Friday, March 4, 2016

Lite posting blues

Arg.  This android published the post before I even got started on it.  That is one of the issues that I am dealing with right now, and it is slowing me down.  A lot.

The last thing I read about before going to this post was Limbaugh's take on the Detroit debate.  Cruz won, he said, and that jibes with Morris' take.  Yep, here is my take.  My take is that it does not make a difference.  The people who voted for Trump are not going to change their minds.  Maybe Trump cannot get the rest of the votes he needs for a majority.  However, his base is stable.  If he splits the rest, he wins.  Cruz has to take almost everything else.  Trump has the easier task.

Like I been saying all along:  Trump is the candidate most likely to win because has crossover appeal.  The conservative base may not like him, but the conservative base is not enough to win the general.  Where guys like Limbaugh go wrong is that he thinks that a conservative base candidate can win on that alone.  That is Goldwater stuff, which means a landslide loss.  Cruz cannot win an ideological campaign.  I do not trust Limbaugh on this one.

Trump is not an ideologue, which will put him right in the center.  That is the best the GOP can do right now.  If they go hard right, they lose.

The establishment will go for Trump.  The conservatives will marginalize themselves as they tend to do.  If Trump wins, he will have a better chance at the general.  You look at polls, and they mean nothing now.  The polls that matter now are in the primary states.  The general election polls do not mean a thing now.   They are in place in order to influence people.   If the polls say that Cruz beats Hillary, then I say the polls are full of crap.

If I am wrong, and the establishment does not want Trump, then count me surprised.

If they want Cruz, I would be suspicious.  Cruz would be easy for them to get out of their way.

Trump would have to be dealt with, but on more equal terms with the establishment.  That would be good for the most people.

That is my take, for better or worse.  So, I am not concerned with debates.  These are for people who have not made up their minds.  I am not one of those.

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