

If the House flips to Democrat, they will probably impeach.  The Senate?  They won't protect Trump.

Now, all of us may be getting our buttons pushed, and none of this will happen.  However, look at the facts.  The facts on the ground support it.  If Trump was safe from this, the facts on the ground would be different today.

Sessions would not have recused.  There would be no Mueller.  The legislative agenda would be moving forward.  Trump's people would be getting confirmed.  Instead, his government is being strangled in its crib.

What can be done about this :  vote GOP?  They don't inspire confidence at all.

How does Trump survive this?  I just cannot see it.

Handheld GPS practice

This post will fit into my off-the-grid "subseries" of posts.  It will be classified under the general subcategory.  It can read end to end by following the links, or the entire series can be accessed through the table of contents post.

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The last time on the ranch, I discovered that my shack didn't hold up at all.  While I was there, I took the opportunity to look for the last pin that marks off my property from all the others.  It failed because I am not proficient enough with this handheld GPS thing I bought back in 2014.

After practicing with it, I noted that it has a few idiosyncracies.  One of those is that it wants to position you at your last marked waypoint.  It doesn't matter to the thing that you may have moved a hundred feet away, as far as it is concerned, you are still at that last waypoint.

That won't do.  Just won't do.  How do I get it to do what I want?  I decided to mark a waypoint even if that waypoint is already in the system.  I will name it "last" as the last waypoint marked.  Then I will go to the next point I want to mark, and mark it "next".  Then look and see where it says I am.  I should be at "next", not "last".  As a matter of fact, I did do this already, and it seems not to go nuts on me and say I am somewhere else.  Good.

Now, why did I write this up?  I tend to forget stuff.  Number one calls it "CRS".  That means "can't remember shit".  For now on, when I say "CRS", you will know what I mean.  Know what I mean, Vern?

If I make it to the ranch again, I want to be able to find that last damned pin.  Then I will know every corner of my ranch, doggone it.  I have had it for three years, and I still don't know my property.

If you have read this blog, you may have heard that I am selling my van.  Well, sort of selling it.  What I will do is sell if I can get close to the price I want.  Asking price is 3500, but there are no takers so far.  If it doesn't sell, I am sure I can put it to good use.

Thinking of how I will do that.  I can take it to the property, and then I can camp out in it.  Done it before.  Now that all of the crap is out of it, I may well be able to convert it into a living space that I can use while I am out there.  Also want to assemble the trailer I bought back in 2015.  Yes, a lot of stuff got bought, and not used.  Now, I am trying to play catch up, if my health allows.

If I assemble the trailer, I will use the construction methods I used before that didn't work out there.  Of course I will not do it the same way.  I will use a concrete canvas top, which I hope will be sturdy for the kind of conditions that will prevail upon it.

There is enough material in one roll of that stuff to make the roof, and one wall.  Need another wall where the door is.  Can't see buying another roll of the stuff for that wall, so the idea is to use something else for the wall that holds the door.

That will be all for now.  Just wanted to remember how I used the GPS so I can know how to find that last pin.  You don't use it the way they say to use it.  Remember that, and don't let your CRS cause you to use this thing improperly.

You go to the waypoint using the distance and direction as a guide.  If it says it is west at 100 feet, I walk 50 paces, and then check and see where to go next.

I think this method may work well enough.  In the meantime, I will use this GPS to extrapolate where that last pin should be.  Then it can be a waypoint to be found.

Maybe that will work.

Holy Noah's Ark, Batman!


Woo-hoo!  Lots of rain.  Some places up to 7 inches or more.  How long can you tread water, Noah?

Bwah, hah, hah!

Official rainfall stats ( I think )

Tow is just up the road from here.  I believe seven inches cuz it has nearly filled empty five gallon bucket, which is not in a position to collect run off water.  It just filled from the rain.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Always a mistake to try to make sense of the senseless

Read the comments.  None of it makes sense, but neither does the song.

Or it makes sense if being with somebody is the most important thing in the world.  But it can be worse than being alone, the song says.  What kind of sense is there in that?

That is my problem, I guess.  I try to make sense out of things, but there isn't any.

It is a lonely place to be, indeed!

Obligatory, 8.6.17

Everything out there in the great big world looks kinda crazy, so there's no further comment here on that.

Aside from that, I am attempting to keep myself on an even keel with my own projects.

If the world falls apart, well, it would not be a big surprise here.

Over and out....