Saturday, June 27, 2015

Scientist says You are all gonna die!

But he won't live to see it.

He happens to be a professor at an Australian university.  This undoubtedly means that he's a leftist, so this isn't science for him, it is a religion.

He blames "unbridled consumption".  Consumption of what?  Fossil fuels?  You can synthesize hydrocarbons with nuclear technology, but that is not being allowed.

With sufficient energy, you can make the deserts bloom.  Yet, the necessary energy exists, but is being prevented from being used.  All the while, there are these claims like his that we are using too much.  For example, we were said to be running out of hydrocarbons when I was in high school, over forty years ago.  We're always running out, but there just seems to be more and more.

How did this guy get to be called a scientist?  Because he is professor at a university.  This is his claim to credibility.  Only thing is, you can have a million "scientists" just like him, all of whom never made any kind of discovery themselves that they can share with us.  All the while, they are telling us pure poppycock like this.

Home again, 6/27/15

Didn't really go anywhere today.  There were a couple of chores, and that was it.

I'm using this title because it is at the end of the day, and that is the title I usually use at the end of a day.

A number of things have been happening amongst the relations, so that's been occupying my time.  This seems to be getting squared away for the time being.  Other things can happen, and then those things will be attended to in their due time.

It is purposefully vague because that's not what I write about here, but is being written about in order to account for myself.  Not that this matters any, but there are those who may be curious.

Plans get made and unmade.  Stuff happens to screw up plans.  Not that this has happened.  It's only mentioned as one of many things that get talked about sometimes amongst the relations.  All in all, it is better to have a plan than no plan, but plans often go awry all the same.

Still working my plans for out West.  If anything, things are progressing.  If there's a problem, then it is the problem that's always a problem, and that's about the money.

Hopefully things will work out, but there's no guarantees.  Plans can go wrong, you know.

What could be done, but won't be

As we've seen with the GOP controlled Congress, they have little stomach for political battle.  So, they won't do any of the following, but in theory, they could:

For starters, and assuming a Republican wins the presidency and keeps both houses,
  • Impeach and remove all liberal justices in all the court systems
  • Appoint conservative justices
  • Then annul all the most objectionable of the liberal agenda, especially the most recent ones
  • De-fund all the liberal political machinery that gets funded by the taxpayers, ie. academia
  • Start prosecuting and suing the news networks for their basic dishonesty
  • Deport the criminal element of the illegals, and as many of the illegals as possible
  • Defend the borders, tax remittances sent across the border
  • Pass a constitutional amendment that amends the 13th amendment on citizenship, so that it will exclude "anchor babies"
If they did all this, they could rescue the country.  But they won't.


Nor this.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Conservatives are cast as the mean people, but that's not true.  Conservatives are the nice guys, but as Leo Durocher once said "Nice guys finish last".  Isn't that what's happening today?  Aren't these nice guys taking it on the chin all the time?  Looks that way to me.  Perhaps the thing to do is to stop being Mr. Nice Guy.

What would happen if the nice guys started getting mean?  Just more of what we got already!

What if Dan Quayle had punched out "Lord Bentsen" when he said Quayle was no Jack Kennedy?  Quayle was nice about it and then relegated to political obscurity.  Nuff said.

Daily Obligatory, 6/27/15

What's done is done.  Yep, El Supremo Courto just killed off the rule of law for good in this country.  It probably won't come back either.  What's done is done, and we are done.

I've been over all the arguments, so no need to rehash them all.  What I can add to all that is this does not inspire much confidence nor respect for the law in yours truly.  If it were a truly good ruling, I'd feel better about my country, but this does not do that for me at all.

It may require a lot of self control to keep all the negative emotions in check because of this.

Nevertheless, I will soldier on.  That's a good metaphor, for we now live in a hostile, warlike environment.  El Supremo Courto just made it so.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's stop kidding ourselves

An argument that this ScotusCare ( what Justice Scalia is now calling it ) is a big win for the conservatives.


The argument says the GOP would have folded anyway on the subsidies.  Now they can make an issue out of it in 2016.  Hello???  Anybody home???  If they would have folded on the subsidies, then they will fold on any opportunity to repeal it.  Provided that they even get another chance.

The argument's premise is that the GOP ever intends to do anything, really.  The big money men want Bush or Clinton, and they are likely to get what they want because nobody seems to give a damn.  Money talks and bullshit walks.  Repealing ObamaCare is sounding like a lot of latter because the former probably likes it, and that's who matters most.

We've had plenty of opportunities to do away with ObamaCare ( now ScotusCare ).  If people really don't like it, then why hasn't anything been done?

Daily Obligatory, 6/26/15

It is hard to write this.  I'm feeling tired and worn down again.  It isn't so much a physical thing now, but a feeling in my soul.

Look you guys.  Whoever you are, if you are reading this, and you're an American, your country is DYING.

That Supreme Court decision was completely arbitrary.  There's nothing in the Constitution that allows for the Court to rewrite the law.  If the law is wrong, then send it back to Congress.  If you have a government of laws, as opposed to a government of men, then the Court isn't allowed to make things up as you go along.

The reasoning is baloney.  It's baloney because it is inconsistent.  The Court ruled in the first ObamaCare ruling that it didn't matter what the Congress intended when the law said that ObamaCare wasn't to be a tax, but it is a tax nonetheless.  To be consistent with that then,  it shouldn't matter what Congress intended this time either.  But now it does, saith the Court.  Never mind what we said, listen to what we say.  Completely arbitrary.  Now it matters when it didn't matter before.  Next time, who knows?

The Court has the last word on the law, and now that last word has become completely arbitrary and capricious.  What does a country do when its leaders have become what they have become?

There are several things that could be done, but appearances are such that none of these are likely to happen.  For there is no longer any accountability either.  Who's to stop the Court from doing anything, then?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

If he could add a final verse for the goobermint, it would be appreciated.

Quick thought before I go, 6/25/15

Yesterday, as I was riding around doing some personal chores, I heard on the radio about the exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Oswald was the guy who assassinated President Kennedy in 1963.  I won't say that he was the alleged assassin, because the only possibility that makes any sense at all is that he did it himself.

The point of this post really wasn't to discuss Oswald, nor the assassination per se.  Instead, it is about how it changed history.  If Kennedy had lived, what kind of country would this have become?  Interesting thought, because his successor, LBJ, wasn't too good of a president.

This is a roundabout way of saying that Oswald changed the course of history when he killed Kennedy.  It is also true of McKinley's assassination, and especially of Lincoln's.

The assassination of a president doesn't produce good outcomes, if history is any guide.

LBJ gave US Vietnam.  He also gave us Medicare and the beginnings of the influx of illegal immigration.  He was the author of the Great Society that was great, then started being Not So Great.

The McKinley assassination gave us Teddy Roosevelt.  But Teddy ran as a Progressive and managed to get Woodrow Wilson elected.  Wilson gave us the Federal Reserve.  Ugh.

Lincoln's assassination no doubt led to the Jim Crow Era.  Most likely, if Lincoln had lived, there would have been a better outcome than that.

Daily Obligatory, 6/25/15

The first of my new themes, which isn't really new.  It's just replacing the "checking in" posts.

What I want to write about is a recent Ann Coulter column.  She made the SPLC list awhile back, and this latest column of hers fits right in with something I'd like to say about the state of the culture.

You see, Ann's column was about TRUTH.  But the SPLC doesn't like that, and would prefer that she be shut down because all of this truth is really getting under their skins.

So, the thing I want to point out is that our culture isn't respectful of the truth anymore.  The truth isn't wanted, and when somebody speaks it or writes it, people like the SPLC want to shut it down.  Organizations like the SPLC are primarily on the left politically, and they have the practice of attempting to make people shut up.

When the left tries to shut people up, that's the time to raise the volume up a bunch.  When they say "shut up", it means the darkness of evil is descending, and the noise may keep that darkness at bay when the light of truth is being shut down.  Make noise then!  Don't let them shut you up.

Shutting people up allows the lies to live and the darkness to grow.  That's how you know they are lying because they don't want the truth to be known.

Checking in becomes a different name, 6/25/15

What will that name be?  Daily post and date?  I want to do a post every day, even if it is only one.  There's only been a few days that I've missed since I started posting full time back in 2010.  It doesn't lead to popularity, but it does keep some people ( or bots ) coming.

Okay, let it be known that the blog will continue, but it will also evolve a bit over time.  The evolving is to make it work better, but not necessarily to reveal a change of heart about anything.  That change of heart is a bit unusual for yours truly.  It has happened before, it just doesn't happen often.

What about  "The Daily Post" combined with the date?  That name sounds newsy, though, so maybe not a good idea to make it sound too official and confining as to content.  How about Obligatory?  Obligatory means duty, so that's what I'm doing.  But maybe obligatory isn't formal enough.  How about "The Daily Duty", then?  I figure that captures the spirit of the practice.  One does one's duty.  But duty is a legalistic term.  That's too much formalism.

I'll settle on Obligatory.  Let's say it is a moral duty to continue, but nothing legally binds me to do this.  It isn't "of this world", but on a "higher plane", if I may be so bold.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Process fail

Tripped up by a small thing...  It was the hubcaps.  Missing hubcaps will cause the vehicle inspection to fail.


I did get a temp license, but this really isn't any good without a passing vehicle inspection.  I ordered hubcaps, and will have to go back anyway for the permanent license.  Maybe I'll wait a week, and then go back.

Uber will have to wait a bit longer.

App processing

Getting near noon, local time, and the next thing on the list is in the early afternoon.  Then, it's on to the Uber office, and then the home stretch to make it to the city licensing building before it closes for the day.

If I'm lucky, and there's no snags, I will have completed the process, and may have the temporary license that will be good until the permanent arrives in maybe a week.

Finally, I will get to find out if this will work out or not.  It's like the way they make laws in DC these days.  You have to commit yourself to it before you can find out what's in it.

Fire extinguishers

Yep.  City ordinance requires a fire extinguisher.  I had to find one of short notice, and what do you know?  Nobody seems to have one.  I ordered one just now, and hopefully it will be ready for me to pickup in time for my inspection.

What a pain in the butt.

Checking in, 6/24/15

Today's the day for getting some stuff done.

A few thoughts before I start getting ready.

As for what I wrote yesterday about the country going crazy:  it may be best to start limiting how much time I spend reading the "news".  A lot of what is called "news" isn't news at all.  About all it does is to produce reactions, which gets people to talk about stuff which doesn't matter a whole lot.  All of it is to generate profits for people, who do not really provide anything like a public service, and therefore is a waste of time and energy to fool around with.

I've been neglecting plans for my move out west.  Hopefully, I can get back on track with that.

Moving on to a different subject, I just spent a little time on the subject of Linda Rondstadt.  There's a lot that can said about her, no doubt.  The main thing of late is some political activism that she dabbles around with.  It is a bit unfortunate to have someone with so much talent, who devotes herself to such questionable political views.

I would have put something of hers up, but I won't after what I read about her on Wikipedia.  What a waste.

Don't things always seem to go back to politics?  Isn't that a shame, too.

Almost forgot:  Linda Ronstadt's political views were unpopular for a time shortly after 9-11.  What happened to this country in such a short time that could cause the country to move so far to the left in such a short time?

I have a theory about that.  It seems to me that those who would call themselves "conservative" need some assertiveness training.  They are so, so easy to push around that it is painful to watch.  It's like a puny 98 pound weakling getting pushed around by the local bully.  You wish that that skinny wimp would get some backbone, but he just stands there taking all that garbage.  That's how it looks to me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Home again, 6/23/15

The end of a very busy day, and tomorrow promises to be more of the same.  With some luck, I'll have all my ducks in a row for a license to go Ubering ( if I wish ) by tomorrow this time.

If not, it should be done before the end of the week.  Then a busy weekend ahead.  Shoot!  It never seems to end.

Too many things to do and not enough time.

Dirty Laundry ( Society )

This song is the media, and the media is US.

Quick thought before I go, 6/23/15

With all the crazy stuff in the media, it would be easy to think that this country has truly gone mad.  However, I work "out there" in the society, and it doesn't appear to be all that bad.

So, what accounts for the dichotomy between the media and the real world?  I have a theory on that:  the media has to sell products through advertising, and in many cases, the media itself is the product.  Being flashy and nutty may actually help sell products.

In other words, they seem crazy, but there is a method to their madness.

But a cautionary note here is that the politicians act upon the craziness as if it were representative of the true state of the culture.  In many cases, all too many cases, the politicians are helping to drive the craziness to new heights.

Something has to bring things back into some type of sanity, especially within the political system.

Right Direction or Wrong Track

Direction of country poll consistently negative


Interesting breakdown of the poll.  Taking a gander at this and wondering at how little seems to be changing to improve upon the situation.

I could write more, but wtf.

Miley Cyrus Claims She’s “Least Judgmental Person Ever,”

(but) Calls Christians “Insane Motherf–kers”


Yeah, and the article says her parents are Christian.  WTF?  How did they raise such a girl?

This country has gone batshit crazy

Nothing makes any damned sense.  Perhaps it isn't really this bad out there.  I'd like to think that it hasn't, but all the "news" you read about makes you wonder if the country hasn't really gone totally freaking nuts.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Home again, 6/22/15

Actually, been home for a couple hours.  I had stuff to do.  There's just not much free time these days.

I wanted to post something about an article I saw on Ace of Spades blog.  He seems to be disheartened by the fact that Bush is now leading the field.

But it was all predictable.  I may have written about this before.  What's happening is that there's a lot of candidates, and the entire point of this is to dilute the conservative vote so that a money man moderate can get the nomination.  That's what Romney did.  I said that the conservatives need to get together and nominate their own before the money men got in there and started muddying up the waters so that their guy could win.

Looks like if you're a conservative, you have nobody to blame but yourselves  for what's happening.  You won't organize yourselves and stop this kind of thing first.  If are so unhappy, what did you do to stop this?

My suspicion is that it is all theater.  Those who say that they are unhappy really aren't.  If they are truly unhappy, they'd be doing something about it.

Quick thought before I go, 6/22/15

Now that I've established a concept here, the Theory of Knowledge, I can apply it to a current event.

Now, the Pope has weighed in on the side of man made global warming.  How does the Pope know that this is a problem or not?

Is the Pope a climate scientist, or any kind of scientist at all?  If not, then who is telling him what he seems to believe is true?  If these really aren't the Pope's ideas, but his advisors, then who are his advisors, and why should anybody listen to them?

How do you know what you know?

When there is a disagreement over one thing or another, one could always ask your opponent:  How do you know?  Please explain how you know what you are talking about.

For this, there is a term in philosophy, which I became more familiar with when I read Ayn Rand.  It is a branch of philosophy called Epistemology.  That's what it is, it is how you know what you know.  More formally, it is a Theory of Knowledge.

The great masses of people really don't seem to think about these things.  Do you believe that people actually think and talk about philosophy all day long?  They watch TV, the great "boob tube".  The "boob tube" is called that for a reason.  It doesn't promote knowledge, but may well hinder it.

In a democracy, the vast mass of people are called upon to make important decisions, but only a small minority are really trained to think properly. Consequently, we get flawed decisions that seem to get worse over time.  It is like a cancer.  One bad decision leads to another and to another and to another.  It breeds over time, and it grows like a cancer grows.  The cancer is driven, therefore, by ignorance.

Fortunately, ignorance can be cured by education.  But education requires effort at the same.  Ignorance feeds upon neglect.  It doesn't correct itself, it must be corrected, so don't feed the cancer.  So, if your knowledge depends upon ignorance, then you have no knowledge.  If your method of discovering knowledge is flawed, then you have no knowledge.  So, how do you get knowledge so that you may be educated?

Supposedly, this is still an advanced, well-educated country of informed people.  However, if our knowledge is dependent completely upon what other people say, then we have a hole in our Theory of Knowledge.  If the only way we can answer the question of "How do you know?" is what the experts say, then we are guilty of neglect.  There is the greater risk of being wrong because our knowledge cannot be tested, or won't be tested because of said neglect.  We cannot depend solely upon what the experts say, or we risk feeding the cancer of ignorance.

Those who advocate a position are duty bound to tell us how they know what they know, and besides that, how an individual can test that and confirm or deny it for themselves.  It should be an easy test that most people can conduct for themselves.  If it cannot, it fails Einstein's statement that if you cannot explain a thing to a six year old, then you really don't understand it yourself.  And when that happens, you are only feeding the cancer of ignorance.

If Western Civilization fails, could it fail at a moment when knowledge appears to be at its greatest, but is only present in small pockets of people?  If our civilization is to survive, the knowledge must be spread out, or ignorance will be the cause of the failure.  Like a cancer killing off the body, the body politic must ward it off with a commitment to educating the public.  For this, it must be kept simple so that everyone can judge correctly for themselves.

Inudated with bad news, a little optimism could help

The deeper I get into this blog, the more the pessimism seems to get me down.  I was just thinking of how horrific the news is these days, when I took a gander of an old favorite blog, Al Fin.

Perhaps Al Fin is ahead of the curve.  It is looking rather dark right now, but a few technological fixes could brighten things up a bit.

If there's one thing we could all use right now is some good news.

Energy breakthroughs could be possible.  3D printing could revolutionize the way we build things, including nuclear reactors.  Or just plain old houses.  Imagine building a house for less than 5k bucks.

It's all very nice, but it may not even happen.  But there's that pessimism again.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Joy of Lying

A Robert Ringer ( aka The Tortoise ) piece.

The comment section is quite interesting in that there is a discussion about man made global warming.

There is a person there that clings to the global warming line like crazy glue, despite the well reasoned arguments against her.

You can't argue with someone about a religious belief.  Man made global warming is part of a belief system that is in contradiction to traditional Western society.  Indeed, the whole point of it is to undermine Western society.  Thus, to defend against the notion that human activity causes the climate to change is an evil thing according to these people.  Nothing you can say can ever change their minds because it isn't about facts, science, nor reason--- it is about a religious belief.

ParaPundit: Voters ( Blindly ) Accept Their Party's Positions

...views many of us hold are largely dictated by partisanship and ideological affiliations rather than intellectual rigor

Note:  I added the comment "blindly" to the title of the piece.

A study shows that people will buy the label and not the content of a political position.  When presented to Democrats as a Democrat position, it does well, but when the same document is present as a GOP position, it is rejected.  The same goes for the other party.

Doesn't surprise me, really.  Many years ago, a criminal got himself elected here in Texas because he had a famous name, but there was no relationship between the criminal and the famous man at all.  People voted for the famous name, rather than finding out about the man.  He wasn't who they thought he was.

Father's day

Visiting with Wishbone just now and he said something that I thought was pretty funny, so I'll share it with ya'll.

Since it is Father's day, what does Brucette do now?  He has several kids, so what do they give him/her?  Do they give him/her some feminine hygiene products for a present?

Bwah, hah, hah!

Another thing.  Once they go to doing a dick-etomy, I mean, where do they put it?  Wishbone says that they do something like a root canal down there, and then they stuff it in.  They have to find a place to make the outie an innie, so where do they put it?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Legal Insurrection: Coulter v. Maher et al. on Immigration

Coulter v. Maher et al. on Immigration

Note that I added the emphasis on "et al" which means "and others".  The typical thing for liberals like this is to gang up on the lone conservative and then add a partisan crowd.  Anybody watching this that might be neutral may get influenced towards the left.  It's one of their favorite tricks, and let's face it, their tricks are working and working and working.

One thing that I note here is how the panel goes after Coulter on corporate interests even though they ( meaning those of them on the left ) are benefiting from the corporate greed themselves.  The dirty little secret, that really isn't a secret, is how the left wants illegal immigration so that they can profit from it themselves, both monetarily and politically.  One thing that bugs the hell out of me is how Republicans don't answer this effectively and play the part of the bad guy so willingly and stupidly, when the left is at least as bad, if not worse themselves.

Another thing to note is the dog whistle of the appeal to race by pointing out that Coulter is white and is complaining about non white immigration.  Never mind the truth nor the facts.  Let's go for the racial angle immediately.

A commenter in a previous post pointed out the racial angle ad nauseum.  My answer is that there is nothing for white people to be ashamed of.  The racial baiters want to put the badge of shame upon white people for nothing more than being white and defending our country from the onslaught of the left, who wish to destroy the very reason why people want to come here.

The Cheese Rap - Rhett & Link

Going through their videos for the one that I like best.  This one seems pretty good.

Smile for the camera, say "cheese".  Bwah, hah, hah.