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Recap of the last week's posts 4/27 to 5/3/14

Sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions here.

Anyway, there was a discussion of the master mind principle, money grubbing, and the Sterling affair, amongst the highlights.

I'll close this short ditty with this:  that the country continues to swirl on down the toilet and there doesn't seem to be much of anything that's going to stop it.  When the crap hits the fan, the odds are you are going to get hit with the poop.  To me, nobody seems to know what to do, but everybody is really pissed about one thing or another.  Sad thing to watch and comment upon.

I got a kick out this

Ann Barnhardt's repost of the John Kerry face-lift.  Not the face-lift part, but this:

John Kerry was in the last days of his tenure in the Senate, and as we all know is now the “Secretary of State” in the Putsch regime now ruling the Iniquitous Gutter Republic that y’all are paying taxes into.---PSYCHOPATHS WHO MUTILATE THEIR FACES  ( emphasis added)

I liked that one.  Yayuh.  We all pay our taxes down heah, I garontee.  That last word was how the cajuns say it.

Yeah, Kerry mutilated his face.  And I think "Boner" did something to his skin.  Somebody on the net said that he looked orange in color.  Well, I don't notice those types of things all that much.  I pay attention to words and ideas.  Yet I couldn't listen to the Kerry video.  Too much of that stuff rots the mind.  As for "Boner", I want to refer to him as the annoying Orangeman.  ( annoying orange is an internet character).  The Boner is amping up this immigration thing.  I don't know if he's just playing politics or what.  I'd prefer that he would just crap or get off the pot one way or another.  That way, we'll know sooner what's coming down the pike.  The way I figure it, if the regime gets "immigration reform", we'll probably see some type of rebellion at some point in the future.  I don't know the wisdom of doing that though.

The last rebellion didn't go too well.  The South lost the war, but something even bigger was lost.  The government got bigger and more powerful.  Some folks may call that racist of me, but I think slavery was on its way out anyway.

The South may have gotten themselves a better deal and we could have had much better race relations.  Instead, we got a government that is getting bigger and more oppressive all the time.  It won't be too long and we'll all be in chains---black and white.

GE Crushes Obama's War on Coal


This is generally a discussion about the reasons why this recovery has been much weaker than prior recoveries.  I wanted to comment upon the following:

Forget all the pie-in-the-sky stuff about redistributing the wealth to the poor nations in return for them pledging not to use coal, the up and coming nations are not going to pause to genuflect toward the environmental idolatry of the White House.

The War on Coal is a lie, and it has always been a lie
...---Charles Payne

Here, here.  According to a definition of wealth I supplied earlier, you cannot redistribute wealth.  You can only redistribute money.  That's because money is not wealth.  It takes skill to produce wealth.  It takes no appreciable skill to print paper money.  The skill has to get into somebody's brain first.  That's a lot harder than just giving the poor a pile of money.

The left has impoverishing this country for a long time now.  You won't be turning things around until they are gone, and you replace them with somebody who can get things moving in the right direction again.

Rob Schneider Tells Chris Stigall: We Are Sliding Very Fast Towards Fascism « CBS Philly

Rob Schneider Tells Chris Stigall: We Are Sliding Very Fast Towards Fascism « CBS Philly


So, what do you do about it?  I see a whole lot of talk about problems, but I don't see a whole lot of talk about solutions.  Changing the party in control doesn't solve anything if one party isn't too much different than the other.  Most people don't bother voting.  Most people don't bother to inform themselves.  Those at the top probably don't mind this.  If people really did mind, why don't they do something about it?

Sometimes, I just don't get people.  Most likely more than sometimes.

Cruz Wins Round One for Tea Party Backing – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

Cruz Wins Round One for Tea Party Backing – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!


Morris disclosed that Cruz is one of his clients.  What does this say about Morris and what does this say about Cruz?

I don't think we should be monkeying around with Ukraine.  Morris suggests putting US troops in Ukraine.  Bad idea.

Urban Homesteads

Here's that idea again.  If you are going to break the money power, this is a way to do it.  It may sound left wing to those steeped in ideology, but as I've stated in the past--- ideology can make you stupid.

Here's an idea that I'm ripping off of Zero Hedge.  Each post has some key concepts listed at the end of it, viz:

Key concepts linked below and above:

Money power, big money, ideology, independence


Looking over this guy's stuff, I can see why I dropped the initial research before.  It's not that it's a bad idea, but the guy's politics is going to make anyone like me feel a bit out of place.  I don't want to be proselytized into the green church.  Nothing wrong with it the basic ideas, but there's a lot of other stuff that I'm not interested in.

Looks like this would have to be a self styled effort.  I've done that before, but it's probably going to be a lot harder than it would have been otherwise.

You need a community.  A community would be a big help, but I'm not going to join that community.

The Master Mind Principle

From Napoleon Hill's lecture on the laws of success.

This is one of the principles that I have neglected over the years.  I wanted to get rich, you see, but never made it.

After writing so negatively about money in an earlier post, this may seem to be a contradiction.  But a distinction should be made between wealth and money.  Money is just a means of exchange.  Wealth is an ability to achieve what you conceive.  ( I just made that up because that's what I think wealth really is.  You have to be able to achieve what you conceive, it is this ability that is the hallmark of wealth, in my opinion. )

The master mind principle is necessary for success.  It is that ability that requires the assistance of at least one other person.  Very few things can be achieved entirely on your own.

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Home again, home again 5/2/14

jiggedy jig.

Things are not so smooth at work.  New dispatcher.  Well, at least he isn't like this.

Next week, I've got to go in earlier because of some special stuff that has to be done.  It doesn't get easier.

Glad to be home.

Now, I can crash.  No, too early.

I've worked all hours of the day.  Sometimes it feels that I work every hour of the day all the time.  So, this is really not late for me.

The last delivery, I remembered some of the weird things that I've picked up before.  Once I got something that looked like a coffin and was described as human specimens.  For a moment there, I thought I was picking up a cadaver.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Fortunately, it was pretty light.  For some reason, that made me feel better.

There was a story I heard that might be classified as gossip and it involved a celebrity.  Actually, several celebrities.  Don't go around repeating gossip, so you better listen close the first time.  Yuk, yuk

Weather's getting hot.  It's the time of the year for it.  It's always something.  Either too hot, too rainy, or too something.

I'd really like to get out this kind of work, but it somehow turned into career by accident.  The plan was to do something else.  Always to do something else, but always ending up with this.

Yep, I'm a real bundle of joy right now.  Maybe this will cheer me up.

A walking contradiction?

I was just now glancing at my left sidebar and all the references to making money.  That seems to contradict what I just wrote about.

Or maybe it supports it.  Here I am, over 3 1/2 years of writing continuously on this blog, and that sidebar represents a lot of work.  The work is all pointing to the one thing that I railed against in a recent post.

I need capital to do a lot of those things.  I don't have it.  I don't really know how I could get it if I really wanted to do it--- like mine an asteroid.

Impossible to mine an asteroid?  NO.  Only in your mind.  But realizing that nobody can wrap their minds around the subject of mining asteroids, I came up with a more down-to-earth solution.  But even there you need capital.

One of the reasons I railed against socialism is that it prevents capital formation.  Who is going to do something that requires millions, billions, or even trillions of dollars-- when their potential for income is so tightly restricted?

At some point, there needs to be freedom.  I'm not saying that government should be abolished.  But governments tend to grow too big and one of the things that can happen is that they get so big that they can stifle everybody and everything, which eventually results in death.  That could have been what happened to the Roman Empire.

So, if it seems that I'm going pinko, then don't get that idea.  If it seems that I'm am totally insane, then maybe you ought to look in the mirror.  If I'm crazy, why are you here?

What's it all about?

This again.

Well, it's always been about that.  Solutions.  The blog is about solutions.  The thing that's hard to get my mind around is the fact that we have become a society of money changers.  Or money grubbers.  Everything revolves around the almighty dollar.  We are enthralled to it.  Mesmerized by it.

You can't eat a dollar.  Got that?  We are all being roped into the money changer economy where you've got to have money to survive.  But why do you need money to survive?  You can't eat money.  You only need it for exchange, and exchange is good.  But when the device you invent to improve your life takes over, like money has taken over, you are being ruled by it.  And that's a problem?  The solution?  Go off the grid.  But that is easier said than done.


It gets back to the money issue again.  You are forced into needing money.  To buy land.  Build a home.

I've already posted a story twice now, and I'm tempted to do it a third time.  But now, I'll just link to it.

It's a solution that takes care of the problem.  A man has 1/10 of an acre and can raise 6000 lbs of food on it.  You can raise enough food for yourself, and to sell the rest for a small amount of cash that you need to "render unto Caesar".  After all, rendering unto Caesar is really the only reason you need cash anyway.

If the whole country did this, "Caesar" would be in trouble.  He'd have an entire population that didn't need him anymore.  Caesar would be very displeased, I suspect.

That's why "Caesar" hates the man Bundy.  Bundy can take care of himself.  This displeases "Caesar" very much.  Caesar will destroy anybody who tries to make himself independent of himself.  Caesar wants to conquer everything and make everyone worship him, you see.

Caesar will create regulations and taxes and force you back into a money changer mode because this is what Caesar does and this is what Caesar is--- a false god.

Janet Vertesi: "My Experiment Opting Out of Big Data Made Me Look Like a Criminal"


Many people say that the solution to this discomforting level of personal data collection is simple: if you don’t like it, just opt out. But as my experience shows, it’s not as simple as that. And it may leave you feeling like a criminal.
I wonder if it is even possible to start rolling some of this stuff back.

The internet is taking over people's lives.  We aren't being served, we are in service to it.  Who's the boss?  The computer or us?

Computers should be something that you use to improve your life.  Not to degrade it.

Limbaugh: I'm the mayor of Realville


All Limbaugh does is talk.  A mayor has real powers.  What's Limbaugh's powers?  "Realville" doesn't exist.

There's no Realville.  We live in a virtual reality world now.  Everything is being turned into bits and bytes in a computer somewhere.  NOTHING IS REAL.  America isn't even a real country anymore---think about it.

Just my take on the matter.  We don't make things, we import everything.  Even people.  Even the little babies being made are aborted.  We don't want the kids.  Let Jose or Juan do that!

It ain't real.  There ain't no reality.

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Ann Coulter - April 30, 2014 - A MAN OF STERLING CHARACTER

Ann Coulter - April 30, 2014 - A MAN OF STERLING CHARACTER

If reading something can help people get their heads out of their asses, this might be worth the time.

Sarah Palin, Boris Johnson And How To Get Elected By Telling Good Jokes In The Internet Age

 Free Republic


Who said Sarah was joking?  I kinda hope she wasn't.

Also, the "jokes" the author cites aren't funny.  I suppose they are funny in the self hating European environment, and maybe it might even get a few laughs from our America hating Democrats.  But as Limbaugh once said, for humor to be good, there has to be some truth in what is being said.  The "jokes" were in poor taste and partisan, not funny.

As for UKIP, I don't know much about British politics, but Labor sucks for sure.  The Conservatives aren't too far behind.  You may be able to cobble up something decent from all the dissent from Labor, but you never really know what's on these guys minds.  If they would unite to defeat Labor, some progress might even be possible.

Where did Forbes dredge up this colossal bore?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is a lot like truth.  Perhaps that is not as well stated as it could be.  I was going to say that since the truth is slippery, it is elusive.  Beauty is according to one's taste.  That thought doesn't satisfy me, though.  Let's say that truth is truth, but hard to find and to hold on to.  Beauty is elusive in a sense that it is perceived differently according to taste.  Let's say that beauty can be compared to the postmodernist's version of truth, which differs according to perspective.  There is more to be said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder because that is subjective, but truth is not.

Leftists may think that socialism is beautiful, but I think it is the most vile thing to ever be created from the minds of men.  Only snakes can love other snakes.  That is if it is possible for a snake to do so.

The Evil Empire moved from Moscow to the DNC

I was calling the Soviet Union the evil empire before Reagan did.  I can't prove it, but I was.  Take that for what it's worth.

But the Democrats are the new Evil Empire and they've set up shop in DC.  Take that for what it's worth too.  The GOP?  Who knows?  It seems that they don't understand, which means that they are incompetent.  Or that they are in collusion, which means that they are junior partners in this arrangement.

People went Pshaw! to Reagan.  Same clueless fucks will go Pshaw! to this, too.

Another reason why you can't trust politicians

There are reports that Rick Santorum said that the GOP doesn't care about the poor the way the Democrats do.

I don't know that he really said this, but I suspect that there may be some truth to it.

The problem with this is the typical problem amongst the so-called right that accepts the premises of the left.   The Democrats don't care about the poor, they only use the poor in service to themselves.  For if they really cared about the poor, they would teach them how to feed themselves, instead of binding them to their rotten party with food stamps and unemployment checks.  As the quote says "give a man a fish, and feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime."  With all the freebies, the Democrats only give the fish for a day because they are more interested in making the poor dependent upon them as opposed to truly helping them.

If you can't call a thing by its right name, what business do you have to claim that you should lead?

Why you can't trust money grubbers

Subway is going to remove pork from their menu in the UK because of the demands that they do so, which is coming from the Mohammedans.

When all you care about is money, you will do anything for it.  You will serve any master that will provide you with it.

Subway has chosen their master.  I will reconsider whether or not to purchase anything further from them in the future.

Charlie Chaplin

This is actually a great speech, but I won't embed it.  Why?  It is the feeling I get based upon the comments made upon it there.  There are those who will interpret this speech as a Marxist speech.  However, I do not think so.  It is the type of speech that a Marxist will use to fool the people.  Fooling the people is precisely what they do so well.  Hence, I don't put it up because I disagree with it, I don't put it up because there are those who would twist it to serve their own ends.  This is precisely what Chaplin was arguing against.  Yet, people will not see the trickery and be lured into following those who are not what they pretend to be, and who would cynically use the sentiments so finely expressed in this speech.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Everybody has their rules.  People are different in that their rules are different.  I had one boss who wanted to be called by his first name.  If he called on the telephone, he didn't want to hear "Jim who?" when he said who he was.  But not all bosses are the same.  There was another boss who wanted to be called "Mr. Pruitt".    I called him by his first name once and got corrected rather quickly.

One of my rules on this blog is not to use people's names unless their names are already out there.  Another is to be civil.  I think you can disagree and be civil.  On the old Boots and Oil blog, I had a liberal who came by from time to time to disagree with me.  Okay?  It's possible if you try it.

Was I violating my own rules this morning when I got sarcastic and said we should send a "gay bwigade" to "Ukwaine"?  Perhaps that's not very civil.  lol

Hey.  On this blog I'm the boss.  There are two rules when you deal with bosses:
  1. The boss is always right
  2. When the boss is wrong, see rule number 1.
Still, I got a little beyond the lines.  I don't want to make a habit of it.  But it kinda felt good.

Send U.S. Troops To Ukraine

dickhead morris

You know what, I'm gonna change my mind on this.  Up until now, I've been dead set against sending twoops to Ukwaine.  We should send the gayest bwigade we can find.

If we are lucky, we'd lose big time and Amewika will be better off losing.  Yay, team!!!


Hey!  I'm really getting into the spirit of this, this video helps me out:

It seems hilarweeous to me, all this bigotwy.

Spike Lee: Sterling Has ‘Mentality Of A Slave Master, Sees His Players As Slaves’

Free Republic

Now Spike Lee is allowed to lecture us.  If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it.


Proofreading errors

I'm noticing a lot of little bitty nitpicking errors that seem to get by me.  So, I end up publishing stuff that has to be corrected.  An explanation:  I'm working on an old computer that sometimes doesn't display what I type.  You have to mash the keys pretty hard, and when you don't, the letter doesn't type.  I'm correcting these types of errors all the time with this machine, but some of them get by me anyway.

I'd get a new computer, but they cost money than I care to spend at the moment.  This one still works and I'm going to keep using it for the time being.  Maybe when it stops working, I'll stop using it.

So. ( more Sterling commentary )

protein wisdom

The link is a collection of links to the story.

Throwing in my two cents once again--- this demonstrates how the politicians divide us against each other so that they can rule over us.  Anyone witnessing this should ask themselves the question:  How does this solve any of my problems in life?

Instead, the races are taught to hate and distrust each other and the only ones who benefit from this are the politicians themselves.

7 Insects You'll Be Eating in the Future

Free Republic

Oh, joy.  Can't wait for that happy day so that I can do my part in helping save the planet.  /snark

Seriously, though, I have considered another side to this--- eating insects on long space voyages may be a practical solution.  It may help reduce the amount of food needed to be taken along for the voyage.  Weight is the big enemy in space, so if you can produce enough of these critters to eat all during the voyage, you may be able to save considerable weight.

By the way, I've clicked through several links, and I can't find what insects that they are talking about.

Another thought--- could it be that the Bundys ( and those like them ) are being driven off the land in order to force us to eat insects instead of cattle?  I read that the tortoises are not harmed by the cattle.  To the contrary, they thrive with the presence of cattle and suffer in their absence.

8 Things That Won't Get You Banned by the NBA


This piece shows that the NBA is a bunch of hypocrites.  They are just like Sterling himself.  They don't care about the actual standards they pretend to serve, but only when that becomes known by the public.

I'm not defending Sterling, by the way.  Yet the clueless fucks amongst the politically correct overlord caste will no doubt make the accusation in their little heart of hearts.

Nuck the FinBA.

The left in this country wants us to be just like this

You can see that in recent court decisions--- that Free Speech is a collective right, not an individual right.  Thus saith our new politically correct overlords without any authority to do so, by the way.  So, the Brits will put a guy in jail for two years for quoting Churchill.  Two friggin' years for quoting a former prime minister who led them to victory over the Nazis?!?

Beam me up Scotty!  No intelligent life here!

NBA commissioner bans Clippers owner Sterling, pushes to 'force a sale' of team


The political correctness has become so intense in this society that it is making us into complete morons.  What exactly did this man do that was so awful?  OJ Simpson can kill a couple of white people, but that's no big deal.  This guy says some unflattering things about black people, and you'd think he has committed the gravest sin imaginable.  I don't know all that he said, but it doesn't look like that big of a deal.  If it were, do you think they could come up with something worse than the following:

"In your lousy f**ing Instagrams, you don't have to have yourself with -- walking with black people," the man says.

"If it's white people, it's OK?" she responds. "If it was Larry Bird, would it make a difference?"

Bird was Johnson's chief rival when Bird's Boston Celtics and Johnson's Los Angeles Lakers ruled the NBA.

"I've known (Magic Johnson) well, and he should be admired. ... I'm just saying that it's too bad you can't admire him privately," the man on the recording says. "Admire him, bring him here, feed him, f**k him, but don't put (Magic) on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don't bring him to my games."
Let's see:  aren't they supposed to be a couple?  He doesn't even ask for fidelity.  What he seems to be asking from her is to not make him look like the chump that he is.  I mean, it bothers him to look like a chump.  He can't be seen looking like a chump.  He asks so little, and he gets even less.  For expressing any protest for this shabby treatment he was getting, he is now going to be punished severely.

In this brave new politically correct world, we white folk must bow and scrape to the new colored gods, and debase ourselves always.  We are much, much too unworthy to be respected as human beings with any claim to dignity and respect.  Any show of self-respect shall be henceforth severely punished.

They are very proud of themselves for making this man an example.  Beware whitey!  Yeah, I'm very terrified.  /sarc

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Churchill Bust

The Churchill Bust

In Hampshire, Paul Weston, the chairman of a newish political party called Liberty GB and a candidate in next month's European elections, was speaking on the steps of Winchester Guildhall and quoted that same Churchill passage. A half-dozen police officers arrested him and took him away in a police van.--- Mark Steyn
It is shocking how far this has gone.  The same is happening here.  If the left gets our guns, we will go the same way.  If the left takes over the Supreme Court, we will go the same way.

Lurking behind all this is the influence of BIG MONEY.  Without the BIG MONEY, these people would be nothing.  BIG MONEY keeps the people separated from each other and weak.  If the people united against the BIG MONEY, they could win back their countries.

Bundy story is still important

The story is not dead yet.

Keep in mind that the government runs the media and is quite large and imposing.  To be in opposition to them requires guts and perseverance.  That is a couple qualities that is missing all too often today.

What did I tell you?

WASHINGTON FOR SALE: Byron York: On Keystone pipeline, Democratic stalwart Laborers Union finds itself outbid by one enviro-billonaire.

Money runs the show.  But where are you when all you've got is money?

Stream of Consciousness Post 4/29/14

Here's another one of these.  The first one went like gangbusters, but the last few have been getting boring, I guess.

What brought this latest one on is the thought that I'm getting old.  One of my older brothers says "what do you mean, 'getting old'--- you have arrived!"  Yep.  My eyes get tired a lot these days, so when I'm on this computer, I'll close them and sometimes fall asleep.  I did this last night and woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking, as I am inclined to do.  Thus, this post.

Recently, I was looking at this video of the movie The Graduate, where Mrs. Robinson seduces young Benjamin.  Another one of my older brothers invited me to go with him and his wife to see that movie when it came out.  Long time ago, late sixties.  I didn't go because I was having more fun in the swimming pool.  I loved that pool, I think it was my second home when I was a kid.  Anyway, the movie probably would have gone over my head.  It had an adult scene in it here:

Actually, I say "adult scene" in reference to that time.  That time (1967) was more civilized than today.  If you refer to an "adult scene" today, who the hell knows what you might get.

She is seducing him, but she is civilized about it.  Young Benjamin though, doesn't exactly know what to do about it.  She quite easily handles him and finally lures him upstairs where she appears nude in front of him and offers herself to him.  He is nervously talking about morality and such, but come on.  No young man would pass up that opportunity.  Get real.

I was thinking about that in reference to this scene.  When she asks "what do you think of me?"--- what could have been a civilized response that would have led to the same outcome?  Not that young Benjamin wasn't civilized, he just didn't know what to do.

You don't have to be a youngster to be at a loss for what to do in a certain situation.  That allows me to segue into another event that I've referred to in this blog.  I refer to it because I think it has a great deal of significance for understanding how we got to where we are today in this society of ours.  I'm referring to the Bentsen-Quayle debate, where Bentsen insults Quayle, and Quayle couldn't handle it.  I believe this set the stage for defeat 4 years later.

For the 4 years subsequent to this sad denouement, all the media could do was to refer to how dumb Quayle was.  For being "dumb", Quayle was a drag on the Bush presidency.  But that drag wasn't really Quayle's fault.  He a lot like young Benjamin here.  He was presented with a situation that he couldn't quite handle, but it was due to his youth and the relative age of his opponent--- who was much older.  Bentsen took advantage and took a cheap shot.

People thought Bentsen "won" that debate, but if it were a prize fight, he may well have been disqualified for hitting below the belt.

Since it wasn't a prize fight, it was up to Quayle to manage a better response, which he could not do.  I've wondered a lot since then what he could have said that would have improved upon the situation and would have kept it civilized--- just like young Benjamin above.   All Quayle could manage was "that was uncalled for Senator".  Yes, it was.  But, you needed to say more sir, and you failed.

We've been paying the price since.  It may be unfair to blame Quayle for all this, though.  After all, it was a cheap shot.  But you've got to be prepared for the cheap shot.  One of Quayle's selling points was that he was prepared for the Presidency.  Bentsen demonstrated that he was not prepared to deal with a cheap shot, so that undermined Quayle's arguments, and led to the undermining of Bush's presidency as well.  Yes, the consequences of that failure have been severe.  The failure led to Clinton, and Clinton has led to Obama.  Now, we are in a real mess with Russia.

Now, maybe you aren't satisfied with my analogy of the young Benjamin and Quayle.  Perhaps one reason is the reason given by the left wing, that somehow the 80's were a failure.  Not hardly.  Yet, the Democrats say it so often that they must believe it themselves.  Or allowed themselves to believe it.  Make no mistake about one fact--- if it were left to the Democrats, by the end of the 80's, the Soviet Union may have conquered the whole of Europe.  Reagan's great achievement was to roll that back and bring down the Berlin wall.  The Democrats could not and would not ever have done this.

Now what we are seeing is the results that prove that assertion.  After 13 out of the last 21 years under Democrat rule, the Russians are making a comeback.  There should be no doubt why this is happening.  At the end of the Bush presidency, missile defense was mature and ready to be deployed.  It would have been successful.  But since Clinton won, and was hostile to missile defense, it was canceled.  Now we are vulnerable to a missile attack when we should have been protected instead.  All of this thanks to the Democrats.  But, it may not have happened if it weren't for that debate failure.

The failures continue.  I looked at the Romney-Obama debate again recently.  Obama said a line about calling for the 80's foreign policy back again as if that foreign policy was a failure.  Romney for his part stood there like a dummy and didn't clobber him for saying that.  A golden opportunity was lost.

Now that Romney's statements about Russia have panned out, there is talk about him running again.  However, not so fast.  It could have and should have been pointed out by Romney that Russia really was a strategic foe and why it was so.  He should have pointed out why the 80's were not the failure that Obama was claiming, but rather a crowning achievement of the Reagan presidency.  The significant thing was that he didn't.  He is not the man to lead us to a better time in the way that Reagan did.  He clearly doesn't understand history and his party's role in it and the part of the opposition in it.   His debate performance was a tremendous failure on that score.

Quayle had an excuse, though.  Romney did not.  Romney was an older man and could have done better, but failed.  People should take note of that and not make the mistake of placing this man in nomination again.

Monday, April 28, 2014

GFR All You Got is Money ( corrected )

The song may have been autobiographical in their heydey, but this song really fits well with that LA Clipper owner flap with the colored chick.  All she's after is his money.  Think about it.  The song is saying NOT to put money at the center of your life.  This rich guy in the news did and look at him---abandoned and betrayed by "his friends".

Supreme Court Taking Up Police Searches of Data Troves Known as Cellphones

New York Times

The justices will have to decide how to apply an 18th-century phrase — the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of “unreasonable searches and seizures” — to devices that can contain 100 times more information than is in the Library of Congress’s 72,000-page collection of James Madison’s papers.

Of course.  Make it sound like it is super interest of the state to poke around your private business.  The potential for abuse is staggering.

The racial grievance industry is running on fumes

Turns out this latest brouhaha is about a guy who is actually a Democrat and has given to liberal causes.  According to the link, an attempt is being made to link this guy to the GOP.  If he is so objectionable, why did the NAACP schedule to give him an lifetime achievement award?

Since it was a recorded conversation ( by the girl most likely ), could it be that they will go to any lengths to play the gotcha game and then blame what is a problem amongst themselves on somebody else like the GOP?

It looks like a reach anyway, but that makes it look like I'm defending the guy.  Yet, I don't agree with the premises.  He doesn't look like a racist after all---  I mean the girl isn't even white.   The GOP shouldn't be agreeing with the premises that he's racist.  But it's politics, which doesn't have much to do with truth anyway. 

If anything, the left is slavishly anti-white and if this little brouhaha shows anything, it shows how much they dislike themselves and will do anything to placate colored people.  The man should have more respect for himself.  He was taken advantage of by this chick.

Noticing something about the UK elections

Labor only has 31% of the vote, but has the most of any of the parties.  This reminds me of the GOP, in which conservatives have most of the votes, but is spread out amongst many candidates.  The way to beat the guy on top is to unite, but there is a lot of resistance to that.

A small minority can rule if they stay united.  A large majority won't rule if they won't unite.  Somebody has to unite the various factions in order to defeat Labor.  Labor's ideas aren't the best, since they remind me a lot of our Democrats over here.

The Democrats really aren't the majority yet, but the numskulls in the GOP leadership are working on that.  BIG MONEY owns them, could they own UK politics as well?  It looks to me that the UK electorate doesn't want Labor, but may end up with it anyway.  But I don't know anything about UK politics.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whose fault?

There are those on the right who blame our current political problem on the "low information voters".

There may be some merit in that.  However, one has to start with an assumption that not necessarily true.  The assumption is that blogs and radio talk shows have very much to do with what is going on in this country.  I'm beginning to think that the BIG MONEY runs this show.  If you think that arguments presented here and elsewhere have anything to do with what's really happening, then you are probably very greatly mistaken.

Take immigration reform, as an example.  Nobody in the grassroots wants it.  Even the Latinos don't want it.  Why would they want millions of new competitors in a weak job market?  I've seen some evidence that this is true.  There is no popular demand for this.  So, where is it coming from:  BIG MONEY interests.  They want so-called immigration reform.

Mind you, they don't want it for serving the public interest.  They want it for serving their own interest.

It seems incongruous that the GOP would do something like this which seems to contradictory to their own interests.  But if the BIG MONEY wants it, the GOP jumps.  If the GOP had any sense, they would ditch the BIG MONEY influence and go independent of it.  But that isn't likely.  Therefore, the BIG MONEY will get their way as they always do.

So, the blame going toward the "low information voters" is a cop-out.  If the BIG TIME talk radio jockeys and the BIG TIME bloggers and such had so much influence in this, they would cancel out the BIG MONEY influence.  But the BIG MONEY influence may actually own the BIG TIME talk radio jockeys and BIG TIME bloggers.  In other words, BIG MONEY owns everything.

But it doesn't own this blog.  It doesn't own me.

Piketty’s new gilded age which isn’t

It is claimed that the following won't end innovation nor growth.

Mr. Piketty urges an 80% tax rate on incomes starting at “$500,000 or $1 million.” This is not to raise money for education or to increase unemployment benefits. Quite the contrary, he does not expect such a tax to bring in much revenue, because its purpose is simply “to put an end to such incomes.”--- Hotair via Free Republic

I feel that I can be assured that it is precisely why the tax is being proposed.  That is, to end economic growth, innovation, and prosperity.  Socialism cannot exist in the midst of prosperity.  We knew that during the Cold War.  Perhaps that knowledge has already been forgotten.  It is predictable that the left sabotages economic growth and then blames capitalism for failing to deliver it.

The Mark: Scientist Claims Human Microchip Implants Will Become "Not Optional"

The Mark: Scientist Claims Human Microchip Implants Will Become "Not Optional"

via Drudge

It’s difficult to imagine a populace that will freely submit to such digital bondage. But as has been the case with the degradation of personal privacy and rights in America, be assured it won’t simply become law over night.

Just like a lot of things today.  They go after the young and the young will accept it because they don't know any better.  Example:  same-sex marriage.

Family Guy - Ultimate Power Universe

I don't watch this show on TV.  Anyway, if the little Vader character is that kid with a football shaped head, how did he get to fit it in that helmet?  Oh, yeah.  It's a cartoon.

How Star Wars Episode 2 Could Have Saved Everything

I've had some thoughts about this trilogy, but this looks a lot better than what I could come up with.

One thing I would add is that this trilogy doesn't have a happy ending.  People like happy endings.  However, the second episode of the first trilogy ( Episode 5 ) is considered the best of the six, and it doesn't exactly have a happy ending, but it isn't a tragic ending either.

Besides, there's no comic relief, as with D2 and 3PO.

Finally, I don't know if I believe Anakin's fall, and this critique is about as good an explanation as any.

So now I'm a movie critic?  Nah, at least not for now.  But later?  Who knows.

Star Wars Episode IV: "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Can anybody guess why I put this one up?

Well, I'll answer it myself below.

The "lack of faith" is a bit of a conflict between technology and personal capabilities.  That's what my take is.  Lord Vader has powers that this other fellow doesn't quite understand nor believe in.  It turns out that Vader was right.  The Death Star was destroyed.

What does that have to do in the real world?  People these days are way too impressed with "technological marvels" and not impressed enough with the things that matter more.  Our culture may produce some technologically impressive things, but the inner core of it is crumbling before our very eyes.

Too bad there isn't a Lord Vader to set the foolish ones straight.

MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN - "The WABAC" Official Clip

I gave a brief thought to going to see this, but I thought better of it.  It's been out since early March and the number of theaters still showing it are getting a bit scarce.  I may have to drive 30 minutes to go see it, and I don't want to see it that bad.

Besides, from what I can see of it, I wouldn't like it anyway.  The old one is better.

I remember watching this on TV as a kid.