Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Piddling around

Originally posted on 8.13.17, updated on,

Today, I worked on my "climate control device".  That is to say, my "coffin", or to put it yet another way, my hidey hole.

No, I didn't make it small.  Yes, I am thinking of doing that.  Really small. Like 72 cubic feet.  Do you realize the opportunity here?  Well, look at this from the BTU calculator.

So, worst case scenario is only 516 watts per hour.  Best case scenario is only 147 watts.  Alright.  That the ticket.

Now, to get my lazy butt actually working on it.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up the Coleman cooler, and cut away some unnecessary hosing.   All in a day's work.

By the way, I may be able to upgrade the system with the batteries I have.  Some ideas include using the existing battery outside, and putting in a cut out switch.  A cut out switch will allow the solar panel to charge it during the daytime, and the grid to recharge it at night.  Also, I have a battery that can run a 12 volt fan.  I would have to purchase that.

Now I can waste time and money on something else...  Just kidding.

the original post follows:

My van has an issue that I tried to address today.  Actually, there are several issues, but this one needed attention.

The problem was with a terminal connector on the battery.  It didn't tighten up like it should, and the reason why was that the thing was using a connector intended for the positive terminal, but was on the negative terminal.  The negative terminal is smaller, and I didn't know that.  How many people know that?  Evidently, whoever put this terminal connector on didn't know that.  It was somewhat loose because it was as tight as it could get.  The thing could tighten no further.  It wasn't designed for negative terminals.

It had to be replaced.  So, I bought a universal connector.  It tightens alright, but the thing is too dang complex to put together.  I did get it together after a lot of cussing.  I think the van is okay, but it isn't an ideal fix.  We'll see.

Besides that, I am still fooling around with my solar panel.  I am considering another battery for it,  because it is putting out enough juice to charge more than one battery.  Since money is tight these days, I have to consider things carefully when I am considering a purchase.

My little hidey hole, which is my bedroom, needs better insulation.  That's another little piddling project I have been working on.  My hidey hole is quite comfortable on a hot day.  Everybody around here may wonder if I am ever coming out of my hidey hole.  It is very nice in here.  It is too hot out there.

So, the hidey hole gets a lot of attention.  It isn't perfect, but it is getting better.  It can be improved even more so that I can make a true "coffin" arrangement, that will minimize energy use.  If I were to make a "coffin", it would be about two feet tall, by six feet long, and three feet wide.  That is 36 cubic feet.  About one tenth of the current cubic feet of the hidey hole.

The Butt head calculator says I need about 562 watts for my hidey hole, which I think is a low ball number.  It is low ball if my insulation is "normal".  Nearly 1200 if it is poor.  It may be poor, but I think that it cannot be made much better, although I will try.  At peak hour yesterday, I think this a/c was pulling about that much.

The coffin arrangement can improve that to only 332 watts.  Personally, I do not think that it would take that much.  My frozen ice thingy works better than that, I would guesstimate.

I'm sure everyone thinks I am going Howard Hughes with all this reclusiveness and everything.  But I like to piddle around with this stuff and my hidey hole is doing aok.

In case you were wondering, the hidey hole does not work for nuclear fallout.   If that happens, I am sol.


Because of CRS, I thought I would make a note of something today.  Seems like it is about 7 pm when the solar panel cannot run devices and keep charging the battery at the same time.  That is almost eight hours that it can do this.  It is not an exact number, so don't quote me on it.  If I didn't make a note of it, it would turn into something else.

Also, a crazy notion is going through my head. I may want to make a "coffin" after all.  But all this costs money, and I don't have it.  That's why it is crazy.

Possibility of War

There's been plenty of talk about a second civil war.  How to evaluate that as a

The situation may well be quite complex, and not so easily analyzed.  The reason is
that there are complications that extend past our own borders.

Once again, I point to the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.  The USA
appeared to be caught off guard by this type of attack.  Therefore, one cannot count
out another attack of a similar kind.  What I am getting at is an attack through a
proxy, such as North Korea or Iran.

Iran is not ready yet, but they clearly want the capability to strike US interests and
probably the US itself.

Such threats by secondary powers cannot be taken very seriously unless they are aligned with a major power, such as Russia and China.  Indeed, these countries are strongly aligned with such powers, and so a combination of forces may well bring on a conflict.

Meanwhile, there are dissident factions within the US, which complicate the matter.

These internal factions may well signal weakness to a potential adversary.  Such may
have been the case during the run up to the Pearl Harbor attack.  A potential adversary
may miscalculate and launch an attack, believing that the USA would not respond with
its full capability, due to its internal divisions.

An attack may be a feint, so as to exacerbate the divisions.  Or an attack which would
not indicate a complete retaliatory blow.  Such is the type of attack that the Norks
are threatening.

Splashing dummy warheads just off Guam may be the type of attack that can hurt the USA's image, while at the same time, it may ward off a full attack.  Merely shooting down
these missiles won't be enough, in my opinion.  Therefore, the attack may proceed.
If the missiles aren't shot down because the system is faulty or incapable, this will
be a defeat for the USA.  That could be devastating internationally.

If they are shot down, then what?  Does the USA have to countenance this type of threat? Indeed, no matter how it plays out, the USA loses something.  A simulated attack means the Norks get away with something.  This may be what they are playing for.

Therefore, I think this is a serious threat.

How does that play out at home?

It may well unite the GOP.  Trump is already making some concessions towards the Neo-cons. The Globalists and the Trumpists may set aside their differences.

However, what will the Dems do?  They may well split off.  This dynamic was seen in
the Wikileaks revelations of the DNC emails.  These were blamed on the Russians, but it
is now being circulated about that it was an internal leak after all.

Regardless of the real source of the Wikileaks, it showed that the Dems are divided.
Many of them would support Sanders.  These represent the ones most likely to dissent
from any military action against the Norks. 

But the Establishment Dems who backed Hillary cannot be seen as weak on national defense.

So, I think that there still would be serious divisions within the country, but there
would be substantial support for the POTUS in the case of a simulated attack.  The USA's position in the world cannot take such an attack lightly.  The appearance of military weakness would damage the USA's credibility around the world.

Therefore, my conclusion is this: there will be no war within the USA, but a war may
break out anyway.  It all depends upon how Russia and China react to the Norks launching an attack on the USA, and how the USA responds.

I don't think the divisions in the USA will be sufficient to overthrow the government.

Nor do I think that Trump's enemies are strong enough to oust him.

A war is possible, though.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Charlottesville Big Lie - by Robert Ringer

The Charlottesville Big Lie - by Robert Ringer: To my surprise, on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” the usually thoughtful Kennedy said about President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville violence, “If he had said the right words, we wouldn’t be talking about this.”  Sorry, Kennedy, but you’re wrong.  No matter what Trump would have said, the left, as well as the FNM and establishment sewer …


"...the truth is greatest enemy of the state"----attributed to Josef Goebbels, the propagandist for the Nazis.

Then does that make the real Nazis the so-called antifa?  Or do they just act more like Nazis than the real ones?

Even when you think you have it figured out...

you don't.

It's why I out and out distrust the media.  They sell you 100% lies, and if you believe only 1% of it, it is too much.

The thing that got me is that they really don't know why that guy drove his car into that mob in Charlottesville.

It is simply assumed that he was a "bad guy".  But what if he wasn't?  What if it is just another one of their lies?

Serious question, ya'll.

It is how ordinarily fairly decent types can get bamboozled by these jerks.  If you are ordinarily decent, and you  accept only 1% of their fraud, it is way too much.  Then you become a problem, like they are.

I accepted that this was a bad guy.  But according to Ann Coulter, no evidence has emerged that proves that.

Sort of like no evidence that the DNC was hacked.  But there is a dead body.  Nobody's interested in a murder, but a non-existent hack, now that is news.

Pet Peeves

One of my favorites is this automatic updating systems they have for phones and
computers.  Often it seems that my computer will stop functioning properly, and I
have noted in the past that once this happens, the automatic updating is occurring.
The problem with this is that I want to do what I want to do, not what the computer
wants to do.

I realize that this maintenance is necessary ( or isn't really because these computer
systems are poorly designed), but the interruptions are inconvenient and annoying.
Another thing that annoys me is that these "advances" aren't really improvements after
all.  If they cause you to lose time attending to inadvertent actions, like "butt
dialing", then they really don't save time.  ( Butt dialing happens when you touch
the screen of your phone, and it initiates a call.  You could be sitting on the phone
when this happens.)

I guess it comes down to who really owns this computer, me or the "system"?
Before I started this rant against computers, I had some thoughts about the political
situation.  Seems like the computer rant distracted me from those thoughts.  See what
I mean?

The thought was about how to get the political situation turned around.  Who will
organize this turnaround?  Perhaps you don't have to invent anything, just look around
and see what is being done already.

Several years ago, I participated in an activist system called Grassfire.  So, I googled
it up, to see if they are still in business.  Yes, they are.  So, I bookmarked it, and
will link to it in the future.

There was another outfit that I dallied around with.  These people George W. Bush called
vigilantes.  They watched the border.

Those two could provide a start, but there are others.

The trouble with Grassfire is that it is for profit, or at least what I suspect.
They ask for money, and when that happens, you know it is about money.  Don't like that,
because you have to motivated by some other means than money.

We cannot buy our way out of this mess.

Grassfire is better than nothing, I suppose, but that is not saying much.

It is okay to have pet peeves, but do something about it.  Maybe something can be done
about the scandalous computer industry.  Yes, it is scandalous.  But almost everything
is scandalous these days.


The media is garbage, let's face it.  The idea with the media is not to keep you
informed, but to make money.  If making money means that you will be uninformed, then
that is what you will be.  There are no altruistic motivations governing the media.

When they claim otherwise, look out.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Salt has lost its savor

I think that the Sermon on the Mount applies to the vast majority of Republican Party officialdom right now. 


He ends the article by saying "good for nothing".  Well, yes.

The thing to do is to remove those who won't get with the program.

If that doesn't happen, it will be more of the same.  People have to remember this and act upon it.  Simply complaining about it won't get the job done.

Johnny B. Goode --- How to Play the opening

The coolest sound around, and yet, it is fairly simple.

"Yeah sure", you might say.  "If it were so simple, how come you can't do it?"  Tell you what, from what I know, it is simple indeed.  However, the talent lies in creation, not duplication.

If you can pick this up by ear, you missed your calling.

I couldn't.  The reason I never learned to play like this was that nobody showed me.  Shoot, I bet I coulda learned.

"Oh, yeah", you might say while rolling your eyes.

No kidding.  I coulda.  I spent enough time on it, but never really learned much.  Such is life.

Eclipses and whatnot

Yeah, the day you have been waiting for has arrived--- the solar eclipse.  Woo-hoo!

By the way, there's somebody advertising cars that way.  He has a "woo-hoo" sale.

May sound crazy, but that is quite normal these days

As for the eclipse, I am trying not to go blind while watching it.  In other words, I am not.  It ain't worth it to me.

On other matters, I am quite convinced that there will be no civil war.  If there is, maybe they will throw spitballs at each other.  Quite civilized these people.  We have come a long way towards being civilized you know.  The only mass killings allowed these days are abortions.

But we don't call them that.  Freedom baby!  Gotta be free.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

The healing power of laughter

Yes, I agree totally.  Even Dr. Evil could laugh.

Bwah, hah,, hah!

Er, he wasn't laughing at himself.   Never mind!

Jerry Lewis, Nutty Professor

Jerry Lewis has died.  He was 91.

I didn't know that this movie was making fun of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  It was pretty obvious that it was copying it.

Anyway, I wanted to put up an example of Lewis' work in his honor.  A comedy great has died.

Obligatory, 8.20.17

No post yesterday.  Out of data.  Instead of buying more, I just waited it out.  It was just for one day.

FYI, Betsy's Page just went on the fecal roster.  Replacing it with Conservative TreeHouse.  I'm sick of these people who try to undercut Trump, while pretending to be conservatives.  It is like the deception and betrayal you see from the John McCains of this world.

You cannot allow yourself to be deceived by their words.  Actions speak louder than words, and the McCain types don't deliver when the time comes.

A Civil War in the making?   That opinion can only come from listening to or watching the media.  The Charlottesville stuff is hype coming from them, so it isn't nearly as significant as it may appear. The Dems hype it up even more, and the usual suspects from the GOP side chime in.  It looks a lot worse than what it really is.  I think Trump may be fine.  Especially when the economic numbers really start to look a lot better.  There's reason to believe that they will.

Of course, all of this is tentative.  The media and Dem noise machine may pull their chestnuts out of the fire again.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: We can tell how fed up some of Trump's administration are with him by the way they're leaking about him. They've progressed fro...


One of the most curious things to me is how this person can write so much stuff that makes sense, then turn around and rip Trump.

Does this person think that having someone else in the White House is going to further the agenda than what Trump is already doing?  Trump got the GOP where it is, not what the GOP has done.  All the GOP seems to know how to do is lose.  This article is proof of that.

Are we to believe that these people are serious about what they profess to believe, when they go about trying to destroy any chance of achieving it?

Trump's temper is not the issue.  The issue is why they are trying to provoke it?  Just so that they can have an excuse for abandoning him?

Sorry, but what they are selling just doesn't sell to me.  I'm not buying into it.

Obligatory, 8.18.17

My battery went dead earlier today.  So, the netbook computer that I use was on the charger.  It was a slow charge, but now it is back.

Meanwhile, Bannon was fired.  There's plenty to think about right there.

It seems that DC wants scalps, and tend to get what they are after.  Flynn's scalp made way for Sessions' recusal.  Sessions' recusal made way for an independent counsel.  You don't get these prosecutors unless you are scalp hunting.  So that is the end game.  But in the meantime, they need to get things set up.  A few more scalps first, before the big 'un.  It seems to me that Bannon's has always been high on the list.  Now that they've bagged his, what comes next?  The biggest of 'em all?

Trump has a lot of followers.  Getting rid of Bannon is sort of a big deal because the thing that may be keeping this ship afloat is Trump's continued support amongst the people.

Regardless of most of these polls say, according to the more accurate ones, he seems pretty steady in his support.  If that gives way, it may open the door to his removal.  What happens if Trump is seen to be shifting away from what got him elected?  That could be the thing his enemies are trying to set up.

We will see if that is how it plays out.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Obligatory, 8.17.17


You don't need dog whistles.  The Dems are very frank about wanting Trump dead.  Why?  Well, according to them, he is the next Hitler.  And you know what Hitler did.

All you deplorables have got to go.  Trump will go first.  If you don't shape up, you'll be next!

Yep, there is no need for a dog whistle.  You can hear them loud and clear.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dog whistles

You hear from time to time about "dog whistles".  I guess these are supposed to be some sort of silent message for ears that are sensitive enough to hear them.

Maybe my ears are getting sensitive, and I am picking up a dog whistle.

Every time I hear the word "diversity", I think I am hearing "kill whitey".

Yep.   A good way to kill whitey is to use a dog whistle to send the attack dogs out to keep you in line, in case you don't know what's good for you.

Better not want things that are no longer for whitey, but are for anybody but whitey.

Know what I mean, Vern?

The latest phony outrage

It's all over the news everywhere.  Trump didn't say the "right" things and the media is aghast.  Well, bless their little hearts.

A study of history shows that the Weimar Republic was brought down by Nazis and Communists.  They worked together because neither liked the Republic and both wanted to overthrow it.

Could history be repeating itself?

Now, if you were to make a comparison between the Weimar Republic and the American Republic, the two groups that squared off are both rather off the mainstream, just as in pre-Nazi Germany.  Probably neither want the American Republic as it is, just as in the Weimar Republic.  Indeed, if you are a Neo-Nazi, then you must approve of the type of government that the Nazis had in Nazi Germany.  Stands to reason, right?  If you do, then you want to bring down our government and impose a dictatorship with a Fuhrer, just like Adolf Hitler.

But what people forget is that there is another side to that historical story as there is to this story.  There always is, but these guys do not want to talk about that.  They want to play politics with it.

History again:  Not only did you have an Adolf Hitler, you also had a Josef Stalin.  Do people really want to say that Stalin wasn't a bad guy, it was all Hitler's fault?  Did Stalin want Hitler to win in Germany?  Did the communists in the Weimar Republic support Stalin or Hitler?

These antifa people seem a bit over the top to me.  To not condemn them is just as bad as not condemning the Neo-Nazis.  Both are dangerous to the Republic.

You don't have to be a KKK supporter, nor a Neo-Nazi to protest to taking down of a confederate statue.  Reasonable people can disagree on this subject.  Yet a reasonable protest was not allowed to take place.

But what we have here is a media that insists on reporting everything in their usual slant.

No matter who the GOP president is, the left would be acting like this.  They said it of Bush, they said it of Reagan.  Makes no difference to them.  If you are a Republican, you are a racist, bigot, homophobe, and all sorts of bad and nasty things.  The Democrats and the left do this all the time.

It is phony as hell.

I'm glad Trump is defying the phony and fake leftist media.  To not defy them is cowardice.  Trump is telling the truth.  Something rare these days.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: Well, I guess a do-over for Trump to condemn the white supremacists whose march in Charlottesville led to the shocking events this weekend, ...


Betsy links to a guy named Nordlinger, who goes after Trump.  Not terribly familiar with this Nordlinger guy, but Betsy seems like a Never-Trumper, as does Nordlinger.  There is a "money-quote" that I would like to refer to, which allows me to segue into a pet peeve of mine.

I think that, if conservatism gets associated in the public mind with nationalism, populism, demagoguery, grievance, race-consciousness, and tribalism, we are cooked. And the country too.

The pet peeve is that some on the so-called right, which I refer to as so-called conservatives, like to call themselves "on the right".  Now, the terminology of right-left is a left wing invention, so when you use it, you are playing on their home field.  When Ronald Reagan said that there is no left or right, in his famous "speech", he was referring to that phenomenon.  Reagan was a stalwart conservative, nobody doubted him on that.  But guess what?  The left wanted to link him to Nazis.  Why?  Because that is what they always do.  So, when you refer to yourself as being on the "right", you are giving the left a cudgel to beat you over the head.  Reagan avoided this, and that may have been the key to his great success.

Furthermore, to admire Reagan while at the same time, referring yourself as being on the right, is playing right into the hands of the left.

How many times have I preached that on this blog?  I cannot count the times.  Yet, Limbaugh, and yes, even Bannon may be playing the leftists' game.  If Bannon really referred to himself as being on the "alt-right", then he did it too.

But it makes no difference if it is alt-right, or right, the leftists will call you a fascist anyway.  They do this with every president from the GOP.

So, this claim that they don't want to have the Nazis and the KKK linked up the conservatives rings hollow with me.  It is because they are already.  They will always be, especially if they do not make this distinction.

Another criticism of this quote is how the terms get linked all together in a soup of bad names.  If yu don't want to get linked up in that soup, stop calling yourselves rightists, for heaven's sake.

No, just because Trump doesn't get PC on us means that he is going Nazi on us.  That's what the commies want everybody to think.

Incidentally, caring about the country is PATRIOTISM, not nationalism.  Let's use our words right, people.

I hate Illinois Nazis

Well, in the MOVIE, they moved out of the way faster.  Gee, can't these people just get out of the way the way these Nazis in the movie did.

It is so obvious.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Charlottesville follies

Who's right, and who's wrong?

Somebody's gotta be right, and somebody's gotta be wrong.

With that in mind, I am going to wade into this a bit, and the folly may be mine for doing so.  Or, if I am up to it, I may be able to show that the folly belongs to the left wingers.

Seems like I read on Limbaugh's site how many on the so-called right are really scared stuffless whenever the topic of race enters the picture.  They cannot run away from it fast enough.

Seems like that his listeners told him that they don't envy his position in times like these.  Yeah, and anybody taking a false step here could be ruined.

Yep.  Message loud and clear.  Anybody stepping into this is taking a chance.

But I have written against Nazis before.  I am sure that I never wrote anything in favor of the KKK.  That's because I never approved of them.  White supremacy?  Heh.  What white supremacy?  If anybody said anything in defense of any of those people, look out.  Frankly, I don't see how white supremacists can even exist in this culture the way it is today.  I know that I have written that before.

So, here's the Democrats trying to tie Trump to white supremacists.  Is that the folly?  Because I think it is:  for no other reason--- that I do not now, nor have I ever favored these groups.  Tying Trump to these is like tying ME to them.  Yes, I DO mind that, I DO mind that very much.

The left is really anti-white man these days.  Just to bring that to anyone's attention can get you a "racist" label.

Funny thing about those white supremacists.  They don't wrongly accuse white people of being bad people just because they are white.  But the left does it all the time.

Why, somebody like me might actually feel a little sympathy for these white supremacists for no other reason than they don't do anything to wrong me, but these other guys do all the time.

That's the folly of the left here.  They may be creating a monster that doesn't exist, and would not exist but for their folly.  Because of their folly, they may be creating one.

For this, I might catch hell.  Well, let 'er rip.  Somebody has to be wrong here.


Hmmm.  Check this out.  These guys sound like communists.  Do you trust communists to run this country?


Actually, I don't know what happened there.  That has taken second place to the reaction to it.

I hear that there was a death.  Some injuries.  There was some sort of protest and a counter protest that got out of hand.

My reaction to this is the reaction to this from the left.  They are going nuts over it.  Yep, it is like old Adolf himself has come back to life, and is running the country now.  My reaction to this is like my reaction to a lot of things these days--- downright disgust.

The hysteria seems to know no bounds.  Look, we've had terrorist incidents which the previous POTUS didn't want to classify as terrorism.  If they claim that Trump is doing something wrong, what about looking at themselves?

There is a lot of emotionalism getting ginned up by this hysteria.  It would be easy to get caught up into it.  But for what?  To satisfy a bunch of agitators?  Let's just ask what happened, and stop using it as a prop for all of the grievances that somebody seems to think that they have about whatever.

The country seems to be spinning out of control.  Something's gotta give.  Unfortunately, I think that with these things, the noisiest and most aggressive parties will prevail.   The outcome will have nothing to do with justice, or what's right and what's wrong.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cuz whitey has to go

Ann Coulter has an article about the immigration proposals from the administration.

Media doesn't want to cover it.  Why?  It's all whitey's fault, that's why.

The media is a four letter word starting with "s" and ending with "t".

Forget the media.

By the way, the aforementioned entity is all over the Charlottesville incident.  Even if it is racially motivated, so what?  If Maxine Waters says "you have to understand their rage", then what is the big deal?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are the Polls Wrong Again? - by Robert Ringer

Are the Polls Wrong Again? - by Robert Ringer: In my recent article titled “The Better What?” I speculated that the Dirty Dems are almost certainly going to be overwhelmingly defeated in the 2018 midterms.  However, I added the caveat that the only two things that can prevent a Republican landslide victory is too much Donald Trump chaos or the anti-Trump Republicans in Congress …


Another one who thinks the GOP cannot lose.  But walks that back a bit and adds... "unless".  But of course.  It is easy to say you will be a shoo in if all goes well.  Trouble is, a lot can go wrong, and usually does.

Hillary still got more votes than Trump.  When that can happen, how can you be so sure of victory?

Give it time.  Anything can happen between now and the next election.

Ringer also criticizes Trump.  I cannot agree.  I like the dude, and I am damned glad he's there.

Korea news

The main headline seems ominous enough.  However, if you read on...

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un has challenged the US to a hot dog-eating contest, demanding that Trump send his best competitor and at least 4,000 hot dogs.

Hot dogs?

This is a joke, right?

Of course.  Check out the date, 3 months old.

Not familiar with site.  It seems to be a mixture of serious stuff and not so serious stuff.  Linked from Instapundit.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This could be bad

The more you think about this Korean stuff, the more worrisome it seems.

So, why not just come out and say it, that this is potentially some really bad stuff about to happen.

There is something familiar about all this.  If you recall back in 2000, the Dems made a big stink out of winning the popular vote, and losing the electoral vote.  It doesn't matter legally, but since they won the popular vote, they must feel it gives them some right to act like world class jerks.  America needs to be united, because a major crisis could be dead ahead.

Now history is repeating itself, in a way.  But we don't know yet what the bad thing will be.  History showed in 2001 that the World Trade Center was hit with a terrorist attack.  Could something similar occur before the year is out?

If you look at the current situation, it is quite similar in some respects.  North Korea is not as powerful as America, but it can deliver a deadly blow if the EMP attack is feasible.  That is an asymmetrical threat.  Personally, I have no special knowledge to evaluate this, but I think it may be a threat.  Maybe a very big threat.

If not, then there is still a problem with the Norks perfecting their missile technology.  By splashing some missiles just offshore from American territory, they can make the US look weak and helpless.  This cannot be good on the international stage.

The international stage may not interest you, but it is still necessary because of the way the globalists set up everything.  For America depends upon the rest of the world for everything now, whereas in the old days, before this globalist one world order thing developed, she could produce everything she needed right here.  America First could be implemented then, but now?  Maybe not.

The thing that could upset the apple cart is the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency.

Consequently, if America loses its reserve currency privilege, then there will be huge consequences in the economic sphere.  This could be the game that the rest of the world is playing on us.  Yes, the rest of the world is going to matter if you like that or not.  The globalists seem to think the rest of the world likes us, but they would just as soon see America knocked off the top, and replaced by anyone else.  Even America's so-called allies aren't really her friends.  They just play her for a sucker.

One of these days it could all come to an end, and that time could be now.  If American military might is shown up, that could have severe repercussions as far as the dollar's reserve currency status.  With that eventuality, the economy could implode.

Yes, this could be bad.  Of course, the usual suspects are running their mouths off.  If it happens, it will be all Trump's fault, of course.

Yeah, but if you starve it won't matter whose fault it is.

Occam's Razor suggests this is true

The simplest explanation is the one that is most likely to be correct.  In terms of the alleged DNC hack, if the DNC refuses to prove that it actually happened, then it probably didn't.

By the way, this isn't a "right-wing" site.  I don't accept the left wing's premises.  That doesn't make me "right wing".  It only means I do not agree with them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rush: Democrats will keep losing

Limbaugh says that the Democrats will keep losing.  This will happen even though it may appear otherwise.  Limbaugh makes the distinction between the Party and the Media.  The Media doesn't have to get elected.  ( but they do have to hold an audience )

Interesting theory, but let's see it in practice!

Democrats still win a lot of the time.  I blame them for the mess we are in.  Of course, I also blame the GOP for not doing enough about it.  But here's Limbaugh telling us that it doesn't matter, the Dems will lose anyway.

On another note, if the GOP believes it will win in any case, then does that explain why they won't do anything?  Just a thought.


My verdict on this kind of thinking is that it assumes that an impeachment of Trump will make no difference in voting patterns.

This is an absurdity.  There can no other outcome from an impeachment of Trump and removal, than a catastrophe for the GOP.

The why do it?  It makes no sense, unless they just don't care.

Faraday Cages on the Cheap

Wanna be prepared for an EMP attack?  It looks like it doesn't have to be too expensive, and you can stay in business when everybody else's electronics is fried.

How do you do it?  Here's a couple videos that shows how.

I like cheap.  I like simple.  This may be cheap, but it doesn't look simple.

Maybe better than nothing, though.

Unfortunately, I may not get the opportunity to make one.  He has another idea, which looks simple.  First thing will be this one, then the simpler one.

Now for the simple idea.  What can be simpler than a garbage can?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Do you know your representative in the House?

I didn't.

There is no really good reason for not knowing.  But now I do.  I sent my rep an email, expressing my displeasure with the flow of events regarding the fraud Mueller.

Naturally, I think Mueller should be fired immediately.

People who feel the same should contact their representative and make their feelings known.

Waiting around for them to do the right thing could be a mistake.  They should be encouraged to do the right thing.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because of a flawed campaign.  The Russians didn't cause her to lose the election.  The claim that this is true is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Going after corporations is not socialism

In my opinion, which is based upon how the US Constitution was written, that in keeping with originalism, which is supposed to be a conservative idea, that to go after corporations is consistent with conservative thought.

It has become something of a given that the GOP favors corporations, more than the Democrats, who are okay with corporations, and these same corporations favor Dems and their agenda more than the GOP does. This is hard to understand how the GOP lets themselves be the "party of the rich", when it is the Democrats who tend to favor the rich far more.  Fake news and fake culture of all kinds may be at work here.

So, this comment was in keeping with a discussion about Sanders of Vermont, who may be the Democrat nominee in 2020.  The Dems kept him off the ballot, as you may recall.  The WikiLeaks business showed that, and now the Deep State is going after Trump, another populist type of candidate.  Corporations prefer the fake, in my opinion, because they care nothing for the people.

Corporations need to be controlled.  Instead, they are controlling us.  In my opinion, they are the ones driving this impeachment nonsense.  If they aren't doing it, then who?  Why would the Sanders type voters be interested in knocking off Trump, when Trump resembles Sanders more than Hillary did?

There are those who say people vote according to their tribe.  If that is so, then Trump should not be POTUS.  There is no always in any of this stuff.  That provides the opportunity for someone to come along and fix things when things are not right.  Polls say consistently that we have been on the wrong track for most of the past two decades.

I trust Trump more than Sanders, but either one could betray.  They all do.  One of these types of politicians have to come through for the people in the country to survive.  The corporate state does not care about the people.  You can take that to the bank.

On the other hand, if the Tiberius Syndrome has its way, America will fade into history just like the Romans did.  Corporate power is the Tiberius of the age.

Thorium 2017

Excellent educational video that will show you the advantages of the thorium molten salt reactor.

It is a very complex subject, but the material can be mastered and understood provided that the person is interested enough.

If you aren't interested, you are making a mistake.  Polls show things are not on the right track.  You cannot get back on the right track unless you understand why things are on the wrong track.  Here is a video that will show you why we have been on the wrong track with regards to energy.  This cascades into other areas.  For example, if we had made the right decisions in the seventies, it would have avoided the Energy Crisis of the seventies, and possibly even the terrorism of the recent age.

We need this technology.  The shame is that we could have had it forty years ago.  It is still not too late.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

Originally posted 6.8.17, updated


Glen Campbell has passed away.  He was 81.  In these videos, he looks so young.  Life is short, don't you know.

the original post follows:

A hit song from the sixties.  That was supposed to be the swinging sixties.  Hmm.  Pretty innocent time, if you ax me.

Yes, I like the song.

Wanna hear some good news?

Instead of fake news du jour?

Gateway Pundit has a review of Trump's accomplishments to date.

Put that in yer crack pipes and smoke it, libs.

The best thing to do is to ignore the wackos.  But that really isn't feasible, because wackos can be dangerous.

If they do get too dangerous, well, that is what the Second Amendment is for.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Prediction: Trump won't last

Originally posted 8.3.17, updated


So, Limbaugh is on his show saying that the "swamp" intends to do away with Trump.  Question: So, what do we all do about it?  Just let them do it?

In my opinion, the people behind this are destabilizing the country, and besides that, do not care that they are doing it.  Can things really return to any sense of normalcy after they pull off a stunt like this?

If I am right, then this should be emphasized to the public.  If it is the truth, then it should not be hard to sell.

Fire Mueller's ass.  If you have the country behind you, the swamp is going to have to relent. 

Otherwise, there will be a lot of blood.

Know what I mean, Vern?

8.4.17 :

Wargaming this would show that there would have to be a significant number of RINOS to join the Dems to impeach, and then to convict in the Senate.  The question is this:  do they have the votes?

As of July, there were 240 GOP House members.  The majority is 218.  That means 22 would have to jump to the Dem's side.

Once impeached, the Senate tries the case.  To remove a POTUS requires 2/3 rds majority.  That means 67 votes.  There are 52 GOP Senators.  Fifteen would have to flip.  Not impossible.

I can bet you that these guys are just salivating at the opportunity.  What would stay their hand?  A massive backlash?  One would wonder what it would take to get these people to back off.  I would think the removal of a POTUS without just cause to be highly destabilizing.  Their names would be mud amongst a good many people, I would expect.

At this point, I don't know.  If Graham and company can get the bills that they want that would limit Trump, this would be an important test.  It may be a bluff, but you never can tell until they make a move.  A big clue was the Obamacare vote.  They had seven defections.  That's not even close.

Someone is going to make a move eventually.

original post follows:

Really, really hate to write this.  Couldn't hate it more.  But there's a lot of evidence to me that these guys are going to move Trump on out.

It is just a matter of how and when.

If the House flips to Democrat, they will probably impeach.  The Senate?  They won't protect Trump.

Now, all of us may be getting our buttons pushed, and none of this will happen.  However, look at the facts.  The facts on the ground support it.  If Trump was safe from this, the facts on the ground would be different today.

Sessions would not have recused.  There would be no Mueller.  The legislative agenda would be moving forward.  Trump's people would be getting confirmed.  Instead, his government is being strangled in its crib.

What can be done about this :  vote GOP?  They don't inspire confidence at all.

How does Trump survive this?  I just cannot see it.

Handheld GPS practice

This post will fit into my off-the-grid "subseries" of posts.  It will be classified under the general subcategory.  It can read end to end by following the links, or the entire series can be accessed through the table of contents post.

Prev   Next

The last time on the ranch, I discovered that my shack didn't hold up at all.  While I was there, I took the opportunity to look for the last pin that marks off my property from all the others.  It failed because I am not proficient enough with this handheld GPS thing I bought back in 2014.

After practicing with it, I noted that it has a few idiosyncracies.  One of those is that it wants to position you at your last marked waypoint.  It doesn't matter to the thing that you may have moved a hundred feet away, as far as it is concerned, you are still at that last waypoint.

That won't do.  Just won't do.  How do I get it to do what I want?  I decided to mark a waypoint even if that waypoint is already in the system.  I will name it "last" as the last waypoint marked.  Then I will go to the next point I want to mark, and mark it "next".  Then look and see where it says I am.  I should be at "next", not "last".  As a matter of fact, I did do this already, and it seems not to go nuts on me and say I am somewhere else.  Good.

Now, why did I write this up?  I tend to forget stuff.  Number one calls it "CRS".  That means "can't remember shit".  For now on, when I say "CRS", you will know what I mean.  Know what I mean, Vern?

If I make it to the ranch again, I want to be able to find that last damned pin.  Then I will know every corner of my ranch, doggone it.  I have had it for three years, and I still don't know my property.

If you have read this blog, you may have heard that I am selling my van.  Well, sort of selling it.  What I will do is sell if I can get close to the price I want.  Asking price is 3500, but there are no takers so far.  If it doesn't sell, I am sure I can put it to good use.

Thinking of how I will do that.  I can take it to the property, and then I can camp out in it.  Done it before.  Now that all of the crap is out of it, I may well be able to convert it into a living space that I can use while I am out there.  Also want to assemble the trailer I bought back in 2015.  Yes, a lot of stuff got bought, and not used.  Now, I am trying to play catch up, if my health allows.

If I assemble the trailer, I will use the construction methods I used before that didn't work out there.  Of course I will not do it the same way.  I will use a concrete canvas top, which I hope will be sturdy for the kind of conditions that will prevail upon it.

There is enough material in one roll of that stuff to make the roof, and one wall.  Need another wall where the door is.  Can't see buying another roll of the stuff for that wall, so the idea is to use something else for the wall that holds the door.

That will be all for now.  Just wanted to remember how I used the GPS so I can know how to find that last pin.  You don't use it the way they say to use it.  Remember that, and don't let your CRS cause you to use this thing improperly.

You go to the waypoint using the distance and direction as a guide.  If it says it is west at 100 feet, I walk 50 paces, and then check and see where to go next.

I think this method may work well enough.  In the meantime, I will use this GPS to extrapolate where that last pin should be.  Then it can be a waypoint to be found.

Maybe that will work.

Holy Noah's Ark, Batman!


Woo-hoo!  Lots of rain.  Some places up to 7 inches or more.  How long can you tread water, Noah?

Bwah, hah, hah!

Official rainfall stats ( I think )

Tow is just up the road from here.  I believe seven inches cuz it has nearly filled empty five gallon bucket, which is not in a position to collect run off water.  It just filled from the rain.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Always a mistake to try to make sense of the senseless

Read the comments.  None of it makes sense, but neither does the song.

Or it makes sense if being with somebody is the most important thing in the world.  But it can be worse than being alone, the song says.  What kind of sense is there in that?

That is my problem, I guess.  I try to make sense out of things, but there isn't any.

It is a lonely place to be, indeed!

Obligatory, 8.6.17

Everything out there in the great big world looks kinda crazy, so there's no further comment here on that.

Aside from that, I am attempting to keep myself on an even keel with my own projects.

If the world falls apart, well, it would not be a big surprise here.

Over and out....

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Solar power arrives?

Originally posted 7.31.17, updated on, 

8.5.17 :

Been monitoring this for the last couple days.  It does appear to work, but power is a bit lower than I would like.  It stops charging at 13.7 volts, or so I think.  At 5 amps, that is only 70 watts, compared with the 100 watts I thought I would get.

However, by putting a load on it, I may get that difference, or some of it.  Thinking of adding a second battery, which I thought I may need anyway.

At best, I may get 600 watt hours per day out of this thing.  Not a whole lot, but enough to power some small devices.



Looks like it is working now.  I ran a lot of things off of the panel, while keeping the battery charged up.  One thing that will take getting used to is all the fluctuations in the voltage.  It runs up and down, and it may be because of a cloud covering the sun, and lowering the output of the panel.  At least, I hope so.

Crossing my fingers, and hoping this thing is really working now.

6:00 :

Spent the last hour reworking the mc4 connectors at the solar panel.  It may be inaccurate to blame myself for this failure, as the solar panel itself was already wired when I bought it.  Therefore, it was wired incorrectly.  Why should this surprise me?  The first panel I bought didn't work at all, now this one isn't wired correctly.

Well, at least I can stop beating myself up.  In the bargain, maybe I am learning how to wire these things correctly.  If for nothing else, at least that is worth something.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.  It hasn't been tested yet.  For that I must wait for sunrise, in less than an hour.

I work before dawn because of the heat.  This part of the day is the coolest.  But the bugs are out, and complicates things a bit.


Frustrating turn of events.  I thought I had it fixed up, but wrong!  Evidently, the wiring is still wrong.  Don't know what it is about these mc4 connectors.  I thought I had 'em figured out.

The panel checks out at about 100 watts.  The battery is now charged at about 13 volts.  Not quite fully charged, but close enough.  Not sure about the controller, but the new one arrived yesterday.  It has different connectors, so maybe I can try hooking this up that way.

Still have an mc4 connector problem though, at the solar panel itself.  Why these are so popular, I don't know.  They seem foolproof, but if that's so, why these problems?  I'm not sold on them, that's for sure.

My cooling plan for the bedroom is discombobulated at the present.  It seems that the battery became discharged more than I thought.  However, the solar panel will be charging that battery, while the grid electricity will charge the battery that runs the bilge pump.  I may need to beef up that battery system with an extra lead acid battery, like the one that is already out there.

It's frustrating, but it can join the list.  Lots of things frustrate me at this juncture.


Everything is now hooked up, and it appears to be working.  The battery needs charging, and the solar panel will do the job, provided it is working properly.  By the end of the day, we will see.

I will run small stuff off this panel.  Nothing big.

original post follows:

Well, it looks like my work was flawed.  The controller really seems to work after all.  The problem seems to be with the wiring.  This type of connector was supposed to be idiot proof.  However, this idiot seems to have found a way to screw it up.

In spite of all that, now it does appear that the solar panel will work.  Or so I think at this moment.  The panel produces power, that much I verified today.  The controller works, and now the wiring works.  It is just a matter of connecting them all together and let's hope it all works when assembled.

If memory serves, the panel will produce 100 watts.  So, it is a rather modest little output.  Starting modestly is the only way at this point.  No need to buy a butt load of stuff and not know how to put it together.  You have to be able to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run, and so on.

With this modest of an output, all I could run would be some battery chargers and some led lighting.

The bilge pump will draw too much current.  Don't want to add another battery to beef that up, so the bilge pump is out.

It has been a long time coming, and to get this thing to start producing something useful is a milestone, to say the least.  I have had this equipment for over two years.

One more thing may about to be crossed from the list.  Yay, team.

Yeah, that's a good one

Over at Insty, you might wanna have a look see.  Trump with a wig on, pretending to be a woman, so he can claim to be the first woman president.

But, I disagree with Insty, I don't see Trump doing anything like this.

All the same, it is funny.

Friday, August 4, 2017

This is bullying, plain and simple

There seems to be an effort once again to shut down Hannity.

It is a favored tactic of the left to make you shut up.  Do you remember the video that Klavan made on the politics of shut up?  Well, here it is again.

Somehow, the opposition has to fight back and beat this.  It is like getting beat up and them taking your lunch money.  Trump was elected fair and square.  Crying and complaining about the bullies won't stop them.  They will have to be stopped with more aggressive tactics.

Appealing to the public won't work either.  People don't respect a weakling.  The GOP just looks like a bunch of weaklings who complain about getting beat up.  Sorry, but you are going to have to do better than that, GOP.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Everybody out

Where are they gonna go?  Out.

Yep, if only.

Jetson, You're Fired!

Ah!, If only the people would do this to the political class en masse.

My thoughts are a lot darker than this, but it would be better not to write it down.  I could be arrested!

America is being overrun by the fakes

It would be an occasion to say "Good Morning", but the mood isn't good, so it is just "Morning".

Grumble, grumble.

When I got like this at home, mom would say "stop your growling!"


Everywhere I look, it seems, I see nothing but fakes.  Fake patriotism.  Fake regard for the Constitution.  Fake religion.  Fake everything.  So, I came here today on this here little blog that nobody reads ( because the fat cats haven't bought me off )  to call out the fakes.  And nobody reads it because they prefer the fakery.  It is all glittery and everything.

No "capitation" or direct tax, said the original document once known as the US Constitution ( which they do not honor nor respect ).  Yes, and then we were free then.  Not anymore.  Thanks to the fakery of the "progressives", we got the income tax.

Okay, if you must tax, then tax the corporations.  Not the people.  Stop stealing our freedom.

The fakes are on the take, you see.  They get paid for their bravo sierra, and they are rewarded handsomely, I strongly suspect.  Meanwhile, they steal our freedom.  The money changers pocket the dough.

People follow the fake at your own risk.  There is safety and freedom in the truth, if you believe in Jesus Christ.  Yeah, even the clergy is fake.  There's money in the God Business.  Look at the fine cars they drive.

Sorry to get so preachy on you people.  But Jesus Christ also said that those who trust in riches shall hardly see the Kingdom.

I follow what Jesus Christ said because it is the TRUTH.  Something seldom seen in the Republic of Fake that we now live in.  Put all your faith in money, and what you get is lies.  The lies come running.  Even from those who pretend to follow Christ.  Especially from those.  Now they want us to believe in false doctrines, like ISLAM.  All of them in the name of Christ, who they DENY.

This country is in danger of being attacked by North Korea of all places.  That's not supposed to happen.  They ain't rich!  Well, if  ICBMs work, it would be as good as the damage ours can do, which cost a lot more money, I am sure.  You get what you pay for ( maybe, if it isn't faked out).

Put your faith in money, and the money changers  will be safe, but what about YOU?

Everything coming from DC reminds me of how phony they all are.  Why listen to these fakes?  Time is running short.

Christ overturning the tables of the money changers

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Obligatory, 8.2.17

Nearly the whole day without a post.  Oh, my.

Today was a rainy day, and a break from the heat.  I resolved to do a few things around here, and so I have been rather busy with that.

At shortly after noon, I conked out, and slept for a few hours.  Before you know it, the day is done, and surprisingly little got accomplished.

Looks like I will have do some work in the future.  That means some driving.  Need some bucks.  As a consequence, there will be even less time for blogging.

Not that I do much anymore.  What is there left to say?  Seems like I covered everything at least once.

One other thing I did around here was to battle the ants.  Maybe that is why it seems like I accomplish so little.   If it isn't the ants, its the heat.  Then you get tired and fall to sleep for awhile.

But things are getting tougher, and I will have to get busy.

Stuff still needs doing around here, so I don't know when I go back to work.  Hopefully before the week is up.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Polls say Trump's tweets not helpful

Rather high number, too.  Something like four to one.  When that many are against you, there's a problem.

Unfortunately,, too many people out there do not understand the nature of the problem.  You cannot trust the media to report accurately.  As Trump says, it is the only way to get the truth out there.

If the public doesn't like it, then one must conclude, sadly, that the people don't care about the truth.

There is no excuse really for people not to want to hear the opposing viewpoint.

People must be shutting down their minds.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Jeff Flake on NPR

Yes, good ol boy Jeff Flake is talking to the NPR crowd.

You know who the NPR crew is, right?  To the left, please.  Way to the left.  Way way way over to the left.

Flake won't attack Trump directly, so he goes through Bush.  Some of what he said seems plausible, but I'm not buying into it.

For instance, he said that Bush expanded the government.  That sounds good to conservatives, but what does that have to do with Trump?  Trump has been the most limited, small government minded GOP politician since Reagan, in my estimation.

No, it has to do with trade.  Trump's ideas on trade is what the target is.  So, to listen to Flake, you have to be a Globalist in order to a be a true conservative.  That is not consistent with history.  It is a philosophy more in keeping with post FDR policy than the policy that preceded the New Deal.  In that sense, it is definitely not traditional conservative thought.

Trump seems the most conservative guy since Hoover.  But he is no Hoover. Trump isn't talking about "no trade', but fair trade.  That isn't protectionism, nor is it xenophobic.  It is common sense, something entirely missing in Washington DC today.

So, what I gather on Flake is that he is an ultra Globalist.  Not even the slightest criticism of Globalism is to be countenanced.


I may add that this interview was supposed to be about GOP troubles.   The real trouble with the GOP is that too many of them are not very bright.  Hence, the "Stupid Party"nickname.

Here is a golden opportunity to make a big difference and these numbskulls are blowing it.  It cannot get much dumber than that.

A new party is needed, if for no other reason than to improve the IQ of this bunch.

Furthermore, if you add dishonesty to the mix, then you have an unwinnable combination.  But losing is what the GOP seems to do best.

17:46 :

Readers may be familiar with Bill Whittle.  The first time I learned of Whittle was with his column called "Tribes".  He compared conservatives and liberals in the modern fashion, but did not use the colors of Red and Blue.  No, he used the colors of Gray and Pink.

Of course, the Gray's were the good guys and the Pinks, not so good.

Others may argue it wasn't about conservative and liberal, per se.  Just about how people collect into groups, or tribes.  Gray and Pink was a way to categorize the tribes.

But Whittle is more conservative than liberal, so I think it really was about that.

One thing I want to make clear.  If all you do is vote the tribe, then that is not very intelligent.

No way Hillary should be POTUS just because she's a Dem and so are you. Trump does not apply because the GOP didn't want him anyway.

Anybody who voted Trump did not vote tribally, by definition.

Those who don't want Trump are acting tribally, even the GOP.  That is not smart since the GOP can no longer win national races.  They needed Trump, but for some stupid reason, seem intent on sabotaging him.

If I was like a lot of people...

Then this discussion of Obamacare would have no relevance to me, and consequently, I wouldn't care.

My goals are to live on my land out west.  What does that have to do with Obamacare?

Lots of people out there may be wondering why I give a hoot about it.  Either way, it doesn't matter to me.  Indeed, if I followed my interests entirely, and without regard to anything else, then I would be on the Democrats side.

Why?  Because it doesn't matter to me.  Screw anybody else, just give me mine.  If I got what I want, then who gives a crap if somebody else gets screwed?

The reason I give a damn is that this is not a good way to be, but that does appear to be the way a lot of people are these days.  Screw everybody else, just give me mine.  Might as well be on the tombstone of the great American experiment.  Yes, and the tombstone has a way of showing up when you least expect it.

A New Party ( repost from years ago )

Originally posted in 2013, Updated on

The election of Trump was more in spirit with the idea of a new party, but the old party won't allow itself to be remade.  This is what Trump must do:  remake the Party.  For if the old guard succeeds in maintaining control of this decrepit organization, the country is finished.

I wrote that I am proud of having written this.  I am even more proud today.

Preface to the repost:

I've reread this post and I must say that it makes me quite proud to have written it.  It has withstood the past year quite well, which must mean it has virtue.  I'd say everything here is more true than before, because now we have had a primary season in which the Tea Party ran unsuccessfully against many of the GOP senators up for reelection.  Thus, nothing substantially has changed.  The Tea Party has had no effect.  There are those who claim otherwise, but if you lose, you lose.  You get power by winning, and they are definitely not winning.  Yet the Tea Party probably represents the rank and file of the party better than those at the top.  Those at the top are bought and paid for and are corrupt.  All the more reason to separate from them.  

To do something so drastic as that must entail great risks.  The greatest risk is of an even more catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Democrats.  If the Democrats were to win huge majorities as a result of this action, we may we see the beginnings of the one party dictatorship that the Democrats covet so much.  Therefore, it looks self-defeating.

If there's to be a separation, what will come afterward will be political defeat and then what?  At that point, you'd have to make up your minds between being a slave and a free man.  That could mean that you will have to fight against the oppression of the Democrat state apparatus.

But isn't this happening anyway?  It will hasten the day no doubt, but that day is coming anyway.  Perhaps it is better to force the issue.  Perhaps not.  I say damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

The original post follows immediately....

This post should receive a speculation alert.  That's what I give when I start talking out my ass, which I have a bad habit of doing.

This is about politics.  Usually, the speculation alerts were about science.  I have a very slight knowledge of some sciences and such.  What I propose in the scientific area is tainted a bit by a lack of knowledge, which I admit freely.  Also, with respect to politics here, I am not well versed, so take the following with a grain of salt.  Just say it is from a concerned citizen who has been watching the scene and who has come to a few conclusions about the state of affairs in this country.

The main conclusion is that our leadership is failing us.  The economy peaked about 1970 or so, and hasn't really recovered to that level since.  It has been reflected in many ways and in many statistics, but most of all, I have lived through that time.  There were indeed better times, but why has this happened, and what can be done about it?

There is no accountability.  Sure, Nixon was forced to resign, but Clinton was not.  The accountability seems one way.  If the GOP screws up, they will be punished.  Not so for the Democrats.  The Dems did lose power for awhile, but now they are back, and they are definitely intent upon making themselves the majority party for a long, long time.

Something is wrong with the GOP that prevents them from being an effective opposition party.  The Democrats will say the GOP is racist, homophobic, and bigoted.  They will say that the GOP is a warmonger party.  But the only party that benefits from race and class differences are the Democrats themselves.  Why can't the GOP fight back?  How can the GOP fight back?

I have come to the conclusion that the GOP can't fight back because they don't want to fight back.  They are quite content with being the minority party, and this implies something.  Why would you be content with being in the permanent minority unless there was something that you were getting in compensation?  I think that the GOP, especially the leadership, won't fight back because they are corrupt.  They are being bought off for their acquiescence in the Democrat majority.  The Democrats will tolerate the junior party as long as they aren't a threat to them.  On the other hand, if the junior party doesn't like being the junior party, the Democrats will crack down.  And so they have.  And the GOP is now assuming their usual submissive posture.  Thus, we have no accountability when the Democrats screw up.  The GOP just doesn't have the stomach for it.  It's that or they aren't any different from the Democrats in principle, even though they are pretending to be.

Since there is no accountability in the GOP, which means they cannot hold the Democrats accountable, there has to be some corrective action to ensure that there will be accountability.  That would mean a new party.  This new party will have to have a way to ensure compliance with its core principles.  That is to say, if a wayward member violates the principles of the party, then there will be corrective measures to bring that individual back into compliance, or in extreme cases, to expel that member.  If such measures already exist, it is a mystery to me.  If it is a mystery, it should no longer be.  Therefore, such measures should be made public and transparent.  This will ensure not only the compliance with principles, but with the integrity of the enforcement mechanisms.  Personally, I don't believe that the GOP has any such thing unless it is enforced by personalities only.  That is not acceptable either.

There's too much personalities in politics.  It should be about principles, not personalities.

The problem here is how do you enforce compliance with principles?  Also, what are the principles?

Starting with the latter, the new party should be rock solid on the Constitution.  In letter and in spirit.  If a member cannot follow the Constitution, the member doesn't belong.  The document implies limited government.  If the government is not to be limited, then why do you need a Constitution in the first place?  Why do you need checks and balances if you can trust politicians to do the right thing?  The checks and balances imply that politicians won't do the right thing.  The right to vote also implies that you can't trust politicians, for if you could, you wouldn't have to face the people with what you have done with the powers given to you.  It may be argued that the system already does this, but that system is not working.  The party system and cult of personalities are overriding the fail safe features of the Constitution and are imposing a type of coup against the sovereign, which is the Constitution itself.

To be a member, it has to be determined if a prospective member is dedicated to limited government.  In order to find out, a member must be vetted absolutely throughly.  It must be determined why that individual seeks public office.  Is it to serve, or is it to be served?  A personality test should be administered in order to see what makes an individual tick.  If that individual lusts for power and control, he or she doesn't belong in a party dedicated to limited government.  For that person will seek to override limits upon himself or herself.

The vetting process should ask the most personal type of questions.  For an individual must be willing to bare his soul to the world.  If he or she is hiding something, it must be assumed that this thing would make that person unreliable.  It may be argued once again, that our system already does this.  But it doesn't.  Barak Hussein Obama is hiding a large part of his past.  That should not be allowed in the new party.  The system is failing us, and this causes our leaders to fail us.

Recapping the principles of this new party, and a few additional ones not covered so far, it should:
  1. Be dedicated to the principle of limited government as directed by the Constitution
  2. Be dedicated to the principle over principles over personalities
  3. Be dedicated to the principle of accountability
  4. Be dedicated to the principle of transparency
  5. Be dedicated to traditional American values and organizing principles such as
  6. Christianity
  7. Free enterprise
  8. And the rule of law
Once again, it may be argued that the system already does this.  I would submit that it does not.  The new party is necessary to ensure that it does.  It MUST enforce these principles, otherwise there would no reason for its existence.  Therefore, the enforcement must be strict and without exceptions.  It must be swift and certain.  It cannot allow itself to be overturned and overridden.  It must not allow infiltration by an entity that would wish to corrupt it and defeat it.  For that is what we are dealing with now and why this new party is necessary.

Do people know that things are falling apart?

There are signs of it everywhere.  Therefore, it is a fair question.  Could it be that people simply do not know this?  Or is it the case that people know it, and just don't care.

Well, if it is the latter, when things get really bad, will they care then?  I would think so, but by then, it will be too late.

Of course, you'd like to know, wouldn't you, if the piano is about to fall on your head, right?  Maybe people would rather not know.

There are people like that, you know.  I have seen them.

When there is a problem, the first step is to acknowledge that there is one.  However, if denial is your choice, the problem won't get solved.  Very simple concept, but it might as well be rocket science these days.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

No kidding?

I would have never thought of that.  /sarc

The biggest liars and frauds on this planet are cooking up this Russian collusion thing on the basis of their patriotism.  If these people had any patriotism, they wouldn't be doing what they are doing.  All of a sudden, we are to believe that they really like this country.

Still waiting to hear about Seth Rich's murder.

But we are worried about Russian interference in our election.  Ree-gaw-damned- diculous.

After all this time, there is still this clown show under way.  When does it end?

Collusion, the fairy tale debunked

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker


A bigger scandal lies underneath the surface, but the voters will never be allowed to see it.  The truth is being hidden, but if it became known, justice may be possible.

But not in Wash. DC.  DC is hopelessly corrupt.

Obligatory, 7.30.17

Another month has just about passed its way into history.  This will be a short break from the political commentary.  That stuff may drive you crazy.  Ooops!  Already there.

In the meantime, I got out the solar panel and controller and the wiring.  I'll check this thing out and see if I can make it work.  At the present, something is wrong, as the controller does not seem to be working.   Either it is not receiving a current, or something inside it is broken.  I think it may be the latter.  For I was very careful setting up the connectors this time.  I do not think it is the wiring.

The solar panel itself should be good,  I checked it out in the late winter months before going to Irving for two months.

While I am at it, I will try to do something about the ant infestation.  The "coffin" has a few cracks and crevices that these nasty little critters like to use in order to gain access to my abode.   It is a constant war against them and this blasted heat.  So far, I am not losing it.  But I am not winning it either.  It is a standoff.

On other topics, it looks like SSA is trying their best to kill me off.  No back pay, and now, no help to pay for sky high insurance premiums.  I will have to go to the state of Texas for help.  Something tells me that they won't be much help.  It may well be that I will have to work.  Work!

Maynard G. Krebs had an allergy to work.  Yeah, laugh it all off.  If you didn't laugh, you'd go crazy.   Yeah, I know I am already there.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

If they had talked this way all along..

The outcome might have been different.

But don't look now, Lindsey Graham wants to keep Mutton-head Mueller on the job so that they can harass Trump.

I have my doubts about the sincerity of John Hawkins and a whole lot of other so-called conservatives.  They act a lot like McLame himself.

Pardon me if I err, but I don't believe Hawkins has been on the Trump train.

Like I said, I have my doubts.

Editorial comment

Here is what I think of this current state of our political system.

Yes, and it used to be said by us of others.  Now WE get it said about US.  Those who say it are exactly right.

Who's the leader of the club made for you and me
M.I.C.K.E.Y.  M.O.U.S.E.

Yep.  Incidentally, it is not because of Trump, but the others who think they are better, but aren't.

Not by a long shot.  Still waiting for the solution of the Seth Rich murder.  You might be in for a long, long wait.

Wait a minute...

Why is Insty posting that it is "widely known" that the Russians interfered in our elections??????

This hasn't been established as fact.  What the hell are these people doing???????

All we have is the claim from the Dems that their emails were hacked.  But there hasn't been an independent verification that this even occurred.  Or did I miss something?  Don't think so.  I don't think it is I who is missing something.

Fusion GPS and the other one--- Crowdstrike or something like that, are the entities who are supposedly "investigating" the hack.  The FBI (FIB) has put their seal of approval on it, but the FBI is compromised as far as I am concerned.  Not only them, but the entire government structure is compromised.    Until that is cleared up, whatever is claimed has not been established as fact, and SHOULD NOT BE WRITTEN UP AS SUCH.

More fake news, but this time, it is coming from those who should know better.

The rot is getting deeper...

Friday, July 28, 2017

Buzz about the Obamacare don't repeal and don't replace

Lotsa squishes don't like to take on the libs, just ask Little Jebbie Bush.  Somehow, they manage to stay on in the Senate.  How do they do this?

I hear that Juan McLame does it by talking conservative, then acting liberal.  The thing to look out for is the squishes that pretend to be rock - ribbed conservatives.  Like the good 'ol war hero himself.  Maybe his head got banged a few too many times at the Hanoi Hilton.  I'm sure he's a tough guy and all, but this is an issue important to the GOP base.  Why not deliver on it?

Portman was another one of these.  It seems I came across that name before.  I did! I did! I did see this bad 'ol puddy tat before!  Here is a RINO masquerading as an old puddy tat.  Shame on him.

Murkowski managed to stay in even after she lost a primary, if memory serves.  It just shows to go ya that these people are like Dracula--- you may need a wooden stake to the heart to get rid of 'em.  Maybe a silver bullet.  Oh, wait.  That's for werewolves.  Never mind.

Now, that's all I remember.  There was one in West Virginia, who I am not familiar.  Plus two others.

How do you get rid of them?  You are going to need bigger majorities.  How do you get these?  A little truth may go a long way.  I am hoping that there are enough decent people left who care about clean government, and who will be moved enough to get rid of the corrupt ones.  If there is any evidence of corruption, lying to voters should be a dead giveaway that you are ( correction: dealing with ) one of them.  All of these pretended to be against Obamacare, but failed to deliver when the time came.  That makes them liars.  Show 'em the door, please.


Good example of intemperate language that I wanted to avoid.  It should be remembered that these guys may vote the right way on some other issues.  It may be more helpful to find a way to cut through the veil of lies that is constantly being draped over the voter's eyes.  Of course, I am talking about the media.  Getting the truth out is a tall order given the media dominance over the public square.

People would not lose their health care unless they wanted to drop it.  The lie is that they would be kicked off their health care.  If enough of the public understood it that way, instead of the false way it was presented, then this vote may have gone differently.  Then, we wouldn't be talking of kicking them out of office .  The truth may produce some backbone where none exists right now.


It seems that the media is praising McLame.  But of course they are.  McLame is just exactly that, lame ass.   He goes after the praise of the people who don't care about him really, and then, he betrays the people who he is supposed to serve.  He isn't "Jesus", he is Judas Iscariot.

Judas tries to give back the thirty pieces of silver but he is rebuffed.  Same thing will happen to McLame.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Marvin the Martian

This snippet doesn't have it, but others do.  Anyway, the part I wanted was when he said that such-and-such made him "so angry".

Stealing the space modulator was enough to make Marvin the Martian so angry, but the GOP cannot get angry at anything.  I hear that to be a province of fools.

Many problems in the GOP due to failing governance models

Well, here we go again.  I have just read something critical about The Donald.  Okay, we do have a president who is an "insurgent".  That is why he got elected.  That is to say, he got elected in order to shake up the place.

Now we hear how the president is having a hard time with his staff.  Well, a lot of his staff is coming from the old school, which is the same school that has made this mess.

That is also the case right now.  People are sick and tired of the failure in DC.  The leaks are coming from people who want to keep things essentially the way they are.  But this cannot be allowed to happen.  The shakeup must continue.

The people Trump hires owe him a least a modest amount of loyalty to his agenda.  Otherwise, why are they there?  To disrupt and gum up the works until they can dispose of him?

It may be necessary to have to deal with this problem of leaks for the time being.  It looks like it goes with the territory, as the swamp in DC is so deep and so strong, that it is going to take something like a miracle to get it to move past its dysfunctional ways.

Browbeating is definitely okay by me.  When you got Democrats who can literally get away with murder, it ought to behoove those who wish to serve in this administration that they should understand who the real enemy is, and it is not the boss, who is the POTUS.

Novel thing to have to explain to these people.


This is another way of describing the "squish" problem.  The GOP is full of squishes.  In fact, the whole party is squished out.  The Dems have all but won.  If the problem with Trump is that he is too mean to you or your favorite person, then you have gone totally soft.  Soft doesn't work in a hard world.

The Dems are covering up a murder.  Squishes are worried about Trump being too mean to them.  There you have it.

Temptation to use overly intemperate language exists, but must be resisted

Lots of people out there are writing that we are engaged in a kind of cold Civil War today.  That very language may be something of a mistake.

Not too long ago, I reviewed a lot of Civil War videos that around my place.  It has occurred to me that those people in the South back then, let their emotions get the better of them.  In other words, was that war really necessary?  Even Lincoln said he couldn't just ban slavery.  But the South got too hot-headed, and because of that, subsequently lost all of their rights within the Union when they seceded.  Consequently, the South goes to war, loses, and that's history.

The point here is to avoid the war, and keep your rights within the existing framework.  Nothing could suit the leftists more than to provoke a war, and then seize the government, and then deprive the rest of us of our rights.  It would be like history repeating itself.

If war does come, then let everyone be prepared for it.   But in the meantime, let us keep our heads.

Now, having written all of that, let me refer you to something I saw on Ace.

quote: So now is the time to lay the groundwork for the long war. -- unquote

This is what I mean.  People can get really charged up with that kind of language.  Yes, and I refer to myself as well.  I hate this stuff going on with our government like I hate nothing else.  But the left is hampered by the public relations necessity of at least appearing to adhere to the rule of law.  That is why we are getting this phony Russian investigation.  It is necessary for  them to have this "investigation" as a front in order to appear legitimate.  But there isn't anything legit about it, as far as I can tell.

A common murderer has more rights than the rest of us.  Let there be one, just one minor technicality, and a common murderer can get off scot free.  But let you disagree with the ruling class, and all of your rights disappear.  That is what is happening with Trump.

If you want to fight them, you have to keep the high ground.  The left will claim that they hold the high ground.  But the problem with the left is that they have an allergy to the truth.  The left is at war with this country, and have been for decades.  They have been quite successful with it, and the time is late.

Fortunately, there seem to be people who are waking up to a real problem here.  But let's not make the same mistake that was made in the past.  We have to "fight" them, but we must avoid violence until it is forced upon us.  Once attacked, then we can fight back --- fire with fire.

Yeah, there is a lot of fiery language here.  It is going to be necessary.  People need to get mad, but it needs to be controlled anger.  It needs to be focused on the ongoing corruption of the leftists and their allies amongst the GOP.

Can we avoid a real war?  Maybe nothing can stop it.  But we should at least do our best to avoid it for as long as possible.

The next battle will be the elections.  It is time to consider the primaries.  It has almost worked in the past, so with a little stronger effort, some of these may be removed the next time.