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Belaboring the obvious...( Updated 5.31.17 at 7:40 )

Update(s) after 5.30.17 :  

This may complete the thread and I will move on ( maybe ).  It seems with all the fakery that the problem is that the GOP wants their "issues", and not to actually do anything about these issues.  They are more interested in playing the politics regarding the issues than in serving the public.

Limbaugh once described the Dems as being that way.  However, this behavior is not restricted to the Dems.

Therefore, the opposition to Trump is that he may be a man who intends to actually do something about the things that are not getting done in the country.  It is what the people say that they want, but if the people really want that, why don't they support him more enthusiastically?  Perhaps the entire country has gone into fakery, and nobody really gives a hoot in hell about doing anything constructive, but to just complain about everything.  I might even go further in saying that there is an entire class of people who want to make a career out of complaining about things, and get paid for it.  If that is so, then a guy like Trump is really a threat to them.

Limbaugh said this too, but in a different way.

Original post on 5.30.17 or thereabouts follows below:

The Manchester terrorist bombing has been in the news lately.  Funny how a thing like that doesn't get a response from me for several days.

But then again: why go into that?  Why are there terrorist attacks in the first place?  I have written about that.  Okay, lets go over it again.  Islamists have long noted that Western cultures do not defend their culture.  Islam is not about peace, it is about war.  Islam means "submission".  So, what do you think they are trying to do with their terrorism?  Why, it should be obvious.  They wish to terrorize Westerners into submitting to Islam.

So, if you don't want to submit, what do you do?  Again, that is belaboring the obvious.  At the very least, you should not allow them into Western countries.  They cannot perform their terrorist acts if they aren't here.

We elect a President who pledges to stop them from immigrating here, but what happens?  The Western Pop culture goes bananas, and works overtime in trying to force a coup against the incoming Trump administration.  Unless Trump is allowed to do what he was elected to do, you will get even more of these people into the country.  Another big terrorist event is likely to happen here.  Of course, it is already happening elsewhere in Western countries.   It has happened again in Manchester.  But why should anybody be surprised?  We've already had our 9-11 event.  We may be overdue for another.

Why belabor the obvious.  But here I go again.

One of these days, enough people might get it, and the we can do what is obviously needed.

Update (s): 5.30.17; 13:00  :

Does anybody remember the speech that Pat Buchanan gave at the Republican National Convention in 1992?  He spoke of the Culture War.  Well, I remember at the time, that I spoke to a teller at a bank about that speech.  She didn't like the speech, and called Buchanan "a worm".  I told her that I liked the speech.  The conversation didn't proceed much further.  /lol

Anyway, the Culture War has continued unabated.  The forces of tradition have been giving ground to the Cultural Marxists.  Now, after electing a man for whom character didn't matter, and then a crypto-Mohammedan, we are surprised to learn that they still hate us so much that they want us dead.

Why should anybody be surprised?  If you do not defend your culture, something else will fill up the vacuum.  It might well be Islam.

16:24 :

There seems to be a debate amongst the so-called conservatives, and the Trumpists.   The so-called conservatives lost me during the nominating process last year.  I call them so-called conservatives because they don't "conserve" anything.  In fact, conservatism has been redefined just like a lot of our language has been redefined by the cultural Marxists.  The so-called conservatives are globalists, most likely.  Trump is more nationalist.  George W Bush, a globalist, once said something that struck me as a non-sequitur.  He said that nationalism threatens America.  How can a nation threaten itself?  A nation needs to have a sense of itself, which is nationalism.  To have a sense of itself does not make it a threat to itself.  Consequently, Bush's statement is a non-sequitur.  For so-called conservatives to call themselves conservative just doesn't mean very much if you cannot agree on what the words mean.  If so-called conservatives won't conserve the culture, then how can they be conservative?  Globalists are internationalists.  Of course nationalism threatens internationalism, but internationalism threatens America.  Conservatism should not redefine itself as internationalist or globalist.  That is what is at stake here.

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