Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump and John Wayne

May have something in common.

All the experts hated them.  But the public liked them.  Let's see if the experts are right that Trump can't win.

We've had a lot told to us by the experts, but not all of the time is it right.

Obligatory, 7/25/15

For some reason, I'm feeling pretty tired lately.  I think I know why, so I'll do something about that today.

Posting has been pretty light, but I tol' ya 'bout that, remember?

If I am going to work more, I'll post less.  It's a matter of time.  Don't have that much for posting.

Anyway, just scanned the news.  What's news?  The latest gunman is said to be right wing, but turns out to be an Obama supporter.  Then you get your usual calls for gun control.  Next thing ya know, they'll blame it on man made global warming.

The media needs to be dealt with.  I think that it is a controlling agent that we don't need.  It's unAmerican.

The Clintons are criminals.  The Susan McDougal contempt charges pretty well settled that.  Why should there be any surprise then that she could face criminal charges now?  But she won't because a criminal mafia runs DC anyway.

Read something yesterday about how Trump has peaked.  But wasn't he supposed to be gone already?

We need somebody to clean up this crap.  Trump may be the guy, or he may not be, but nobody else is going to be able to unless someone like him does.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Obligatory, 7/24/15: Grand Funk Railroad- "I want Freedom"

This one can make me cringe, it is so hokey.  Yet, there is truth in it.  You can tell the quality of the freedom in a society when truth can be uttered without reprisal.  Such is not the case today.

One commenter said that you don't give freedom, you have to take it.  That's wrong.  It's wrong because the freedom is provided ( or taken away ) by the leadership.  The Founding Fathers gave us a free country, and subsequent generations whittled that down more and more until we have what we have today.  Most people just go along because they are sheep.  The leadership has to be committed to freedom.  Our current crop of leaders are letting us down.  You get new leaders who are committed to freedom, or you lose your freedom.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Rain Song

Heard this on the radio on the way home.

Great song.

Quick post, 7/23/15: Stop your bitching?

Said a commenter once upon a time in the recent past.  To that I turn a phrase:  "I've haven't even begun to bitch."

Obligatory, 7/23/15

There's an article linked from Instapundit on a concept that isn't even new.  I've already covered Parkin's idea of using microwave energy to launch spaceplanes.

Sometimes I think to attract an audience, you just need to keep pumping out junk.  That was a really junk article.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More on 8x8 greenhouse with water storage

Continued from last time

It is no trivial point that detailed plans are necessary, so I'm starting to work these out.  From the last time, a basic design, this version adds some dimensions and directional and layout information.

The changes don't affect the materials list.


Oops!  Will need two more 2x4's to set cattle panels into place.  These will be nailed on top of plywood, which in turn will be nailed on top of the 2x4's that make up the tanks and the support structure.

Sounds complicated, but it is a simple structure.


The thought occurred to me that I might want to service the tank.  This would entail putting hinges on the plywood so that it could be lifted up in order to inspect the tanks.  The updated drawing discusses that.

Yakov Smirnoff on Johnny Carson

What a country!  We beat Soviet Union and become like they are and they become like we were.  What a country!

Quick thought, 7/22/15

Trying to see humor in today's event may be a challenge.  Besides, I'm not much of a comedian.  But what the heck, huh?

Okay, let's try this:  Limbaugh was talking about Trump and he says that Trump never asked God for forgiveness.  Well, that makes sense.  If Trump doesn't ask McCain for forgiveness, and McCain being a war hero and all, he sure wouldn't ask God.  I mean, McCain is a WAR HERO.  You surely cannot offend a war hero, huh?  Who's this God guy anyway?

Yeah, that one may fall a bit flat.

Not very lady like

Freak show dude that claims to be female threatens guy smaller than him

I thought news was supposed to be about anything unusual.  This isn't unusual?

Highlights from Rowan and Martin's 25th anniversary show

That would have been in 1993!  That is now almost a half century old.  Yeah, it's been a long time.

Imagine a time when Jack Benny was still alive.  He's on this video.  His skit with Goldie Hawn was actually quite funny.

The Dirty Old Man and the Spinster was pretty good, too.   Who could forget Tiny Tim?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What I think I learned from those self-improvement books...

This is like a quick thought before I go type of post, but it isn't really.  I just want to remember it, and to post something on it when I have more time...

Until then...


Still no time to do this, but at least I was thinking about it today.  It may be a short paragraph or two, though.


It was about necessity not forcing one to be dishonest.  Nothing forces anyone to be dishonest.  At one time, I may have been susceptible to that kind of thinking.  It may be a stretch to say, but it may have been a difference maker in my life.  Who knows?  With that kind of thinking, I could have ended up in jail.


Another thing:  The human mind cannot harbor two opposing states at the same time.  If you are sad, you can "laugh the blues away" quite literally.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Not nice? Who cares?

Why worry?

I think I read every self-improvement book there was.  It didn't seem to help much.  Still the same old me as I always was.  I got to thinking that this self-improvement kick was just an exercise in studying my belly button.  Or was it?  Maybe somewhere along the line, I got something out of it.  The following didn't come from a self-improvement book, but sums things up pretty nicely.  Here it is, based upon memory:

Why Worry?

There are only two things to worry about:
If you are well or if you are sick
If you are well, then there's nothing to worry about,
If you are sick, then there is two things to worry about
You will get well or you won't, If you get well, there's nothing to worry about
If you don't get well, then there's just two things to worry about
You will go to heaven or to hell; If you go to heaven, there's nothing to worry about
If you go to hell, then all of your friends will be there too, so why worry?

Gallows humor

Bwah, hah, hah!

Malcolm Muggeridge

The man was mentioned on Barnhardt's blog, and it struck me how close some of my writings seem to correspond with some of his.  It would seem that I was pilfering some of his material.  Yet, I never heard of him before.

It seems he was anything but an unknown.  How is it that I never heard of him before?  Was this an accident or by design?

It is not as if I don't read.  It seems like I'm always reading.  Perhaps not the good stuff, though.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump's statement about "war hero" John McCain inaccurately reported

says Sharyl Attkisson

Yet, he is supposed to apologize for what he didn't say.  They are out to get him.


Cruz calls the establishment a "cartel".  Well, the cartel has Trump in its sights.  The thing to remember here is that the poeple do not have to obey the cartel.  The people are expected to write off Trump because the cartel says so.  You don't have to write off Trump unless you want to, not because of what the cartel says.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

KISS method of design

"Keep it simple, stupid" should become my motto.  After realizing it and writing about it, what did I do?  I made things complex again.  Maybe I'll learn one of these days.

Instead of a 23x8 greenhouse, I'll bring it back down to an 8x8 footer.  I have yet to demonstrate enough competence for more complex jobs to be considered.

This reminds me of what Wishbone said to me while he was still here.  He said I tended to do things the hard way.  Yep, he seems to have been right about that.  I tend to choose the hard way.  That is so ingrained that I don't think I can get rid of all of it.  To put it succinctly, I can never be like Wishbone even though we are brothers.


Here's a simplified version of the greenhouse floor plan, downsized, but still including rainwater catchment.  This shouldn't be too complex to implement.
The 8 two by fours will be nailed together to make something that looks like this.  The concrete cloth goes into the spaces giving a watertight container.  Plywood goes on top to make the floor.  The cattle panels are placed on top as before with the translucent plastic sheets completing the roof.  Framing added for structural strength.

As for the rest of the quonset, I don't need to diagram it out since I already know what it takes after having built one already.

Updated on next post.

How the left hijacked America, and ran it straight into the ground

That could be the title of a book.  The contents of this blog provide all the evidence needed to support the thesis.

Furthermore, even though the left did do this, the so-called right did NOTHING to stop it.  Instead, they attack Donald Trump, as if Trump was the problem.  The problem is that there is no meaningful opposition in this country.  Thus, the way has been virtually clear for the left to hijack the country and run it into the ground in much the same way as the hijackers did on 9/11.

What was the situation in 1969 when America landed on the moon?  First, the country had that capability, but besides that, there was a nuclear upper stage that could have nearly doubled the payload capacity of the Saturn V rocket.  Instead of an upgrade, the Saturn was retired.  Instead of colonizing the moon, and thence the planets, America can't even put a man into orbit today.

Besides that, there was the molten-salt reactor.  Instead of developing that reactor, the choice was for Middle East oil instead.  For our troubles, we have imported an alien culture within our midst, who wants to destroy us.  None of this would have happened if we had that reactor, which was proven in the laboratory.

The left imposed a defeat upon us in Vietnam.  They repeated it in Iraq.  This only emboldens our enemies.

Where was the so-called right in all this?  Evidently, they are happy to just ride along with the left towards the ash heap of history.

Instead of offering an alternative to the big government liberalism of the left, the so-called right only wants to compete for the crumbs the left leaves behind.  Even still, the crumbs are getting smaller and smaller, and the pickings slimmer and slimmer.

Thanks to the Iranian deal, the US could lose reserve currency status.  If that happens, we could have a big problem.  But not to worry, the politicians will save us.  /sarc

Where did the oxygen in the air come from?

Even a common school kid can answer that question.  Even these days, as dumbed down as our educational system has become.

The oxygen comes from photosynthesis, which takes carbon dioxide and water, produces carbohydrates and OXYGEN.

However, oxygen hasn't always been is such great quantities in the atmosphere.  As a matter of fact, it didn't begin to accumulate until about a billion years ago.  Since the Earth is over 4 billion years old, that means for 3/4ths of the Earth's history, the atmosphere didn't hold much oxygen.

So, what was in the atmosphere even when there was no oxygen?  Why, good 'ol carbon dioxide.  In fact, there had to be LOTS AND LOTS of the stuff.  In fact, so much carbon dioxide had to exist, that the man made global warming crowd would be astounded at the quantity.  If 20 percent of the atmosphere is oxygen today, then a large percentage had to be carbon dioxide in the geologic past.  There is no other means by which that conversion event could have taken place.

Yet, the oceans didn't boil over with all that carbon in the atmosphere.  It's a beautiful thing, as Rush once said.

If the Earth has already seen far greater concentrations of carbon dioxide than what is remotely possible by man's actions, then there is no real harm in it, now is there?

Man Made Global Warming Theory is like Dracula

The only way to kill it is with a wooden stake in the heart.

Well, I'm searching for that wooden stake that will kill this fearsome creature forever and ever.

The "wooden stake" is like the "moosehead truth", a term described in the book Unlimited Access.

A quote that explains the term isn't readily available at the moment.  It would go something like this:

There was this huge moosehead on the wall where the gangsters would meet.  The head honcho amongst the gangsters once said "If that moosehead could talk, we'd all go to jail."

Somewhere out there is the moosehead truth about these dudes.  The "science" can be argued forever, and get seemingly nowhere.  One thing about science:  building models is not science, it is an art before it is a science.  You can get the model to say whatever you want it to say.

What is science is an equation like E=mc squared.  If the warmists cannot come up with something like that, they can't claim that what they are doing is science.

By the way, do you notice how the left seems to be hijacking everything?  They claim science here, with homosexual marriage, they claim family.  They are claiming religion, too.  Evidently, they are carrying out the Gramsci technique of subversion.  To take over the society, Gramsci said that you have to take over the cultural high ground.  Well, that's what they are doing.

Trump GOP Candidacy Blows Up | The Weekly Standard

Trump GOP Candidacy Blows Up | The Weekly Standard


Article makes the case against Trump.  What it proves to me is that Trump is no politician.  McCain isn't a war hero just because he gets captured and tortured.  The word "hero" to me is a special word.  It gets overused and abused.

A guy who takes a bullet in order to save the life of another person is a hero.  A guy who gets a bullet or what have you in the performance of his duties is not a hero.  He is someone to be respected, but that isn't the same thing.