Saturday, July 30, 2016

A gang of straw men

That's the globalist's arguments.

They accuse Trump of advancing notions that exist either in the imaginations of globalists, or don't exist at all.  These is the straw men gang that can't stand straight, nor talk straight.

They accuse Trump of wanting to end all immigration.  No.  He wants to end illegal immigration.  He wants to keep bad guys out.  If you keep bad guys out, they cannot do bad things over here in our country.

They accuse Trump of wanting to end free trade.  No.  He want to end bad trade deals.   Why make bad trade deals just because of notion that - because they are "free", that this is automatically good?  By the way, "good" for who?  Evidently, not many people who actually live here.

They accuse Trump of creating a new political divide.  No.  He wants to unite Americans so as to keep the country intact.   "No borders, no country" he says.  Why would you want to divide a country you want to preserve?

If you set aside the straw men arguments, you get a lot a loose straw.  Nothing firm that you can stand on.  Which is that globalists neither have a leg to stand on in terms of their accusations, nor their ideas.

The Economist claims to be independent

But they are globalists, too.

What's bad about globalism?

Something must be wrong, because the right-track wrong-track poll has constantly shown the US to be on the wrong track.  This has been true for years, so it isn't some outlier poll.

Obama and Hillary will say that American is already great, but what accounts for this consistently bad poll?

There must not be a consistent feeling that everything is great out there after all.  Globalists cannot brook any criticism of their failing policies.  Trump isn't necessarily a nationalist you know.  He proposes things that are not out of the mainstream, just that he questions the zealousness of these people.

Why not take a breather from this breakneck pace to homogenize the world?  Globalists are screaming bloody murder, but this is mild compared to what could happen.

Chill out, dudes.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Must be more aggressive

The media seem to be hell bent on beating Trump into mush.  Seems like every headline is negative in some way.

The constant negativity is what brought Pres. George W. Bush's numbers from the near 90's to the low 30's, if memory serves.

If Trump wins, they'll swamp him with negativity until they succeed in dragging him down.  What to do about it?

Well, whatever they've been doing isn't working.  Doing this kabuki theater routine of theirs doesn't cut it.

Of course, the more aggressive Trump is, the more they will make something out of that.   There has to be a way to fight them.  Giving in to them doesn't help.

Normal GOP reaction seems to be embarrassment of Trump.  The GOP is beaten down so badly, they probably don't know how to fight back.  If somebody like Trump does fight back, they feel like they need to apologize.

It is as if they think: Just be nice to them and they won't beat you up quite as badly.  That doesn't work for battered women, and it won't work for the GOP.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wasted day

Didn't work today and didn't do anything either. 

Oh, I read a report on the net.  Watched a video.  Wasted time looking for something that I needed.

Took a nap too.  Before you know it, the day is gone.

One thing that stood out.  Texas has the highest illegal immigration rate in the nation.  Texas is getting screwed, or you would think that it is.  Yet, Texas seems to be holding up well.  It smashed my theory about crime statistics, which is what the report was about.

You see, most low crime states have high percentage of white people.  High crime states have higher percentage of blacks and/or latinos.  Texas has both ethnicities in numbers, but it doesn't have the highest crime rate in the country.  Something else explains it then.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When can I get one of these?

 Next Big Future:  3-D weaving of genetically engineered stem cells is used to grow a living hip replacement

...discovery one day may provide an alternative to hip-replacement surgery, particularly in younger patients.

With Trump, the days of GOP kabuki theater may be over

The GOP today is kabuki theater.  It always leads to a predetermined outcome.  The GOP gets to play the supposed bad guy who always loses to the supposed good guy, the Dems.

It explains the posturing that is pure theater.  No real opposition.  The GOP pretends to be an opposition party and the Democrats pretend to be bothered by it.

But this email flap isn't kabuki.  The usual thing is for them to act like speaker Ryan.  Accept all the Dems talking points and wag their fingers at the Russians.  Never mind the incompetence or malfeasance regarding the emails.  Never mind that Hillary endangered national security.

As long as Trump keeps hitting her with this the way he is, he could cause some real damage.  The press lackeys won't be interested in being anything except waterboys for Hillary.

So now the press is in a fit because of what Trump said about the emails.  Instead of reporting it honestly, they are accusing Trump of doing bad things.  Well, Hillary's emails happened years ago.

Trump was talking about something that happened years ago.  The latest leaks are recent though.  But it follows the same pattern.  They'll just keep sloughing it off until somebody holds them accountable.  The press won't.  The GOP kabuki kids won't.  But Trump is.

That's an improvement, I'd say.


There isn't anything out there worthwhile.  Nothing but junk and crap.

Nothing on TV but commercials.  Nothing on the web.  Literally nothing, but this commercialized crap is everywhere.

Hey, if you are going to have bread and circuses, might as well make 'em interesting.

They can't even put on an interesting circus.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Finally, somebody makes some sense

But it doesn't get much interest.

How do you figure that it doesn't get interest?  Seems like a big deal to me.

Globalists miss the point as usual

Oh, boy.  I scan the news and I don't have a lot of time to comment upon it.

The National Review is a globalist rag.  Hillary is a globalist.  The globalists run all the corporations.  They want to rule the world.  That what globalism means, for heavens sake.

So they obsess over the Russians leaking emails that hurt Hillary.  Well, if the globalists got the point, which is this:  why the hell did the Russians even get to the point of being able to hurt Hillary and effect the outcome of the election?   That's because of their incompetence and/or malfeasance.

This was demonstrated during Comey's news conference when he refused to indict Hillary.  But since they are all in on it, there's no accountability.  Hillary should have been disqualified.  But since she is a globalist, and the globalists hold all the strings, she won't be.  Only now, when the Russians are said to have released all these emails, does the relevance of the emails seem to take hold.  But instead of drawing the right conclusions, that Hillary should not be President, they want that to be a disqualification of Trump.

Trump didn't have a damned thing to do with the leaks.  This is all on the globalists.  The globalists don't give a hoot about national security.  It is just a prop for them to claim patriotism, when patriotism is anathema to them.

If patriotism mattered to them, they'd demand Hillary to be removed from the ticket.  Instead, they want to disqualify Trump.

What idiocy.  When are people going to wise up to these clowns?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Trump isn't killing conservatism; Klavan isn't saving it

There he goes again.

Trump has taken conservative positions.  If it is conservatism that they are worried about, then where were they when Nixon was running?  I know that was a long time ago, but Goldwater endorsed Nixon, and vice versa.  Goldwater was conservative.  But Nixon wasn't conservative.   He started the EPA, for example.  He was also going to sell out on health care if the Dems would forget about Watergate.  Trump is at least as conservative as Nixon.  Conservatism survived Nixon.  How can Trump hurt it?

On the other hand, by electing Clinton, you may well see the end of conservatism in America.

As long as these guys won't get on board the Trump train, they are helping Hillary.  Conservatism just may not survive a second Clinton presidency.

To think otherwise is wishful thinking. She will appoint judges that will make the Second amendment just a bunch of words on paper.  The First amendment will be in trouble, too.  How "conservative" is that?

Marx Gone Mad

The Vortex


It's not the Marx you might be thinking of.  No, it is a Cardinal in the German Catholic Church.

There's a quote that I find interesting that I want to share:

Is he not all that concerned because the Church in Germany is drowning in money because the unique way the tax system works there in paying the Church tax receipts? Nearly $7 billion last year alone. One diocese alone has over $1 billion in liquid assets in the bank — cash. $1 billion. That's more than most Third-World countries.

They're getting rich while the Church goes to ...  whatever.

The sheep have no shepherd.

Only with the Democrats that you get a screw up as a recommendation

Look, if the Dems got hacked by the Russians, how does that recommend them for leadership?  They shouldn't be getting hacked in the first place.  It is a sign of incompetence.

So what if it is the Russians.  It could be the Cubans or the Chinese.  Doesn't matter.  You should not be getting hacked.  Period.

Just because it hurts Hillary doesn't mean that Trump is at fault in any way.  It hurts Hillary because it should hurt Hillary.  She is unsuitable for the job.  But you could say that about just about any Democrat.  This hacking of the DNC pretty much demonstrates that.

You can make your computers much more secure than they did.  Evidently, they don't take that seriously.  That's what the email thing should have been about.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good link

Found this website via Instapundit link to titanium alloy.  There needs to be more of this and less of the commercialism, please.  It is getting hard to view some sites because of all the junk they put on it.

As for something that may be useful for yours truly, here's an interesting video that uses solar energy to condense water out of thin air.


Another interesting video: