Saturday, May 20, 2017

New directions

It is going to be necessary to make a change in my habits.  Just now, I started to read the news.  A thought occurred to me, why?  Why would I read those people that I just reamed big time?

I do not believe the left wing media.  I despise the cowardice of the GOP's response.  Why should I read GOP materiel?  I am sick to death of their excuses and failure theater.

So, as I wrote before, what's next at this blog?

Since the very sight and sound of these people sicken me, I am going to have stop reading their garbage.

The closest thing to what we needed in this country was Trump.  At this point, I am not so sure about him either.  I will follow his tweets.   For now.

Hopefully, I will not be disappointed.  He is in Saudi Arabia.  I am not a big fan of that place.  It already sounds bad.

Oh, boy.

That didn't take long.  A few tweets is all he has to say.

What's next?

I am going home very soon now.  One treatment left.  I have my work cut out for me.  Despite all that, I can walk.  I can take care of myself for the time being.  I have a monthly income now.  But I don't think I am up to working yet.

The first thing I do is to make some shade for that trailer.  It is going to be a bitch with that heat.  There are other housekeeping chores that will keep me busy.

That's what's ahead.  At the moment, I am preparing to leave this place.  Most of my stuff is packed and ready to be put in the car.

I should be okay for the drive.  Unless something happens in the interim.

Onward, through the fog.  And damn the torpedoes.

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