Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Did another water distillation run ( Updated 5.31.17 @ 8:15 )

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Despite what I said previously, I did another water distillation run.  This time, it appears to have been a success.  Water quality was quite good, but efficiency in energy use was not.

I reworked the kettle in order to minimize exposure to steam, and I used a different type of epoxy.

Now I can quit this experiment and move on.

Update (s):  5.31, 8:15 :

As a way of review, and after a 3 month hiatus, I am returning to this subject. This posted originally on Feb 24, 2017, and it was a successful test of the tea kettle distillation experiments.  I wanted to bring this up front and center as a way of emphasizing what I am attempting to do with my moonshot project, which is to live on the desert in West Texas.

This is but one post of a long running series of posts regarding various problems that need to be solved before I go out there to live.

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