Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Good news, eh?

This is what passes for conservatism in America.  Of all the things that Trump has done so far, this is the one thing that I object to.

The problem with "decriminalizing" homosexuality is that it gives the Mohammedans a propaganda advantage.  Islam can claim, with a straight face, that they are upholding morality.  On the other hand, the decadent and dying West ( which is the truth ) is overthrowing it all over the world.

Very bad news.

It is not good politically here, either.  How can Christians support this?  Moreover, the Dems can be opposed to it for the wrong reasons.  They may no longer be seen ( according to these so-called conservatives ) as no longer being somehow "racist" and "bigoted", but in reality are accepting all the left's premises, while still taking the heat for being what they aren't in the first place.

This is an idiotic position for Stephen Green to take, unless he is a homo himself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Smelling a rat

There are those who are claiming that Trump's supporters are demoralized.

It may be true that Trump may have given up too much ground, but I am a bit suspicious of the sources.  Some were not on the Trump train from the beginning.  I am thinking of the Ace of Spades blog.  I recall that there were almost never Trumpers themselves.

Sorry, if there are those in these media outfits who are ready to jump ship, it may be well to remember that they really weren't on board to begin with.

Let's be real here.  There really aren't that many Trump people in positions of power.  Trump is basically surrounded by enemies.  For him to survive, he is going to have to be a lot more flexible than what we are probably comfortable with.

On the other hand, it may have been satisfying to watch the GOP Establishment squirm while Trump held their feet to the fire.  I would have liked that, but it is easy for me to say, since it isn't my skin that is on the line.

How many of the "patriots" were willing to organize?  They all like to talk Civil War II, but there aren't very many willing to back that up from what I can see.

The Ongoing Soft Coup Circus


If you look at this as a concept, and as a principle, the concept is that everything is a circus.  The principle is constant and unrelenting falsehood...

First principles always...  The first thing to remember is that---- the only crime that anybody has cited in relation to an actual collusion case with Russia with respect to the 2016 election---was an alleged hack into the emails of the DNC.

The only confirmation of this is from an organization hired by the DNC, "Crowdstrike" I believe the name was, that is in effect an employee of the DNC.

This is like claiming a break in at your residence, and you're hiring a private investigator to confirm what you claim, and expecting the police to stand down on any investigation of your premises.  Yes, that much, and more... The police takes the PI's word for it in toto....

What kind of police department would accept that as evidence or as probable cause?  At best there is probable cause for investigating the premises, but that is it.  Unless that investigation of the crime scene takes place, then there should be no further investigation, because there is no probable cause.

Everybody seems to avoid this fundamental principle, which suggests to me unrelenting falsehood.  The unrelenting falsehood is driving the concept of these circuses, which are to distract and confuse the population.

Monday, February 18, 2019

"Hell has open borders"


The end of the shutdown drama

The shutdown drama appears to be over, and so what to make of it all?  Up to this point, I had no comment upon it.  I suppose that enough time has taken place so that a preliminary judgment can be made.

First of all, the deal passed the Senate by a veto proof margin.  What about the House?  Well, commentary should be held up on that one until I have that information.  However, it is fair to assume that the margin in the House could have been smaller, but how much?  After all, a Senator is up for reelection every six years, whereas the House is up every two years.  Therefore, it is hard to believe that the Establishment would have been able to pull off an override.

Therefore, my suspicion is that the President might have held out a bit longer for a better
deal.  He did take what he could get, and called it a day.  If this comes back and bites
him, it may cost him the reelection next year.

Secondly, the end of the shutdown saw his polls rise to highs that I haven't seen before.

With such an approval rating, it is going to be hard to beat him as long as he can keep that up.

Thirdly, the POTUS put all his eggs in the judicial basket.  You cannot count upon the courts right now.  There is not enough of a margin for error, so this could backfire on Trump.  My guess is that Trump could avoid scenarios that might cause this possibility.  The ability of the Establishment to provoke Trump has proven to be fruitless.  He is much too wily for that.

In the end, Trump can get a lot of the wall built by election day.  He cannot get everything.

If he gets almost nothing, he will fail to be reelected.  If he doesn't get everything, there
may be some grumbling, but he will probably gain more than lose.

As for my own preference, I would have rather have him put these creeps' feet to the fire
for as long as possible.  Unfortunately, the political support isn't there for such a
confrontation.  At some point, the shutdown had to end.  Could he have won it?  I think
probably not.  There are a lot more creeps than patriots.  That is the reality check that
must be made here.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

AOC a liar???

Actually, it doesn't surprise me.

It looks to me like people are seeing things as they are, as opposed to seeing things as they wish they were.  AOC has received so much hype, you'd think that she could walk on the water.

Lefties like to lie.  If they were honest people, they would not be lefties.

Honesty is a bourgeois value.  We know what the commies think of bourgeois attitudes.   Or, as it was once stated, we thought we knew until the postmodernists said that there was no such thing as truth, or There Really Is A Sanity Clause.

A good summary of the FBI coup attempt against Trump


Of course, that is what I have been saying since Day One of the Mueller investigation.  ( Properly stated, it isn't an investigation, it is a "fishing expedition").  Indeed, this entire thing is a perfect example of a fishing expedition.  There are literally "fishing" for something for which they can accuse Trump, so as to claim a LEGAL grounds for removing him from office.  This is exactly the opposite of the way a criminal investigation is to take place.  The crime has to precede the investigation, not the other way around.

When intellect fails

Let's start with the proposition that this refers to myself, and what I believe.  Long ago,
when I was in high school, I wrote a paper about aestethics, if memory serves.  ( Funny
thing about memory is that it isn't always reliable.  Therefore, I think it was about
aesthetics. )  Since I didn't trust emotions, and still don't, I wrote my paper along those
lines.  This provoked a response from the teacher who made it clear that she didn't agree, but my grade wasn't to be affected, because it was supported by consistent argument.

So, what is the point?  Mainly, that I don't trust emotions, and that hasn't changed.

But also this-- that I believed that one could arrive at valid conclusions based upon an
intellectual exercise.  But now, I am not so sure.  Not that I have arrived at the opposite
conclusion, and would agree with my teacher of that long ago time.  Only that the intellect can fail.

Perhaps the cause of the failure is a poor intellect.  But even the greatest intellect will
be capable of error.  Intellect can go just so far.

Reminds me of a PBS program that discussed physics.  It went like this: no matter how hard you try, you cannot teach physics to a dog.  The reason is the wide chasm of intellectual capacity between dogs and humans.  If you accept that, then the possibility of fair greater intellect exists in the potential universe.  Ours then, may not be the ultimate intellect in the universe.  Unless we are alone in the universe.

It may even be possible to create an intellect greater than our own, which in turn, will
surpass us, and replace us.  This forms the conceptual framework of the "singularity", if I
may be so bold.

I can think of one possibility, and that is with artificial intelligence combined with
quantum computing.  Quantum computers, if perfected, could at some time, when combined with other advances, make today's computers seem like tinker toys.

Should we be concerned about this?  Some folks are.  But humans are probably headed toward some sort of apocalypse anyhow.  Whether it be from this, or from some other thing.  The point being that anything human, or derived from humans, is subject to error.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

CTH: "Democrats Starting Realize The Dangers of Their Moonbat AOC"


Hope that Sundance is right.  However, if the truth is what motivates people, then how do you explain how much of this weird stuff that is going on these days?

AOC was no closet socialist, you know.  These people knew what they were getting, or should have known.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Leftism is a cult?

Who'd a thunk it?

Well, there this here blog that mentioned a "death cult".  Type "death cult" into the search the blog search box on the left top corner of the blog, and you will get several posts on that phrase.

Rush Limbaugh once liked to say that he was on the "cutting edge of societal evolution".   Well, is Rush on the cutting edge of the cutting edge?

Don't wanna brag too loud, but those posts are good stuff.