Monday, June 22, 2015

Home again, 6/22/15

Actually, been home for a couple hours.  I had stuff to do.  There's just not much free time these days.

I wanted to post something about an article I saw on Ace of Spades blog.  He seems to be disheartened by the fact that Bush is now leading the field.

But it was all predictable.  I may have written about this before.  What's happening is that there's a lot of candidates, and the entire point of this is to dilute the conservative vote so that a money man moderate can get the nomination.  That's what Romney did.  I said that the conservatives need to get together and nominate their own before the money men got in there and started muddying up the waters so that their guy could win.

Looks like if you're a conservative, you have nobody to blame but yourselves  for what's happening.  You won't organize yourselves and stop this kind of thing first.  If are so unhappy, what did you do to stop this?

My suspicion is that it is all theater.  Those who say that they are unhappy really aren't.  If they are truly unhappy, they'd be doing something about it.

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