Saturday, April 2, 2016

How Kasich Enables Trump

Dick Morris

Morris is basing his opinion on polling.  After all, that is his business.

Looking at it from the logical point of view, Cruz should want to join with Trump in keeping rule 40 in force.  This will lock out Kasich permanently.  It will leave Cruz with what he says he wants- a one on one race with Trump.

Trump could like it too, because he has a number of states that he's ahead in.  But, if he truly fears Cruz, he won't like it.  A deal might be made between the two that will give everybody what they say they want.  Trump says he wants fair treatment.  What could be more fair than a one-on-one matchup with Cruz?  Cruz gets what he says he wants, which is that very matchup.  The establishment can get what it claims it wants with a Cruz victory, which in turn, gets rid of Trump.

Kasich doesn't get to be president, but he hasn't earned it.  Maybe Cruz can offer him the veep slot.

Risky?  Yeah.  I can see something going wrong.  If Cruz gets the nomination, and he falters, then what?  Does he step down for Kasich?

Cruz could falter, you bet.  If those adultery charges are true, he's toast.

Fighting back

Looking over a number of posts on Free Republic, it looks like pro Trumpsters are fighting back.  In a way, this is good.  But I would caution those who fight back to play it clean.

Those who are attacking Trump are dishonest.  I don't know about some of what I'm reading, but if it isn't solid, maybe it is better to not mention it.

So I won't.

Something that I will mention is that one Miss Fields complaint against a Trump staffer is falling apart.  Video exists that shows it all.  There is no there there.  The accused staffer may not even have been the one to touch her.  Video shows a portion that supports that.  I  should probably put this up, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment.  Perhaps I should study it more?  Who knows.

This definitely not the video that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Unless there is a kangaroo court, like the one for Scooter Libby, my prediction is that the staffer gets cleared on this one.

BTW, she has a history of making stuff up.  'nuff said.

Abortion still in the news. as the Trump bashing fest continues

Tell me something, you Trump bashers out there.  Do you think that MSN is a conservative news source?  Evidently, they really seem to care that Trump is flip flopping on the issue of abortion.  Why do they care about it?  There is no threat to their position whatever.  Abortion is just a political wedge issue now.  Nobody can seriously believe that this law is going to change.

As for punishing women for getting abortions, consider the cases of partial birth abortion.  These are abortions in which the baby could survive, but is killed for organ harvesting.  Should that practice be stopped, and all parties involved should be punished?  If the woman isn't to be held accountable, then who else should be?

Nobody cares about the immorality of the practice, just the politics of it.

Since that is true, then this is just an opportunity to whip up anti Trump hysteria.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Ted Cruz may be worse than Rubio

Anybody who reads this blog knows what I think of Rubio.  Thanks to this piece, found at Free Republic, I can see that Cruz is just a trickier version of  Rubio.

I am going to embed the video at that link to show what a liar Cruz really is.

I can only watch a little of Cruz.  I cannot stand him.

The audience giving him applause for saying that he doesn't trust Obama was sickening.  Thanks to him, Obama has the law he wanted.

Thanks, Ted.

The article points out several ways in which Cruz tricks people.  You should read it.

What's worse is that he's pulling a Rubio, and now saying that he doesn't support it. 

Don't be fooled!

This happens a lot to me

It's an election season, and well, it is starting to look like I may be in the minority.  Nothing decided yet, but at the moment, things do not look good.

I defend Trump, not in a spirit of blind faith, but from what is attacking him.

If Cruz is so good, why does all this crap have to be thrown at Trump?  If his grasp of issues is so great, then why doesn't he talk about that, instead of this garbage?  If his attractiveness to voters is so wonderful, then why doesn't he have the pole position on Trump?

Time and time again, I look at the attacks against Trump and I find nothing wrong.  If there's anything wrong, he doesn't lie as well as the experienced politicians.  For this, we throw him out?

Cruz never lies?  Come off it.  He pretends to be against the Establishment while he courts their vote.  He doesn't fight them, he pretends to fight them.  While this isn't flagrant lying, it is duplicitous.  Therefore, it may as well be lies.  His wife is a member of the "cartel" that he is pretending to run against.  With Cruz, you don't know where you stand.  He's the perfect politician that will kiss a baby and steal their lollipops.  Heidi Cruz was a Bush operative and connected to the CFR.  She's not an innocent housewife who got dumped into the middle of presidential politics.  But to hear Cruz, she should be off limits.  She more of a player than Hillary was in 1992.

Trump is in a fight with the Establishment, Cruz pretends to be.  Do you really want to argue otherwise?

What's wrong with Cruz?  Nothing if you like business as usual in DC.

Pat Buchanan says that Trump and Cruz can lock out the Establishment

They can combine to keep "rule 40", which says that nobody can be entered into the nomination vote unless he has won 8 or more states.  Trump has done it, Cruz still can.  But no Establishment favorite has any chance of doing that.  That ends Kasich's bid.  It also ends any maneuver that gets rid of BOTH Cruz and Trump.


Incidentally, the video at the link showed the so called assault on the female reporter that has so many with their panties in a wad.  It was the best angle that I have seen, and I can't see any big problem there.  She was approaching Trump and this guy came from behind her and put himself between her and Trump.  If he grabbed her, it was to keep her away from Trump.

Where was the Secret Service on this?  If anyone had done this with those guys around, they would have been tackled and thrown to the floor.

It is much ado about nothing.  If anything, it was too easy to get that close to Trump.  Given the threats against him, that is what should concern people, but no.

The video is likely gone now, and that is a shame.  I'd like for people to see it and see what a mockery this all is.

Once again, I don't believe Cruz

In Breitbart, there's a story about how Cruz now favors some of Trump's ideas.

He wouldn't be doing this if there was no advantage to him.  He's doing it for political reasons, not because that is what he really truly believes.

Talking about pretending to be what you are not.

He will drop this like a hot potato if he is nominated.  He will seek the support of the Establishment, and disavow it all, just you wait.

I strongly suspect Cruz is just the type of politician that illustrates the term Politics Schmolitics.  It's all a crock.

A lot more needs to be said

Ann Coulter is one of the prominent people who are defending Trump.  Limbaugh is sort of defending Trump. But there needs to be more in order to counter the noise machine coming from the so-called conservative camp.

Part of the trouble with Cruz is that he is trying to align with this element.  I know you have to unite the party and so forth, but this wing of the party is way the hell out there.  It may not be possible to unite with them, because in doing so, you water down and confuse what you claim to support.

All Trump is doing is to propose that we look at things that these people won't budge an inch on--  such as open borders and unlimited trade uber alles.   His ideas seem reasonable and just.  What is so bad about them?  The noise prevents any reasonable discussion.

The opposition says that Trump wants to destroy NATO and such things.  These are gross exaggerations, if not outright falsehoods.  Then Cruz comes in and adopts that kind of language.  If you disagree, then they bring vituperation down on your unlucky head.  These are left wing tactics that have no place in the GOP, if it is to be a true opposition party.

We are not getting the truth about the differences between the candidates.  The only way to counter this is with equal determination to equal the noise machine in terms of getting the message out.

Another example, Cruz won't support Trump, neither will Kasich, so why don't they lose their delegates?  Trump said that he expected fair treatment.  If the GOP accepted that then on those terms, then why don't they honor those terms, and keep their end of the bargain?

More people like Coulter need to step forward in order to accomplish equal time.  There is too much propaganda that isn't being countered.

Ann Coulter on Trump

She explains her Trump criticism, amongst many other things.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Ann Coulter breaks it down.  No way any other Republican wins, except for Trump.

She points out that Trump got a half million more votes in Florida than Romney.  That's the key to victory, getting those votes.

Would Cruz bring them in?  Personally, I don't think so.

Basically, the argument against Trump is that it is better to lose than for him to win.

National Review

They need Bill Buckley back.

This hyperventilated piece is supposed to turn conservatives, I suppose.  The trouble is that there is so much of this garbage out there.  People might get wobbly if they think they are one of the very few.

That doesn't bother me.  Unfortunately, not everybody is like me.  What I'm talking about is that character trait of being rational.  It is one of my conceits.  No, I'm human.  Not always rational.  But I make the effort.  If any effort like that  was being made here, the discussion could be much different.

I suspect the crowd will be herded toward Cruz.  I'm not going.  I'm not impressed with him.

Limbaugh can't talk freely.  You people are becoming just like the PC crowd that runs the left.  If anybody disagrees with you, you go on the attack.  I thought conservatives were better than that.  Apparently not.

I do not need to be a part of your clique.  So stick your clique.

AP: GOP "afraid" of Trump's abortion views

But I thought he was supposed to be a liberal.  Oops!  His views were too much for them, evidently.  Now, who is being insincere??????


Reading over the responses to Trump of so called conservatives, I'm thinking agreeing that Rush's complaint about these people not listening and paying close attention to what's being said has become something of a problem.  Trump's statements do not appear to be much different than what George H. W. Bush (the elder) said in a debate in 1988.  I remember that one.  Bush said that there would have to be punishment for getting an abortion.  Trump statement seems pretty close to what Bush said, but I don't remember so called pro life activists complaining about it.  Of course, the so called pro choice activists denounced it.

Trump walks it back, but funny how it seems that the so called conservatives got damaged by this.  Why should it damage them?  It damages them because it shows their insincerity on the issue.

If Trump isn't sincere, then how do they claim it for themselves?  They can't.  Neither can they connect the dots either between what Trump actually said and what they claim he said.

Trump didn't say that this should be public policy.  He only said that if it were, women should be punished for having abortions.  That's somewhat different, I'd say, from what they are claiming that he said.

It all fits in with Stevan Molyneax's observation that Trump forces these responses, then wins the news cycle.

How did the so called conservatives win this news cycle if they are complaining about damage?


I notice that it was Chris Matthews that interviewed Trump.  I'd say that to let himself be interviewed by that leftist hack was definitely courageous, yet Cruz is accusing Trump of being afraid to debate.

Hey Cruz!  Let yourself be interviewed by Matthews and let's see how you do.


I was relying upon memory with respect to Bush, but here's the proof.  Check it out, at about 42 minutes, he says basically the same thing as Trump did.


I suppose that I have covered this topic about as deeply as I can.  One more thing...  The women will say that criminal charges against them would be unfair, as they don't get pregnant by themselves. Yep, that would appear to be so.  Therefore, if it were possible to write a law that holds the man responsible as well, then you might get somewhere with this.  Otherwise, an abortion ban cannot be enforced, which makes the issue moot.

Just saying.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stefan Molyneax: Why I Was Wrong About Socialism

There are almost as many dislikes as likes.  To me, this is fascinating.  How do people find fault with this?

There's no mystery why, though.  Not to me.  It is clear as a bell.

Anne Bancroft in 'The Miracle Worker' (1962)

This is pretty unforgettable.  The story of how Helen Keller was able to overcome her disabilities through the help of her teacher, known her as the Miracle Worker.

The actress playing Helen Keller as a little girl was Patty Duke, who has passed away at 69.

Rush "muzzles" himself on giving political opinions

What a cop out!

Look, he's got to have an opinion, but he won't state it.  He says it is because people won't listen anymore.

Yeah, I can buy that.  But I am not buying that he doesn't have an opinion.

Stefan Molyneax goes over the tactics employed by those who are attacking Trump.  He says that they take a small part of what he says and then blow it all up.  That's exactly what the so called conservatives are doing with what Trump said at that townhall.  Trump gets a question about the roles of government and he answers security, security, security.  But then he goes on and adds a few others, and maybe it is under prompting, but he does say some no noes.  Then the conservatives just go nuts over it.  Just like the libs and the rinos.  Sorry, Trump didn't say all those things that you said he said.

In other words, they are acting like liberals in the same way the liberals mischaracterize conservatives, while they do it to Trump.  You'd think that the conservatives wouldn't do this, but there it is.

Limbaugh could say this, which should be obvious to him, but he can't because he'd lose a lot of his audience.  It was Limbaugh who made these people act like this-- that is to say, they won't listen.  If he didn't, who did?  It's his listeners that he's afraid of offending.

Slick Willie lives

No, not the original Slick Willie.   I think Cruz is really slick with his untruthfulness.  Lots of people will be taken in by the new slickster.

I watched some of last night's townhall, in which there was a replay of it on YouTube.  I got to the point in watching it when I couldn't stomach listening to Cruz anymore.

He's slick.  Real slick.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump, the lightening rod

Dick Morris reports that Trump has added 14 million voters to the GOP rolls.

What is driving this?

After watching another Stefan Molyneax video of how Trump is mischaracterized, I'm thinking that Trump may be attracting that somehow.  He becomes a lightening rod, thus receiving all the energy to himself.

If the GOP succeeds in getting him out, they will shrink these voter rolls back down to what they were before.

Yet, all this seems crazy.  One thing is certain, very little of serious import is being discussed right now.  If one is of serious bent, one longs for that, as this silly stuff degrades the discussion.  Yet, Trump seems to feed upon it.  It worked as long as he was discussing things people care about.  But nobody cares about this stupid garbage.  At least, I don't.

Trump made himself a serious candidate.  He needs to get serious.

Campaign jiujitsu

A bit of speculation here, as I examine the wreckage of the last ten days or so.

With respect to Trump, could the attack on his wife been part of a strategy to turn Trump's feisty attitude against him?

First, there was the mention of his wife's pictures in GQ magazine.  Trump's response was to attack Cruz through his wife.  The response of Cruz was to get outraged at that, but not return the attack in the same vein.  Finally, the business about Cruz's alleged infidelity, and Cruz's accusation that Trump was behind it.

Trump denies the accusation, and that seems plausible, but he did go after Heidi Cruz.  This makes it seem plausible that he would stir up a sex scandal.  There are those who may side with Cruz, because of Trump's aggressiveness would seem to indicate guilt.

Cruz gets to look like the gentleman who has been wronged.  He gets to paint Trump as desperate to turn around his poll numbers.

In other words, it could have been a setup in order to discredit Trump.

If I am right, then Trump's enemies may have found something that they can exploit.

Why the future will disappoint

George Will

summary:  The great material progress between 1870-1970 won't be repeated because everything has already been invented.  [ my interpretation ]


Will needs to read deeper.  There's plenty that was invented, but blocked.

If the future disappoints, it will be because we failed at something.  The period mentioned was successful for a reason.  Find the reason.

Try again, sir.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The election won't be decided by logic, reason, and evidence

Neither will the nomination.  If it were, then Trump wins.  There'd be no doubt.

I'm telling you.  I'm starting to have doubts.

What if these polls are correct?  Hillary, the criminal, beats Trump.  Sanders, the socialist, beats Trump even worse.

Those polls are given as a reason to support Kasich.  Kasich is ahead in the polls.  The thing about Kasich is that he is a sellout.  He's like Judas.  We are supposed to go with him because only a Judas can win this election.

The Judas won't win.  The reason is that those who support Cruz and Trump won't support Kasich.  The polls are set up so as to reflect the demographics.  The assumption must be then, that typical GOP voters will grumble, but eventually come around to voting for Kasich as opposed to the "evil" Democrat.  It ain't likely to happen.  Maybe some will, but not enough to drive poll numbers like the ones we are seeing .

But if Kasich is really polling well, then we may be in even worse trouble than I think we're in.

There has been a consistent negative number of people who think we are on right track.  Is that a reason to support the status quo?  Look at how poorly so many of the blue states are doing.  But they'll still vote for the Democrats, even though it is the Democrats who have been the constant in their downhill trajectory.

Why is that?  There's no accountability.  You can always blame the other guy.  If there was accountability, this would not be possible.  A Judas is not accountable.  When you get right down to the root cause, they are all Judases, like Kasich.

The one guy who may not be is the one guy who is being accused of it-- Trump.  In a party full of Judases, he is accused of being a Judas.  People supporting Trump demand accountability.  Cruz supporters want accountability too, but are letting Cruz skate on a few things.

Cruz is no Judas?  Wanna bet?  He will betray.  Just you wait.

We get Judases because we won't demand accountability.

Cruz blames others for his failures.  Judas type behavior, I suspect.  Look for it and see.

Stefan Molyneax deconstructs the Trump Cruz kerfuffle

It may not be what you think.  The video doesn't say if Cruz is guilty or not, but questions how he has handled the situation. 

If you are looking to prove or disprove the allegations against Cruz, this video isn't going to do that for you.

In my opinion, it does raise questions about Cruz as a candidate.  But I didn't like him anyway.

Here we go again

Failure theater.  Georgia's GOP led legislature passed a religious freedom bill at the end of the session, and the GOP governor vetoed it.  No vote for override will be possible.  Looks a lot like the leg didn't want to vote on an override.  Now they can blame it on the gov.

Trump probably won't solve this.  But it shows why so many people are frustrated with these Boutique Republicans.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The weird day that may have some redeeming value to it ( if only I knew what that was)

Remember Andrew Breitbart?

The way this day started for me, and has proceeded reminds me of his end.  How?  Breitbart was a driving kind of man, but he paid for it with an early exit from life.

Something about my health is worrying me now, and it is almost surreal how it seems so important to post about politics and so forth, while at the same time I am worried about my health.

As Bill Whittle pointed out, how one is doing may be a lot more important than this political stuff.

Just saying to keep things in perspective.  It's not worth dying over.

Or is it?

Eerie resemblance to the fall of the Roman Empire

Amen to this.  But I've been saying it all along.   I just wish enough others did that this garbage would stop.

The problem within

It's a lot easier to externalize blame, and to point fingers at the other guy.  Much harder to take a very hard look in the mirror, and to be honest about your own contributions to the problems that we all face.

That is the kind of day I'm having.  This morning, I got up and proceeded to get ready for work.  Yeah, I know it is Easter Sunday, and maybe it would be better to stay home.

First ride request took me to a bar, in which I guessed that my ride would be a drunk person.  Uber doesn't provide a lot of info about the ride before the request is accepted.  Moreover, since I don't frequent these kind of places, the address wasn't familiar to me.  When I realized what was happening, I got a bad feeling.   I don't want these kind of rides.

But I didn't cancel yet.  I went to the location indicated by the request and waited.  Nobody showed up for a couple minutes, and I got to thinking how I preferred to be somewhere else.

Then I got a call from the rider who was incoherent.   That did it.  It  was too much like the drunk who attacked the Uber driver, which was recorded by the driver in a video, so I cancelled the trip, and came home.

On the way home, I was all set to be outraged that people would get drunk like this on Easter Sunday, but then I realized my own behavior wasn't perfect either.  These people are in dire need of help, and I won't help.  That made me feel a bit guilty.

Once I got back home, I resolved to go back out later.  Here it is, at noon, and I'm still home.

I need the money, but here I am at home.  What am I doing?!

Back on the internet, and posting about this silly ass election.  Another reason to be outraged at others.  Or is it just an excuse?

I ended up downloading something that claims to be good for your health.  Better this than getting attacked by a drunk, but I spent money instead of making it.

Oh, well.

I preach about solving problems, but I can't seem to solve my own.  And so it goes.


Saw this one on Instapundit.  BTW, I took the Instapundit link down cuz he's getting as ree gaw dang ridiculous as some of these anti Trump types.  But this one is worth a mention

Belgium's march against fear was canceled because they wet their pants in fear of the terrorists.

[riotous laughter]

Ideology can make you stupid

I can think of nothing more ridiculous than this.

Enough of this stupid shit.

You can allow guns at the convention, but they must be police officers.  Not ordinary people..

I am for the 2nd amendment, but this is ideological idiocy.  Common sense should prevail.

This is one for this list.

Quick post, 3.27.16

Just watched a video that discussed amongst other things, the wife war between Cruz and Trump.

It occurred to me that the so called master debater made a 'yuge' mistake.  The mistake was to acknowledge that his wife isn't as pretty as Trump's.

Most people don't pick up on that, but get mad at Trump instead.  What's so bad about what Trump said though?  He basically said his wife is prettier than Cruz's.  Big deal.

Cruz's response was to be insulted.  Wrong answer.  He just should have said that his wife is prettier than Trump's wife.  Women would have loved him for it.

But it is typical of the Boutique Republican to give the weakest response.