Thursday, October 14, 2021

Speech of William Shatner after flying to space on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin capsule

Speech of William Shatner after flying to space on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin capsule William Shatner space speech.txt

Bezos: Well?

Shatner: In a way, it’s indescribable. Not only is it different than what you thought, it happens so quickly. You know what? The impression I have, that I never expected to have, is you’re shooting up and there used to... [gets interrupted by Bezos who asks for champagne]

What you [Bezos] have done... everybody in the world needs to be in this [capsule]. Everybody in the world needs to see [in tears] ... it was unbelievable, unbelievable. I mean, you know, the little things... the weightlessness. But to see the blue color [of the sky/atmosphere]

WHIP by, and now you’re staring at the blackness, that’s the thing. The covering of blue, this sheet, this blanket, this comforter of blue that we have around us. We think “oh that’s full of sky”. You shoot through it all of a sudden as if you whip of a sheet off your windows. And you're looking into blackness, into BLACK ugliness. And you look down and there’s the blue down there and the black up there. There is mother Earth, comfort... and there is...

is there death? I don’t know, but is that death? Is that the way death is? Whoop, and it’s gone. Jesus. It was so moving. This experience it’s something unbelievable. You see, you know... weightlessness, my stomach went on, ah this is so weird. But not as weird as the covering of blue, this is what I never expected. Oh it’s one thing to say “oh the sky and the thing and

fragile”... it’s all true... but what isn’t true, what is unknown, until you do it, is this pillow, there’s this soft blue, look at the beauty of that color. And it’s so thin, and you’re through it in an instant. It’s what... how thick is it? Is it a mile? Two miles?

Bezos: The atmosphere? No, I mean, it’s maybe... depends on how you measure it... it thins out... maybe 50 miles?

Shatner: But you’re going 2000 miles an hour, so you’re through 50 miles, whatever the mathematics are.

Bezos: Fast! Yeah, really fast.

Shatner: You know it’s like a beat, and a beat, and suddenly you’re through the blue and you’re into black. You know it’s rad, mysterious and galaxies, but what you see is BLACK. And what you see down there is light. And that’s the difference. And not to have this [points at

Earth]. You [Bezos] have done something, I mean, whatever those other guys are doing... I don’t know about them... what you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine [in tears]. I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened, it’s extraordinary,

extraordinary [hugging Bezos]. I hope I never recover from this. I hope that I can maintain what I feel now. I don’t wanna lose it. It’s so... it’s so much larger than me and life. It hasn’t got anything to do with the little green man and the blue orb, it has to do with the enormity and the quickness and the suddenness of life and death and oh my god... the suddenty.

Bezos: It’s so beautiful.

Shatner: Beautiful? Yes, beautiful in it’s way, but...

Bezos: No, I mean your words, it’s just amazing.

Shatner: Oh, my words. I don’t know I can’t even begin to express. What I would love to do is to communicate as much as possible... the jeopardy, the moment you see the vulnerability of everything. It’s so small, this air which is keeping us alive is thinner than your skin, it’s

a sliver, it’s immeasurably small, when you think in terms of the universe. It’s negligible, this air. Mars doesn’t have it. Nothing, I mean this... and when you think [unintelligibility] to oxygen, what is it, 20 percent or something that level that sustains our life, it’s so thin. To dirty it... I mean, that’s another whole...

Bezos: And you shoot through it so fast.

Shatner: So quickly, 50 miles and you’re in death.

Bezos: This is life... [points at Earth]

Shatner: This is life and that’s death. And it’s in an instance. You go wow... that’s death. That’s what I saw. I am overwhelmed. I had no idea. You know we were talking earlier before going out “well you know it’s gonna be different”, and whatever that phrase is you have

[probably “overview-effect”] that you have a different view of things... it doesn’t begin to explain, to describe, what for me... I mean everybody is gonna... but, and this is now the commercial, everybody... it would be so important that everybody had that experience through

one means or another. Maybe you can put it on 3D goggles and have that experience, I mean that certainly is a technical possibility. But what you need also... we’re lying there [in the capsule]... one delay after another delay we’re lying there... I think how do I feel? I’m

thinking, yeah, I’m a little gibbery here. And they move the fins, oooh there’s something in the engine, they found an anomaly in the engine [laughing] “We’re gonna hold longer” Oh, you’re gonna hold a little longer. And I feel this, you know, the stomach, the biome and

such, and I’m thinking “ok, I’m thinking I’m a little nervous here”, another delay, “I’m a little more nervous” and then the thing starts... by the way, the simulation, is... they have to be... it’s only a simulation, everything else is much more...

Bezos: Doesn’t capture it.

Shatner: Doesn’t capture the... and besides what’s the jeopardy? Bang! This thing hits. You go “woah”, you know? That wasn’t anything like the simulation. The G-forces and the stomach. What’s gonna happen to me? Am I gonna be able to survive the G-forces? Am I gonna survive it?

And then I think, good lord, you know just getting up the bloody gantry was enough [laughing]. Oh my god, what an experience. Nothing... nothing...

Bezos: It looked like you had a moment of camaraderie with your...

Shatner: Oh we all hug each other. You know you share, it’s like being in battle together, really. And there is this bonding of being in battle. But you’re also embattled inside yourself. Oh my goodness, I have had an experience.

Did he see the Gorn up there? It was green.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021



Just for the record, I'm not interested in the "carbon footprint" of anything. Let those who are concerned about that read elsewhere. Like everything else with the political left, climate change is a hoax as far as I'm concerned.

The thing that interests me is the practical aspect. Can you do something with this info? Of particular interest to me is some sort of private transportation on to my property out west. The roads aren't good, and they can flood easily during a storm. Not only that, those are dirt roads, and you can get stuck in the mud.

Consequently, some kind of aerial transport could be of interest to me. This would have to be much smaller, like the size of a standard automobile. The trouble is, lighter than air transportation involves big stuff. It may not be possible to get something compact as an automobile that can float into the air.

I did the calculations. To get something that small, it would have to be very, very light. It would also have to be very very strong for its weight. I don't so any materials out there that could do the job.

Yep, the numbers don't work. It was a thought.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Southwest Airline story


The video breaks down the situation with the airlines and the Covid-19 jab mandate.

Briefly, it goes like this: the situation was already bad because of the reaction to the so-called pandemic. The jab mandate just made it all the worse. He compares it with running a prop engine plane's engine "too lean". Once it gets that way, it is on the verge of failure.

It is running "lean" because there has been a labor problem due to the lockdowns and such. Too many don't want to come back to work because they were getting paid not to work. Too many that did come back are being worked longer hours to deal with the demand and the understaffing. Once the mandate kicked in, a lot of folks, especially the lower-paid ones, decide to go do something else. This is what is driving the understaffing issue.

The pilots are highly paid. The only ones who would leave are the ones near retirement anyway. But the system could use all the pilots they can get because they are understaffed. Throw all the other understaffing issues in the mix, and the situation can go downhill in a bad way.

The moral of the story is that the administration has totally screwed the pooch on this one. The video follows...

Hydrogen Powered Car video


There's plenty of coverage of the hydrogen fuel cell car on this blog. This is a bit of an update. Not that there's a whole lot of new stuff to report. There's a few nuggets of info here worth mentioning.

Evidently they've got the cost of fuel cell cars down a bit. The video says that Honda can sell one for $65k. For yours truly, that's a lot of buckos. Actually, a Tesla could run not too much less than that. But it is quite a bit better than some of the numbers that used to be cited--- hundreds of thousands of dollars is too rich for just about everybody except billionaires.

The other info is the cost of hydrogen. For some reason, it seems HIGHER now. Well, that's a shock ( no pun intended). One idea is to use cows to generate the hydrogen. It says that a cow can produce enough hydrogen to last one car for one year. So it's mileage is one cow per year? Still, that would be a lot of cows for the cars. If there's a hundred million cars, you'd need a hundred million cows. It seems like a niche idea. Nobody likes cows that much.

The guy making the video has no ideas of his own. He's just reporting on what's out there. He says there's no way to transport the hydrogen. Yeah, there's a way. It is called ammonia. Ammonia can hold the hydrogen, and it can be cracked for the hydrogen at the fueling station. No problem.

So the problem is still the cost factors. He claims that Honda will outcompete Tesla for the electric car market with their fuel cell cars. Maybe. I've not been a fan of battery powered cars, but one thing that Elon Musk has figured out is to get economies of scale going for him. By the time they get the tech figured out for fuel cells, he will own the EV market.

Anyway, here's the video...

Monday, October 11, 2021

Post modernism v Universalism

Post modernism versus Universality ( Philosophy )


The idea for this post has been long in ferment. It seemed to me, going back as far as the early nineties, that there was something wrong with the liberal mindset. Since I was familar with certain texts, those texts didn't agree with what the lefties kept dishing out. Over the years, it has gotten worse.

The book I've referred to lately, "Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude" lists as one of its success principles the use of "universal law". For there to be universal law, there has to be a Universal philosophy. Or so I would assert here. For if there is no such thing as universals, what good is universal law? Perhaps the reason that this was in ferment so long as I did not pay much attention to this principle even though I read the book.

It seems that Postmodernism is at war with Universality. A look through the Wikipedia entries shows the inevitable conflict between the two. One or the other is wrong, they cannot both be right. That is, unless you are a Post modernist, and anything can be right, and anything can be wrong. Universality could not support such a notion. Hence to someone like me, a post modernist is just a friggin' liar. To me, someone who adheres to post modernism does so in order to facilitate their dishonesty. That goes with the majority of politicians, I might add.

So it is a real thing, this use of universal law. The absence of it can bring down a nation. That is the way it seems to me to be the case. As the radio commentator Michael Savage liked to say: "liberalism is a mental disorder". It certainly seems like it is a result of a disordered mind.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Foraging book

The book was presented as a resource that could help you identify foods that grow all around us. Maybe so, but after spending a few hours with it, I am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of entries to sift through to get to even ONE that I can use.

It may have been wishful thinking, but I was hoping for something that may well be non-existent. If you want to eat when the SHTF, you are going to have to prepare and prepare HARD.

This won't be easy nor fast. It may take awhile to find things. There is some wild game around here that might do in an emergency, but you have to eat some veggies too. Can't eat meat all the time.

Eventually I may want to be able to transfer that skill to parts out west if I make it out there. Yep, it is now an "if", not a "when". It is there "if" or "when" I need it, but not right now.

The book is over 300 pages long, so there's plenty of material to look at. Unfortunately, it isn't for this area exclusively. It is for the whole of North America, which is a pretty big place. Yikes.

There are other sources, but I chose this one. Argh.


The good news and the bad news was covered initially. It gets better as you get familiar with it. There's another book I've had since 2014 on my Kindle which is similar. Correlating the two may save some time. There is yet another book on Kindle, which I haven't looked at lately. Enough material here to get a decent education, or at least I hope as much.

It's not a book that you just sit down and read. It will require some field work. Little use for it otherwise. Consequently, it may be worked in as part of a larger strategy. Might be a good idea to keep my eyes peeled for any of these plants.

The more things that can be found that are edible the better. You never know when the SHTF.

Update: 10.10.21

Guide to Wild Foods

With respect to the source of this post, it is linked directly above. I got this from an ad, so be forewarned that it is there to sell you something. Yes, I did buy it, and I've looked over the material. I cannot endorse it as of yet, but it does appear to be quite comprehensive. As a further bonus, it does have plants that have MEDICINAL attributes. If the SHTF, you may need access to medicines, but there may not be any available.

A disaster could be of natural origin, such as the Carrington Event, which missed the Earth by only 9 days in 2012.

If such an event as that had occurred, the disaster could have ruinous and possibly catastrophic. Therefore, to be prepared for an event occurring is not fear mongering. There's too much of that already, and I don't wish to add to it. Only mention it to prepare yourself if at all feasible.

It is not only true with respect to natural events, but also man-made ones. The situation in the world is precarious, but it has always been so more or less. It looks like it is the former more than the latter these days, but that seems always the be the case.

Do your own diligence with respect to what is presented out there, including this source. By all means, do get busy.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Shocking material

Made out of electrons?


It's not exactly made of electrons, that is if I am reading it right. It traps electons between two sheets of tungsten-based compound.

Even so, it should have a negative electrical charge. That should be the case, and if it is, it might be useful for something.

In the Polywell Fusion experiment, the idea was to create a "well" of electrons. The problem with the device is that the electrons had a nasty habit of escaping. The "well" is the effect that a large number of electrons confined to one space will create a very strong attractive force for a proton, or two protons. The idea was to get them to collide and produce a fusion reaction. If you can produce the same effect with these materials, could it produce fusion?

The advantage of the Polywell is that it isn't designed to heat up. It can be relatively small.

Another thought: you can speed up protons in an accelerator and then smash them together thereby hoping for a fusion reaction which would be significant enough to produce net power. Or would an acceleration be necessary if the thing already has a very deep well? You need to overcome the coulomb barrier, which is what prevent the fusion from taking place. Anyways, it is something I was thinking about when I came across this news item.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Wild Game Cooking--- Grilling Venison

Wild Game Cooking--- Grilling Venison


In a world gone mad, it may be necessary to re-learn the most basic things.

At least, that is what I've been doing. I need to move a bit faster, I think...