Saturday, November 15, 2014

This past week in review 11/15/14

A rather quiet week as I was recuperating from a painful back injury.

Here's a few posts that should be in the top 10, but Google says no.  In fact, the Google gadget has almost the bottom half of the list wrong.  After Number 6 in the Google list, you could get a better list if you replace those bottom four with the best of four from this list:

What if a pitcher threw a ball at 90% the speed of light?
The Amazing Properties of Thorium (3) x 9
The difference between Social Darwinism and Laissez Faire
Why problems don't get solved
Getting a good definition for the term "Politics Schmolitics"
Next Big Future: Skylon Spaceplane Project Troy Mars Mission   (1) x 7
The US Space Retreat: The Shuttle Era Is Over
Judge Judy - Most shocking ending ever!   (2) x 8
Abraham Lincoln: ‘The dogmas of the quiet past  (4) x 10
Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling

What are the best four of the above?  I'd have to compile the stats.  Done!  The results are in parentheses.  Those that did not make the top 10 aren't ranked.  The new rankings on the top 10 are placed outside the parens, preceeded by an "x", which means "translates to" in the top 10.

The "Best of" posts I found this week:

Island hopping or hitting them where they ain't
More on Sabatier Reaction

Amnesty is to the Hispanic vote what the carrot on a stick is to the mule

Obama is putting the amnesty carrot on a stick so as to keep the Hispanic mule voting in the right direction, which goes nowhere

The real explanation may be related to the tendency of his party to avoid solving issues important to their base. One may ask: if the president really thought that his party would permanently capture the Hispanic vote with an amnesty type Congressional bill in his first two years, why didn’t they pass such a law? --- Michael Bargo, Jr  AmericanThinker 
Such may regarded as a principle of operation that can be applied to a large cross section of the public, of which the Democrat party only uses for their own advantage.  They do nothing to serve the public, which for some strange reason, trusts them.

D-day at da ranch is less than 2 weeks away

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The back injury has cost me considerable time.  I'm hoping the back will be well enough to make the trip, but there's nothing guaranteed.

The PVC pipe arrived this week, but I'm missing some pieces.  Those should be coming soon.

I got an idea to use wooden handles that have the right diameter for my application. These will be forms for the concrete.  These handles will leave a hole that a PVC pipe can fit into.

I became a little concerned after receiving the pipe.  The pipe doesn't seem to be strong enough.  I may want to add some short rebar after all.  But it is not to be permanent.

Looking ahead...

A look at the weather at da ranch tells me that climate control is a problem that will need attention.  There will have to be something that can get the job done in terms of cooling and heating.  This may do the trick, but I'm just learning about it now.

Your trusted government servants are short changing you

Manipulation Of CPI Saved The Federal Government Over $150 Billion From 1998-2012

Government regulations

The Reason Small Businesses Are Disappearing, As Explained By A Small Business Owner

Friday, November 14, 2014

It may seem that I'm hard on liberals

But I'm a lot easier on them than they deserve.

Look, the situation in Iraq is a prime example.  Obama pulls out, and now he's talking about going back in.  If he isn't, then he isn't ending the talk about it.  Now, try to imagine the incongruity of Obama sending in ground troops to Iraq.  It is hard to imagine even now.  But eight years ago, if anyone told you that he would be considering such a move, you'd say it was a crazy idea.

This leads me to believe that everything, everything that the left does is mired in insincerity and outright falsehood.  Obama would only oppose Iraq because it was a political advantage for him to do so.  He would only approve a return to Iraq because it poses an advantage over not going back.  It is politics, not truth.

That also leads me to the thought that the world isn't governed by virtue, but by vice.  All the more reason to keep the government as small as possible.  The left thinks government is a virtue, but you should never trust anyone who says any such thing.

What about the Middle East then?  The peace process?  Hah.  This is only given as a way to capitulate to Israel's destruction.  The left sees Israel as a problem.  They would never support Israel unequivocally.  Never.  To them, it would be better to see Israel destroyed provided that they could get away with letting it happen.  As Billy Carter, the former President brother once said, there's a lot more Arabs than Jews.  For the liberals, support for the Israelis is a necessary political fact, but not a desired value.  It is necessary for they Jewish vote.  If only they could get off that hook...  Believe me, they are always looking for a way to get off that hook.  They support the Israelis, but they don't love 'em at all.  The Israelis are always The Problem.

By the way, I think that is true in general.  Whoever they support, they support out of a necessity.  They do not serve but seek to be served.  Therefore, anybody and everybody is expendable.  That's what Benghazi meant.  That's what Vietnam meant.  That's what Iraq and Afghanistan meant.  They are all expendable and so are YOU.  Once they don't need you anymore, look out.

Why doesn't anybody point that out?  Perhaps because in their own hearts, they are no different from the liberals.  Unless they say something, then they can be said to have agreed.

Note: Top 10 posts of all time is inaccurate

The all time popular posts list on the left sidebar uses Google's own gadget.  But that gadget delivers incorrect results.  As a result, it gives a list that is somewhat deceptive in terms of what should be on the list.

Why is that?

I dunno.  It may be intentional or it may not be.

It's easy to think that someone is trying to cause you to have less success than you could.  On the other hand, it could be just plain old incompetence.  It may not make that much of a difference, but maybe it could have.  Okay?  Just don't know which way it would have been if the real list was displayed.

If I wanted to spend an awful amount of time on it, I could compile the true list.

Flying your own drone

A bit pricey, I'd say.  I might find something like this useful on da Ranch.

People, think for yourselves

That's a quote from Rush Limbaugh.

Yeah, I'm pretty tough on Limbaugh.  But I think I've gone beyond him.  Rush is the same old Rush.  But I'm not the same old Greg.

I've been thinking for myself.  Which means I don't listen to Rush much.  He doesn't offer that much anymore.

Look, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with making money.  Just don't make it the same as being patriotic.  Patriotism means being in service of the Republic.  You can make plenty of money and not be in service to anyone except yourself.

Sure, he's delivering a "service" with his information.  But he is getting paid for that.  What can pay for the loss of a life?  For that is what it may take to defend the Republic.  I'm not saying that Rush should be willing to give up his life.  I'm saying that his words only go so far.  Without more behind it, it falls flat as a pancake.  What commitment is Limbaugh willing to make?  He should be taken as seriously as his willingness to make that commitment.

I am beyond Limbaugh because I can see his faults.  Limbaugh cannot see where his faults are, in my opinion.  Too many people are taking Limbaugh at face value.  If you don't see beyond his "schtick", then you aren't thinking for yourself.  You're just like the left's own mind controlled robots who watch TV news and think they know something.

No posts yesterday

It isn't often that I miss an entire day without a post.

Yesterday was probably the worst day I've had yet since this pain began.  Today is much improved.  So, now I'm back.

I did engage in a long conversation with Wishbone while I wasn't posting.  He couldn't understand why I am so down on Limbaugh.  I guess I didn't get anywhere in why I'm down on him.

Look, Limbaugh compares himself to Paul Revere.  Paul Revere risked his life, as all Patriots did back then.  A "Patriot" like Rush doesn't risk his life.  He doesn't even risk his professional career.  What risk is he taking at all?  None.  He is actually profiting from his pose as a "Patriot".  I think he shouldn't be taken seriously until he does take some risks.  Real ones, not "open line Fridays".  Puhleeze.  People are too impressed with guys like Limbaugh.

Rush likes to hide behind his "entertainer" status and tries to be taken seriously.  That shouldn't be working, but it is.  People are too easy to fool.

2014 no watershed year

The same voting patterns prevailed

People want to relish the victory, enjoy the champagne, without a party pooper raining on their parade. Republicans also see the demographic writing on the wall. With the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 ensuring that 85 percent of our immigrants hail from the Third World and Asia — and with even conservatives taking this importation of socialist-leaning peoples as a given — they, echoing the X-Files, say “I want to believe.”---Selwyn Duke AmericanThinker 

An empty victory unless the GOP takes advantage of the opportunity.  ( I should add that this is my opinion and not of the author ).

Is this the political map of the future? |

Is this the political map of the future? |
That map gives me ideas on what to do about a guy like Obama.  But the GOP will never even think of it nor do anything like it.

I've mentioned it before, in case you are wondering.

The point is that the GOP isn't powerless, but acts as if it is.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The high water mark of progressivism

Or to put it another way, three strikes and you're out!

There’s a reason why three strikes means “out” in baseball -- the classic American game. Three is a magic number, the number of the Trinity, the number of good luck, but also the number of the last gasp of the drowning man, the sniper’s guaranteed kill on a lit match. Three is the number of hope for the decent, the innocent, and the good, of finality for the wicked, the useless, and the corrupt.

The left has had its three tries -- we will see that they don’t get a fourth.
--- J.R. Dunn

Talk the talk, but you've got to walk the walk.

Europe is living in a world increasingly dominated by Asia

Free Republic

Only 7 replies.  Attention is focused elsewhere, but elsewhere may not matter for long.  This does.

The West is dying and/or losing influence and power.  It may be inevitable, but it isn't necessary.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Raising pygmy goats

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An idea popped into my head to raise pygmy goats.  These can produce plenty of milk.  I figure I may be able to sell ice cream from their milk.  But that's another story.

You can have the goats be your weedeater and then have the chickens come in behind them.

Raising Chickens 101

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Here's a site that has a written series about how to get started on raising chickens.

I'll add another video that isn't related to the above link.


Ready to move on to Raising Chickens 2.0?  This one has some of the finer points of raising the critters, including killing and hand plucking them.


This fellow was mentioned in the previous video and update, so I'll add this video to the syllabus.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Can you believe this?

This video condemns the use of laundry detergent.  Supposedly, it harms your health.  The man in the video advocates the use of magnets for cleaning clothes.

This is interesting to me if it works.  I can save a lot of water out there on da ranch by not having to use a rinse cycle.

The sales pitch for his magnets seems good until he mentions price.  For magnets?  Seems like too much.

I got this video off the dick morris site, and it appears to be paid advertisement.


There is a slight plausibility to this because water can be affected by strong magnetic fields.  Thus, I think the effect of the device depends upon how strong those magnets are.  If they are made of rare earth magnets, that could explain why they are expensive.

While I'm thinking along those lines...DIY Homemade Incubator HATCH Chicken Eggs

A home made egg incubator for chicken eggs.  Yeah, baby.  We're going to go into the chicken business.  Woo-hoo.

Pass me a piece of that fried chicken.  Yum, yum.


I really didn't have chicken on my mind.  I was looking at automating my water filtration system.  I just happened across these two videos while doing that.

This gives me an idea to make another spin off series for my off-the-grid posts.  The last post in the table of contents which lists ways to grow food is titled:

How much area to devote to algae in order to make a gallon of fuel per day?

That one doesn't look like farming or ranching, does it?  But it does include a food source which is spirulina.

This one will first of the posts the spin off series.  Next one here.

Gee, what I always wanted

A chicken plucker.  Can you say chicken plucker?  Yes, but carefully.

Description of chicken plucker

Preparing the chicken for plucking

In a minute, you've got a chicken plucked.  Now to clean it up and cook the rascal.

Executive amnesty

There's some talk out there that Obama is planning a mass amnesty of millions of illegals.

What can the GOP do about this?

Perhaps very little.  The President has the power of pardon, and since these are lawbreakers, he has the power to grant them a pardon.  However, pardon is not done like this and it is such a massive and sweeping act.  There is no precedence for this, aside from the Civil War, and that may not have been allowed even then.   I'd have to check my history on that one.

Assuming that it is all legal, and has a precedent, the President may be able to go forward with this.  The Congress may have no recourse.  Perhaps impeachment, but on what grounds?  But they may find grounds elsewhere.

The plan for passivity and benevolence is not going to work with this guy.  Obama is going right after the GOP and so they will have to respond or be seen as ineffectual and weak.

But there's more to this.  Let's say that the amnesty goes down.  Does that entitle them to citizenship?  I think you have to find the letter of the law on that one.  For example, Obama could legalize millions of these people, but could the Congress and the Courts deny them citizenship?  This is important in terms of the vote.  The vote is what makes this political and why amnesty is being pursued, in my opinion.  They are not interested in the well being of the immigrants, but only in themselves and their political fortunes.


A search of the definitions for the following:
  1. reprieve
  2. pardon
  3. amnesty
yields some interesting thoughts.

Number 1, reprieves involves the cancellation of a punishment.  It implies a legal process which has already occurred.
Number 2, pardon means to forgive an offense
Number 3, amnesty definitely means in reference to an act that has already occurred

In all of the US Constitution, pardon is mentioned only once.  I'm too lazy to double check, but I'd bet reprieves is likewise.  Amnesty is probably not even mentioned.

This could be an abuse of power if it is attempted.  It is an abuse of the legal system to apply the powers of pardon to so many people who haven't even been convicted of anything.  There has to be a process of arrest, conviction, and then pardon.

However, this has precedent, as the pardon of Nixon showed.  This obviated any further process against him and so this is a precedent that can hardly be ignored since it is so high profile.

However, Nixon did go through some legal processes up to that time and impeachment was definitely on the table.

I'd say that without the clear mention of amnesty, there can be no legal amnesty at all.  This may explain why legislative approval was sought first.  It implies that legislative approval is needed.  To single handedly go around this violates precedent and establishes a practice that has not been legally tested.

Interesting days ahead.


A possible way to stop this could be an injunction, which could be sought by a state, or any government agency or official---probably Congress.   Whether or not the court granted it would be a whole different question.

However, what remedy is available to the Congress should the President exceed his authority?  If the Supreme Court can't rule upon that, then what can it rule on in order to preserve the Constitution?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Small experiment

This was why I did the Bentonite tests.  That is, to find out how the drill will respond to a proxy for what I may find out there.

As with the original sample of store bought sand, I was able to drill a 1/2 hole straight through.  However, when I switched to a 1 inch bit, the sand broke up after about a 1/2 inch.

It looks like a possibility that I will need to use the 1/2 inch bit to start the hole, then a larger bit to widen it out.  Otherwise, the sand may break up and leave a less than perfect hole.  In addition to that, I may want to use the Bentonite to ease the drill down so that it won't put too much stress on the sand.

It was a short experiment as there wasn't enough to work with.  The samples did not dry very well and cracked up rather badly.  The second batch also cracked up rather badly as well.  I haven't made a third batch.  Seems to be little point.

There may be a concern that I won't be able to get 8 inches of hole drilled before I encounter problems.  There's nothing to do about that until I get out there.

It hasn't been a productive weekend, but that's the way the cookie crumbled this time.

Not much else to write about.

Fire ( 1968 )

As I've written a couple times, I'm not feeling up to par this weekend.  Something has caused me some pain.  I think I know what it is, so going to the doctor with it won't gain any solutions.  It's just annoying as hell, and speaking of hell, this song entered my consciousness.

I've spent some time studying it.  I remember the song well.  The performer, Arthur Brown, didn't go on to become a big star.  This was his one and only hit.  Wikipedia says he had a lot of influence on several performers over the years, however.

So, why mention this song at all?  Well, look at the lyrics and THINK.

I am the god of hell f ire and I bring you:
Fire, I'll take you to burn.
Fire, I'll take you to learn.
I'll see you burn!
You fought hard and you saved and learned,
but all of it's going to burn.
And your mind, your tiny mind,
you know you've really been so blind.
Now 's your time burn your mind.
You're falling far too far behind.
Oh no, oh no, oh no, you gonna burn!
Fire, to destroy all you've done.
Fire, to end all you've become.
I'll feel you burn!
You've been living like a little girl,
in the middle of your little world.
And your mind, your tiny mind,
you know you've really been so blind.
Now 's your time burn your mind,
you're falling far too far behind

Read more: Arthur Brown - Fire Lyrics | MetroLyrics
It is as if Satan is speaking in this.  Before you start laughing, just look at the spirit of these lyrics.  Everything that you've worked for and cared about will be destroyed, and he will laugh at you maniacally while it happens.  This is Satanic.  This is what the song says and this is what the song represents, does it not?  What else could it be?

The song becomes a hit in the year 1968.  What have I written about 1968?  It was as if something very bad happened in this country and in Western Civilization was occurring then and is continuing to this very day.

The theory is that the West has abandoned God and has embraced Satan.  Such as song wouldn't have become #1 hit if we've haven't gone off the tracks in some fundamental way.  We've run away from God's protection into the arms of Satan.  What else could happen to us but burn?

And me?  Did I come up with this just because I feel pain and see the thing that's causing it to be like Satan laughing at me and how he will set all my dreams on fire and burn them up?

Maybe you can get something out of this, I don't know.  I'm just passing it along.

Bill Whittle: The Wolf, the Bear and the Lambs

Weakness invites aggression.  I've written this before, and it is well worth repeating.  When the war was over, the Imperial Japanese officials were asked why they attacked us at Pearl Harbor.  The answer:  Because we thought that you would not fight.

Signal an aggressor that you won't fight is a guarantee of an attack and subsequent war.  If you want peace, prepare for war.

Otherwise an argument ensues between the lamb and the wolf, and we all know how that turns out.

Tickle your funny bone

The weather forecast is "dry as a bone".  Really.

New Absolute Best News Bloopers of June 2014

Adam Smith, the Greatest Self-Help Author You Have Never Read

Russ Roberts, the author of How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life, joins Glenn Reynolds to discuss the beauty of liberal economics. Would you believe that Adam Smith is the greatest self-help writer ever? Hear why.

Bill Whittle's TOP 5 Conservative Principles

"Conservatism kicks ass", he says.  Yeah, but why do we get guys like Hussein?