Saturday, December 17, 2016


Like I saidcry me a river.


There may be people out there who do not understand why this is so absurd.  Let me try to help you if you are one of those people.

Harry Truman once was quoted as saying: "the buck stops here."  It means the President is the one ultimately responsible for whatever happens in his administration.  So, something just happened in a Democrat administration to a Democrat.  Who is responsible for letting that happen? 

Hillary's emails got hacked?  Would that have anything to do with her failure to follow the law, which, incidentally, is why such a law exists--- so that things like this don't happen?

Obama is President.  Hillary wanted to be President.  So, it is Trump's fault that they could not take care of their own interests ( and our own country's interest besides) ?

An act of war?  Espionage has been going on since the nation state began.  If you lose that game, you likely lose any resultant war, if this is declared as a casus belli.  Espionage is the eyes and ears of a nation state.  If you are blind ,deaf, and dumb, then how do you expect to win a war?

Hillary's complaint is that someone got the better of her, so she is going back to mama for a good cry.

Grow the fuck up.

Water distiller apparatus nearly ready for testing

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

With the last post, I mentioned three different ideas being tried.  I tried gathering rainwater, but it looks too dirty for my zero water filter.

I tried the zero water filter and it works fine.  It is only for obtaining potable water.  Relatively clean water only will go into this filter.

How to get to the zero water filter point?

That was to be the water distiller.  Relatively dirty water can go through this and if it is still not clean, the filter can be used for the last step.

There are some issues in setting this up, though.   However, I have made some progress and a test may be possible soon.

Getting a gallon of water per day out of the dirty water flow will take a lot of energy.  This step is primarily an experiment.

Managing the water issue is the key to success in my "moonshot".


Test was unsuccessful.   A part melted, and the water was not clean.  Fix the problem, and try again.

Friday, December 16, 2016

A personal post

After that last post, which was very unsympathetic to the lefties, I now write a post that some may think as an appeal for sympathy.

Those who disagree with me may read it with pleasured scorn.  They might well be glad to hear that I am having troubles.

Troubles indeed!  The worse trouble in this world that a man can have.  A matter of life and death itself.  All the while, not having any monetary means by which to meet that challenge.

A lot of lefties are quite rich, you know.  They could help, but would they?

Would I even bother to ask

Ask for what?  Well, I would like to get my biopsy done at MD Anderson in Houston.  The doctor there is highly recommended, but need I 26.5k bucks to get a consultation, which is money I do not have.  By the way, that money does not pay for the biopsy itself.  You can see that this will run into quite a bill.

I may have other options, but this one is preferred.

I would accept help from most quarters.  But if the price is too high, I will choose another option.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cry me a river

As I said before.  If the Dems got hacked, it is their own fault.

They want to divide the GOP.  It would be foolish to listen to them.  If they cared about national security, they would have been more careful.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Can the election be thrown into the House?

Possibly, if this story isn't more fake news.

Could Hillary win outright?  Only if a substantial number of GOP electors vote for Hillary.

If nobody gets a majority in the electoral college, the election goes to the House, which is controlled by the GOP.  Now, in the House, they can consider only the top three vote getters.  It would seem likely that only Hillary and Trump plus a possible third candidate could be considered.  That third candidate more than likely would be a GOP candidate.   It would seem inconceivable that enough GOP electors could flip to Hillary in order to make her president.

Even if Hillary won the electoral vote, it still has to be certified.  Considering the circumstances, it would seem likely that a challenge to that outcome would have to be considered.  In my opinion, the GOP in the House would  have to be nuts to give it to Hillary.  The anti Trump contingent is too small to put another GOP'er other than Trump in the White House.

In my opinion, this is fake news because this isn't going to happen.  It is mere speculation.


No way Hillary wins.  Even if the Electoral College (EC) selects Hillary, a Congressional challenge can be made on the basis of tampering with the EC.   The GOP led Congress would be foolish to allow Hillary to win, and to thus become president.  They would then put a GOP'er in the White House.  They could not choose anyone other than one of the top three vote getters.  One of those may not even be Hillary if more electors voted against her than for her.  There aren't enough never Trumpers to deny Trump victory.

conclusion:  FAKE


Game, set, match!

Electoral votes have to be validated by each individual state's secretary of state.

Since over half of those states bound the electors by law the official is within their rights to refuse to count that vote.

State legislatures have almost total power over how electors are chosen, so if a massive wave of electors decided to break from their pledge, the state legislature could effectively choose their own slate.

So, none of this talk means a doggone thing.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fake news?

Fake news is in the news.  But here's the real news.  It has always been fake.  If you think the news is about the facts, well, you are an innocent one aren't you?

Fake news isn't fake until somebody doesn't like it.  Until then, it is the "real news".

Reminds me of what I read in the book You Can Negotiate Anything--- "once you get past the phony tinsel, you get to the real tinsel".

Fake news, schmake news.  It is all fake.  Always has been.  Always will be.

Question of faith

If the Catholic Church is infiltrated by heretics, then how do you trust it?

For the record, I am not Catholic.  But why would I convert? 

Speaking only for myself, I would not trust this church.

The sheep have no earthly shepherd. 

Ridiculous ruling to a non controversy

Or it should not be a controversy.  The courts have no say in the matter---period.  The state legislatures have plenary power to choose electors.  The court cannot overrule the Constitution.

Let the Colorado electors do what the state lege has indicated.  If there is a state law against changing their vote, then that is a state matter, not a federal one.

The fed judge should not have gotten involved.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Navigating the blog

There's a lot of stuff here.  More than 10k posts.  I tried to keep it organized. 

You may come here for various reasons.  For example, the topic of space.  I don't post exclusively on any topic, such as space, so there's a bunch of topics.  Perhaps you would rather not read through all that stuff to get what you are interested in.  To show only those posts in a topic, simply click on the label post at the bottom of a post in which you are interested.  This will pull up all posts labelled similarly.

To pull up all posts with this label, click on the label.  Easy as pie.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thought for the day, 12.11.16

Something I heard before:  "you cannot earn your salvation."  Check out this, John 7:49

Don't remember why I stopped here at this verse.  Just something about that thought that go my attention.

Good deeds alone will not be enough to get to Heaven.  For example, let's say you do bad things to get rich.  Then while approaching death, you give it all away to charity.  Does that save you?  Maybe not.  You cannot earn your way to Heaven.


Perhaps you have heard of the term.  Won't define it here.  All I can say, when I see arguments between Democrats and Republicans, is the groupthink of each group arguing against each other, with their own groupthink ideas that neither one recognizes.

It's like a Frenchman arguing with a German about the French language, and the German shooting back in German about the German language.  They talk around and through each other while not understanding a single thing that they have heard each other say.

It becomes just so much noise.

Glacial progress

Getting things organized, for better or for worse.

Went into Houston to retrieve all my stuff and brought it out here.  Paying for it, too.  I am sore this early morning.

That bit about wishful thinking may be more of my BS.  Well, everyone is entitled to be full of it from time to time.

Still waiting to hear back from the financial aid lady.  Since she didn't contact me, I am going to mention it to the admissions lady, cuz she said to do that if the financial aid lady didn't call back.  By the way, that doesn't seem encouraging.

Things are on the move, so to speak.  But progress is as slow as a glacier.