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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ground mount 400 watt solar

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This goes into the off-the-grid power subseries.

The attraction of this system is that it looks easy, and that is what I really like.  Aside from that, he mentions his refrigerator freezer setup, which is actually quite interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that I may consider it for purchase.

Field of Dreams

The blog is a Field of Dreams.  If you build it, they will come.

Well, I built it, and nobody came.  Nice thought, anyway.

I didn't hear nobody say nothing, so don't look at me like I'm whack-o.

I'm now going to build my ranch.  If I write about that, will they come then?  Or will I have to build a park and get some ghosts to play ball before they come?  Bwha, ha, ha.

Off to the usual haphazard start

It seems like I had something going yesterday, but it has gotten away from me.  Yesterday, there were over 10 posts, which is really quite productive.  Not the usual thing lately.  That burst of activity pushed me to over 40 posts in the past week, which is a level not seen on this blog for quite some time.

I think I was blogging EVERYTHING I did or thought about during the day.  Usually, I don't do that.  I'll edit the hell out of everything, so that a lot less actually gets out.

Now, the post I started with was about the supernatural.  This was connected with what I posted yesterday.  This is really what religion is all about.  Don't we have a lot of religious arguments these days?  How do you address this issue?  The issue of the existence or non-existence of the supernatural can be a place to start.  They certainly had arguments during the time of Jesus.  The BIG argument there was whether or not he was the Son of God.  Jesus said He was.  He was crucified for this.  His contemporaries did not believe He was who He said He was ( and is ).  We have that same kind of argument to this very day.

Then, there was a political post.  While I was at the store, I wondered if I should be getting so wrapped up in politics.  It's nothing that I have control over.  I mean, that is why I started working on my off-the-grid stuff.  That political stuff is out of reach for me, yet I still have to keep an eye on it.  We all should keep an eye on these politicians.  They could be the end of us all.

I have no control over what other people think or do.  So, my off-grid stuff is where I should be spending my time, but I am constantly being tugged away from it, and back to this other stuff, about which I can do nothing.  Or nothing much.

It's like Hamlet.  To be or not to be.  That is the "bare bodkin".

DNC chair breaks with Obama on terrorism

quote from Shark tank

Every time we think that we can maybe ease back a bit and that their has been calm, we’re reminded that people hate us because of who we (Jews) are, and I don’t want to say that we are never safe because I don’t believe that’s true [emp. added].-Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)

She's from Florida, and they have a lot of Jewish people there.  Evidently, she must be worried about their continued loyalty to the Party, so she has to take a tougher stand on terrorists.  As for Obama, he's a Mohammedan himself.  The fate of Israel is not important to him, or he may even be hostile towards it.

Woman says she was pushed to floor by ghost

Video taken of the incident shows that nobody was around when she seemed to be violently pushed down.

Maybe they should call Ghostbusters.  Seriously, though, what do you make of this?  Is there such a thing as supernatural phenomena?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing music video (Good quality, all countries)

They blanked out the faggot reference without it even being noticeable.  That's why it's "all countries".  Yeah, the PC bullshit has us all cowed and scared shitless.  They can censor shit like that, but what about porn?

Anyway, the song is about guys like me.  They wished they were rock n roll stars, but they end up driving a truck and doing deliveries.  Get your Money for Nothing and your chicks for free.  What a country!!!

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

It really seem uncanny sometimes how this YouTube can pick out songs that I like.  There were a series of three here that I really like as great vocal tracks.  The one I'll embed below, plus the Eagles' I Can't Tell You Why, and Chris Rea's song that I put up earlier today.  Great stuff. Or is that just me, and the computer is smart enough to know who I am?

Recap of the last week's posts 1/31/15

Breakdown by category:

                           this week      last week
videos and movies       13                 6
how to                        11                 5
sugar observation         2                  6
energy                          0                 1
politics                        10                10
misc                            1                   4
space                          0                0
markets                       1               1
Seinfeld                       5               1
Basic Concepts           3                9
Current Events            1                0

Looks like "back to basics" didn't last.  Also, a shift into "Seinfeld" mode.  More how-to's, mostly about "da Ranch".  Heavy on the videos.

More active blogging, up to 41 posts for the week.  It's has been awhile since I did that many.

Energy and space have fallen off the cliff.  Maybe there's a reason for that, but I cannot fathom it at the moment.

Chris Rea FOOL IF YOU THINK IT'S OVER Song & Lyrics

That song was on the speakers at the pharmacy where I got me floss.

There's a karaoke version of it here.  How many of you can do it?  Here's the real deal

Why so much time is lost

At my dental appointment last week, I was told that I needed to get "underneath" the bridgework that I had done, and I didn't understand what I was being told.  It required a special kind of floss, and she showed me how that was done.  She also gave me some samples to practice with.  Now that I'm out of this floss, it's necessary to replace them, but I am finding it hard to locate them.  I went to two stores in order to find these things and neither one had them.

While I was at a Walmart Superstore looking for these things, I browsed around and noticed a few things of interest. They had a propane tank on sale, but no price.  Well, that's certainly helpful.

Also, I checked out some tools that I might need, like a stapler gun for stapling the plastic to the wood for the quonset huts.  Plus a power screw driver, so that instead of using a hammer, I can just use screws to put together the wood pieces.

I didn't buy anything, but I used up plenty of precious time.  I did find a place to buy the floss by googling it on the internet once I got back home.  Maybe I'll get this done before the day is over.


Nearly an hour later, I have the floss.  One hour lost is nothing to sneeze at.  Not only that, and the trip may have been in vain, because it was supposedly cheaper than ordering it over the net.  You can't win.