Friday, July 7, 2017

Cry me a river

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12:43 pm local time:

Democrats have gotten all super patriot on us.  If they acted as if they really cared, Hillary would be in heap big doodoo kemosabe.  Instead, they talk about other hacking, but we sure cannot see their servers that they said were hacked.

Cry me a river, Dems.  You lost an election BECAUSE you didn't care about these kind of things, and now we are supposed to believe that you care now.

The original post follows:

Somehow it seems fitting for the times.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Don't look back, something may be gaining on you

Gonna need a bigger boat.
Always looking for a "bigger boat".

North Korea

It is a perfect metaphor for the failure of our leadership to address real problems.

Instead, they focus on fake problems, like AGW.

North Korea is a real problem.  If they fire off an EMP type weapon over North America, that's all she wrote for the USA.

The question is really a quite simple one.  Why the hell are we in this position in the first place?  We have the technological capability to defend against such an attack.  This capability has been suppressed, as well as a lot of other capabilities that could have helped us.

It is almost as if there is this death wish amongst the leadership class.

Trump's mistake is to go around the world asking for help.   We don't need it.  What we need is to roll up our sleeves and get to work on defending the country.  Complaining about the Norks to an unsympathetic world is a complete waste of time.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

At Last!!! A Solution To Ballot Fraud – Lunch Alert!

At Last!!! A Solution To Ballot Fraud – Lunch Alert!

Do the Democrats cheat? Well, the media certainly LIES. So, why wouldn't they cheat?

Obligatory, 7.5.17

Why use the term in the title?  I want to put up something every day.  Plus, I don't have any thoughts, except maybe some that I do not want to post about.

One thing that I am thinking about is putting a tarp over this trailer in order to control the heat.  I did some measurements and some calcs.  It may be possible to buy just a few things to make this work.  How long will it last?  Who knows?

One thought occurred to me is that it complicates rainwater collection if I use a tarp.

Another thing on the agenda is to sell my van.   I hate selling it.  It is listed, but only one called so far.  It may be hard to sell it for what I am asking, but it is well worth the money.  Forget what the "book" says.  It is a good van.  I need to pay down some debts.  The van is just taking up space and it costs money to keep it.

Almost half way to the next MRI for this cancer therapy thing.  It is supposed to be three months, and it is already six weeks in as of yesterday.

I'm using a lot of bandwidth, doggone it.  I will have to add, because I am running out of data.

The news is nuts, as usual.  What can I say?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy birthday, America


I was looking for a Grand Funk tune, probably by that name.  It is really corny stuff, but what the hell.  Corny is okay, as long as it is heartfelt.  Things that are true are good.  All false things lead to nowhere.

Okay, okay.  Let's cut out the preachy stuff.  I wanted Grand Funk, but all I could find was how to play one of their hit tunes.

So, here it is.  I won't spend the time on it.  I have to get callouses on my fingers and spend hours and hours on it.  Just won't do it.  But if I had something like this when I was spending all that time on it, I woulda learned it.

Woulda, coulda , shoulda.  Ain't true, so what the hell.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Fronkensteen redux

Looks like they figured out a way to reconnect damaged nerve tissues, Froederick.

Could they zipperneck your head back onto your body?  Maybe they can grow you a completely new body, and reinstall your head to that bod.

What a concept.

Obligatory, 7.3.17

I don't know what it is, maybe it is just burn out.  This political stuff these days is so nutty that I just cannot get into it anymore.

So, I need to find ways to use my mental energy.  But I am kinda boxed in.  Cannot work, or risk losing my disability.  Besides, I don't know if I get back into the same situation as before, anyway.  I could work for awhile, but I would get sore.

What if I go to work, get sore again, and then the gov says, "you can work"?  I would be up the infamous creek without a paddle.  I have enough trouble as is.

However, the amount I am getting isn't enough for what I like to do.  Plus, I have a butt load of debt to service.

B eye itch, b eye itch.

Well, I can simulate it, if I cannot go out west.  Currently, I am using my rainwater, or attempting to use it.  If I don't use it, I will have to dump it.  I cannot just let it sit around for awhile.  Mosquitoes may attempt to breed in standing water.  Gotta be careful.

The method to clean it up may have been described already.  Once again, I use a wash rag dipped in a container full of the rainwater.  It must be higher than the collecting container.  I stretch out the wet rag so that it can drip into the collecting container.  The rag will soak up the rainwater, and then filter it out somewhat, then deposit it in the container.  I added a used zero filter to clean it up even more. Then the water goes through my other filters, which yields zero dissolved solids.  Finally, I hit it with 90 secs of ultraviolet light, which is supposed to sterilize it, if it isn't sterilized already.  The final product should be potable water.  At any rate, I have already drunk some, and I am not sick.  So there.

In addition, I can use rainwater directly in my swamp cooler.   If it would only cool better, but this sun is a mofo.

Climate control is an issue.  In order to get good control of the heat, the trailer must be covered.  But that is a lot of money for lumber and so forth.  Isn't there a way to do it cheeeeep?

I have a butt load of tarp.  Maybe I can figure out something to do with that.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Laws of Averages

Two part series on Watts Up With That.

I haven't even read it, and I already like it.  The reason being that people are using and abusing the term "average".

Ten to one that this little ditty will greatly help the cause of advancing knowledge in the face of ignorance.   A mighty big task these days.

...after reading it....

It is a good read.  Chances are that the people who need to read it most, won't; while those who need to read it least, will.

But that is how things work, or shall we say, "don't work", these days.

Tomb of the Unknowns

Originally posted, 11.14.14, updated on

7.2.17, 14:30 :

What is being done to white people?  People reading that these days will claim to see racism.  But wait a minute.  Western Civilization was made almost exclusively by white people.  If you destroy the white race, then don't you destroy Western Civilization?

It isn't the race, then.  It is the things that make up a civilization.  A hostile entity is doing this, and is being helped by fifth columnists within our society.

These fifth columnists may have malicious intent, or they may have the mistaken notion that they are improving things.

How about an inventory being taken?  Before you condemn everything as racist, why not ask yourself some probing questions?  Why accept all the premises of the leaders?  Are they really worth following?

How about considering a different course?

The original post follows:

Barnhardt makes a comparison between the changing of the guard ceremony and the Latin Mass.

Not being Catholic myself,  I was completely unaware of the changes in the Mass that took place sometime in the late sixties.  Something of that magnitude should have been known by everybody, wouldn't you think?

She has a good point to make about history in that post:

The enemies and infiltrators desperately want all knowledge of WHO and WHAT the Church truly is suppressed and forgotten so that they can lyingly “tell you who you are”. And if you have no knowledge of your own history, you will have no way to discern what is truth and what is lies, and you can thus be conned into believing that you are what you are not, and deceived into believing that you are not what you in actuality are.---Barnhardt

Do you know that this is what was said to have been done to the black people, according to the book The Autobiography of Malcom X?  I take it then, that what is happening in Western Civilization is no different from what was said to have happened to the blacks in that book.  In other words, since Western Civilization is of predominately white people, the enemies of Western Civ are doing to the white people what the white people are accused of having done to the black.  Supposedly in the name of justice.

That is a malicious plan indeed.

I think that it is indeed a plan and it is working like a charm.  It won't be turned around until the white people wake the hell up.

Things on my mind

originally posted, 7.2.16, updated on,

14:00 :

People might confuse this with white supremacy.  I never associated with these people, and I do not have any sympathy for them.

What I regret is that the good that was is being thrown out with the bad.  How does that make things better?

The point that I am trying to make is that those who are doing this do not do it with goodwill in their hearts.

Please do not be deceived...

The original post follows:

Been all over the map this morning.  That is, in terms of thoughts.  How do you make a post out of that?

I visit a lot of webpages, you see.  I am looking for a common thread that goes through it all.  Maybe it is confusion.

Very little of what happens makes sense to me.

One of the things I did was to go to my high school webpage.  I knew very few of the people who have passed away.  Those who I did have a remembrance of, I didn't recognize.  People change a lot over the years, I suppose.

Anyway, I wonder how this globalism managed to sneak up on us all?  The face of our nation is changing, you know.  It is getting darker.  People will call that racist.  But what is racism?  A desire to maintain one's culture in the face of a different and hostile culture?  Why should one have to defend oneself for that, of all things?  But in this culture today, you do.

So I look at the high school webpage and remember what Houston was like in the seventies.  It was almost lily white.  It certainly isn't like that now.  In fact, once the white folks pass, the white survivors will most likely become a minority.  What will that mean for our culture?  It cannot remain as it is now, and that is what I think these people want.  I suspect that their plans to undermine this nation will likely succeed.

Perhaps along the same line of thought, but different.  I went to the Nextbigfuture site, where breakthrough technologies get discussed.  There was a talk of carbon nanontube transistors, and how much superior there will be.  But one of the commenters mentioned that these won't be made any time soon.

People love to speculate about a brilliant future.  But in my lifetime, things have not changed all that much.  Aside from computers, much of what we have now, we had back then.  It goes along with my thinking that material progress has slowed down a lot.  It may even reverse and go backwards.

The people who join these "green" movements may not realize that this motivation is not being driven by a desire to improve or conserve things.  It is being driven by a malicious desire to destroy, I suspect.

Why is it not green to eliminate carbon dioxide when you use nuclear reactors?  I think the answer is that an effective energy source is not desired, and if one was found, they would try to suppress it. Answers are not desired.  Chaos is desired.  How and why did this take root in our society?  Progress seemed to be the big thing when I was young.  It still is, but it has been redefined.  Progress today is like regression was before.  People seem to want to return to the Garden of Eden, so to speak.  Well, we're past that now.

In summary, we are not heading toward the Jetsons, but to the Flintstones.

Yabba dabba doo!

Wait a minute.  They will say "allahu ahkbar".  If you don't get on your face and towards Mecca, the morality police will cut your throat.  But look on the bright side.  We will be free.

Yeah, right.

For this, I am a "deplorable".  What a sickening bunch of people we have leading us.  Why do people follow this?

If Colly-fornicatia won't give voter data to Trump, then they will sell it

You know how high-minded they are.  /snark /sarc

Water use for off-the-grid living

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Original posted 7.1.17, updated on

7.2.17, 5:30 :

My rain bucket stays full, so what to do with that water.  Filter it and use it, by golly.  And that is what I am doing.  I found an old zero water filter, and combined it with a used, plastic, gallon jug, and I am siphoning water from another one filled with rainwater.  It seeps through the wash cloth, and drips into the filter.  The filter cleans it up, and then I run it through my other filters that will bring it down to zero dissolved solids in the water.  From there, I will disinfect it with a UV light that I received last week.  Ready to drink!

The original post follows:

When I left off, I was doing those water distillation tests.  It had gotten to the point where I feel that the water could be taken to the highest level through the zero water filter and final disinfection with UV light.

It is a part of the goal to get down to five gallons of water use per day, and to recycle dirty water.

I am making this because of ideas I had and have implemented recently.

  • soapy water can be used to flush toilets and to mop the floor
  • water left over from cooking can be filtered for use again, and ...
  • cooking water can be mined for food particles that can use to feed earthworms
  • make a rainbarrel as a dual use for an antenna set up.  Fill it up with clay, cement, pebbles, and pool sand, use only rainwater to clean it up for use

Another thing to remember is the principle of not cleaning very dirty water.  It isn't worth the effort.  What you could do is make water work harder.  Less than filthy water can have additional uses, as mentioned above.  The idea is to stretch the water supply to its limit, and recycle what you can..

Since I have been back home, I have consistently held my water usage down to a tank of black water and a tank of grey water per week.  It is assumed that there is a thirty gallon capacity for each tank.  I am sure I am well below the fill up point of either one, meaning no more than sixty gallons total.  This means about 8.5 gallons per day.   I think it is probably less than that.

The big problem is wash water.  It is really hard to get soap out of water.  The idea to get around this must be to minimize the amount of soap that reaches the water.  I do this with pots and pans by wiping the soap off with a paper towel.  Can a similar procedure be done with washing the body?

Laundry will probably not be done on the property, but I could do it with that little washer.  Getting that water clean is a problem, though.

It may well be that this water could be cleaned with a solar distiller, or a distiller that can be purchased.  It will need to be able to handle a lot of water.