Sunday, June 21, 2015

Legal Insurrection: Coulter v. Maher et al. on Immigration

Coulter v. Maher et al. on Immigration

Note that I added the emphasis on "et al" which means "and others".  The typical thing for liberals like this is to gang up on the lone conservative and then add a partisan crowd.  Anybody watching this that might be neutral may get influenced towards the left.  It's one of their favorite tricks, and let's face it, their tricks are working and working and working.

One thing that I note here is how the panel goes after Coulter on corporate interests even though they ( meaning those of them on the left ) are benefiting from the corporate greed themselves.  The dirty little secret, that really isn't a secret, is how the left wants illegal immigration so that they can profit from it themselves, both monetarily and politically.  One thing that bugs the hell out of me is how Republicans don't answer this effectively and play the part of the bad guy so willingly and stupidly, when the left is at least as bad, if not worse themselves.

Another thing to note is the dog whistle of the appeal to race by pointing out that Coulter is white and is complaining about non white immigration.  Never mind the truth nor the facts.  Let's go for the racial angle immediately.

A commenter in a previous post pointed out the racial angle ad nauseum.  My answer is that there is nothing for white people to be ashamed of.  The racial baiters want to put the badge of shame upon white people for nothing more than being white and defending our country from the onslaught of the left, who wish to destroy the very reason why people want to come here.

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