Sunday, June 21, 2015

ParaPundit: Voters ( Blindly ) Accept Their Party's Positions

...views many of us hold are largely dictated by partisanship and ideological affiliations rather than intellectual rigor

Note:  I added the comment "blindly" to the title of the piece.

A study shows that people will buy the label and not the content of a political position.  When presented to Democrats as a Democrat position, it does well, but when the same document is present as a GOP position, it is rejected.  The same goes for the other party.

Doesn't surprise me, really.  Many years ago, a criminal got himself elected here in Texas because he had a famous name, but there was no relationship between the criminal and the famous man at all.  People voted for the famous name, rather than finding out about the man.  He wasn't who they thought he was.

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