Sunday, May 14, 2017

Scooter Libby v. Hillary Clinton ( repost of 1.21.16 )


Scooter Libby was not guilty of the crime for which the investigation was initiated.  I am using this as an example of what the Democrats wish to do to Trump.  They want to get him on a process crime because they know that they have no evidence of Russian meddling in the election.  If it existed, they would have it already.

Why?  First ask how would the Russians meddle?  They didn't force people at gunpoint to vote for Trump.  They didn't bribe people to vote for Trump.  They didn't tamper with voting machines.  People voted with their own free will based upon information that they had at their disposal at the time.

If the Russians did anything, they may have done something that affected the information flow.  But so what?  They are doing this all the time.  In other words, the Democrats have nothing.

In other to make up for the fact that they have nothing, they want to weaponize the government to go and try to find something.  This is what is meant by a fishing expedition.

Why should a Republican Congress agree to go after a Republican president upon no probable cause for suspicion of any crime?

Something has to be rotten in Denmark if they agree to this.

Update(s) 1:18

There has to be something rotten in Denmark when the minority party can force the majority party to give up its victory on legal grounds when there are no legal grounds, but on political grounds on which the majority party should have the advantage.

Why would the GOP do this unless they are corrupt themselves.  A special prosecutor would give them a fig leaf to claim that their duty requires them to do it even though that would be obviously false 

The original post follows:

A comparison.

Scooter Libby was accused of blowing Valerie Plame's cover.  If her cover was blown, he didn't do it.  The newpaper guy did it.  He admitted doing it.  Libby was convicted anyway, because the left needed a scalp.  He wasn't convicted of what he was accused of doing, he was convicted of a process crime.

Valerie Plame's identity was said to be "classified information".  It is the same kind of information that is at the heart of the problem with Hillary.

Now, let's compare the treatment of Libby to that of Hillary.  There is more to convict her of the process crimes that Libby was convicted of, if anything, she is guilty as sin of at least perjury before you even get to the main accusations.  Is there really any doubt that she did this?  It's the FBI saying this stuff.  It isn't originating from the RNC, despite what the Clintonoids say.  They already have enough to convict, so why the hesitation?

Is it because Clinton is a Democrat, and Libby is a Republican?

Naah!!!  Nothing like that!


Just for funsies, does anybody remember Susan McDougal?  She was testifying about another of the endless Clinton scandals, the Whitewater affair.  As the "G" man, G. Gordon Liddy, pointed out on his radio show, she couldn't answer any more questions under oath without implicating the Clintons.  Rather than do this, she decided to take the fall herself.  She was charged with contempt with refusal to answer the questions put to her.

The Clintons have been demonstrably guilty for the longest time.  It's high time to end this and hustle them out of the public square.  They are an embarrassment.  If the government is going to be corrupt, they should at least be more discreet about it.

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