Monday, February 20, 2017

If only!

From Insty, "Wapo's Margaret Sullivan worries that Trump will hunt down reporters".

Just my impression of course, but these guys aren't much better than criminals anyway.  They take part in a fraud, so they are part of the criminal class.  If Trump hunts them, it would be justice. 

A bit of reading suggests that these people think they are immune from prosecution.   How did that happen?

Further reading leads me to the conclusion that those who write such articles do not seem to grasp what was done here.  Operatives of the former administration gave away secrets in order to play political gotcha games with the incoming administration.  That should be a crime.  The information is privileged, and probably is classified.  Moreover, it plays games with national security.

No wonder Hillary got so many votes.  These people's ignorance seems to know no bounds.  How do you hold someone accountable when you cannot properly vet the issues.  When Hillary used an insecure means to send emails, she endangered national security.  That should have eliminated her, but these people don't seem to get it.  Perhaps they need proper motivation.

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