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Money madness drives the evil we see

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Well, one thing has changed, and that is that ISIS is getting their butts kicked.  But they did take credit for Vegas.  So, maybe they aren't getting their butts kicked, after all.

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It has long been a source of perplexity to me as to why this blog doesn't get traction.  All too often, people will judge the value of things by the popularity of it.  Consequently, without the pageviews, people may conclude there is little of value here.

If you look around and notice a few things, some of these websites seem to jump through hoops in order to get pageviews.  But why do this?  Pageview counts are the new Nielsen ratings:  they will command higher premiums from advertisers.  Thus it is a mad pursuit of pageviews, upon which they get paid.

Instead of pageviews, how about truth?  If truth is unpleasant, well, that might hurt pageviews.  We can't have unpleasant truths bothering people so they won't return to your website.

People want to be entertained, too.  They will like a bruising fight between people, even though they will say that they don't like the political fights in Congress.  That's what the polls say.  Let's come together, the polls seem to say, but the eyeballs reward the fights.  It is the eyeballs on the screen that gets the money, and thus gets all the attention.  If anybody says, hey we can solve this problem, well that just doesn't get the attention.  It isn't entertaining enough.  Like the song says--- "crap is king".  Entertainment is big business, you know.  You get crap because that is what you pay attention to.  They are giving you what you want, whether you acknowledge that or not, it is the truth of the matter.

Ah, the truth!  If only that DID matter.  It doesn't seem to matter anymore.  More important to get those ratings because that's where the money is.

This blog is about truth, but it doesn't get ratings.  People prefer the crap after all.

So, you people wonder why our society is falling apart.  Those who say the country is in good shape will say the stock market is doing well.  But what about ISIS?  ISIS must be good for business, since they sure don't want to actually do anything about it.  If they did want to do something about ISIS, they would endeavor to find the truth, but the truth is bad for pageviews, and bad for business.  So the last thing they want to do is to find the truth behind ISIS.  The stock market is doing well, so let's not worry about ISIS.

It is no long a source of confusion to me why this blog doesn't do well.  Nobody wants the truth.   They reward the crap with pageviews.  You can complain all you want about crap, but if it is money that you worship, you will never get anything else but crap.  Solutions to problems require some understanding of truth, not the denial of it.  The denial of truth is what brings the crap.  If you don't want crap, stop rewarding it with your eyeballs.

This blog doesn't take money.  But it won't do any good unless people pay attention to it.  But there's nothing you can do while crap is still king.  The crap is brought to you by the friendly sponsors.  Have a good day.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Quick Review of Why Things Are Falling Apart

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A re-visit of this post, which is almost five years old.   It impresses me with how good a job I did with the review.  That is to say, after studying the book a bit more closely, I cannot say that my review changes much.

An addition that I want to make with respect to what to do about it:  a lot of this right v. left stuff is what is holding us back.  This is what the powers-that-be use to keep us in check.

The people need to wise up to the political class, and start demanding answers.  But isn't that what this original post said?  Isn't that what the book says ( if you read it)?

the original post follows

For one thing, it is a long title.  I've been referring to this a "the book" in a series of blog posts thus far on this topic.  Just suffice it to say that the book is mostly about why things are falling apart.  The "what to do about it" is but one section out of six.

Most of the book is a hard read for me because I tend to want to remain optimistic about things as they are.  The book's main message flies right into the face of that.  According to this book, things are not going to stay as they are for much longer.

I began with the notion that I agreed that things are falling apart.  The book confirms that and much more- which to my chagrin, is not necessarily what I really wanted to believe.  What I wanted to believe, and still do, despite this book, is that we can work out our problems.  The thing that is missing is the will to do so.

The book isn't really political, but there is some political stuff in it.  Does it tend towards the right or towards the left?  Actually, neither.  However, those on the left may think the book is aimed directly at them.  In a way, it is.  That's because the dominant paradigm today is big government liberalism initiated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his New Deal.  But it may be noted that a lot of so-called conservative Republicans tend to like their big government too, and are therefore wedded to this paradigm as well.  The book also goes after capitalism, but does not extol socialism nor communism.  To the contrary, it is critical of these systems as well.

 The book's solutions tend in the Club of Rome, Limits to Growth genre.  That won't work with the modern day real conservatives who believe in limited government and economic growth.  I count myself as one of these, but not whole-heartedly so.  I would tend to agree that growth for growth's sake isn't the way to go.  But to eschew all growth and accept sharp limits is not my cup of tea either.

Yet, some of his ideas are plain old common sense, which I've heard is not held in high esteem amongst some on the left or the elite in general.  I agree, they don't seem to have much common sense.  The difference is that they are actually proud of that, which shows all the more how cock-eyed they are.  This book hits them squarely in the groin, but it also hits everybody else squarely in the groin.

He gives short shrift to technological solutions.  He seems to deny that these will prove to be helpful in the long run.  I disagree.  I think there are technologies that could help but are being blocked by the same self-interested elite that he is so often critical of in this book.

On the whole, it is an excellent read.  It will challenge you to the maximum.  If you are one of those people who sneer at common sense or believe in your ideology like it is a religion or something, you will not like this book.  You may even hate it.  But that may be the crux of the problem.  People have to realize that there's a problem here, and denying it won't help us solve it.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Homemade and designed solar water distiller

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Originally posted 10.06.17, updated on,

I am considering adding some copper tubing as a condenser.  How much would be necessary, and how can I make this as simple as possible?

I hate complications.  Especially when I have to execute them.  Simplicity is tough enough.

It comes in coils, so if I leave it in a coil while gradually let it rise higher.  It would have to be supported somehow.  Also, any condensation must drain back where it is supposed to go, not back into the water that I want to clean up.

Can put a separator at the end, with gravity sending the condensate into a collection bottle.  It can be like a gutter that runs from the top part of the distiller, down to where I want to separate the dirty water from the area where the condensate drains into it.  About a foot long piece of metal bent in half will do the trick.


An idea sprang up in my mind.  Why use plywood?  I can use 2x4x8' studs.  Cut them down to the size needed, and enclose an area that will hold about nine gallons of water.

I think the idea could work, so now I can think of how to optimize it.  What I mean is to add a condensation chamber to it, like the linked youtube presentation below.

Would it be worth it to circulate cold water through a tube, and let the hot moist air condense around that tube, thus increasing the output?  No.  Actually, you don't need to circulate water at all.  Just the air.

You could have a Styrofoam cooler attached to the distiller.  Hot moist air will be conducted into the cooler, but enclosed, as the moist air would be inside a tube that connects the distiller and the cooler.  The tube would be submerged inside the cooler, and the air would be circulated through the tube and back into the distiller to be reheated by the sun.  As the hot moist air cools, it will condense inside the tube, and can be collected.

This setup would require but a small amount of electricity to run the fan that circulates the air.


11:30 am:

Here is a professional looking application of this idea.  This version is demonstrated in a four part series on youtube.   Frankly, I do not want the kinds of complications he has, but some of his ideas are worth a try on my own system.

For example, he has a condensation chamber.  It is made of metal and attaches to the back of the basin.  There is also a mirror that will concentrate solar energy into the water, thus heating it up.

9 am:

More thinking on this has produced an upgrade upon the design.  The amount of air inside of the distiller is too high, meaning the performance is likely to be disappointing.  Consequently the design now is for the triangle to be cut down to a few inches instead of a foot high.

If I keep this up, it might get built before Christmas.  Hmm.  That was joke, but Christmas is just a couple months away now.

the original post follows :

This idea has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks now.  Time maybe to give it a shot?  Here is a preliminary design.  It is simple, but hopefully not too simple that it overlooks some important points.

I want to use the sun's energy and the earth's gravity in order to purify water, so it can be used over and over again.  Pardon the crudity of the drawing.  Perhaps there is a prettier way of doing it, but I don't care about such details.

I should add that the smaller enclosure should be tilted so that the condensed water will drain towards a small hole at one end.

This will require another inch piece be cut lengthwise so that it will fit inside the enclosure.  This will provide the tilt necessary so that the distilled water can drain out.

The enclosed area should hold 7 square feet  times 7/8 inch, which is about a 1/2 cubic foot, which in turn is about 7 and a half gallons divided by two.  Since the materials can make two of these, it can process up to 7.5 gallons of water at a time.

Phil Collins: Don't care anymore

Running out of data again.  This is posted using free wifi. 

Heard this song on the radio yesterday.  What if everybody thought like this?  All the time, I mean.

Or maybe we are there already.  Listen how people talk.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Grandfather of Alt-Science

Free Republic


Interesting read.  What caught my attention about Vitamin C, was that this guy thinks it helps cancers to grow.  In other words, if he is right, then my taking Vitamin C is a bad idea.

Not so sure who is right.  But I know from my own experience that it does seem to help with hypertension.

By the way, my experience with taking large doses of Niacin is that it seems to help with cholesterol.  Maybe there is something to be said for vitamins.  However, maybe not.

Generally speaking with regards to this article, I think guys like this may be easy to marginalize.  The trouble with conservatism is that it is like that, it is too easy to marginalize.

Don Surber: Fake News on Obamacare

Don Surber: Fake News on Obamacare: Maybe we should call the Fake News that CBS, CNN, NBC, and other spread like wildfire what they really are. Bleating Democratic talking po...


Actually, the point was made that Congress has already repealed the law by not funding it---years ago.  The Court has affirmed that, so any payment of subsidies is actually illegal.  But Obama was doing that anyway.

Now I wonder if the healthcare.gov can actually offer policies with a subsidy, if the subsidies are not paid.  Who pays them, then?  Or will the insurance companies drop out?  How can these be offered, if there's no subsidies?

No use going to court, as the court has already decided it.  No subsidies, unless Trump pays them, which he is now refusing.  All Trump is doing is following the law.

We shall see what we shall see.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The media is not about the truth

Ann Coulter goes after the media again.  Not that I disagree, but why give them credit for any integrity?  Even a nitwit can have integrity.  You can be dumb and honest at the same time.  It's just that the media isn't honest.  I won't speculate about their intelligence.

The media doesn't tell us things in order to inform us, but the opposite.

It's not Trump, it's you guys

They're starting up that talk of the 25th amendment again, in order to remove Trump.

But everyone knows that is going nowhere.  If you cannot get impeachment, you cannot do this.  Impeachment does not require but one of the houses of Congress to have a 2/3rds vote.  For the 25th amendment route to work, both houses have to pass it by a 2/3 rds margin.

Not likely any time soon.

The real issue is what Trump ran against.  It's those guys.  Those guys would like to remove him, but they can't, because they don't have the political power.  Unless the body politic moves against Trump in a much bigger way, which means voters have to reject him in a big way, this is going nowhere.

Instead of removing him, they should work with him.  Actually, Trump has tried.   But these guys won't budge off their nuttiness.

If anything, Trump is winning this battle.  His enemies should make peace with him while they can.

Why the defeatism?

Originally posted 10.23.16, updated on,

People seem down-in-the-mouth, but consider this time last year.  Many polls were saying Hillary would win,  She didn't.

Earlier this year, there seemed to be a real threat that Trump would be run out of office.  It hasn't happened.  It seems less and less likely to happen.

The foot dragging of Congress recently seemed to reflect badly on Trump.  Yet, he is doing things that will be helpful to the country.  More than that, on most, if not all controversies, he seems to come out on top.

Let's not be so negative.   Things have a chance of improving, believe it or not.

the original post follows

It seems like so many are already conceding defeat, but is this really justified?  Why should anybody believe that Hillary is inevitable?  Some reasons not to be so negative:

  1. Polls are cited as very unfavorable to Trump.  But polls are based upon assumptions that may not be correct.  If there has been any shift in the voting patterns in the electorate, the polls are not designed to catch that.  For instance, the infamous red-blue pattern is assumed in many models used for polling.  Trump is not a dyed in the wool typical GOP type.  Some Democrat voters may cross over and vote for him.  The red blue pattern may not hold this time.
  2. People may not want disclose their true intentions.  The answers to the pollsters may not reflect the true sentiment of the voters.
  3. A large undecided segment.  This could bode ill for Hillary as Dick Morris points out. Undecideds tend to vote for the challenger.
  4. The true state of the race may be obscured by dishonest reporting.  If anyone believes the media is honest, there's this bridge in Brooklyn that you can buy real cheap.
  5. Reading between the lines indicates this race is a lot closer than is being reported.  Why should voting irregularities matter in a landslide?

Don't let the media decide you.  Get out there and vote.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brick By Brick ObamaCare Is Being DEMOLISHED – Lunch Alert!

Brick By Brick ObamaCare Is Being DEMOLISHED – Lunch Alert!


It may well be that Trump can end Obamacare without congressional action.  But I am concerned about my own situation.  From what Morris has said, this may drive up my premiums for next year.

That would not be good news.  The enrollment period for 2018 starts soon.  We'll see what is shaking out.  The trends are not good.  My deductibles went up big time when I had to report "life changes"  "Life changes" give the insurance companies an excuse to change the policy, which they did ( big time).  If this situation doesn't improve, yours truly may have to do something different for next year.

Police stood down at Vegas? Wow.

Update 10.11.17, 17:15 :

I am reading a lot of armchair analysis of what happened in Vegas.  Fact is, I don't think anybody knows for sure.

But one thing that we can count on for sure, and that is the call for gun control.  However, this society has become so false that to trust the government now is total folly.

Here is something that you can take to the bank:  if society was high trust, people would voluntarily disarm, for the need for weapons would not be felt.  It is only when society become distrustful of each other that the need to arm becomes paramount.  Therefore, the call for government to disarm people is the improper course of action.  The proper thing to do is to restore confidence in our institutions so that people can trust the leadership to do the right thing.  That trust has been lost.

Compare this with the Kennedy assassination.  The Warren Report may have had some detractors, but my impression was that it was done with sufficient integrity for me to trust it.  However, if such were the case today, I would not trust it.  Government does not follow the rule of integrity anymore.

You know integrity has been lost when Hillary can break the law with impunity.  Charging Trump with an impeachable offense without evidence of wrongdoing does not help restore confidence.

Therefore, it would not surprise me if a great deal of misinformation is floating around out there about what happen in Vegas.  You can't trust these people anymore.


The Las Vegas thing became nothing more than a soapbox for gun control.  Obviously, I am opposed to this, but it turns out that not only is this something to be opposed to, but opposed to with a great deal of vigor.

This article, via Barnhardt, says that the police did absolutely nothing to stop the carnage in Vegas.  Therefore, if nobody is armed, nothing will be done to protect YOU.  That is right.  Those who shout the loudest for gun control are the very ones who will do NOTHING to protect you from deadly assault.

I am not 100% convinced of their refusal to do anything at all but I am convinced that something could have been done to stop all this from the get go.  If there is going to be a lot of people in an area, like a "gun-free" zone, then there must be some type of guarantee of security in place.

Gun control is not one of those things.

Incidentally, this looks a lot like Benghazi.  At Benghazi, an order came to stand down.  Did someone at Vegas police give an order to stand down and do nothing about the shooter?

Trump and the Kennedy assassination

Not really.  I can't back that up.  The Trump angle doesn't interest me.  Cannot say why the media seems so interested in it.  Another way to attempt to discredit Trump?

But I did spend some time reading Bugliosi's book, which destroys the conspiracy theories.

In my opinion, if enough people read that book, the conspiracy theories would dry up.

Fer instance, Ruby would have been the last man that the mob would send to kill Kennedy  Oswald. Ruby was a blabbermouth.  If there was any secret to keep, he would leak it.  The mob would have never trusted him with such an assignment.  With a guy like Ruby talking, they would have had their fingerprints all over it.

There are plenty of reasons besides that to doubt that Ruby was part of any conspiracy.  Without Ruby, where do they go for a conspiracy?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Obligatory, 10.10.17

Today is a hard day for me to write.  Nothing has happened, no.  It isn't anything like that.  It is just that everything has become a bore.  Nothing inspires me.  In order to spend some time today, I opened my Kindle again, and read some Paul Krugman.

Krugman!  Man, you really are bored if you are reading that guy.

Krugman wrote something called The Conscience of a Liberal.  I even wrote a review on it, but never mind that.  This is a fresh reading of it, perhaps looking for a different perspective.

Yes, there are things there that look plausible.  No, I haven't been convinced by any of it.

There is one thing that should worry people.  When he started talking about who the rich really were, he was getting close to identifying something that might scare you a little if you gave it much thought.

The scary thing to me is how close we are to disaster.  Krugman doesn't know any better.  This is what makes him nondescript.

Krugman is just a political hack.  My opinion of him is no better than what it was before.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Creosote Bush

On the first trip out to my property, there was a thunderstorm and some rain.  I recall in the early morning hours, that there was a bad smell in the area ( Van Horn).  It was somewhat puzzling to have this bad smell in an area that was so remote.  No industry in the region could make such a smell.  The smell was a strong as the smell from the Houston Ship Channel, which has to be one of the most heavily concentrated industrial regions on the planet.

The environmentalists  like to romanticize nature, but this stink was as bad as any man-made stink that I could recall.

The stink did not come from sewage sludge, as this sludge was miles away.  Besides, I never smelled a smell like that in Sierra Blanca.  This was in Van Horn, which is 30 miles away.

So, what was it?  I am thinking that it was the creosote bush.  The description of this bush is in a book that I have on my Kindle, which I have neglected to read for the last few years.  I have spent several hours today reading this book, and this bush came to mind, because of that smell.

A creosote bush is almost like a petrochemical factory.  Its leaves will burn rather hotly, so it is said.  Bingo.  Here is something that can be used for fuel.  I am sure that there are some of these on my property.

It reminds me that the property can be sustaining.  Yet, I have yet to do anything with it.  It's a doggone shame.

Next Big Future: What will it take to be the Columbus of the Space ...

Originally posted 10.16.13, updated on, 10.09.17:

If the modern leftists got their way, nobody would know who Christopher Columbus was.  Or if they did know who he was, he would be an arch villain.

Are they trying to eradicate history?

the original post follows

Next Big Future: What will it take to be the Columbus of the Space ...: Today is Columbus Day (the first Monday after October 12th). Many countries in the New World and elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of Chr...


To answer that question, it would take the profit motive.  Columbus was looking for a trade route to China.

After the inadvertent discovery of America, the colonists of that time came for land and gold.  The same motivation can apply to space colonization.  Not so much the land or gold, but the profit motive.

Profit means earning more money than you spend on an activity.

Space is currently quite expensive to access, but there are those who are working on that problem, and their progress will bear fruit in time.  It is not an impossible problem, if past efforts are any indication.  The question is will.  The profit motive can put some motivation behind that willpower.

If access to space could be made affordable, that's a start.  But there also has to be something out there that will bring the money in.  For that, there is the possibilities of mining for precious metals.  There's money to be made out there if you can figure out how to do it.  Whoever is serious about making money in space will be the new Columbus of this age.

That's what my latest series is about.

Dems want total cave in for Dreamer legislation

But Trump won't cooperate. "Bad 'ol Trump".


Even if Trump gets all these concessions from the Dems, he's giving up too much.

Dems ought to take the deal, but they don't seem to want it.  That would be okay by me.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Simplicity, always simplicity

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This post will go into the Power and electricity sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

This rates as a post because I want to emphasize an idea that came to me recently.  The idea is to use an automobile to charge up an electrical system, as opposed to using a completely different piece of hardware.

Two possibilities emerge from that:  1) use an electric car, or 2) use an internal combustion engine.  Of these two possibilities, the one that would offer the most direct means of accomplishing the task of charging batteries would be the ICE route.  

For example, to run the Nissan Versa at idle only consumes about 2/10 of a gallon per hour.  The question then becomes:  How much of a charge can you get from the onboard alternator?  A little research indicates that it may be better to use the car than to use the little 2 cycle generator I got.  The gasoline consumption is the same, but the amperage is superior from the car  But what is it exactly?

Don't know, but it may be around 40 amps.  That would be far better than what I already have, and would require no new hardware.

You could put about 2.5 kilowatt hours into some batteries for the price of a gallon of fuel per day.

Not super cheap, nor super simple to set up, but it could work.  Simplicity could win out on this one.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Obligatory, 10.6.17

There are so many thoughts, it's hard to keep them organized, and presented in posts that are readable.  Consequently, I have spent a bit more effort on this post, than what is usually my custom.  I made an outline first, and then filled it in with what I wanted to write about.

I'm not following the news as is my custom; instead, I will write about things closer to home.  Therefore, it is somewhat different than the usual fare on this blog.  It will largely about me.  I don't know how interesting that subject may prove to be, but here it is, just the same.

I guess this post will be largely about my struggles as of late.  My main struggle is with my health, as I have cancer.  Today, I am supposed to call for my results of the latest MRI.  It will tell in more detail how the proton therapy has gone.  First indications are encouraging.  The doctor went over some of the images while I was still in Irving.  But, it wasn't the whole picture.  Later today, I will be finding out more about those.

Another struggle is with the poverty that has ensued from this disability.  I never did have much money.  Now, I have none at all.  Indeed, it seems that I keep sliding deeper and deeper into debt.  Despite all my efforts to rein in spending, and even to go back to work, this trouble seems never- ending.  I spoke with a financial counselor at Irving, and she said "don't worry about it, just get well."  But once I get well, will the worry about the bills will make me sick all over again?

Getting well could be the key after all.  Maybe I can earn my way out of this mess.  At the moment, that seems most unlikely.  It is mostly a challenge to do much work at all.

All of this is related to what I really want to do.  I don't want to be all consumed with my health and finances.  I'd like to focus in on my "moonshot".  But the moonshot gets pushed back and back and back.  It has been three years since I began the project in earnest, and I'm still not out there.

In the meantime, I am struggling with things I am likely to encounter out there.  One thing that there is abundance of in this place is ants.  Seems like I am always fighting against another infestation, as I have found another bunch of these nasty little critters on my Coleman cooler.  So, out it goes, and I look for the ant trail to see where they got in.  It is hard to find, so that is what makes this so confounding.  It doesn't take much for them to find a way in.  I have done a lot to keep them at bay, but it is always temporary.  They are relentless.

I got lazy this morning, or otherwise, I'd be working.  Now I am fighting these confounded ants again.

In the nighttime, when the battles against the ants and whatnot, I am inclined to read.  Perhaps the news, but last night was a bit different.  I re-read the book Four Witnesses, which is about the early Church.  The ancient Romans were really not much different than we are.  That is a warning for those who think about these things.  Of course, I have mentioned this rather extensively on this blog.  Indeed, it is why I began this blog in the first place.

Our society seems to have taken a lot of missteps in my lifetime.  But is it too late to change and turn back to a better path?

That is what the "moonshot" is about.  Perhaps I will get the opportunity to finish this project.  But circumstances seem to be going against it.

The struggle goes on.  It won't end until I do, I suppose.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Obligatory, 10.4.17

Originally posted today, updated on,


What did I tell you?  It was a gun free zone, and security wasn't taken seriously.   Again, I say that this country has become a completely non-serious.  If we wanted to end this crap, it would end.  But they don't want to, because it would hurt them politically to actually solve the damned problem.

later today:

Back again.  Back to the grind.  Back to being alive.  Yay, me.

Better than the alternative, btw.  Some of you may have wished that I didn't come back.  lol

the original post follows

My apologies for the lite posting.  Actually, there was time to post, but I neglected to attend to this little chore of maintaining this blog.  But, I was enjoying the luxury of having as much of the things that I now deny myself as a matter of necessity.  The luxuries are as follows:  1) a lot of space to move around in, 2) running the a/c as cold as I like 3) using as much water as I wish in order to take a shower, and 4) watching the boob tube.

As for the last in the list, it is called the "boob tube" for a reason.  The controllers of our society program us with these machines.  Your thoughts are being shaped by what you see and hear on that stupid screen.  But it is a luxury, and people love it so.  It is an opportunity for the controllers to set us one against the other, and keep us in their hip pockets.  We all love to bash our opponents on that stupid screen.  The bad guys are the guys who seem to want to prevent something to be done about something the controllers want.

The latest thing is the Las Vegas massacre.  Of course, it is yet another one of these things, and the more they show it, the more the imitators are going to want to emulate it.  The more it happens, the more the call for gun control becomes compelling.  The call to "do something" will one day become "too much" to ignore.  Or so they say.  It is probably the latest scene in the kabuki theater, which is what they continually display upon the boob tube.  The boob tube is the boob tube because the average boob will not turn it off, and think for himself about these things that keep happening.

These things happen for a reason.  The reason is to continue to amass power amongst themselves, meaning the controllers, at your expense.  The controllers will not actually solve the problem, they only want the issue, so that they can continually harangue us on the need to give up more of our rights, and cede it to them, of course.

If they wanted to solve these problems, as with all the other problems, they would actually do something that will work.  Gun control will not work.  Even if it did, it should not be employed as a solution, because the controllers cannot be trusted with the power that they already have.  With the power that they already have, we continually see these kinds of events.

Was gun control in effect in Las Vegas?  I don't know, but I bet that this venue was a gun free zone. A gun free zone is an invitation for a slaughter amongst those who think about doing this kind of thing.  The obvious thing is to stop having gun free zones, unless you have air tight security.

But that won't be done because it is too obvious, and it would end these things because the opportunity to slaughter a lot of people, and get on the news, would no longer exist.  The opportunity to harangue us about gun control will no longer exist too, and that is why nothing will be done.

Who is the bad guy in the kabuki theater?  The bad guys are the ones who try to keep our rights in effect.  If you weren't such boobs, you wouldn't listen to this garbage, but so many people do.

Turn the damned thing off.  End the kabuki theater by not participating.  Vote the dirt bags out who keep perpetuating this garbage.  Stop being a boob, and be a free man with a mind of your own.

Go Big or Go Home

Mark Steyn discusses the possible breakup of Spain, and what significance it may hold going forward.

What really happened in Vegas?

Originally posted 10.5.17, updated,
later today

14:00 :

Mental health issues seem to be at work here:  Shooter was receiving meds for anxiety.

Drug could lead to more aggressive behavior.  Say what?

Nut cases have been released from insane asylums, too.  More nuts on street could mean more mass shootings, but let's ban guns.  Right.

earlier today:

The big, big, big question here is how the hell was this possible, unless there was a lot of help?

Police later found 23 weapons inside the hotel room, including several assault rifles modified to shoot like automatic weapons. Paddock, who had checked into the hotel three days earlier, on Sept. 28, had brought the weapons to the room using "in excess of 10 suitcases," according to police ---- Buzzfeed

I noted at my motel room that there seems to be an attraction of middle eastern type men to the motel business.  Just saying.

the original post follows

All the talking heads are working their mouths double time.  It is predictable.  None of this is about solving problems.

All news reporting is sensationalized.  I checked one that was fairly straightforward, without a terrible amount of hype.  The question arises almost immediately:  how did this guy get a weapon inside a hotel so that he could shoot down below?

My guess is that after 9.11.2001, security has gotten rather relaxed.  Right after that event, in which 3000 people were killed, there was strong security in all buildings.  I know, because I did deliveries for a living.  All buildings that I went into had security in place.  It was like that, and as time went by, you can see the security getting more and more relaxed.  I can't say what it is like today, but security is probably almost nonexistent today.

These bad guys look for opportunities.  To stop them, you deny them opportunities.  Novel thought.  If only our elected representatives and the talking heads would concentrate and deal with it this manner, as opposed to taking away our rights.  Taking away our rights won't end terrorism.  But our elected representatives find terrorism more useful to them than in actually solving the problem by ending terrorism.

It is not the people's fault that the government failed in its job.  Don't punish the people, but if the government won't solve this problem, start punishing them instead.

Monday, October 2, 2017

North by Northwest

I was looking for that movie where he was running away from the plane.  Kinda like a nightmare, when something is after you, but you cannot move fast enough to get away from it.

After a lot of looking, here it is.  Considered to be one of the all time great flicks.  Alfred Hitchcock made it, don't you know.

This one also has the scene in which they are on Mount Rushmore.  You remember that one, don't you?

Leaving for Irving tomorrow

Just now preparing for the trip.  Packed my bag, and so forth.  I reserved a room near the treatment center, which is where I will get the MRI.  So, tomorrow will be a travel day, and blogging will be light in the interim.

Before doing the above, I wanted to work a bit on my solar panel.  I had it on the ground, but there's a dog in the area that likes to visit.  The dog walked on it, leaving its paw prints.  So, the panel had to be moved to a better location.  I placed it on top of the crate.  It is about three feet tall, so it is dog proof.

It had gotten filthy too, which caused a loss in efficiency.  So now it is cleaned up and ready to go for more work.  Yay, solar panel.

May need some supplies before leaving.  I'd like things to be in good order when I get back.  Hopefully, that will be Wednesday night.

Why fight?

Must you fight to preserve the good?

On this earth, you must.  When the commies take over, the Amish will be killed off.  Then they will see that the good will die with them.

"Come out from among them, and be ye separate".  Yes, that may be necessary in this age.  There is not much good left out there.

There's not much time, either.

The commie cadet...

...who said that the communists will win is probably right.  If this was still a serious country, he would have never been at West Point.  They would have weeded him out for sure, and bounced his ass in the brig, or out on the street.

BTW, the National Review has ceased to be a serious conservative publication.  If they were serious, they would not confuse conservatism with rightism.  I keep pointing this out, but nobody seems to care, nor pay attention.

Limbaugh does it too, by the way.  They all do.  Why?  I suspect that the conflict between the left v the right is what drives pageviews, and thus advertising.  You see, that is all they care about--- money.  If money is all they care about, then why defend freedom?

Hold your hats, I am going to get religious on you.  Jesus Christ said it--- a man who is just a hired hand cares nothing for the sheep.  When the wolf comes, he will run away.  The Good Shepard will stay, and take care of the sheep.  That is so that the sheep will be free.  Instead, these hired hands will flee when the Big Bad Wolf of Communism shows up.  They will do NOTHING, which is exactly how they are behaving now.  Open your eyes, and see the truth.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Bob Seger: Main Street

I was in downtown Austin today.  Frankly, I do not like downtown Austin much at all.  Reminder to  self: Avoid downtown.  It is only a place where bad stuff can happen, and probably will if you hang around there long enough.

I didn't "get down" on Main Street.  But the song is still good.

Why nothing will be done about the NFL

The boycott won't last.  As mad as the fans are, they will be back.  How do I know this?  I kept tuning in on the radio to see how the Texans did today.

Not that I don't know what it is like to have a Sunday without Football.  The Oilers left for Tennessee, and after the first couple seasons, it got to be pretty easy.  But most fans have not had that experience, so, they will take the abuse of the national symbol like they take everything else.

My position stands.  If you ( meaning any GOP politician, including Trump ) want things to change, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  A boycott won't cut it.  That's cuz you will be back.  The NFL knows this, so they won't take all this very seriously.

Whining about double standards is not going to be taken seriously.  Stop being weenies, you guys.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Obligatory, 9.30.17

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

I was going to go to work this morning, but the car seemed to have a problem, so I stood down.  If there's a problem, I don't want to be caught out there stranded.

It turned out to be a dead battery.  Problem appears to be fixed.  But it cost me a day's work and the cost of a battery.

When it rains, it pours.  At least it happened in a good place.  Better here than in Philadelphia.

Next week, I go back to Irving for a follow-up MRI for my proton therapy treatment.  I think I am doing much better, but an MRI will show what's going on for sure.  Hopefully, the news will be good.

This NFL thing has gotten way out of hand.  Little kids are now "taking a knee".  If this is what our future holds, then I am glad I won't be around to see it.  But it is truly sad.  This is a great country, and it is being destroyed by people who do not have the best interests of the people at heart.  Do these people "taking a knee" really want to have this country become like Venezuela or Zimbabwe?  Many people who bad mouth this country really do not know what they are saying.  Or if they do, they should never be trusted, for their intentions are not good.  Does Shannon Sharpe, former NFL player, really believe what he said after the opportunities that he had in this country?  Would he have found these opportunities anywhere else?

If this is truly about a real problem, will these people show where the real injustice is?  Because of those celebrated cases, I could not see where their problem was.

It looks to me like a bunch of people are now engaged in faddish behavior.  It is a serious matter.  If you lose your country, what will you do?  You must honor and defend your nation.  You wellbeing and very life may depend upon it.

Friday, September 29, 2017

If I said it once...

I have said it a hundred times.  It is not liberal to tax corporations.  Unless you think the US Constitution was written by a bunch of bleeding heart libs...

The original constitution said that there was not to be a "capitation tax, or direct tax".  The sixteenth amendment did away with that.  Do away with the sixteenth amendment.  Get rid of the capitation tax.  That would be conservative.

But if you cannot tax individuals, then who do you tax?  Ahem, ahem, ahem.

The whole point of import taxes and taxes on corporations deals with the priorities of maintaining individual freedom.  Yet, even "conservatives" don't get this.

That's why there really aren't very many conservatives in this country anymore.  Many of them, or probably all of them, don't know what the hell it is.  If the original constitution ain't conservative, there ain't no such thing.  And that is where we are today.

I had to correct these dudes before.  The work never ends...

Don't just do something, stand there!

Yeah, it's a joke.  Hey, the joke is all on us, you people.

I've spent some time thinking up this title.  On serious subjects, such as the state of our country, one is inclined to be serious.  Only problem is, is that nobody is truly serious about anything anymore in this country.

That's right.  You cannot be serious, because you have not thought it all out.

If you are going to secede, you have to think it all out as to what that means.  But nobody does that.  They shout:  "secede!", and it all comes to nothing, because they are not at all serious.  It happened in Texas, and it is now happening in "Collyfornia".

Now, the left-wingers might be more serious.  But I wonder if they really are.  If they were, they would have to think of how to run a country when they cannot run their own state.  Most of what the left seems to be about is unsustainable.  They would be conquered if they tried to split off.  Their idea is not feasible.  But those shouting it the loudest are not serious people.  Or are they?  We'll I guess we'll see, won't we?

Now to the POTUS.  He is talking about the NFL.  But he cannot be serious either.  Here is this guy who says a lot of things, but nothing comes of it.  If he were serious, he would shut down the NFL.  But no, he is doing it for political effect.  If he were serious, he would have thought this all out.  If he thought it all out, he might conclude that people elected him to do things, not to just talk.  John McCain can do that.  What do you do when the NFL refuses to follow the law?  Shut them down!

So it is all a joke.  Have a good laugh, but it won't last.  There are serious people in the world, and they will kill you.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Austin, Texas

Originally posted 9.10.17, updated on,

Still working on the problem of learning this city.  In Houston, they have a company called Key Maps.  Before all of this high tech stuff came along, you would use it to look up addresses for places, and find the place you are looking for with that map.  I still have an old Houston key map from back then, and it is rather tattered.  It reminded me of this resource, so I looked up an equivalent for Austin.  Don't see one.

There's plenty of that high-tech stuff around.  I can tell you this about high-tech:  it is good for certain things, but it is definitely not fool-proof.  The last time I worked in Austin, their turn-by-turn instructions left a great deal to be desired.

Austin may turn out to be a very, very interesting place.  I may even begin liking the place.

One rider compared Houston to Austin in terms of its freeways, traffic, and public transportation.  He says Houston is better.  Frankly, I like Austin's train system much better than Houston.  Houston's train system is stupid.  Austin has their train system stopping at park and rides.  There is only one route, and it is  heavy rail system, which appears to be built on top of the existing rail system.  This to me seems smart.  You use what's there, not build something completely incompatible with what is already there, like Houston did.

However, Austin's freeway and toll roads leave much, much to be desired.  The traffic on them is awful.  Houston has the reputation for traffic, and yes, it can be bad.  But Austin is ridiculously bad.  Houston is working on it, though.  They want to tear up Pierce Elevated in Downtown Houston.  Why?  I suspect it is make Houston's traffic much worse so that people will get out of their cars.

Why not work with what is there?  Again, people do not want solutions.  They just want the continual warfare.  We can do better.

the original post follows:

Well, the way things are headed, I may have to work again.  If I am to work for Uber, I need to know this city a lot better.

Not any good solutions for this.  Anything I do costs money, yet I am limited in what I can make.

The money part isn't very good.  Is it worth it?  May not have a choice.

Dang.  Lemme change the subject.

Anyway, for the last few weekends, I went to Austin to drive the streets a bit.  These jaunts tell me if I can handle being behind the wheel for very long.  Trouble with this set up here is that it is an hour and fifteen minute commute--- each way.  That's not as bad as Houston from here, but it is definitely a strain.  May be fun at the start, but it doesn't last.  By the time I get to town,  I am feeling like coming home.

Interesting layout to this town.  You can get the country feel next to the big city.  You're driving around seemingly in the middle of nowhere, then there's the town.

So much for the exploration part.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Who'd a thunk?

Earlier today, I heard something from one of my older brothers about a conversation that he overheard back in the eighties.

The idea was to hold back the USA so that the rest of the world could catch up.

Guess what?  I had always suspected that this was the case.  That is to say, this has all been deliberately done to the American people.  It was done through regulation, taxation, and immigration.

So none of this should be a surprise, if you read this blog.

If the molten-salt reactor doesn't get built, well , just give it away!  That's what our government did.

Anybody in the world can have the fruits of success, just not the American people.  For whatever the reason, our leadership class has turned on us.

Do you believe this, or do you believe that they really give a rat's rear end about you?  Many people vote for bigger government because they believe that the government will definitely take care of them.  They'll "take care" of you alright.

When has bigger government ever worked?  It is amazing to see how failed models like this continue to get support.  In Venezuela, former teachers and doctors are forced into prostitution.  They were tricked into voting for Chavez, and this is what they got for their gullibility.

It's coming to America if we don't stop it.  Time is running short.

Time to get serious

Oh, yeah.  I'm loving it, but the fun has to end sometime.

So, the serious stuff is what I am doing these days.

I'm working again.  Or trying to.  Stuff keeps happening, so I am not very efficient at all.  Perhaps nothing much can be done about it, but I "endeavor to persevere".  ( another joke )  Not ready to declare war yet, but one of these days...

The water experiments are concluded.  Based upon what I learned, I may be able to construct a device to reclaim water.  But all of that takes time and money, which is in short supply.  I will continue though, as always.

It has rained lately.  With my tarps in tatters, I can capture rainwater again.  It filled up a ten gallon waste container even though there hasn't been all that much rain.  It proves to me once again that significant amount of water can be captured this way.

I don't suspect water to be a big problem out there anymore....

Been thinking about the other big problem for the "moonshot".  That is, power.  Housing construction is set to be designed that will take care of some of that problem, I hope.  I was thinking the south side of the place should be open to sunlight, but not in the summer time.  In the summer, the sun must not enter.  How?  With large enough overhangs, it will be possible.  I have noted that a ten foot tall roof will need about three feet of overhang to achieve this.  This is just enough to keep out the sun, but not too much that it keeps it out in winter.  An "open side", with lots of glass, will admit the sun, and help keep it warmer inside during the winter months.

In such a scenario, the trailer cannot be used.  An entirely new structure must be built.  Aye, yi, yi.  More money.  I'll figure it out.  One of these days.

What does it all mean, Basil?

Does it mean "spooky actions from a distance"?

Bwah, hah, hah!

Are we sufficiently "woke" yet?

Bwah, hah, hah!

Roy Moore wins in Alabama


Trump gave 'em what they wanted, and they lost anyway.  Heh again.

They probably outspent Moore, and they lost anyway.  Heh yet again.

What does it all mean, Basil?  "It's a bit, nutty."  Bwah, hah, hah!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Investigators Close In On Phony Dossier – Lunch Alert!

Investigators Close In On Phony Dossier – Lunch Alert!


Has this investigation turned a corner?

Instead of going after Trump, it may start to go after the Dems.  At least, Dick Morris seems to think so.

Virginia Senatorial Candidate calls for ending NFL anti-trust exemption

Granted by Congress, the limited anti-trust exemption gives the NFL broad power to negotiate massive television deals as a single entity on behalf of all the teams.


It may have legal justification, and not merely political motivation.  The exemption does not allow politics to enter into the league's mode of operation.  Therefore, this looks like a violation of their exemption.

Maybe these yayhoos really stepped into this time.

Monday, September 25, 2017

What happens after firing of Mueller?

The left wing has its final meltdown.  Maybe then the real coup attempt. At this point, they can be crushed for being the traitors that they really are.

But there are those who think the following strategy works out well for Trump.  I am not so sure.

Does the public really give a damn about the truth?  The tribes have already settled into their opposing camps  It matters little that Mueller has nothing and will have nothing to use.  Eventually he will have to be fired.  The above was written on the belief that it will make a difference politically.

It might if the truth mattered.  If the truth mattered, Hillary wouldn't have been the nominee.

Politics is not about solving problems

Because it seems to me that nobody really wants to do that.

When I say "nobody", all I have to do is look at the experience of this blog.  If this blog has been about anything, it is about solving problems.  It is also about the political class' total disinterest in doing anything like that.

No, the NFL nonsense is designed to make people mad.  That isn't going to solve any problems.

Colin Kaepernick took a knee because he wanted to piss off a lot of people who pay his bills for him.  He has the right to disagree.  He does not have the right to disrespect the nation while making a spectacle of himself, and then expect no blowback.

John McCain refuses to honor his promise because he just wants to make people mad.  He also gets some love from people who don't really give a damn about him or anybody else but themselves.  If John McCain really meant it about public service, like he claims he does, he wouldn't cooperate with Democrats to sink a bill that would honor his own promise.  He would at least serve his constituents who voted for him.  But what does his constituents think?  Do they really like what they get from this bozo?

People want red meat because it is fun to bash the other side.  They all love it so.  Me too.  I admit it.

But the problems remain.  We are no better off for all this nonsense.  Except the politicians seem to continue in their jobs, and the problems mount.

If we really have to divide up into opposing camps, then I might be on the side of those who call themselves "the right".  I probably shouldn't though.  For to do so is letting them off the hook for not getting anything done.  Their time is now, not some unforeseen moment in the future when the time is right.

There are no more excuses.  Suck it up, and get it done.  My vote is no longer something you can count on, assholes.  It is time to stop being assholes, and do your jobs.

John McCain

Update, 9.25.17:

You know, even I didn't know certain things about John McCain.  There are people who blame him for an accident on the USS Forrestal.  Could it be that McCain is no hero after all?

Don't have the time to do a full investigation.  People lie on all sides.  I see no evidence that McCain did anything wrong.  Doesn't mean he's innocent, but where's the evidence of wrongdoing?

It is worse to make accusations on dislike that may be false.  Better to concentrate on what is directly in front of you.  He definitely made a commitment and now he is reneging.  He has a history of doing this kind of thing.


John McCain says he won't vote for any healthcare bill unless it is bipartisan.  Did he vote for Obamacare when it was passed?  So, what changed?  No GOP Senator voted for Obamacare.  So, why is any GOP Senator refusing to repeal it now that they have the chance?

Could it be that their original vote was a sham?  Just a slight possibility that they may have lied to us?

John McCain only plays up to people in order to exploit whatever he can get from them at the time.  Nothing he says or does is authentic.

the original post of 9,24.17:

A thought struck me awhile back.  When McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton, did he crack up?  If so, when he cracked up, did he find a way to parlay betrayal into wealth and power?

I suspect John McCain is only doing what he always done: screw somebody so he can get ahead.

That's why the Dems love him so much.  Until a black guy runs against him, then he is garbage.

The Dems are better at it than he is.

That why the Dems love anybody who disrespects the flag, and runs the country into the ground.

Is The Deep State Conquering Donald Trump? Lunch Alert!

Is The Deep State Conquering Donald Trump? Lunch Alert!


A rhetorical question.  Of course they are!  Morris discusses how they are doing it.

What's the answer?  Primary the hell out the John McCains and their ilk.  Get them out.

Fight harder.  Fight smarter.  Fight with determination.  Don't give up.  This goes for everybody who supports this president.  Otherwise, he will be lost to the Deep State.

The Spreading Cloud

Richard Fernandez,  Belmont Club on Pajama Media:


     Fernandez is basically summarizing the problem with the left-wing right-wing paradigm.

Ronald Reagan spoke against this in his famous speech that began his political career.  It is amazing to me how few people seem to get this.

Reagan didn't seek to "work with" his opponents.  Instead, he identified what areas that Americans can agree upon, and then, enacted it with vigor.  He won big time.

Since then, the GOP has reentered its descent into the left-wing right-wing ideological war that doesn't solve any problems and doesn't do anything but increase polarization and ultimate disintegration if it is not addressed and defeated.

No, it is not the way when John McCain repudiates what he promised.  It is no better than when George H. W. Bush said "read my lips, no new taxes".  You run on something you do you damndedst to enact it.  You don't repudiate it as soon as it becomes necessary for you to back up your own words.

None of this stuff would be possible if the so-called conservatives actually followed Reagan's model.  Reagan had the left wing on the ropes.  Bush let them off, and now look at them.

No, and Limbaugh doesn't get it even though he praises Reagan.  Limbaugh is just a guy using the radio to make a lot of money.

It s not about right vs left.  It is about freedom in a civilized society.  The left-wing seeks the cultural war.  To defeat them focus on solutions.

That's what I have tried to get across on this blog.  After seven years, I just don't know anymore.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

NFL nonsense


Somebody has got to pay for this hanging.  I am friggin' glad Trump is making an issue out of it, and making the left defend their own outrageous behavior.

But will it make a difference on election day?

Just a reminder:  Hillary would be POTUS if it weren't for the Federalist nature of our Constitution.

Final analysis:  maybe it helps, but maybe it doesn't.  But I like it anyway.

original post....

Hey, if the GOP has any gonads, they would threaten to take away the anti-trust exemption for any professional sport operation that deliberately dishonors the national anthem, and disrespects the country.

That might get somebody's attention.

But the GOP is typically a bunch of weenies.

The NFL and other professional sport operations are a bunch of spoiled rotten brats.  Once they lose their privileged status, then what will they do?

Maybe they will stop abusing illegal substances, amongst other things.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

It is better to work

Tomorrow, I will be out on the road again.  Last two days have been down days to fix up some minor problems with the car.

The Obamacare debate has been in the news lately.  As a consequence, I would like to comment a bit further on recent comments with regard to my experiences with the program. Besides that, the government assistance programs as well.

Evidently, there is some misconception about how much a person can get of this assistance.  If I had to depend upon this as my sole source of income, I would be in trouble.  The fact of the matter is that it is just not enough.

That is why I am back at work.  One might say "good".  Well, okay.  But what happens if you really cannot work anymore?  I suppose people may not believe that you cannot work.  Whatever the case may be, I surely cannot do what I did before, unless my illness has gotten better.

Which brings me to the follow up MRI I was supposed to get.  After several weeks, I have still not heard back from these people, and I am doubtful that there will be any help forthcoming from these people.

It all reflects badly on this system, I believe.  There are those who support it in a na├»ve way believing the government really takes care of people.  My experience with the government has tended to be negative.   Consequently, I have not much faith in its efficacy at all.

In my opinion, John McCain didn't do me any favors.  I am stuck with a high premium to pay which doesn't cover very much.  As a matter of fact, I won't pay for another month of this chicken poop piece of crap.

Repeal it.  I don't care.  It doesn't do much good anyway.  What good this might have done was only done in the most grudging of ways, and the follow up is the same way.  What the hell good is it, then?

All talk, and no action.

So, what exactly are you people going to do about this?

Nothing?  Yep, probably.

Why support the GOP Establishment, when they don't support you?

If the GOPe is so afraid of a loss in Alabama, then why do we still have a special prosecutor?

The Congress can end that, you know.  The Dems don't control the Senate nor the House.  Mueller should be fired, posthaste.  Let the Dems squawk.

Supposedly, the GOPe is begging POTUS to support their candidate.  What's in this for Trump?

It seems dumb to me to help the dude on that ground and more, of course.

Like Kevin Dorsey used to say:  "I just don't know anymore."

Vitamin C

Once upon a time, ( the year 2000 ) I was taking Vitamin C because I read online that it could help with high blood pressure.  At that time, I was told by a general practice doctor that I was borderline hypertensive.  So, I tried it.  Later on, there was a cardiologist who questioned that I had high pressure at all.  This came after I had been using Vitamin C.

I mentioned this to the doctor who said that I really didn't have high blood pressure.  He said he never heard of it.  So, I stopped using Vitamin C.  Now, I am using medications for high blood pressure.

Now, don't anybody jump to conclusions and say that the doctor told me the wrong thing.  However, that may be the case.  Why would he do that?  Could it be money?  Just raising the possibility.

Lately, there has been a rash of gout amongst the relations.  It so happens that I have a lot of uric acid in the blood.  But guess what?  I hear that swigging down some lemon juice could help with that.  So, what does lemon juice have in it?  Good old Vitamin C.

Last thing I need is another medical problem.  I will start taking Vitamin C megadoses again.  Maybe it will help kill two birds with one stone.

Lots cheaper than blood pressure meds.  You can't get rich selling Vitamin C, but you can get rich selling blood pressure meds.  Just saying.

Campaign commercial: "John McCain is leading the fight to repeal Obamacare"

Evil starts with a lie, according to the Lord.  When politicians lie, people die.  Let's look at a quote:

Please allow me introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste...--- Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil.
Notice how politicians lie in order to win.  ( Quoting John McCain's campaign commercial here )

One more quote from the Gospel of John:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.---John 8:44

Nothing will change until these people are held accountable.

Primary the crap out of these people.  Get them out of office.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Democrat candidate has matters well in hand

Er, not so fast.

You may not want to read this if you are easily triggered, you might say.   Somebody was.

The lady driving the Uber car was not amused.

But for Democrats, this is a plus.  I'm sure it will help his campaign.

Coulter is right

There shouldn't be any so called Dreamer legislation.

They got their amnesty in 1986.  Look where it led.

Most GOP 'ers are fer amnesty.  They should be agin' it.  Just sayin', pardner.

But of course, they will likely do the wrong thing.  Or pretend to do the right thing in order to fool people into thinking they care.

Need to get busy on primarying the living crap out of these jokers.

But nobody really gives a poop anyway.  So nobody will do a dern thing.

Obligatory, 9.22.17

So many things to do, so little time...

Yes, I have been busy.  I am trying to work again.  Emphasis on try.  ( Reminds me of  the line by Yoda in the Star Wars flicks---- "do, or do not, there is no try".)

Yes, I am merely trying.  There can only be success or failure in the final analysis.  In our culture today, they give out participation trophies and juice boxes for trying.  The cold, cruel world only rewards those who succeed.

So my attempts have failed for the third time.  Each time I get a little closer, or so I would like to think.  I may be more "liberal" than I thought.  Damn.

Also, I have been trying to sell my van.  People are wasting my time out there.  Somebody made an offer, I just made a counter offer.  If that one isn't accepted, then I will stop wasting my time.  The van goes off the market.

Of course, I always try to succeed on this blog.  But if people waste my time, I may decide that this effort no longer justifies my time.  You see, I have so little of it remaining.

I have been wondering what should be on my tombstone.  Maybe it should be "he tried".  I would rather have a list of accomplishments.  Merely trying doesn't quite cut it.  Yet, that is all I can say right now.  I am still trying.

yuck, yuck

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Infrastructure of Life - by Robert Ringer

The Infrastructure of Life - by Robert Ringer: While it’s true that we live in a rapidly changing world, it’s important to recognize that the daily changes we witness are changes in form only.  The real substance of our universe, and of life itself, is comprised of universal principles.  These principles, also known as axioms, truths, or natural laws, form the infrastructure for … ( emphasis added )


Yes, point very well taken.  The thing to remember is that the media is a business.  Their business is to get you to be their audience for awhile.  If they can get your eyeballs, then they can sell advertising to their sponsors for a profit.

But it is harmful when it is done in a way that promotes evil.  Evil is anything that is false, in my opinion.  Very especially if it is willfully false.  In other words, with the intent to deceive.

People who are being continually and willfully misled is a condition that could be said to be an ingredient for tragedy.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Not news, folks

So, Rush is all over the wiretap "news".   If you had been reading this blog, then you would already know all this.

Yeah, and the rest of the DC Establishment knew it too.  Why does anybody believe any of these people?

I tell you what it accomplished.  They got a phony prosecutor Mule- Head Mueller hired, that's what.  If they find that Trump did even the slightest thing wrong fifty years ago, they will try to get him for it.  Maybe Trump spat on the sidewalk sometime in the past and lied about it.  Uh oh!  Obstruction of justice.  Trump must be impeached for that.  Yeah, right.

Bravo sierra all the way.  Always has been.  What would be news is if anybody in the so-called conservative circles made somebody pay for this hanging.

Don't hold your breath.

Yet, nobody cares even now, because everybody has already gotten what they want.

Except those who seek justice.  Which is what this is definitely not about.


Checking out Limbaugh's stuff.  Yeah, it is good stuff, but how does this make them pay for it?

Hillary and their crew should be going to jail.  If there's anything as far as evidence of anything wrong, it was on the Clinton side.  Instead, they are going after Trump.  Yeah, Rush gets this right.

But it is still not strong enough.   There needs to be some very hard pushback on this stuff.

Dog whistles

Originally posted 8.16.17, updated on,

Yeah, Brian Williams is hearing dog whistles again.   Maybe he is also seeing little green men from Mars, too.  Or perhaps he has a new dog.  Maybe his dog told him about these whistles.

Brian Williams is your typical bravo sierra reporter.  If it isn't anti-white man, they ain't interested.

the original post follows:

You hear from time to time about "dog whistles".  I guess these are supposed to be some sort of silent message for ears that are sensitive enough to hear them.

Maybe my ears are getting sensitive, and I am picking up a dog whistle.

Every time I hear the word "diversity", I think I am hearing "kill whitey".

Yep.   A good way to kill whitey is to use a dog whistle to send the attack dogs out to keep you in line, in case you don't know what's good for you.

Better not want things that are no longer for whitey, but are for anybody but whitey.

Know what I mean, Vern?

I'm back?

Supposedly, I have my data.  Or it should be the case.  Things are a bit slow.  Once it picks up...

Things are nuts right now.  Maybe I'll be able to resume shortly.


What a pain in the neck, or my lower extremities.  Each month it seems, I have to go through a song and dance with my wireless provider in order to get things going again.

Looks like I am really back.  Phew!


Lot of catching up to do.  Looks like a lot has happened.  Imagine that.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lite posting

Out of data.  Out of money.  Generally speaking, s o l.

Give it a few days, kids.


Posting from a free wifi place.  It is also nice and cool.  It is friggin' hot out here, Mr. Bigglesworth.

BTW, I'm in Austin, Texas.  Got bills to pay, senor.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wassup with The Donald?

Conflicting reports about an amnesty deal.  No guarantees on the wall?  Is Trump selling out?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Geez.

Liberty Daily is having a cow.  Yeah, I can see that happening in a lot of places.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What happened to the E-cat?

The cold fusion device that was supposed to revolutionary?

I retained some skepticism about this thing, but at the same, I understood that there is a bias against anything new.

You may question that last sentence.  However, I have seen this pattern over and over again.

Evidently, the E-Cat story has found its way to court.  Rossi sold the rights to a company, and this company would develop the technology.  Rossi claimed that they didn't pay him, and the matter ended up in court.  An agreement to settle the case was reached, and details were said to be unavailable.

So, was it all a scam?  On the one hand, it wouldn't surprise me.  On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if Rossi was scammed.  Like Kevin Dorsey said, "I just don't know anymore".

One of my old websites that I visited form time to time has shut down, it seems.  Too bad.  On the other hand, maybe it wasn't anything to it anyway.  Like I said, I just don't know anymore.

Article V convention in the works?

Looks like a tame, or lame if you will, effort to me.

They are going to try to assure people that it will not be a runaway convention.  Also, they are trying to limit what may be considered during the convention.

None of this is binding.  A convention can do what it wants.  There is nothing to stop it.

However, if the existing law is followed, getting it ratified is where it can be brought under control.

That may be a big "if".

Sharyl Attkisson deconstructs a misleading poll


All things considered, I came up with my own headline that’s more transparent than many of the ones I saw: “In polls with Democrat-heavy sampling, there’s overwhelming opposition to building a wall along the ‘entire’ border; a concept that nobody is, in fact, proposing.


All things considered, the media is full of crap.

But I repeat myself.


Originally posted 8.25.17, updated on,
9.13.17 :

Now there are six bottles that are collecting water while disposing of waste water.  This may seem to be a lot, but even with the improvements, it is only a few ounces per day.

So, let's not get carried away.  I felt rather pleased to have it work this well.  Lots of times, an idea just doesn't work at all.  This one doesn't work as well as I would like, but it at least it accomplishes something.


19:12 :

Good news to report.  The experiment seems to be working.  The evaporation rate did go up, and there is more water collecting in the bottles.

The bottle I prepared does seem to trap more water.  I will make the bottles like this for now on.  If I have enough of these bottles, a significant amount of water ( by my standards ) will be within reach.

I am hoping to use no more than five gallons daily, and be able to reclaim half of that.  That will make a net use of 2.5 gallons per day.

00:30 :

One more experiment on tap for tomorrow.   Took a plastic lid, as mentioned, and put it in as a separator inside the bigger soda bottle.  The idea is to trap the water vapor in the upper chamber, and still allow water to drip into the lower chamber.  Hopefully, this will improve efficiency, and more water can be cleaned up.

Secondly, I added aluminum foil inside the washtub, which is where the soda bottles were placed.  The idea is to trap more of the sun's rays, which hopefully will increase the evaporation rate.

Despite the attempts at improvements, the results are still disappointing.  The water isn't collecting very fast at all.

Two of the bottles are doing better than the others.  It gave me the ideas that I have mentioned in this post.  The best results have come from the bottles with the least amount of volume in which the water vapor comes out of the waste water.  The theory is that it saturates the space better than the lower chamber and will condense, drip into the lower chamber, thus separating out by gravity.


Continuing my experiments with the soda bottles and cans of waste water.  It may be better to use some type of lid over the waste water so that the evaporated and condensed water will not go back into the waste water, nor will the recently condensed water.  If the condensed water goes back into the waste water, it will defeat the whole purpose.

So far this experiment is not going like I wanted it to.  It is not producing much water.

the original post follows:

This won't go into the off-grid series of posts.  Too repetitive.

after trying the first method in videos below:


I put something together this morning which looks a lot like the first video below.  However, for most of the day now, nothing is condensing in the bottle.  I don't know what's wrong.  Maybe the conditions are wrong, or something else I cannot put my finger on.

resume post...

Two videos I want to post.

This first one is a repost of something that I may want to consider as an experiment.  Mostly because of its simplicity and low cost.

You would use the smaller container inside of the larger plastic container.  The reason this works is that the evaporated water condenses inside the big bottle, but collects at the bottom, which has been folded up.  The folds will collect small amounts of water.  A device like this would be useful to clean up small amounts of water.  It so happens that I may be able to use such a device.

The second idea may be usable as well.  You can distill small amounts of water with a device such as this.

I have already made such a device, but as of the present, it cannot be matched up with a combustion stove.  I need to make some sort of alteration in order to make that work.  Also, my device does not use a bucket of water to cool the copper tubing.   Something to consider.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Don Surber: 3% growth is back

Don Surber: 3% growth is back: The Washington Establishment said it could not be done. America achieving 3% growth in the economy again? The Congressional Budget Offic...


It is great to have good growth again, but it won't matter if it collapses like it did during the latter part of the Bush presidency.

During the Dubya years, the economy was pretty good most of the time.  The collapse in 2008 messed up what was otherwise a good record.

Let's not get too hasty.  Wait and see.  It is not how you start that matters, it is how you finish.

Clinton: 'Sometimes I Yell at the TV' Because of Trump

Clinton: 'Sometimes I Yell at the TV' Because of Trump


When I first saw that headline, I was a bit amused.  Once I read it though, I see that she still has an acidic tongue.

There are some reports that Trump won't require a wall in order to approve DACA legislation.  You have to remember the sources of this news.  As for me, I am waiting to see what develops.  If Trump fails, he won't get my vote in 2020.

Hillary should have lost, and she did.  The electorate held her accountable.   It should work both ways.  Thus, it doesn't mean that Trump should receive a pass for his failures to live up to his rhetoric, just because he is a Republican.   He won't receive a pass here.  There has to be accountability in our system, or it will cease to mean anything.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Electricity off-grid

Originally posted 9.5.17, updated on,

9.9,17, 14:00 :

Just a note to myself to check into remote control for generators.  I would like to turn off the juice when I don't need it.

9.9.17, midnite:

That BTU calc was wrong.  Based upon an experiment I did, it will take far less energy to keep the ice frozen.  About 333 k watt hours per day.  The solar panel I got can do this much.  Well, hooray for that.



A quick run on the BTU calculator shows that this freezer will pull 3.5 kwh a day just to maintain the temperature.  Opening the door and removing ice and replacing it with melt water just adds to the number.  I will guess that this thing is using 5 kwh a day, if I use any ice.

Not good enough.  I will have to improve a lot on this performance or the concept will have a major flaw.

One thing to try is to calculate how long it takes to freeze up a certain amount of ice, and run this thing only for that long.  The idle time is what is taking up so much juice.


Checked out a surplus site.  I'd have to sign up and all that crap.  I'm getting a bit weary of having to sign up for stuff which is offered on a web page.

In fact, I am tempted to chuck the internet altogether.  Except I depend upon it, drat it.

Maybe I will think up something. 


I am thinking just 3 kwh per day, and that will be my energy budget.  It will not be possible to use the a/c very much with that, so a coffin concept will be absolutely necessary.

Even 3 kwh of batteries is over 1k bucks.  Then the hardware to set them all up.

I may need a breaker box and fuses.  Ten 100 watt solar panels and 15 35 amp hr deep cycle batteries.

The panels will be wired into the box, and the current will be consolidated so that it can go into the inverter.  The inverter converts to a/c current that runs the freezer and a/c.

Need to check on the breaker box.  The solar panels are 1k bucks.  So, for a solar system, it will be north of 2k bucks and south of 2.5k bucks.

A propane generator as backup will be desirable.  Probably another 1k bucks.

the original post follows:

This post will not go in the off-the-grid series.

After perusing some info about propane generators, I am a little concerned about their energy usage.  If you are not careful, you can run up a large bill with one of these.

Drat it.  I figured I could get by on a lot less.  It seems that to have power with one of these things, you have to keep it running.  I don't like that idea.

Now I can see why it is generally used for backup power.

This problem is now officially the hardest problem yet to be solved.

Climate control is my chief concern.  To run that window unit could take 1500 watts.  If I were to run it half a day, then maybe one can see the problem.

Cutting the volume of interior down to a small coffin size will make a significant difference.

Still, just running that a/c will use up a lot of battery power.  How to manage it then?

Of course, there is the refrigeration to think of.  The refrigerator is okay, since it can switch to propane.  But the freezer?  I cannot run a generator all day just for the freezer.  The freezer has to run on battery power.

An idea for an experiment just popped into my head.  My inverter may be able to run the freezer, but I have never tried it.

If the freezer can be made to work with batteries, I may be able to use the frozen ice to climate control the "coffin".  Maybe no need for a lot of stuff after all.


It might work, but it could be risky.  I don't want to damage the inverter, nor the freezer.  Forget this idea.


Here a link to a prior post that links to a site I want to revisit later .  It has a YouTube video that goes over things you need to know for an electrical system.

I'll probably update this post from time-to-time.