Saturday, January 17, 2015

Growing Potatoes in a Trash Can

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Raising food in the off-the-grid subseries

Potatoes are good.  Looks like even an idiot can grow them.

A few drops in the bucket

Water equipment needed:

Reverse osmosis cost: $200-300

Frigidaire dehumidifier   cost:  $225

Honda generator   cost: $1200 or more

total so far:  $1725

The generator may be useful for my freezer, but that may be a stretch.  If I can swing that, I could save a thousand on that expensive inverter and get a cheaper one to handle the rest of the electrics.

There is some overlap here with respect to the power subseries, but this goes into the water subseries.

Incidentally, maybe I can save some money on batteries since I'll be using the generator more than I anticipated.   Cost estimates there were $4k, but I may be able to slice a grand off of that.  Maybe the cost estimate for both can be guesstimated to be about $5k.

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Recap of last week's posts --- 1/17/15

Breakdown by category:

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Basic Concepts          1                 3
Current Events           3                 3

A shift from emphasis from politics to markets.  No mention of energy or space at all.  Well, our problems are a bit different than just creating economic opportunity.

A revelation of sorts:  that tribes come before truth.  Well, it's a revelation to me.

By the way, I got that revelation by reading a Paul Spudis article that linked to a video about Einstein.

Didn't check the "best of" posts, so there's nothing there to mention.

Shortages Undermine Venezuela's Teetering Socialism

Investor's Business Daily

Murder and mayhem are de facto legal in that crime pit, but posting evidence of socialism's failure merits jailing....more than a dozen Venezuelans been arrested for posting photographs of empty store shelves on social media...Venezuela's bishops stated in a pastoral letter that powerfully denounced the poverty and ruin brought to their country..."Nobody has been willing to call a spade a spade,"
Nothing to say other than this is evil.  In a place where the truth cannot be told, evil reigns supreme.

Warning: Stocks Will Collapse by 50%

money news

It is only a matter of time before the stock market plunges by 50% or more, according to several reputable experts.

If the markets were allowed to seek their true level, this could indeed happen.  But history repeats, and history has shown that the politicians will rush to save themselves and the guilty who prop them up.  It's just impossible to expect otherwise.  It's impossible to expect people to behave any other way than what they have always acted.  People will do the wrong thing.  Maybe the worst possible thing.

I wuz robbed


I correctly predicted the 2008 downturn, and I had taken a short position prior to it.  Of course, the politicians intervened and caused the bubble to reinflate, so my short position had to be closed out.  Look at this chart

Look at the prices at the date where I've pointed to with the cursor  ( upper left corner of chart ).  Look at the price now at 14.12.  Do the math:  The price multiple is 231k divided by 14.12, giving 1636 rounded.

In other words, if the market had been allowed to drop as it should have, I could have realized huge, huge profits like this.  It was in a tax deferred IRA too.  I wouldn't have had to pay taxes on it until I started withdrawals, which could have started about now.  Imagine all that money available to me to do what I'd like to do, but can't because the government robbed me of what I was due.

You could argue that I could have gone long when the market shifted.  But how could I do that?  I knew it was bad policy, but that doesn't matter anymore to a corrupt society.  They'd just as soon rob the virtuous in order to satisfy the corrupt, who don't deserve it.

I wuz robbed.  There's no justice.

About that false flag accusation

Stunning Terrorism Statistics that Nobody Wants You to Know

Friday, January 16, 2015

Get me some water

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For the off grid water subseries.

I want to remember this, so here's the link to a dehumidifier that is rather powerful.  It is also rather costly and uses a lot of electricity.

An idea is to use this with a propane powered generator that will supply the electricity so as to run the unit.

Also looked at a system that would supply electricity, but not nearly enough to run something like this.

May be cheaper and easier to truck the stuff in, but there may be times when this isn't possible.


A side benefit of one of these machines is the production of heat.  At this time of year, that can be a real benefit worth considering.

Let's say that you could recapture the heat from the generator that produces the electricity, and the heat from this unit that produces this water.  This heat can keep you warm and the plants and animals too.

A little thought yields the observation that what we are doing is the opposite of what a swamp cooler does in the summer.  Through evaporation, a swamp cooler can cool down an area in the hot time of the year, while this can warm up a place during the cold time of the year and while doing so, condense the water as opposed to evaporating it.


This is not the same brand nor model and it's a lot cheaper.

Home again, 1/16/15

Always glad to be home, especially on Fridays.

The thing that is on everybody's mind, it seems, is this terrorism that flared up again in Paris.  What does it all mean?

If it means anything at all, let's hope it means that something effective is going to be done about it.  The reaction here in this country after the 9/11 event seemed to be on the right track for awhile, but got seriously off of it, in my opinion.  Now we are in a bad situation where there isn't any clear direction about what is to be done.

It seems to me that we've got some serious issues to work out.  But I don't think we are getting it done.

Everybody has their own ideas, I suppose, about what should be done.

I don't live in France, so I won't comment there.  But what about in the USA?  What should we be doing that we aren't doing now?

That could be an invitation to an easy and quick answer, like expelling all Mohammedans.  Something tells me that the society at large would be propagandized in giving up on that before it even began, assuming it ever even began.  Personally, I think it would be better if the Mohammedans weren't here at all.  Islam doesn't belong in the West.  It should remain where it is and kept where it is, by force if that should be necessary.  But this society has been indoctrinated in believing something that never permit that.  To me, that is a great weakness that may never be corrected.

So, what do we do?

In an earlier post, I suggested cracking down on them the same way that they crack down on Nazis and KKK types.  These type of violent organizations wouldn't exist if the government got serious about stopping them from doing those kinds of things.  The fact that those things happen is proof that the government is failing to do its job.

Surely, you could find a political consensus that would durable enough to make a program like that stick.  It would have to stick over the long run, or something else is likely to take its place, which would probably not be good.  It could even lead to an end of the West as we have known it.  Better do something then, and don't back off of it.  The future depends upon it.

Quickie before I go 1/16/15

The reason for all the concern about money out at da Ranch, is that I need equipment to get water.  This costs money.  Or did I mention this already?

May have.  But to be clear about it, it may have to be emphasized again and again.

If you have enough power, you can get the water.  If you can get the water, you can grow crops, feed animals.  etc. etc.

GOP Should Force Obama Vetoes

Your favorite toe sucker

Morris was in favor of the Cromnibus, as he thought it was a good move.  It doesn't look so hot now.

Anyway, Morris may be overlooking something, as these guys restoring "regular order" in the Senate, which allows the Dems to offer amendments.  So, it won't be so neat as Morris claims, and may not even happen that way at all.

Look out for the betrayals, as they could be coming in droves.  Morris and those listening to him could be outsmarting themselves.

Citizens' Mandate: Stop the Fundamental Transformation of America

American Thinker


The article nails it.  The situation is dire.

However, I don't think it can succeed unless there is an economic program to go with it.  I don't see it yet.

People will vote according to their bellies when things get desperate.

No shit, Sherlock

NPR Via Ace of Spades

"Today, they open their eyes and say, 'Oh my God, there are people in France that don't share the values of the French Republic,' " he says. "For us, that's not a surprise, we knew that for a long time."
So, where do they go now?  If it is anything like what they are doing in economics, it will be the same old thing.  No solutions, no new ideas, just the same old thing.

Money situation

Last year wasn't too good, but it wasn't obviously bad.  It took a little massaging of the numbers to tease out what the deal was.  Revenues per mile were down 10%.  If 2013's numbers were used, thousands more in revenue would have been made.  Clearly, 2014 was a bad year.  It basically snuck up on me.

Seguing into the Big Picture, there is now a fear of deflation.  Bond rates are going negative in Europe, they are already negative in Japan.  The US isn't too far behind.  There is now talk of a bear market in stocks.

In response to this, government proposes to spend more money.  Obama wants a big increase in spending.  The printing presses may get another try.  Despite all the failures, it seems that they are going to keep doing the same old things.  There are no solutions offered, just conflict.

I see a clash coming in the political arena.  There will be pressure to increase spending, but you've got a GOP led Congress who will be hostile to this idea.  On the other hand, you've got Obama threatening to veto legislation coming from the Congress.  The political situation is not going to get better.

Maybe my short trade will work now.  Something needs to work.  I could use the bucks.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I will look at opposing viewpoints

and if I find something I can agree with, I'll point it out.

Maha rips Gov. Christie, and she mentions this:

Christie had been trying to create jobs by handing out tax break packages to big corporations, to limited results

The GOP wants to do something like this in Congress, but I think it is bad policy.  Corporations do not create jobs, they oftentimes will do the very opposite.  Most jobs are created by small business.

That said,  the left has nuzzled up to the big Corporations and they favor big Gubmit, so they aren't any better.  We need new thinking, but we keep get the old ways.

Ron Paul Institute: Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Like 9/11, Was a False Flag Operation

False flag operation?

Here we go again.

Of course, they wanted the dudes dead, because somebody has something to hide.  But to equate this with 9-11, I don't know about that.  If there's anybody trying to hide something, it's the left, in my opinion.

Why do they oppose water boarding?  Because it works, and somebody may implicate one of them, I suspect.  They didn't want phone taps of those talking to al Qaeda either, but they'll okay tapping everybody's phone instead.  Yeah, like John Doe is a suspect or something.  I think the false flag charge covers up for somebody who has something to hide.  If you want to get to the bottom of an issue, you seek facts, not dead people.  It seems to me that the left wants people dead so that they won't talk.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hopeless case

I'm supposed to working on my ranch stuff, but seems like I can't help myself.  I'm going to write about Big Picture stuff, so here goes...

It started off the way I said, but after thinking it over for awhile, I realized it's all about MONEY.  Funny how that word keeps popping up.  Even when you try to get away from it, you can't.  There it is, MONEY.  Money is the numero uno problemo, senor.  There's no getting around that.

Before too long, my cogitations took me back to the revelation that truth is being subsumed to the tribalist impulses.  If I am right about this, and I think I probably am right because nothing else I can think of can explain it, then there can be no integrity in the system and it must fail.  In order to have integrity, you have to have truth.  Truth and lack of integrity do not go together.  If you cannot accept those premises, the rest of this you will not accept.  Anyway, any system without integrity cannot endure for long.  Accept that or not, it is what it is, and your disapproval won't matter one way or another.

It doesn't take an Einstein to mentally confirm that proposition.  If you are building a bridge, and that bridge has a lot of inferior metal mixed in, it can be said to lack integrity, because there isn't a conformity to specifications.  The specs were devised in accordance with truth, obtained from scientific methods.  Those who designed the bridge were counting on the integrity of the suppliers to deliver metal according to these specs.  If those specs out of spec, the bridge fails---period.  If there is enough of this inferior metal, the failure is a certainty with mathematical precision that allows for no doubt whatsoever.

What holds for bridges will hold in the general case.  If you have a system that expects things to be in conformity with certain standards, which are based upon the truth inherent in its necessity, then that system can endure, otherwise it cannot.  If you cannot mentally confirm this, I suggest that you try really hard to do so, because if you cannot arrive at a reasonable outcome based upon the facts, you may be mentally handicapped in some way.  Like deranged maybe.  Now you may regard that as a gratuitous insult, but it is definitely true.  Notice how that word keeps coming up.  You see, if you cannot discern truth, then there's something wrong upstairs, kemosabe.  Best to attend to it for your own mental health.

Let's put it another way.  The only reason you can walk down the street without fear of being attacked is that people are civilized.  They are acting "in spec" because of the necessity of that behavior in a civilized society.  If that spec is threatened in some way, such as the failure to render justice because a jury cannot vote guilty  with respect to someone in their tribe regardless of the evidence of their guilt ( OJ Simpson anyone) , then you can no longer have a civilized society.  That society has broken down and become dysfunctional.  It can no longer exist as a civilized society, for what has replaced it is the law of the jungle.  The tribalist mentality belongs in the jungle, not in a civilized society.

We have the same thing in Ferguson.  Here we have a system of justice that requires people to tell the truth.  If the tribe becomes more important than the truth, what do you think is going to happen to that society if somebody lies and that lie doesn't matter anymore?  Somebody isn't telling the truth over there, or somebody doesn't care about what the truth actually is, or maybe a combination of both.  The tribalist mentality has taken over.  Now, I have already pointed out that certain people following this don't seem to care about what the truth actually is.  Looks to me like the tribe has its own idea about justice, and it may not have anything to do with what actually happened.  This is what I mean by tribe over truth.  The tribalists will want blood in exchange for blood.

Bill Clinton lied under oath.  If truth mattered to people, instead of the tribe mattering more, he would have been forced out of office.  If you think Bush did wrong, then why did you set that up and not gotten right with the standards with his predecessor?  If you are going to set up that behavior as the new norm, then why do expect anything different when Obama starts to misbehave?  To some people, Obama is not misbehaving at all, but isn't that a bit of tribalism there?  Why was he reelected when polls said that he didn't earn a second term?  Maybe because the tribe was more important than the fact that he was doing a shitty job?

Those who have been in power in France are responsible for what happened in Paris because they considered the immigrant vote to be more important than the truth---which is that the magazine had the right to do what they did even though it was offensive, than the tribe---that the Mohammedans feelings mattered more than the law.  They turn around and try to take up the mantle of providing for a secure and civilized society, but they won't admit error.  Not only that, they want to exclude those who wanted to do something about it and have been warning about this for years.  The tribe is more important than the truth to them.  The truth is that those in power were wrong and that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing because they don't value truth.  Their own well being trumps everything else, especially the truth.  If such be the case, how can their system stand?

So, this all brings me back to my problem, which is my own little ranch.  I need money, but what do you think is going to happen with a monetary system that has no integrity because those in power care more about themselves, their own tribe, than they do for the people in this country?  If it has all gone that far, what can bring it back, anything?

Unless there is accountability, there can be no integrity.  If there is no integrity, the system must fail.  Every. single. time.

We have no accountabililty because people care more about their tribe than they do about the truth.  They will not allow one of their own to go down no matter what the evidence is against them, nor will it matter at the voting booth either.  Tribalism trumps truth, and civilization comes crashing down.  All in a country near you soon.

A change of pace

Each morning, the first thing I do is go look at the news.  This morning will be a little different.  It is becoming apparent to me what a big challenge I've taken on in going out to the desert and attempting to live out there.  Maybe the challenge will be too much.  Am I considering giving up?  No, absolutely not.  What I am considering is that I am going to have dedicate myself much, much more than what I have been.  Just not taking this enormous task seriously enough.

A brief accounting of the problems follows:

Water:  even though I have thought up ways to recycle water, this is still a problem.  It doesn't not rain out there at this time of the year.  Perhaps I got the wrong impression during the summer months when I began this project, because it rained more often then.  Whatever the case, getting enough water is going to be a big challenge.  Without water, the project is at risk.  Nothing grows without water, and nothing lives and that includes me.  LeMar Alexander says 4 gallons per day suffices for himself.  Even as little as that may be a big, big challenge.

Power:  In order to get some water, you may need power, but power is expensive.  Solar panels do not generate much power, and they require batteries to store the electricity that you do collect, and those batteries are not cheap.  Currently, I am looking at less than two kilowatt hours per day, and even that much may be hard to get without spending a lot of bucks for the necessary equipment.

Money:  The idea was to save money, but as noted above, that's not happening.  I'm spending far more than I thought I would, and I'm not even out there yet.  Everything that I think up takes money, but there are no jobs out there, and besides, the cash situation is not getting better.  The original plan was to wait until I'm retirement age and use the social security checks as a money source.  That's a long way off yet, and may be a viable plan, but things have to hold up here for that long.  Health problems flare up from time to time, and that has an impact upon income that I need.

Those are the big worries, but there are other things.  Being alone out there may be a non-starter as things go wrong and you may need help at some point.  If there's nobody around, you could get yourself into big trouble and be in a big, big fix.  However, getting somebody out there with me complicates things still further when things need to be as simple as possible.

Did I take on too much here?  I hope not.  Other options are not any good either.

What this means going forward is that I will have to spend more time on this project if it has any chance to succeed.  It could mean less posting.  In fact, it must mean less posting.  There's just not enough time for everything.


I've updated my sidebar with respect to weather and the Table of Contents for the off-the-grid series.  You can now access the most recent post on a sub series as well as the initial post.  Everything should be accessible now, but as usual, there may be something that gets overlooked.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A few comments upon the day

I figured I had a revelation when I wrote yesterday about tribes and truth.  Another revelation was that the world was mostly evil, if not totally evil.  So, it was something of a shock that Wishbone asked me if I believed that there was a devil--for I had told him nothing of this.  Don't know if my answer was exactly like this because it's kinda funny:  I said something like "hell yeah".  He then said that this is why there is a God because everything balances off each other.  After a short bit of consideration, I said that I agreed.

He then said something about estrogen getting in the water supply and making male fish more female.  For some reason, I thought that funny.  He asked me why I was laughing, and I couldn't explain.  He tried to connect it to the "chickification" of America.  All that struck me as funny, for some strange reason.  Maybe we are all going to grow another "thang".

So I had a delivery to a church and this chick over there was trying to get me to join up.

Today was rather slow.  Maybe the funky weather and that was making me silly.  I even thought about the song Funky Town, because I'm talking bout talking bout talking bout moving.  On the blog, that is.

To wind up the day, I get a late delivery and so I get home late to write this silly ass post.

One mo thang ya'll.  The stock market traded in a 400 point range today.  That's a bit weird.  Maybe it isn't just me.

Twilight Zone stuff

It's hard to make this stuff up even if you were so inclined...

Get this:

people of the Middle East have plenty of reasons to be aggrieved....Ridicule of a relatively powerless minority group, which Islam is in the West, is not satire, but “bullying.”

So, these murderers were "victims" of a bullying Western media.  I guess the author means to say that those dead people in Paris had it coming.  Sort of like the 9-11 atrocity was something that we had coming.

Some of the twisted thinking of the left can be truly bizarre.

Matthew Yglesias: Le Pen not all that bad


there are also some excellent points about the fundamental architecture of European economic policy. Points that Europe's mainstream leaders have spent years avoiding

The only thing that the left can find wrong is anti-immigration stand.  What is so sacred about immigration?

I tell you what is so sacred about it.  It is vitally necessary for the powers-to-be to remain in power.  They need to have all these new immigrants because they need the votes, and it allows them to continue playing the racial game even while accusing others of the racism that they practice themselves.

Yep.  The violent jihadists are like the Brownshirts of the Hitlerite era.  They are the enforcement arm of the left's political program of fear, intimidation, and ultimate subjugation.  Before they are through, the blood will literally run in the streets.

On Comparing Obama to Hitler

Congressman Randy Weber was accused of this, but that is a misleading headline.  Actually, if you want a real comparison, all you have to do is watch Obama.  His behavior is really more like Hitler than you are trained and propagandized to think.

One of the first things Obama did as the nominee was to give an outdoor speech at night.  This is something Hitler liked to do, because he felt that it made them more pliable to his will.  I noticed this right off, but there were a lot of people who thought such comparisons were over the top.  Evidently, they still seem to think so.

Actually, this business about putting the tribe ahead of truth is what distinguished Hitler from Western tradition of the Enlightenment.  Hitler was a very false man.  I would submit that Obama is a lot like him.  But you'll never get that kind of insight from our media which slavishly follows him like he's some sort of god.

Perhaps our greatest weakness right now is our inability to see the truth.  It is little wonder because whatever truth there is cannot break through the tribal loyalties.  People are dividing up into hostile camps.  Nobody seems to want to listen.  Could it be because the truth is being trumped by the tribes?  Who's responsible for this if it isn't Obama and the Democrats?

But the GOP isn't innocent either.  Limbaugh likes to say that he's in a relentless search for the truth.  No he isn't.  He will definitely not put anything out there that is harmful to his interests.  But what about truth?  Limbaugh likes to say how often he is right.  Could he ever admit error?  Limbaugh is unswervingly loyal to the tribe, just like the Democrats.  What real difference then is there between them?

Limbaugh likes to advise us to have the courage to face the truth.  Good advice, but hardly followed.  He could consider trying it himself.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Truth and the tribe

What should go first, the truth or the tribe you belong to?

What's that?  What's this tribe thing?  It's who you identify with.  My tribe is so and so.  Your tribe is so and so.  My tribe and your tribe are different.  So, a person from outside your tribe says something, what's your opinion of it?  Does it matter what tribe that person belongs to is outside your tribe?

According to modern thinking, it is to be discouraged, but there's a double standard on that one.  Of course, it is denied, but it doesn't take a Einstein to figure it out.  What you say definitely matters as to what tribe you belong to.  If you are in the wrong tribe, say a conservative in a liberal place, it will definitely work against you.

There are those of you out there who probably think I'm being unfair to liberals.  Not really.  It is the liberals who play this game and they are quite good at it.  The Ferguson case is a prime example.  Here you have someone admitting that the truth doesn't matter.  What matters most to this person is their tribe.  Liberals encourage this kind of behavior.  You are seeing it now in France.  Supposedly, they are enlightened over there, but they excluded the party they didn't like, even though that party was closer to being right than what they were.  They care more about their tribe than they do the truth.

But such thinking cannot be a good thing.  Truth should come first regardless of who said it.  It should, but in the real world, no it doesn't.  Liberals will say this, but then they don't practice it.  I'm not here to exclusively bash liberals.  Lots of people act that way, but the liberals DO act that way.  Why not own up to it?

Last night, I watched a video of how Einstein and Eddington collaborated on the theory of relativity even though their countries were at war with each other.  One moral that could be drawn from this dramatization was that the discovery may not have happened if truth succumbed to the passions of the tribes that were at war with other.  They rose above that and advanced science.  Couldn't one argue that tribal passions should never do this?  Where would we be if that was generally the case?

But if you disagree with a liberal, and you are a conservative, it's your fault.  Why?  It takes two to disagree.  Why is it always one way, but not the other?  Isn't it a matter of tribal thinking over the truth?  Isn't it a matter that their tribe ( liberals) means more than the truth?

Hitler called physics "Jewish" physics, as if there were any distinction in physics according to what tribe you belonged to.  Hence, there's no Jewish physics, or Russian physics, or Chinese physics, just physics.  That is, it is just physics if truth comes first and not the tribe.

Supposedly, liberals despise Hitler, but you wouldn't know it from the way they act.

Word games

These marches in Paris gave me some ideas of how to express my reaction to them.  Basically, it yawn.

Here's some word games as another way.  It's a little more fun for you people who are only capable of understanding anything unless it is entertaining.

The marches were organized by the Imperors of the Inane, the sultans of the soporific, the leaders of the liliputians, the nattering nabobs of nugatory, the  forerunners of the feckless, etc. etc.

The Moose Limbs want equal time.  Figures.  They know a good thing when they see it.

Not so random observations on the passing scene

As is my usual habit, I check in each morning for the news in order to see what's going on.  This is the kind of thing that usually bugs me no end, as it gives me no pleasure to see what is happening, as it is not good.

I suppose there are a few people who are bothered when I write stuff like that.  But that's what you get here.  You don't get the regurgitation of the propaganda that is being used to control the population.  Sorry, I dropped out of this years ago.  Many years ago, to be more exact.  No, what you get here is someone who does his own thinking, something that way too many people here are too lazy and foolish to do.  So, when I point that out, people get bothered and leave.  But that won't change me.  You can be changed into one of these mindless monsters, but I'll maintain my heritage for as long as I live, thank you very much.  I don't follow the crowds, never have, never will.

Yet, I have to observe this garbage, as it is part and parcel of the destruction of our civilization that runs on and on.  The latest business in Paris is yet another example of it.

So, they have this great big rally and we are all supposed to be reassured by it. That's what the propagandists put before you, and you are so impressed with it. Something similar happened after 9-11 over here in the US.  I recall it well.  You had all these people driving around with their flags on their windows, and I thought: just a passing and useless symbolism.  As usual, I was right.  It didn't last, just as I thought, and this business in Paris won't last either.  We eventually got a Marxist president after all of our "patriotism that ran amuck", and our "patriotism" didn't last for long now did it?  Now we got Obama, who is a Muslim sympathizer, if not outright Muslim, in the White House.  They'll get that in Europe one of these days, and proclaim how "proud" they are of their folly.  The violence will become regularized, and their civilization will eventually disappear under the jackbooted barbarism of the Mohammedans.  We are on that road, too.

You'd think people would wake up.  Well, I thought people would wake up.  Looks like I was wrong.  This is not likely to get better.  Pitchforks should have met this propaganda.  Instead, the people are narcotized once again.  Just feed them the usual dope, and they will follow like the dumb animals that they are.  They will believe the lies because their minds are dulled with the propaganda dope that makes them less than men.  And they will vote for their continuing destruction.  They will never know how they got all those chains that they will find on themselves one of these days.

Maybe some miracle will occur that will change all this.  It may take one.  It is better to be hopeful.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

The Fed Is Losing, If Not Already Lost, Control


Kitco Commentary
If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by
Sun Tzu, The Art of War, 5th century BC

If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War, 5th century BC 

Trouble here is, does anybody even know who the enemy is?  A clue, perhaps?

Bankers have successfully overcome free market dynamics by distorting the price of gold primarily through the use of ‘paper gold

… Over the last three years the bullion banks and governments have tried to break the backwardation and normalize the economy by dumping huge amounts of physical gold and “paper gold” at the gold spot price.

But they have failed, 

The present power structure does not have much time left. Its fall has begun 

I think the way to tell who your enemy is by what they tell you.  If what they tell you is true, they could be a friend.  If they lie to you, look out.  Our "leadership" lies to us constantly.  Nuff said.

Off grid power system revisited

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This will go next in the off-the-grid power subseries.

Revisiting the BTU calculator gives the following result for the coffin:

That's not a whole lot of energy for climate control.  I'm not that worried about the summer.  Actually, summers are more mild than one would think.  Temperatures may top out at 100 deg/F, but the nights cool down considerably, into the sixties.  It won't stay hot very long into the evening.

I'm more worried about the winter as I will need to keep a lot of things warm.  Not only the coffin, but the worms, the chickens, and the algae.  If the sun doesn't shine, there won't be any passive solar heat available.  So, the plan here is to heat up the water with the dried algae/chipped wood logs.  This hasn't been discussed though, so this is getting a bit too far ahead.

Winters will be more of a challenge than summers.  Temps out there appear to be pretty cold as compared to what I'm used to in H-town.

The Movement for Active Democracy

And I thought the idea was original.  It's been done before.

There's a pitiful number of views for the following video.

People say they want to change things, but then they must not really mean it.  Over 90% of the incumbents win reelection.

In order to upset that apple cart, you have to motivate people somehow to go out there and throw the bums out.  Vote against all incumbents every single time.

But it will never work because people do not know their own strength.  Imagine what consternation there would be amongst the political class when they realize that their plum posts are only temporary, and very temporary at that.  They may actually come to despise "public service" and actually leave without being prodded to leave.  What a concept.