Monday, November 11, 2019

Schiff parody

How and why identity politics could fail


People like this woman, who can win in a deep blue state, can make a difference.  Dan Bognino recommended here as a follow, but I know nothing about her.  I do have her name and in a place where I can remember.

The point is that someone who doesn't follow the politically correct path can succeed in a place where it usually doesn't happen.  If this became a pattern all over the nation, the identity politics model would have a problem.

Health tip

The main feature is at the end.  It is a drink that is supposed to help clean out your arteries.

Impeachment for Dummies



Or aka "How can you be so stupid?".  "I've got this fella helping me."


Washington DC is so out-of-control that they need some instruction.  Normally the books on how-to do certain things are called "for dummies", which means one needs some instruction.  These dummies are in dire need of same.

This "impeachment for dummies" could be a book about how not to do impeachments.

The GOP has a great opportunity here if the Dems go full blown dummies and impeach this president.  But the GOP's reaction could also make it in the book if they don't.

Imagine calling the "whistleblower" in for questioning and Schiff and Pelosi too.  They could do this, and imagine putting them in the jail these dummies who may not want to appear as a result of a Senate subpoena.  The tables could be turned on them big time, and it could make them look very, very bad.  Instead of making Trump look bad, they will look very very bad.

But DC is so out-of-control that who knows what will happen.

Sunday, November 10, 2019



None of this seems serious to me.   It is a big joke.

In the jailhouse now


This may have been posted before, but what the heck.  We'll all be "in the outhouse now" if this impeachment garbage succeeds.

Outhouse politics


Centuries of the rule of law going down the poop chute.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Dunning-Krueger effect


This leads to the question of who runs the world?  The idiots or geniuses?  People might get fooled into believing the blowhard really knows what he/she is talking about, but in fact, the blowhard is just an idiot.

An example that comes to mind is AOC.

"Man's gotta to know his limitations."

Magic words may lose their power to cast spells


It seems that the impeachment warriors have some favorite words and phrases that they like to trot out when they are needed.  One of them is "truth".  Others are "democracy", "rule of law" and "nobody is above the law".  These words and phrases are like magical incantations which will bring them luck in the next election, or so they believe.

Do the words have power when there's nothing behind the words?

So here we have a pattern emerging with Blasey-Ford and Ciarmarella.   These two have scrubbed their media footprints before they launched their offensives.  Their defenders speak the magic words in order to cast their spells upon the public.  But there's a problem.

If truth is your objective, then why hide the truth?  Why do you need to scrub your past?

The tweet with the link below goes on to say that the Democrats may lose what credibility that they have left.  Hmm.  I wonder about that one.  Why should they have any credibility at all?   All of this has happened before.  Why doesn't the public wise up to these shenanigans?

Friday, November 8, 2019

Impeachment follies


Are they serious about this impeachment?  This is a joke.