Monday, March 28, 2016

The election won't be decided by logic, reason, and evidence

Neither will the nomination.  If it were, then Trump wins.  There'd be no doubt.

I'm telling you.  I'm starting to have doubts.

What if these polls are correct?  Hillary, the criminal, beats Trump.  Sanders, the socialist, beats Trump even worse.

Those polls are given as a reason to support Kasich.  Kasich is ahead in the polls.  The thing about Kasich is that he is a sellout.  He's like Judas.  We are supposed to go with him because only a Judas can win this election.

The Judas won't win.  The reason is that those who support Cruz and Trump won't support Kasich.  The polls are set up so as to reflect the demographics.  The assumption must be then, that typical GOP voters will grumble, but eventually come around to voting for Kasich as opposed to the "evil" Democrat.  It ain't likely to happen.  Maybe some will, but not enough to drive poll numbers like the ones we are seeing .

But if Kasich is really polling well, then we may be in even worse trouble than I think we're in.

There has been a consistent negative number of people who think we are on right track.  Is that a reason to support the status quo?  Look at how poorly so many of the blue states are doing.  But they'll still vote for the Democrats, even though it is the Democrats who have been the constant in their downhill trajectory.

Why is that?  There's no accountability.  You can always blame the other guy.  If there was accountability, this would not be possible.  A Judas is not accountable.  When you get right down to the root cause, they are all Judases, like Kasich.

The one guy who may not be is the one guy who is being accused of it-- Trump.  In a party full of Judases, he is accused of being a Judas.  People supporting Trump demand accountability.  Cruz supporters want accountability too, but are letting Cruz skate on a few things.

Cruz is no Judas?  Wanna bet?  He will betray.  Just you wait.

We get Judases because we won't demand accountability.

Cruz blames others for his failures.  Judas type behavior, I suspect.  Look for it and see.

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