Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More convinced than ever that Trump is the guy

The results for Super Tuesday are coming in, and the patterns are holding.  This election could come down the same old patterns, or a new reality can take hold.

Cruz won Texas and Oklahoma.   Not that impressive.  He came in fourth in a couple states.  This is a GOP primary, mind you.  If it came down to a Cruz v Hillary race in the general, Hillary would cream him in traditional blue states.  Cruz has shown no ability to expand outside a narrow base.  And that is within the GOP.  He has no hope of expansion in the general.  None.

The new reality is that Trump can win in traditional blue states.  Or he would be more competitive than Cruz.   Shoot, I think Trump can run the table.

But the old patterns may reemerge.  If they do, then the party faithful will coalesce around a more traditional Republican.  If that happens, the GOP loses.  Big time.

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