Sunday, August 30, 2015

Planning for the move out west

This is a consideration of the method of living that I'll use out west.  The problem to solve is not having enough money, and having to go into the city in order to make enough money to live on.  This entails the use of two vehicles, which complicates matters considerably.
  1. If I live in El Paso, I could stay a week there, and then a week at the ranch.  That would split the costs of renting out an RV space.  But I'd have to rent a space for the car when I'm not driving, and at the ranch.
  2. Another option is to move out there into an apartment ( google apartments in el paso ).  I'd work for Uber to make a living just like I would do in Houston if I depended upon Uber to pay the bills.  I could go out to the ranch on weekends, if I chose.
  3. If I live in Van Horn, I could go less frequently into El Paso, and just drive there in the car.  It would be hard to make it for more than 2 days at a time without using a motel room.  I'd still need a parking spot for the car when I'm not driving it.

In any event, it would be hard to live out of the van.  No standing up in it.  It could be modified, but not for standing up.  In fact, the modifications have been planned already.

It's not likely that the ranch could ever be self sufficient enough for me to spend almost all of my time there.

There is also the problem that Uber may not generate enough cash to make it worthwhile as an income source.  I may need to do a "dry run" in order to see what I can make out there before I leap.  Looks like a plan, if I use option 2.

This goes into the general subseries section of the off-the-grid posts.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Birthright citizenship

Is said to have come from a Supreme Court "dicta", and not from any case that was heard and decided.

Just goes to show you what gets established as fact isn't fact at all.

You f'd up, you trusted them

Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses

Chavismo runs aground in Venezuela

A little ditty on Instapundit looks awfully familiar.  The end game stateside is going to have an awful familiar ring to it too.

Instead of oil, we are going to get the "quantitative easing" version of Chavismo.

Nobody on Wall Street believes it, but it is coming.

What would it take to install a windmill?

Moneywise, about 3k bucks would do it.  Maybe that would produce an average of a kwh per day.  Yikes.

This post will have to be short because I'm going to take my van in for servicing.


Maybe I should have called it a wind turbine instead.  People might misunderstand my intention.

The links I am referencing are these:

air turbine  $1145, actually a little cheaper at amazon ( $895) ( but it isn't same model, really no cheaper)

pole kit  $286

tower kit $266

total comes to less than what I said, but I am padding the numbers a bit as a precaution.  Lower end is 1700 bucks.  Make that about $1500 bucks ( updated!!!)

Since these are installed on boats, I figured I could install it on a van.  Woo-hoo!

This one will go into the power and electricity subseries posts of the off-the-grid series of posts.

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Rise and Shine, 8/29/15

Not going to work today.  What the heck?  If I don't feel like working, I don't have to.  Did enough yesterday.  Can always make up for it later.  lol

Haven't done a "rise and shine" for awhile.  It's a bit more spunky than an "obligatory".  What the heck?

Now that I have all this time, don't know what to say here.  What the heck?

That bit yesterday about people doing dumb things.  Yesterday, this chick was trying to force her way through a line of cars in order to enter a parking lot.  She was blocking the lane of traffic she was in, and this annoyed me because it was also slowing down traffic in my lane, which was backed up for a block.

It was dumb because all she had to do was go about a 100 yards to the next intersection, turn left, and enter that same parking lot from a different location.  But no, she had to enter right there, like it was only there, and nowhere else on this Earth where she could enter that parking lot.

People were doing that continually.  She did that, and then somebody else turned in behind, and then that person started doing the same damned thing.  No wonder I got mad.  Just pure stupidity, no other word for it.

That entire episode reminded me of the way liberals act.  They barge in and take over whatever institution and demand that it be done their way, or there would be hell to pay.  So, you get homosexual activism, feminist activism, and so forth.  The homosexuals have done that to the Boy Scouts now, and to the institution of marriage.  Everybody just gives in to them.

It is like that with that chick yesterday.  The homosexuals could have set up their own arrangements for their own benefit, and did not have to deprive others of the use of whatever institution.  Do you see what I  mean?  There was no need for what the homosexuals were doing.  They could still "marry" each other if they wanted to.  But no, they had to ruin it for everybody else because they felt their "rights" were being violated.  That chick was inconveniencing everybody else when she could have done it a different way.  It wasn't necessary for her to enter that parking lot from the location she was trying to enter it.  But evidently, she's a special, special little snowflake and everything has to be just so and nothing else will do.

I didn't give in to that chick.  She tried to force her way into my lane and I wouldn't let her.  Most people probably think I was being a jerk.  But I wasn't inconveniencing anybody, not even this chick.  She honks her horn and makes a face at me.  So, I yell back "go around!"

Somebody else let her in after I passed her up.  Yep.  I'm the bad guy even though I wasn't the one inconveniencing everybody.  That's liberalism for you in a nutshell.  You have to say no to them and be willing to be the bad guy because being the nice guy only gets you a big headache.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Home again, 8/28/15 ( corrected )

Assorted thoughts on a busy day...

It was indeed a busy day and a busy week, relatively speaking.  It will be the first good check in a couple months or more.

I listened in briefly to the Limbaugh show today.  Trump appears to have won Rush over.  What does that mean?  I have not the foggiest.  It doesn't mean anything to me.  Trump could be all hype, but maybe that's all it takes in this country.  It got Hussein elected.

Maybe the Trumpster really means it.  Even so, he would need to be able to do it, but just because he is rich doesn't mean he can do the Presidency thing well too.  Skills don't necessarily translate into unrelated areas.  If you are good at business, you may be good at politics too, but not necessarily governing.

I may not go out west after all.  It is just too limited an objective.  Better to stay near home and even work a bit to make up for the lost time.

Traffic got my goat today.  It shouldn't, but people do too many dumb things.  I was in a hurry and my patience wore a bit thin and I started hollering at people a bit.  Not like me to do that, but not out of the question either.

At least I'm home, safe and sound.  Living on to see another day.


Sometimes a little proofreading helps.  Corrected a couple of glaring mistakes.

Quick thought before I go, 8/28/15

Everyone is shocked by Trump's success so far.  They shouldn't be.  The reason Trump can succeed is that there's no accountability in the GOP.  None.

Are you really shocked that Boehner and McConnell do the things they do?  Why are you surprised if you are one of those who are?  The GOP had its chance to dump those guys a long time ago, and REFUSED.  Why be surprised now?  Why be shocked?  Why should anyone be surprised that they are acting the way they are acting?  If you don't hold them accountable, then why should you be surprised that there's no accountability for Trump either?

Trump's not a real conservative?  Show me the real ones, then.  There aren't any, or there are few of them, and the voices are pretty weak.

Not even Limbaugh is as conservative as you think.  I've detected some squishing on his part.  There are all squishes.  Big time.

A ‘Staggering Betrayal’ Simmering in the Senate Over Vote on Iran Deal - The New York Sun

A ‘Staggering Betrayal’ Simmering in the Senate Over Vote on Iran Deal - The New York Sun

A “staggering betrayal” is how one pro-Israel activist in Washington describes any use by the Democrats of a filibuster to prevent the Iran deal from getting a full vote next month in the Senate.


Really weird that the Dems would filibuster their own bill, and that the White House would approve.

Former Fed Official’s Sage Comments: Investors ‘hooked on the heroin of quantitative easing’

No shit, Sherlock.

At least somebody out there agrees with me.