Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rosenstein should fire Mueller or go

Time for Trump to put on the big boy pants.  That is, if he can wear them.  Rosenstein double crossed him.  Rosenstein said Comey should be fired.  So, Trump fires Comey.  A firestorm ensues.  The Dems demand a special prosecutor.  Rosenstein accepts their premises and hires a special prosecutor.

Now Rosenstein must be complicit in the alleged cover-up of the non-crime himself if he recommended Comey to be fired.  If Rosenstein believed Comey be fired, he should stand by that.  Or be fired.

Unless Rosenstein fires Mueller immediately, he implicates himself in the alleged cover-up of the non-crime.  He should be fired himself for setting up Trump.  Unless he sees his error and fires Mueller immediately, he should lose his job.  Rosenstein has no credibility in any case now.

Trump should fire Muleler in any case.  No evidence, then no investigation.  Nobody with integrity takes a case like this.  This is an attempted coup.  POTUS either defends himself or is ousted.  That's the big boy pants.  Big boys don't get ass raped.  They are making a move on the president.

If the Democrats want to do something about it, let them.  If the GOP turncoats want to do something about it, let them.

Let them have their impeachment.   Then the Trump voters should boycott the GOP in any case, except they do an all out support of Trump.  Otherwise, f**k  them.

If Trump doesn't put on the big boy pants, then he was never the big boy that he pretended to be.

Perfect specimen of cowardice in all quarters.

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