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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hall and Oates - Out of Touch

Do you suppose these guys could enter an American Idol competition and win it?

Still cool after all these years.

This past week in review 11/22/14

This week's highlites:

  1. #Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets
  2. Will the Obama coalition survive?
None of the above made the "Best of" list.  I didn't find any of those sleepers this week.

The week was dominated by preparations for the trip out to da Ranch.  Also, still recuperating from back pain.  Not much progress to report there.


I don't know if I mentioned this, but I recently made a change to the left sidebar.  I added a intro to the "about the blog" statement.  Maybe it will help understand the blog.  Maybe it makes a difference, or maybe it doesn't.  In case anyone is interested.

Revised solar carport plans

Planning still ongoing for work at da Ranch in Sierra Blanca.  Here's the latest iteration.  Many changes may still be made.

Benghazi report

The initial Benghazi report is being hailed as clear the administration of wrongdoing.


Do they really expect us to believe this Bravo Sierra?

I found a contradiction in the short blurb about it in the NRO.  The report said that there wasn't any intelligence failures, but that Rice got faulty info from intelligence.  That much seems like a failure to me.

How can they not know that it wasn't a protest and then having said that say that it was their (intelligence) fault and not Rice's fault for going on the air and saying something false?

Bravo Sierra.

Bigger question is why would the GOP cooperate in such a whitewash?

Something just occurred to me

In looking for further news about the latest amnesty, I found my usual source for the lefty point of view.  Yet, Maha had nothing much to say about it.  Instead, what I found there was this insistence that the left has "no spine".  Seems like a pretty familiar complaint that the rank and file conservatives have about our "moderates".  Then it occurred to me, after she mentioned that the media usually kowtows to the "right" ( if you believe that), that the left can say with the straight face that the media isn't biased.  Why?  Because it isn't lefty enough.  Yep.  Those on the left are really out-of-the-ballpark left.  They might as well be commies.  If you are a commie, then the NY Times looks like a capitalist pig operation.

It can also be said of Fox News.  It isn't right wing to conservatives because it isn't conservative enough.

Having said that, the left will charge that those calling Fox News as moderate are a bunch of fascists.  But fascism isn't a conservative point of view.  Fascism is more of a thing of the left.

Those who get caught up in the left and right need to listen to the Speech given by Ronald Reagan.  It isn't about right or left, it is about freedom and tyranny.

One thing to remember, the media is definitely biased toward the Democrat party.  Whether or not you call it left or right, it is still a bias.

So, what is the other side saying about the latest amnesty?

Usually, I don't link to left wing sites, but I'll make an exception in this case.

Here's something that coincides with my thinking on this latest amnesty from Mother Jones:

It's an open question whether Obama's actions are politically wise...There's also, I think, a legitimate question about whether liberals should be cheering an expansion of presidential power, whether it's legal or not.--- Kevin Drum
Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should.  Obama and the left know that this isn't politically popular, that's why it was deferred until the end of Obama's presidency and directly after an election.  If it were helpful to them politically, he would have done it before the election.

For example, President Bush's decision to go into Iraq was clearly legal.  It didn't work for him politically.

However, Obama isn't counting on it to work politically this past election, but he is counting on it to work in future elections.  That's why he did it.

He's hoping for a backlash from Hispanics for anything the GOP might do in stopping this latest amnesty.  For him it's a low risk high reward type of move.

Even if it is legal, it is still an abuse of power.  An abuse of power doesn't have to be illegal.  It's an abuse because it was done for political advantage and not for the good of the nation.  It was done at the benefit of the few over the objection of the many.  This is implied in the timing.  He knew that the majority wouldn't like what he did.

Virtue v. Vice

We have a system of checks and balances in our Constitution.  These checks and balances assume that one faction will overwhelm and tyrannize the rest.  If such weren't a possibility, checks and balances would hardly be necessary, now would it?

Such tyranny is now the case with the recent amnesty.  The latest amnesty is the left wing attempting to tyrannize the rest of us with an unjustified and flagrant abuse of Presidential power.  Said abuse is a vice, which has to be checked by something.  That something is provided for in the Constitution.  It could follow one of two possible avenues.  First, through Congressional action.  The Congress has the power, and amongst other powers, to impeach and remove a wayward President from office.  Such is not necessarily a virtue, but could be said to be a vice.  Why?  Well, the President does have the power to do what he did, and so he has.  This doesn't mean that there won't be repercussions.  Those repercussions could be said to be a vice.  Now, the second thing that could happen is in the Courts.  The Courts could rule that the President overstepped his authority, even though that may not actually be the case.  This would be a case of the Court overstepping its own authority in order to check a wayward President.

Having covered the vices, let's look at virtues.  A virtue in this instance is to point out history and try to reason forward to a better outcome than the above.  Naturally, you would prefer this mode of behavior as opposed to the one above, but can it be effective?  If my thesis that vice rules men and not virtue, such a course of action will fail.

In fact, it can already be said to have failed because there has been an attempt to reason with this President and it hasn't worked.  He has now taken an action to demonstrate his power and is now testing the power of his adversaries.  If he calculated correctly, he will win out.  If he miscalculated, he will lose.  Those are the terms the President has decided to impose upon the rest of us.

It is now up to the Congress and the Courts to decide whether to be goody two shoes and attempt to apply virtue, or to don the black hat and take on this President.  Because the black hat mode is probably the only way this is going to work.

The President has thrown down the gauntlet.  He has put on his black hat.  We'll see what happens next.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Leave for awhile and things fall apart

I posted something early Wednesday, and now it is Friday.  Less than 48 hours without a post and the traffic falls off.  Oh, well.  If you have to work this hard for almost nothing and then lose that, it may be tempting to just quit.

I didn't stop posting because I quit.  Nope.  I was doing something and didn't have the time to post.  Usually if I don't post, I'm doing something.

If it ever gets to the point that in order to sustain this blog and to do something that matters, and those two conflict, and I have to make a choice between the two, the blog may not win.  Just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How the Counter Culture of the Sixties Became Mainstream

According to the Wikipedia, the Counter Culture of the Sixties grew

from a confluence of people, events, issues, circumstances, and technological developments which served as intellectual and social catalysts for exceptionally rapid change during the era.
It was a small movement, especially at first.  I can attest to that, having grown up during the period.  How did it get so big?  How did it consume this society as it has?  In sum, how did we get a president who really isn't of our culture and seeks to overthrow it?

To answer that question, it may be useful to see how a commodity is marketed.  Yes, the Counter Culture may well have been marketed like a product to the rest of us.

Recently, there was a post on the blog by Ann Barnhardt on the subject of diamonds.  She pointed to an Atlantic article that basically said that diamonds really aren't worth anything, that people were conned into thinking that they there were, and subsequently spent fortunes for them.  It was a completely manufactured value.  This technique succeeded with even very traditional places like Japan.  The power of these marketing people to lead others away from one mode of being to another is something to behold.  In Japan, diamonds were definitely not a part of their courtship processes.  Somehow, it became so.  That somehow was achieved through a rather slick advertising and marketing regime.

It also worked in the United States, as you may well know.  That is, the marketing campaign with diamonds.  But it can also work in selling other worthless things like progressivism.

If you can take something that hasn't much value and make people put their hard earned money into it, then why can't you change an entire culture into something else entirely?

One thing that is certain about left wing politics.  It has had a brilliant string of political successes.  But that hasn't been accompanied by economic ones.  Somehow, as in Japan, traditional cultures in the West had to give up their guns and religion in order to embrace the new order that was envisioned for us.

That new order has succeeded brilliantly in the political sphere, but meanwhile, the United States is undeniably slipping economically.  Not to mention the culture as well.  But it could well be the culture that produced the politics that produced the poor economic performance we are witnessing.  It is the Counter Culture that has put such notions as Limits to Growth, Environmentalism, and Same Sex Marriage into the mainstream.

None of these toxic ideas were ever part of the mainstream before.  They had to be sold to us.

The current rage is same sex marriage.  But it isn't a democratic movement.  It is coming from the top of the culture, through the court system.

It is ironic that the Counter Culture that rebelled against the Establishment themselves are now the Establishment that wishes to impose their ideas of morality and culture upon the rest of us.  Something rather dramatic had to occur to bring this about.  That drama had to take place at the top of the society and had to filter on down to the rest.  So, it took a long time, like it took in marketing an otherwise worthless commodity like diamonds.

Men aren't ruled by virtue, nor truth; but by vice and the lies that support it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

California Dreamin'---- Mamas and the Papas

It was the Wikipedia that said that this song was a sign post for the arrival of the counter culture of the sixties.

Whoa!  I really liked this song back then.

Further reading uncovered this gem of a quote from Pat Nixon ( former first lady and wife of President Nixon)
In an interview with journalist Gloria Steinem during the 1968 US presidential campaign, soon-to-be First Lady Pat Nixon exposed the generational chasm in worldview between Steinem, 20 years her junior, and herself after Steinen probed Mrs. Nixon as to her youth, role models, and lifestyle. A hardscrabble child of the Great Depression, Pat Nixon told Steinem, "I never had time to think about things like that, who I wanted to be, or who I admired, or to have ideas. I never had time to dream about being anyone else. I had to work. I haven't just sat back and thought of myself or my ideas or what I wanted to do...I've kept working. I don't have time to worry about who I admire or who I identify with. I never had it easy. I'm not at all like you...all those people who had it easy."


Liberals had it easy and savaged the woman who never had it easy.  Yet liberals have the gall to claim that they are for the common man.  What a load of crap.  Nothing changed, though.  The gullible public still believes the lies of the left and we end up with Hussein in the White House.