Sunday, June 25, 2017

Obligatory, 6.25.17

Been busy around the place today.  After nearly ten months, I still haven't completed the move from Houston.  Although I have had all of my stuff out of Houston since December, some of it was in various places around here where I am now.  Slowly, I am consolidating it all in my trailer, and once that is done, the move will be complete.

After that, I can sort things out!  Stuff is still pretty mixed up and disorganized.

Besides all of that, I am still working on the goal of not using any a/c. It does appear at this point that, in order to reach that goal, I will have to put a cover over the top of this trailer.  On hot days, you can just forget about it.

As of now, I haven't scanned the news.  So, I am in a good mood.  Ay, I must be a glutton for punishment.  After finishing this short communication, I will begin getting caught up on the news.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lie harder. Yeah, that is the ticket.

According to an article in the Hill webpage, Democrats say that Obama should have communicated better about the extent of the "hack".

In the first place, it should be remembered that the so-called Russian hack of the DNC emails allegation was already attempted.  What probably didn't make the news, was this "FBI" investigation was just a rehash of a paid "investigation" done by the DNC.  The FBI never had access to the alleged DNC hacked servers.  A question arises:  maybe the servers weren't even hacked, and that is why the DNC refused to turn them over to the FBI.  In other words, it was a lie.

What should be asked is why Comey's FIB (FBI) put the news out there to confirm that there was a hack even though the FIB didn't do any of their own investigating?  This story was hearsay.  It wouldn't hold up in court, but it is good campaign material.  Why is the FIB engaging in politics?

Other questions arise, as well.  But we can't ask those.  Oh, no.  We can't do that.  We must continually beat this dead horse for as long as we can.  /sarc

Need shade from the sun to cut down on a/c use

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This post will go into the Construction sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

The last time, I was working on the "coffin concept", which is to save on power and electricity through the use of only small areas to climate control.  Now that I have one, I have managed to do a few things that will give me an idea of what I need to do on this to make it work better.

At present, it is not working well.  The swamp cooler is not cooling that well.  The misting system is not helping either.  Even watering down the trailer doesn't help that much.  With everything I could think of being done, I still have to use the a/c for several hours a day.

The next idea is to freeze water with that big freezer I bought a couple years ago.  It will go into the passive heater system.  It will work the same way as the passive solar, because the water is in a closed system.  This system will not divert the water into an outside system, but will keep the water circulating through the heater core and back to the Coleman cooler.  The freezer will keep the water near freezing, and a box fan will circulate the air through the heater core.

My thinking is that to freeze 40 lbs of water won't use that much electricity.  It won't supply as much cooling power either, but it is only 64 square feet.  This matches well with my freezer experiment in 2014.    Only 290 watts per hour for that much area, if everything works out.  That would give about three or four hours of cooling.  Forty pounds would figure about at less than two hours actually.  I don't know how realistic this is yet.  Still experimenting.

Keeping in mind that the whole room doesn't need to be cooled down, just me in my little area.  If it starts at eight pm, by ten pm, it should be cooling down anyway.

Another thing to remember is that there is no shade in this location.  I can make more shade, so I have got that going for me.

originally posted, 6.23.17, updated 6.24.17 :

Boy, was the need for shade confirmed yesterday.  It was supposed to have reached 105 degrees Farenheit.  I fought  a losing battle against it.  Finally had to give up and turn on the a/c when it was 102 inside.  Nothing seemed to help until I called for the cavalry.  Lesson learned.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Georgia election today

Regardless of the outcome, I consider it a defeat for the GOP.  Yeah, even if Ossof loses.  I would only change my mind if the defeat of Ossof is really big.  But indications are that he may win, or if he doesn't, it will be close.  It shouldn't be.

Now for the meat of the issue.  If the GOP candidate wins, there will be celebration in the ranks.  But why?  Only because the GOP didn't lose?  What I am getting at is that the GOP is deficient somehow.  They are dropping the ball, and I think they are dropping it big time.

There has been a lot of talk about this on the talk shows.  What's with the GOP anyway?  Well, let me advance an idea.  The idea is that the GOP is institutionally nonassertive.  Yeah, that is the word--- nonassertive.  They remind me a lot of the type of person you sometimes see that gets pushed around pretty easily.  You might ask them why they don't stick up for themselves, but the answer is that they really don't know.  You don't know about what you don't know about.  If you don't know how to act assertively, then why should anybody expect you to?  A nonassertive person lives a nonassertive life.  People have their way with them.  They are habitual pushovers.  On the institutional level, the GOP for some reason, has never learned the value of assertiveness.  They are like the individual pushover.  The Dems have their way with them as a matter of course.

The solution is assertiveness training for the individual.  But for a national political party?  How do you manage that?  You may not be able to, but it may have to come from the grassroots.  If the grassroots gets more assertive, they may signal to the party that they better get a backbone and quick.

This may be hard to do.  You really have to get sensitive to it, and respond quickly.  For example, I see a lot of GOP types starting to rationalize away failure.  They say that Congress is really getting a lot done.  Or like Rush says, that Trump is winning.  Trump winning?  You coulda fooled me!  He doesn't look like he's winning.  The Dems don't look like they are about to slink into a hole.  They are fighting pretty hard, and they seem to be getting their way a lot of the time.  This doesn't look like the GOP is winning.  If Ossof wins, it will only embolden them.  Even if he loses, they won't give up.  Especially if it is close.

You have to keenly sensitive ears in order to pick up the rationalization for the continued failures.  Once you begin spotting them, perhaps you can challenge them in the premises.  Certainly, you may hear that it doesn't really matter if Georgia election is lost.  That is rationalization.  What would matter if there is a big win on either side.  If it is close, it is really a loss for the GOP.  It is a GOP seat.  There is no way to rationalize that loss.  A big win should be the goal.  Not just winning, but creaming them.  Don't let 'em kid you that it doesn't matter.  If the GOP creamed them, the Dems would have to admit to themselves that they are doing something wrong.  That would be a big plus even if it made them more competitive.  Who needs the Dems pushing around the GOP anyway, unless you are Dems?

An unrepentant bully is not good for anybody.  The GOP needs to get a backbone for the good of us all.

22:15  :

Handel wins by five.  If that margin holds up, that is.  It has been called, and it will probably be a victory.  Not impressive, but not an embarrassment either.

I still say they should try to win big.

6.22.17, 20:30 :

Liberals claim that so-called right-wingers are just as guilty of violence as the left.  Ann Coulter says no, that's not so.  She is right, of course.

My point is not necessarily to advocate violence, but preparation for when it might happen.  Don't just let them intimidate you.  If they succeed in doing so, they win.

Also, that so called conservatives act guilty and scared, and thus will be perceived as being so, even if they are not.

World's largest plane gets ready for its debut:

World's largest plane gets ready for its debut
Seattle-based Stratolaunch Systems invited reporters to get their first look at 'Stratolaunch' (pictured), which once completed, which has a wingspan of 385 feet (117 m) and six engine

Read the full story:
20 June 2016

Nearly five years in the making, and this bird may actually fly.  It won't be fully reusable, though.

If SpaceX had stayed in, it might have been quite interesting.  Right now though, it is merely a curiosity.

original post, 6.20.16, updated 6.22.17 :  

Can Stratolaunch compete with SpaceX ?  There seem to be some advantages to launching from the air.  But no rocket exists yet that can take advantage of these.

Perhaps it can be mated with an air breather / rocket combo like Skylon?

By golly, we need a special prosecutor for this

Wasserman-Shultz contradicts Jeh Johnson's testimony on DNC hack ( non-hack).  Then you've got Trey Gowdy saying that DNC didn't want anybody to know what was on that server that was hacked ( but not hacked ).    Yeah, but Wasserman-Shultz's brother blocked the investigation into Seth Rich's case, so her word is unimpeachable!

It's all a Russian plot, of course.  I don't know why anybody can't see that.  /sarc

There are other tidbits here that would make a reasonable person suspicious.  But we cannot talk about them because that would upset Seth Rich's parents.  Yeah, right.

Obama is said to have salted away records that would show spying on Trump.  ( don't have the source story, basing this on recollection )

Oh, yeah.  There was a story how that murder (that we cannot investigate because it would make Seth Rich's parents unhappy) was a hit job.  Oh, the pain of it all.  The pain, the pain, the pain.

Dick Morris thinks that the Dems can be destroyed.  Ah, yes.  There was this little post by yours truly that decried the giddiness over narrow victories.  It must have been something I ate.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Obligatory, 6.21.17

Lite posting, as I am working on the interior of the trailer again.  This is the part of the day that gets hot around here, so working on anything becomes something of a problem.

Progress is rather slow, I would like to do more, but I get slowed down a bit.  However, rather than get bitchy about it, I am very, very glad that I am not in a wheelchair or worse.  I thank God for this blessing, and all blessings that may come our way.

Right now, I am making lunch.  It is spaghetti, and I had better pay attention to it.  Maybe I will update later.

Obligatory, 6.20.17

This could be an off-the-grid post, but it won't be.  Today I decided to work inside this trailer because it is getting too cluttered in here.

Some shelving could be built here in the near future.  That will give me a place to put things.  There just isn't enough shelving in here.

Also, I need to get the water out of the passive water experiment "tank", which is a big water cooler.  The trouble is that the way I have it set up, it is very hard to service.  So, I disconnected all the plumbing and wiring, and consequently, I decided to move it somewhere else.  This means that a lot of other stuff will have to be moved too.  I could spend most of the day on this, so that is why I wrote this post.

Posting will be lite in the interim.

Update (s), 6.20.17, 11 am :

This is very tiring.  My capacity for work is rather limited.  Plus it is very crowded in there.  I have to contort myself a lot, and I really hate that.  Nevertheless, I am making slow progress.

All of this, including shelving, will take more than a day.  I will rest between work periods, and do a little blogging so that I can maximize my time.

13:45  :

This is the hot part of the day.  If you didn't get it done earlier, fuggedaboutit.   The a/c is still running too much.  My experiments for cutting back on that have not been successful.

The bedroom is too hot.  I may need to do something about that, doggone it.

22:00 :

It is not easy to get into and out of the bed as it now configured.  Not to mention that it is more comfortable in the living room.

6.21.17, 14:00 :

Made some slight improvements, and now it is easier to get into and out of bed.  It could be better, but I have to come up with an idea that works.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Elon Musk's Vision for Mars Colonization

Wild.  Here's another one in case you are bored, and have nothing else to do.

Al Fin: Even in Gas-Rich USA, Nuclear Energy is the Future

alfin2101 posted: " Nuclear demand is high where air pollution is at its worst and where economic activity is fast and furious — in Asia generally, and in China and India in particular... China and India are building half of the 60 new reactors under construction worldwide"

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mueller’s Firing Squad – Lunch Alert!

Mueller’s Firing Squad – Lunch Alert!


These appointees have connections to the Clintons.  For Heaven sake, people.  This has to be deep sixed.

Tethering with my phone

Never tried anything like this before.  My cell phone is now connected to my desktop, which I haven't used online for almost a year.  It is giving all kinds of weird responses, but otherwise seems to be okay.

It may not be advisable to do this, but I like sitting in my easy chair, and typing in a post with a reasonably behaving keyboard.    Maybe the rest of this setup in not the best, but at least it can touch type, which is more than what I can say for that little laptop I have got.

I don't know if I will use this setup very much.  I am still checking it out.

Not impressed with so-called conservative columnists

Kurt Schlichter  is supposed to be a conservative.  But this Townhall article presents arguments that do more harm than good.  Conservatives need to be smarter than the Dems, and this doesn't do it.

If we are going to go by the rule of law, why not start with the Constitution itself?  That is about as conservative a source as you can get.  If you stick by that, how can you go wrong?

Article Four of the Bill of Rights prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.  Seems that an investigation of a matter that is not criminal is not probable cause.  Secondly, to the argument that a higher standard must apply to public figures, it cannot mean that these people are not entitled to the same protections as any other citizen.  The power of the unfettered state is frightening, and is precisely why we have a Bill of Rights in the first place.  It must include public figures as well.  Thirdly, an impartial jury is also guaranteed under the Bill of Rights--- see Article Six.  How can anybody not affiliated with the Democrats get a fair trial in the nation's capitol when over ninety percent of the residents there vote Democrat?

Schlichter is right when he says that impeachment is a political act.  Seems like that was mentioned in the Federalist papers.  Absolutely this is where the process must begin and end, unless there is a conviction in the Senate.

But what is to stop Mueller from prosecuting Trump even though that is not in accordance with precedent?  If Mueller can bring an indictment in a highly partisan district, then what is to stop Mueller from putting Trump on a show trial?  It is already a questionable investigation with no evidence of a crime having been committed.  What is to prevent a politically motivated trial, except an adherence to the Constitution?  But if Mueller insists upon continuing in the absence of evidence, what stops him from cooking up some pretended offense?  Practices like this is why the colonies broke from the King of England, and set up the United States in the first place.  Have we lost track of our history?

Not everybody has forgotten our history.  But many in Washington DC seem to have forgotten it, or want to disregard it.

But don't let the conservatives be the ones to forget.  Conservatives need to remember and defend our culture and our history.  Otherwise they are no better than the Democrats, who seem to favor a lynch mob mentality, without respect for the rights of the accused, nor the rights of those who disagree with authority---see the First Amendment.


Crazy idea ... updated, originally posted 6.11.17

Not too much to write about right now.  The news is insane, as usual.  Not worth commenting upon.

I did my screen, but I'd like to improve upon it, if possible.  An idea struck me to glue aluminum foil to the boards so as to keep the sun off the things that are keeping the sun off the trailer.  Why?  Maybe it will help, and not cost very much.

What the heck?  Nothing much to do right now, so go for it.


I bought some gorilla glue, and I am using it to attach the foil to the remaining board I didn't use for the screen.  This is an experiment to see how well the foil will hold onto the board, and how well the foil will hold up to conditions outside.

If all goes well, I may integrate this idea into my next section of screen.

The first section seems to be working out okay, but it is still using too much a/c.

20:40 :  

It should be noted that this is really a power and electricity lab, so it is now converted into an off the grid post.

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This post will go into the Power and electricity sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

The glue seems to stick well enough, but after some thought, it doesn't appear to be worth it to me to go through all that trouble for what will likely not be a very useful exercise.

The reason is that the boards do not get all that hot.  I checked during the hot part of the day.  Although the board was warm on the sunny side, it wasn't hot.  Also, it was noticeably cooler on the dark side.  Therefore, I think the boards are doing a very good job at blocking the heat from the sun.

So, the heat is likely coming from the parts of the trailer not covered.  However, I do not want to cover them all.  Instead, I would like to try something different for those.

I looked into some misting systems that I think may work off my bilge pump that I was using for my passive heater system, which isn't being using at present.  The thing that might screw this up is the lack of pressure.  The misting system probably requires a decent amount of water pressure.

Also, I would like to use the rainwater for the misting system on the exterior as I am using on the interior with the swamp cooler.

But the water isn't really clean, and I worry about the dirt clogging up the misting thingies.

What I wanted to do was to get a sand filter, which could cost a couple hundred.  That's a lot for just cleaning up some water.  However, it might include a stronger pump, so there's that.

Finally, lest there be any confusion on why this is in the power and electricity subseries, note that if these experiments succeed, it will significantly decrease the amount of power needed to operate a household out there off the grid.

BTW, I spent some time looking at a Chevy Volt as a possible source of electricity.  But that idea doesn't appear to be a good one.  I was hoping that the significant amount of power in those batteries could be used somehow without having to do very much in the way of modifications.  Looks like that isn't the case.

Update 6.13.17, 7:10 :

The misting kit is on the way.  It will be used on the south end of the trailer, which is not covered.

I will try to use the bilge pump to make the misting apparatus work.

6.18.17, 9:30 :

I have had the misting kit for several days now.  One thing is certain, there is not enough pressure in the bilge pump in order to work it.  I am going to uninstall it, and reinstall it on the north end of the trailer where the bathroom is.  There is a water outlet there in which I can connect to a stronger source of pressure.  The mister should work better off of that.

As for the south end of the trailer, I will use a garden hose and sprayer with the bilge pump.  I tested it with a sprayer and an old garden hose.  The pressure isn't great, but it's significant enough to get a lot of the side wet.  This will aid in cooling it down.  Or we will see.  Such can be done at small cost, but a significant amount of work ahead.

19:27 :

Purchased a hose and a splitter type valve, which will facilitate use of the sprayer.  I will be able to connect an extra hose to the well water source, and control it separately from the other hose.  Each hose will have its own valve.

The procedure will be to shut off water to trailer, and turn on water to sprayer.  When spraying is done, reverse the procedure.

A pain in the butt, but will have to suffice for now.

6.19.17, 9 am :  

Installed the new configuration.  The mister doesn't do what I anticipated, but it may be useful as an area climate control device.  This may well be set aside for some future day.  At present, it seems most likely to be the sprayer, since it directs more water where you want it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Gotta be a bluff.  Some Democrats are warning that they will begin impeachment if Trump fires Rosenstein and Mueller.

It is a bluff because they cannot sell it to the GOP voter.  Never mind the GOP hacks in Congress.  The GOP hacks may not care what the GOP voter thinks, but have to care at least some of the time.  This is one of those times.

Therefore, fire both of them.  Rosenstein says Comey should be fired, then hires a special prosecutor to go after Trump for accusations without merit.  Good enough cause.  If Rosenstein doesn't think so, then he should be fired.

If the Dems can pull this off with GOP help, then these GOP office holders can kiss their jobs goodbye.

Update (s) 18:30 :

It appears that there must be an underlying crime before there can be a special counsel.  If that information is correct, then Rosenstein should be fired for cause on that alone.  Hell, he broke the law himself.

The appointment of Mueller under the special counsel statute is illegitimate. That's because the special counsel statute can only be triggered if there's an underlying criminal probe. News to the world: There ain't no underlying crime.

The fourth amendment to the US Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizures, and all warrants have to be based upon probable cause.  There is no probable cause here.

22.15  :

But then again, if this is a gangster type effort, then the gangsters won't care about legalities.  Remember that there is a dead man that nobody seems interested in.   If the gangsters go all out, they may even try an assassination.

What I am saying is that we may be on the verge of a coup.  Not a fake coup, but a real one.  As long as this goes on, they may strike in the middle of chaos, and then blame it on something else.  They have the media.  They can spin it any way they like, and get people to accept it.

Original post 6.17.17, updated 6.18.17 , 14:25 :

After reading a piece this morning, on Atlantic I think, I think these bozos really intend to take down Trump.  Funny thing, even they don't think he's guilty of a crime.  Nope.  This is political, and they really think they can do it.

How might they do it?  If Mueller decides to prosecute the sitting POTUS, there will be a situation here in which they may claim something to  the effect that a criminal is in the White House, and demand his resignation.

A kangaroo court can get an indictment and conviction.  See Scooter Libbey.

The GOP and POTUS must take this seriously, or they may force a crisis, and then a lot of bad things may start happening.

How does a Navy ship get hit like this?

There's questions being asked, but there ought to be some heads rolling after this one.

In the movie, the Cain Mutiny, it was a big deal just to cut the cable of a target being towed.  This expensive ship in real life was nearly sunk.

How did the ship manage to get itself T-boned?  Aren't Navy ships more agile than big container ships?  Hope this is not another case of incompetence.  If it isn't incompetence, it is malfeasance these days.

What the hell is going on?

"Moonshot" feasibility continued...

This post will fit into my off-the-grid "subseries" of posts.  It will be classified under the general subcategory.  It can read end to end by following the links, or the entire series can be accessed through the table of contents post.

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In my last post, I expressed some doubt about continuing with my plans.  Not too long ago, I decided to continue for the time being.

So, I continue making my preparations, with an eye towards making the move out there.  I want to be sure that my health is really okay before I get too serious about it.  At the moment, the move is on hold, with everything else I do as a sort of laboratory to continue to study it as a feasible goal to pursue.

The idea of buying a fuel cell to make water is out of reach financially.  I would need to be able to absorb a disappointment if it didn't work out.  Therefore, it is way too risky to go that route for now.

Lately, I have been considering the purchase of a Chevy Volt, for the purpose of using its considerable battery and charging power to power my trailer while I am not driving.  This is also expensive.  A used Chevy Volt is well over ten grand, and I don't really have that kind of money to spend on cars at this time.  But I do have two vehicles, each of which could be sold for the money necessary to get this kind of car.  But it wouldn't pay for all of it.

The car wouldn't be useful to the extent that I would like.  It does have 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacles that could connect to my battery powered systems, and that in turn could provide plenty of help to power my systems.  It is not what I would like, in the fuel cell mode, but would at least be useful for transportation.  Something to consider going forward.

I do have a trailer still in my van.  It needs to be assembled.  Number One doesn't like this trailer, because it would need a lot of work to firm it up.  Mainly welding.  Well, I have a lot of time.  Maybe I could learn to weld, and do it myself.

Okay, that's all for now.

original post, 6.15.17, updated on 6.18.17 :

No Chevy Volt.  It is a bit absurd to consider spending that kind of money when I simply do not have it.  I can get a simple propane generator for less than a grand.  That will be sufficient.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mueller has appointed "all-stars" to prosecute Trump

According to Vox, the President may have a problem.  When I read this, it is like they are only interesting in winning, not in pursuing justice.

Do these people really believe that Trump did anything of any consequence?  The only thing that I can see is that he challenged the power structure.  It is this same overpowering power structure that is now turning on him.

How can a billionaire be at a disadvantage?  If you are going up against the government, with its virtual unlimited resources, it doesn't matter who you are.

Here's the  government being used to subvert the will of the people.  Plain and simple.  Whenever you vote the wrong way, the government is there to set you straight.

Believe me, this looks like Goliath setting out for David.  Whether or not Trump can be David, and kick Goliath's ass--- well, he's done so this far.

Update (s) 12 :00 :

Yes, you can see this one coming a mile away.  Once you accept a false premise, then here comes the next one.  The false premise here is that they were going to investigate "collusion".  Well, by that time, they already had done that out the wazoo.  What they really want was to go after the President on a process crime.  Yeah, and they don't even have that.

I'm sorry, but too many people on the GOP side are taking this much too lightly.  On the other side, you've got Mueller appointing all-star legal beagles.  You are going to wake up one day, and Hitler will have you backed up against the sea.  Will you have time to regroup?  Maybe not.

They tried to rig an election, and failed.  However, it may be easier to rig a trial.  Just sayin'.

Who are they trying to convince?

This anti-Trump screed is pretty much the normal thing these days.  Checking out the comments shows that it has the reverse intention of the author--- it convinced nobody.

So, who are they writing for?  People who have already made their minds up about Trump?  Nobody is going to change their minds based upon reading something like this.

You love him or you hate him.  There doesn't appear to be much of a middle ground.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Wendy Davis: Surgically Constructed “Human Barbie Doll”? ...updated

The Real Wendy Davis

Most people — at least those without a plastic surgeon on retainer — do not become more good looking as they age from their late 20s to their early 50s.

Yeah, the pictures tell the story.  She went from very, very average to good looking as she got older.  Something doesn't compute.

original post on 7.2.13, Updated on 6.6.17:

The real Human Barbie commented upon this post.  Thought that was worth a repost.


This looks a little like the Lady Gaga look in the music video Bad Romance.  Did Lady Gaga take the look from Human Barbie, or did Human Barbie take the look from Lady Gaga?

Only the hairdresser knows for sure.  ( you may not recognize that old line. )

Che, Alexandria, and the Radical Left - by Robert Ringer

Che, Alexandria, and the Radical Left - by Robert Ringer: It’s only fitting that Wednesday, the day of the Alexandria shooting rampage by a Radical Left extremist, was the 89th birthday of mass murderer Che Guevera. Che has long been a hero to the Radical Left, especially those lost souls who occupy — literally — our college campuses. To them, the American flag represents evil, …


A commenter to this post suggested this bumper sticker:

"Radical Leftist Shoot Conservatives and then Propose to Take Guns Away from Conservatives to Fix the Problem"
Sound familiar?

Requiem to the dinosaurs Updated..6.16.17

Today is Columbus Day, sort of.  It is October 11th and a Monday,
so it is more convenient to have a 3 day weekend, and set the
"holiday" on the wrong day.  Columbus Day is the 12th of October.
In case anyone bothered to notice.  Note that I used scare quotes
on the word holiday because Columbus Day is not exactly a holiday
in some quarters these days.

Tomorrow is the real Columbus Day, but does anyone remember what
happened 10 years ago?  The USS Cole was attacked and nearly sunk
on that day by terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda.  It was probably
no accident that the terrorists chose this date.  In their worldview, that
day was the day that Western Civilization was on the ropes and managed
to get off the ropes.  Not only that, Columbus Day was the day that
Western Civilization began its ascent to dominance.  And their world
began its own descent into near irrelevance.

Columbus Day amongst our multiculturalist liberals is also a dark day,
a day that the noble savages had their paradise taken away from them.
To them, it is an ignoble celebration of American triumphalism.  It
was the beginning of the destruction of the environment.  It meant
slavery, colononialism, and world subjection to Western Civilization.
To them celebrating Columbus Day is approval of racism, bigotry, and

But that almost didn't happen.  The Vikings were in the New World.
Some Polynesians got pretty close.  In Mining the Sky, John S. Lewis points
out a that not long before Columbus set sail in 1492, the Chinese explorers
were on the move.  But the Chinese suddenly stopped their explorations, and
Columbus got his chance.  But Columbus was a failure.  He wasn't trying
to find the New World, he was just looking for a shortcut to China.  If
you look at it that way, Columbus just got lucky.  What's so triumphant
about that?

Was there anything good about the discovery of the New World?  Or is it
bad because of who did it?  Or is it bad because of why it was done?

If you honestly look at it at all angles, you have to believe it is more
good in it than bad.  And therefore, it is worth celebrating.  The New World
wasn't a Paradise.  The Chinese are more triumphalist than Western Europe
ever thought about being.  Finally, if Columbus didn't discover the New
World, Islam would have conquered Western Europe.  Does anyone believe
that Western Civilization is really worse than the rest?  Only those who
are just as triumphalist themselves would have such a notion.

Rather than being triumphalist, why not celebrate the progress that was
achieved?  But there are those who don't believe that there has been any
progress.  Those would be the radical environmentalists amongst others.
They would have us living like the horse cultures of the American plains.
In harmony with nature.  Except the horses didn't arrive until the Spanish
arrived.  And the noble savages weren't so noble as we are led to believe.

Even if you don't think it is progress, then what about just staying alive?
If we try to go back to the past, a lot of people would have to die.  The
world just won't support this many people unless we have the technology.
If the technology is bad, and is rejected, the world will sink into a new
dark age.  But would there be a new Renaisance?  We may not get the chance.
This is a theme of Tsiolkovsky's Imperative.  We must go forward with space
exploration.  The alternative that awaits us could be the fate of the
dinosaurs.  An asteroidal collision wouldn't just be the end of Western
Civilization, it could be the end of life on this planet.

Originally posted on 10.11.10, Updated 6.16.17 :

A song popped up in my head, the theme from MASH.  It is called Suicide is Painless.

I correlated this with Western Civilization.  Western Civ seems to be committing suicide
on a large scale.  Maybe even a song like this is a invitation to suicide as some sort of
solution for the trials of life.

If Western Civ is like the dinosaurs, and on the way out, perhaps it should be retitled to
a Requiem for Western Civilization, with this song as its theme song.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: We're all feeling a sense of horrified unity after the shooting at the Republican baseball team yesterday, I'm struck by how lucky ...


Posts like this seem reasonable to certain people, not to me.  It seems a bit wishy-washy.  If the left is going to encourage political violence, and they have, then they MUST be held responsible for it.  Maxine Watters has said some pretty inflammatory things in the past.  Why not censure her?  The running mate for Hillary has said that they should take to the streets.  Okay, if your potential veep is saying that kind of thing, then why not censure him for it?

Then you have the Seth Rich murder.  Can anyone at least connect the dots that we have a serious problem with the Democrat Party?  At least consider the possibility that political violence is at least encouraged, and that includes MURDER.

Soft pedaling this is not the ticket.

Thank You, Gentleman Jim - by Robert Ringer

Thank You, Gentleman Jim - by Robert Ringer: The most overarching picture of last week’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearings is that Gentleman Jim Comey — the former FBI chief — came across as just another disgruntled ex-employee seeking revenge. He need not worry, however, because he’s a shoo-in for a multimillion dollar book deal and many high-paid speeches for years to come — …


Ringer is no never-Trumper, but his support of Trump has boundaries.  Indeed, some of this piece seems directed at a yearning for Pence in the White House.  Sorry, I cannot agree.  If you let Pence happen by way of impeachment and removal from office, Pence will be stained as well.  Pence needs to get there by way of an election in his own right.  Not by this way that seems to be underway now.

Don't know what to say about this

There is an explosion of rhetoric on the conservative side after this latest shooting news.  What is the most important thing to remember about it?

Not gun control, that is for sure.  If your political opponent starts shooting at you, you don't unilaterally disarm.  That would make no sense at all.

It seems that many on the left are disavowing this violence, while at the same time, they seem to be encouraging it.  Perhaps they should decide on how it really is, and then go with that, hmmm?  After saying the GOP is evil after all these years, then why should any of them be surprised when some unhinged nut starts shooting?

But if they want to shoot, let 'em shoot.  As long as those being shot at are willing to support the rule of law, the truth, and Western Civilization, then shoot back!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More about Seth Rich murder case

Saw this on Free Republic.

It gets more and more strange the more you hear about it.  Video cams covered the intersection in which it happened, but no video exists?

Update (s), 19:10 :

Again, we see how the left goes bonkers over gun violence when it suits them, and stone cold quiet  when it doesn't.  A shooting in DC today by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter.


Can Western Civilization escape from it?

Perhaps I am na├»ve.  I think that people have this appetite for truth.  Give people the truth, and they have the chance to do the right thing.  Hide the truth well enough, and there may not be a chance.

So what is truth?  Clearly, anything that is said without the intention to gain from it, and with the possibility of losing something from having said it, cannot be far from it.

Lies have the property of a gain attached to it.  A person lies in order to gain something.

Corruption cannot exist in the sanitizing atmosphere of truth.

Does the truth matter anymore? updated 6.14.17

It looks to me like it doesn't.  If the truth mattered, people would want to know about Muslim Brotherhood connections in Hillary land.  If the truth mattered, they would be able to discern that this so-called rule about not criticizing Gold Star parents is completely bogus.

But according to the news media, provided that you can believe their reporting, people have strangely decided that this information about the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't matter.

I don't know if it is the propaganda that is producing this result or not.  Are the people just too lazy and gullible to see through this for what it is?  Or is it the kabuki theater effect?

Kabuki theater is a drama that always leads to a predetermined outcome, but that outcome is supposedly in doubt when it never is.  Trump is supposed to be a good boy and fall on his sword because he is the bad guy, and the good guys always win.  Only the GOP can be evil.  Dems are always the good guys.  It's the GOP who insist on being labelled the bad guys, so they always lose.

Trump hit a soft spot with the Dems/Rino globalists clique ( They desperately need him to shut up.  He is upsetting the kabuki theater plot.)  For the GOP's part, they should back Trump because he raised a vital issue- they won't because that would mean that they are serious about winning, which they are not.  For if we cannot be courageous enough to ask about these connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, we risk our future.  This is no small question.  It is VITAL to continue talking about it.  To not raise it means that we are a non-serious people.

The media is framing this in a way that is not correct.  Basically, they are pulling the wool over the eyes of the public.

[ after a pause of several hours while I was working...]

There sure are some nervous nellies in the GOP camp.  The key to this story is that they think they can hound Trump out of this race:

Still, some Republicans are quietly considering the arcane mechanics of what would happen to the party's ticket if Trump was to leave the presidential race.
Seriously, why would he consider leaving the race?  Are they going to try to talk him into leaving?

The group of GOP heavyweights hopes to enlist the help of Trump's children - who comprise much of his innermost circle of influential advisers - to aid in the attempt to rescue his candidacy

This is nothing but a gutless bunch of wimps in a panic.  They are scared shitless of the media and the Democrats.  This Gold Star family flap is an opportunity, not something to get scared of.  If they are going to be this scared of the Democrats, they may as well pack it all in.  They will never win again.

original post, 8.3.16, Updated, 6.14.17 , 11:00   :  

Couldn't help but notice how little things change.  You could substitute the current "investigation" of Trump for the Gold Star family flap last year.  Same tune, different verse.  There's no truth in it.  The truth is not in these people.

But they'll say that Trump lies.  Whatever Trump says is nothing compared with what these dudes are doing.  The attempt to run him out of office is not justice.  It is a betrayal of justice.

Wow. Let's start eating "grub" steak

Insects are said to be much more efficient at turning feed into "meat".

Man, let's have some of that good old fashioned efficiency.

Can't wait for my grub steak. /sarc

Of course, the Al Gores of the world will still fly in their big planes, live in their huge mansions, and eat their "real" steaks.

That's cuz they're different.

Why would a murder investigation be halted in DC?

In order to answer that question, you may need to consult with some basic civics.  Washington DC is actually under the jurisdiction of the Congress.  Congress in turn, has delegated governance to the locals.  However, it is still under jurisdiction of Congress.

So, that raises some interesting questions.  For example, why would the murder of Seth Rich not be fully investigated?  Why would the investigation be halted?  How can this be explained?

This may strike some people as tin foil hat kind of stuff, but I don't care.  Just open your eyes a bit, and see for yourself.  Poll after poll says that there's something wrong with the track the country is on, and why not look at something like this?  Could there actually be a conspiracy to silence any attempt to get to the bottom of this murder?  Why would Congress not intervene if there was something fishy going on in their own town?  After all, it is Congress' town.  The US Constitution has empowered Congress to run it.  If something is wrong, why don't they clean it up?

Now ask yourself this question:  if they won't clean it up, is it perhaps because it would not serve their interests to do so?  Is there any rule of law in Washington DC?

To put this another way, we could have an organized crime mentality in DC.  If someone steps out of line, they will be whacked.  Then to explain why this murder isn't being investigated, one has to accept the possibility that this situation is now the reality in Washington DC.  If so, the rest of the country has got to clean it up, because they won't, or can't.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A case that can "blow up" the Deep State

Says the guy in this video.

He goes through some connections here that are shocking, or maybe not so shocking if you are cynical enough.

There's enough here to convince people that this business about going after Trump is really a diversion from the real story.  A political hit job.

Try to ignore some of the irrelevant stuff.  The key point is Wasserman-Schultz and who stopped the DC investigation into the murder of Seth Rich- her brother, who was in a position to do that.  Somebody had to do that because that is what happened.   There was a murder and the investigation was stopped.  Why??????

There are a lot of "convenient" connections here.  Rich was a Sanders supporter, and would have a reason to be disgruntled about Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie.  Wasserman-Schultz was head of DNC when this was going on.  She resigned presumably because of the WikiLeaks "revelations" but everybody in the know already knew that the nomination was rigged in Hillary's favor.  She left because it was too much attention being focused on her and this murder.

Meanwhile, the dog keeps chasing his tail, and doesn't bark.  People, you need to wake up.  The Deep State is attempting a coup de tat.

Update (s):  19:21 :

Sean Hannity got in on this, but has since backed off.  Here's the thing:  you have to go after the facts, and what are those?

I have been looking on YouTube.  It doesn't look like a good place to look, because people are trying to hype their information.  So, information may be hard to come by.

One thing that did turn up was that there were a lot of cameras in the neighborhood where Seth Rich was shot.  Now, I remember somewhere that videos existed of the murderer(s).  Maybe they do, maybe they don't.  But it is plausible that some videos may be out there.  Also, that the perps had to go a certain way, because there were people in the other possible ways out of the neighborhood that didn't see the perps.  So, they kinda to know where to look for videos.

There's plenty to be suspicious about with respect to this case.  People who try to downplay it are a bit suspicious themselves as far as I am concerned.  Conspiracy theorizing?  What do you call what is happening to Trump?  There is actually a crime here, but after months of looking, nobody has a crime in the Russian thing.  Which one should get the attention based upon the actual evidence presented thus far?

Senate seeks Comey info said to be given to Mueller

Senate seeks meeting with Mueller to get info that Comey said he gave to Mueller.

What happens if Mueller says he hasn't got anything?  Maybe the dog we weed on it.

Fire Mueller?

The thing that caused me to change direction a bit on this blog, was the hiring of Mueller in the first place.  I had to disengage with the media a bit, because it was affecting me to the point that I wanted a neck between my hands.  Not good.

So, after nearly a month with this clown in the office, there is some talking of removing him.

Powerline addresses this with a series of posts, in which I am now reading.  He starts off by saying no, don't fire him.  He says it will stir up another hornet's nest.  At this point in time, personally I don't give a hoop in Hades if it did.  But I have no say in the matter.  I wish Trump would, if for no other reason than to stir up the poop.  Let them have their best shot.  I don't think they can pull it off anyway.

In his second post in the series, he offers that firing Mueller might hand the 2018 election to the Democrats.  Maybe.  At this point, I don't friggin' care.  At this point, I want an all-out confrontation with these people.  But of course, that is not likely.  The author cannot state any good reason for having Mueller stay on, so why keep him?  Because of the fear of an election outcome?  The entire point for having Mueller there is to harm Trump anyway.  Why not just get rid of the clown?

The most recent of the series lays out some legal arguments for firing Mueller.  Oh, well.  The only legal reason Trump needs is that he doesn't like him and therefore, he should go.

Does Trump want to be POTUS or not?  Then act like one.

Did Comey lie to Congress?

It appears that he did, according to a piece by Powerline blog and cited by Rush Limbaugh.

To put it briefly, Comey claimed in sworn testimony before Congress that he didn't make memos in other administrations like he did against Trump.  He made extensive notes of meetings with POTUS George W. Bush.

Now…It’s Trump Vs. Comey – Lunch Alert!

Now…It’s Trump Vs. Comey – Lunch Alert!

Morris says in such a confrontation, Trump holds the cards.

I guess we'll see.

Monday, June 12, 2017

You never know who you can meet out there...Updated 6.12.17

There was an interesting conversation today on the job.  A man who works in the power plant business was complaining about the current president.  He was talking about the shut down of the coal fired plants his employer owns.  They can clean up the plants, he says, but other options are cheaper.

He surprised me a bit when he said that the emissions coming out of the coal fired plant are cleaner than the air that goes into it.  Even with the carbon dioxide produced by the combustion of coal.  They capture it and make useful products out of it.

Nope, the big problem now is with the ash.  So, I mentioned Thorium.  He never heard of it.  I told him what I found out about Thorium- that the coal ash has more energy potential in it than the coal it came from.  That seemed to get his attention.

I don't know if he follows up on what I told him, but I suppose it is one way to spread the word about Thorium.


He might have been talking about this, too.  It sounds a lot like the same story he was telling me.  Unfortunately, I don't recall the specifics.

"Clean coal" is definitely possible, but not if the environmentalists run the show.

originally posted on 7.6.16updated 6.12.17 :  

Funny how this is playing out.  Just like I told the guy.  That there is more energy potential in the Thorium than in the coal.  But not only the Thorium, but wherever you find Thorium, you also find rare earths.  It so happens that there is now an effort to mine coal ash for rare earths.

Comey testimony Dissected

Sharyl Attkisson does the honors.

She says that Comey's reason for the leak of the memo did not make sense.

If there were tapes, as Comey said, then the tapes would corroborate his position better than his memo.  Then, why leak the memo?

Comey - Mueller Deep State Tag Team

Now that Russian "collusion" is discredited, shut down the Special Counsel

It is already ranging past its mandate.  No 'need' for it anymore.

Updated on 6.12.17: Review--The Liberty Amendments: Amend the Constitution--to Save It

Note:  The system in DC is broken.  Perhaps it is time to consider changing the system to something else.  This does not have to be a partisan effort.  It seems that the Dems have a motive to get behind it too.

original post ( 8.13.13 )follows below:

Breitbart  via Instapundit

Levin's The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, released Aug. 12, is an ambitious plan to save the American political experiment from the encroachments of big government in Washington, D.C.


Levin calls for a constitutional convention.  I agree.  In fact, I did this myself on this here blog.  Glad that he agrees.  Maybe Limbaugh will start pushing it.


A discussion of the possible downside of a "con-con"---- a runaway convention.

Update 5.5.17:

Texas become 11th state to call for an Article V convention of states.  Only 11?

Update 6.12.17 :

News.  The number is now 12.

Is it possible that a lot of what we all talk about is driven by the news?  What I mean is that what may be preferable is to do something to control the media.  Some may cite first amendment concerns, but this largely seems overblown to me.  The media is way the hell out of control, and tries to drive everything in a certain direction.  If they are going to do this, then the media should not be owned by a publicly traded corporation, either directly held, or indirectly held.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Yes, of course the GOP didn't ask tough questions

The GOP really doesn't want the truth, but wants to keep faking it.

Let's all act relieved that Trump wasn't in trouble, after all. (fakery)  But nobody asks the deeper questions.

Then, when someone does answer those questions, maybe we can talk about such silliness as James Comey.

It is all being spun as a Dem defeat, but is it really?

Mr. Hart

The title is somewhat misleading.  I was looking for the Professor to explain what the Socratic Method was, but this only shows Mr. Hart's difficulty with the Professor.  Okay, that's good enough.

The Socratic method from James Somers on Vimeo.
A brief clip from the film, The Paper Chase, to serve as an example of the Socratic method.

Obligatory, 6.9.17, Updated

Finally began work on my screen.  It is intended to keep some of the sun off the trailer, and therefore help with climate control.  It really gets hot in here, unless you run the a/c all of the time.  I want to do something to control that heat, and cut down on the a/c usage.

As of the moment, work has stopped because it is too hot, my feet are killing me, and I ran out of screws and nails.

I took a break to cool off and to plan for a trip to get some more supplies.  I didn't think I would run out of screws, but I didn't check close enough, I guess.

Maybe I will update this today.  If I feel up to it, I may finish up the job.  There's not all that much left to do.

Update :

Finished!  Time to celebrate.

6.10.17, 6.50 am :

A short blurb here.  Since I finished up at about nightfall, I didn't have much of an opportunity to inspect my work.  This morning, at the crack of dawn, I went outside, and had a look.  It looks sound, but not what I'd call professional.   That is okay, since I am definitely not a carpenter.

I am satisfied with it, construction wise.  Now, let's see if this thing will help control the heat.

Comey follies

How could anybody take James Comey seriously?  After last year?  Come on.  Comey was a media creation.  He is useful to them so that they could gin up ratings.  Nothing he could say could have any consequence.  People had to know this.  Therefore, they were just using the dude to pump up ratings.  If you were one of these people following it closely, you probably were let down a little or maybe a lot by what this guy didn't say.  Who do you blame for that?  Maybe the Russians.  /snark

Comey by his own admission is something of a putz.  You cannot take the guy seriously.

Hopefully, we can move on to more important matters.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

A hit song from the sixties.  That was supposed to be the swinging sixties.  Hmm.  Pretty innocent time, if you ax me.

Yes, I like the song.

U Can't Touch This --- MC Hammer

Here's the trouble with these clowns in DC.---  Democrats have the attitude that you see in this video.  They don't give a hoop about anything.  On the other hand, the GOP lets the Dems walk all over them for nothing.

If only for one minute we could get somebody in the White House who had an MC Hammer like attitude.  He'd say --- U can't touch this!  He'd make it stick too.  If Slick Willy can do it, so can anybody.

Hit the road, Jack!

If only we could tell the swamp creatures this, and they would actually do it.  Sounds like a dream, huh?

Hound Dog

Lots of those around here these days.

[ I'm at the washateria, where they have free wifi.  I wouldn't watch these videos on my own bandwidth.  See, you really can do something about your own problems without being a 'hound dog'.]

Obligatory, 6.8.17

Yesterday, I went to a doctor for a check up.  There still needs to be a blood test, so I have to go back into the big town near here.  While there, I will pickup my stuff I ordered yesterday.  Meanwhile, I won't be available for blogging for at least half of the day.

Not that I have been blogging all that much lately anyway.  The news media is ridiculous, so it really isn't worth responding to any of that junk.

There was something else that I thought of, but it is too much to attempt to post it for this morning on the fly, so to speak.  I hope I won't forget it, so this little blurb is a reminder to myself.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hitting a wall already... Updated 6.7.17

I'm spending a lot more time on my feet, and now they are hurting me a bit.  The burn on my butt still hurts, and now I am slowing down a lot.  It may well take a lot longer to make it through my list of things to do.

Now I managed to get the supposedly damaged phone working again.  Evidently, the Verizon guy couldn't get the phone to work either, and so they ought to be paying me to work there.

Anyway, I now have an extra phone I cannot use.

It is getting hot, and my shade won't be ready in time to avoid some heat.


Just read some news on Insty.  He asked if the GOP wants to hand the Congress back to the Dems.  Yes, I think that may well be a possibility.

Staying away from the news improves my mood, but moving around more makes more sore.  I'm a poet and don't even know it.

Update (s)  15:15:

Since I have some down time, some thinking is going in the screen porch/deck.  I think I can put it together with minimal effort by way of the following procedure.  I will make two 8x4x8 frames, which will be covered with metal on top, some fencing toward the sun, and screen all around.  There will be a deck that rises above ground level.

Now, each of the frames can be fabricated from 2x4's.  There will be four concrete pillars that set upon the ground.  The deck/porch will set upon these pillars. There will be posts rising from these pillars, and two of these posts will be attached to the side of the trailer, and two more posts four feet away from the trailer.

The prefabbed frames with be fastened to the posts, and to each other.  These won't be load bearing, so they should be strong enough.  The deck will have cinder blocks under a separate 2x4, which will run down the center part of the frame that comprises the floor area.  Finally, the deck is finished with 4x8 piece of plywood on top of the 2x4 prefabbed frame with 2x4 running down center supported by the cinder blocks.

The metal roof and rest is easy enough to visualize.

5.26.17, 3:36:

This project will be in two steps.  Each frame will be built separately.  I am doing it this way in order to determine the soundness of the plan.  If it appears sound, I will finish off with the other half.

In order to complete one frame, I will need the following materials:

4 4x4x 8' posts
4 concrete pillars
15 2x4x8' studs
4 cinder blocks

I have got leftover nails and screws from my shack project two years ago.

For the deck, I need a 4x8' by fairly thick piece of plywood sheet
For the roof, I need some corrugated metal, size available?
more 2x4's most likely for the roof, sides,  deck, and door (s)
sides will need sufficient metal screen, and some fencing planks

may need something to cut the screen to size, as I will need at least one door for access

5.27.17, 18:05:

adjustment to the materials list:

(2) 4x4x 8' posts  cost: 20 bucks
(2) concrete pillars:  15 bucks
(5) 2x4x8' studs:       20 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing planks:  25 bucks
straps and rope,               20 bucks
total                             100 bucks

The procedure is to nail the fencing planks to the studs, which are in turn, nailed to the posts.

The posts are sitting in the concrete pillars, and are connected to the trailer, the rope and straps secure it to the trailer.

It may be desirable to further anchor the screen to the ground via rebar and some concrete.  Not too sure that I need to do this.


Another concept just popped up into my head:  Don't do a screen at all.  Use a swamp cooler instead.  The idea here is to cool down the limited area in the bedroom as I did during the winter months.  The window can be opened, but there is no screen around it.  Don't want bugs, so I can make a screen around the window, and crack it open in order to admit air, if required.  May need to use outside air, but on humid days, I can run the dehumidifier and the swamp cooler inside the trailer.  Running both together will probably use less power than the air conditioner alone.

The materials for this are much simplified.  Will need 2x4's, perhaps as few as three.  Some screen, and I am in business.   Tack the screen into position after securing it against the trailer.  ( This may require a bit more planning )

Will need a swamp cooler though.

5.28.17, 8:58 :    

I am leaning towards just getting the swamp cooler, and letting the dehumidifier and the fan on the stove to move air outside.

This may use almost as much electricity as the a/c with uncertain results.  But I can use this as an opportunity to purify the water through the use of the two devices.  It is worth trying.  If it doesn't work, I can still build the other things.


Done!  Will be arriving on Friday.

5.29.17, 16:11 :

Considering this idea again.  Just have this urge to build something.  I shopped at the local hardware store today and found the stuff I could use.  Now it is up to three of these, but only part of this needs to be bought at a time.  Once emplaced, the posts can be taken down and used again.  Same with the pillars.

northwest side materials list:

(2) 4x4x 8' posts  cost: 20 bucks
(2) concrete pillars:  15 bucks
(5) 2x4x8' studs:       20 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing planks:  25 bucks
straps and rope,               20 bucks
total                             100 bucks

southwest side materials list:

reuse  4x4x 8' posts  cost: 0 bucks
reuse concrete pillars:  0 bucks
(5) 2x4x8' studs:       20 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing planks:  25 bucks
reuse straps, rope ,               0 bucks
total                             45 bucks

southeast materials list:

reuse  4x4x 8' posts  cost: 0 bucks
reuse concrete pillars:  0 bucks
(2) 2x4x8' studs:       8 bucks
(5) 6 ft fencing planks:  10 bucks
reuse straps and rope,               0 bucks
total                             18 bucks

Let's say I'm off by 30 bucks or so.  All three can be done for less than 200 bucks.  Is it worth it?  Maybe I should wait and see how the swamp cooler goes.

Update, 6.4.17,  6:41 :

Altered the materials list slightly

northwest side materials list:

(4) 1/2 x 2' rebar  cost: 8 bucks
(6) 2x4x8' studs:       24 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing boards:  25 bucks
straps and rope,               40 bucks
total                             97 bucks

The other two sides can reuse the straps and ropes.  One side can use screen instead of boards.  Still around 200 bucks.

The idea is to use the straps and ropes to hold the screening against the trailer.  It will sit on the group, and the rebar will help anchor it to the ground.

The thought just occurred to me that an extra 2x4 may be needed at about floor level so that the rope and strap can be even with the trailer.  If it weren't there, the rope would pull up on the 2x4 on the ground.

10:50 :

May do away with straps and rope.  Instead, pour a little concrete into some home made pads through which the rebar will pass.  These will act as a stand for the shade.  That means that the connections to the trailer will have to be stronger and capable of withstanding the wind.

This brings each side down to less than sixty bucks.  But there is a risk that the thing may not hold up.

I'd better think this one over for awhile longer.

...after a few moments the following idea occurred.  I can get an extra long board to put under the trailer and on top of the concrete pad.  This will give a wide base to the screen, and should be tough enough for the wind.

I will need concrete and two boards per side.  Two boards, four homemade pads.

What about awning repair ?  Well, I don't want to try it myself, and I don't want to hire somebody.

Looking at material list now:

most recent update 6.7.17, 19:08 :

Planning is advanced, I may order any time now, changes will occur to the list below only.

northwest side materials list:

(1) 1/2 x 4' rebar  cost: 4 bucks
(2) 1/2 x 2' rebar  cost: 4 bucks
(1) 2x4x10' boards   7 bucks
(4) 50 lb bag concrete 7 bucks
(6) 2x4x8' studs:       24 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing boards:  25 bucks

total                             71 bucks
Actual including tax was a little over 80 bucks.  Had to buy at lowes and home depot.

Done!  Will pick up tomorrow.

Rainwater experiment... updated 6.7.17

It has been raining  a bit here lately, so I am collecting the rainwater in a five gallon bucket.  The water is fairly clean looking, and tests out at less than 10 ppm of dissolved solids.  However, I don't think it a good idea to use it directly.

I got an idea to run it through a filter, but it is taking too much time.  Next thing was to add Clorox to it, and then run it through my commercial filters.  That may not be a great idea.  The Brita filter is slowing down, and the Zero water filter is doing something strange.  I tested the Zero water filter output, but it isn't a good number.  It actually is worse than the input.  Therefore, I think adding Clorox was not a great idea for the health of these filters.

At present, it remains to be seen if these filters are ruined.  If so, I will have an expense that I didn't anticipate.  Call it an expensive lesson.

Clorox treated water may need to sit awhile so that the clorine can dissipate out.  That could be the next experiment.

original post on 6.6.17, current time is 12 pm:

It definitely looks like the Zero water filter is messed up.  The clorine didn't dissipate out like I hoped.  It won't get water as clean.  As a consequence, I will use this filter for cleaning up the rainwater collected.  It will be utilized in the evaporative ( swamp ) cooler.  I won't miss this water, and it may actually get recycled up to a point.  That is because the a/c condensation water rolls down and collects in my rainwater bucket.

Zero water filters aren't cheap, so I can get more use out of it this way.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is there a method to the madness?

Betsy Newmark critiques the Trump presidency so far, and some aspects of it are not very good.  Now, if the Dems would concentrate their criticisms like Newmark just did, there would be a lot more trouble for Trump.

Actually, all the Dems are doing is keeping the Trump supporters with Trump and their own supporters with themselves.  It is tribalizing the politics, instead of governing the nation.

There's just no rhyme nor reason to it all, unless that is the only point.

Update (s) 6.6.17, 17:25 :

I must also mention that even if Newmark is totally correct, it is not a reason to blow up a good idea.  The travel ban is definitely a good idea.  If the terrorists can't get here, they can't do any harm.  Of course, we have to follow really dumb ideas, like invading other countries at great cost to lives and treasure, if those ideas are executed better. /sarc

Scotus should uphold the ban, or whatever it is you want to call it.

Travel ban, hell yes

These people.  They try to blame Trump for any of the terrorism, when it is their behavior that the jihadists are targeting.  It is their corruption, and their deviancies that are attracting the attacks.  Trump is not provoking it; but rather when we project weakness to the jihadists.  This makes them think that our civilization is ripe for the taking.  Unless the downward trajectory is altered, we are headed towards far more disorder and chaos.

What did the people of Europe do to be attacked?  Those attacks have occurred even before Trump was a candidate.

Here's a quote obtained via Barnhardt.  It is attributed to Osama bin Laden:

"Our  talks with the infidel West and our conflict with them ultimately revolve around one issue; one that demands our total support, with power and determination, with one voice, and it is: Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of  the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually? Yes. There are  only three choices in Islam: [1] either willing submission [conversion]; or [2] payment of the jizya, through physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or [3] the sword, for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live. The matter is summed up for every person alive: Either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.”
–Osama Bin Laden
(The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 42)

These people are like dogs.  If you act scared and run, they will chase you.  But if you confront them directly, the chase ends.  Either the dogs scatter, or they will have to be killed.  One by one.

Actually, Trump is rather mild.  He is rather like Bush in that regard.  We need to get tougher.

Update (s): 8:18 :  

Here's something that might work well enough to keep Trump in power, and give the world a choice between civilizational war, or a chance at peaceful coexistence ( for the meantime ).

Number one:  there cannot be the continuance of the idea that the Islamists have a right to our shores, or the right to push violence as a means of proselytization.   Therefore, all communications with Islamic nations should be monitored and / or censored for content.  That means Al Jazeera needs to be monitored and censored.  Also, all people attempting to enter must be extreme vetted according to Trump's proposals.  This includes European nations.  Those who do not wish to comply will have to be monitored themselves.

to be continued....

10:30 :  

Secondly, the Persian Gulf should be blockaded.  Only countries willing to cooperate with us will be allowed transit.  Mine the Iranian ports.   Do not let unfriendly regimes to get away with making war against us without our response.

If it causes the price of oil to rise, so be it.  We don't depend upon this oil anymore.