Saturday, February 25, 2017

Obligatory, 2.25.17

'Twas a busy day.  Woke up early in the am, still dark, and it's cold.  Ran out of propane.  So, that meant an errand in order to get some propane.  While in town, got some drinking water, and some parts for my solar water heater project.  That still not ready?  Yep, still not ready.

Nor likely to be at this rate.  In any event, some more parts are on the way.  A switch and a fuse in order to complete the electrical work, I hope.  While waiting for these parts to arrive, I emplaced the water cooler, and installed plumbing to and from the solar water heater, and to the heater core.

The heater core is what I bought in town today.  Hot water will run between the water cooler and the heater core in a circuit.  A valve can be switched so that the bilge pump will pump water to the core or to the solar water heater outside.

In order to make this work, I needed the parts, which included the heater core, hoses, and clamps.  Then, I had to find a way to route the hoses from the solar water heater to the bedroom, which is where the heater core is emplaced.

The bedroom will segregated from the rest of the trailer.  That may require some carpentry, in which I do not excel, I am afraid.  Anyway, the old mattress had to come out because it is in the way.  Somehow it got wet today as I used the outside shower to clean up something for my other projects.  Evidently, there is a leak coming from the outside shower.  It got the mattress wet, as well as a few other things.  I had to dry them outside in the sun.  The mattress in now in the van.  I may give it away, as I see no use for it.

Everything is now ready and waiting for the delivery of the remaining parts.  Once these are installed, a test of the system can commence.  That may happen as early as Monday or Tuesday.

Friday, February 24, 2017

In the backchannel

News of the leaks, which were intended to cripple the new administration, appear in many places.  Perhaps something may happen to stop this after all.

What comes 'round goes round.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

General off grid discussion

Work continues on this even though I do not necessarily post about it.  For instance, my bilge pump arrived yesterday.  Also, the big cooler arrived recently.  Today, I spent a little time pondering over how to assemble this mess.

Funny how I seem to have trouble with it.  For some strange reason, I wanted to do something with the plumbing that didn't make sense.  I think the heat was getting to me.  Today was rather hot.  The warmists will go crazy over this hot weather.

The cooler will go in the compartment below the bed.  I need to drill a few holes to accommodate the plumbing necessary to run the passive solar project.  The heater is just outside.  There are a couple of high quality hoses that will take water to and from the solar water heater.  From the heater, it will go the cooler and back again.  At the bottom of the cooler, the bilge pump will recirculate the water during the day.

At night, I flip the switch, and water will then be pumped inside the trailer from the cooler to the radiator, and back.

The pump didn't have the necessary hardware for installation, so I await the parts for that.

Meanwhile, I reworked the tea kettle for the distillation experiment.  I want to try that again.  Perhaps I can overcome the contamination problem.  I have some water ready for testing.  It has been collected from washing dishes.

I managed to avoid getting soap in it.  Soapy water will not be recycled.  Too hard to get the soap out.

The soapy water can be used to flush the toilet.  Nothing gets wasted.  Everything gets multiple uses.

The goal is to use five gallons or less of water per day.  Then, to recycle half of that water in order to make the deficit of only 2 and a half gallons per day. 

If I can make those goals stick, then the fuel cell proposition could put me over the top.  That is to say, I will be self-sufficient in water even without a well, nor using rainwater.  Even though I do not count rainwater, I do intend to collect it.  If all goes well, there will be plenty of water.

So much water that I may attempt to raise catfish.  Imagine that.

Skylon concept gains funding

 A large amount of money is being made available by the US DoD for testing the precooler in a hypersonic wind tunnel.

But the plane remains on the backburner.  Strange when the concept seems sound.

More Skylon news here.

The Boots and Oil Address

Lately, I am noticing how those on the so-called right, who were critical of Trump, are now so enamored of him.  Funny how that happened.

Of course, I have noticed how unhinged the left has become since Trump won and got inaugurated as President.

What I didn't expect is that you can't get the truth out of either one.  I call this post the Boots and Oil Address because I want to make a statement here.  This blog is now and has always been about truth.  It is not about whose side is winning or losing.

I say that even though I favor conservative ideas.  But I didn't join any conservative club who go into groupthink about every damned issue that comes up.

I am an independent thinker.  I am now that way, and have always been.  I do not run with the crowd.  What you get here is an attempt at getting at the truth of a thing.  Not to "win".  If winning means becoming dishonest, you can count me out.

I like Trump because he fights back.  But if he starts to look like a crook, I am going to oppose him.

That's different from the left, who will support their guy or gal no matter what.  Too bad that there appears to be many on the so-called right who do not act much differently than the mob on the left.

Aren't we so lucky to have them? /sarc

It's their job to control what we think.  So says Mika Whatshername.

She says that Trump has his own facts, but there can be only one truth.  Either he's lying or they are.  How can Trump have his own facts?

Mind boggling attitude here.  Mine or theirs?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump charges could become serious

That remark by Schumer got me to thinking as to what could be the source of his confidence.

There are charges out there that Trump has business dealings with Russia.  If that can be demonstrated, then it could be used for further accusations of a quid pro quo, or favors in exchange for favors.  One favor could be to help Trump win the election.  This is what has gotten the Dems in such a fever.

I would dismiss that in any case, even if true.  For if the Russians helped Trump, so what?  The only problematical thing would be any illegality involved.  If Trump was in any violation of law, he could be in some trouble there.  So far as I know, it would depend upon what business dealings he had, and what exactly he was supposed to have gotten in exchange.  All of this would have to be proven in order to get a conviction in court.  My estimate of the odds of that is near zero.  However, it could prove quite useful politically.  It may even force the GOP to abandon Trump, if the political support disappears.  That could be Schumer's calculation.

We'll see if it turns out to be the case.

Rise and shine, 2.22.17

or something like that...  Cannot seem to shake this sleepiness I have had lately.  It is because of the meds I am taking.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

GOP is playing defense

Time to go on offense.

There's the Hillary email scandal, the IRS scandal, the gunrunning scandal; and not to mention, the post election scandal of using the NSA vast snooping capabilities for domestic spying on the incoming administration.

If the Dems are going to play hardball, the GOP must follow suit.

The Dems are so confident that Schumer is predicting that the GOP will abandon Trump in three or four months, he says.  If GOP does that, it will be a disgrace.  It should be  full court press until the next election, when the Dems may face even greater losses.

Test tube meatball

Said to be as good as the real thing...

Clean meatball?  Who'd want to eat a dirty one?  But test tube meatballs are weird, no?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Not the first time I wrote about batshit insanity

You can see for yourself with the search tool on my page.

Here are some bullet points of the insanity:

  • The Trump-Russian thing.  These people think the Russians are coming.  Somehow Putin waved his magic wand and made people vote for Trump.  There has to be a scandal in there somewhere!  The power of Putin has tricked us all!
  • That Trump's term has now passed the shortest serving presidential term in history.  That means that somebody believes this nonsense that they are spouting will get rid of Trump.  Not by any legal means, that is.  Think a bit about the mentality that would believe such a thing.
  • That Trump is a illegitimate president.  There is no evidence whatsoever of any such thing.  What law has been broken?  What disqualifies him other than their own dislike?  But their dislike does not have the force of law.  If it did, he wouldn't be president!  It is a non-sequitur of non-sequiturs.
  • Putin has ordered a psychological profile of Trump!!!!  Oh, my God!!!  hmmm.  pssst.  This is standard operating procedure for any country to know the psychology of all other leaders.  It is basic leadership competence 101.  If you don't know this kind of info, you cannot function as a leader.  They all do this.  Duh.

I suppose I could list many more.  But if you are caught up in the insanity, this will roll off your back like water off a duck's back.  But somehow, people are going to have to get a grip.


Should've added this one:

Senator Franken ( steen)  ( psst.  that was a joke)  has a plan to remove Trump because he thinks Trump is crazy.  You can't make this stuff up.  Here's a comic who ran for office and won, and is now trying to question the sanity of the president of the USA.  Yeah, this is like the "Chief" petitioning Nurse Ratched to give them a new warden for their looney bin.   If this is too complex a thought,  then try this:  for Franken to call Trump crazy is like the pot calling the kettle black.

In other words, these people calling Trump crazy are batshit crazy themselves.


Just in case you need any explanation for why Franken's idea is a non-sequitur of non-sequiturs, keep in mind that Trump would have to agree that he is unable to discharge his duties as president.  The Congress by two thirds majority could override the president and remove him from office for disability, provided that the president did not agree that he was disabled for whatever reason.

Did Franken pass the literacy test before he became Senator?

Ain't gonna happen. Trump ain't gonna leave cuz they said he was crazy.  To think so is even crazier than crazy.

Jewish community center in Houston gets bomb threat

chron dot com

    "non-credible" bomb threat, it says


If it is non-credible, then why write about it in the big city newspaper?  Incidentally, Muslims have a presence in Houston.  I am familiar with the place, having made many deliveries to the location in question, and also having been a Houstonian for most of my life.

Ten to one odds this is blamed on those who would have nothing to do with such a thing.  Not talking about the Muslims.  If Muslims are doing it, it will become Trump's fault.

If only!

From Insty, "Wapo's Margaret Sullivan worries that Trump will hunt down reporters".

Just my impression of course, but these guys aren't much better than criminals anyway.  They take part in a fraud, so they are part of the criminal class.  If Trump hunts them, it would be justice. 

A bit of reading suggests that these people think they are immune from prosecution.   How did that happen?

Further reading leads me to the conclusion that those who write such articles do not seem to grasp what was done here.  Operatives of the former administration gave away secrets in order to play political gotcha games with the incoming administration.  That should be a crime.  The information is privileged, and probably is classified.  Moreover, it plays games with national security.

No wonder Hillary got so many votes.  These people's ignorance seems to know no bounds.  How do you hold someone accountable when you cannot properly vet the issues.  When Hillary used an insecure means to send emails, she endangered national security.  That should have eliminated her, but these people don't seem to get it.  Perhaps they need proper motivation.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dick Morris says there's a civil war between Obama holdovers and the Trump Administration

No shit Sherlock.

What can Trump do about this?  I would think somebody hanging from a lamppost might be a good start.

Impeachment talk is fake news

Why run such nonsense?  A president doesn't get impeached just because the opposition doesn't like him. At no time in my lifetime have I seen such lunacy.

There's no there there.  If Hillary lost the election, it was because she was a flawed candidate.  Russia hasn't got a doggone thing to do with it.

Rain water harvesting No No

This video was obtained off the Sierra Blanca community page.  The community page was obtained from the blog that I have been following for over a year.  Lots of good info and more importantly, a way to connect to the people in the region.

Still hanging on by a thread with my off-the-grid project.  Doctor says I may be able to work again, so as long as I can do basic stuff, the show is still on.


I haven't been following that blog for over a year.  Seems like it, though.  Here's the link to the link.   What's this?  A new link to the old link?  Zounds!