Saturday, June 7, 2014

Recap of the last week's posts 6-1 to 6-7-14

This week has been a research week.  I'm still studying the deal on some West Texas land, and what to do with it if I had it.  It isn't a cinch that this deal will be made, but it looks at least like a 50-50 proposition.

The other major topic this week was the prisoner exchange which included the Bergdahl character.  I should have posted more on Focus Fusion.  So many things to do, so little time.  Their crowdfunding effort is still ongoing.

Posts that made the hit parade, but did guys like us have it made?  ( turn of phrase, get it?)

President Obama's exchange of an American military prisoner for assorted Taliban terrorists has severe legal problems.

Not a partisan political source

LOUIS RENÉ BERES was educated at Princeton (Ph.D., 1971), and is author of many books and articles dealing with international criminal law. Dr. Beres was born in Zürich, Switzerland, on August 31, 1945
Obama has violated international law according to this source.   Also according to this source, the Bergdahl angle itself is a minor consideration.,  The focus should be on the five terrorists.

More about the Bergdahl story

from Ace

Ace comments a bit on the left's spin on the Bergdahl story.  It's really not about Bergdahl, you see.  It's about the welfare of the Democrats and their followers.  The Bergdahl story is hurtng them a bit, so now they've got to fight back a bit.

I think they are a bit in trouble on this one.  They've got to do better than this.  It isn't just a partisan thing here, we've got a real situation now.  What if they just released the next Osama bin Laden in favor of a deserter?  How bad does that look?

As for the two "conservatives" who supported the deal at one time or another--- McCain is unreliable and Krauthammer may be a neo-con.

If Bergdahl collaborated with the enemy and/or deserted, he should answer for that.  That's regardless with what anybody else says about it.  McCain needs to retire, anyhow.

Bergdahl may skate. This isn't a serious country anymore.

Review of my off the grid series so far

The series began with a brainstorm on May 16th.  This post is now one of the History of the Blog posts, as it is an important development.  It is important because I'm getting pretty close to doing something concrete about this idea.  It is the only idea in which I had that I can actually attempt to do on my own.

It started off as an idea to live in a conex.  Since then, it has taken a few twists and turns.  The conex idea may be dropped altogether.  The point is to put up some shelter as quickly and cheaply as possible.  The conex idea seemed quick and cheap at the time, but I have refined the idea to make it even cheaper and quicker.

The link to the series is now on the left sidebar in the section about the various series that I have written for the blog.  All the posts are now linked together so that they can be viewed in sequence.  You can read them from the most recent to the oldest and vice versa.

It has been about three weeks now, so there may be up to 20 posts or so.  They haven't been numbered since about the fifth or sixth post.

For the sake of clarification, I can't really say that this is off the grid.  It will be on the grid, but it will be as limited as possible---especially in the beginning.  Call it subsistence farming for want of a better term.

Not everything on the subject has been linked as a post.  But I will try to integrate everything so that it will make sense.  As usual, I use backlinks to previous posts.  The convention for a long time is to use bold lettering for previously posted stuff.  The idea here was to make this as much of a reference material as I could.  If you want to think of it that way, consider the entire blog to be a reference to this, as it is a master plan for a new kind of life.  I've written a number of posts on what this blog has been about.  Usually, I say money, and so this series is the same, but a little different.  It's about living with "no money".

Waste disposal

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Another post in the series about going off the grid.

Waste disposal was something I completely overlooked so far.  What do you do with your trash?  Also, spent some time going over the septic tank issue.

As for the septic tank issue, this will have to take place later, if at all.  It is too complex and too costly for what I have planned.  Currently, the plan is to pyrolyze wastes and use the gases for fuel.  The biochar may be useful in growing other stuff.

With respect to the trash, it may have to be separated out according to its suitability for recycling.  For example, paper can be treated as the other wastes that are pyrolyzed.  Plastics, glass, metals will have to be separated out, collected and stored for awhile until enough of the stuff can be taken to a recycler.

In the beginning, it may be necessary to just burn as much of the wastes as is practical.  You don't want to create a nuisance that will cause complaints, but the system will have to be as simple and cheap as possible until I can get something more permanent into place.

Here's a few videos that show a way to create a vacuum.  I can use the vacuum in a pyrolysis unit.


One way to minimize waste is to not have to go to the grocery store in the first place.  That cannot be eliminated totally, but it can be minimized.  After all, this is what is being attempted---going off the grid.  That means growing, hunting, and storing your own food.

The history of this series is posted here.

Friday, June 6, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity, secret documents show

Fox News via instapundit


Well, this puts meat on the bones of the rumors.  No doubt now that the guy is a traitor.  His defense could be a Patty Hearst type defense that didn't work for her.  But Patty Hearst was captured while minding her own business.  This guy walked off the base and looked for the Taliban.  He has to take an oath in order to become a member of the armed forces, and he had to have violated that oath.

He should be able to beat the rap on treason, as it is very hard to get a conviction for that.  But desertion is almost a cinch.  At the very least, he should get a dishonorable discharge and possibly some prison time.

The Devil is in the details

Okay, if you've been reading this blog regularly, you know that I am considering buying some land out in West Texas.  I'm trying to vet this as well as I can, but not having done anything like this before, I'm a bit worried about making a big mistake.

I am aware of the problems.  At least some of them.  At the moment, the Dunning-Kruger factor comes to mind.  I really don't know what the hell I'm doing.

A tentative plan is to buy the property soon and visit it on a vacation this summer.  You mean you are thinking of buying the property without even looking at it first?  Yes.  There is a way to back out of the deal if it doesn't meet my satisfaction.  That's what the visitation is for--- to determine if I can do this or not.

This place is in near desert conditions.  There have been NO improvements.  It's a bit hard to tell at the moment if I could even last out there a single day, much less live out there permanently.  So, in order to test it, I could go camping out there as a part of a vacation.

It's been a long time since I did any camping.  As a matter of fact, the last time was when I was a kid when our Dad took us out camping a few times.  So, I'm pretty much a greenhorn at this.

We had tents.  So, I'm thinking--- maybe I could go get a tent?  You know what I'd like to do?  I'd like to make something that would fit over the top of my van.  Then, I could sleep in the van during the hot period and stay up at night.  People might think that's crazy, but it isn't very good to be out in the heat, especially in the desert.  The tent could cover the van, I'm hoping, and I could sleep on the floor of the van.

Sleeping in the van?  Yeah, one of the drivers did it on long trips instead of getting a motel room.  Lots cheaper that way.  He said he slept on an air mattress you can see used in a swimming pool.  Yeah, I'm very  familiar with those.

A few objectives for the visit?  At the moment, I'd like to run some tests on the dirt and see if it can be used for adobe bricks.  If so, I could make a structure out of the materials on the site.  Woo-hoo!  If not, that means importing stuff in, which would be a pain in the neck and expensive besides.  Secondly, I'd like to see the land itself, of course.  I'd like to see what grows on it, what the flora and fauna is.  Maybe you can hunt for something on it.  Set up a deer blind or something.  Shoot something once in awhile and it could last for weeks.  I'd also want to see if there's any way to collect and store water, as opposed to trucking that in as well.  I'd rather not dig a well.

 All of this may be pretty rough and extreme, but with some luck, I ought to be able to handle it.  If not, I'll come back home early with my tail between my legs.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obama's Real Goal: Close Gitmo

Say goodnight, Dick.

Goodnight,  Dick.

Good boy.

Obama's Real Goal: Close Gitmo
Published on on June 4, 2014

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Why did President Obama release five of the most dangerous prisoners he had in Guantanamo in exchange for a man who is, at best, a deserter and, at worst, a traitor?  Why did he take the risk of bypassing Congress?  Didn't he realize the fallout that would hit him?
I believe the answer is that Obama's real goal was to release the five terrorists from Gitmo as part of demonstrating to the Taliban that he could do so.  Swapping them for Bowe Bergdahl was just window dressing to make the deal look like we got something in return.

Obama thinks he has to close Guantanamo.  He was elected promising to do so and he likely feels he can't leave office with the prison still open for business.  He won't say so now, but his dirty secret is that he plans to clean the place out by the time he's out of Afghanistan.  Never mind that the war on terror is far from over.  He needs the prison to be empty.

Obama didn't realize that Bergdahl himself would prove so controversial and did not count on that backlash, but he was prepared to weather the storm for releasing the Guantanamo inmates.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave it up on Tuesday when he said:  "Guantanamo has been there far too long, and I think that we should get them [the detainees] out of there as quickly as we can."  He added: "we've been held up from doing that by the Republicans, not wanting any of them to be tried here in the United States even though our record here is really quite good.  So I'm glad to get rid of these five people, send them back to Qatar."

Obama needs something from the Taliban, something he's prepared to negotiate for by releasing their men from Gitmo: He needs an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Nobody hanging onto the skids of a chopper as it flies out with the last American soldier.  His pullout is essentially a surrender and the toughest part of any retreat is to protect your remaining forces as you pull others out.  With the military and public relations consequences in mind, Obama needs an easy exit.  No Taliban claims of victory.  No last minute raids on our depleted forces.  Just a clean getaway.

The Taliban needs us gone and also needs to spring their confederates from Gitmo so they can bring more mayhem on the West and particularly on America.

Their needs overlap.

So they cut a deal.

For Obama, releasing the five terrorists was to prove good faith to the Taliban and show that he can, indeed, free anyone he wants and get away with it legally and politically.

For the Taliban, it was a way to get five of their guys and open the door to getting them all.

If I'm right, we have to up the ante in the debate over the Bergdahl swap and ask the key question:  Mr. President, Are you planning to free all the Guantanamo detainees when we pull out of Afghanistan?

And Congress needs to get busy seeing to it that he doesn't.
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Net Atlantic


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This is another in the series of going off the grid.

The point of this post is that to do much work in the summer may require a lot of night work.  It is simply too hot to work outside at this time of the year.

That would especially be true out in West Texas, where I am considering some land to purchase.  There's very little shade out there because there are very few trees.  There are a lot of trees in Houston, but West Texas in nearly a desert.  To work out there in the middle of the day is a non-starter.

Since there won't be much work going on during the hot day, perhaps it would be good to try working at night?  For that, you need some lights.  Lights require energy, and they would require some installation.  Perhaps this is a bit of a catch-22 situation.  You have to work during the day installing the lights so that you can work at night.

Never mind.  This may not be as big a problem as it seems.  Or, at least I hope not.

Obama Official: Bergdahl Worthy of Sympathy if Joined Taliban to Protest Platoon Leaders

Free Republic

Limbaugh called this guy a liar.

Whether or not he is a liar, it looks as if the left is going to go all out on this one.

Anyway, the link states that this guy tweeted several "what if" scenarios that would have justified Bergdahl's desertion.

So now the rest of this guy's outfit is going to be on trial, not the guy himself.


Limbaugh's phony soldier controversy.  This Bergdahl thing could have some very deep roots.  The "Obama official" is associated with the "controversy".

Ann Coulter - June 4, 2014 - BOWE BERGDAHL, JUST DESERTS

Ann Coulter - June 4, 2014 - BOWE BERGDAHL, JUST DESERTS


Coulter compares Bergdahl with a deserter who was shot during World War II.  Oh, that was when America was a real country.  Who the hell knows what we are now.  For justification of that statement, contrast the way in which the two are being treated.  Slovik was shot, Bergdahl is being treated as if he were a hero.

Bergdahl must be tried and found guilty of desertion and shot.  There is no other way to justify his return on the terms upon which it took place.  That is to say, it is better to deliver justice to one traitor than to keep five of the most dangerous of the enemy.

Forget practice making perfect

According to this story, what you need is to learn how to meditate.

Key to Dr Travis theory something called brain integration.

In the highly-integrated mind, connections between various regions of the brain are strong, attention is keen and the brain is quick to spring into action when faced with a question.--- Fiona Macrae

Seems I've been working my butt off my entire life and I don't get anywhere.  Who da thunk that to practice some transcendental meditation may have made some difference.

The thing that caught my eye was "focus".  I need better focus.   Just look at this blog.  Too many subjects covering too much ground.

I won't try this thought.  Don't have the time!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to make adobe bricks
The county seat of a west Texas county is made of adobe bricks


There's a bit more to making adobe bricks than the above video.

Here's another source, which describes how in a written format.

More pointers on how to find the right kind of soil to use.

Here's more in a pdf file.


How to process soil into its clay components.  This isn't as hard as it sounds.

Mini RV
Can sleep two with a galley.


This thing costs a pretty penny.  Also, there's no a/c unit in the thing.  It is pretty bare bones.

Here's a gallery of pics.

Potable concrete mixer

For a small construction job.

Senate Democrats Go AWOL | The Weekly Standard

Senate Democrats Go AWOL | The Weekly Standard

The question arises:  what if the President clearly broke the law?  Would they vote to remove him from office?

Probably not.  They want to straddle the issue. They aren't AWOL.  They are "sandbagging" us.  This allows them to appear to be tough on terrorism, but their leader is definitely not.

Col. David Hunt: US Lost 14 SOLDIERS Searching for Deserter Bowe Bergdahl (Video)

gateway pundit via Free Republic

Bill, we lost 14 soldiers, killed, searching for a deserter. He left his unit in combat. It’s non-arguable… We don’t know yet if he joined the Taliban or not. But, there’s no question he deserted.

Yes, this was a way to close Gitmo.  Why does the left want to close Gitmo so badly?  What's wrong with holding dangerous types in prison for life if that's what it takes to keep America safe?  Evidently, the left has other priorities.

Jury duty yesterday

Nobody likes these things and those running the show at the courthouse know it.  Yet they have the cojones to call it a "privilege" to serve on a jury.

That's actually a good point.  Having the right to a trial by jury is something that shouldn't be taken for granted.  Would anybody prefer to be tried by an arbitrary authority instead?

Juries are imperfect, but it is better to have a buffer against the state.  A jury of your peers is that buffer.

We have a good system of government.  What we don't have is a good crop of leaders.  What can be done about that?

What I try to do here is to inform as best I can.  But people run to the sound of the gunfire.  It seems sometimes that people prefer that to actually buckling down and solving some problems.  My brother says this blog is "too dry".  Yep.  Too dry means too boring.

But I won't be "spicing it up".  Audience or not, I'm going to keep do what I do.  Even if it only benefits myself, I'm going to keep doing the same thing.

People, if you want things to change, you have to step outside the box.  But I won't be stepping outside the box just to get an audience.  For people who only want scandal and suffering aren't the type of people I want to address.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Not much time this morning.  Seems like it takes forever just to find some information and read it.

Consequently, I don't know much about Bergdahl.  However, I have a really bad feeling about what this administration has just done.  It was questionable to release someone of questionable value for 5 Taliban commanders.  The Taliban commanders were high value, Bergdahl does not appear to be worth much, if anything.

There are people who will scream that this is callous.  Look, there are questions about whether or not he is a deserter.  If he is a deserter, they basically gave away the farm for nothing.  A deserter should be shot.

Why would the Obama administration make such a bad deal?  You have to turn that question around.  This is a great deal for someone who wants to trash the country.  Besides that, he can't close Guantanamo honestly, so getting rid of prisoners this way gives him some political cover.  As a result, it's a good deal for him politically.  The politics is all that he cares about.  If there's harm to the country that can be blamed on somebody else, well that's icing on the cake.

This is a really dreadful presidency, but I already warned people about this guy.  It's bad enough that he got elected, but they re-elected him too.  I mean, really.  How dumb can you get?   But never fear.  It will likely get worse.  As someone famous once said:  "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

If you are a patriot. you may go broke and die of a broken heart the way this is going.


I followed a thread given by Barnhardt on Bergdahl.  There seems to be little doubt that he was a deserter and a traitor.  The deal was no deal at all.  It was a total victory for the jihad against America.

But as I wrote before, and a lot of times since, you should have known better all along.

What to do?  If they can turn around an entire country in just a few years, then the usual channels are probably not going to work.  But I think you have to try anyway.  The idea of a counter-revolution is too far out there even after this.

In short, until we get an epiphany amongst the people in this country, there won't be a solution for things like this.  It's just going to get worse.

Putting it another way:  are people really going to accept the Democrat's and Obama's spin on this?


The Bergdahl mess is five years old, and has been making the news for nearly all that time.  It is not a new story that Bergdahl may have been helping the Taliban.  There's a report that the Taliban claimed this themselves.

As for Obama's spin, he may try to say that speed was of the essence, but one report has it that he's been trying this swap for at least 2 years.  He's been stopped until now.  Why now?

Actually, if Obama got his way in 2012, he'd have had Benghazi and Bergdahl on his hands at the same time.  MAYBE that might have gotten Romney to try a little harder to win that election.

Just thought of something:  was this to get Benghazi and the other messes off the front page?  You have to wonder if it is a competition amongst themselves to see if they can top this--- whatever "this" is.


There's an article that said that Obama was negotiating with a terrorist organization---not the Taliban.  Hillary declared it one herself.  By the way, we ousted the Taliban for refusing to hand over bin Laden.  Why the hell are we negotiating with them even if we were?

The odds are pretty high that the left is going to try to brazen their way through this one as they have all the others.  Are the odds as high that this will work?  We will see.

Monday, June 2, 2014

“Feds Prosecuting Tree-Trimmer for Unintentionally Bruising Herons”

Protein Wisdom

...bureaucrats aren’t looking out for Herons. They’re looking for ways to dispirit workers and encourage welfare, all the better to crash the system that they seek to fundamentally transform. - Jeff G.
Yeah, I agree.  What you see around us is a false society.  Our bureaucracy and politicians don't do what they say they do, nor do they do it for the reasons they claim.  The news media doesn't inform us, the educational system doesn't educate us.

You cannot rely upon others, you have to rely upon yourselves.  But isn't that what conservatism is supposedly all about?  Or is what we are told about that false too?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Urine the money ( or out the money aka off the grid )

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Update (a day later):

It has come to my attention that the land issue will be the most significant one in this project.  Henceforth, I will concentrate upon finding an appropriate site for this project.  It has to meet a few criteria, amongst the most important is cost.  I have eliminated one alternative and am close to eliminating another.  What looked good in terms of cost does not necessarily yield a result that is suitable.  The alternative I was considering seriously for a moment is just not going to be adequate for my needs.  Back to the drawing board.

Update ( 2 days later ):

There's a tempting parcel of land that I've got my eye on.  I'm studying it.  There are downsides, but the upside has some promise.  Basic evaluation is feasibility in terms of farming it and the costs, of course.

Hi boots and oil readers,  

I have sent you a message and recommend the web page below.

Take a look at this article:
Human urine as fertilizer? Yes. - Urine has also been used to fertilize cabbage, tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers, with similar favorable results, and it's free...If you want to use urine to fertilize your backyard garden, feel free. But keep in mind that urine should be diluted with water at least 10:1 for most plants...If you want to experience some of these benefits first-hand, here are some great resources to obtain wholesome food that supports not only you but also the environment
If you are having problems clicking the address, try to copy and paste it into your browser.

Subscribe and Join the World's #1 Natural Health Website

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This message is service-related

SpaceX Dragon V2 | Unveil Event

No Q&A?  If I had a question, it would be-- when does it fly on a real mission?

Update a little while later:  The answer to that question:
Musk told Ars tonight that NASA is being characteristically cautious: “from a SpaceX standpoint we expect to be ready to transport crew by 2016,” he said. “We feel fairly confident that we’ll be ready in two years.”---ars Technica

Internet addiction

After all those posts about going off the grid, I started to think about what it would be like to live like that.

There'd have to be a change in behavior.  One change would have to be this internet addiction that I have.  Boy, my whole life is this thing.  Aside from working, all my time is spent on the web looking around.  Sure, it may have given me the idea to go off the grid, but it may have paralyzed me into not doing anything about it.  I'm not moving, I'm only thinking.  At some point, you've got to get moving.

It may be best to think it all through very carefully, though.  Even so, after I start that thing, these marathon sessions in front of the computer will have to come to an end.  That would mean much less posting on this site.  Something tells me that this would be a much tougher job than it appears to be at present.  Call it Murphy's Law.  Things are much harder than you think and take much longer than you think.  Let's just say that's a corollary to the Law.

If it's a true addiction, then it may be really, really hard to give it up.

Handling Change -

Handling Change -

What I’m talking about here is long‑term solutions versus short‑term patching. Dispense with the rationalization that you can temporarily resolve a problem just to get past a rough spot in your path, with the intention of working out a more permanent solution at some unspecified future date. Such a date has a habit of never arriving, and, as a result, the problem only festers and grows.

Deal with the problem now. That which you can confront, you can control
Every time I read this guy, I get the impression that I am not moving fast enough.

Yet Another Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths

"Why won't you die" made the list.

“Obama Hits Suburbs After Election”

Protein Wisdom

Very similar to what I've been saying about Bundy.  Namely, that the left doesn't like individualists who don't need nor want the government.  They want to herd us into the big cities, where we will be forced to do what they say.  An interesting quote here:

Alinsky argued that in order to destroy the middle class, you must first set yourself up as its champions. -  Jeff G.
Precisely the thing that is happening.  Yet people fall for this schtick.

Why won't you die?

She must be a fembot.

Instant gratification

If information is what you crave, then the world wide web is the greatest thing ever invented.  Why do I write that?  Let's take this song that oldtimers will know.  Maybe some younger folk will know this song.

All these years, I never understood this song.  In order to understand a song like this, if you are like me and can't make it out, then google the lyrics, and bingo.  There it is, instant gratification for information.

The song's lyrics, in case you can't actually understand this fool


Louie Louie, oh no
Me gotta go

I said Louie Louie,
oh baby Me gotta go

Fine little girl
waits for me
Catch a ship
across the sea
Sail that ship about, all alone
Never know if I make it home


Three nights and days
I sail the sea
Think of girl, constantly
On that ship, I dream she's there
I smell the rose in her hair.


Okay, let's give it to 'em, right now!


See Jamaica, the moon above
It won't be long,
me see me love
Take her in my arms again
Tell her I'll never leave again


Let's take it on outa here now
Let's go!!