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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Plans are coming together nicely

In theory that is.

This is with respect to the going off the grid project.  For the last couple days, I've been researching two issues that are going to have to be resolved

  • Sewage
  • Electricity
I think I have viable solutions for both, but that is in theory.

What are the solutions?

I'd provide links, but I'm too lazy to do that.  I've bookmarked what I need to bookmark.  Suffice it here to say that I would use a typical, in existence solutions for these two issues.  None of these problems have to be solved by me and me alone.  Okay?  The solutions already exist because people are facing these issues already.  No need to invent something new or make something new.

The last one was water, but it looks like a more stubborn problem that I thought.  But there's a solution for that too.  Just collect the rainwater.  Over as many square feet as I've got, there'll be plenty of water.

This post will go into the series.

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If you want a challenge, try uncluttering your mind

Something about that last Whittle offering leaves me unsatisfied.  What is it?

Awhile back, there was this post about the difference between wealth and money.  We are so money-obsessed in this culture.  But are we really as wealthy as our money suggests?  If money was an honest store of value, the answer is yes.  However, if money is not an honest store of value, then the answer must be no.  It is not reassuring to contemplate that we are much more likely to be better described as the latter than the former.

So, what's the difference between wealth and money?  I've tried to answer that before.  I'll try it again.  Who is more wealthy?  The man who can feed and shelter himself, or the man who sits on top of a tall stack of money?  If the money becomes worthless, the stack isn't useful for anything but to keep warm when you burn it.  Thus, the answer is the latter---the man on the stack of money--- as long as the money has an honest value.  Therein lies the answer to the question of who is wealthy and who is not.  The answer is this:  who has a skill has wealth in spite of a lack of money.  In contrast, the man without skill has no wealth in spite of his money.  The latter is totally dependent upon those with skill to keep him alive.  Therefore, despite his money, he is destitute.  His money cannot save him.  He must have wealth in order to do that.  Money and wealth are not synonymous unless the money has an honest value.

Wrap your minds around that one and you will have the key to a lot of answers.  The failure to do so will keep you stumbling in the dark.

Afterburner w/Bill Whittle-- Apogee: America Needs Another Great Challenge

Whittle says what I've been saying.  We reached an "apogee" in our culture in the 1968 ish time frame.  Whittle's idea is to challenge ourselves to go higher and further.

Once again, nothing wrong with this.  But who will do it?  Government?  Not a chance.  No, the ones who will go will not be government sponsored, but will have to be privately sponsored.  Otherwise, it will never be done.

Secondly, if it is privately sponsored, it cannot be purely scientific.  It MUST be commercial, because there's no way that even the richest individual can afford to take on such a project without having some means to defray the cost, or even to turn a profit.

We are looking at things the exact wrong way.  A challenge won't change that.  A poll pointed out by PJ Media cites that the younger generation prefers socialism.  Socialism is not going to take us anywhere but to the bottom of the heap.

The problem is the government and those who are running it.  Dammit.  Where there's no vision, the people perish.  Yep.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Perry calls up Guard

Gotta look tough doncha know.

Watching videos over the weekend

Two of them actually.  They were biblical stories.

First of them was Samson and Delilah.  Why?  Well, Samson had a secret to his strength.  A woman found a way to get him to reveal the secret so as to destroy him.  A moral in there somewhere?  Sure.  ( I leave that as an exercise. yuk, yuk )

Second of these was found from the links from watching the first.  It was David v. Goliath.  What brought this post into being was this one and something I just realized.  The government is Goliath.  Somehow, a David is going to have to slingshot this frickin' huge mother in order to cut it down to manageable size.

Glenn Reynolds likes to talk about an Army of Davids.  Nope.  You don't get Armies of Davids.  David was unique.  An Army is a bunch of cookie cutter look a likes.

Okay, now I'm done for the morning.

Propaganda or truth, which do you listen to?

Three Charts Of The Week: Money Printing Is Not Bringing Prosperity To Main Street

On being prepared

What if the worst thing happens and you're in a survival situation?

I've been reading a book on that subject recently.  You're biggest problem is maintaining proper body temperature.  Either you are in danger of becoming too hot, or becoming too cold.  Water is very important in keeping your body temperature mechanisms working properly.

More info about the art of survival  at Al Fin's blog.

Civilization isn't as rock solid as you may want to believe.  Be prepared.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Overview of Septic Systems

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Your favorite subject, I'm sure.  It's necessary to treat wastewater if I'm going to live on my land.  I'm putting this up because I want to come back to it later.


Here's a very simple, low cost system.  Maybe it will pass inspection, eh?

This system bypasses the use of water, I think.  A key consideration in that part of the world.

The Element of Predictable Surprise

Belmont Club, PJ Media

Kitfield’s sources think that something’s up, though nobody is sure what it is. “As a number of ascendant terrorist groups jockey for primacy, U.S. intelligence experts also fear they will compete for legitimacy by launching spectacular attacks on the West, the coin of the realm when Islamic extremists compete for followers and funds. Given the number of European jihadists now fighting in Syria and their proximity to the continent, the first blow may well fall in Europe, but no one can be sure. What the U.S. and Western intelligence agencies share is a vague foreboding that they are about to be blindsided.”--- Richard Fernandez

Blindsided?  You've got BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA in the White House.  There's no way you can be BLINDSIDED.  The assumption is that you have vision, but were blinded by something somehow.  IF YOU PUT THIS ISLAMIC SYMPATHIZER in the White House, you should not be BLINDSIDED by anything, because you are already blind.

You should have known better than that, Assholes.  You guaranteed another big attack by putting this dude in the White House.

 If the so-called opposition party, the GOP, had any cojones, they would have been calling a spade a spade when it mattered.

Yeah, I know this is provocative, but somebody has got the idea that I'm going to back off BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Ain't gonna happen.  You can stick a gun in my face and I will still say the same damned thing.  Maybe even louder.

“Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?” [Darleen Click]

“Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?” [Darleen Click]


A first amendment issue.