Saturday, May 20, 2017

An alternative view of events ( or alternate universe )

You can take the naming of an independent prosecutor, or special counsel, or whatever they call it; at face value.


You can try to imagine a scenario in which a real investigation takes place.  The latter may be more likely than the former, but...

what if it isn't?

Then all this angst is for naught.  Hillary will be investigated for real this time.

Sorry.  I've used up all my wishful thinking account.  The deposits have run dry.  Better try a little harder than that.  Captain Queeg is still looking for his strawberry thief.

Reassessment, continued

As for this blog, a topic given much attention recently, another area of analysis came to my attention.

The topic cloud device on the left side bar has consistently listed video and movies at the top, with politics a close second.  Third place goes to politics wtf, which was a new topic beginning in the third year of the blog.  It has been catching up, and lately, it has been catching up fast.

It is a reminder of how the blog has evolved over the years.  It began as a more technology and energy blog to more of a social political blog.  Always political, though.

The trend is more towards action, as opposed to passively writing about what others are doing.  For instance, my how-to topic probably took off in 2014, when I bought my property out west.  That topic relates to my own moonshot project, which the off-the-grid project of living out west in the desert.

Not satisfied with that, I am now considering a type of political activism.  But, on the other hand, no.  I'd LIKE to consider it.  Maybe it is more of a dream at this point.

I'm knocked back down into the passivity of merely reporting as opposing to doing.  I'd rather do more that just write about stuff.

Doing stuff is more credible and meaningful, than just writing or talking about stuff.

Uber should be returning to Austin soon

It is the closest city to me.  If I were to work for Uber again, I'd transfer there.

Unfortunately, I may not be able to return.  I'm checking it out, now.

after several minutes...

The website is different.  It is like I am still in Houston.   I know I transferred to San Antonio, but it isn't reflected here on the website.  It is almost like I have to start over.  I have no idea of what it would be like to work for Uber right now because I have not worked there since November.

I don't want to have to go to Houston and get another license.  I thought I cleared that up already.  Well, it may work out, but it looks kinda shaky.

It would be okay for me to work even though I am disabled on SS benefits.  Better be sure, though.

What do the bots think?

What a joke.

It's been written here many many times.  I am not fooled by the unpopularity of this blog.  I know that it isn't popular.

So, bots do not fool me into thinking that all of a sudden this blog is hot stuff.  No.  Not buying it at all.

Not that the traffic is up significantly, but in truth, it is probably down.  Bots are supporting the numbers, but where are the real people?  There aren't here because they do not like what is here.

Guess what?  I. Don't.  Care.

Singleness of purpose

Again, I have to ask myself the question: what's next?

At the moment, I am rather agitated by what I am reading.  But what can I do about it?  If I was younger and healthier, I could do more.  If I tried to get active and fight this rotten garbage now, the fight would probably not last long.  I am rather fragile.  The slightest thing can cause problems for me.

It's not altogether unreasonable to suggest that I should not even be doing this much.  Seriously.  This tumor was and still is rather large.  It is in the bone, which is not good.  It is near the spinal cord, which is definitely not good.

The efforts being put forth are too little and perhaps too late.  Many people out there do not know the magnitude of this defeat yet.  But I suspect that they will find out soon.  Many of those people would probably be surprised at what little evidence there is to support what was done.  In fact, I would guess that there are a lot of people who might be surprised that there is more evidence that this investigation is really meant to hide a bigger crime.  Or even to hide the existence of a criminal network within the government itself, which is what the perpetrators of this fraud do not want people to know.

And so nobody really knows that what is being done purportedly in support of the people and this constitution, is actually a crime itself against the people and their constitution.

And so they don't know that they are being robbed systematically of their freedom.

They will happily surrender it in the name of defending it.

The truth can end this with a proper result, but the truth will not be revealed this way.  That is not the purpose of this "investigation".

The Devil cannot cast himself out.  A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.  If Satan is the father of all lies, then the only way to cast Satan out is by way of the truth.

But will that happen here with an investigation based upon a false premise ?  How could it?

Do Republicans In Congress Want To Get Rid Of Trump? Lunch Alert!

Do Republicans In Congress Want To Get Rid Of Trump? Lunch Alert!


Does a wild bear crap in the woods?  The question was answered with a question, and both questions are rhetorical questions.


Update (s): 8:14:

Morris is being diplomatic here.  The time for diplomacy with the never Trumpers has ended.  You cannot ignore that this was an overtly unfriendly act.  It is like trying to be diplomatic with the Japanese Imperial Warlords after they attacked Pearl Harbor.  It is like asking the warlords if they were mad at us.  The weakness and foolishness at such a gesture could only bring a contemptuous response.  This requires a very, very strong response from somebody somewhere and it has to be right now, because we are late in the game.  The enemy has struck.  The ships are sinking, and there's no time to lose.

Somebody has to petition our legislators to censure the acting Director for naming a special counsel.  The censure should demand the dismissal of both parties--- Rosenstein and Mueller.

I looked for an organization just now that supports Trump.   It may be getting blocked by the search engines, so I don't know that an organization exists.  However, one was said to exist, so it should be in the search engines.

Know what I mean Vern?

New directions

It is going to be necessary to make a change in my habits.  Just now, I started to read the news.  A thought occurred to me, why?  Why would I read those people that I just reamed big time?

I do not believe the left wing media.  I despise the cowardice of the GOP's response.  Why should I read GOP materiel?  I am sick to death of their excuses and failure theater.

So, as I wrote before, what's next at this blog?

Since the very sight and sound of these people sicken me, I am going to have stop reading their garbage.

The closest thing to what we needed in this country was Trump.  At this point, I am not so sure about him either.  I will follow his tweets.   For now.

Hopefully, I will not be disappointed.  He is in Saudi Arabia.  I am not a big fan of that place.  It already sounds bad.

Oh, boy.

That didn't take long.  A few tweets is all he has to say.

What's next?

I am going home very soon now.  One treatment left.  I have my work cut out for me.  Despite all that, I can walk.  I can take care of myself for the time being.  I have a monthly income now.  But I don't think I am up to working yet.

The first thing I do is to make some shade for that trailer.  It is going to be a bitch with that heat.  There are other housekeeping chores that will keep me busy.

That's what's ahead.  At the moment, I am preparing to leave this place.  Most of my stuff is packed and ready to be put in the car.

I should be okay for the drive.  Unless something happens in the interim.

Onward, through the fog.  And damn the torpedoes.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Donald Trump is not responsible for Rosenstein's cave in

Failure theater.  Fake.  Kabuki theater.  Kayfabe.   Different words for same thing.

The trouble with the so called right is not Trump, not a biased media, not low info voters, and not the Deep State;  but rather,  an empty character.


Dems are passionate about bad ideas;  pubs are indifferent to good ideas.

If pubs had passion about their ideas, they would never lose.  If Dems had brains, pubs would never win.

Update 5.20.17

One more thing.  I truly admire the Dem's passion.  And I truly despise the GOP's lack of same.  I do not join the Dems, because they are wrong.  I do not remain with the GOP, because they have no guts.

I wrote this before, there needs to be a new party.

Slow down of Impeachment talk

Rush Limbaugh says the Dems want to slow down the impeachment talk.  Then we should try to speed it up.

Instead, Rush lets the Dems keep the initiative.  Sorry, that is not good enough.  That is what I mean.  In a few months of this relative quiet, the Dems will be ready to strike again.

Rush is no help here.  Only a paragraph here.  Nothing to how these radicals can be beaten.  It is reactive rather than proactive.

Only four years ago, Rush was whining about how we lost the country.  No thanks to him, there is a chance to get it back.  He wasn't that big a supporter of Trump, you know.


Some dare call the anti-Trump feeding frenzy a “coup” attempt

Some dare call the anti-Trump feeding frenzy a “coup” attempt


Nothing new here.  It happened before in Wisconsin.  It has happened before with Trump during the primaries.  Trump won the GOP nomination fair and square.  There was a movement against him in order to take the nomination away from him and give it to Cruz.  Of course there was another movement as mentioned in this article, to prevent him from getting the necessary votes in the Electoral College.

The article also mentions the amendment to the Constitution that would seem to remove the president without Congress.  But there is no such amendment.  If the president refuses to leave, he cannot be forced to leave under that amendment unless there is a vote in the full Congress.  Impeachment would be easier, since only the Senate has to vote to remove.  Both houses of Congress would have to vote to remove the president in case of incapacitation and  if the president disagrees and refuses to step down.

I have already looked into the Russian hacking of the emails.  There is virtually no chance that it happened that way.  The more likely explanation is that a disgruntled staffer from the DNC gave the emails to Wikileaks.  He was then killed in an execution style murder.  The investigation in that murder was stopped before it could find who did it.  There are videos of the assailants.  Any arrests?  Are you kidding?

Update (s): 12:32

The Dems are far more committed and energetic than the GOP.  That includes those who are loosely allied with the GOP, as I would be so classified.  It is laziness to allow the factoid about Russian hacking to keep floating around out there.  If those who care about Trump and what he said he represented, then you had better raise it up several notches.  You are being out hustled and out fought.

Claiming media bias doesn't count for squat when those in the so called right can't even challenge the liberal factoids with more vigor and determination.  If you cannot do it, then nobody will.

BTW, why is it "daring" to state what should be obvious?


I recall the name of Sharyl Attkisson.  In order to raise my game up a notch, I am going to start reading her stuff more.

At least I won't be wasting my time on people who are too lazy to dig up the facts, such as what I am criticizing here in this post, which is on one of the more popular blogs.   Sheesh.

Quite amusing, but not so

Just ran across something on Ace.  He thinks that Limbaugh has the best "strategery" going forward.

No direct quote here, but a paraphrasing:  Limbaugh thinks Trump should go forward on repealing Obamacare and tax cuts, but the GOP doesn't want to.

What struck me as funny was that the GOP would love to cut corporate rates.  If that is all that Trump wanted to do, he could get it through Congress and the Dems might even agree to it.  Why?  Because the GOP mostly are Globalists / Corporatists.  So are the Dems.  Oh, the Dems may want higher rates on individuals, but the GOP could not agree to that.  The GOP must maintain appearances, and raising tax rates on individuals just won't do.  But they wouldn't object to it very much.

Now what I think they should do is to cut taxes on individuals and raise taxes on corporations.  The liberals and the Dems would have a hard time saying no to this, and the GOP would do it out of fear of the people, not because they wanted to.

So, basically I think Rush is full of it.  But he usually is.

Update (s):  5.19.17, 6:13

What could possibly make it through Congress is an increase in the subsidies under Obamacare lite, and "paying for it" with a tax increase on corporations.  The Dems would find it hard to resist, while the GOP scumbags would hate it.  But it would serve them right for the way they've acted.

It truly is a waste of time, and perhaps even futile at this point, but...

Events are truly upsetting.  One has to be confused about the turn of events these days.  Looking upon the scene, how can it be otherwise?  What else can you do but protest?

There has been much consternation over the purported James Comey memo.  The memo is purportedly the reason that there must be an independent counsel.  So now there's an independent counsel.

The independent counsel is purportedly charged with investigating the Russian interference in the 2016 election.  It is based upon hacked DNC emails.  This was said to have done by the Russians.

The trouble with the above statements is that they have been debunked.  There's no truth to any of that.  Moreover, the deputy dawg of the AG, Rosenstein, must know this.  How can he NOT know this?  But he does.  He claims that political pressure had nothing to do with the naming of the independent counsel.  I know I saw this yesterday.  He said it.  Therefore, he must know that all of this is false.

If that is true, then why name a independent counsel at all?  tilt

Truly, this is all quite bizarre.  Yet, there it is.

Now, I see that Trump is said to be in a poor political position and must name a new FIB director.  It is said to be Lieberman.  Why is Trump in a poor political position?  Over nothing?  How can this be?

Truly, this is the Caine Mutiny being acted out according to the script.  It is Kayfabe, or fake.  Everybody seems to be taking it all quite seriously.

What else can you do but protest?  I dunno....

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Man in the sky

A kid flying on a plane took this picture.  It has found itself in the news.

Well, you can speculate on what this really is, but it is obviously in the shape of a man.  In the clouds.

Update (s) 5:25, 5.19.17

What it could be:  one of two things 
  1. a hoax
  2. a miracle

It cannot be a natural occurring event appearing at random, because the odds of such an event probably cannot be calculated.

What to do with this blog?

It is obviously a waste of time now.

I have to think things over.  Maybe I will get back to this blog and report.  Maybe not.

update: 19:04

It will be on a day-to-day basis.  Simply, I do not know what to do with this thing right now.


Since it is a waste of time, I need to do something else with it that may be worthy of my time.

Unfortunately, this has been a very bad day in more than one way.

I got the news that I won't get a penny in SSA back payments.   Not a cent.

I did win a monthly check.  Well, there's that.  I got that going for me.

I'm up to the wazoo in debt.  No help from Uncle Sam.  Except for the Obamacare and the monthly check.  Well, thanks for that.  The thing is, I was led to believe otherwise.  Now I am most unhappy about being lied to.  Who lied?  The people I hired to do my claim for me.  I do not think they made much of an effort.  When I discussed it with them today, I blew up at them.

Not a good day.

It looks really bad financially right now.  That is even with this check.

Can I work?  Not so sure that I should try it right now.

Like everything else, it is on hold.

My cancer treatments are about 95% complete.  I plan to return to my abode on Monday.

The Caine Mutiny as Kayfabe

It really looks like the Caine Mutiny, a movie made in the fifties, is being hacked in order to produce the Kayfabe drama in DC.

Trump is Captain Queeg, who seems bonkers to one of his officers.  That officer convinces the first officer to go to Admiral Halsey and tell them that the Captain is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Who's the first officer is our main drama queen spectacular?   I don't know who is.  Maybe it is the Trump supporters themselves.  They are supposed to give up the captain, but they won't until they are shown that the captain really is nuts.  Maybe it is Pence.  Who's the guy who convinces the first officer that the captain might be nuts?  There are plenty of candidates for that part.  They probably deserve the kind of dressing down the officer in the film got from the defense counsel in the flick.

The first officer in the movie was convinced of the captain's quirkiness by a number of strange actions that the captain took.  Finally, the first officer was convinced when, in a typhoon, the captain seemed to freeze up.  Is Trump freezing up?

Then there was the mutiny.  The first officer took over and brought the ship out of the typhoon safely.  A court martial  ensued, and the captain was found to be unfit after all.  We've got our mutiny now with a special prosecutor being named.  Maybe Rosenstein is the guy who needs a drink thrown in his face, as was done in the movie.

So, how does this Kayfabe drama queen scenario play out?  Well, the first officer has to be convinced that the captain really is nuts.  The first officer has to take over.  Maybe that might be Pence.  The court martial must take place.  That would be impeachment and trial.  If successful, and if it gets that far, Trump will be removed from office.  The first officer will now be captain.  yay /sarc

Did they steal the script or what?  Better find those strawberries.

Rosenstein should fire Mueller or go

Time for Trump to put on the big boy pants.  That is, if he can wear them.  Rosenstein double crossed him.  Rosenstein said Comey should be fired.  So, Trump fires Comey.  A firestorm ensues.  The Dems demand a special prosecutor.  Rosenstein accepts their premises and hires a special prosecutor.

Now Rosenstein must be complicit in the alleged cover-up of the non-crime himself if he recommended Comey to be fired.  If Rosenstein believed Comey be fired, he should stand by that.  Or be fired.

Unless Rosenstein fires Mueller immediately, he implicates himself in the alleged cover-up of the non-crime.  He should be fired himself for setting up Trump.  Unless he sees his error and fires Mueller immediately, he should lose his job.  Rosenstein has no credibility in any case now.

Trump should fire Muleler in any case.  No evidence, then no investigation.  Nobody with integrity takes a case like this.  This is an attempted coup.  POTUS either defends himself or is ousted.  That's the big boy pants.  Big boys don't get ass raped.  They are making a move on the president.

If the Democrats want to do something about it, let them.  If the GOP turncoats want to do something about it, let them.

Let them have their impeachment.   Then the Trump voters should boycott the GOP in any case, except they do an all out support of Trump.  Otherwise, f**k  them.

If Trump doesn't put on the big boy pants, then he was never the big boy that he pretended to be.

Perfect specimen of cowardice in all quarters.

What now?

After six and a half years of blogging, what am I to do?  After the naming of a special counsel in connection with the so-called Trump Putin connection, that isn't based upon one shred of evidence mind you, and knowing that  something like this has happened before in the last GOP administration, what should I do next?

Why should I trust the GOP now?  They simply will not defend themselves.  It makes no sense to me.

Let's look at what happened here, the bare facts.  If the GOP faithful thought Trump was a Russian agent, then why nominate him for the Presidency?  This story has been floated out there since last summer, BEFORE the GOP convention.  If they believed it, why name Trump as the GOP standard bearer?

If they believed that he was a Russian agent, why not go before the public with the evidence?  To my knowledge nobody did.  Nobody even gave the idea any serious consideration.   Since that time, nothing has changed in terms of evidence.  What has changed?  Nothing that I have heard.  Not a single blasted thing.

So, what to do?  This blog is supposed to be about what has gone wrong in our civilization and in this country.  What could be more blazingly obvious that something like this is happening right under our very noses.  This doesn't need much explanation, I would think.  It's all out there, in plain sight.

A bit of history here, if I may.  Remember the Valerie Plame affair?  Bob Novak wrote a column that supposedly outed a secret agent, who was supposedly Valerie Plame.  (Never mind if she was an actual agent or not.  I am so cynical of these people, I doubt almost every thing that they say.)  Anyway, she was supposed to have had her cover blown by the Novak article.  The Democrats were demanding that somebody be punished for this.  So, for some reason the Attorney General recused himself  ( just like Sessions just did ), and this allowed a Clinton associate named James Comey to appoint a special prosecutor.  I went over this yesterday.

How convenient for James Comey to be on the scene.  Well, howdy friggin' do!

The  "investigation" got Scooter Libby for obstruction of justice, a process crime.  Not Richard Armitage, the guy who actually spilled the beans.   Everybody already knew about Armitage before the special counsel was named, so there was no need for a special prosecutor to tell anybody the obvious.  But a scalp needed to be produced in order to appease the Democrats, and Libby was the fall guy.

Does the pattern of those events seem to match up the today's events?  Isn't it obvious?  Do I really need to explain this?

The Plame affair discredited the Bush Administration.  That was the point.  Yet the Bush Administration and the GOP allowed it all to happen.  Why?

That is what has got me banging my head against the wall.  Why do these people allow the Democrats to do this to them?  Aren't they supposed to be opposing the Democrats?

The GOP acts guilty and the public perceives them as being guilty, so the Democrats can pose as White Knights to save us from these evil guys.

What a crock of excrement.

That's what has me wondering why I will ever vote for the GOP, nor ever support anybody who has anything to do with the GOP.  That includes Trump, mind you.

The only thing that can change what I am thinking is something very, very solid.  But that's the problem.  There isn't anything but scurrilous attacks.  Nothing at all.  And the GOP allows this.

Well, howdy friggin' do.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cowardly betrayal

These rotten cowardly scum named a special counsel for a crime that does not exist.


I guess this really is a coup.

There is absolutely no reason for this.  NONE.


Rosenstein appointed the rotten f**k.  I don't care who the guy is, to take this job is a travesty.  To appoint this guy is a travesty.

Don't tell me that Pence will be better. NO. F******G WAY.

The GOP and their supporters are just plain old chickenpoop.  No other word for it.

This is how they got Ashcroft out of the way to pave the way for Comey to name Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald got Scooter Libbey convicted of a process crime.  Now Comey won't recommend prosecution for Hillary, but he sure will go after Trump.  BULLSH!T.

Trump is going to get convicted of a process crime most likely.  What a bunch of bravo sierra.

Sessions is chickenpoop, too.  Ashcroft is chickenpoop.  All of them are chickenpoop as far as I am concerned.


Again.  Does this guy want to be President?

Maybe we were conned last year.


Mueller may look good on paper, but the circumstances surrounding this, and the virulence of the opposition , plus the indifference towards justice leads me to believe that justice will definitely not be served.

I am not at all assured.  This is a disastrous decision.  Nothing  good is likely to come from it.

03:10  May 18:

Rosenstein appoints Mueller.  But Rosenstein was the one who recommended Comey's firing.

How does Rosenstein have any credibility here?

Flynn for FIB director

Idea is to force Dem Inquisitors to go where they don't want them to go


May be too easy to refuse to consider.

Better find those strawberries

They shoulda appointed a special prosecutor.

The REAL Story About Trump & Russia – Lunch Alert!

The REAL Story About Trump & Russia – Lunch Alert!


Morris says the Trump Russia conspiracy theory is part of a coup d'├ętat.

First of all, a coup d'├ętat is an unlawful act.  In order to make this lawful, they have to have their independent prosecutor.  For the GOP to agree to this, it would take a complete surrender of their victory last November.  In other words, they would have to be complicit in it!

Why would the GOP agree to commit suicide?  Only if they think that they can convince people that it isn't, I would guess.


The "Guv" looks familiar.  Wonder who he is?  His first name is not Mel.


It is just mind boggling the lengths to which these people continue with this nonsense.

For now on, I am going to try my best to restrain myself from responding to the garbage out there.

Everything coming from them simply is not deserving of a response.

It may be necessary, however, to be ready to defend oneself from a verbal or physical assault.

Yes, it may well have come to that.

Update(s): 3:04

Okay, in keeping with restraint, this is not a response to the charges against Trump.  It is addressed to what I saw on Ace of Spades yesterday.  There is a lack of understanding of a motive to have the young DNC staffer killed.  The motive is fear.  The left rules its coalition through fear.  If anybody betrays the organization, then their very life may be in danger.  It is truly like a criminal organization.  If anybody "squeals" like the young staffer did, they will be snuffed out.  This keeps people in line.

If you cannot accept that explanation, then why accept their accusations against Trump?  There's far more evidence that the left rules its roost that way than the evidence that Trump is conspiring with Putin to betray America.


Supposedly, the young staffer ( Seth Rich ) had a computer that is in the hands of the DC police or FIB.  Where's the young lad's computer?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Anyway, the DC Police were told to stand down on an investigation?  Now, that is interesting.  Why stand down unless the crime was solv-ed?  ( a bit of Pink Panther lingo) If the Keystone DC cops were told to stand down, then whodunnit?  This was during the Obama Administration, so you cannot blame Trump for that.  Not even the Russians could do that. ( and the dog peeing on it is no excuse ).

A political hit might not want to be tied to any investigation if it occurred, and the perps would want to be able to obfuscate it as much ( and as long ) as possible.  Stealing the computer and bleach bitting it would be all too obvious.  But bleach bitting emails got past the smell detectors.  How did that happen?  No wait!  I repeat myself.

It wouldn't matter after the election when Hillary was safely installed as POTUS, you see.

But it doesn't seem to matter that Hillary is not safely installed as POTUS.  This is called GOP control of the government.

On the other hand, if it isn't a botched assassination, then why is it a botched robbery?  Why the lack of interest?

Finally, if this is just a conspiracy theory, then why isn't the Putin-controls-Trump narrative a conspiracy theory, too?  You cannot have your cake and eat it too, unless you are a Democrat.


Where's the outrage? I'm talking about the GOP here.  Why can't these guys be outraged about a murder?

Why cant these guys get outraged about a baseless conspiracy theory aimed at themselves?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Slain DNC staffer's family not happy about latest revelations

Right wing media is blamed for fanning conspiracy theories, it is alleged.

A private detective "hinted" that foul play was involved in DNC staffer's death, and that the DC police covered it up.  Also, that the DNC staffer was in contact with WikiLeaks.

It bears repeating that Hillary Clinton blamed WikiLeaks and James Comey for her loss last November to POTUS Donald Trump.  There would be a hint of a motive that the Clintons would have against the young staffer, and to get even with Trump for firing Comey.  Comey cleared the Clintons twice.

Democrats usually win in DC by very large margins.  Perhaps in the 90 per cent range.  There would be a large incentive to cover up such a crime.  There would also be hell to pay if anybody went against the party line, as is usually the case when somebody goes off the reservation.

It is reported that the staffer was killed in an execution type murder and the motive was not likely to be what the DC police reported.

'Anonymous sources' were used to confirm DNC WikiLeaks connection, which do not differ with the methods usually employed to make accusations against POTUS Trump.

Update(s) 13:46 : 

This could boomerang on the left big time.  Reason being that there are multiple accusations of murders being connected to the Clintonoids.

Not strong enough

Analysis of Trump intelligence flap


This article is supposed to be a defense of Trump, but it isn't good enough for my taste.  He ends with ( a paraphrasing here of what he wrote ) that the claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

What he should have said was that it should be dismissed out of hand.

The writer claims to be cynical.  If he were really cynical, he wouldn't be more cynical than what he was, as this is what he said in his piece.  Got that?  It means that he wasn't cynical to begin with.  To be really cynical is to just reject whatever the Washington Post and the rest of what fake media says.  Let them show proof with their claims.  They should not be taken seriously until they start dealing with facts from people with names and faces.

There are ways to dealing with serious issues, and running to the Washington Post with this story means that the story isn't serious to begin with.

Update(s): 6:06:

Something snarky like this post may be fun to read, but it is also weak tea.  Actually, to fight fire with fire, you need to do something like this.  The point is to stop playing defense, and go on offense.

6:40:   If Hillary wants to reenter the fray, then perhaps we should respond by asking about the so-called Vince Foster suicide.  According to this 2016 article, there was some additional evidence of foul play, which was covered up.  Furthermore, I read recently that Foster died the day after POTUS Bill Clinton fired all the US Attorneys at the time.  Moreover, one of Clinton's appointees quit his US Attorney job in protest of the compromised investigation.

Even though Kenneth Starr was accused of partisanship, I am so suspicious of establishment Republicans, that I wonder if his investigation was nothing more than failure theater.  That failure theater ended with the impeachment and failed conviction of Clinton.  In other words, they never really wanted justice in the first place.

Note:  Starr was appointed special counsel in 1994, which is well after the firing of the US Attorneys.  Therefore, Miguel Rodriguez, who was a US Attorney had to have been appointed by the slickster himself.  There is little information about Rodriguez, and my assertion is based upon the timing of the appointment of Starr.  Rodriguez was the lead investigator, and resigned in protest at a compromised investigation.

Finally I add that I didn't know some of this stuff.  Normally, you just slough off this stuff, or I do.  But things are getting a bit weird, so it may be time to start paying very close attention to what is going on.


Copy of Rodriguez's letter of resignation (pdf).

It clearly shows reasons to be deeply skeptical of the ruling of a suicide.

7:12:  It was the FIB director that Clinton firedBut Clinton did fire all US Attorney in 1993, so Rodriguez had to be a Clinton appointee.

7:24: Rodriguez letter shows that he was possibly the subject of an investigation himself.  This looks suspicious in itself.  It looks like a Clinton operation to discredit anybody who investigated them.


Starr's investigation had to be failure theater, or Kayfabe.  Why?  Why would you allow your lead investigator to be forced to resign?  If he was serious about getting a conviction, there was plenty of reason for getting tougher.  That includes the investigation of Rodriguez himself.  Not to mention the fact that aides were caught in Foster's office rifling through his files.  Now, isn't that reason to be suspicious?   Sounds a bit like bleach-bit-ing  emails to me.


The question today is: why would you agree to a special prosecutor, when there is no crime?  No dead bodies, no missing property, no breaking and entering.  Zip, zero, nada.  Why a prosecutor?  To prosecute for mere suspicion isn't good enough.  You have to have a crime to prosecute.

Why would you fire Comey, if you did not intend to have justice served?  What was the point of Comey being there if he wasn't going to serve justice?  Was justice served when it is as clear as day that she broke the law?  Hell no!

You seek an indictment.  Even if you don't get one, you recommend one.  If Comey believed he couldn't get one, or if he already asked for one, why not say that?  But he didn't say that.

Comey has no integrity.  It appears that this is the norm in Washington DC.

Finally, does Trump want to be POTUS?  Or is this just Kayfabing it?

The Polls Showing Trump Down Are Inaccurate – Lunch Alert!

The Polls Showing Trump Down Are Inaccurate – Lunch Alert!


Morris explains why the polls are wrong.  Generally speaking, polls are biased towards Democrats.  The media like to use these polls because it reflects their viewpoint.  The media is obviously anti-Trump.  

Still, it is not necessarily great news for Trump.  It is nothing to be panicked about either.  Given the constant drumbeat of negative news coverage, it is quite stable and reassuring, when accurate.

Not a good idea to disregard the polls, though.



No sign of an impending 'wave election' 


Just my reaction here, as I speak only for myself.  These people who talk to the media, and who are supposedly on the GOP side, are risking their own political futures with their disloyalty.  You can be assured that I won't vote for my GOP representatives if they don't get on board and beat this anti-Trump nonsense down.

Monday, May 15, 2017

How Faraday Cages Work

How Faraday Cages Work: Faraday cages shield their contents from static electric fields. Learn how Faraday cages work and how they are used for a variety of purposes.


It has been a topic of speculation recently that North Korea could soon have an effective EMP device, which could cause devastating damage to the grid.

The way to shield against EMP devices would be a Faraday cage.  This link shows how Faraday cages work, and thus how you can protect yourself from such an attack.

It seems to me that something as simple as your car can shield from an attack.  According to the article, a car can function as a Faraday cage.  Any metallic object that fully covers an area can be a Faraday cage.

I am wondering if my concept for a building, the same thing I built for my shack, can be a cage.  If it is to be a cage, it should be completely enclosed by a conductive metal.  My shack was not.  However, it would not be much of an addition to include it.

Ransomware attacks

There was a news article that supposedly tells you how to avoid attacks like these.  But it is short on specifics, like how to spot an attack early, and so on.

Details, details, details.  The article was short on details.

As I am often to say on this blog, Microsoft Windows is really starting to suck.

This latest ransomware threat was an exploitation of a weakness in the Windows system.  This is disgraceful.

For a multibillion dollar corporation to have a weakness like this in its flagship product is an absolute disgrace.

None of this is necessary.  Indeed, all of this is preventable.  But Microsoft is more interested in making money that in producing a quality product.

If Microsoft won't fix their product, they should be broken up, or have their corporate charter revoked.


I am going to look at Ubuntu again.  It was set up on my old netbook, but not this one.  This one is already one year old.  Time is passing by pretty fast.

Anyway, a bootable stick can be had for about fifteen bucks.  I won't order now, though.

Just say no to a special prosecutor

I saw that phrase before, but had forgotten where, so I searched it.  Lo and behold, it was Rush Limbaugh.  It so happens that that discussion revolved around the new FBI director.  However, Schumer and some Democrats want to hold up the confirmation of a new director until a special prosecutor is named.

But why give in to that?  The acting director is a Obama holdover, so we want to get rid of him.  Trump can fire him too, if he wished.  In any event, there is already a director there, even if he is only an Obama holdover.  This already favors the Democrats.  There is no loss to them that Comey was fired.  Only that it is now established that Trump has the stones to fire somebody who displeases him even if the Democrats go nuts over it.

So, if the acting director gets out of line, fire his ass too.  The Republic will survive without a new director for awhile.  Meanwhile the Senate has to stay in session indefinitely so as to prevent a recess appointment.  Trump can appoint a director when the Senate adjourns.  Wait them out, I say.

No special prosecutor is necessary even if the Dems hold the appointment.  As for the rest of the Senate's business, that could be a problem.  If the Dems want to escalate, there may be a problem.

This could get quite interesting before it is over.

One week left

It is coming down the home stretch with these cancer treatments.  Not a moment too soon.  There was supposed to be a sunburn type sensation, which didn't manifest itself until recently.  It is now becoming somewhat bothersome.

One more week of this, and then my skin can get a rest.  As for everything else, I will be glad to get out of here.  It is getting increasingly boring around this place.  I am getting a bit of cabin fever.  I keep to my room and watch a lot of TV, unfortunately.

Yesterday, I started watching something I seldom watch, which was a religious program.  It was about the miracle of the sun, or something like that.  What really happened there?  A miracle or something that people wanted to believe, and so they saw what they wanted to see?

Usually things like this may spur me towards an investigation of sorts.  But not this time.  One thing that makes me curious is why the Shroud of Turin is not deemed a miracle, but this event was deemed a miracle by the Catholic church.

Furthermore, one of the messages of the miracle was to turn Russia back from communism.  Russia did turn back from communism after Pope John Paul II did something that nobody did before, and this was connected to that miracle.  A mere coincidence?  The Pope did believe in the miracle, you see.

The event happened in Portugal.  The government at that time was decidedly leftist.  There was an attempt to suppress religion, as is usually the case in leftist governments.  Despite this, thousands of people came to witness the miracle that was said to be promised to three children of peasants.  This all happened just prior to the end of World War I.  The war was predicted to end soon, and so it did.

If there be power in this miracle, then let it provide inspiration to those who believe, to pray for the cleansing of the Church, so that people will not lose their faith.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The new castrati in evidence

Even Trump "supporters" find him hard to take.  Well, now.  I guess it is too much to ask anybody to support the president when he's right on substance, but wrong on style.  What that really means to me is that they are too soft and weak to be inconvenienced by the necessity of supporting the president in thick and thin.

( in Rush Limbaugh's new castrati voice ):  He'th tho inconveenwent Mesther Limbaugh!  It hurths tho much to support him.  I juth don't know what to do, Meether Limbaugh!

I guess it is just too gosh darn hard to step up to the plate even when you are right these days.  At least for some people.

Dems and RINOS: Put your cards on the table

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker


I changed the title, so it is a bit more to my liking.  Otherwise, it is a good read.

Even this article gives credence to the idea that "collusion" is something for which to impeach Trump.

There is no such law.

Scooter Libby v. Hillary Clinton ( repost of 1.21.16 )


Scooter Libby was not guilty of the crime for which the investigation was initiated.  I am using this as an example of what the Democrats wish to do to Trump.  They want to get him on a process crime because they know that they have no evidence of Russian meddling in the election.  If it existed, they would have it already.

Why?  First ask how would the Russians meddle?  They didn't force people at gunpoint to vote for Trump.  They didn't bribe people to vote for Trump.  They didn't tamper with voting machines.  People voted with their own free will based upon information that they had at their disposal at the time.

If the Russians did anything, they may have done something that affected the information flow.  But so what?  They are doing this all the time.  In other words, the Democrats have nothing.

In other to make up for the fact that they have nothing, they want to weaponize the government to go and try to find something.  This is what is meant by a fishing expedition.

Why should a Republican Congress agree to go after a Republican president upon no probable cause for suspicion of any crime?

Something has to be rotten in Denmark if they agree to this.

Update(s) 1:18

There has to be something rotten in Denmark when the minority party can force the majority party to give up its victory on legal grounds when there are no legal grounds, but on political grounds on which the majority party should have the advantage.

Why would the GOP do this unless they are corrupt themselves.  A special prosecutor would give them a fig leaf to claim that their duty requires them to do it even though that would be obviously false 

The original post follows:

A comparison.

Scooter Libby was accused of blowing Valerie Plame's cover.  If her cover was blown, he didn't do it.  The newpaper guy did it.  He admitted doing it.  Libby was convicted anyway, because the left needed a scalp.  He wasn't convicted of what he was accused of doing, he was convicted of a process crime.

Valerie Plame's identity was said to be "classified information".  It is the same kind of information that is at the heart of the problem with Hillary.

Now, let's compare the treatment of Libby to that of Hillary.  There is more to convict her of the process crimes that Libby was convicted of, if anything, she is guilty as sin of at least perjury before you even get to the main accusations.  Is there really any doubt that she did this?  It's the FBI saying this stuff.  It isn't originating from the RNC, despite what the Clintonoids say.  They already have enough to convict, so why the hesitation?

Is it because Clinton is a Democrat, and Libby is a Republican?

Naah!!!  Nothing like that!


Just for funsies, does anybody remember Susan McDougal?  She was testifying about another of the endless Clinton scandals, the Whitewater affair.  As the "G" man, G. Gordon Liddy, pointed out on his radio show, she couldn't answer any more questions under oath without implicating the Clintons.  Rather than do this, she decided to take the fall herself.  She was charged with contempt with refusal to answer the questions put to her.

The Clintons have been demonstrably guilty for the longest time.  It's high time to end this and hustle them out of the public square.  They are an embarrassment.  If the government is going to be corrupt, they should at least be more discreet about it.

Matrix Reloaded 10.23.15 ( repost )

Note:  This Russian business reminds me of this post, so I decided to repost it.   You see, the Matrix is messaging us, telling us what to think about what is happening.  But the truth of what is actually happening is being kept from us, just as in the movie.  This is an artificial reality being imposed upon us.  As for what's really happening, all I can do is guess.  Since much of the real information is being kept from us, the only ones in the know are the ones doing the messaging.  It is like the little man behind the screen in the Wizard of Oz, who is projecting a false image that is supposed to intimidate us into believing in him.  Well, I choose not to.  I am not buying into the bravo sierra out there.

The original post follows:

The thought amuses me.  I can see Mr. Smith saying to Mr. Anderson:  "Mr. Anderson!  You disappoint me."

I've made the analogy before on this blog.  Maybe we really are living in the Matrix.  We are required to run on a treadmill in order to make money.  The money is the "energy" that runs the Matrix machine.  The Matrix machine generates for us a fantasy, a dream world, that is totally at odds with reality.

How do you unplug from the Matrix?  It may be impossible.  But there are those who have come pretty close.  These people are called the Amish.  Well, that's the impression I got from the movie Witness (1985).

What I'm getting at is that people would have to separate from the system somehow.  In the movie, they gathered into a faith based community that gave up all of the modern day conveniences.  There was a scene I remember where the community gathered together to build a barn in just one afternoon.  What does this do?  It is hard for me to see how the government can tax such an event.  The Amish removed the need for money.  Perhaps not the entire need, but much of it.  An Amish person doesn't need to work at a job for money.  They just run their farms and take care of each other.

That's what we lost when we "modernized".  Instead of freedom, we got enslaved by the need to make money.  The money is what runs the Matrix, and the Matrix controls us.

Mr. Anderson!  You disappoint me!  Indeed.


Red pill or blue pill, decide now while you still can.

The red pill is for the reality of existence, the blue pill is for the fake existence the media and the political establishment has created for us in order to control us.

The choice is yours.  I made mine a long time ago.