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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Off the grid general remarks

Did a short inventory of the stuff I took out there last time.  I left a heavy duty stake out there by mistake, drat it.

I remembered that I lost track of my wooden handles that would be used for a form to make a hole in the concrete that I was laying.  It reminds me of my tendency of being unorganized.

Cleaned up my shovel, which had a lot of caked up concrete on it.  This made me wonder about the quality of my work. Will the concrete be strong, or will it crumble?  Have to make another trip to find out how it came out.

Here it is, at the end of December, and there's only a little over 5 months left in my lease.  If I am to move by then, I'd better get going.  Except I'm not.

If I move sooner, as opposed to later, I have to get rid of a lot of stuff.  I haven't the foggiest notion of what to do with all this stuff I've accumulated.  If my venture fails, I'd have to get a bunch of new stuff, and get rid of the stuff that I am accumulating for da Ranch.  One idea is to build a shed, but I hear that you need two people for that, and that creates a bit of a dilemma.

Looked further into the getting a temporary storage facility.  I'd like to do a dry run assembly of the trailer.  I want to do some fit and finish work before I go out there.  I did not contact one place that seemed interesting, though.  How long of a lease would be required?  Always some pain in the ass type details, like leases.

Gave some further thought about floor plans.  If I keep it as simple as possible, then I would only use what I've already got.  That would be an air mattress on a Murphy bed type set up.  The air mattress is about 30 inches wide, which is a pretty good fit for what I'm trying to do.  I studied for awhile the hinges on the doors in here.  Perhaps you can make it like a door that swings down from the wall and sits on top of a couple legs that fold out.  Clearance for the freezer needs to be over 30 inches.  A little taller than it would be in width.

None of this has been "dry runned" so that I know that it can work.  It's just ideas at this stage.

The Murphy bed setup looks the best because it will allow the most use of all of the limited space inside that little trailer.  You can store stuff underneath the bed, for example.

I will need area for batteries, so the batteries can go under the bed.  There's an advantage to keeping the batteries inside, because if they get cold, they lose effectiveness.  Sealed batteries would be best because there won't be any hydrogen leaks.

The generator will be stored on the tongue of the trailer and it will be outside.  I haven't given enough thought about the batteries, nor the generator.  Power generation will not be cheap.

Then there's the money question.  How to pay for all this?  The current plan is to sell worm castings, but what if they don't sell?  The sales from the worm castings could pay for the land and the equipment that I have to buy.  That, or I can exhaust my savings down to the last penny, which I really don't want to do.  Always best to leave something in reserve.  There's not enough money to buy all this stuff and buy store bought food and not work and not have an income.  That's the bottom line.  I'll have to wait until I get the government cheese, or make the venture pay for itself, which seems like a tall order with a lot of uncertainty.

Time's running out for the move sooner as opposed to later.  But that has always been a long shot, anyhow.

Falcon 9/Dragon launch rescheduled

Behind the Black blog

The link notes that though SpaceX doubled its launch rate from 3 in 2013 to 6 in 2014, this was still half of what the company had planned.

To borrow a phrase:  "Faster, please."

For His Own Sake, Mark Levin Should Leave the GOP

Free Republic

An informal poll of Free Republic shows them on Levin's side.  If Levin took them with him, the GOP would be hurting for sure.

That's why Levin should do it.  They need to impose real pain upon these people, because they do not fear nor respect the people who put them there.

But I've said it all before.  We're getting past words here, people.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Home again, 12/19/14

Just now getting home, as it has been a long day.  It rained most of the day, so my feet are a bit wet.  Not in the best of moods, but glad to be home.

All during the day, I had these unpleasant thoughts.  Perhaps what kicked it off was the news item that I saw in which the Speaker invited the President to the House for the State of the Union.  Usually, this is no big deal, but we've been hearing how this executive amnesty disregards the Constitution and such, and there was talk that the President would not be invited.  So the Speaker's invitation just looks like another in a series of frivolous moves being made with respect to what Boehner said PRIOR to the amnesty, and what he has done afterwards.  The deeds don't match the words.  That seems to be a pattern.

What about those words?  Do they mean anything at all?  I decided no, that they don't mean anything.  Basically, they are full of crap.  All of them.  All the damned time.

This reminded me of something I read in Herb Cohen's book You Can Negotiate Anything.  It went something like this:  Once you get past the phony tinsel, you get to the REAL tinsel.  Meaning, I suppose, that everything is a bunch of bull.  The deeper you dig, the deeper the bull.

As another example, I know that the media is full of crap.  Now, I've pretty much decided that the so-called conservative media is also full of crap.  For, if they really meant what they said, they would definitely be up in arms over what Obama did.  But they aren't, really.  It's just words.  It's just bullshit.  So, I thought this one joke up, and it made me smile a little.  It goes like this:  You go listen to the MSM and there you get the phony bullshit.  But if you want some real bullshit, go listen to Limbaugh and Company.  For if Limbaugh really believed in what he said he believed in, there'd be a revolution going down.

Why do you suppose Limbaugh gets taken so seriously?  I mean, I took him seriously.  That's why this stuff bugged me so much.  But since I thought up that joke, I realize that it is a waste of time to get angry with them.  Since they are full of crap,  they should be ignored as much as is feasible.  I mean, you have to listen to the news some of the time.  But you aren't obligated to believe any of their bullshit.

But again, why is Limbaugh taken so seriously?  He has always said that he was a "harmless fuzzball".  Yet, he balances that off with things like a claim to be the all knowing all seeing MahaRushie.  Or the doctor of democracy.  Or some other hype meant to promote himself and make himself look SERIOUS, when he is not really.

If you read his first book, perhaps you remember how he fooled somebody in thinking that there was such a thing as a "disgronificator".  He goes on and on about how he got a big kick out of fooling that guy.  So, I wonder how far all of that really goes.  Does he get a kick out of making people take him seriously, when he is really just putting us on?

As for the rest of the people who take him seriously:  do you really want to be taken seriously yourself?  Or is all of this just a big gag made to make you people feel yourselves to be more important than you really are?  If Obama can walk all over you with impunity, you must not be very important at all.

This would have bothered me earlier today, but now, I just shrug my shoulders.  You have to expect something out of somebody in order to be disappointed when they fail you.  If you don't expect much, you won't be disappointed.  The trick here is just to not take them seriously, because they aren't serious people.

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says "Since I lost hope, I feel a lot better."  Maybe there's something to that, because I DO feel a little better now.


Another thing I thought of yesterday was the notion that I had failed.  The blog is a failure and I may as well quit posting on politics.  I would continue with my off grid stuff, but anything having to do with politics would be terminated.

Upon further review, I think I should wait awhile before such drastic action.  But I am thinking about it.

These people are just too much

As you know, I've mentioned the Mahablog before.  Well, she's at it again.  I guess she must have gotten her talking points that originated deep within the bowels of the prog movement.  She's all for capitalism and freedom now!  Yay America!  Yay Capitalism!  Yay Freedom!  The GOP hates these things now.  They hate the Cuban people!  Boo!

What a self serving crock of Bovine scatology.

She's talking about how the embargo "didn't work".  Embargoes do work and this one worked.  It worked against the Soviet Union.  Oh, but those were white guys.  Oops, don't count that one.  Castro isn't doing that well over there, so why bail him out?   Compassion for the people there?  Puh leeze.  The left's only compassion for anybody is for themselves.  All they are interested in is some angle to aggrandize themselves at someone else's expense---particularly YOURS.  You can bet your sweet bippy that that's all they are interested in here, NOT in helping Cuba's people.

She's probably right that the public won't care.  Hell, you can't even get the GOP to care about anything anymore.  Hey, if the money's good...

Hacking news

Computer hacking is in the news today.  You know, it may not seem like it, because I seldom discuss it, but I do have a degree in Computer Science.  Even with this degree, this hacking stuff puzzles me.  It puzzles me on one level and it doesn't puzzle me on another.

The way that it puzzles me is why it should be a problem at all.  If these people got serious, there wouldn't be any hacking threats.  Just couldn't happen.  It's like robbing banks.  If you try to rob a bank in this country, you WILL be caught.  There's no other crime that gets committed that has a higher solution rate.  Rob a bank, and you are going to jail.

The same can be said of hacking.  If the powers-that-be cared about this, there wouldn't be any hacking.

I remember reading some discussion about Windows once.  Windows is inherently unsafe and unsecure, it was said.  This is not a bug, but a feature.  It allows easy access to anybody's CPU.  That's why it is unsafe.  There's no way that should be allowed to happen, but the software system was made that way in order to facilitate commerce.  Therefore, the powers-that-be care more about money than they do about your security.  Kinda like solving murders v solving bank robberies.  The government knows where its priorities are.  Your safety and security is not one of them.

One of these days, I am going back to programming computers.  But it won't be with Windows.  I don't know what kind of development platforms are available in Linux, hopefully it is robust.  Otherwise, I see no personal solution for this crap.

Manipulation of the markets?

Fed Cat Bounce: Stocks Soar Most In 3 Years As Crude Crash Continues

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trailer concept F.0 ( Murphy bed frees up floor space )

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The next in the off-the-grid construction sub series.

Yet another floor plan!  I had better get this out of my system before I start building the thing.  You can erase a blueprint, but once the wood is cut, it is cut.  Once you nail something in, it 's nailed in.  Better have this settled out before building.

This system allows for a Murphy bed, which will fold up when not in use.  That way, the rest of the trailer can be used for maximum advantage.  The bed itself can be twin sized and be as strong as I want to make it, because I probably won't find what I need in a store, so I'll have to make the thing myself.  It can be made strong enough to hold a horse, if I want to sleep with one of those.  Hardy har har.

I'm figuring on some finishing touches, like privacy screen for the toilet and shower.  What delicacy!  What considerateness!

Also, I'll put the toilet in its own little storage box so it doesn't gross out anybody when they see it.  When you need to use it, just pull it out on rails.  Push it back in when through.  Since the toilet will have a ventilator on at all times, bad odors should end up outside, thank goodness.

The shower will fold down like a Murphy bed.  It will fit over the rails where the toilet is when it is in use.  What an economy of space!  Yep.  It is a crowded little old trailer, but it just might do me good.

Updated estimates of cost is well under $10 grand.  I'd like to see if anybody can do better.

Earthworm castings business

This looked like it might be a good thing, but it became a little discouraging yesterday when I checked into it.  Why?  Selling price looks too cheap.

You need lots and lots of this stuff.  The trouble is: there won't be time to make enough of it in order to make it worthwhile.

Let's do some quick math here.  I think that the 10 gallon container in the video has enough worms to produce maybe a pound per day.  If each pound can be sold for 30 cents, you'd need about 100 of these to produce just 30 bucks worth of castings.  It may take hours to pull off that 100 lbs worth of castings.  Maybe you can do this all day and make maybe 30 bucks, I don't know.

You'd have to find a market for your castings.  You'd have to ship it out.  There's the business end to manage as well as the production end.

Let's say you sold a ten pound bag online for 5 bucks plus s&h.  Would there be a market for it?  Shipping a ten pound bag even by regular mail won't be as cheap as the stuff itself.  Would people pay to receive this online and why?

Here's somebody selling it for 10 bucks for a 4 lb bag.  Now that is more like it.  But what's the market for it?  Can you sell this stuff?  Can you get a reasonable price for it?

What should conservatives do?

I like to say that this blog is about solutions.

Well, if you agree that we have a political problem in this country, and you believe that the problem is with an out of control government, then the solution is a more conservative leadership.  You get that by electing conservative leaders.  How do you get conservative leaders?  Well, you don't nominate moderates, and you certainly don't re-elect them like we just did.  Wouldn't that help?

How? Well, that the crux of the problem, isn't it?  How does a guy like Romney get the nomination when so few in his party actually liked him?  It seems to me that the conservative base just isn't organized, thus can be easily defeated.  You can almost see that start happening again.  Romney starts talking about running, and then Bush throws his hat in.  Do the conservatives really want this kind of nominee?  But, unless the conservatives get organized and present enough of a force to stop this kind of thing, this is what will happen.  You'll get another moderate running and he will definitely lose.  Even if he wins, he may as well be a Democrat.  Conservatives, who make up the majority of the GOP, somehow can't get one of their own nominated.

The solution?  Get organized and united.  The chances of this happening?  Probably near zero, unless something changes drastically and soon.

Well, like a lot of things, the solutions are simple.  Implementation is the difficult thing.