Saturday, June 4, 2016

JFK assassination theories and Trump

As I wrote before, Trump should have stayed out of this one.  Even though it isn't a big item, it does appear to have a life of its own, as the anti-Trumpers won't leave it alone.  They want to bring this up that Trump brought it up. 

This got me going again in this department too, so I researched a little and found this business that confirmed what I wrote in an earlier post on the subject.

What I found was that there was a Miguel Cruz associated with the man who was involved in an altercation with Lee Harvey Oswald, while Oswald was in New Orleans just months before the assassination.  Miguel Cruz is not the name of Ted Cruz's father, nor any search of ancestry that I undertook could find any relations connected to Cruz.  That doesn't clear Cruz of that, but the connection to the assassination was pretty lame to begin with.

Trump isn't careful enough with his words.  That could lead to his downfall.

Trump and nuclear weapons for Japan

Did you hear about Hillary jumping to a ten point lead over Trump?  Well, it may be for things like a questionable report of what Trump said.

Basically, they are claiming that Trump is advocating that Japan get its own nuclear weapons.  Trump denied saying that Japan should get nuclear weapons, and it was reported in a way that is supposed to destroy his credibility.

That's why I am jumping into this again.  It is like a replay of what happened during the primaries.

So, I researched the controversy.  I wanted to know if Trump actually said that Japan should get nuclear weapons.  What I found in my search was this CBS report, which does not exactly claim that he said that.  Basically, what we have here is that the media is spinning what he said, and then slamming him for saying what he didn't say.

Typical garbage that the primary season stuff had.  This is what turned me against the so-called conservatives who couldn't get their stories straight.  So, I had to chase it all down, and when I did, I came down hard against the so-called conservatives.

Here's the facts, ma'am.  Just the facts.

There are two CBS reports ( the two links in this post ) cited as proof that he actually said this, but I cannot find in either report where he said that in a verbatim quote.  He DID say that eventually Japan would get nukes, and I don't know how you can fault him for that.  The assumption that they never will get nukes is based upon the notion that there will always be a United States of America that can defend Japan.  If that is no longer the case, that America can defend Japan, then what choice do the Japanese have?

In other words, the media is not telling the truth.  So what else is new?

Wolf and Lamb argument once again

A search of the blog yielded twenty posts that referenced the Aesop's Fable of the Lamb and the Wolf.  I think we could be witnessing the same drama unfold as the one depicted in the fable.

The moral of the fable was the proposition that force always gets the better of an argument.  The lamb argues with the wolf, but the argument is in vain, because the wolf will do whatever he pleases anyway.  Thus, the wolf eats the lamb unconditionally.  Force overwhelms all arguments the lamb had in his own defense.

Now, in this email controversy, who is the wolf and who is the lamb?  Is Hillary a victim?  Are her accusers doing so in disregard of law and justice?  Or, are her accusers correct and; in response to the just accusation, is she behaving as a she-wolf,  who will do whatever she pleases regardless of the law?

The law assumes innocence until proven guilty, but that may not even be allowed to take place.  If there's no indictment, then a court of law cannot determine guilt according to the law.  Probable cause has already been established in terms of an investigation.  A grand jury could be empaneled to decide whether or not a trial should be held in order to determine if guilt can be found beyond reasonable doubt.

No indictment being sought means that those in charge of enforcing the law refuse to carry out their responsibilities.  If the FBI recommends an indictment, one must be sought.  To refuse an indictment is a political act.  It is a wolfish act in and of itself.   Since the indictment of a former official of the administration is at issue here, the only justification for not seeking an indictment would be to avoid political embarrassment, because such embarrassment may be a factor in the outcome of an election.

Is there rule of law anymore, or is it the law of the jungle, where the stronger party can devour the weaker party at will?  Such would be the case if a recommendation of an indictment is ignored or refused.  The wolf would have won the argument again.

Is there anything that Hillary could do that would cause her people to reject her?

Anything at all?

There is a report that Hillary's email wasn't password protected.

Therefore the question: is there anything that this woman can be held accountable for?

This is extreme negligence at the very, very least.  It's like leaving the keys in the ignition in a car parked in front of a master car thief convention.  There's just no way that any classified information could be protected like that.  Countries spend fortunes to overcome even the best security measures and sometimes succeed spectacularly.  The consequences are immeasurable damages to the national interest.

There are those who say that nobody got killed.  This is the kind of thing that bring about the ruin of a nation.  How many people might get killed because of something like this?  There may not be a limit except for the number of people in the country.  I think it is that bad.

Even if it isn't that bad, and even if our adversaries are just kidding about being adversaries, it is still an unacceptable risk.  But to believe that previous sentence, you'd had to be gullible beyond belief.

Ever heard of Murphy's Law?  That kind of thinking would deny that anything could ever go wrong.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

This is the kind of treatment they deserve

to be thrown out head first...

Globalists have to go.

One more thing about this email business

If you don't think Hillary's email scandal is any big deal, I dare you to read this book.  Particularly, chapter 10, entitled "Treasures from the vault".

If you read that and still don't get it, then you are irretrievably stupid.  If you do get it, but still don't care, then why don't you go someplace else in the world to live?  You don't belong here.

Anybody helping her, either directly or indirectly, deserves to be shot.  I do not exaggerate.

Free To Choose [ to go broke I suppose ]

Those of you who follow this blog, and there aren't many I admit, may remember what I said about Milton Friedman.  I paraphrased him saying in his book that it would be "wonderful for us" if what all we produced were dollars, and other countries were willing to exchange goods for those dollars.

Well, I found the book, and yes, it is there, and is a fair assessment of what he said.  Page 34 to be exact.

I suspect that policy makers are taking that LITERALLY.  They are more than willing to run up the debt on the national credit card until one day...

quote [positing a hypothetical scenario in 1980 that isn't quite so hypothetical today]:
...everything is cheaper in Japan [ comment:  it could be anybody we are trading with, like just everybody everywhere these days] so that there was nothing in the US that they would be willing to buy..  If the Japanese exporters were willing to burn or bury their dollars, that would be wonderful for us.

They don't have to burn nor bury them.  Just receive interest and expand their market share.  Eventually, the USA won't be able to make good on the debts, and that will be that for the US economy.

Even though their dollar holdings will be worthless, they will still have the factories and the skilled working class.  We will have a bunch of worn out and useless junk, and everybody will be unskilled and desperately poor.  If that isn't what's happening, then maybe I'm wrong.  But the Fed cannot raise interest rates, for if they do, they cannot pay interest on the debt without severe dislocations.  That's a fact, Jack.  Our prosperity is a mirage.

That's what globalism brought us.  If you think your stock and bond holdings will save you, think again, sucker.

It ain't getting better

The anti-Trumpism just won't go away.

Trump needs an argument that will shut this down.  Of course, I have my arguments, ie. open borders and unlimited free trade.  He needs to explain this in terms that people will take seriously and consider.  There are many who already are.  It may be enough by itself to win, but this should be a landslide.

Putting it another way, the globalists just don't like native born Americans.  To me, it is a type of abuse.  They refuse to educate and inform people.  Then they blame the people for their lack of education and being "low information".  If they were considered as parents, they'd be in trouble for child abuse.  They destroy the morality of the people with abortion and homosexual marriage.  They interfere with the rearing of children.   They encourage the breakup of the family, and then they blame the people for this.  There is no other word for this but hatred.

Bill Clinton ran on "putting people first", remember?  He now talks like a globalist.  If globalism is anything, it is idol worship, with wealth and money as the idol.  In other words, Clinton was lying.  It is a corrupt regime that must be ousted as soon as possible.  There's no truth in these people.  It has been a bad trip.

Helping this globalism to continue is what anti-Trumpism is all about.

Clinton, the globalist

If you want any proof that this election is about open borders and unlimited free trade, ie. globalism, then read this.


“We have been told over and over again in this election we ought to build a wall against Mexico, we ought to stop the Muslims from coming in, we want to do all this stuff,”--- Bill Clinton
There's not any real difference between this guy, his wife Hillary, nor the guy who wants to run as an independent.  This is who's the real opponents of Trump.

Trump's ideas aren't extreme, the globalist's ideas are extreme.  As far as I can tell, all Trump wants to do is to preserve American sovereignty.  If you are a "conservative", then why do you want to join with the globalists?

I suspected Clinton for years after I saw that someone in his administration said that ( don't remember who it was) in a hundred years that there wouldn't be any more United States of America.

These people are disloyal.  They MUST be defeated.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Decisions, decisions

Normally, I don't have trouble making decisions.  That may be a weakness.  When I want to do something, I just do it.  Trouble is that it becomes costly to fix a mistake.

I think that is why I couldn't trade successfully online.  I couldn't just sit still.  I had to be doing something.  What I ended up doing is overtrading.

As far as my current big project, the ranch, it sure didn't seem to be a mistake at first.  Now I am thinking maybe it was.  Trouble is, I don't know whether to give up on it, or to go all in on it.  I am sitting on the fence about a decision that I should be damned sure about.

One thing is certain.  I will have to move out of this place.  It is no longer possible for me to stay here for an indefinite period.  At some point in the future, I am going to have to go.  Where to go is the question.   Out west, or stick around here, meaning the Houston area.

The idea just popped in my head to take a trailer out to the ranch and just go all in on it.  If that didn't work, there'd have to be a Plan B.  But I don't like the idea of pulling that trailer up and down those dirt roads.  The roads aren't good enough for that.  So, I'm looking around for some ideas.  

Everything seems to be in a flux right now.  That may be another reason I'm not posting much.  I am preoccupied.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Obligatory, 5.31.16

Oh, yeah!  I have a blog.  Almost forgot to write something today.

I don't mean to sound so, I don't know what, but I suppose it cannot be helped.

I've been reading around the web voraciously, but nothing seems worthy of comment at this time.   Sorry to be that way.

It's kinda like a Tale of Two Cities-  the best of times, the worst of times.  Great things are happening, bad things are happening.  Which way prevails?  No answer from moi.  I just work here.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Looks like Indonesia will develop an MSR

It's kinda quiet on the Thorium Energy Alliance front this year.  There doesn't appear to be a conference scheduled for this year.

Last year, there was a presentation that looks like it will be funded.  The presentation is below:


Author of article linked above is Robert Hargraves.

Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill

There's a hill not far from my ranch.  I decided to call it Blueberry Hill after this song.

No thrills on this hill.   But the road to it is bumpy.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Obviously something is going on

Not posting so much these days.  No longer have the excuse of being on jury duty, nor am I even working right now.

Not that I quit working.  My back is acting up, so I am trying to rest it.  However, that is not working.

Looks like I am going to have to bring this up at the next doctor's visit.  This is slated soon.

But even that doesn't explain much.

Frankly, I don't know what to write about.  Politics is beginning to be a crashing bore to me.  I just can't get excited by this day-to-day BS that goes by the name of political discussion.  Either we right the ship or we don't.  The drama doesn't interest me.

I've written a little bit about space, which I've done before on this blog.  However, I don't know if I want this to be a space blog now.  I have played around with music.  But I don't know if I want to do that either, because it takes so much time.  I have written about my move out west too.  Clearly, if time is limited, perhaps I should just stick with that.

In other words, I am likely to change the focus of the blog from current events to the things that interest me more.  Once I figure that out, then I will execute it.  The blog will continue.