Wednesday, September 28, 2016

If you didn't know, now know this: the media is the enemy.

Seems like a lot of places in the media had Hillary winning the debate.  But what else could the Donald do?  He touched on all of the important points.  People seemed upset because he missed a few opportunities, or so I hear.  Nobody is going to be perfect.  If people don't know certain things by now, like the one that Hillary is less than honest, to say the least, then it doesn't really matter, now does it?

I go by what I think, NOT what the media thinks.  The media is a mob---  unthinking and stupid.  The mob has numbers on its side.  But mobs can be beaten by intelligence and guts.

He did all right.  Don't worry.  If superhuman efforts are required, then you are going to be disappointed.  If people can be persuaded by such a person as Hillary, then there isn't much chance that any argument, no matter how well presented, will make any difference. 

If it doesn't make any difference, and she wins, then I will feel content that I did my best.  Certain things are out of my hands, and any mortal's hands.  You never know what people may do. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Impressions of the debate

As of this writing, which is before noon, I hadn't read anything about the debate last night.  This is my impressions without the filter of other opinions.

Number one, the moderator tried to ask tough questions of Trump in order to make him look bad.  All in all, I think Trump handled it well.  However, it made Hillary look a lot better than she deserved.  Trump would have had to be perfect in order to overcome it all and look even close to looking good.  He had to overcome that and he did reasonably well with it, in my opinion.

Number two, Hillary managed to keep her feet for the entire debate, as far as I can tell.  This has to be a win for her given her recent news.

Number three, she tried to make Trump look bad, but failed.

Bottom line:  Trump survives, but gains nothing much from this debate.  He didn't lose much either.

Monday, September 26, 2016

On eve of debate

Probably won't be watching it because there's no TV around here.

Many people decide how to vote based on these debates.

Generally, I don't put much stock into them, anyway.  By the time the debates get going, I have already made up my mind.

Okay, some general notes then on this campaign.

  • There's a tendency to think collectively as opposed to individually.  If someone calls you a racist, the answer is: I never hurt anybody.  To that, someone may try to lump you with all other of your type.  If white, and who calls non-whites racist? -- they'll try to lump you with the KKK or something like that.  Whatever some non-white person's grievance is, it isn't my fault.
  • Likewise, the alleged insults.  If you say something against an individual, it doesn't implicate the whole group of like individuals.  So, if Trump insults Rosie O'Donnell, it is only Rosie, not all women.  If he criticizes a Latino judge, it isn't against all Latinos, and so forth.
  • Will Hillary get some help from the "moderator"?  Calling Candy Crowley.
  • Reagan asked if you ( meaning an individual ) felt any better off than you did four years ago.  He didn't ask if everybody felt better off.  How can a question to a collective be answered, anyway?  No, stick with the Gipper example.
Frankly, I'd rather watch Football.  But the NFL is getting ruined by all of these high priced and spoiled athletes who claim "oppression" even though they are millionaires.

Maybe this debate will make a difference.  In that case, the go Trump!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Limbaugh: Wilder Effect similar to Trump Effect

Lots of people don't want to admit to voting for Trump.

The SJW's will get them for that, so the word is mum.

It shouldn't be close, but that's what the polls say.  Maybe the polls are wrong.  But could that be wishful thinking?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Didn't I see this somewhere before?

Trump as Constantine.   I did, I did! ( in a Tweety Bird voice )

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I might add this:  Trump is really playing footsie with Hillary.  He has the resources to crush her.  Lord knows he has the cause.  If he loses, it can only be his own fault.

Hillary is a doddering old fool of fools.  Everything she touches becomes a disaster.  She's the reason that her husband got impeached.  Why??????  Because Bill Clinton could have settled with Paula Jones and ended the lawsuit that resulted in the impeachment.  If you doubt this, read up on it.  Hillary insisted that they fight it, when a settlement would have ended it, and you would have never heard of Monica "Blewhimsky". 

She's the reason for a number of Clinton misadventures while he was president.  The travel office scandal, remember that?   The health care fiasco?

She's a disaster waiting to happen.

She's also sicker than a dog.

She's the perfect representative of a failing idea, which is globalism.  Unless Trump is a closet globalist himself, and is only kidding around, he should win this one going away.   All he has to do is put her away.

You don't need a Caesar nor even a Constantine.  You just need the will to win.  Does Trump have that, or is he just kidding around?

Why did Rome fall?

asks Randall Parker of Parapundit.

There are as many opinions on this subject as there are those who offer one.  Certainly, there has been a study of it here on this blog.

Quality of leadership seems like the best explanation.  Once Marcus Aurelius broke the pattern of selecting a good successor, Rome immediately began its decline.

Leadership can make or break a society.  If you were to compare modern American leaders to the Founders, the comparison would favor the Founders by a large margin.  The Founders made a nation, the current leadership is losing a nation.  That's the difference.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Rock the boat, or float the boat?

Barnhardt, as you may know, doesn't believe in our election system.  From her point of view, it is all kabuki theater, meaning that the outcome is predetermined.

Her latest is an explanation for what happens to political donations.  Or some political donations.  Very corrupt.

Now, the thing that got me thinking is that Dick Morris has noted that the Donald needs to run some TV ads.  He's not doing it.  That's true even though he has plenty of money.  Small donations are coming in at quite a clip, according to Morris.  Nope, he's not spending the money even though the campaign is flush with cash.

What's the deal?

I always figured that the Donald would want to win because of ego.   But what if I was wrong?  What if money is more important to him than his ego?  If money is more important than ego, he may just keep the money.  I think that he gets to keep what he doesn't spend.

That one either floats your boat or it sinks it.

Not a happy thought, that.  Romney coulda, shoulda, woulda won if he really wanted to.  Let's not have a repeat of that.

Unnecessary problems

You may have heard about the yahoo security breach.  It is like a lot of things in our society right now.  None of this is necessary.

What causes it?  Really, there is no need for this problem if security was a priority in this society.  Evidently, making money is more important than security.  If everybody made the money, maybe it would be more easy to swallow.  But I suspect it is for the convenience of fat cats.  Your security is at risk, not theirs.

The fat cats favor globalism.  Globalism must be defeated.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

More propaganda from the Never Trumper angle

In the effort to cast Trump voters as racist, bigoted, homophobes - the globalists have trotted out a "conservative intellectual" who attempts once again to explain why the globalists are having such a tough time fooling the voters this time.

It is the same tired old formulation from the race baiting playbook.  If you don't support the status quo, it is only because you are a bad person.

By the way, I have no doubt that there are many Trump supporters who are making the mistake of returning racial animosity for racial animosity.  Have no doubt, that to return hatred-for-hatred is really a bad idea, especially now.  It is easy to see why one would feel that way, however.  The hostility for white voters is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.  It is automatically assumed that such people are just no darned good.  For one to confirm that judgement in such a way as to validate the judgement is the type of trap that must be avoided if victory is to be secured.  The left would love to play up such events and would even make them up in order to keep the races divided against each other. 

The reason the globalists must lose is that their policies are failing.  It doesn't do anybody of any race any good to have a failing nation.  On that score, all people of all races should be able to unite under a single banner. 

The globalists need for there to be racial division.  They need the division because they need to be able to divide and conquer the nation for globalism.  If all people of all races understood what the globalists are up to, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Making America Great is for everybody, not just poor white folks.  But the globalists don't want you to see it that way.  So they try to fool people into hating each other on the basis of race.  To allow oneself to be tricked like this would be a tragedy for the nation.


RFK speechwriter will vote for Trump

He says that the Democrats have become a War Party.  Close enough.  They joined the globalists, who generally favor war like the neo-cons do.

If there's any real difference between current Democrats and current Republicans, it is the willingness of the current Republicans to send ground forces into a war.  Democrats may be more restrained, but they are hardly the peace party, as Adam Walinsky says.

Trump may show more restraint than his GOP colleagues.  Perhaps that is why they opposed him with such vehemence.  The current GOP is dominated by neo-cons and globalists.  The GOP opponents of Trump, the Never Trumpers, want to get bogged down in endless war.  This is a loser from the start.

Hillary may blunder her way into war with China and Russia.  She certainly did not distinguish herself with her misadventures in Libya.