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First in Vitro Meat Hamburger will cost $345,000

First in Vitro Meat Hamburger will cost $345,000

Petri dish meat coming to the dinner table


It may be possible to do this in space.  Imagine making your own meat and growing your own vegetables on the moon.  Lots cheaper than bringing it all the way back from the Earth.  In addition to aquaponics or hydroponics, a completely self sustaining food production system may be possible in space.

An Unmitigated Disaster

  • The disaster is that for the first time in modern financial history, the main guarantee of the clearinghouse system has completely failed its most important constituent – the customer base.
  • Let me cut to the chase here and pinpoint the real problem – the CME Group.
  • The CME Group was the front line regulator for MFG, responsible for auditing and insuring the safety of customer funds and for guaranteeing those funds in a worst case scenario.
  • The CME boasts on its web site that anywhere from $8 billion to $100 billion in protection is available in the event of a clearing member failure. If it was telling the truth, it would seem $600 million should be no problem.
  • The CFTC must immediately force or persuade the CME Group to do what it has promised and should have done on its own, namely, immediately guarantee that all customers of MF Global are made whole.
  • If the Commission delays longer what is now clearly a primary failure at the CME will soon become primarily a CFTC problem. We need adult supervision right now. Clearly the CME Group is not up to the task. If the CFTC doesn’t take over responsibility and force the CME to do the right thing, God help us all.


If this causes problems for us all, as the article says, who will Obama blame this time?  Bush?  Looks like he dropped the ball.

Curtains for Cain

By Tom Thurlow, American Thinker

  • Whether he knows it or not, Herman Cain's campaign is over.
  • As a litigator, I am routinely lied to and sometimes I end my day so cynical that I am surprised when someone actually tells me the truth. But, with all apologies to Herman Cain fans, this story has the ring of truth to it.
  • Herman Cain made two almost inexplicable statements: in answering charges that he said did not happen and could not have happened, he offered to take a lie-detector test, "but only if I had a good reason to do that." [Comment: lie-detectors are not accepted as evidence in court.  Cain shouldn't have offered to take one under any circumstances.  They can give false positives or false negatives. If Cain was a sociopath, it wouldn't be reliable anyway. ]  ...And in answer to a Wall Street Journal reporter's question, Cain said that "there will probably be other" complaints of sexual harassment.[ comment: If these are politically motivated, and the odds that more accusations will cause people to believe it, Cain's statement is understandable.  This doesn't imply that he is guilty of anything.]
  • Numbers matter. While Clarence Thomas had only one accuser, so far there are 4 women charging Cain with sexual harassment, and as Cain himself predicted "there will probably be others."
Nice try.  I'm sure he is very experienced as a litigator.  But he doesn't persuade me at all.

Cain may have a hard time keeping all of his supporters onboard, but once the field starts to thin out, he could have a chance.  Also, if he hangs on long enough, he may be able to bounce back.

I don't buy the "numbers matter" part.   A million people saying the same thing doesn't make a false thing true.  From a logical point, that is.  From a legal standpoint, or a political standpoint, he may be right.  But if he is, anyone can be brought down by a conspiracy of lies in such a manner as this.  If you don't think a conspiracy can be put together for something like this, I think you are naive.

Furthermore, there's the 15,000 dollar software that can detect lies from analyzing people's voices.  It is claimed to be 95% accurate.  This test clears Cain and says Bialek is lying.  What are the odds of that?  Or do those numbers not matter?

Bussard Fusion Update

New Energy and Fuel

  • As of September 30, 2011, the WB-8 device has generated over 500 high power plasma shots.
  • The newest device has an eightfold increase in magnetic field strength compared to prior WB series devices, with the expectation of higher performance.
  • So far as we know, the group is led by Richard Nebel and Jaeyoung Park. The latest report has Mr. Park leading the group.
  • What is known is that the experimentation facility is a fully outfitted to measure the confinement and the details needed to design the next step in the scaling of the machine to match the theory.
If anyone wants to knock Rossi for being too secretive, they ought to look at these guys.  Not to mention it is a publicly funded effort.  If it were private, it would be nobody's business.  Since it is public, you'd think it was everybody's business.  However, it is Navy, and they want to keep it secret.

It is harder to find hard information on this than with the E-cat.  But nobody's calling these guys frauds.

In general, I like the concept because it doesn't require heat.  This was the hardest part to get my mind around.  Everybody knows that fusion requires heat.  But this doesn't require heat, it uses electrons.  The electrons are confined and form a "well" deep enough to impart enough energy for fusion to take place.  Beats constructing a huge building in order to house a tokomak which confines the plasma, which is hot enough to melt anything it touches.  As opposed to melting your reactor, the Polywell's trick is to keep those electrons under confinement so that it will provide the energy necessary for fusion.

I look at the Polywell as a type of capacitor.  A capacitor confines electrons and releases them when you need them.  A capacitor is like a battery, but it doesn't hold nearly as much energy.  If somebody can figure out how to hold as much energy as a battery, it would be a great step forward.  A big technical problem seems to be in keeping the magnets cooled down.  The magnets confine the electrons, and the magnets cannot be allowed to get too hot.  I don't why, but it probably has something to do with their effectiveness.  If they "thermalize", it is a show stopper.

I've spent a little time browsing the Talk Polywell forum.  I don't like forums much.  I guess it is a matter of taste.  Not my bag, baby.  A little Austin Powers lingo there.

Michael Savage's interview of Herman Cain

Says what he thinks, even if it isn't political. Perhaps that is the way to look at Herman Cain. However, that could have a downside. Shouldn't answer hypothetical questions, such as VP question and cabinent question.

He has a math degree and a computer science degree. I didn't know that.

Would like to add to Aegis fleet of ships. Better for missile defense.

I don't think the extreme label will work on him.

The illusion of a choice

Are these polls really meaningful?  "Moderate Voice" isn't a conservative site of course, but that doesn't mean it isn't liberal, typically posing as a moderate.  Looking for another take, I went to Capt. Ed, formerly of Captain's Quarters blog, only to discover that the second coming of Newt has begun.  I kinda figured that much after the last debate.  But the liberals are already loaded for bear if Newt gets the nod.  They'll go after his character, like they are trying to do with Cain.

I can't help but think that we are being manipulated.  This Cain business has been a case in point.  It is so bad that it ought to be offensive, but funny how it isn't.  There's some insight into why it doesn't appear to be.  Evidently, Cain has a pattern of gaffes.  I can believe that since I don't agree with how he handled the sexual harassment charges.  It is galling that this seems to have worked to slow down his momentum.  He may even be on the way down, which is also hard for me to believe given the rather thin nature of the accusations.  Frankly, I am suspicious that this is only being used as an excuse, or is being made to appear so.  Which makes me think of manipulation again.  We are being told what to think and we're falling in line- provided that you let yourself be persuaded by these polls.

We may have to wait until the first results start coming in.  When that happens, a lot of the weaker candidates will start dropping out.  The ones that have the money will be the ones with the staying power.  Romney can stick around.  So can Perry.  Newt doesn't have the money the other two have, or so I hear.  If you can believe half of what you hear, that is.  I figured after that debacle at the debate that Perry could be toast, but not so fast.  It is said that he's got plenty of money, so he has staying power.  That may be good enough for the anti Romney vote to start coalescing around him when the less well financed candidates drop out.

It may sound a bit cynical, but maybe the main thing that matters is the money.  If Romney's got it, he just may go all the way.  In line with the aforementioned manipulative aspect of polls, the money in the war chest may  matter even more.  The money has to come from somewhere, which implies the Presidency is up for sale.  If you don't like the office being bought, you'd better start paying attention.  If nobody really gets interested in this until next fall, the die will already have been cast.  And it will be too late to change anything.

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$99 Oil For 11/11/11

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/11/2011

Just remember who to thank for $99 oil, sitting in the White House.

Near Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern - Dow 1928 to present

For those of you who are aren't familiar, a head and shoulders chart pattern is bearish.  Actually, very bearish.  There's no H&S in this pattern, but it comes pretty doggone close.  We missed it by a hair.

To explain, a H&S will have a triple peak chart pattern, with the peak on either side of the middle peak being of equal size, and the valleys between to be about equally deep.  Now look at this price chart going all the way back to 1928:

The left peak is just under 11k, the middle peak is about 14k, the right peak is about where we are now
This is sobering to me, because one stock that I traded many years ago exhibited this pattern.  It crashed and never recovered.  This is a proxy for the US market, folks.  Think about that for a moment.

If charts mean anything at all, we are at a critical time right now.  We may be lucky, but I'd say we're not out of the woods yet.  That's because the peaks should be about equal, and the most recent peak went a wee bit too high.  That could have invalidated the chart pattern.

By the way, this isn't a bullish chart.  It looks sick in another way, with all of the recent ( reckoning in years) wild price swings.  Those swings are especially wide at the moment ( reckoning on a daily basis), in case you didn't notice.


Please excuse the typo. I crossed it out and corrected it above.    

Penn State mess casts spotlight on all colleges

One more thing to thank the liberals for.  What the heck?  We are all very, very tolerant here. /sarc

What's new on the fusion front? (Rossi on top of list)

What's new on the fusion front?

  • Efforts by the Italian-based Leonardo Corp. to harness low-energy nuclear reactions (the technology formerly known as cold fusion) have reawakened the dream of somehow producing surplus heat through unorthodox chemistry. Today, Pure Energy Systems News reported that Leonardo's Andrea Rossi signed an agreement with Texas-based National Instruments to build instrumentation for E-Cat cold-fusion reactors.
Well, at least MSNBC did one thing right, anyway.  (H/T Instapundit)


I'm a bit late with this story as it was covered yesterday:

National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls: Next Big Future

Comment:  If you check the comments section below the story, the big time skeptics are snorting their disapproval.  I suppose Rossi could be pulling everybody's leg, but I still don't get what he gains from doing this.  If this is a fraud, it will be discovered in time.  But these guys are so damn sure that it is a fraud.  Let's see where Rossi goes from here.  I'd like to see where it ends before judging it all in advance.

The Return of the Pink Panther - Hilarious


I remember that some sports writer compared the head coach of the Houston Oilers, Bum Phillips to Inspector Clouseau.  He mentioned that Phillips identified with Clouseau.  It so happens that a good head coach doesn't always have to be the straight man, as in this clip here.  Maybe the sports writer didn't get the point exactly.  That's the trouble, most people don't get the point.  They are like the straight man, who gets driven to the point of insanity by Clouseau.

On the other hand, it is just a movie.

Is Perry serious- are we serious?

Perry's failure, during the debate, to name 3 agencies he would shut down, must mean that he doesn't know his material well enough.  No, Perry isn't that dumb that he doesn't actually know.  He can talk, that is plain during another one of his recent speeches, in which he didn't use a teleprompter.  He can talk, he isn't that dumb.

No, the problem is a lack of preparation.  Why not?  Everyone knows that he has a debate issue.  If he isn't prepared even now, what could that mean?   If you really know your stuff, you won't forget.  If you don't know your stuff, you must not be terribly interested in it.  You are not passionate about it.  If you aren't passionate about it, you can't be serious.  If you aren't serious, how can you be trusted?

I think Perry can be trusted to be a small government conservative.  If he wasn't, we'd have an income tax by now.  He's been governor of this state long enough that if the opportunity to add an income tax came along, he would have been for it.  It hasn't happened, and it isn't likely to happen as long as he's governor.

But what about us?  What does this say about us?  Are we serious about this election?   Let's keep in mind one thing.  One, Ronald Reagan won 49 states, but he wasn't a great debater.  He was the Great Communicator, but his debates weren't the reason for that.  Being a successful campaigner doesn't require great debating skills.  Mondale was the better debater, but it won him exactly one state in 1984.  It doesn't matter if you aren't a great debater, or a superior one.

Should Perry's continuing gaffes concern us?  Of course.  He can prepare himself better, or he will be forced out very soon.  On the other hand, his record and his ideas should not be ignored just because he his taking too long to get his act together.  If he does have anything upstairs that he can get together.  That's because this kind of performance will leave doubts- and we can't afford these kind of doubts.  Either he can or he can't, but he can, he'd better hurry about it if he's serious.  If we are serious, we'll give him another chance.


Just as supporters were saying Newt never knocks his fellow Republicans …

But it’s also a little disappointing just because it illustrates even Gingrich isn’t immune to a certain amount of cockiness. Perry was probably the most notoriously over-confident of all, but all the candidates are like this: Let a candidate do well — or even just a little better than he was doing before — and soon he thinks more highly of himself and more lowly of his competitors than his situation warrants.

Gingrich was in the doghouse for awhile too.  A little payback is to be expected, but there are limits to everything.  Jokes are okay, people need to laugh at themselves.  It is healthy to be able to do that.  I'll quote what I remember reading about the Bushmen tribe who believed:
"An arrogant man is a dangerous man."  The Bushmen are known for their merciless ridicule of others in their tribe in order to keep them humble and gentle.  


I don't read Slate much,  so I don't know if this attitude is typical over there:
When Herman Cain's troubles began, getting a Republican rival to attack him was like getting them to oversee a gay marriage in Des Moines. No one wanted to take a swing.

Yeah, maybe they'd like to have Republicans bashing each other.  That's why you don't give it to them.


More here about Perry from Allahpundit.

Should he go for broke now in Iowa? He’s reached the point poll-wise where, if he doesn’t win there, he’s basically finished.

Hold on a minute!  I don't necessarily think that this should finish his campaign alone.   It is how he handles the situation.  Taking a lot of kidding is going to necessary, but it is going to have to stop somehow.  So how does he do that?  By preparing harder.  But he can also carrying around some 3x5 cards with notes on them.  I know this is likely to bring a lot more ridicule, but remember this: Obama uses teleprompters.  If Obama can do it, anybody can do whatever they have to in order to help themselves.  There's no requirement that anybody has to play by rules somebody else sets and don't apply it in all cases.

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The Obama administration postpones XL pipeline decision – probably until after the 2012 election

Keystone XL pipeline delayed: Does that help Obama?

excerpts from The Christian Science Monitor
  • The Obama administration announced Thursday that it is delaying the Keystone XL pipeline, a Canadian-backed project that promised to create thousands of American jobs, generate billions in annual state tax revenues, and increase Canadian crude oil imports to America by as much as a quarter billion barrels per year.
  • While the project’s promised benefits seem to make its eventual go-ahead virtually certain, delaying it would rescue President Obama from having to make a politically difficult decision a year before he stands for reelection.
  • According to the pipeline operator, TransCanada, the pipeline extension is designed to bring an additional 700,000 barrels per day of crude oil from the tar sands of Alberta, the largest crude reserves in North America, across America’s heartland to refineries in Houston and Port Arthur, Texas.
Radical Environmentalism trumps jobs.  This was a project that would cost no taxpayer funds- in fact it would help economic growth and create new revenues.  This was a concession to the environmentalist lobby.  The Republicans should remind voters every day until election day of what Obama has just done.  That makes his jobs rhetoric just a lot of empty meaningless words.

Somebody's worried about what Cain said or did 14 years ago, but what about this?

No, TSA, I will not lift my skirt for you.

  • She checked every inch of my neckline, sticking her fingers between my breasts because she needed to “clear” the (very slight) ruffle.
  • They cleared the waistband of my tights through my dress, then made me put one leg forward at a time so they could get better “definition of my thigh.” She then proceded to pat down every inch of me, all the way up to my crotch. And yes, she used that word. Twice.
  • The pat down in Houston yesterday was so vigorous I had to readjust my clothes when she was finished. Even my bra straps had been pulled down my shoulders in the process. I felt completely violated, immediately called a friend to recap, and took to Twitter to draw as much attention to the incident as I could.

Just keep in mind the relevance of this today as compared to the relevance of what happened 14 years ago.  Also keep in mind who and what is at the core of all this -  liberalism.  It is liberalism's political correctness that won't allow for profiling.  After all, it is middle eastern  men who do the hijacking- not American females.

Do people really believe this woman was a threat?  No, all of this is insane.  If we dump the leftists, we can get rid of this nonsense.  Keep that in mind next November when you vote.  Unless you like to be treated like this.

Investigator: Herman Cain innocent of sexual advances

CBS Atlanta 46


    Private investigator TJ Ward said presidential hopeful Herman Cain was not lying at a news conference on Tuesday in Phoenix.
  • Ward said the $15,000 software can detect lies in people's voices.
  • The software analyzes the stress level and other factors in your voice. During the speech, when Cain denied the claims, the lie detector read "low risk." According to Ward, that means Cain is telling the truth. 
  • Ward said the technology is a scientific measure that law enforcement use as a tool to tell when someone is lying and that it has a 95 percent success rate.

You don't need a machine here.   The whole story is BS, and everybody knows it.

CNBC Debate

The list of 8 YouTube videos here.

It didn't take too long for the question about Cain to come up.  If it showed anything, it showed the intense dislike of the question.  There was plenty of booing and the moderators moved away from that topic quickly.

Republican Presidential Debate Oakland University 2012 pt.2
Cain answered the question okay.  Overall, Cain may seem a bit light on substance, but he also seems determined to stay on that message.  Later in the debate, Cramer asked about the unfairness in the markets, and he went back on his 999 talk, to the laughter of the audience.  Given that everybody knows about 999, it may be helpful to Cain if he went a bit deeper into the issues.

Huntsman got an opportunity to fire up the crowd, right after the Cain's sex harassment question- but missed it.  The crowd was waiting for someone to knock it out of the park.  It is my opinion only, to be sure, but a little red meat could have been called for here.  Huntsman did point out that he addressed the health care issue while governor of Utah.  Wikipedia says he supports cap and trade.  He worked in Obama's administration.

Gingrich's first question had to do with tax reform, in which one of the moderators, Maria Bartiromo , called "pap".  I would have liked to see him attack that characterization, but he went after Bernanke instead.  But this was before the Cain question, so the antagonism for that question had not been aggravated yet.  As for me, I was loaded for bear.  I wanted the moderators to get slammed.  He did slam the media in general which drew a follow up from Baritromo
What is the media reporting inaccurately?  Gingrich: Whaa?
The crowd loved it.  Gingrich is on the way up.  Gingrich can talk as well as Romney and may end up in the top tier before long.

Perry had a memory lapse, which doesn't help his reputation.  In fact, it pretty much seals in concrete his reputation as a poor debater.  He actually asks Ron Paul for help in answering one of his questions.  When he does manage to get a few words out, he can make some sense.  But it won't be enough.

As a contrast, Santorum is a good speaker and solid conservative.  He can take up the position that Perry could be about to lose in this race.  Or will Perry get another chance?  If not, Bachmann can compete in this conservative space as well as Santorum.  Amongst those three, Santorum has not been the flavor of the month yet.  It may have been the time for him to get his chance.  However, in this debate, which offered them the best opportunity to go after the media, none of them, including Santorum, said a word.

Ron Paul talks very well on the issue of the economy.  This night was favorable for him, as it didn't get into foreign policy, where he has his biggest problem.  How many Republicans would be willing to support a guy who is left of Obama on foreign policy?   Being to the left of anybody on the left is not the place to be when the left is trying to take out the front runner.

All in all, Romney lost no ground.  He also made no gains.  Gingrich may have moved up because he can articulate his views clearly, as opposed to Perry.  Also, he capitalized upon the antagonism toward the media, while winning some of the loudest applause of the evening.  Cain survived, but needs to expand upon his ideas better.  The rest are like Cain, just hanging on.  Huntsman and Perry could be out soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Night With Herman Cain and Why He Isn't Finished Yet

Editorial by John Ziegler

This is what you may call a contrary view of the Herman Cain candidacy. I like to look at other viewpoints, so I thought I'd look at this one. It turns out that his opinions about Sarah Palin are well informed, and coincide with what I had formed on my own.

  • To be fair, he was an absolutely hilarious and fantastic speaker. But to say his words were wafer thin for a leading presidential contender would be an insult to the width of wafers.
  • I reminded him that many of the voters who will determine the winner of the next election don’t know who he is yet and warned him they will be educated by a media more than able to destroy him like they did Sarah Palin.
  • It was very clear to me that what I witnessed was strong evidence that while he would need a miracle to win the nomination and absolutely would get crushed in a general election, that Herman Cain is not going to fade away immediately. 
  • In short, only those who have already drunk the Kool Aid are going to believe Cain’s story, but those who have, probably will. [ comment:  I can assure anybody who is interested that I don't drink anybody's Kool Aid, including Cain's.]
  • I continue to point out that the conservative media has a profound financial/ratings self interest to prop Cain’s candidacy up and that they have been incredible soft on him to date.
  • his supporters don’t seem to care that he is at best a fraud [ comment:  That is a very harsh statement that needs to be backed up.  He doesn't do that here.]
  • The whole thing is beyond depressing and makes me further question the entire movement. What is most wretched personally is that I am quite sure that, just like with Sarah Palin, I will be further unfairly attacked for simply pointing out the obvious truth about a presidential contender whose nomination would certainly lead to four more years of President Obama.
If he knows something about Cain, he should start talking now.  There's not much time before the primaries begin.

With respect to Palin, I read his piece about that.  To be honest about, I didn't know who the guy was.  He is well known enough to be considered Palin's press secretary. ( his words).

To finish the post, I include a video in which he interviews Palin shortly after the election in 2008.

Bill Clinton's sexual scandals

I just watched a hour and a half long video about Clinton's history with regards to women.  It seems to be rather monstrous to compare Cain with Clinton.  I won't put the video up because the longer it went on, the more partisan it seemed to get.  I don't think that most people are capable of believing all that which I saw on that video.  The point is that Cain can't be anything like Clinton.  If he was, he'd had a lot more stories he'd have to quiet down.

Clinton's need to silence damaging information was so strong that it appears to be criminal in nature.  Whether or not you want to believe it, the guy at the very least got caught in a blatant lie.  That's the part that could be proven without doubt.  But what about all the rest, including the most lurid stories of murder or attempted murder?  What about rape?

Why compare Cain with Clinton?  Some people are.  I'd have to say that the comparison is not at all apt.  Any attempt at making comparisons is contemptuous.  And get this, these comparisons are coming from people on the right.  If this was coming from the left, I wouldn't be surprised.  And to think, this is what we have to oppose the Democrats and Obama.  It is depressing.

Allred's Proposed Congressional Fishing Expedition

She wants to force Cain to testify under oath about an alleged event over 10 years ago in which he will subject to perjury if they believe he lies.  The whole idea is to force him to testify against himself, which is in violation of his rights.

What gives the Congress the authority to conduct a Grand Inquisition?

If this isn't a political witch hunt, there is no such thing.

ALLRED: Here`s what I think he should do. You know what I think? I think that the United States Senate or could be the House of Representatives should explore whether the laws against sexual harassment need to be strengthened and in their pursuit of examining what kind of legislation might be needed, they should subpoena witnesses like Herman Cain, right before the committee, let him testify under oath, under penalty of perjury, let him be asked specific questions that you, Lawrence O`Donnell, very rightly said he should be asked and more.[ emphasis added]

Where was this great demand for strengthening sexual harassment laws?  The bullshit meter is off the charts.


Kathleen Willey says that Allred didn't call her back when she asked for help during the Clinton years.

Allred is denying political motivations with respect to the Cain accusations.

Establishment Afraid of Herman Cain?

Dr. Alveda King says harassment claims are a 'political ploy'

What a trip! Time-lapse video captures 12,225-mile road journey across America... in just FIVE minutes

By Meghan Keneally

This is an interesting video, but it may have been better if it was a longer and showed more.  I think the music could have been better too.  I'd like to see Simon and Garfunkel's America to this.

Does this look like a tornado?

Worry, Republicans

Don Surber

UPDATE: From Michael Barone: “The public employee unions’ success in overturning the Kasich reforms in Ohio does not constitute an embrace of Obamacare or the other national policies of the Obama Democrats, though it does give the public employee unions a boost in morale and ability to plunder taxpayers (the Kasich reforms would have cut off the payment of union dues directly from local governments to unions, with the employee/union members having only fictitious use of the money that is technically theirs). The results of gubernatorial and legislative races suggest that the low poll numbers of both parties don’t translate into carnage for incumbents of either one, though Democrats fared a bit worse than Republicans. . . . In other words, in November 2011 we are about where we were in November 2010, but we’re not very happy about it.”


Yes, add that to this Cain business and it is time to worry.  It will be spun as a victory over extremism, but is a  victory for the same old thing that is making the economy sick.

Republicans need to get serious.  If Cain can be brought down like this, this isn't going to be a party to be reckoned with in November.

Betsy's Page: Herman Cain and wild accusations

Betsy's Page: Herman Cain and wild accusations: I have no idea if Herman Cain is telling the truth or his accusers are the ones telling the truth. He certainly seemed credible in his blan...

  • I guess nobody seems to share my point about "telling the truth".  Cain doesn't even owe an explanation here.  It is irrelevant as to whether he's telling the truth or not.  I've  been saying all along that "less is more".   He should say as little about it as possible and make his accusers do all the talking.
  • It is true that Cain is stumbling a bit, but I think of all people who should cut him some slack, it is conservatives.  This is a BS attack.  It doesn't help to join the attack.
  • I won't say this post is as bad as some of what I'm reading, but I do fear that it is a rationalization for giving in to this.  
It's looking bad out there.  I hope that it gets turned around and soon.  But that is up to Cain.  It isn't the charges per se, it is the way he handles them.  He should never, ever put himself in a position where he could be made to look dishonest.   The more he says, the more every word will be scrutinized for the slightest error.

I respect the truth.  This may look like I don't, but that is a mistake.  These people don't want truth.  They want a scalp.  Don't give it to them.

Cain accuser Kraushaar is serial complainer

Legal Insurrection

excerpt: (note: The following email is not alleged to be from Cain.  It is said to be in connection with another complaint from this particular lady.)
What was the “sexually charged email”? According to AP:

The joke circulated online lists reasons men and women were like computers, including that men were like computers because “in order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.” Women were like computers because “even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.”

Comment:  Oooo!  That sounds so fiendishly brutal.  What a brute.  /sarc

Attention Whores

Strong words, I know.  I watched the Cain presser last night.  My impression is that if these were reasonable times, the matter would have been laid to rest.  But no.  It returned again this morning and this other accuser wants to talk.  Now everybody is out there sweating what this woman might say that will give it all more credibility.

Bullshit!  This lady had her opportunity and agreed to settle out of court.  The matter should be OVER. Evidently, her case was so weak that she couldn't get more done at that time.  That's how I see it.  If she really had something at the time, it would have been worse for Cain.

One thing that caught my eye was Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.  He used to be more of a right wing blogger, but he went pinko.  Anyway, Johnson makes a lot of comments on a blog post which I took as an attempt to get attention.  So he succeeded!  I went over to his blog and there were hundreds of comments there.  Just goes to show you.  The whole thing is political and anybody writing about, including those who I respected more in the past, are now writing about it.  I believe that they are only writing about it in order to get the attention.  Just as Johnson did.  Nothing but a bunch of attention whoring.

The reason I'm writing about it is that I'm interested.  I'm sincerely interested in seeing how Cain handles this. I think he did fine.  It is the others in the Republican party that I'm not too happy about at the moment.  In particular, some of the bloggers who should know better.

This reminds me of something that Robert Ringer once said about liberals.  He said they've been winning through intimidation for years now.  The Republicans are being intimidated, plain and simple.  A sexual harassment complaint is just another way to intimidate.  Especially in this sense, since the matter can't make it to a courtroom because it is well beyond the statute of limitations.  Given the way the liberals act, they'd love to change that.  The rule of law means nothing anymore.

Ringer liked to talk about the "law of the jungle" too.  He said that if you lose your case in the jungle, you've lost it period.  Republicans need to "man up".  Stop acting like a bunch of wimps.  The law of the jungle doesn't respect weaklings.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Obama’s Keystone XL Kops

Rich Lowry - National Review Online

Well, at least there's somebody over at NRO who hasn't lost their minds and let themselves be led around by the nose with this sexual harassment BS.

The Virtual Nurse Will See You Now

Technology Review


Researchers at Northeastern University have developed a virtual nurse and exercise coach that are surprisingly likable and effective—even if they're not quite as affable as the medical hologram on Star Trek. In fact, patients who interacted with a virtual nurse named Elizabeth said they preferred the computer simulation to an actual doctor or nurse because they didn't feel rushed or talked down to.


I guess this is good news.  It is not the best reflection on real people, though, if a machine can do something better.

Use of Supercritical Water Could Cut Costs for Ethanol

Technology Review

  • Renmatix, a startup based in Kennesaw, Georgia, is using water at high pressure and temperature to transform wood chips into sugar, which can then be fermented to make biofuels and other chemicals. The company says the process can produce sugar for the same price as making it from sugarcane, which has led to profitable biofuels production in Brazil.
  • Instead of using enzymes or acids, Renmatix employs supercritical water—water at very high temperatures and pressures. [ comment:  Doesn't this seem like Thermal Depolymerization?  Technology that Andrea Rossi worked on in the seventies?]
  • Turning biomass into sugar using supercritical water involves first grinding biomass into small particles, then dissolving cellulose in water.
It would be better to use the hydrogen in a fuel cell.  Fuel cells are more efficient than burning it in an internal combustion engine.  Here's a process to reform ethanol into hydrogen.

The Coming Cain Mutiny – And Other Thoughts

 By Jonah Goldberg - The Corner - National Review Online

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree again. At its worse, it is a pass at the lady.  That's not that big of a deal.  Going after Clinton over character didn't matter, why should this?  If people don't care about it, why should we?  Does this make you prefer Obama because nobody is accusing him of this?  We are not electing a saint, just a president.  He is a man, that is all he is, with all his warts.   And that is taking this accuser at face value.  What if she's lying?  I am beginning to wonder if these people are serious.

Bloomberg's EnergyNow Names E-Cat as Week's HotZone

More and more news coverage.   I suppose that is good news.  Not impressed with Mayor Bloomberg, though.  h/t Independent eCat News


This is sad

How does Herman Cain overcome this?

Overcome what?  An allegation?  Anybody can make an allegation about anything.  Just because someone is making an allegation about something she claims happened over 14 years ago is not some reason to go panicky and run for the hills.

Thinking through it all, if it becomes a he said, she said sort of thing, then Cain loses because too many people will buy her story. What will have to happen for Cain to win this is for someone to reveal that Bialek has a history of telling lies or for someone to reveal that she’s being paid a large sum of money to come forward.

Think about this for a minute.  Here we have a conservative side that refuse to support a strong candidate who has possibly been targeted politically and their reaction is to give in to it?

This was 14 years ago for crying out loud.  It wasn't a formal complaint.  It is his word vs her word.  Don't tell me about "patterns".  You have to prove something happened at least once, and nobody has proved anything except that they want to go after this guy.

I am not defending Herman Cain per se.  I think anybody could be put in a similar position if they are being targeted for some reason.  Cain is leading in some polls.  There are people who don't like that and want to change it.  I question the motivation of those bringing this forward.  The sad thing is that those who should be defending Cain and adding to the chorus.  This kind of thing needs to be confronted, not given in to.

It is quite another thing if Cain is guilty, but how do you determine that in this instance?

It is bad enough that the left is jumping all over this.  Conservatives should stiffen their spines a little.


Bennett: This Is Not a ‘Lynching’ of Herman Cain - By Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner - National Review Online


With all due respect to Bennett and NRO, who ran this, I think that it could still be a high tech lynching.  Numbers do not impress me.  A hundred women could be making these accusations.  The number isn't relevant.

What's is relevant?  I think that it is significant that Cain is being accused of something that he cannot defend himself against legally.  The charges themselves are extralegal.   Franlky, I don't see his obligation to even to answer to this at all.   It is a loser for him no matter which way he turns.   In cases such as this, I think he should have 100% support of his party.  Instead, they are running away like so many spineless wimps.

Let's be clear about this:  it is a purely politically motivated charge.  It has no legal force.

Of course you want to have high minded professional demeanor at all times.  That possibility is disturbing.  But the charges have no legal basis.  How can Cain respond to this, but in a political way?  And how can the party respond but in a political way?

There is no hypocrisy.  Clinton was faced with a legal process.   Up to now, Cain is not.   There is no comparison.


Hopefully, this will be the last update. This has gotten me riled up.  A few things come to mind this time:

  1. This is how I'd like to see conservatives respond.  They're acting like putty in Obama's hands.
  2. This could be a bluff.  Getting an attorney implies a suit.  But what if it isn't?  All Cain has to do is to say that it has no legal force until it becomes a legal process.  Until that time, he has nothing to say about her accusations.  The way was paved for the others to come forward if they wanted.  They didn't.  Dare her to take it to court.
  3. Less is more.  By defending himself vigorously by denials and so forth, he could open some doors.  This is all a big game.  If he is in it to win it, he has to play the game to win.  Let them prove their case.  He doesn't have to prove his innocence. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Abraham Lincoln Short Stories - Why Lincoln Was Called Honest Abe - Presidents Day Legends for kids

Abraham Lincoln Short Stories - Why Lincoln Was Called Honest Abe - Presidents Day Legends for kids

This may be only for kids, but there's a lesson here for all of us.  In the adult world, telling the truth may be seen as foolish and naive.  Depending upon the situation, it may well be.  On the other hand, honesty should be the best policy, provided that you want to stay on the best terms with people.  I don't believe that anyone likes to be lied to.  But there are times though, that it seems that people would prefer the lie.  It is a contradiction, but only because, to me, at least, too many people don't respect nor honor the truth.  If they did, the lying could stop. That may seem pretty naive of me, but I've seen some pretty crappy things.  When I think of those times, I think it would have been much better if the lies didn't start in the first place.

Cain “4th Accuser” press conference // Update – alleges sexual advance after termination of employment

Legal Insurrection

  • Woman alleges that in 1997 after her employment terminated with a National Restaurant Association affiliate, Cain made a single sexual advance at her which she rebuffed and which he stopped after she said no. So the allegation is not one of workplace “sexual harassment” but of an alleged attempt at infidelity.
  • Name of accuser is Sharon Bialek, relates to 1995-96 when working for NRA education foundation in Chicago. Hired to work on hospitality-business alliance new initiative. Employed mid 2006-2007 (?) – Allred must have years off.
  • Didn’t file complaint against Cain because not employed by foundation when it happened. Coming forward on behalf of all women “sexually harassed in the workplace.”

If Cain is lying, that's bad.  To me, that's the worse of it.  If he made an advance, was rebuffed, and it ended there, no big deal.

If there's anything good about this, at least it is happening now.  Better now than later.

This woman getting a lawyer and saying she's doing it for all women- that's bullcrap.   Why does she need a lawyer over something that's this far into the past?  What is she doing for all women?  Making them look bad, that's what I think.

He is accused of making a pass at her.  Whoop de friggin doo.

Perpetual Revolution | Robert Ringer

Perpetual Revolution | Robert Ringer

Comment:  Keeping people in a state of turmoil is one way of controlling them.  Beware of politicians who seek more control because their appetite is insatiable.

MSNBC Analyst: We Should Get Rid of the Second Amendment

Posted on 11/7/2011 7:51:11 AM by Kaslin

  • Bill Maher, HBO: "Let's ask Alex. What would you change in the Constitution?"

     Alex Wagner, Huffington Post: "Well, I'm going to be pilloried for this. I think get rid of the second Amendment, the right to bear arms.[ comment:  Say what!?!?]
  • History lesson: What was the first thing the Nazi's did? They disarmed the citizenry so they could have total control over the people, and we all know how that ended up.
  • The Night of the Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)--the infamous Nazi rampage against Germany's Jews--took place in November 1938. It was preceded by the confiscation of firearms from the Jewish victims.

Yeah, and you've got these Occupy people who are acting like Brownshirts.

Cain Showed Inexperience in Debate with Gingrich

Fred Pasek, American Thinker

But by accepting Speaker Gingrich's invitation to this style of debate, Mr. Cain opens himself up to being asked to a similar style of debate with President Obama if he's the Republican nominee, and the president isn't likely to be as friendly as Speaker Gingrich was.

So, this was a mistake by Cain?  I recall from history books that Lincoln was an unknown until he debated Douglas.  It is an opportunity to gain stature.  Having committed himself once to this, he needs to keep doing it. Sure, he lacks experience.  There's time to get plenty of that.

The Game

Games are all around us. We are entertained by games. People often play games with each other. You could even say that games are central part of our lives. Even so, games can be destructive. After all, the most deadly game of all is war. Yes, war is a game. Games may be seen as all fun and "games", but games are not always about fun. Games can be very serious business. Lives can depend on the outcome of games. Fortunes can be won or lost on the outcome of a game. With games being so much a part of our lives, could we, or should we strive to eliminate them? We say we want to end the most deadly game of all- war- but do we really want to? Are we addicted to games?

I remember reading about games in the negative sense back about the time I graduated from high school. It was a book called "I'm OK, you're OK"- one of those self help type books.  You can say that I came from a competitive home. Lots of games being played all the time.  Sports mainly.  You can say that I'm a sore loser. I really hate to lose. About that time, in my high school days, I began to experience some of the feelings associated with losing, hence the need to consult some sort of self help book.  If you're going to play the games of life, you need to know how to handle the disappointments of losing them. That book didn't do that, but it did give some intellectual understanding of the nature of games.  I began to read self help books a lot over the years.  Sadly, it doesn't seem to have done much good at times.  I still hate to lose.

Harris' book, mentioned above led me to another book, called "Games People Play".  It expands upon the themes, particularly in subject of games, and how counter productive games can be.  Basically, people play games in order to make up for some feelings of inadequacy.  Winning the "game" gives a temporary sense of relief from that inadequacy, but it doesn't last.  Not to mention, there's bad side affects.  After all, the loser doesn't like it and often will seek to get revenge- or just to "get even".  This of course can lead to a long term mutually destructive series of moves and counter moves that leave both participants worse off over time.  If they are both lucky, they won't completely destroy each other.  Some really hard case games can end in the hospital, courtroom, or the morgue.  Games can be deadly.

How do you recognize a game?  If you want to avoid games, that is.  That has been my aim- just don't play the game.  But you can lose anyway by default.  Perhaps my way is to play it safe.  If you are going to "win", you've got to take some risks.  I've developed an aversion to the game itself.  As I write this, I wonder if this was a mistake.  I'd like to "win", but I really hate to lose.  But you lose anyway if you don't play.  I'd rather win without winning, though.  I'd rather not have to win, and not impose a loss on somebody, so that I can enjoy my win.  But the world doesn't want to cooperate with my funny ideas about these things.  Even when you win, you can't enjoy the victory, but the world forces you to play anyway.

This reminds me of the movie "Spartacus".  Slaves are forced to fight each other to the death in order to entertain others.  Fast forward to today.  We don't go to this extreme, but some of our sports can get pretty rough.  Like boxing.  Men have been killed in the ring.  NFL football has left many players permanently disabled.  I'm not saying this is evil and it should be stopped.  People do what they have to do- so they have an athletic gift, and use it to entertain others- at a risk to themselves.  That's the nature of games- you get forced into it even at your own risk.  You play them if you want to win- but winning can come at a great cost.

Is there a way to win without winning?  Is there a way to avoid the worse aspect of games?  You can say that is part of what this blog is about.  But would such a world be too tame for everybody?  Animal spirits reside in us.  Perhaps there are those who want games because it makes life more interesting.  A life without games gets too boring.  People are enthralled by their animal spirits.  But this blog is about solving problems- raising civlization to the next level.  If games are a hindrance to this end, and I think they are- how can they not be?- we need a solution.  But at the same time, solutions may not be desired. After all, what do you do when there aren't any more games to play?  Life needs something to spice it up.  You wonder if most people would take such a path if it were clearly offered, or choose the game path, because it is more fun.

To give an example of what I think could be a game, I'll point to this E-cat business.  People are behaving in ways that don't make much sense to me.  It doesn't make sense to me because the game can be decided quickly, in my opinion.  After reading some news this morning- with respect to the E-cat- the idea of games popped up in my head.  It really is a game!  Well, if I am right about that, there's going to be a lot of "fun" with this game.  Shall I name the opponents?  It is all rather obvious.  Rossi has his device and his supporters, who believe in him, and his invention.  He also has his critics.  Therein is named the opponents in this game.  Rossi has put it in those terms already himself.  His opponents are "snakes".   He says he is in a war.  Sounds like a game to me.  Good guys and bad guys.

And my reaction is like it always is.  I don't like to play.  I don't want to play.  So, I head to the sidelines while the game progresses.  My way is to end this game.  But by ending it, does it mean that I want to end it fast?  I want to win, and I also like being on the winning side.  As I said before, I really hate losing.  I think the winner of this game should be the one who is right in terms of the facts.  But Rossi is making me impatient because he is holding back some facts.  I'd like to believe in his device, but that is not how I think it should go.  If it is about science, it should be about facts, as opposed to belief.  Give us the facts and end this game.  Let the facts decide who wins this game.

But I can understand why Rossi is cautious.  He has a Goliath against him, and he has to play David.  Goliath is a big sucker and he is a mean sucker, and he plays to win.   If Rossi is going to kick the Goliath's ass, he is going to have to outsmart him.  Otherwise, Goliath will make mincemeat out of him and he knows it.  But that is what makes it so interesting.  Everybody loves an underdog.  But everybody hates a loser!  Better to be an underdog that wins, than be just another dog that become roadkill.  I can understand Rossi's predicament.  Still, the game must be played.  There must be a winner.  Eventually, the winner will emerge.

I not only hate to lose.  But I also hate suspense.  I think I'll plug one of my videos based upon Rush's "Roll the Bones".

NASA prepares for moon tourism

USA Today

some day space tourists may be on the way to the Apollo mission lunar landing sites

And you know the one thing that tourists love to bring home.


So, the space agency released guidelines this summer on protecting lunar landing sites and artifacts.

Comment:  Good luck on that.  Unless you set up some kind of enforcement mechanism, how are you going to protect the sites?


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jamie Lee Curtis and Jon Lovitz ( Oscars- video)

Warning, this may be considered inappropriate for younger viewers:


If Herman Cain did this much, and his accuser responded as Curtis did, what harm was done?

Cain himself has said this country has lost its sense of humor. Really, is anything that Cain is implied to have done any worse than this? And was this event on this video that big of a deal?

"Occupy DC" Violently Raids Tea Party's "Defending the American Dream Summit"...many injured

I don't how these people think they have the right to disrupt other people's business. The government should move to stop this. Guess who is allowing this? None other than the left, who is responsible for this. Do they really think they can overpower the rest of us? They aren't the 99%. They are 99% nuts from where I am standing. Do they really think they have the sympathy of the public? No. Freaking. Way.

Environmentalists, like Obama, face political test on Keystone pipeline

The Hill's E2-Wire

“This is not just about what LCV, which spent nearly $1 million to help elect Obama in 2008, or any other group that engages in electoral politics do in the upcoming election,”

Comment: A million bucks don't sound like that much.  They are making a lot of noise, but that only makes them appear more influential than they really are.  I'd be surprised if Obama blocks the pipeline.  He is much more vulnerable on the jobs issue.

Docudharma ...blogging the future

Marrying Stranded Wind and Freight Rail Electrification

The darker the blue, the windier it is- that's better for power generation

  • It should, I hope, be clear that much of the best resource is in areas that do not have the highest electricity consumption.
  • That right of way is used to establish long distance High Voltage DC trunk lines to bring sustainable energy from the places that have it to places the need it [ comment:  What if you can do away with high voltage trunk lines?  What I'm saying is, why does this have to be necessary?  Couldn't you make your fuel "in situ" and use it on the spot?  That is, synthesize fuel from wind power.  You can synthesize methanol and then use the methanol in a fuel cell, or use the methanol to make diesel.  How to build the synthesis plants?  You could possibly use airships to bring in the construction equipment and supplies to build the plants.  After finishing construction, the airships could bring raw materials for the synthesis of the fuel.  The fuel can be also be transported to fuel depots in a like manner.]

The next step is to see if airships can operate in high altitudes. That might be a problem, as most of these windy areas are in high altitudes.  This may be achievable if the effort needed was deemed to be worthy.


Strolling through memory lane.  Here's a post almost a year old which describes how methanol can be synthesized in a nuclear reactor.  Substitute wind power for nuclear power and you can synthesize methanol that way.  It is all a part of the master plan to switch to the hydrogen economy.