Saturday, September 26, 2015

Time flies when you're having fun

Must be having fun, cuz what the hell happened today?  It's gone already.

I'd Have to Be Crazy - Willie Nelson

Heard this on the radio this past week, but was so consumed with my troubles that I didn't have time to post it.

A line sung to the music:

"I must be crazy, plumb out of my mind, to care about this the way I do."

Cuz nobody else seems to.

A few comments while I'm doing the chores

The weekend is for doing the things that you don't have time to do during the week.  At least, that's the way it works around here.  After the software issue was "resolved", it's time to do some other things that need doing.

While I'm doing those things around here, I have some time to write a little about some stuff I didn't have time for earlier this week.

  1. I may have written this already, but it bears repeating... The stock market is a smoke and mirrors game right now.  There's nothing real there.  I wrote that the market went up on low volume and down on high volume.  But you just watch.  It won't make a difference.  If the markets were honest, it would indeed make a difference.  You can't get a firm idea of what the true prices are for anything right now because it is a rigged market.
  2. A little story that I thought was a bit funny, but didn't happen ( but might have if I had said what I was thinking).  Some gal watching the pope on TV said that she's a Baptist, not a Catholic.  It popped into my mind--- "Yeah, I'm neither, but I am a Christian, which is rare in the country."  I thought that was kinda witty, but didn't say it because I watch what I say, generally speaking.
  3. Which allows me to segue into one of the problems I see out there.  NOBODY TELLS THE TRUTH ANYMORE.  You can't, unless you want to take risks.  Check out the Limbaugh site.  He says "gays" for homosexuals even though he complained about the left taking over the language.  Why doesn't he just call them homosexuals?  Because he's afraid of getting into trouble.  We need to stop being so afraid of the left.
  4. We are called upon to be nice but the left isn't.  Why is that?????????????????????????????
  5. The so-called conservatives are waiting for the next election.  They will always wait for the next election because they are so passive that won't do what it takes in order to win one.  The next election will never solve anything because it isn't a choice between two different points of view.  One of the parties pretends to be conservative and isn't.  The other is leftist.  The result is a leftist bias.  It will continue until something changes or we get a leftist dictatorship.  We're most of the way there already.
  6. It doesn't take an earth shattering event to change things.  If that were so, 9.11.2001 would have, but didn't.  We are basically back where we were, or even worse than we were before then.
  7. So, the so-called right wing waits and waits and nothing changes.  But why should you expect any different?  If you don't grow a backbone, it will just keep getting worse.

Obligatory, 9.26.15

Today is a stay at home kind of day.  I'll make some runs outside today, but for the most part, the computers are front row and center.

Seems like I'm making progress, but it is a hard slog.  I eliminated all but one browser on the desktop.  Seems like a plug in keeps wanting to load stuff.   The anti virus is stopping it, but the fact that it is still there means that I've still got a problem.  So, that's why the removal of all browsers except the one that seems to operating okay ( without manifestations of a problem at least ).

Maybe more later on this.

Didn't want to forget something I saw at work yesterday.  I was in a waiting area, which had a TV on.  While I was waiting, I heard the Pope speak ( actually a translation of the Pope ).  There was a caption along with it, which gave the impression that the Pope claimed that the rich cause the poor to be poor.  I thought that this is rather out of date of him.  I mean, that's antiquated Soviet Union type propaganda that he's talking, provided that he actually said it.  Since it is a translation, I can't say for certain that he did say it, but if he did, he's not exactly up to date.

Well, that's all for now.  Back to the grind with these computers.


Alas!  The problem persists.  I tried reloading a browser and it came back.  Makes me think that it is either attached to a downloader or to the browser itself.  Will try to download and install another browser.  If that one craps out too, then it is not specific to just one browser.

It may be necessary to roll out the heavy artillery.   So far, I'm just using the minimum weapon systems.


Tried the other browser with no luck.  Scans show no problems at all.  No attempt to reconsitute itself and not even a cookie.  Wtf?

Anyway, I am going to use the browser that works, and it will become my browser for this machine.

Let's see if that holds up.

BTW, I changed the header, and will add this post to the history of the blog category.  Wtf.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Home again, 9.25.15

Been home for a couple hours.  Just completed a complex procedure that I thought would take care of the security problem.

As best as I can tell, I may have an infected browser (s).  The one I am using now doesn't give the bad manifestations that I have written about.  However, the one that I usually use did.  A full scan using the anti virus showed no attempt at reconstitution of the bad files, but there was an attempt to load something bad when I attempted to download and run a file to update the browser.

That's where I am now.  The website may not be infected with anything.  Not sure about that anymore.

Obligatory, 9/25/15

The usual apology for lite posting...

No explanation other than the usual...

A few points to cover in this brief post:

  1. Computer security work ongoing.  Virus seems to be reconstituting itself.  How?  Pretty easy really.  Again, it is a Windows problem that shouldn't be a problem.  Perhaps I will cover that later in a post.
  2. A bit more on the bigger picture.  Before this administration came into power,  I NEVER HAD A COMPUTER VIRUS.  Just sayin', ya'll.
  3. The van isn't using that much oil, after all.  I got faked out by something that appears to be oil.  The EPA gasoline mileage ratings are within specs.  Therefore, it isn't valves, or rings.  If it were, unburned gas would find its way into the oilpan.  Since gas mileage is within specs, this is unlikely.
This post should be viewed as a DIRE WARNING about computer security.  I suspect that we have a SYSTEMIC PROBLEM AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.  You must upgrade your security as best you can.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Quick post before I go, 9/24/15

  1. Computer security:  still working on it.  The anti virus software isn't finding anything, yet there is still a problem.  Performing many tasks to uncover problems, and finding a few, but whatever is causing the manifestations are still there.  Doing yet another update and scan as I write.  Very time consuming.
  2. Truck is not using that much oil.  They all use some.  However, there's a problem there too.  Talked to a driver with a very similar vehicle, and he reports something like what I've been experiencing, too.
  3. While waiting for a pickup yesterday, I noticed Obama meeting the Pope.  I noted how the talking heads were attempting to tell the viewers what they should think about this.  Nothing critical whatever.  Note that they NEVER reserve criticism of so-called conservatives.
  4. Note also that so-called conservatives are scared shitless of criticism, especially from the media.
Have to go.  The computer has appeared to have ended its scan.  I will note the results and go from there.  Then, it's off to the job.

Obligatory, 9.24.15

Good morning one and all, even the bots.  Maybe I'm only getting bots for an audience.  Or zombies.  Whatever.  We live in a make believe society, so this is perfectly normal.

I refer to the Ann Barnhardt tweet to the Redstate article here.  I don't go as far as Barnhardt, who says the Republic is deader than hell, but maybe she's right.  Maybe the Constitution is dead.  Since I've written that the Constitution is King, then long live the King!

Anyway, if the people at Redstate were really so upset with these guys, why do they keep voting for them?  Why do they support them?

It's like the old Hee Haw gag--- "Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I do this!" , to which the Doc replies "Then don't do that!!!"  Or, as Einstein once said:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is NUTS!

You have to start considering doing something different.  Go in a new direction.  Instead, we hear things like "Trump isn't a real Republican!"  To which I've been saying:  "Who the hell is!"  Nobody really means what the hell they say, or they'd do something about all this garbage.  Instead, they want us to believe the same garbage they've been saying that has been producing the garbage that we see all around us.  Garbage in, garbage out!  Why do you expect anything different?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Home again, 9.23.15

Still working on the computer.  Some progress seems to be made, if nothing else, I've located a possible trouble point.  Trouble is, I can't access it.  The virus program can detect it, but it isn't able to do anything about it.  I'll have to keep working on it until I am satisfied.

Can't say too much more about it, cuz I still don't get it.

If I find anything more, I'll post it here.

Computer security ain't

Sorry for the light posting.  I've been mired in the muck of this security issue and it struck me at how much of my time is being chewed up dealing with something that isn't even productive.  But it is rather instructive of the state of things today that I have to do this.  Everybody has to do this, too.  If you do not do this, you are going to have the troubles I'm having.

So, I share a little of the story without going into details of it.  Why?  The paranoia created by the lack of security.  I don't want to say too much, you see.  But that could help!  Sorry.  I hate it, but that's the way it is.  It is also so very unnecessary, and necessary at the same time.  The distrust is necessary for self defense.  But the reason for the distrust is the fact this shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

Why?  I've written this already.  But it bears repeating.  No security problems, or at least at the scale that is taking place, should be happening.  It has something to do with decisions being made at the very beginning, and at the very top.

Take Windows for example.  It is my opinion that a lot of questionable security practices were allowed so as to encourage business.  What does this mean?  Well, it's like deliberately doing less police work so as to encourage private security business, you see.  If the government doesn't do its job, then somebody has to.

In this case, the companies making the operating system, like Microsoft, are encouraging the bad guys to take advantage of the security flaws that exist in their operating system.  Microsoft, for its part, is probably claiming that they are working harder than anyone to achieve good computer security.  But the security lapses that exist are "make work" that increase profits for a lot of people at the expense of the people that they are supposed to be serving.  In other words, it is a flawed product.  We, meaning the public, are required to foot the bill, and suffer the damages that occur from their flawed product.

As far as I'm concerned, I shouldn't be having these problems.  It is not MY fault that Microsoft's product is flawed and allows security issues to arise.  Microsoft should not be making billions of dollars off their flawed products.

What should be done?  I dunno.  Maybe avoid buying Microsoft products from now on as a starting point.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home again, 9.22.15

Actually, been home for an hour and a half already.  Been spending all that time trying to nail down this computer security issue that is nagging me.

Nope, not satisfied yet.  This netbook seems okay, the tablet seems okay.  The smartphone should be okay, but I won't try the thing that is troublesome on it.  Won't risk it.  That leaves the desktop machine.  It is still acting a bit screwball.  I'm in the midst of trying something else that might clear it up.

My thinking now is there is something in Java that is getting bootstrapped when the blog loads up.  But I don't know where this is coming from.  It maybe in the machine already, but if it is, it is escaping detection by anti virus software.  In other words, something is slipping by and it may not be in the blog, but is somehow connected to it.  If it isn't in the blog itself, it may not be removable that way.  Real puzzling.

Something about Java.  My guess is that anybody that keeps their computer updated automatically may not have a problem here.  This may be an issue that is completely local.

Quick monetary commentary, 9.22.15

Yes, I said that I would start a market commentary feature, then prompted forgot about it.  Another fault of mine, doggone it.  I can't remember stuff that I did 10 minutes ago sometimes.

Well, this is rather short because of the lack of time.  I'd like to explore this a bit further, but there's things to do and places to go.

Anyway, there appears to be a wedge formation developing on the dow chart.  It may be a rising wedge, which could be bullish, but I'm not sure.  No time to look that up.  If it is bullish, there may be another rally attempt higher towards new highs, but that would seem doubtful.  If the Fed is going to raise rates, which it must at some point, there's a likely selloff ahead.  The general delusion is that there economy will achieve escape velocity, which isn't happening.  If it hasn't happened for six plus years, it isn't going to happen.  Besides that, there's a long term trend in place towards lower and lower interest rates.  This to me indicates that the economy has less and less growth in it.  Eventually the growth will go to zero and interest rates cannot be sustained, so zero or below zero interest rates will become the norm.  That may already have happened.

If negative growth ensues, then negative rates must follow.  But if that happens, savings will end, and the collapse must occur as there will be no further capital formation without savings.

Obligatory, 9/22/15

It may be wise to continue working on the security issue for a bit longer.  Not only that, but it is probably going to have to be an ongoing part of my computer management.  Like I wrote before on this blog, I resent that.  If the computer's operating system and so forth were designed properly, this wouldn't be happening.  It reminds me of how this country is being run.  There's too much crime and so forth.  The reason there's too much crime is that the leadership is content with there being more crime.  If the leadership were doing their jobs, crime would be a lot less of an issue.  They want crime to be an issue so that they can grab people's guns.

Okay, I've finished that mini-rant, there's other business.

One idea I have, which I have written about alreadyis to build a wall between the northern greenhouse and the canopy.  The wall would run east to west about 24 feet.  It's purpose would be to provide shade from the sun in the summer, and a wind block in the winter.  The greenhouse would fit up against it on the northern side.  It would get full sun in the summer, but would be in the shade in the winter months.  Not very useful for passive solar, but that's okay.  I am thinking of using the trailer as a solarium for that purpose.  It will be behind the shack I built.  In the middle of the wall/greenhouse and the shack/solarium will be the canopy.  I will park under the canopy and deploy the tarp in order to have additional shade in the summer.  Also, the tarp can be used for rainwater collection.  The tarp will be rolled up and stored when not needed.

One more detail is that if I am going to use a wind turbine on top of the van, I'm going to have a problem deploying the tarp.  Also, do I need a door on the front of the parking spot/canopy?

Some of these thoughts are repetitive, which indicates a lack of organization.  That's a fault I have, doggone it.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Something screwball, part 2

Maybe a new series in the works.

Computer security is rather lax around here, and now has to kick into high gear.  It seems like there's a lot of reports out there in the world about hackers getting into databases and the like.  It's become something of an epidemic.

Anyway, I've been spending a good deal of my time upgrading my security and this will have to continue until I am satisfied.

As for this blog, it may have taken a hit, but I just don't know.  That's one thing about these kinds of things, they are quite clever, and evil.

Just think of what damages could be done if the internet security of the entire nation had been compromised.  For all I know, that may well be underway as I write this.


I may have handled the problem.  We'll see if it happens again.  Rather short series.

Obligatory 9.21.15

The netbook has almost reached the end of its useful life.  I have had it now for over 6 years.  At this very moment, it is being repaired so that it can still be useful.  This post is being composed on the tablet.

I am very demanding on these computers.  I use the hell out of them.  What would I do without them?

It seems that a number of things in my life are reaching an end.  That is not meant to elicit sympathy.  It is  only an observation.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Light, The Form and The Shadow

The Gospel of John refers to the Light and the Darkness, but for the purposes of this post, shall be named as The Shadow.  For the Light gives The Shadow its Form.  Without the Light, The Shadow cannot exist.  Without the Form, its shape is undefined.  The Form comes between The Light and The Shadow.  The Light is God, The Form is Man, and The Shadow is Satan.

What sayest thou?

Mere words that say nothing?

Is there a conflict between good and evil, then?  Or is that a mirage?  Without Truth, which is the Light, a Lie, which springs from the Darkness, can have no meaning.  If a philosophy, known for denying that there is any truth, have any meaning?  If then, it has no meaning, then what good is it?  For what purpose then, is it offered?  To do evil?  And if so, for whom shall that be in service to?

What sayest thou?  Mere words only?

Growing Two Peppers in a Single 5 gallon container

More stuff I could grow out there...

How to Grow Organic Celery in 4 Easy Steps

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For the food subseries of the off-the-grid main series of posts.

Celery may an interesting addition to my list of things to grow out west, so here's a little tutorial on how to grow it.  Actually, this video isn't comprehensive enough, so I'm going to have to add another one, but this one will get a start on it.

Here's another one:

His channel, which appears to be quite interesting.

More stuff to grow

Obligatory, 9/ 20 /15

The attempt to arrange time for whatever you wish to do is a bit of a challenge.  Yes, it is.  The same is true for this blog.  Yes, it is repetitive, but maybe that is what it takes to communicate just one little idea.

Yesterday, before I was interrupted by the computer acting up, I was in the process of writing something else that was a bit peculiar.  Am I seeing things, or imagining things that aren't there?  I suppose that it is possible?  Anyway, I was perusing my property using the Google maps when I saw this:

Yes, it is tiny.  I cropped most of the pic in order to focus on this exclusively.  Can you see what I see?  Or is this just an illusion?  Could be, but to me, it is remarkable.

No special reason to put this up.  Not trying to make a point about anything.  It is just something that I saw.


A bit more editing brings out two faces.  Can you see them?