Saturday, April 1, 2017

People might be getting a bit pissed off

...from all the Russian bull crap coming from the enema-media.

I can see it. 

I guess they figure that they can gum us to death.  If they had anything, we would have heard it a long time ago.  You know, back when Trump was still trying to get the nomination?

More teevee

Just lounging around here.  The reason is that I get sore when I drive around.  If I keep off the roads, I will feel better.  But that means hanging around the house, so what do I do with myself?  Watch teevee, amongst some other things.

One thing I watched was Joel Osteen.  You may have heard of him as "America's Pastor".  Not everybody approves of him.  As for me, I cannot find any great fault in him, but I do remember him saying something questionable about Houston's lesbian ex-mayor.  This morning seems not so bad.  One has to always be on one's guard, though.  This is how questionable stuff can take root.

Sometimes you have to take a stand against "Caesar".  This might hurt.  But that is not what some folks, such as Osteen, may not understand.  Osteen is supposed to understand.  It is a problem if he doesn't, because he is in charge of the sheep.

Do I understand it?  Heh, heh, heh.  Not so sure I do, myself.  I don't like pain, it hurts me.  A little Daffy Duck lingo, there.

Next thing I watched was a nature show.  There was one about bees.  The dude said America has lost half of its bees.  Really?  You wouldn't know that around here.  There's plenty of those in this place.  Got a bee hive located just around the corner from my room. 

Just think.  If I knew how to handle these bees, I would hit the jackpot with all that honey.  Maybe no need for pain.  Daffy would approve.

There's another one with otters.  But I have the sound down right now.  What are these people saying?  For that, I have to stop posting, and start watching.  Think I won't turn it back up, so I will have to miss that.

Just a thought here.  There's a lot of stuff on this blog.  I could easily forget a lot  of it.  It may profit me to go back over what I have written.

Enuff for now.

FBI Used Government Funds To Fabricate Dirt On Trump

FBI Used Government Funds To Fabricate Dirt On Trump


I can pretty much tell you that the FIB has been effed for quite some time. 

CSPAN: Internet Privacy

This is a joke, right?  Nope, they are quite serious.

Once again, I note the grave disrespect for truth.  If you use the internet, you give up your privacy, period.  THERE IS NO INTERNET PRIVACY.

How can you keep your privacy?  Live in a cave.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Holey-Moley Digger

YouTube video seen on facebook sierra blanca page.

Too good an idea to ignore.  May look into it later, but it all "depends".

Makes post hole digging a lot easier, or so it claims.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Vote for Execution - by Robert Ringer

A Vote for Execution - by Robert Ringer: A quote that ranks right up there with the best of Voltaire and Montaigne is the late Coach John McKay’s famous response when a reporter asked him, after another Tampa Bay Buccaneer loss, what he thought of his team’s execution.  Said McKay, with a straight face, “I think it’s a good idea.” Of course, when ...


Nobody wants solutions, they want to be entertained.  If they wanted solutions, this blog would have been a lot more popular.  There are a lot of solutions available for just about any problem out there, including non-problems like AGW.

But people prefer their bread and circuses, and that is what the politicians give them.

A new twist in the Russian election non-story

It looks like Newsweak is now blaming Obama for failing to follow up on the Russian election hacking claim.

If Obama held back, then why?  The evidence suggests that there was indeed an investigation of Trump, or was there?  ( I wish these guys would get their story straight.)

The non-investigation investigation that woulda-coulda-shoulda kept Trump out of the White House and put Hillary in, or so we are being led to believe.  Whatever.

Oh, so the fall guy is now the 'Bamster?

But that would be raaaaaaaaaaaacist.

Why does anybody believe these yayhoos?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

These guys should step up to plate First

You supposedly have a duty to die at 75.

If these won't off themselves, I suppose there are plenty who would be happy to volunteer.

Know what I mean, Vern?

One week down, five more to go

This is going to take a long time.  Even after the treatments are completed, it will take time to know what the final results will be.

Pain seems to be increasing.  The treatments in and of themselves are painless.  But the doc says nerve damage may be unavoidable.  Could that be happening?  Will have to ask that at the next meeting, which is once per week.

I watch a lot of teevee these days.  Don't get around much, and just as soon not.  Even teevee gets boring after awhile.  The internet news isn't much better.  My mind turns to the off-grid project.

I am leaning towards parking the trailer in Van Horn, and driving out to the ranch.  But it is much too early to make that kind of decision.

If I can do that, I would like to consider some ideas.

Lately, I have been considering concrete canvas.  It would be a way to avoid having to pour so much concrete.

It would also be something I could do myself.  The downside is the risk of failure when the margin of error is next to nothing.

It would be best to have help, though.  Too big for me alone. 

But all of this will have to wait.  How long?  The doc was vague about that.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Repeal is dead"

As I was saying...

The so-called right probably won't get another chance.  Good work, guys./sarc

Darth Vader speaks...

The media is now quoting Dick Cheney, the former Veep.


So, we are to go to war with Russia now?  Does the left really want to advocate war with Russia?

I just do not believe these people.  They will say anything.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sci fi channel

A study of Michalangelo's work was on that channel.  I noted a few things and decided to blog something about it.  It will have to be brief as it is late.

Remember that part of what this blog is attempting is to do is to find out what went wrong with Western Civilization.

Corruption is a problem in the Church, so I have heard.

Michalangelo's work seems to have introduced corruption into the Church's symbolism, and with it, the seeds of future schism. 

Since the Church is struggling with that issue, it would seem that introducing his work in the heart of the Vatican may well have been a grave error.

It may not be correctable.


That assumes that the source of this information is accurate.  This too, is a problem.


Upon further review...

This show may be misleading.  That's why you have to be on the lookout.  Truth is not respected.

Obligatory, 3.27.17

Back to the grind.  The treatment is scheduled for late afternoon, so I have all day to prepare for the day ahead.

While doing so, I have given some thought to what happens afterwards, if all goes well.  Naturally, I would like to get back to my moonshot, which is my off-the-grid project.

I have been going back and forth on what I might do out there.  There's little margin for error, so I have to be careful with what I do.  On the other hand, I would like to actually get something done out there.  It has been almost three years, and there's still nothing out there.

There has been one attempt, and that did not end well.  I could build upon that experience, but there is still the risk of error because it isn't a proven method.  Or, I could play it safe and rely on the tried and true.  Or, I could split the difference and make something that is somewhat risky, but a plan b on deck if things don't go well.

The plan b is keeping my living arrangements as is.  The downside is that it is a very long distance from where the construction needs to take place.  Plan b could involve moving closer in, but not on the property itself.

Okay, I also need to keep in mind that my priority now is to get well.  So, let's not get carried away with the future.  This speculation stops here for now.

Each day I make a plan for the day.  I need a plan because I have found that make more mistakes when I don't have one.  I need to be efficient because my stamina is limited right now.  I get tired rather easily.  As of the moment, there is no plan for my activities today.  I will get on that as soon as I finish this post.

One goal is to get more familiar with this area.  On each outing outside my cave, I will try to learn something new about this strange place.  For example, I know where the nearest post office is now.  I discovered that over the weekend.  I know where the bank is.   I know where to get groceries.  I know where the restaurants are, if I want to eat out for a change.  And so on and so forth.  Still haven't found a washateria, but I googled where there are supposedly a bunch of them.  I could do that today, for example.

The trouble with these forays is that they tax my limited stamina, so let's not get carried away.

Lastly, I could mention how I am doing.  Nothing dramatic has happened.  In fact, there is a temptation to think nothing is happening at all.  The treatment is so mild that it is almost as if nothing is happening.  However, something is indeed happening because I can hear it going on all around me when I am getting treatment.  The thing is that I cannot see what is going on.  I have to lie down face first, so I cannot see a thing.  No need for anesthetic, as it is not painful in the slightest.  In fact, a dental appointment is more uncomfortable than what this is.  It is a piece of cake, cross my fingers.

So, there's that.  What else?  Just feeling about the same and hoping for better days ahead.  With that, I will close down this post and get busy for the day.  Until later.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Obligatory, 3.26.17

Today is like a day off.  Didn't have to go anywhere or do anything.  Just watching TeeVee.  James Bond flicks and Jason Bourne flicks all day.

Was going to watch the Godfather flicks, but they went on into late evening last night.  Still haven't seen all of them.

Three days into my treatments.  A long, long way to go.  There could be as many as forty five of them.  So, I am barely underway.

Things are quiet around here.  So, it isn't bad.  Not much interested in excitement now, perhaps never.  Very simple, the way I like it.