Saturday, March 5, 2016

Articles: The Dirty Little Secret about All-Electric Vehicles

Articles: The Dirty Little Secret about All-Electric Vehicles

Losses in efficiency from the generating plant to the electrical outlet makes electric vehicles less efficient than internal combustion engines.  Sorry, Elon Musk.

Moonshot update

Even though it may not seem that way, I have been planning the move out West.  Yep, that is still on, but may be getting a wee bit shaky.

Too many things seem to be working against me.  The latest seems to be that septic tank thing.  I wanted to do away with that, but it seems that this will be unlikely.  If you build the thing, it will use a lot of water, and that is hard to come by out there.

It struck me that I could build it, but not necessarily use it.  Or another thought: even though the regulators assume that you will use a lot of water, just follow through with my plans not to use much water at all.   Therefore, I could still use it, but sparingly.

Here is a proposition:  get the trailer, build the septic tank, and do not build a cabin.  When you leave the place, take the trailer with you.

But why build the septic tank when you can dump at an RV dump station?  That may be a good point.  The land protective agreement I have says that if you live on the land, you have to have a septic tank.  If the regulators figure you are living on the land, you have to build one anyway.

Hook up the RV when you are there, and disconnect when you leave.

The other objection is the cost.  I will have to see about that.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Lite posting blues

Arg.  This android published the post before I even got started on it.  That is one of the issues that I am dealing with right now, and it is slowing me down.  A lot.

The last thing I read about before going to this post was Limbaugh's take on the Detroit debate.  Cruz won, he said, and that jibes with Morris' take.  Yep, here is my take.  My take is that it does not make a difference.  The people who voted for Trump are not going to change their minds.  Maybe Trump cannot get the rest of the votes he needs for a majority.  However, his base is stable.  If he splits the rest, he wins.  Cruz has to take almost everything else.  Trump has the easier task.

Like I been saying all along:  Trump is the candidate most likely to win because has crossover appeal.  The conservative base may not like him, but the conservative base is not enough to win the general.  Where guys like Limbaugh go wrong is that he thinks that a conservative base candidate can win on that alone.  That is Goldwater stuff, which means a landslide loss.  Cruz cannot win an ideological campaign.  I do not trust Limbaugh on this one.

Trump is not an ideologue, which will put him right in the center.  That is the best the GOP can do right now.  If they go hard right, they lose.

The establishment will go for Trump.  The conservatives will marginalize themselves as they tend to do.  If Trump wins, he will have a better chance at the general.  You look at polls, and they mean nothing now.  The polls that matter now are in the primary states.  The general election polls do not mean a thing now.   They are in place in order to influence people.   If the polls say that Cruz beats Hillary, then I say the polls are full of crap.

If I am wrong, and the establishment does not want Trump, then count me surprised.

If they want Cruz, I would be suspicious.  Cruz would be easy for them to get out of their way.

Trump would have to be dealt with, but on more equal terms with the establishment.  That would be good for the most people.

That is my take, for better or worse.  So, I am not concerned with debates.  These are for people who have not made up their minds.  I am not one of those.

All of a sudden, Politico is a fan of Fox News?

In the onslaught against Trump, Fox News gets a lot of high marks from a Politico article.  Really?  I thought Politico was a lib outfit.  Fox was supposed to be a GOP hack outfit.  So, why all the praise to Fox?  Because they went after Trump?

I am not going to be flipped by what these people say.  However, I am not completely pleased with what Trump said.  If I could, I would like to write Trump's single sentence put down of these people.  He could say.  "I am not the problem here, you are."  The powers that be that run Fox and Politico are precisely the ones at fault for the problems we are in.  They want to veto a Trump nomination not because they care about this country, but because they want to protect their own interests in the status quo.

If you like things the way they are, then go with those guys.  Your only complaints are that not enough of the booty comes your way.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump is more like Constantine than Caesar

Now my history is not complete and what I know about it may have some holes, but here goes anyway with my point.

The GOP and traditionalists are trying to make the argument that Trump is Caesar--- the guy who ended the Roman Republic; and is comparable to him, and will thus end the American Republic.

Trump is no general.  But he does appear to be a warrior.  He will fight.  The GOP, on the other hand won't fight.  They simply roll over and play dead while the Democrats steamroller the republic.  All the GOP will do about their complaints of Democrat depredations is talk, but in the end, they do nothing.  Trump suggests that they do something to save the nation, but they fight him instead of fighting the Democrats.

Caesar conquered Gaul, as well as other territories that made up the old Empire, which at the time was still a Republic.  But the Roman Republic itself was dying.  Not only was Caesar a warrior, but he was a talented, if not gifted general.  He won battles in which he had no business winning.  The dying Republic tried to contain him, and control him, but he would not let himself be contained by a bunch of mediocrities.  Consequently, the talented general destroyed the failing Republic, and laid the foundation of empire, because the Republic was already dead or dying due to neglect and incompetence of its leadership.

To compare Caesar with Trump is not apt.  Trump may be a talented businessman, but he has not demonstrated talent as a general.   He has not conquered new territory.  He has not fought any battles that resulted in the real loss of life.  He has just now entered the political sphere.   He is a neophyte, not a seasoned general.

Battles will be fought for something.  But what exactly?

I don't get the sense that Trump wants to be a king nor an emperor. I do get a sense that Trump wants to be great, and he want America to be great.  But he is not Caesar.  By the time Caesar got where he was, he had won many great battles.  Trump hasn't earned those kind of stripes yet.

I see Trump as Constantine, who was no Christian, if my information is correct.  Constantine won in the name of Christianity, and under its unifying banner.  But he was no Christian himself.  He was saving a failing Empire, not trying to restore a flagging Republic.  Constantine was saving Rome as a Roman, not to save Christianity in the name of Christ.  But like Trump, he was not part of the established order.  The Christians were outsiders at that time.

What makes Trump a Constantine is that Trump wants to restore American greatness, not to restore the other things that are already lost.  If the Republic is being lost, but not lost yet, it is well on the way to being lost because those who complain about Trump as being the next Caesar that ends the Republic are the very ones who watch and do nothing while the Republic is already dying from their neglect.  Trump doesn't have to be a conquering Caesar.  That outcome is already being decided by default.  Trump is only trying to restore a failing civilization.  He is more like Constantine.

The GOP is more like the heathens who complain that Trump-Constantine isn't more like them.  But to be like them doesn't save the Republic.  Their failure to act is what did the Republic in.

A Trump win doesn't end the Republic.  But the GOP isn't about saving the American Republic.  It is about saving their places in the rotting order as it now exists.

Yesterday's trip

Did I mention that I hate android?  Help should be on the way.  I ordered a new Windows 10 machine, and it should arrive by early next week.

In the meantime, my car's AC stopped working, so I spent yesterday on a trip to the Hill Country to visit the eldest bro, who has a shop there.  Just a simple recharge of the system.  If I had stayed in town, and let the local guy do it, I could have been sold a new compressor or something a lot more expensive.  Anyway, I needed to talk to my bro about the construction project on the property.

Mostly, I was worried about the foundation for the cabin.  Basically, it seems that he believes that my worry is overdone.  It may well be my overreaction to the destruction of my shack, and so this may be a bit overdone.  I know one thing, to fix the issue decisively will require the expenditure of a great deal of time and money, which I do not have.  It is a question of taking the risk of being wrong, I suppose.

There are other risks, which he pointed out.  He told me a story which may give pause about going out there in the first place.  It is possible that conditions can improve out there, especially with the wall that Trump proposes to be built actually gets built.  I suspect that even a wall may not be enough.  There needs to be an organization that can deal with this type of threat.  If such an organization exists, I need to find it and join it.

The outcome of the election may well determine if such an organization can exist within the legal framwork.

If no organization exists, and the matter become one in which I am alone, I must take matters in my own hands.  The big question there is whether or not I am up to such a task, and/or do I really want to take that on?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The trouble today

As you may recall in an earlier post, I began this blog as a quest into what has gone wrong.  Fairly recently, I had a short series of posts in which I asserted that the problem is spirtual, not material.

So, this post will be a little more along those lines.

If you follow Barnhardt, you may have noticed her disapproval of the current Pope.  One thing about this guy that stands out to me is that he seems to like to hang out with fairy princesses.  It is said that in Europe, that the churches are mostly empty these days.  Yes, with a fairy Pope like this, it is easy to see why.  Let's face it.  The homosexuals have taken over the Catholic Church.  Who is going to support that but the small number of disaffected people known as homosexuals?  They are not content with having their own space, in which they are not happy and can never be in their unnatural state--- they have to invade everyone else's.  Instead of growing the church, this "inclusiveness" has all but destroyed it and opened the door to Islam.

The homosexuals want conflicting things.  They want to be abnormal, but want to be considered to be normal.  Homosexuality is abnormal.  It must be so, or we would not be here.

The homosexuals want approval of their behavior.  But their behavior is strange and unnatural.  The homosexuals attack the Church by claiming the disapproval of their behavior is not in accordance with Christianity.  But nowhere in Christianity can it be found that homosexual behavior is the natural and preferred order of human life.  Actually, it is the reverse.  Therefore, in order to get approval of their unnatural behavior, they have to destroy the thing that defines the Church, which the conviction of sin.  For if there were no sin, then why do you need a Savior?

In order to save themselves in our society, they have to destroy the foundations of it.  This cannot be unless we wish to collectively hold a gun to our heads and shoot ourselves.   We cannot live with the notion that homosexuality is normal.  It must be considered as sin, or otherwise it will destroy our civilization.

That may be considered an extreme point of view.  If so, then so be it.  Truth is truth.  Homosexuality does not build nations, it destroys them.

This is so even if you are not a believer.  If you believe, it also destroys souls, which is even more precious than nations.  Your soul is immortal.  Nations come and go.  What you choose to do in this life will decide the fate of your soul for eternity.  Be careful about your choices.  You only get one chance at this.

As for me, let me turn a phrase.  Patrick Henry said "give me liberty or give me death".   So, I say with respect to homosexuality that it is better to be dead than to give in to its temptations.  If were to be tempted, I would prefer death over becoming one of those people.  So, anyone who would want to convert me by force or by reason into becoming one of those, be it known that I would rather die first.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More convinced than ever that Trump is the guy

The results for Super Tuesday are coming in, and the patterns are holding.  This election could come down the same old patterns, or a new reality can take hold.

Cruz won Texas and Oklahoma.   Not that impressive.  He came in fourth in a couple states.  This is a GOP primary, mind you.  If it came down to a Cruz v Hillary race in the general, Hillary would cream him in traditional blue states.  Cruz has shown no ability to expand outside a narrow base.  And that is within the GOP.  He has no hope of expansion in the general.  None.

The new reality is that Trump can win in traditional blue states.  Or he would be more competitive than Cruz.   Shoot, I think Trump can run the table.

But the old patterns may reemerge.  If they do, then the party faithful will coalesce around a more traditional Republican.  If that happens, the GOP loses.  Big time.

Obligatory, 3.1.16

Yesterday was an eventful day even though I did not post.  I turned in my Nextel, which was used as a two way radio for deliveries.  Yep, I am out.  Cannot hack it anymore doing the delivery thing.

For better or worse, it is Uber now.  That means I have got to get out of this apartment.  It costs too much to live here.

But it is getting late in order to avoid additional costs, and unless I am willing to do something that may impact my credit in a negative way, I am stuck here for another six months at least.

This morning seemed to start off better.  My back felt a little better.  But I went into a coughing fit and I thought I was going to drown in snot.  A little exaggeration there, but it was pretty nasty all the same.  That seems to have died down, thank goodness.

Barnhardt has some interesting stuff up.   Check it out on the sidebar.  Morris thinks that Rubio cannot beat the Donald mano y mano.  The reason being that Cruz voters would go to the Donald, and not to Rubio.

So, it is either Trump or Cruz against the Democrat nominee.  Morris is not so sure about Hillary.   Interesting read, take a look.  It is also on the sidebar.

I will repeat my own opinion here.  Trump is the GOP's only chance.  Even Rubio, who might be able to win the general, will be a pushover.  Cruz will push back, but he cannot be elected.  This country will not elect an ideologue on the so called right.  They would, and have elected ideologues on the left.  The left has an advantage in this type of game, and if you go ideological, you lose to them.   Trump is not ideological, says Morris.  Well, neither was Reagan.  Reagan appealed across the party line to certain Democrats.   I think Trump will too.  This red blue thing is a loser for the GOP.  They should forget about it.

In short, the GOP is going to become irrelevant if they keep on going the way they are.  In fact, they already are irrelevant.  Homosexual marriage?  If the GOP mattered, this would not have happened.   Maybe some day the GOP will learn.  If they do, they may get their act together.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Long knives are out for Trump

There seems to be a lot of reports out there which are designed to harm Trump.  Like the one about David Duke and the KKK.  The establishment is throwing everything but the kitchen sink in after him.  Those who are a bit easy to influence will probably change their vote because of this kind of stuff.

I think I see it for what it is.  It does not change my mind.

Super Tuesday

That time already?  If the election is the first Tuesday in the month, then that day will be coming right up this week.

It snuck up on me.  Seems like a lot of things are, unfortunately.

I must be too civilized.  The Lone Watie character in the movie, "The Outlaw Josie
Wales", said his tribe was called civilized because they were easy to sneak up on. I am with Lone Watie on that one.  I hate this android so much I am going to sneak up on it and smash it one of these days.

Trump got snuck up on in that debate, so I hear.  Cruz and Rubio took turns beating him up.  I did not see it, but it will not make any difference to me.  The two senators are responsible for the failure that is in DC.  Going after Trump does not answer for that.

If I could , I would sneak up on those rascals and teach em a lesson.  I can vote, that may be enough.  Assholes.