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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hillarynomics: Businesses don’t create jobs

hot air

This one is making the rounds.  I've seen it mentioned several times.  Okay, let's take a look at it here.

First of all, I watched the video of her saying this.  It sounds like she wants to make a rather strong statement without providing the evidence to support it.

On the other hand, the other side of the argument presents the facts as evidenced in the quote below:

Hillary’s argument here is entirely divorced from reality and actual data. The miminum-wage bill for which Hillary Clinton voted passed in 2007 and took effect in stages, beginning that summer. In June 2007, the Household Survey of the BLS showed that the US economy had 146.063 million jobs in June 2007, just before the increase took place. Last month’s data showed that the US economy had 146.6 million jobs — an increase of less than 500,000 in over 7 years, not “millions of jobs” as Hillary claims here. In fact, the 146.6 million is the highest it’s ever gotten since the passage of that law. In the same period, the civilian workforce participation rate has gone from 66% to 62.7%....Compare this to the “trickle-down” era of the Reagan presidency. When Reagan took office in January 1981, the US economy had 99.995 million jobs and the participation rate was 63.9%. By the end of his presidency in January 1989, the US economy had grown more than 16 million jobs (116.708 million total) and the participation rate had leaped to 66.5%. That covers nearly the same length of time since the last minimum wage hike (96 months vs 89 months), but both include about five years of technical economic recovery.

Combine this with political correctness and you get a mixture that supports poor performance and manages to cover it up with a big lie that cannot be challenged.

We are in danger of a one-party dictatorship that will not allow dissent and will not allow the orderly transfer of power that should occur when a party fails to deliver for the people.  The left will not tolerate dissent and cannot produce what they promise.  We need to preserve the option of throwing the bums out when they fail to live up to our expectations.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recap of this week's Posts: 10/26/14

A light posting type of week as I was bit "weirded out".  I got an idea of doing a breakdown of the categories in order to get an objective measurement of what I posted about this week:

Video and Movies  3
Sugar Observation 7
Seinfeld Posts        4
How to                  2
Politics                   4
Misc                      3
About the blog       2

As usual, I was all over the place.  It was a normal week, whatever that means.

The highlight of the week ( drum roll please )....

The first thing to understand about Ebola is that

Here's some for the "Best of" list from the past:

Fusion propulsion revisited
Production of Hydrogen by Solar Thermochemical
FRESNEL LENS HD plus additional optical
Potsdam Man Accused Of Rubbing Pepperoni 
Ed Pheil on Molten Salt Reactors

Keep 'er moving

Back from the dentist, my dental work may be done.  Didn't get super lucky, as I may have to make another trip for an adjustment if things don't feel just right.  We'll see.

Once I got home, started checking out a couple things I bought and received this week.  Got some Bentonite and an auger bit.  Tried out the auger with my drill and it seems okay.  The Bentonite looks like it supposed to look like as it is a powder.  Didn't want to mess with that just now, just checking it out.

Got back online and ordered a couple more things for the drill.  Why all this stuff?  Once I get out there, I want to be sure, sure, sure that I get some holes dug.  This may be more stuff than I need, but it should work for my purposes and assure me that it will definitely get done once I get out there.

As I am writing this, my mouth is still numb and it's really weird.

I got to thinking about other things, like welding.  I know that I don't want to go to welding school.  I don't need to be a welder.  Just want to do it well enough to get a few things done.  Here's something that may work for me.

Keeping everything moving and setting up for another trip out West.  When?  It looks like Thanksgiving may be the best time.  You know how that is, though.  Shit happens.


I'm setting up what I want to do with the Bentonite.  It is supposed to be like clay, so the idea is to make bricks out of the dirt I got left over from the water experiments.  With these bricks, I will conduct tests with the drill and see what it is capable of.

In the process of doing this, I need to retrieve some dirty equipment left over from the first water experiments.  Since I had to get water really dirty, I decided to break out the most recent incarnation of that device.  Not to too much of a surprise, it didn't work very well.  It drained poorly, and the water quality was bad.  I think to use these things, they have to be kept wet.  If they dry out, something happens to them.

Okay, once I get the water thing cleaned up once more, and the equipment cleaned up, I may be ready to do something new here.

Update ( about 6:30 pm same day ):

The water filtration part of this is actually starting to perform pretty well.  I'm getting clear water on the second pass through.  Still a bit slow draining, though.

Update ( about to close down for the night 8:10 pm ):

Unbelievable how clean that water got.  I'm going to have to make a video about it in the morning.  Time to close shop for another day.

Still busy

Every weekend, there's something to be done.  This weekend is no different.  I've got a dental appointment first thing this morning.  With some luck, all my dental issues will be resolved by no later than today.

The question is what to do with the rest of the weekend?

I've been buying stuff for the "ranch".  I've got to call it something, so for now on, I'll refer to it as the "ranch".  Or maybe "da ranch", like they call them "da Bears".  So, what's going on at "da ranch"?  A whole lotta planning and nothing else.  So far, I've spent maybe 3 grand on trips and such on da ranch, but only a few hours on da ranch to show for it.

Well, one part of the planning is where to put down roots, so to speak.  It should be on the highest point, I would think.  Just in case there's any flooding that ever goes on da ranch, I will hopefully be high and dry.  In order to assure this, I've been studying topological maps for my area.  Indeed, the thing that probably made me most happy about the last trip to da ranch was that I think I've got a location for my abode, as it is on the highest point on da ranch.

Now, for the hardest part, which includes physical labor.  Yep, I'm a gonna to have to work my tail off on da ranch.  I'm going to make that car port, or I should say "canopy", because it is now going to be nothing more than a well anchored tent.  To even get that much done is going to require some labor, don't ya know.

I've got my drill, but that's not going to get this done.  So, I've been looking for some parts to make this work.  I've lined up some of them, but I'm looking for more.  You see, when I do go out there. I want to be sure as I can be that those danged holes get drilled and filled.

So, when I get back from the dentist, I'll be sure to line up those things and do some other things so that I'll be ready for my next trip to da ranch.

Friday, October 24, 2014

What causes suffering?

An open ended question, there.

Perhaps it should be defined first:

: to experience pain, illness, or injury

: to experience something unpleasant (such as defeat, loss, or damage)

: to become worse because of being badly affected by something

Some of that is emotional pain.  The cause of physical pain can be readily identified.  Some of the definition is subjective, then.  If something is unpleasant, that is subjective, as one's pain may be another's pleasure.  To become worse is also subjective, because others may take it as an improvement.  But physical pain cannot be denied as an objective reality.

For the purposes of discussion, the subjective part of the definition is where the question lies.

Your suffering is literally in your own head.

 I can literally tell a story about that one, but won't.  It is the truth, though.  Suffering is just in your head.  All of it is a state of mind.  That state can change in an instant.

Shakespeare wrote something to the effect that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.  Oh, yeah.  Thinking makes it so.

No, this is not postmodernism I'm referring to nor advocating.  I'm advocating the use of reason.  But that isn't entertaining.  It is boring.  And that makes me mad and I suffer for it.  Yuk, yuk.

F-Bombs for Equality

Oh, how cute!  There's an ad featuring little girls dressed up as little princesses and they are dropping F-Bombs left and right.

This is the kind of thing that gets attention, don't you know.  The video went viral.  I have to shake my head.  Nothing reasonable will see the light of day, but a little girl being exploited like this goes viral and makes money while doing it.  All in the name of equality!  It's for a good cause! /sarc

I hate bullshit, but it doesn't matter.  The world seems to love it.  What can I say?

"The Simple Closing Message: Americans Deserve Better Than This"

Didn't I say something like this before on this here blog?  I know that I've thought of it before, or something like it.  It went something like this:  Why is it that our government seems to hate us?  Well, even if I didn't write anything like that, it's well worth quoting this:

October 23, 2014 9:30 AM

Recent events tied a bow around a simple, powerful, and true closing message for Republicans running for Congress this year: The American people deserve to be treated better than the way their government treats them.

People who like their doctors and health insurance deserve to keep them. Our veterans deserve care in a timely manner. The American people deserve the truth about illegal immigrants released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They deserve straight answers from the Centers for Disease Control, and when a promise is made, it should be kept. Americans deserve a secure border, and when there is overwhelming support for restricting flights from countries with severe Ebola outbreaks, the option deserves careful consideration, not arrogant dismissal.---
By Jim Geraghty

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A new idea forgotten already

I've got CRS syndrome.  "Can't remember shit."

This was supposed to be a new topic called Seinfeld posts, but I'm forgetting it.

Okay, here's something fast from the Coyote Blog.  To make it short and sweet, the Obummer kids are doing what crashed the real estate market the last time and gave us the Great Recession.  Yep, they loved it so much, they are coming back for seconds.

The trained seals will go back and reward them with political offices, just like the way we got Obummer.

Obama a Republican?

What a controversial statement.  Let's look, er, seriously at the question.


He owns the GOP.  They give him everything he wants.
The Supreme Court is allowing same-sex marriage.  The court has a 5-4 conservative edge, it is said.
Michael Bloomberg ran for NY mayor as a Republican
The Chamber of Commerce favors amnesty.  That has to mean that the GOP really favors it too.
Romney said Obama is a nice guy.  That means they are good friends, wouldn't you say?  Cheney called somebody on the left an asshole, so that's the kind of talk you look for.
The GOP won't repeal ObamaCare.  And Obama says it's a GOP idea anyway.
Democrats are running away from him.  That should be the clincher.  But wait, the GOP isn't running away from him.
The GOP House voted for taxes on the rich.


Obama says Fox isn't a real news network.

Oops!  Sorry!  Can't think of anything else.  Looks like Obama is a Republican after all.

Campaign finance reform

Sure, I think there's a chance for that.  But not a very good one.

One reason is that the idea of reform really doesn't mean reform, but advantage.  The left propagates their ideas this way.  All reforms go through them, at least according to them, and all benefits also accrue to them.  Reform is just a form of self-aggrandizement of the left.

If the left were really serious, they'd want to downsize the spending, period...

The way to do that is not with public financing of elections.  It should be clear to anyone that whoever controls the purse strings controls the activity.  If the government controlled the purse strings, they control the speech.  This is just a way for the left to get total control of speech, just as they have it on major media and in the schools.

How to downsize the spending?  Just don't allow organizations to raise money for political candidates.  Whatever a candidate got should have to come from an individual.  To keep rich individuals from dominating politics too much, just prevent them from donating more than a set amount in any given election cycle.  The latter is already being done, but it should be expanded to include all spending from any individual.  For example, an individual could be limited to a couple thousand bucks total spending in any given election cycle.  A millionaire can only spending a couple grand.  That's it.

How would they run campaigns, then?  No money?

You could use the internet and word of mouth.  Money isn't absolutely necessary.  But money does give the opportunity for the few to gain far more influence than what they should have.

Organizations should be banned because organization overwhelm the individual.  We should keep the individual supreme in this culture.  I fear that collectivism  could overrun this culture after all.  Keep this quote in mind and its source, which the left likes to call evil.

In order to achieve the widest possible distribution of political power, financial contributions to political campaigns should be made by individuals alone. I see no reason for labor unions–or corporations–to participate in politics. Both were created for economic purposes and their activities should be restricted accordingly.---Barry Goldwater