Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Boots and Oil Address

Lately, I am noticing how those on the so-called right, who were critical of Trump, are now so enamored of him.  Funny how that happened.

Of course, I have noticed how unhinged the left has become since Trump won and got inaugurated as President.

What I didn't expect is that you can't get the truth out of either one.  I call this post the Boots and Oil Address because I want to make a statement here.  This blog is now and has always been about truth.  It is not about whose side is winning or losing.

I say that even though I favor conservative ideas.  But I didn't join any conservative club who go into groupthink about every damned issue that comes up.

I am an independent thinker.  I am now that way, and have always been.  I do not run with the crowd.  What you get here is an attempt at getting at the truth of a thing.  Not to "win".  If winning means becoming dishonest, you can count me out.

I like Trump because he fights back.  But if he starts to look like a crook, I am going to oppose him.

That's different from the left, who will support their guy or gal no matter what.  Too bad that there appears to be many on the so-called right who do not act much differently than the mob on the left.

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