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Friday, August 29, 2014

Too ambitious...

...For my own good.  How can someone like me be too ambitious?  After all, I drive a truck for a living.  Nobody that is truly ambitious can be a truck driver, right?

Well, if you are too ambitious, your very ambitions will get in the way of actually achieving anything.

In such a case as that, one has to learn how to focus and prioritize.  Taking as an example, my two previous trips out west, I managed to get little accomplished.  I may have accomplished what I wanted in just one trip, but I failed.  Why?  A lack of detailed plans that would have focused and prioritized my activities in such a way that I would have accomplished my goal ( maybe ).  I was on top on my land, but didn't even know it because
  • I did not bring along a map.
  • I did not calibrate the mileage on the vehicle's odometer, which if had been adjusted for its error, would have enabled me to conclude that I had arrived at my destination.
As a consequence, I did not accomplish my goal of actually learning something about my land.

But how is that being too ambitious?  I made of list of what I wanted to do, but failed to get much of it done.  I got into too much of a hurry, and left some important stuff behind.  Trying to do too many things at the same time is being too ambitious--- so that's what I mean.

Maybe it is the pressure.  Can't handle the pressure.  Gotta to be more deliberate and focused.

But that is too much navel gazing.  Time to get moving.  Time to make some plans!  Time to face the pressure...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wood gas video

I may be able to use this.

Creativity called upon for solutions

If you want to solve problems, you may need to get creative.  With respect to setting up shop on my land, this is just what the doctor may have to order.  There's a number of pain-in-the-ass type rules that I have to adhere to, or I am in bad odor with the local yokels in chief.

Anyway, that is what I'm doing right now.  It seems pretty quiet around here 'cause I'm thinking.

With respect to the water filtration problem, I think I'll have to build something that will work better than what I've used so far.  It may be made of wood 'cause wood is easy to come by and it can be nailed together to form a structure of some kind.  I figured it would be several feet tall to accommodate all of the levels that it needs and have the structural rigidity needed to handle all of the weight.

With respect to the shelter question, I've been looking at tents as an alternative to sheds.  I'm still leaning toward a shed, but that may require some modification in order to make it work.  For example, I may want to put in a couple poles for a hammock that will be inside of the shed.  The trouble with attaching the hammock to the shed is that it may not be strong enough to support the weight of a person in a hammock.  So, the hammock structure has to separated from the shed.  Once that hammock structure is in place, assemble the shed around it, see.  The hammock can go up when it is time to sleep and come down when it is time to awaken.  That gives some space in the shed to do some work, if that is necessary.

Climate control for the shed may be a swamp cooler for summer, and a solarium for winter.  The solarium will be attached to the shed.  The swamp cooler will be in the solarium. The swamp cooler will assist in recycling water.  A dehumidifier will condense the water out of the air that the swamp cooler puts in.  In the winter?  Don't know yet.  The plan will call upon collecting and storing more water than what I use.  It may be necessary to draw upon reserves for the winter months.  The water can also store heat from the sun and that will assist in heating the shed in the winter months along with the solarium.

Provided that the solarium is big enough to do all this, it will also be called upon to grow food.  I will look into the subject of aquaponics/hydroponics for that little solution.

In summary then, I will have a shed/tent that will have a solarium attached.  The solarium will assist in making the shed/tent habitable as well as in growing food.  That's the bare bones of it, and hopefully it won't run afoul of any regulations.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence may be "more dangerous than nukes"

cbs, Instapundit

Or,  "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us"

That stuff scares me more than anything else that is happening, which is saying something.

Optimism v pessimism

Generally speaking, optimism is better.  However, if optimism is based upon wishes and not reality, a bit of cold water needs to be splashed into your face.

In our pleasure-seeking entertainment-obsessed culture, it is probably not too good of an idea to allow yourself the further luxury of becoming too optimistic.  Such optimism in the face of mounting problems- that don't ever get solved- is just a fantasy.  The fantasy becomes just another part of the daily entertainment.  It is like a fairy tale told to children so that they can get to sleep at night.

I get the feeling that this culture is just a bunch of overgrown kids.  Reality is out the window.  Virtual reality is in.  But that is just a fantasy, ya'll.

Sometimes I get a bump in traffic when the optimism soars a bit.  That's what this post is attempting to warn you about.  Life's not about feeling good all the time.  It's about staying alive!

Why China Will Not Overtake America – Dick Morris TV: History Video!

Why China Will Not Overtake America – Dick Morris TV: History Video!


Morris recites the reasons why he believes that China will not surpass America.  This is too optimistic.

China has the will to overtake America, and therefore will find a way.  Unless that willpower there is matched with an equivalent willpower here, we are in very serious trouble.

Next Big Future: Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes by Chines...

Next Big Future: Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes by Chines...: [South China Morning Post] China has moved a step closer to creating a supersonic submarine that could travel from Shanghai to San Francisco...

...and uses MOLTEN SALT REACTOR technology which they got from us.

Way to go, DC!  Your have outdone yourself with your brilliance this time.  With such a sub, the Chinese could gain a significant military advantage.   This is the kind of thing that can undo civilizations.

Yet we had molten salt tech 40 years ago and threw it away.  Brilliant. /sarc

We did the equivalent of burning down the library at Alexandria.  We shall reap the same outcome, I suspect.

A direct ammonium carbonate fuel cell with an anion exchange membrane - RSC Advances (RSC Publishing)

A direct ammonium carbonate fuel cell with an anion exchange membrane - RSC Advances (RSC Publishing)

You have to purchase the paper in order to get all the skinny.  The summary is interesting enough.

Actually, I recall seeing something about a direct ammonia fuel cell.  Maybe it was a solid oxide fuel cell that is available NOW.  Here is my post on that subject, but I see nothing about ammonia.  A bit of research failed to turn up products available now, but this pdf was found.

A 2009 article here.  Where's the products?  Here's one called the Power Cube.  It may be way too big for my needs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What destroyed the Great Library at Alexandria? ( revisited)

I won't repost the entire thing, but only to mention that there is a bit of a discrepancy between what Carl Sagan said and what the other side of the story was.

However, I do have definite opinions on why the empire fell, and such treasures were also lost forever.

The church at that time did not prevent this from happening.  Nor did the church prevent the Mohammedans from taking over vast stretches of Christian territories.   In addition to that, if certain accounts are to be taken at face value, they are failing yet again in our own time. Therefore, the church cannot be expected to defend itself successfully.  It doesn't have a very good track record.

On the other hand, the pagans didn't defend themselves very well either.

If Western Civilization is to survive, there had better be a better solution than what was observed from these two groups.

Power and water from the same source

What a concept!  A brainstorm that could mean something!

Anyway, you have to obtain ammonia and go from there.

The source could be ammonium carbonate in bulk.  The price may be a stumbling block.

You could produce your own methane, then reform it for the hydrogen source.


Or better yet, produce your own methanol and then reform it for the hydrogen.  The methanol can come from algae.

This post goes into my off-the-grid series.

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