Monday, December 11, 2017

Stop subsidizing failure

It seems to be the biggest problem in our system of government.  You would think our own government has a death wish.

Not only would the cultural climate improve, so would the national finances.

Yet the liberals say that they are worried about deficits.  No, not hardly.

Passive solar a disappointment

Originally posted on 11.22.17,

Updated on:


The answer to the question about how much heat is:  not that much.  It is like I thought, unfortunately.  This technique will need a highly insulated glass covered exposure to the sun, which will keep heat losses to a minimum.   If you want passive solar, you will have to work hard for it.  The next question is: is it worth it?

It may be better to just use a water heater, and run a water line to the Coleman and back.  The water heater needs to be outside, of course.  It would be a dedicated water heater used for climate control only.


The weather has cooperated, and time was available to run another test today.  The bottles do get warm, but how much heat is stored into them?

Tossing and turning the bottles distributes the water throughout the bottle, I have noticed.  But I forgot to do that before I put them into the Coleman.  While in the Coleman, they should cause the inside of it to get warmer.  How long will it stay warm, and how warm?  That is what I am measuring now.

I have a feeling that this is just going to be too limited to be very useful.  There will have to be a lot of water because it won't get all that hot.  The results of this test may confirm that.



Today's weather was not cooperative enough for a test of the colored water.  Too overcast.  The water gets somewhat warm, even on a day like this.  However, it is not worth it to me to lug the stuff back to the trailer and put it in the Coleman.  Therefore, the results from this experiment will have to wait for a better day.

Oh, and make that 22 liters, or 48.4 pounds of colored water.  Makes a difference.  At 30 deg F of useful temperature difference, that would yield 1452 BTU, or 1.5 megajoules.  Not quite 1/2 a kwh.


Bought some dye, and now there are about 3 gallons of dark colored water.  Later today, I will collect them, and put them into the Coleman.  At that point, I will monitor the temperature in the Coleman in order to see how much it heats up.

I am using the camper shell that I used earlier.

With good insulation, I won't need all that much heat.  According to the following, maybe as little as 50 watts per 10 degrees of warmth.

The dimensions given above have been achieved.  Now I need a cold day to see how it all could work, or not work.

11.28.17 @


The colored bottles have been out there most of the day.  I have checked them several times, and they do appear to be very warm on the outside of the bottle.  Don't know for sure if the water is warm on the inside, though.  I'd say the outside is well over 100 degrees F.  If the inside is that hot, that would be good.  If it was hotter than what I think, better yet.

I was thinking of putting these in a container I make myself.  They are currently in a camper shell that is sitting on the ground.  I can lift the door and put them in and take them out.  Thus, they are protected from the cooler wind.

The container should do the same trick, but maybe better.  It could be better because the container will be smaller.  The heat loss from the bottles should be trapped inside the container and make the inside plenty hot.  Lets hope so, anyway.

That's a project for another day.  I can play around with this for a couple days until the dye on order arrives, so I can make a lot of colored water.  The camper shell can accommodate plenty of bottles.


The Coleman is now fixed.  I have an idea to explore this week.  It will involve the use of dyes for heating the water that is in used soda bottles.  The black colored water presumably will heat better than the clear water.   These heated bottles will go into the Coleman, plus some additional water from the water heater.

Lets say that the heated bottles get up to 100 degrees Farenheit.  Lets also say that each bottle holds 2 liters ( about 2 quarts or about 2 pounds ).  Lets also say that the useful range for heating a room is between the water temperature in the bottle minus 70 degrees F.  In this example, that would be 30 degrees F.  Each bottle is capable of providing 60 BTU of heat.  If there are 10 bottles, that would be 600 BTU of heat.  That would be about one sixth of a kilowatt hour.

A gallon of heated water from the water heater will provide water of about 130 deg F.  Each gallon will weigh about 8 lbs, with a useful heating range of 60 deg F.  That's 480 BTU per gallon.  Three gallons yields 1440 BTU.  Combined with the bottles in the previous paragraph, will yield 2040 BTU, or about 2040/3600, or roughly 2/3rds of a kwh.

Good for heating up the little hidey hole ten degrees for three hours.  Need more water!  At least double that, and even that is only ten degrees for six hours.

Lots of work for a smallish result.  But lets see what the colored water bottles do.

11.24.17 @ 11:00

Back from Turkey Day stuffing, but not a turkey of the feathered persuasion.

Anyway, I got an idea to put bottled water into the car.  I put a thermometer in the car yesterday, before taking off for the holiday.  It was over 40 degrees farenheit warmer in the car than outside.  I think I could utilize that passive solar heat in order to make warmer water.

Hot water from the water heater can go into Coleman, and these bottles could add more
heat to the mix.

Maybe this will help.

In the meantime, the pump to the device is not working, so I have that going for me.  Will
have to check it out.

Time is getting away from me.  It is nearly noon on Black Friday, and I haven't stirred from the trailer yet.

Dern it.

The original post follows:

Part of the problem is the location of the trailer with respect to a building,
and some trees.  During this time of the year, the sun is in the southern part
of the sky.  That is where the trees are.  Plus the trailer is located on the
western side of the building. 

This is good in summer, but also bad in summer.  Good in the morning, bad in the
afternoon.  But, it is mostly bad all around during the winter.  There's not enough
sun to do much.

Perhaps with no obstructions, enough sun can be brought to bear to make it worthwhile,
but in this place, not a chance.

I've been experimenting with the propane water heater on the trailer.  It worked
a little bit the other night, but not what I had hoped for.  The water seems to run
out fast when you are using it from the tap.

Maybe three or four gallons, and then it starts to get cooler.

Not good.

An idea to set up a dedicated propane water heater for this thing has popped into
my head.  But wait.  Could there be another way?

Seems like last year, I used the onboard pump system on the trailer in order to
store the water in the fresh water tank.  That didn't work too good for the passive
solar, but maybe it might work for the propane water heater.

If I can make that thing continually heat the water, it could stay hot all night.

I'll have to wait for implementation of that idea.

Turkey day has arrived, and I will be gone visiting.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

People of the Lie - by Robert Ringer

People of the Lie - by Robert Ringer: I’ve written about The Big Lie many times over the years, and it’s more in evidence today than ever before in our nation’s capital.  Shock and disgust over sexual harassment in government, Hollywood, and the corporate world is a Big Lie.  Tax reform is a Big lie.  Social Security is a Big Lie.  Global warming …


You could write a book on the subject!

Perhaps somebody should.  Wait!  This blog?  Nahh!  Nobody would believe that.  What makes YOU an expert is what I would hear.

Read the article, if you like the idea of truth as an organizing principle.  Wish I could convince enough people to side with me on that.

WaPoo: "What's wrong with Alabama?"

Wrong question.  It should ask: "why wasn't this done sooner?"

Go Judge Moore.  Beat the commies..

Better still, you have to go after the corporatists fascists.  They are the ones who want this popular culture to degrade the way it has, and even make it worse still.

Cutting the tax rate on corporations is a mistake.  Doesn't matter if it improves the economy.  It only feeds the leftist propaganda machine with ammo for their class warfare.  Yet, the lefties love corporations.  All the big corporations seem to have lefties as CEOs.  Why is empowering them good for conservatism?  It isn't.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

AGW theory? No. AGW is absurd.

Just another reason to doubt man made global warming ( AGW), here.

The idea for this post came from experiments with the off-grid project.  It seems that hot gases cannot heat up water very well.  Here is how I found this out:  I got the idea to put my water bottles next to the stove.  The stove gets hot, but for some reason, the bottles do not get very warm.  This is true even though the bottles are close to the flame.  Not in the flame, but close to the flame.

This got me to thinking about how inefficient hot gasses are in transmitting heat from itself to something else.  You can mentally confirm this from your own experiences.  Recall how long it takes to heat up some water for your coffee, or perhaps some hot cereal for breakfast.  The heat from that fire sure takes a long time to cause that water to boil.  This is true even though the flame is very hot indeed, and boiling water is only 212 degrees farenheit.  If gasses weren't so inefficient at heating things up, it would take a lot less propane to boil that water, don't you think?  It would save a lot of money on heating bills.

But these people want you to believe that increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will cause the climate to get hotter.  If a flame cannot do it very well, with a flame in the thousands of degrees, then how will a few parts per million in the atmosphere do it?

This is like a feather that breaks the camel's back.  They want you to think the feather weighs more than the camel can take.  Maybe the feather is really an elephant.  What nonsense.

Obligatory, 12.9.17

Very lite blogging.  Not much reason for it, really.  However, I am getting low on data again.  I notice more and more how much the web is putting in videos that use a lot of data.  It is hard to do much web surfing any more without these contrivances limiting it through the imposition of so much useless data in the form of advertisements.

Not to mention that the news these days is nuts.  The things people focus on is not particularly interesting to me.

Really, you people.  Is all this reporting on sexual harassment all that interesting?  Not to me.

Judge Moore must really be important for these people when they devote so much to trying to defeat him.  Are they really trying to bring down the temple just to stop this guy?  It almost seems so.  But the way they do it is a farce.  It reminds me of some literature that was taught in one of my classes in college--- The Rape of the Lock.

Well, there was something pretty interesting elsewhere that I was reading, but was interrupted by an ad.

The thing is that the media and the Democrat party may be getting, shall we say, exposed.  Not that the truth actually matters.  However, if the truth does matter, it won't help that the Democrats are getting exposed for being even bigger sleaze bags than what I thought.

If people would stop taking the media so seriously, maybe that would force them to shape up.  But I wouldn't bet the ranch on it.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sexual harrassment stuff is nuts

There should be a problem with the very idea of forcing somebody from office, or winning an election based upon nothing but an accusation.

If it is a country of laws, and if a law was violated, put that accused person on trial.  If the person is acquitted, then "where's the beef"?  No harm, no foul.

The sexual harassment brouhaha is a left wing distraction.  The so-called conservatives do no service to themselves, nor credit to themselves when they succumb to it.

Frankly, when Franken resigns, I could care less.  It has no bearing on anything except himself and those who treat what he does as important.  It really isn't important, for if it were, and if he is guilty, then why was he ever elected?


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Road rage incident

In the news.  The reason this caught my attention is that it is on a stretch of road that I have driven before.  A lot of it between Marble Falls and Cedar Park is prime road rage territory.  The story is that somebody was driving real slow through there.  The problem with that is that it is very hard to pass a car in that area sometimes.  So, if somebody is driving real slow, it will tend to frustrate people behind them, and that can lead to road rage.

It is a long drive that way, so I don't use it anyway.  Just another reason not to use it.

Neither the rain, snow, or sleet will stop...

my off-grid experiments.  Indeed, the bad weather we are having here is giving me the opportunity to check out some techniques for living off-grid.

For example, I have noted in the past that the dehumidifier heats up the place.  Now, it is a useful thing to know if you want water and some heat.  The temp is below 40 degrees farenheit, so that is cool enough to want to warm it up a bit.  The humidity is rather high, so I can open up a door a little, and let that humidity and fresh air in the room, while the dehumidifier warms up the place and makes a little water.

It uses a bit more electricity than what I would like, but I am compensated with warmth and water.   Is it worth it?  Well, the warmth makes it more comfortable, but do I need water when it is raining?  Not really, but if the rain stops, it will still be cool and humid.  Besides, you can always use water.

All of this may seem crazy, since I don't really need to do this for heat or water, but the idea is to train myself to do this kind of thing, for it may come in handy some day.

On the down side, you cannot make passive solar heat, nor more photovoltaic electricity.  What do you want---everything????

If it were windy, I could still make electricity that way.  But I don't have that here, and it wouldn't make sense here anyway.  That will have to wait until I get out there, if that ever happens.

What is stopping me?  Well, I may be getting a bit of a McClellan attitude here.  Too much perfectionism perhaps.

The move out there is a big step.  No rush just yet.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

People are now calling for Mueller to be fired

It has taken more than six months, but these people are now echoing what I said the minute Mueller was hired.  Fire his ass!

But this Mueller business is getting more serious now.  It seems that they want to keep this up even if there is no Russian collusion.  Well, there wasn't any collusion in the first place and they knew it.  Obama had his nose up Trump's ass even before the election.  If they couldn't find anything then, then there wasn't anything to find.

Mueller will keep looking and looking.  But the problem here is that his hiring was illegal in the first place.  Any delay only prolongs the inertia of having to stop something that has gotten a lot of momentum going.

Once again, if they can't find something, they will make it up.  Or it will become a process crime.

At the very least, to fire Mueller now gives them an issue in the campaign.  Well, I toldja!

Trump isn't destroying the GOP

In my opinion, they are doing that to themselves.

It is rather obvious that they don't like the man, but they cannot relegate their opposition to honest discussion.  If they simply disliked the man and said so, I could respect them.  Instead, they make up stuff, and this is what discredits them.

If the opponents to Trump in the GOP succeed in removing him from office, it should by rights be the end of the GOP.  That is because there is a faction that cannot accept that they have lost control of the party to a man they disapprove of.  Instead of learning why they lost control, and fixing the problem that caused such a result, they do something even worse in doing something monstrously dishonest, and I daresay dishonorable.

This has been a real eye opener for me.  So many people who were supposed to be on the right side of issues have really dropped the ball here.  It should then not be any mystery why the country is drifting so far in the wrong direction.  If this is what we can expect from the "stalwarts" in the party, then the party has no "stalwarts".  Nobody that the country can depend upon.  America can only depend on Democrats to destroy what she has always been.  Where is the opposition to this? Not from this debauched and discredited party that has preceded the arrival of Trump.

Better find some people that can be trusted and respected.  The old guard has dishonored themselves and should just go away.

If Trump is so bad, it should be easy to find someone better.  Instead, they act worse than Trump ever thought about acting.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Scooter Libbey Redux

Ever since Rosenstein appointed Mueller, it should be obvious what their intentions are.  If they cannot get Trump on anything, then it will be a process crime--- just like Scooter Libbey.

Therefore, what Rush says is what I was saying the minute Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

If they cannot get Trump on obstruction of justice either, then they will do all the damage that they can in order to discredit Trump.  It is history repeating itself.  Just like Scooter Libbey.

What to do about it?  Since many in the GOP are nothing but Dems in disguise anyway, they may actually try to remove Trump.

If that happens, then what?

Well, speaking only for myself, it will be the last time I vote Republican.  Either the so-called conservatives leave the party and start a new one, or I stay home for now on.  It is pointless to vote if the vote is going to be ignored.

Building advice from an old pro

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This post will go into the Construction sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and read individually or in series from beginning to end.

Originally posted 12.2.17, updated on,


Even though I have ruled out Quonsets, a final decision on what to do has not been made.  Now, I get to cogitate further on the possibilities.

The newest point of indecision is whether or not to build the structure mentioned originally on this post, or to just build a carport like structure that will allow me to park the trailer under it.

It will need to be bigger than 10x20 feet.  Maybe 10x30 or 10x40.  It will need to be expandable on the sides so that it will have a sufficient overhang.  The sun cannot be allowed to touch the walls of the living quarters.  That is what I don't like about putting walls up.

Ten feet is more width than the trailer has, but isn't enough for an overhang.  It will have to be extended at least 3 feet on each side.  Since the trailer is 8 feet wide, that means it must be 14 feet counting the overhang.

Two feet on each side would be enough.  That brings it up to 14 feet total.  I would guess that the overhang would have to be reinforced in order to be structurally sound.

The eight feet in height needs to be changed to about eleven.  What that entails is another question.

More study is needed.

Before I end this  post, I noticed a concrete breaking tool more powerful than a jackhammer.  A way to save labor is something I may want to consider.

Not to mention that it may also be useful in digging a hole for holding tank.  Perhaps I shouldn't give up on a holding tank as opposed to a septic tank.  If I can still get the incinerating toilet, that is.

All of this could add up to savings, which in my financial position, could be attractive.

The original post follows:

One of my older brothers has built many a house.  So, why not listen to his advice on what to build out there?  So, I went over his place earlier this week, and we talked it over.

I bounced some ideas off him, and he knocked 'em down.  One idea that he approved was to use concrete footers for foundations.  This would require an 18" deep hole be dug out, which will in turn require a jackhammer to loosen up the soil in there, so that a hole can be dug.  Six of these footers would support a 10x20 foot structure in lieu of a concrete foundation.  A concrete foundation was his first choice, but not mine.  He did say that this idea should be sufficient for a structure that could last 25 years.  Good 'nuff fer me.

How big were the footers?  I think two foot square.  A cylindrical pier can be poured on top of it.  The pier will support a 4x4 pillar on to which will be built everything else.  That means the floor and the roof.

The materials may go for less than 3k.  It is conceivable that I could build the thing myself.

Anyway, it is a plan that could work.  However, it may need some refinements.

The bottom line is that the Quonsets are out.

Obligatory, 12.4.17

There may be a need to upgrade my info sources.  So, I am looking around for new sources.  The old ones seem to let me down.

This impeachment idea based upon a tweet has caused me to reconsider linking to Denninger's site anymore.

It is not that I find Trump infallible.  Nope.  It is that I notice that there are too many out there that only want the sensationalism.  Denninger's site may be interested only in hyping the news so as to get pageviews.  Not interested in that stuff.  I don't do it, and neither should any source that I link to.

In short, anybody who acts like the media acts is going to find a way to get on my fecal roster sooner or later.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The latest frenzy of the Trump Tweet

This one is so convoluted that it is actually hard for me to follow.  Anyway, for an "investigation" that has a fraud at the heart of it, people are sure getting into a huff on something Trump tweeted.  It was about the firing of Flynn.

Supposedly, the tweet "admits" something that wasn't even illegal, if Dershowitz is correct.  Not only that, the entire investigation is a ( pardon the phrase ) a trumped-up affair.

So fanatical are they that they have lost all proportion.  Wasn't this supposed to be about Russian collusion in the election?  But the conversation that Flynn was said to be lying about was after the election.  So, whatever the case may be on the prevarication, it was about an immaterial point of fact, and now there is the possibility that what he "lied" about wasn't even illegal to begin with.

It would really be bizarre in the extreme for this one to go the impeachment route over a tweet over a crime that didn't happen over a lie that wasn't even material to the crime that didn't happen.  But Trump admits knowing about it before hand.  Obstruction of Justice!!!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

GOP tax bill passes

Yay, team!

Yeah, but whose team?  The corporatist's team, that's who.  Yes, and it is who runs the country now.  Of all the legislation that Trump couldn't get through Congress, it was this one that apparently will.

Let there be no mistake.  A reduction in taxes would be a good thing.  But the thing that should have happened is a repeal of the income tax altogether.  A tax on corporations could be kept on, just to show 'em who is boss.

But everyone knows who the real boss is now.  It is the corporations.  The Democrats are not against the corporations.  They love them.  This is all an Oscar winning performance to beat all Oscar winning performances of all time.  Corporate CEOs tend to be lefties, so what's in this for conservatives?  Typically, the left can act vitally concerned for the little guy, when in fact, they cannot lose.  Their buddies get taken care of no matter what happens.  The GOP can wear the black hats, and be sure to suffer at the polls on election day for being "for the rich".  The lefties can laugh all the way to the bank.

Meanwhile, the average Joe gets screwed again.

Friday, December 1, 2017

How does MAD theory work when everybody has nukes?

There are those who say America should learn to live with Norks having nukes.  But that would all but guarantee then that proliferation will get far, far worse.  If that treaty isn't going to be enforced, and there is a non-proliferation treaty that could be enforced, then where do you go next to deal with this threat?

What comes after MAD?

It was expected that Mutual Assured Destruction would deter any attack.  But that was in a world with few nuclear states.  If there is now to be any number of these nuclearized states, then what guarantees that a North Korea type failed state wouldn't attack if some third party agrees to rebuild their nation after it is attacked?  In this way, North Korea could attack and be attacked, and gain from it.  The damage to the USA would be far worse than North Korea.  Would you trade two American cities for two North Korean cities?  That exchange does not favor the USA.  It would incentivize the Russians or Chinese to offer assistance to North Korea if North Korea would nuke the USA cities and grievously damage it.  But what happens to the USA's interests?

It is not such a simple question as whether or not North Korea can keep its nukes.  The USA has already been attacked with asymmetrical tactics on 9-11-2001.  Such could happen again if there is a nation or nations willing to sacrifice millions of lives for the chance of destroying the credibility of the USA.  Iran has already made such a threat with respect to Israel.

So MAD cannot really work if an aggressor feels that has nothing to lose, and everything to gain by trying it.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

UK Prime Minister looks a lot like a GOPe clone

The whole point seems to be in ditching the Brexit vote, seems to me.

Why bother having an election in the first place?  Just like with Judge Roy Moore, you play to win.  It seems that so-called conservatives, whether here, or elsewhere, are more interested in losing.

That said, a vote for a favorable tax rate on corporations is definitely not conservative.  That is how John McCain can favor it.  Fakes are everywhere.  The fakery is killing western civilization, no question in my mind.

Don't play by the left's rules

All of the calls for resignations from the left towards the left's politicians should not impress anybody at all.

The left is just being the left, after all.

They will gladly sacrifice one of theirs for one of yours, provided that the one they get is of higher value than the one they sacrificed.

Roy Moore is extremely valuable.  Just because a bunch of leftist pervs may be forced to resign does not mean that Moore should go, too.

It's playing by the left's rules, I say.  No moral equivalence is here.  The left is always guilty because the left is not interested in playing by the rules.  They are more interested in forcing you to play by their rules, while they are free to violate them.

This is not to approve bad behavior.  No sirree bob.  But the left doesn't give a crap about good behavior, anyway.  They don't care about women, they just use them for political power.  Same goes for all the groups that they supposedly champion.  Don't fall for their bravo sierra.

If they want to eat their own, let them!  It doesn't make them moral.  They only do it because they have to in order to remain viable.

WaPo: How to persuade people that climate change is real

 Originally posted on 11.29.17, updated on


Just read something that shows a principle in action.  Hopefully, it may cause a lite to go on in someone's intellect.  What is the principle?  Let the quote provide the answer:

The terminology is not meant to engage argument, as political discussion should, but rather to end it, by putting its objects beyond the pale of discussion. --- Is Tolerance A Virtue, American Greatness
The left doesn't want discussion.  They want you to "shut up".

The original post follows:

This one got me to click on it because I want to see if this article can convince me that AGW is real.

Let us look at the "persuasion":

  1. The messenger matters.  Uh-huh.  So, I am to be convinced by WHO says it, as opposed to what is being said.  So, if an authority says that X is not X, and Y is not Y, and 2 plus 2 equals 5, then by golly, I am convinced.
  2. People respond to appeals based on their values.  Question:  What the hell does values have to do with whether or not climate change is real?  Are we talking values or climate change?
  3. Educating people about the science can make a difference.  Comment:  Except that is not what they are doing.  What is being advocated instead is an appeal to authority, as mentioned in number 1 above (an especially useful tactic to use on conservatives, it is claimed.)  Once again:  what the hell does tactics have to do with whether or not climate change is real?
  4. Emphasizing risk may spur people to action.  Yes, of course.  What is wanted is action.  But again, what does this have to do with it being real or not?  Nobody seems to be interested in the truth of the matter.  Is climate change real or not?????  No, we cannot discuss that.  Action is what is required!  Something must be done.  Boy, that really convinces me.
  5. Affirming the power of the people.  Once again, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

All of these suggestions lend nothing to the actual argument.  Instead, the attempt seems to be directed towards diversion from the topic rather than in actually discussing it.  The discussion then veers off into irrelevant topics.

What is the truth?  Truth doesn't matter.  But they sure want to win the argument all right.  This ought to be rephrased into how to win an argument by not having the argument.  Just talking about the weather may make more sense than this type of argument.

All the smart people are for this type of argument, it is claimed.  But if they really fall for this, how smart can they be?

There seems to be people who get it.  Read the comments.

If this persuades me of anything, it is that the people advocating for AGW are anti-science, not pro-science.  For if they were for science, they would be talking science, not everything else but science.

Roy Moore or bust

That's my opinion, and it will take a nuclear blast to change it.

The only way I can explain it is by using the General Grant example.  Lincoln wanted Grant even though he was a reported drunk.  The reason Lincoln gave was that Grant would fight ( and win ).  As for the winning part, there were generals in that war that would fight, but Grant knew how to win, too.

There were those at the time who thought that Grant should have been removed.  Imagine that.  All those generals Lincoln turned to were losing the war.  Here you find Grant, and these people think it was more important to have a guy with impeccable morals, as opposed to a guy who would fight and win.  What is the objective but to win?  Why bother fighting the war at all if you are not out to win?  Does it make sense to get rid of someone who can win?  Only if the point of it all is NOT to win, in my opinion.

And so it goes with Moore.  Moore can win, and he will fight the culture war.  Our country needs him like Lincoln needed Grant.  Even if the allegations are true, I say keep him anyway.  Only when he violates a law, gets indicted for it, and subsequently convicted, do you remove him from office.

Frankly, all the sexual harassment stuff is bravo sierra as far as I am concerned.  If women put themselves in harm's way, then this goes with the territory.  Don't go home to mommy boohooing about some guy getting fresh with you, little girl.  You play with the big dogs, you get big fleas.  Grow the f**k up.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nobody likes it when somebody pisses in their cornflakes

Did that title make you laugh?  Kinda obvious isn't it?  What I mean is, when somebody tells you that you're wrong, it tends to be like somebody pissing in your cornflakes.  Do you like somebody doing something like that?  Well, of course not.  But, on the other hand, who does anything like that literally?  What I am saying is that nobody likes it when you tell them that they are wrong.  Just trying to make it lighthearted as possible, so it won't go down like somebody really did piss on your cornflakes.

We live in a very complicated world.  Lots of people believe a lot of different things.  Not everybody can agree on what to believe.  It is hard to herd cats, and it isn't much easier to herd people.   That is assuming that you would even want to herd people.  I'm not so sure that getting people to behave like beasts that can herded, like cows, is such a good thing.

Personally, it is hard for me to understand what the objection is to Roy Moore amongst those who are religious.  Are you or are you not for the Ten Commandments?  Are you or are you not for traditional marriage?

I can understand if the objection is that Roy Moore is not a serious man.  But if the guy was willing to lose his job twice over these issues, it looks like he is at least more serious than average.  How then am I wrong to believe this?  If Moore was not serious, he would do a Pres. George H. W. Bush and do the equivalent of saying "never mind", like the SNL skits.  Bush 41, as he sometimes called, made a big deal out of not raising taxes, then betrayed that promise by raising taxes.  To me, that is not serious.  On the other hand, like Judge Moore, the willingness to risk being fired from a job because you hold to your position is exactly the kind of thing that looks serious to me.  How can he not be serious?  Roy Moore looks a lot different than the example of the Bushes.

I would need an explanation for that.  But saying that could be like pissing in somebody's cornflakes.  But you pissed first.  Know what I mean, Vern?

For those who think this is cryptic, you are right.  But try not to focus on that.  Focus on what I just said.

I know that I "piss on cornflakes" a lot on this blog.  Maybe that is why it isn't popular.  But even I can admit when I am wrong.

Show me where I am wrong.  Almost nobody even bothers to try.

Accusing the accusers

Hugh McInnish , American Thinker


A good job of debunking the claims.  Besides, this was an obvious transparent attempt to bring down Judge Roy Moore.  Glad to see someone on the job defending the man.

Washington DC is still a swamp, and most likely to remain a swamp no matter who wins.  But if Moore wins, at least there's someone there who will make at least an attempt to fight the bastards.

We need generals who will fight, like Gen. Grant in the Civil War.  What we have is a bunch of McClellans who will not fight, and when they do, it is a half assed effort.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Did Congress exempt itself from sexual harrassment laws it made for everybody else?

Denninger claims that they did.  But of course, the said law is not titled that way.  No, sir.  It is titled the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.  ( I didn't read that last link.  Reading through laws is a pain in the backside, so I don't.)

So, let's get this straight.  The same organization that tolerates Al Franken and others, will attempt to exclude Judge Roy Moore from office ( if he wins ) on the basis of his alleged personal behavior.  Said allegations will not have to be proven in open court with witnesses under oath.  Nope.

This law was passed without dissent in either branch of Congress in the same year that the Contract with America was enacted.  One of those elements of that so-called contract was to hold Congress itself accountable to all laws it passed.  In other words, why was this new law necessary?  Psst!  In order to exempt Congress critters from the law to which they just said that they would hold themselves responsible.

All of this doesn't not sound like the country I thought we were living in.  And those congress critters are not living up to what they say.  Yet, they claim to want to maintain integrity by excluding Moore.  Like everything else, you cannot take these people at face value.  Not even those you thought you knew and trusted.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Trump’s Historic Triangulation – Lunch Alert!

Trump’s Historic Triangulation – Lunch Alert!


Listening to this, the question arises as to the basic competency of Trump. Is he a genius, or not?

Certainly, Trump's critics will say no.  Yet, his critics did not prevail against him.  As with all things, we shall see.

It should be remembered that Reagan was underestimated as well.  An "amiable dunce", was Speaker Tip O'Neill's assessment.  It turned out to be quite wrong.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

After 30 years, alarmists still predicting global warming apocalypse

Free Republic

It isn't about saving the Earth, or fighting so-called climate change.  If it were, the solutions are readily available, and have been since the beginning of this meaningless hysteria.

Sometimes, I wish that something could be found that could shut this down for good.  It would be like a silver bullet, or a wooden stake.  Yeah, a wooden stake.  These creatures are like vampires, that suck the blood of their victims until they make somebody into one of them.

They are even afraid of a crucifix.  Would garlic work too?

AGW Theory sucks!

Has corruption overtaken the USA?

Reading the Market Ticker may convince you of this.

Actually, you may get quite alarmed in reading some of this stuff.

Now, when you read that, and then you may begin to understand their reaction against Judge Roy Moore.  In the same vein, there is the same type of reaction to Trump.  Roy Moore and Trump want to bring back the rule of law.  That is, if they are sincere about it.

I have been saying that you cannot take people at face value.  To do so may be a big mistake.   Yet, people do trust these sources, such as the Washington Post, and their influence is real.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Johnny Rivers --- Mountain of Love

Oldie, but goodie.  Man, how things have changed.  Before I started listening to Grand Funk, I liked Johnny Rivers.  Lol.   Yeah, and the Four Seasons back in the Sixties once seemed pretty good.  What changed?  From that time to this time, even more change than that.

As for this song, the music doesn't go with the lyrics.  It doesn't sound like a sad song, but the lyrics are sad.  If the music went with the lyrics, it would never sell.  Does that mean that sad stuff doesn't sell, unless it is maudlin?  The song might sell if the mood was maudlin, these days.  Who knows?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Time to be a grouch

Man, am I getting sick and tired of all the commercialism.  If you click on a link to read something, you also get a sorry video that takes up a lot of precious bandwidth.

Here I am, trying to stay on a budget, and they keep doing this stuff.

Several years ago, five gig was plenty.  Now, ten gig isn't enough.  Most of that is junk.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Don't be a wanker

I got a good laugh out of that expression when it was being used in a conversation recently.  But what makes a thing funny is the degree of truth in it.

So, it raises a serious question.  What does all of this really accomplish?  I am referring to everything that I am doing right now, including this here blog.

Well, let's look over the "accomplishments".  Almost a half-million pageviews, over 11k posts, not nearly all that many comments ( over 300 including a great deal written by me ), over a period of more than seven years.

That's the blog.  In comparison to other blogs, not that hot.  But better than nothing.

I've gotten 3 1/2 years paid off of my property out west.  I have practiced the hell out of my severe conservation techniques for preparations for living in the desert.  I am sure I can subsist off of five gallons of water per day.  Not so sure about the electricity, maybe under 3 kwh per day.  Not real sure about my power generation system that I will use.  Don't have a shelter up.  Don't have a septic system, which is required by state law and the terms of sale.

The big hangup now is money.

I could put the costs of the thing on credit, it is the paying off of the debt that is the trouble.  But as of now, I still have good credit.  That counts for something.

I have a trailer, but I don't know if I want to use it out there.

In short, I could be positioned to make the leap any time I want.  It is a matter of being ready.  I am wondering if I could ever really be ready.  My health is a concern.  A big concern.  Not to mention securityThere are bad dudes in the area.   So, there's that.

It would be a big leap of faith to go soon.  So, if I don't go, does it mean that I am not accomplishing anything of substance, or like what the title says?

Is it just jerking off, then?  What do I really want out of this is key.  Would I be satisfied with moral victories, or is that is being a wanker?

It isn't bothering me, in case anybody is wondering.  Perhaps "success" is in the eye of the beholder.

Well, if you can't take a joke....

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Don Surber: Charlie Rose shows how not to apologize

Don Surber: Charlie Rose shows how not to apologize: In recent days, America has learned there is a whole legion of lecherous lefties out there - the Joe Biden Brigade.


If the left wins the Alabama Senate seat that Judge Roy Moore is seeking, would it be a Pyrrhic Victory?

What's gonna be left when they get through with this war that they started?


Global Warming Fake



Nothing really new here.  Just one more confirmation of what I wrote before.  That one was about the Gas Laws.

Putting the phrase "gas laws" in my editor turned up 18 posts.  I supposed I have beaten this subject to death.  If you put it in the search box at the left sidebar, you can turn up even more posts.

Maybe the subject is like Dracula.  Only a wooden stake to the heart of this beast will kill it.


More and more I can see evidence of the falsity of the AGW hypothesis.  The other day, I was at the stove, and metal got red hot.

This gave me pause.  What was making the metal hot?  A gas.  What happened to the gas?  It moved into the room, making it hotter.  But what happened to the metal?  In order to answer that, I decided to try something.  I wanted to see how close I could get to the hot spot of the metal before I felt the heat from it.  The point being that the heat in the metal stays close to its origin.  However, the heat from the gas moves throughout the room.  Open the door, then the heat goes out.

Now, take that thought, and apply it to the rhetoric about AGW.  Carbon dioxide, which is a gas, is supposed to be trapping heat, thus making the temperatures go up.

But no gas can trap heat.  In order to trap something, it must be held in place, not spread around.  Gases release heat, they do not trap heat.  It is therefore impossible for carbon dioxide to trap heat. Unless....

What about the planet Venus?  What explains the hellish temperatures on that planet?  The answer is that gravity traps heat.  That and the amount of gas makes it more dense, like a metal is dense.  It is the same with a liquid.  A liquid is more dense than a gas.  Therefore, liquids will be more likely to trap heat.  The surface of Venus has a pressure that is equivalent to being under several thousand feet of water.  The molecules of gas are pressed together closer, like a liquid or a metal.  It is this quality that makes heat trapping a possibility.

The Venusian atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide.  But so is Mars.  Mars does not have enough atmosphere to trap heat, so I have heard.  It is only one percent that of Earth, and one hundredth of a percent of the pressure of Venus.   Well, then, there you are.  It is the amount of gas in the atmosphere that traps the heat, not its composition.  If the atmosphere of Venus was exactly like the Earth in type of gases, it would still be a very hot place, provided that there was 100 times more of it, as is the case with the atmosphere of Venus.

Humans cannot begin to change the atmosphere to make it like Venus.  We would all die long before that happened.  Besides, there isn't enough oxygen to make carbon dioxide that would be enough to make a difference, even if we could.

AGW is a fraud.

Monday, November 20, 2017

David Brooks' sermon on Idolatry and Heresy

There's some links on this stuff, since it was on PBS.  But there are some problems with it, may be related to this computer or to the website itself.  I don't know which, so I won't link.

The problem here is presumption of guilt, when the evidence isn't sworn and in open court.  Therefore, it is meaningless in the legal sense.  It is 100% political.

Another problem is bringing in the religion-speak, with words like heresy and idolatry.

It strikes me as rather odd that a guy on a leftist outfit tries to give sermons about religion.  The leftists have historically been anti-religion.

Thirdly, as usual, the left gets it backward.  The ones practicing idolatry are the leftists.  They are the one politicizing this thing.  It is rather unfortunate that the so-called right has chimed in as usual, with a mea culpa over a matter that does not involve themselves.  Now, who is politicizing this thing????

The Ten Commandments is heresy?  You don't say.  Coulda fooled me.  Does that mean the left agrees with Judge Moore, then?  Don't bet on it.


Tax cuts for the rich really are tax cuts for the rich.

Now that's rich.

If John "McStain" blows this one up, fine with me.  But the thing I oppose has always been the cut on corporate taxes ( whether they actually pay them or not).

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Originally posted 9.15.15,

reposted 11.19.17

The folks who believe in the Gramscian Theory believe that the media can make you see five lights ( which is false) and not say that there are only four lights ( which is the truth ).

The previous post made this post necessary yet for the fifth time.

You don't have to go along with what somebody in power tells you to be true when your own mind tells you what the truth really is.

Got that?????????????????????????????????????????????????

The fact that the left has captured all the high grounds of our society does not explain why Trump won.  Nor does it explain why Moore can win.

The truth can win, but only when the people insist upon it.

The original post follows:

Something's wrong with the video player, so I'm reposting this for the fourth time, but as a new post.

The internet service was unavailable for awhile as well.  No, I'm not claiming anything is happening as a punishment.

What is reality? ( or what is truth )

Plato's Cave and Our Current Reality

Earick Ward, American Thinker


He postulates that it may be more force than reason.  Whatever the case may be, if you should win a battle on its merits and the potential for victory is there, you should go for victory.

I think of this every time an issue like the alleged behavior of Judge Roy Moore comes up.  Supposedly, the conservative thing to do is to roll up into a little ball and roll into the nearest hole so you can crawl into it.

When it is an issue like the Ten Commandments ( and Judge Moore), one that you could win, and should win, then by golly go for the win.  If that is "force", then we need to have "conservatives" who are willing to be more forceful.  This schtick of theirs is nothing that I would call conservative.  Since when is conservatism defined in this way?

It means nothing if you are not willing to put something into it.  So-called conservatives are just playing around if they aren't willing to pledge their "life, liberty, and their sacred honor".  For that is what it took to make this nation, and that is what it is going to take to keep it.

So-called conservatives are not willing, it seems, to do any of that.  "Let's not get our hands dirty", seems to be the thinking.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Bushes Brought Hillary Back To Life – Lunch Alert!

The Bushes Brought Hillary Back To Life – Lunch Alert!


Yes, and Hillary is still alive with this garbage over Judge Roy Moore. She pretends to be "accountable", or tries to link "accountability" with the Democrats and herself.  This is like Al Capone trying to be the Untouchables.  The Clintons are also like the Houdinis of politics.  Here is another Houdini act being attempted.  She wants to stay in the mix.

Compare this lunch alert with what I wrote about the Bushes before. It isn't just the Bushes.  The entire GOP is infected with this weak mindedness from this tribe.  If Reagan had not have chosen Bush, this stuff would not be happening.

Just exactly what does it mean to be a conservative?  If you cannot preserve the Constitution and insist that the rule of law be followed, the what does it mean?  It is only a word without meaning.  There can be no more conservative thing to do than to defend the constitution as written.

Judge Roy Moore is being accused of something that almost any man can be accused of doing.  With that alone, they are attempting to destroy his candidacy.  Sorry, but there are courts of law.  If someone has a beef, take it to court.  If Moore is convicted, then and only then do you remove your political support.  Otherwise, the left can destroy you at will.  You will never be able to stop the left like that.

The left didn't care that Bill Clinton was caught red handed in a lie.  What credibility do they have?

What credibility does the so called conservatives have when they allow this?

O.J. Simpson Murder Case

That's old news, huh?  Not really.  It could well have been an early warning of what is happening right before our eyes right now.

It struck me just now, that while reading the book Outrage, by Vincent Bugliosi, that there were no eyewitnesses to the murder.  Nor anybody who at least heard a commotion during the murder as it was happening.  You see, how does a murderer kill two people with nobody hearing a single thing nor seeing a single thing?  It wasn't mentioned in the book, that I can recall.

We seem to have plenty of witnesses to "groping", but to a murder there was NOBODY?????

Consider the type of murder it was.  It was quite physical.  Wouldn't there have been a lot of NOISE???????  There wasn't any guns involved.   Just a man with a knife managed to kill two people, one of them a man.  PUHLEEZE.  The very fact that a man was able to kill two people in the second largest city in the nation without WITNESSES seems rather odd to me.  Nobody was willing to come forward at the trial?

Why do you suppose that there are a large number of "witnesses" to "groping" when there is no witness to a brutal murder of two people?

People are afraid to come forward, don't you think?  But they are not afraid to come forward in the case of the "gropings".  I think they both have something in common.  The murder witnesses that didn't come forward were lying by omission.  Those that do come forward now about groping are lying by commission.

I don't believe the women.  They did something to provoke the men, most likely.  Then they run  to the authorities with their complaints, which the authorities are all too willing to believe.  The usual suspects capitulate because they just cannot do anything.

My ass.  Nobody does anything because they are too damn weak to do anything.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Too much power in the office of the Presidency

That may be an argument in favor of the Ten Commandments, and a reason to support the candidacy of Roy Moore.

There is just way too much public attention vested in the politics of the chief executive of this country.  Historically speaking, the one Civil War that this country had was largely started over the election of Abraham Lincoln to the White House.

If there is too much power in one man, it could degenerate into a cult of personality, not unlike what happened in the time of Rome, and in modern times as well.

To offset that, a belief in a Supreme Being could be an anti-dote.

Now, let's look at the objections to the Ten Commandments.  Aside from the first two commandments, the much of the rest isn't even likely to raise an argument.  Most, if not all people will agree that people should not steal, commit murder, cheat on your spouse, nor bear false witness against your neighbor.  Nor should anybody covet other people's possessions, or anything else that your neighbor has.

The one against graven images is one that is of interest here.  It otherwise known as idolatry, and you may get a significant amount of support that this is a bad thing.  That is what a cult of personality is, after all.

So, what is the big problem with the Ten Commandments?  One may argue that this is what modern day society is based upon, anyway.  The one objectionable part would be about a Supreme Being.

Okay, but if you don't serve a Supreme Being, do not you not end up serving a man-made one?  Isn't that what could happen if a megalomaniac gets in charge of this country, or any country for that matter?

Trump may or may not be such a person.  But if he were, Moore would not necessarily be one of his alleged unthinking followers, provided that he is sincere about the Ten Commandments.

The people most susceptible to the kind of thinking that may bring upon this nation a dictatorship are the very people who claim to be against it.  Could it be that they are not against dictators, just the "wrong" kind of dictator--- a dictator that they do not agree with.  But in the end, all dictators become oppressive to just about everybody else.

Of course, you don't have to have the Ten Commandments to achieve a measure of protection against a cult of personality.  Our Constitution does a fair job of that.  But our Constitution may not be enough.  If people do not honor it, it could also fall by the wayside.  Isn't that what so-called conservatives were saying about Barak Hussein Obama?  Isn't that what Trump's critics are saying about him now? 

Anything built by man can be overcome.  That is a paraphrasing of General George Patton from the movie Patton..  He was criticizing the West Wall that the Nazis built against an invasion from the west during the second world war.  If walls can be overcome, so can Constitutions.  If there are those who wish to overcome that organizing document, they have already come a long way toward that goal.  Meanwhile, they have used the Constitution as an argument in order to overcome the much older document known as the Ten Commandments.

Nobody can be too sure about the works of human beings.  It may well be fallible as we all are.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

So-called conservatives are crazy, or they are lying



Yes, the reason that an explanation is necessary is that too many people take these people at face value.  For example, McConnell and co.  say they want to save the seat for the GOP.  But actually, they want to lose it.

By withdrawing support, they are increasing the likelihood of defeat.  If that cannot be achieved, they may try one of these ridiculous tactics in an effort to "win".  But such nonsense will only convict them in the eyes of the public.  The public will likely not vote for who the GOP says they want to win.

Meanwhile, Judge Roy Moore has no defenders amongst these clowns.  He cannot because they are not serious people.

In any case, why not let the people of Alabama decide?  That is what they are really afraid of.

11:03 :

If crazy, then it must mean that they are delusional.  By delusional, they believe in something that is categorically false.

An example is this Ace of Spades post.  So, he believes he can keep the Alabama senate seat by confirming what the leftists say?  If the GOP refuses to seat Moore, why would that keep the seat?  Because they confirmed that the voters cannot be trusted when they voted for Moore?  What's the guarantee of a positive reaction to having your vote nullified by a bunch a limp wristed wimps?  Does anybody believe these guys?  Their credibility is continually being tested, and they are found wanting.  Then he says to go with a write in campaign.  Uh-huh.  Split the vote, that's the ticket.

He says both options are hard.  By why only those two options?

Could it be that the lack of a fight from his own party is what may doom Moore?  What if they rose up in full support of the guy like the Democrats usually do?

Finally, this kind of opinion seems to rely on the belief that they are "protecting the brand".  What friggin' brand?  The kind of brand that always folds like a cheap accordion every time the left utters a discouraging word?

If the left can win by simply denouncing the opposition with unproven and unprovable charges, then we may as well stop having elections.  Hell, they did that stuff in the Soviet Union and every other tyrant regime since the beginning of man.  The USA was supposed to be different.


You'll never keep anything by running around in a panic every time the left makes a controversy out of one of your people.   Doing what Ace suggests is a near guarantee of defeat.  If you fight back, you may have a chance of winning.

Jeez.  Why does this have to explained?

How do you write women so well?

It's supposed to be a joke, but what makes it funny is that there is truth in it.  Just like Limbaugh says about humor.

But what isn't so funny is when there is no accountability in an entire society, like we have now.  Now, tell me.  Who is responsible for that?  The ones who aren't responsible in the first place---women.

You cannot hold women responsible because they will fall back into their femininity, which they use so well to avoid responsibility.

Of course, if women were more reasonable, they would understand this and get a grip on themselves.  But that would end their fun, now wouldn't it?

I may be tough on the gals, but you have to admit there is some truth in it.  Laugh it up, if you can.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Keyboard Warrior

Originally posted on 2.22.17, updated on,

11.15.17 :

9:30 am

It seems that arguments like this may be persuasive to some people.  It is not persuasive to me.  As I wrote before, even if he was guilty of this, if it is not illegal, then I think it should be ignored.  The important thing to me is that he defends without reservation, the Ten Commandments.

As for the "rule of law", the people shouting it the loudest in this case, care about it the least.  They don't care about the girls, they don't care about the rule of law.  This is just a political prop for them.

A bunch of judges in robes do not make the law themselves.  They should not legislate from the bench.  Our judicial system is out of whack as well as the rest of our society.

Maybe that can be fixed, maybe not.  In my opinion, Judge Moore would be a great Majority Leader of the Senate.  Take that McConnell.

8:30 am

Everybody is taking a shot at explaining what the deal is about Roy Moore.  It is about the Ten Commandments and taking an unswerving fidelity to it.  That is what Roy Moore has done, and the people of Alabama supported him in that.  However, the people in the government do not.  Hence, the conflict.

Our government will abide by the rule of law, or it won't.  When it doesn't, it will become a law unto themselves.  Is that not what is happening here?

The ruling class only defers to democracy when it agrees with them.  That's what makes the Russian collusion allegations absurd on its face.

Likewise with the young women accusing Judge Moore.  If they really cared anything about young women being raped, then there would be an insistence upon chaperones.  It used to be so.  But the ruling class really don't care about that now, if they ever did.  It is merely a prop for their politics.  An excuse, if you will.


A blast from the past...  Reading this makes me understand that I have made real progress in my fight against cancer.  I no longer need nearly as much pain medication.  I suppose I could do without it if I wanted to.  The pain is not so bad anymore.

What brought me to this post is what I do on this blog.  Yes, I am a Keyboard Warrior.  I don't do real fighting.  But nobody does that anymore in our society.  Everything is metaphorical.  You have "revolutions" that aren't literal revolutions, for example.  The Reagan Revolution, it has been called.  But no blood was shed.  No dead bodies in the streets.  Real revolutions have those kinds of things.

Even though I am a Keyboard Warrior, I like to keep things real as possible.  Indeed, I would like to actually DO things that may make a difference.  So, to back up what I say, I have committed considerable amount of time, expense, and yes effort-- to my off-the-grid project.

Yet, it is still more idea than substance.  Nothing is out there, but the broken remains of what I attempted before.

As for the bigger picture, the broken society in which we live, I can only be a Keyboard Warrior.  I can only write about things.  I cannot literally fight in the streets, but if the time comes, I will defend myself and what matters to me.  I will defend it with everything I have got, including my own life, if it comes to that.

We need warriors in our society.  Words are not enough.  Being right is not enough.  You have to back up what you believe by actually doing something about it.

The GOP wants Roy Moore to resign.  Really?  For what purpose would that serve?  Does that advance the things that the GOP claims to support?  Or does it enable what you oppose?  I think the RINO faction are only enablers of that which is damaging the future of this society.

So, to do something significant: try asking yourself this: do you support the Ten Commandments or not?  Ask the RINOS that, and see what their response is.

I would support Moore even if he is guilty of what they say he is.  That is because he supports the Ten Commandments, and that is more important to me than Moore's alleged lack of moral perfection in this case.

Let's not have the RINOS, like the McCain's and Bushes, fool us into thinking that they are with us.

We need warriors, and those guys won't fight.  They'd fight US before they would fight the left.

Just tryin' to keep it real, ya'll.

The original post follows:

Hey, yeah.  That is what I am.  Hey, I cannot even keep my eyes open half the time.  I am so doped up on meds that I am sleepy all the time.

So, if I write something like the GOP going on offense, I certainly don't mean ME.  I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag right now.

Keyboard warriors are just words in cyberspace.  Not that I don't want to be taken seriously.  On the other hand, I am basically an ideas guy.  Ideas guys vs. Action guys.

When I am not half asleep, I'm at my brother's repair shop.  He does real stuff.  Fixing a car is real.  Buying one not so much.  I am more inclined to buy one.

What's that you say?  It just seems to me that if you know how to get one running right, it is a lot better than buying something.  You don't always have the option of buying one.  Buying one is a big step away from making one or fixing one.

I started in the auto repair biz when I was young.  I didn't stick with it.  There's the difference between him and me.  Not that I don't stick with things.  But fixing cars requires something that I seem to lack.  He says it is persistence.  But I don't think I lack persistence.  Maybe it is persistence combined with audacity.  You have to be audacious to do some of the things he does.  He does stuff I would never do.  It seems rather chancy, I would say.  Like putting a junk car on to a trailer. 

He spent an entire morning doing that.  The junk car had no wheels, as he took the axles off and  used them for another project.  No place to put the wheels.  Try to imagine getting a junk car on to a trailer without the benefit of wheels.  That's just the beginning.  You have to get the trailer there, which was tricky in itself.  There's not that much room.

I could go on, but you should be able to figure it out.  Keyboard warriors don't put junk cars on trailers.  It is the real deal to do stuff that is real.  Let's not kid oneself.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The truth be told, I never did like Hannity

Now it's Hannity turning on Moore.

Move over Judas, Hannity is the big dog of betrayal now.

It's about the money.  Better to lose sponsors than to lose your soul.

Also, better to tax corporations for no other better reason than this.  Tell them where they shove their money.   At least, one can be hopeful that the people will say no to the money changers.

For the longest time, there was something about Hannity that rubbed me the wrong way.

The (real ) Rat (s) In Alabama

Dick Morris


Update: ( 11.14.17, originally posted 11.12.17 )

The GOP does not impress me with their willingness to cave in to this.  You have Menendez in the Senate while on trial.  Moore is not even allowed a trial before you run him off?

Even Cruz, who has previously criticized what he calls the "Surrender Caucus", is surrendering.

This does not impress me, but Cruz has never impressed me.  That's why I call them "so-called conservatives".  They do not accomplish a doggone thing, but they sure like to posture like they are really, really rockribbed conservatives.  It is all bravo sierra.

I probably will think long and hard about voting for Cruz in the next election.  I probably should not have forgiven him for the way he treated Trump, but this reminds me why I don't like him.  Nor Cornyn for that matter.

the original post follows:

Hmm.  Morris says something questionable.  Personally, I think the thing is all made up as a last ditch attempt to stop Judge Roy Moore from being elected Senator from Alabama.  Why even consider removing him from the ballot, or even implying that such was a desirable course of action?  If somebody gets desperate enough, as I believe these people have become, then they may well be capable of making things up.  They are certainly doing it with the allegations regarding Russian collusion against Trump.

Voters should disregard this latest gambit.

I read a bit about Moore on Wikipedia.  I like the dude.  I do not believe the accusations.  He may go far in politics, believe it or not.  This kind of guy may well be what the doctor ordered for this country.  It all depends upon sincerity.  There is a risk of insincerity every time you deal with politicians.

Just consider the craziness that has become so pervasive in Western society.  Moore could be a good remedy for that if he is sincere.  If not, he will be a disaster.


There seems to be some doubt about the accuracy of the allegations.  No links being cited, though.  One of the accusers is a Democrat operative, or something to that effect.  This allegation is most likely politically motivated.

Polls conflict.  Well, one thing is certain: some people are going to believe it, so it most likely will hurt. 

My hope is that it will backfire bigtime.  One way to stop this kind of crap is to burn it big time.  Once this type of thing is burned, the motivation to avail oneself of the tactic will be diminished.

Homemade and designed solar water distiller

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Originally posted 10.06.17, updated on,


A few ideas have sprung up in my mind.  I want to do this as cheaply as possible, right?  Okay, then why use studs and plywood?  I could use fencing planks and cardboard.

However, it must be waterproofed.  For that, I could use something a bit more expensive.

So, two fence planks, with a third one used for the two sides.  The bottom will be cardboard.  The third one can also reinforce the cardboard so that it can hold the weight of the water.  The dimensions would be about five feet by one feet by about six inches deep.

On second thought, it could be shallower, so that means cutting the planks in half lengthwise.  It could still hold plenty of water.

The reason for shallow water is that the heat will evaporate it faster that way.

Not to mention that the wood will go further.  Three planks may make two of these.


I am considering adding some copper tubing as a condenser.  How much would be necessary, and how can I make this as simple as possible?

I hate complications.  Especially when I have to execute them.  Simplicity is tough enough.

It comes in coils, so if I leave it in a coil while gradually let it rise higher.  It would have to be supported somehow.  Also, any condensation must drain back where it is supposed to go, not back into the water that I want to clean up.

Can put a separator at the end, with gravity sending the condensate into a collection bottle.  It can be like a gutter that runs from the top part of the distiller, down to where I want to separate the dirty water from the area where the condensate drains into it.  About a foot long piece of metal bent in half will do the trick.


An idea sprang up in my mind.  Why use plywood?  I can use 2x4x8' studs.  Cut them down to the size needed, and enclose an area that will hold about nine gallons of water.

I think the idea could work, so now I can think of how to optimize it.  What I mean is to add a condensation chamber to it, like the linked youtube presentation below.

Would it be worth it to circulate cold water through a tube, and let the hot moist air condense around that tube, thus increasing the output?  No.  Actually, you don't need to circulate water at all.  Just the air.

You could have a Styrofoam cooler attached to the distiller.  Hot moist air will be conducted into the cooler, but enclosed, as the moist air would be inside a tube that connects the distiller and the cooler.  The tube would be submerged inside the cooler, and the air would be circulated through the tube and back into the distiller to be reheated by the sun.  As the hot moist air cools, it will condense inside the tube, and can be collected.

This setup would require but a small amount of electricity to run the fan that circulates the air.


11:30 am:

Here is a professional looking application of this idea.  This version is demonstrated in a four part series on youtube.   Frankly, I do not want the kinds of complications he has, but some of his ideas are worth a try on my own system.

For example, he has a condensation chamber.  It is made of metal and attaches to the back of the basin.  There is also a mirror that will concentrate solar energy into the water, thus heating it up.

9 am:

More thinking on this has produced an upgrade upon the design.  The amount of air inside of the distiller is too high, meaning the performance is likely to be disappointing.  Consequently the design now is for the triangle to be cut down to a few inches instead of a foot high.

If I keep this up, it might get built before Christmas.  Hmm.  That was joke, but Christmas is just a couple months away now.

the original post follows :

This idea has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks now.  Time maybe to give it a shot?  Here is a preliminary design.  It is simple, but hopefully not too simple that it overlooks some important points.

I want to use the sun's energy and the earth's gravity in order to purify water, so it can be used over and over again.  Pardon the crudity of the drawing.  Perhaps there is a prettier way of doing it, but I don't care about such details.

I should add that the smaller enclosure should be tilted so that the condensed water will drain towards a small hole at one end.

This will require another inch piece be cut lengthwise so that it will fit inside the enclosure.  This will provide the tilt necessary so that the distilled water can drain out.

The enclosed area should hold 7 square feet  times 7/8 inch, which is about a 1/2 cubic foot, which in turn is about 7 and a half gallons divided by two.  Since the materials can make two of these, it can process up to 7.5 gallons of water at a time.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mitch McConnell really is an A-hole

Hey, it's not just my opinion.  I saw this on Ace, and it is replicated in many ways on many sites.

Here are some examples:

  • November 10, 2010:  "Election is a mandate for me to be a gigantic A-hole" ( not a word-for-word quote, btw )
  • April 23, 2014:  Makes Asshole of the Day "status" at Crooks and Liars
I decided to stop there because they are mostly leftist sites that hate conservatives.  Yet McConnell has somehow managed to offend conservatives as well.

So, it could well be a case that he really is a big freakin' A-hole just like he said he was.

When nobody likes you, could you be in some trouble?

Rethinking the Quonset idea

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This post will go into the Construction sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

The Quonset idea may have to be reconsidered.  The reason is that I will have to put an outside wall on it anyway.  Having it doesn't seem to offer any advantage if I have to do that.

Instead, there could be the outer wall and an inner wall.  Between the two can be insulation.  It may be a simpler idea to execute.  The Quonset didn't work because tarps I used did not work out there.  Too fragile.

Now that I think about it, perhaps a canvas top instead?  Will a canvas top work?  You see, the problem here is that there needs to be something that is durable enough to last, and is waterproof.

Okay, I looked up a tarp that is said to be strong enough for roofing purposes.  In order to make the Quonset the size I want to make, I would need two 10x18 foot tarps.  This will cover a structure that will be 7x16.5 feet when finished.

Now, if this tarp is truly strong enough, I won't need an outer wall.  That is the original idea.  Make it simple and make it relatively small.

One thing to remember was in the difficulty in getting the tarps in place.  I will need a plan for that.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

German decline pervasive in the West

So-called "transgender" officer in Germany is an example of systemized insanity.   How so?

It is delusional to believe something false in the face of incontrovertible truth.  The truth is that a man can never be female, and vice versa.  To believe otherwise is prima facie evidence of delusion.  It used to be that such a statement was taken for granted.  But no more.  You now have to argue with an insane culture that accepts this insanity as sane, and thus fit for command.  It is now okay for insane people to run German institutions.

The Washington Post says this insanity is something to celebrate.  Have they gone mad themselves?

The decline must invariably result in collapse in due time.  It may come fast or it may take awhile, but such things cannot be sustained over time.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

What if the left took over without a shot?

There was talk about that during the Cold War.  The idea was that the commies could take over without firing a shot.

After the Cold War ended with an apparent victory, this seemed to go out the window.  But wait a minute.  It seems to be happening right under our noses.

So what would the response be if this were to happen?  Would anything be done in defiance of it?  I am wondering if there is sufficient will and ability to withstand a coup.

There's talk of one of those since the Inauguration.  It seems almost absurd at this point, if evidence, facts, and reason mattered.  But in an argument, force has the better of it.   The truth won't matter.  What will matter is the old calculus of war- who can bring the most force to bear at the critical point.

Who wants it more?  That may be the determining factor.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Too awful to be true, too likely not to be false

I can almost believe anything about these people right now.  So, something like this is not out of the realm of possibilities for me to believe.

The thing I may have a hard time believing is that Trump is so far on top of the situation.  That is way too optimistic.  If it is all true, then the part about the others being that gullible to fall for a cover story is too awful to contemplate.  Not only would they be incompetent and corrupt, but also the biggest damn fools ever born.  I wouldn't count on them being that foolish.  If they are at least minimally competent crooks, then this thing will get very, very ugly.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gun control is not about preventing crimes

If it were to be the case, then how does this guy manage to get a gun anyway even though it was illegal to sell one to him on multiple counts?

To expand the thought a bit further:  "fighting global warming" isn't about fighting global warming.  It is far more than that, in my opinion.  It is about changing an entire social-economic-belief system.

To expand it even further:  you cannot believe these people when they say something.  So, if they say that gun control will stop this type of crime, then please explain why that the law that is already on the books WAS NOT ENFORCED.

In order to stop mass murders like this, people are going to have to take control over their own lives.  Turning to the government won't do the job, especially when the government won't do they job that they already have.

Moonbattery gets literal

Liberals gather and scream helplessly at the sky last night, or so I heard.  Was it a full moon, and were they baying at the moon?  Not quite, but close.  Well, that may qualify them as authentic moonbats.

Instead of barking at the moon, let's celebrate a year without Hillary in the White House.  Yay!

Official Barking Moonbat Coffee Cup
When will sanity return to these people?  Ever?  They really are barking moonbats.  Literally.

Update a little while later:

That was mean of me.  yuk, yuk.  Like Archie Bunker, I don't care.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Don Surber: Trump is so mean, the Raiders may have to stay in ...

Don Surber: Trump is so mean, the Raiders may have to stay in ...: Disrespecting the flag, the national anthem and the nation itself has consequences. It may stop the Oakland, I mean, Los Angeles, no, I me...


Yeah, ain't it awful that bad 'ol  Russian stooge Trumpsky wants to save the taxpayers a lot of dough on a stadium that nobody in Vegas wants, and for a team that nobody in Vegas wants.  But the rich 1 percent want it, and a lot of illegal construction workers may want the job to build it.

Except the "Kneegros"?  That was in one of the comments for the linked post above,  Funknee, funknee!

Jack Ryan, candidate for Senator from Illinois v. Barack Obama

We know how that all turned out, now don't we?

Barack Obama won, but how did he win?  Well, he got help from somebody who released a sealed court document about his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan.

Resistance is few tiles

Now isn't that a coincidence of some kind?  It turns out that this same tactic was used against Trump.  A similar tactic was used against George W. Bush just before the 2000 election, if you recall.

Keep in mind that, and then look at how leaks are occurring in current administration.  It appears that there are those in government who violate confidentiality on a regular basis in order to gain an advantage.  I would say that is evidence of corruption, wouldn't you say?  Government employees are not supposed to get involved in politics.  It is the law.  What does the law mean anymore if it is only applied to those outside the ruling class clique?

Is that not who is doing all this, the ruling class?  It appears that there is no problem in keeping secrets.  It is just that the secrets being kept are so one sided in favor of the ruling class.  If anyone gets in their way, and a court document can be unsealed, or a confidential document be unsealed, they can get that information before the public in order to attempt to get an advantage.  By the same token, Hillary can destroy evidence ( which is illegal ), and there's no accountability.  The ruling class, namely FBI Director Comey, protects their own.

There is an attempt to remove the POTUS from office.  It is being orchestrated by these same people.  It appears that if they cannot find something, then they will make it up.  Then that will be used in order to violate the POTUS's confidential conversations.  Then there was a dossier that was created that looks like a fraud.  That fraud was used to obtain wiretaps in an attempt to undermine Trump and cause him to lose the 2016 election, or to be driven from office after having won it.  This occurred during the previous administration, run by no other than Barack Hussein Obama.

There needs to be some accountability for this.  But will there be?  It looks like not in Virginia, as the GOP Gillespie lost the race for governor there.  Virginia has a lot of people who work in DC, which is adjacent to it  DC goes 90 percent Democrat.  The rot is too deep there, it appears.  The rot may be too deep throughout the nation.  Let us hope not.

They say Gillespie is GOPe.  Makes sense that people wouldn't vote for him, because he is not much different from the ruling class himself.  He may pretend to be a reformer, but he refused Bannon's help, so I hear.

This was no loss for the country class.  Let not your heart be troubled.