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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Checking in: 7/29/14

Getting rather boring, huh?  Not enough posts.  Not enough content.

Got up a little "late", checked the news, and boom!  It's already getting past my schedule time to get ready for my salt mine trip.

Still checking out my property with the google maps satellite view.  What I'm looking for is landmarks so that I can navigate the property when I'm out there.  I'm also looking for potential water sources.

Here's something that may annoy Barnhardt and her fans ( if any of those come here )

Considering the context, Jesus is saying that it's okay to pay "tribute to Caesar".  If tribute to Caesar is okay, taxes must be okay too.
Barnhardt claims it's not okay to pay taxes.  But ancient Rome must have been far worse than we are, and here is Jesus saying it's okay to render unto Caesar.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Flashback: “On Nobility,” November 2008

Protein Wisdom


Is Obama malicious, or just incompetent?  Should the right pull its punches with respect to this man?

I say no.  If you want to win, you need to go all out.  The left does it all the time and they win a lot of the time.

Checking in: July 28, 2014

Freaking Monday already.  Time to march off to the salt mine and earn my daily bread.

The thing I've been doing this early am is to survey my property as best I can using Google maps.  I want to compare that to what I see when I get back out there.

There's probably a limit to how much you can tell from the internet, but it has its uses.

One thing about this, you can certainly spend a lot of time doing this.  Time flies by fast.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

For stocks, it could mean "Look out below!"

Gary Shilling: "Q2 GDP Was Closer To 1% Than To 3%. It Could Even Be A Negative Number"

Romney tops Obama if election held this year, but loses to Clinton

What a useless stupid poll!

It is stupid because no such matchup could occur.  Anybody can say anything about a Romney Obama rematch because it doesn't matter.  The one that does matter, Romney loses big.  To Hillary of all people.

Romney cannot run again.  But they'll probably keep pushing it anyway.  They don't call it the Stupid Party for nothing.

Leave well enough alone? Not me!

This is likely to be a complicated and maybe incoherent piece of prose.  So what else is new on this blog?  Okay, let's get down to business.  Ann Barnhardt just put up a repost of what she did maybe 3 years ago.  I've been following her about that long, not quite.

The part in the title is relevant to whether or not to respond to this.  I know I have written stuff critical of her for her tax strike.  This latest post defends her decision and does so in a way that makes me think:  should I respond or leave well enough alone?

As usual, there's plenty here that I can agree with, but then...

  • she holds us all responsible for abortion
  • she claims everyone in government knows they are illegitimate and why
  • The Republic is not dead as she claims or she would already be dead
  • Somehow her "logic" comes up with a series of conclusions that well... I don't know.  I don't "worship" the IRS or government just because I pay my taxes
The rest of what she says seems to point in the general direction that if you aren't totally perfect in all ways, you are going to hell.  If that's how she defines Christianity, she's going to lose just about everybody.  She is placing herself in a high, rarified place along with apostles and saints.  Most people are ordinary folk, sheep if you will.  If she truly wants to be that high, she has to do more than just declare a tax strike.

In my view, a tax strike is completely futile.  It won't change a thing except make her poor.  Yes, I read her entire document.  She explains why her decision is correct.  But she only makes a martyr out of herself.  What does she actually accomplish with it?

It is not completely clear that the future will unfold as she believes it will.  If it does, maybe she has a greater power than most people.  But she has been wrong before in her predictions and may well be wrong about this one.

She needs to get off her high horse.

To wit, I respond to the bulleted points above with :

  • If I am responsible for other's sins, I don't want to be a Christian.
  • She doesn't know what's in other people's heads.  She may be smart, but she doesn't read minds.
  • She's not dead yet, the Republic is still in existence.
  • I'll still pay my taxes, thank you very much.  If I can't be in her good graces because of that, then so be it.  I don't answer to Ann Barnhardt.

Sen. Lamar Alexander Faces Tough Battle in Tenn. GOP Primary

Free Republic

The two-term senator — who also has served as governor, U.S. Secretary of Education, and has run for the White House twice — has six opponents in the Aug. 7 contest, The Hill reports.--- Newsmax

Six opponents?  Why so many?  I tell you why.  This is in order to confuse the voter and divide the opposition against itself.  So, my prediction is that Alexander will win because of this very fact.

This is the pattern I'm seeing.  The so-called Tea Party is no party at all.  It is a distraction.  Utterly powerless and ineffectual.

If you ain't gonna smarten up, you might as well fold up your tents, people.

Reality check

Here's a conversion into pounds per square in per foot of water.  Keep in mind that atmospheric pressure is about 14.5 lbs per square inch at sea level.  What I'm doing here is to show that the proposition that changing the Earth's atmosphere by tiny amounts isn't going to have anything to do with the climate.

If you run the calcs, it will show that at 1 atmosphere, you will need to submerge to about 32 feet.

Consider that the ocean's average depth is 14000 feet and the oceans cover over 3/4 ths of the Earth surface, then you can calculate the average pressure per square inch of the Earths surface over that amount of surface.  This means that the average pressure on the Earth's surface in its oceans is about 418.5 atmospheres.  The rest of the Earth's surface is dry and the air pressure is by definition LESS than 1 atmosphere.  Update:  The average elevation of the dry land surface of the Earth is about 2000 feet.

When you add Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, you exchange 1 oxygen molecule for 1 carbon dioxide molecule.  Even if you replace ALL of the Earth's oxygen with carbon, you only increase the mass by about 1/3.  This pales in comparison with the Earth's oceans as we see in the above paragraphs.

It's the Earth's oceans that trap all the energy.  The atmosphere doesn't do that very well.  Frankly, from the above, it should be easy to see that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO THE ATMOSPHERE, you cannot change pressure very much.

What is the significance of this.  It is pressure that traps the heat.  Pressure is nothing more than matter piled up on itself.  The atmosphere doesn't have much of that.  The oceans DO.

Global warming is a scam.

Atmospheric water generators

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This will be added to the off the grid series.

Water is the last problem that I haven't solved yet.  What do you do for water out there in the middle of the desert?

I've been speculating about the idea of producing water from condensation of humidity from the atmosphere.  Just happens to be companies on the market, or were on the market, that produce machines that can do this.

This company is still around and is selling a model that may fit my needs.

More ideas on water collection from Treehugger dot com.

So, now I am a treehugger?!?  Bwahha ha ha ha!

Sex Trouble: Feminists Worry That Disney Movies Are Making Girls Heterosexual

Sex Trouble: Feminists Worry That Disney Movies Are Making Girls Heterosexual


Think about this for a moment.  If you can make a girl heterosexual, then can you make them homosexual?  The Feminists are contradicting the ( nowadays ) conventional wisdom that homosexuals are "born that way".  For if you can make a girl hetero, you can certainly make girls homo.  That doesn't compute, ya'll.