Sunday, April 5, 2015

A million things to worry about

But you can't do a damn thing about any of it.

All you can do is just do the best you can.  The rest of it's out of your hands.  That's how I look at this.  I sit here thinking about how many things can go wrong, and there's a guarantee that something will.  Maybe a lot of things because a lot of things have already gone wrong.

Well, I've prepped all that I can.  Unless I want to stay here all month prepping for a trip I never take, I'd better get going.

Until I come back, the blog will be dark.  Perhaps I'll write something out there if things really stink it up.

I will attempt to do some reviews with my Kindle out there, but something tells me I may not have the time.

We'll just have to see how it goes.

Until then, signing off.

What did I tell ya bout Wishbone?

He just loves to argue.

We visited just awhile ago, and the Kennedy assassination came up.  He wanted to start arguing about the conspiracy theories.  It's all a game to him.

I promptly got up and left.  He was bewildered.  He just can't understand any point of view outside of his own.  No doubt he felt frustrated that I wouldn't accommodate his insatiable appetite for entertainment.

Someone might say that of me with the respect to the inability to understand someone else's point of view.  It is not that I don't understand.  I DO.  I  STUDIED IT.  So, the last thing I want to do is to get into any argument with an individual, including my own brother about the matter.  Am I going to ignore all that I've studied and start arguing about theories that fall apart once the truth is acknowledged for what it is?

He will never acknowledge it because to him it is all a game and he can't bear to lose the game.

There is only one truth.  He started getting into stuff like the victors write the history and all that.  Not that I disagree, but what does that have to do with the truth???  If the "victors" said Galileo was wrong, does that mean that now that we are to understand that Galileo was wrong????

For many people, all too many, the truth is a negotiable thing.  If truth is anything, it is certainly not that.

To do list to be viewed on Kindle, possibly updated if internet is available

Decided to put this stuff on the blog not because I want others to read it, but to organize myself while out there, and to experiment with the Kindle device.  I may be able to use it out there.


The Kindle device did allow this when I first bought it in 2008.  It looks as if that has been discontinued.  The only way for me to get online now is to go into town.  That's a lot of time and effort just to use the internet.  One thing that I probably can do is to buy things on Amazon.  But of course.

Most likely, I will go dark on the blog for a few days.  If I have to go to town, then something probably went wrong.  Or I got stir crazy.  However, I do have a sat phone, so I can call out once a day to Wishbone and tell him everything is ok.


You can do reviews on Amazon for items that you buy.  I've bought several books that I haven't done a review on.  These can be uploaded out there to show me that it will work out there.

Goals for trip out west early April 2015:

1) set up tent. try out recliner in tent. [ tent is only an emergency shelter--- not a priority ]
2) assemble trailer. quickly! build quonset hut on top of it. [ no quonset on trailer, trailer is set to low priority ]
3) build quonset huts to receive goods from Houston [ goods from Houston to be deferred for at least a year, unless I change my mind again ]
4) build out trailer and make it more permanent [ low priority ]
5) finish canopy [ low priority ]

All those goals are now subject to being swept off the table. What do I really want to do out there?

1) Above all, determine readiness level in terms of skill sets and preparation.
2) Specifically want to:
a) set up solar power
b) build an 8x7 quonset hut using power tools
c) be able to:
   i) shave, shower, sleep, and shit like at home ( well, not quite )
ii) determine if at&t will work out there by using the kindle to do posts from there  
Priority list:

bldg materials : for 8 ( changed from 16) foot long quonset ( changed from 20 ):
2 cattle panels,
1 1/2 " fencing staples at Tractor supply along with panels
tape measure

hardware run: [ done ]
before using stain, probably want some stuff to fill in the edges --- cracks, and some sandpaper
5 gallon food grade buckets and lids
more screws, hinges
grocery store run: [ done]
cooking bowls for microwave cooking out there
toilet paper, spoons,

heater hose used to circulate hot water

converting old desktop into wifi capable machine  [ wait on this until Kindle experiment is over ]

another greenhouse video, plastic sheeting may be better than what the cattle panel guy was talking about

complete solar power kit ( or so it claims, no batts, no inverter )  same seller, idea to combine 4 of these systems on 4 battery banks of (2 ) 35 amp-hour batts  [ bought 1 batt and 1 solar panel ]

Have yet to file claim for insurance reimbursement for doctor expense,

Van for sale:
at&t mobile hotspot to replace internet:

 Still haven't gotten all the materials needed for trip out West.
  1. freight bar $28 at Lowe's[ no]
  2. stain to weatherproof all that wood[ done]
  3. check the list on the file linked from the desktop [ put it here!]

can you concentrate solar power on cloudy days?  no

can you build the coffin inside the RV?

foam cushion for my lower back pain [ done ]

Duracell Ultra Deep Cycle 12V 35AH AGM Battery DURDC12-35J
- Batteries Plus
 [ bought ]

zero gravity recliner   [ bought ]

educational videos on alte store  [ watched these once, may want to watch several times ]

flashlight--- don't forget this[done]

luggable loo and battery powered shower head  can follow links to solo stove and flashlight system  [bought]

Finished taxes, but haven't filed. [ done ]

Monitored orders.  Still have (3) items out there, (2) others have been delivered, but not obtained yet from office, and (1) in which I intend to go pick up myself.

items out there include a cigarette lighter power cord, remote jumper, another chair
items delivered but not collected:  luggable loo and food order
item to be picked up is the solar panel kit

I think that's all the stuff I've ordered.

items out there (1) new bucket of food (2) cigarette lighter power cord, (3) remote jumper

 foam mattress topper:  [ bought]

grainger ring terminal : [ bought, and canceled ] will buy at home depot at 24 zip[ done]

lowes  awg 10 cable 50'  black and red :

 still haven't collected refund for chair, and to ship it back. [ handled ]