Saturday, February 7, 2015

Recap of last week's posts 2/7/15

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Trying to shift back into the old pattern of finding solutions as opposed to conflict.  But the events of the day keep dragging you back to the mud hole in order to rassle with that pig.  In spite of the mud, the pig likes it.

Remember Tribes v Truth?

It's a post I did awhile back.

It just so happens that the lefty site called The Mahablog has done her own version.  But she accuses the right of being guilty.  What did you expect?  Her tribe, meaning the left, is never wrong about anything...ever. least 80 percent of most right-wing politics these days — the mythology of their tribe. It’s all about taking vicarious pride in being Christian, or American, or white, or whatever
Uh-huh.  The left is pushing their racial agenda, but their tribe is never guilty of anything like racism.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

The biggest problem with the left is that they believe their own bravo sierra.

Ben Shapiro: The First Amendment is Dead

A right isn't a right until it is asserted.  Therefore, it has always been dead or alive depending upon which perspective you want to use.

Those who say it is dead must not want to assert it because to do so would be pointless if you're dead.

UKRAINE: Putin's Ultimatum?

Free Republic

money quote from a comment:
There is an absolute fever in the West to cripple Russia, and it is beginning to look desperate.  Might this panic arise from the threat of a gold-backed Ruble? Despite the devastating effect of sanctions on its currency, Russia has not sold one ounce of its gold, and continues (along with China) to be the largest buyer. We killed Muammar Gaddafi and bombed Libya back to the Stone Age within a year of Gaddafi's stated intent to mint a gold Dinar and to require gold payment for North African oil.[ emphasis added]


Bingo on the gold backed ruble.  The West is in a panic because that would be a threat to its smoke and mirrors economic policies.

Weakness invites aggression.  Evidently, there's no adults in DC right now.  Not good for us.

Everything you wanted to know about doggie do, but were afraid to ask

It's getting slow around here for more reasons than one.  This is just for a laugh.

Quadrangle construction details

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This post will go into the off-the-grid construction subseries.

As mentioned from the last post, I now cover some ground literally and figuratively with these details...

The quad got changed into a triad, with the fourth side being the canopy.  So there's that.  Here's a diagram of "da plan" for "da quad":

Plans and tentative materials list


Looks like the quadrangle needs some adjusting.  I have a video that informs me of this.  There are bushes that are going to be in the way, so I have to move the quads around a bit to accomodate the bushes, cause I don't want to destroy the bushes.


Even more tweaking yields a 32x32 foot area.  There's going to be a need for a lot of materials, unless I cut things down a bit.


Now for the costs.  ( Clearing my throat)

For one 20 foot by 8 foot quonset

Need 5 cattle panels  @ 19.99 each               100
Need 10 pallets         @ ??.?? each                  50
Need  plastic sheets   @ 50.00 approx.            50
Need 5 4x8 plywood @ 25.00 each               125
Need 4 more for doors                                   100
Hardware nails, screws, hinges , latches etc.      50

Total                                                            $475

There'll be two of these, plus one slightly smaller.  Looks like about $1500 for all three.  The numbers keep going up.  But what did you expect?????

Friday, February 6, 2015

Home again, 2/6/15

The batteries need charging up, ya'll.  I'm feeling kinda drained.

Slow day today.  It was a slow week.  The money situation is not improving.

Okay, so now I'm considering moving again.  If I move, I have to have a plan.  The first part of that plan is to get something built out there.  I can't just park on the land and expect to live there.

Today, I got an idea to go big.  Instead of just a couple of these quonsets, let say I make a quadrangle of them, so that they will make an enclosed area inside.  Why?  I'd like to capture some water and I don't want to use expensive materials.  Even cheap plastic can hold water as long as the wind doesn't get to it.  At least that is what I'm thinking now.

The middle of the quadrangle will be reserved for capturing the water and using it as a chicken run.  I'm thinking a 16 foot by 16 foot inner area for the chickens.  That's 256 square feet.

Now, for every 100 square feet, the potential exists to collect
1 inch divided by 12 inches in a foot yields 0.083 feet.  100 square feet times this equals 8.3 cubic feet.
Let's go in increments of one tenth of an inch, so that's .83 cubic feet.  Take that and multiply it times 7.48 gallons in a cubic foot yielding 6.23 gallons for every tenth inch of rain that falls on 100 square feet.  The quadrangle itself is a structure with four walls that enclose 128 square feet apiece yielding 512 square feet.

Added to the open are inside the quadrangle gives 256 square feet plus the 512 square feet, which yields 768 square feet.  Including my canopy and an extension to the quadrangle, and we are over 1000 square feet.  That means a potential to collect 62 gallons of water for every tenth of an inch of rain.  If it rains an inch, that's over 600 gallons.  Usually, it will rain a fraction of an inch each month, and on rainy months, more than that.  Which means that a structure this size could yield plenty of water for my purposes.

The details of the construction of the quadrangle may follow on future posts.  Needless to say, there are a few details.

Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty - Top 5 Places Where Not To Be

Yes, the producers of this video made a prediction that didn't come true.

How does it continue rolling along?  Is it a mathematical certainty or is it not?

As I have noted, certain trends are going to have to be reversed in order to continue on as before.  The trend towards lower and lower interest rates has to end with this cycle, because there is no further to go except to go negative.  This cannot last, as negative interest rates will tend towards zero balances.  It isn't sustainable.

I'd really like to see an explanation of why this 30 year trend is going to reverse now, when there's absolutely no evidence that it is going to do that.

Why is this working?

A brief look at a few web pages confirms that nothing really has changed.  The mood of the country is still pretty negative.  Obama's approval rating is still underwater.  The Shadow Stats statistics are still pretty negative.  There appears to be no secret here that is getting overlooked.  So, why does the stock market continue to rally?  It makes no sense.

If you dig deeper, it doesn't get better.  The Greeks are going to leave the Euro.  They pretty much have to.  Once that happens, the other southern Europeans states will follow.  So, let me see.  Is this good or is this bad?  Maybe that makes the dollar stronger, but I am not convinced that this matters as Europe continues to sink and Asia rises.

Russia is not getting any less hostile.  If anything, they are getting more aggressive.  How is this good?

The reviews of the fighting against the ISIS state are not good either.  Iran is on the verge of getting a bomb and a delivery system to bring it here.  How is this good?

Nope, I just don't get it.  Perhaps it is all in the propaganda.  Maybe you can fool most of the people most of the time.  That's all you need in order to win elections.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Home again, 2/5/15

Pretty slow day at work today.  It is getting to be a pattern.  But everything is Okay, because the stock market went up 200 points.  Yay!  Seriously, I'm going to have to stop trying to predict where this crazy market is going to go next.  This was a big fakeout.

These slow days are getting me to think that I may have to move out West even though it may be too soon to do that.

I need ideas.

One idea is to load up some trash paper and use it to make logs.  That will save money on energy, at least for awhile.

A second idea is to collect water on the place when it rains.  Didn't I cover this already?  Well, yes I did, but I figured I had a better idea.  It seemed like a better idea until I considered what it would take in terms of hardware and money in order to implement that idea.

Here's another idea about using water for heating.

Quickie before I go, 2/5/15: Democracy Fail In Venezuela


You have to know you are in trouble when gas is selling for less than a penny a gallon and the shelves are bare.  But the people voted for this because they don't know any better.  Hence, the failure.

But can you really blame the people who aren't being educated.  The author advises segregating the able from the incompetent.  That really won't work either.

An average person can understand supply and demand.  Why not teach it as well as a few other things of necessity for a well functioning citizen who can discharge their responsibilities?  It used to be done here, whey can't it be a universal practice?

Senator Sessions: "We took an oath to defend the Constitution, not a political party."

One for the history books?  Let's hope so, for the winners write history.  Losers are erased from the history books.  If we want the Constitution to survive, then this quote had better be in the history books.

Ivy League college offers Black Lives Matter course

This "Black Lives Matter" slogan strikes me as being a way to blame whitey for what isn't the white man's fault.

It is related to this business about a cop shooting a black man, when the black man involved wasn't exactly the choir boy.  Why aren't black men taught to be better men so that they won't get shot?  That's the question that should be asked.  Instead, they are encouraged to be bad, because to be bad is more racially authentic than "acting white".  This is what gets black men shot because they think they have to be bad in order to be men.

It ain't whitey's fault, ya'll.  It's the left that's using this for political advantage.  If they really meant this, they would help the black man instead of politcally exploiting him.   Do you know the real reason Bill Cosby is in so much trouble?  Because he said something similar to what I've written here.  The radical left cannot allow black men to succeed.  They need an angry black male who gets shot and then they can blame the guilty white man who isn't guilty.

Black men kill each other far more than any whitey does, cop or no cop.

Scott Walker

The pragmatic conservative?  We have had the compassionate conservative, and now we can try a new flavor, it seems.  Looks like immigration will rise to the top of the issue heap for the next election.  It should be a no-brainer for the GOP, but the thing that holds them back is the big money.  If that big money didn't talk to them so loud, they'd have a winning issue for sure.  Nobody likes immigration except the fat cats.

Walker may be the kind of candidate who could pull it off.  Dick Morris called him a "switch hitter" because he can appeal to the GOP establishment ( fat cats ) and the base ( proletarians ).  If he can manage his campaign along those lines consistently, the Democrats may find a candidate that is hard to attack along their favorite lines, like "extremism".  How can you attack a guy as extremist who can appeal across multiple types of people?

Ann Coulter

Look like she's fallen out of favor judging from the comments on Free Republic.  She claims that Romney is the only GOP presidential candidate to have a strong opposition to illegal immigration.  Evidently, this is not correct.

Only 44 Percent of U.S. Adults Work 30 Hours a Week or More with a Regular Paycheck

Free Republic

Perhaps you all should get prepared for this.  There are fewer jobs and that means you are on your own.  You are probably going to need to grow your own food as in the olden times.

Brian Williams

It doesn't surprise me that he is found to be a liar.  The stuff coming from the news media have struck me as false for quite some time now.

The world isn't ruled by virtue, but by vice.  The media has an outsized influence on society.  Never good that such an influence can be corrupt.


You can see how the world is ruled by vice when you read this article by Chuck Butler over at Kitco.  The government is going out of its way to fool people, but why?  To rule over men with their lies.  It works, too.  When it stops working, get ready for the next big lie.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home again, 2/4/15

Am I doing something right?  My pageviews are way up ( by my standards ).

Well, anyway, today I made my quota with 10 deliveries.  Yay, me!

A thought while on the road:  I want to use a tarp with my pallets so that they won't get wet when it rains.  I will lay the tarp down, and then put the pallets on top, then nail down the plywood and 2x4's.  I want pallets instead of using a lot of effort to make a deck.  This method yields a deck, quick and easy.  The disadvantage is that the pallets are on the ground, so they need some protection from the rain.

The move out West needs to be delayed, but I would seriously consider moving early.  Which means that I am confused as all get out.  I've got but a short while to get de-confused, because my lease runs out at the end of May.  It's either stick around for another 10 months from that point, or get the hell out of Dodge.

One consideration for staying is that I am going to need to buy a newer truck.  I don't believe that this van is going to last another 80k miles that it would need to last in order to make it two more years.  But that costs money and I don't want to spend money.  That's the confusing part.  No matter which way I turn, I am going to have to spend money.

While I get myself de-confused, I'll put up a video from a confused era of 1968.  It never did get de-confused, from that time to this time did it?

One explanation for the sour relations between Moscow and US

Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: The Entire Oil Collapse Is All About Crushing Russian Control Over Syria

Assorted thoughts this am

Another stream of consciousness post here, as I arise for another day at the salt mine.

That little crack tells, does it not?  I'm not crazy about my work, I must admit.

Let's get on with it, though.  Yesterday, once I got home, I started looking into a problem that seems to have arisen with the quonset hut proposition.  It seems there's a detail that I overlooked, and that is how the heck do I get these cattle panels out there?  They are 16 feet long, and they cannot be easily rolled up so that they will fit into the van.  Nope, I am going to have to get them out there some other way.

So, I looked up renting a trailer, but my van isn't set up for hauling a trailer.  I may have to buy the equipment, and that won't be cheap.  Close to 300 bucks, to be exact.  So, that's another expense that I wasn't expecting, and my finances are not set up for all these costs.

But it won't kill me, but it is another nick.  My finances may die due to a thousand of such nicks.

Besides that little unpleasant observation, I noted that the markets are rising again.  It seems that everybody is all agog over the Greece situation.  Evidently, this is the reason for the rally in the stock market.  They really are going to fix things in the EU, so we are led to believe.

I got to thinking about that, and it seems like the whole thing is smoke and mirrors.  One of these days, the smoke and mirrors trick isn't going to work anymore, and that day, the world as we have known it just might fall apart.

And people will be dumbfounded.  How could this have happened?

It's all about propaganda.  The truth is being hidden behind a massive front of propaganda.  Everybody is being fooled into thinking that everything is hunky dory, but how can that be?  Interest rates are going to have to rise, and this economy hasn't demonstrated that it can function in that environment.  Interest rates have been in a downward trend for over 30 years now.  Eventually that trend must reach zero, unless something happens that changes that trend.  Since the Fed Funds rate is near zero already, we are at that point right now.  Now, what exactly is happening that demonstrates that the trend has been reversed and prosperity can continue with the higher rates that must follow?  No amount of propaganda and tricks will be able to answer this one.

Western civilization may not survive this.

You have to wonder who is pulling all these strings?

I have my own ideas, but those are not in the mainstream.  I think it's the oil money going to the middle east.  We are forging own chains with that oil money.  We shouldn't even be importing oil to finance a habit that we can supply with our own industry and invention.  Yet, we cannot access this invention because it has been hidden behind a veil of secrecy and fraud.  I'm referring to the molten-salt reactor technology that was put on the shelf by our own government, and thus suppressed.  We shouldn't need foreign oil anymore, and wouldn't need it if this technology had been commercialized.  Instead, it was nearly forgotten about totally.  It certainly cannot be embraced now with the current zeitgeist that fosters an unreasoned fear of atomic power.

What I am saying is that we may be getting manipulated into continuing to use oil.  This only benefits an old and deadly Western enemy---Islam.

The Mohammedans almost conquered the West two times in the past.  The current iteration will be the third, and it appears to be coming from within.  It is like the Trojans bringing in the horse inside the gates, and having the enemy expose us from within.

Perhaps we have underestimated the enemy   We sit in our luxurious ease and think we are on top of the world, while the termites undermine the structure that we live in.  One of these days, it will collapse, and everybody will be dumbfounded, and they will wonder how it all could have happened.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Home again 2/3/15

Rainy day today.  Don't know if I made much money, but I did do 10 deliveries.

It seems that I have lost touch with space news.  There's going to be a crewed Dragon test soon.  More signs of progress being made.  There may be another attempt to land the first stage of the falcon rocket on Sunday, but I'm not sure.  That would really be something if it pans out.

Not everything seems great.  I was thinking how the political situation could be getting worse, that is, if you are a conservative type.  The reason is that the media isn't trying to be independent anymore.  The reason I think that is because of a news item I remember reading about recently.  It seemed as if the reporters were allowing Democrat operatives push them around.  If they had any pride about themselves, we would have heard a big stink about that, but I don't think anybody really noticed nor cared.  At least 30 years ago, when Reagan was president, the media, even though it was biased towards the left, would at least protested being treated like that.  These people now have their noses stuck right up the Democrat party's ass.  No independence at all.

So, there's not going to be anybody watching to see if there's any corruption in the government as long as the Democrats are in charge.  You only get that when a Republican is in charge.  Since the media isn't independent of the Democrats, the quality of governance is going to keep going down until something really bad happens, and then what?

The way the system is supposed to work is that the media will be the watchdogs over the government.  Since this only works when the Republicans in power, the obvious result is that there is no spotlight being put on really bad stuff going on in the government.

It should work both ways, but it doesn't.  That's how you'll end up with one party government and an end of freedom in this country.  The news organizations should at least be independent of the government.  If they get captured by one party or the other, that will end up meaning a one party government.  There will be no accountability to the public because the public will not know what's going on.

With the media the way it is now, even Ronald Reagan couldn't win an election.  Or to put it another way:  if the media was as bad in 1980 as it is now, Reagan probably wouldn't have won.

The left has too much influence over this country, and that is why we are going down the shit hole.

Crewed Dragon near flight test!/SpaceX/status/562313940982456321?cn=cmVjb3NfbmV0d29ya19kaWdlc3RfYWI%3D

SpaceX shares dramatic video of Falcon 9’s crash landing

Spaceflight now

It shows the falcon first stage crashing against the deck of the barge.  Close, but not cigar.

It's a big deal if they can make this work.  They are close.


I had a dream last night about cheating.  The details aren't pretty vague, so I won't go into the dream.  It made me think of the possibility that cheating could be something really hard to stop.  If enough people cheated, an entire society can come crashing down.

In order for a society to work, people have to be honest.  Let's say you see somebody cheat, and get away with it.  How does that make you feel when you are honest, and struggle, while this other guy cheats, and prospers?  The honest guy feels like a fool, right?  So, he figures, if everybody is going to cheat, and nothing is going to be done about it, he may as well cheat too.

One of the main themes about economics is the concept of incentive.  If you incentivize cheating, there will be more of it.  Also, if you disincentivize cheating, there should be less of it.  The way to stop cheating is to make it hard to do, and almost impossible to get away with it.

When you see the government not enforcing the laws, you can expect more lawlessness.  If you see the government enforcing the laws unevenly, you can see more corruption.  Isn't that the kind of thing we see these days?

How do you know that the government's statistics are accurate?  Is there any monitoring of the numbers to make sure that they are accurate?   What about the stock market?  Can those prices be rigged?  You have to believe that the numbers can be rigged so that some people can make a lot of money that way.  If there's no enforcement of a honest system in the markets, who knows what the true prices of things are?  Also, elections can be rigged.  If you want an honest government when you know that there's not one in office, you just may have a problem getting rid of the crooks.

How far does the cheating go and what can be done about it?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Home again 2/2/15

Today was Groundhog Day.  I mentioned the movie to the dispatcher at work and she was familiar with it.  The movie is said to have a spiritual message in it.  Well, I don't know about that, but I do want to write something a little personal, and maybe spiritual, in a sense.

That "Home again" reference is also to a movie, Bladerunner, in which the character, J.F. Sebastian, has just arrived home and his "toys" greet him.  You see, J.F. lives alone with his toys.  A lonely guy, that J.F.  What about the phenomenon of loneliness?  At some level, I was admitting something that I don't always like to relate.  As I have written before, I am a private person.  I keep these things to myself, generally.  So, this is a bit out of character to write this kind of thing.

In my own case, it seems hard to make and keep friends.  So, most of the time, I am pretty much on my own.  Some life, huh?  The blog is a way to connect, but isn't really working very well.  Not that many come here, and fewer still comment, or try to develop some type of friendship.  Even if they did, I don't always respond, because that is just me being me.

See how personal I just got?  How many are willing to do that?  But does that "work"?  Or am I doing this out of a manipulation in order to get attention for myself?  I try to figure myself out, don't I?  Also, try to figure everyone else out, too, but I'm not that good at it.

Is there something about our society that encourages this kind of behavior?  Big cities are a way to be around a lot of people, but also to be anonymous.  I ought to know, because that is what I am.  I live in the big city, and I am virtually a stranger to everyone around me.  What a contradiction.

Small towns aren't so much like that.  Or maybe that's the way it usually is, but what happens when I get out to the wide open spaces, where there are few people?  Will it become easier to relate to people, or will I carry on old ways with me?

This worries me a bit.

Late start this morning

I slept rather lightly last night.  When it came time for my usual blogging routine, I wanted to get a little more shut eye.

Anyway, I am trying this new way of posting with a kind of stream of consciousness approach.  So, I'll recall yesterday, something I saw about Russia.

It seems that Putin and company has managed to convince his people that America is a rather corrupt and detestable bunch now.  Opinion polls that once were quite favorable towards America and Americans, have now turned quite negative.  When I saw that, I got a little worried.  This kind of thing may precede a big war.  It is pretty dangerous stuff to start underestimating an opponent.  We tend to do it over here, and it does seem to be the way of the world.  If they ever get the idea that a war with us can be a cakewalk, there will be a great danger of a war breaking out.

The Japanese thought we wouldn't fight when they attacked Pearl Harbor.  No doubt, the terrorists don't think too much of us either, or they would have been scared shitless to attack us like they did on 9-11.  As for us, we'd better stop giving off these bad impressions, or something worse may come our way.

Russia has some vulnerabilities.  It would not be wise to go off starting a big war with anyone, especially us.

America is badly served by its so called leadership these days.  This circumstance may not last too much longer.

Hillary seems to be the heir apparent, but she has her own vulnerabilities.  The left may be getting a bit nervous about her prospects.  The GOP, the stumbling bunch that they are, may actually field a strong candidate.  Help may be on the way.

I am confident that the patriots will rise up and defend our country against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Off Grid Cabin Propane, in two parts

Some tips on how to set up and use propane gas.

Part 2

Looking for ways to save a buck

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This post will go into the off-the-grid construction subseries.

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise not to have too much money.  It forces you to become creative, and come up with new ideas.  Also, to keep looking around for solutions to problems.  It's a good exercise.

For example, I found the cattle panel greenhouse idea, which is an easier project than the original one.  This setup is also useful for other needful buildings that could be necessary.

The thing, though, is that I may not need (3) buildings.  Maybe I can get away with just (2).

After all, why not build inside one of these and live in it.   Wha?????

A brainstorm occurred to me to make a hammock inside of the greenhouse.  How to do this is this next question.  It may require a metal shaft to be connected to a post at each end, and on to which the hammock will be attached.  These will be inside the greenhouse and out of the way, so when the hammock is not in use, it can be folded up and put away.

That means, I may once again try to dig a hole out there and place the post into the hole, and cement it up.

I have an augur bit, but I didn't try it on my last trip.  I can use that to make the two post holes.

Anyway, the greenhouse can go just south of the canopy, as I had always planned.  As for a shed setup, why need it if you are going to sleep in the greenhouse, as opposed to sleeping in the van?

Building one less structure will be helpful in saving money and effort.

As for the windbreak for the canopy, I can attach one directly to the canopy itself.  The vehicle inside the canopy will act as a windbreak from the north, anyhow.

The other structure will be for the chickens.  The plastic sheeting may not be necessary.  As a matter of fact, it won't be necessary at all, but a tarp might be desirable to keep the sun off the birds in the summer.

Ground mount 400 watt solar

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This goes into the off-the-grid power subseries.

The attraction of this system is that it looks easy, and that is what I really like.  Aside from that, he mentions his refrigerator freezer setup, which is actually quite interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I may consider it for purchase.

Field of Dreams

The blog is a Field of Dreams.  If you build it, they will come.

Well, I built it, and nobody came.  Nice thought, anyway.

I didn't hear nobody say nothing, so don't look at me like I'm whack-o.

I'm now going to build my ranch.  If I write about that, will they come then?  Or will I have to build a park and get some ghosts to play ball before they come?  Bwha, ha, ha.

Off to the usual haphazard start

It seems like I had something going yesterday, but it has gotten away from me.  Yesterday, there were over 10 posts, which is really quite productive.  Not the usual thing lately.  That burst of activity pushed me to over 40 posts in the past week, which is a level not seen on this blog for quite some time.

I think I was blogging EVERYTHING I did or thought about during the day.  Usually, I don't do that.  I'll edit the hell out of everything, so that a lot less actually gets out.

Now, the post I started with was about the supernatural.  This was connected with what I posted yesterday.  This is really what religion is all about.  Don't we have a lot of religious arguments these days?  How do you address this issue?  The issue of the existence or non-existence of the supernatural can be a place to start.  They certainly had arguments during the time of Jesus.  The BIG argument there was whether or not he was the Son of God.  Jesus said He was.  He was crucified for this.  His contemporaries did not believe He was who He said He was ( and is ).  We have that same kind of argument to this very day.

Then, there was a political post.  While I was at the store, I wondered if I should be getting so wrapped up in politics.  It's nothing that I have control over.  I mean, that is why I started working on my off-the-grid stuff.  That political stuff is out of reach for me, yet I still have to keep an eye on it.  We all should keep an eye on these politicians.  They could be the end of us all.

I have no control over what other people think or do.  So, my off-grid stuff is where I should be spending my time, but I am constantly being tugged away from it, and back to this other stuff, about which I can do nothing.  Or nothing much.

It's like Hamlet.  To be or not to be.  That is the "bare bodkin".

DNC chair breaks with Obama on terrorism

quote from Shark tank

Every time we think that we can maybe ease back a bit and that their has been calm, we’re reminded that people hate us because of who we (Jews) are, and I don’t want to say that we are never safe because I don’t believe that’s true [emp. added].-Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)

She's from Florida, and they have a lot of Jewish people there.  Evidently, she must be worried about their continued loyalty to the Party, so she has to take a tougher stand on terrorists.  As for Obama, he's a Mohammedan himself.  The fate of Israel is not important to him, or he may even be hostile towards it.

Woman says she was pushed to floor by ghost

Video taken of the incident shows that nobody was around when she seemed to be violently pushed down.

Maybe they should call Ghostbusters.  Seriously, though, what do you make of this?  Is there such a thing as supernatural phenomena?