Monday, May 15, 2017

One week left

It is coming down the home stretch with these cancer treatments.  Not a moment too soon.  There was supposed to be a sunburn type sensation, which didn't manifest itself until recently.  It is now becoming somewhat bothersome.

One more week of this, and then my skin can get a rest.  As for everything else, I will be glad to get out of here.  It is getting increasingly boring around this place.  I am getting a bit of cabin fever.  I keep to my room and watch a lot of TV, unfortunately.

Yesterday, I started watching something I seldom watch, which was a religious program.  It was about the miracle of the sun, or something like that.  What really happened there?  A miracle or something that people wanted to believe, and so they saw what they wanted to see?

Usually things like this may spur me towards an investigation of sorts.  But not this time.  One thing that makes me curious is why the Shroud of Turin is not deemed a miracle, but this event was deemed a miracle by the Catholic church.

Furthermore, one of the messages of the miracle was to turn Russia back from communism.  Russia did turn back from communism after Pope John Paul II did something that nobody did before, and this was connected to that miracle.  A mere coincidence?  The Pope did believe in the miracle, you see.

The event happened in Portugal.  The government at that time was decidedly leftist.  There was an attempt to suppress religion, as is usually the case in leftist governments.  Despite this, thousands of people came to witness the miracle that was said to be promised to three children of peasants.  This all happened just prior to the end of World War I.  The war was predicted to end soon, and so it did.

If there be power in this miracle, then let it provide inspiration to those who believe, to pray for the cleansing of the Church, so that people will not lose their faith.

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