Friday, August 23, 2019



The FBI refuses to comply with a court order to release documents.  It certainly looks like the FBI has something to hide.

That's only my opinion, of course.  But stuff like that, and then you have this story...

Mifsud was British intelligence



Nobody wants to discuss Mifsud because he exposes the entire fraud, which was the Mueller investigation.


This nearly one year old article at Real Clear Investigations, shows that it is most unlikely that Mifsud was a Russian spy, for if he were, there would be massive efforts at repairing the damage that he would have been able to do.  If the CIA/FBI isn't acting like he was a Russian spy, then why should we believe that he is one....

Does Comey really believe that Mifsud was a spy?  It looks like Comey was admitting that they put somebody close to Papad in order to confirm...

quote of Comey:
See if you can get somebody close to the person and see if they’ll confirm what we heard from the Australians
But that is not spying... If it isn't, then what is it???

The Real Clear Investigation article's link is below:

....Or the Maltese professor truly is a Russian spy. If so, Western intelligence services are looking at one of the largest and most embarrassing breaches in a generation. But none of the governments or intelligence agencies potentially compromised is acting like there’s anything wrong.


Mifsud dined with Hillary?  Maybe he told Hillary that the Russians had dirt on her or something.


This was from the comment section of a CTH post.  This is so good that I had to put it up.

Convincing evidence that Mifsud was a British agent, not a Russian agent.

It's not just this pic, but the linked article in disobedientmedia dot com has all the skinny.

Money talks


You can believe that there is a sea-change going on out there when the money-grubbers start taking a beating.

Party that claims to be fighting for democracy reveals their hypocrisy


Gabbard is being forced out for making Kamala Harris look bad.   Gabbard is ahead of those not forced out yet.

In other words, some rich folks who bankrolled Harris want to punish Gabbard despite Gabbard's rise in the polls.

It's not about democracy, which is how they represent themselves.  Watch what they do, not what they say.

Gabbard seems to be as unprincipled as the rest of this corrupt organization.  The point is that it doesn't matter who wins the nomination.  They are all bad.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Greenland swings like a pendulum do


Two observations:

  1. The map supplied makes it look like there's a navigable waterway from the North Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean.  If it is, that would seem like news.  There would definitely be an advantage to having that.
  2. Trump successfully fought off the Chinese gambit to gain rights to the Island.  If the Danes were seriously considering this, then they must be fools.
The world isn't a kind place.  But the liberals act as if it was.  The only people the libs can hate are the people of the United States of America.

Once upon a time...

... I did these videos. 

Why bother with them now?  Just to experiment a bit.  I've learned a couple tricks with video editing software, so I thought I would enhance the old videos and see how they play now.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

An asteroid "could" strike too


But the odds are against an asteroid strike.   What could really rock DC is if anybody actually held them accountable for their misdeeds.

Note the use of the word "could" in the tweet.  DC is so corrupt that even the truth wouldn't rock these people.

They have to go.  If not now, when?

Biden Doctor reassures skeptics that the former Veep really has a brain


His brain works as well as always, or so we have been told.  That might be news in itself.

Germany's bond yields go fully-negative


As opposed to Germany, the 30-year yield is still above 2%.  Which of these would YOU prefer?

Might explain some of the lowering long bond yields.

As for the inverted yield curve here in the States, a few oddities need to be mentioned:

  1. Usually the short term rates RISE and overtake the longer term rates.  This time, the longer term rates are taking a dive below the shorter term rates.
  2. Usually the press doesn't go gaga over an inverted yield curve.  Normally, it is a non-event.
  3. Recessions are never blamed on Federal Reserve Policy.  If the Media is complaining about the yield curve now, then this is a first.  When a recession finally hits after a long time with an inverted yield curve, the blame goes to greedy corporations.  If it is a Republican administration, then it is their fault.  If not, it is somebody else's fault.  Never left-wing political moves.
  4. A recession is usually accompanied by news that sounds like a recession.  Layoffs, poor economic numbers, and so on.  Instead of that, the numbers are good.

News reporting sucks.  But I repeat myself.

Money talks


So what explains the lack of movement in the Rasmussen polls?  If Trump is gaining among those core Dem constituencies, shouldn't his overall polling rise too?  Or are Trump's followers dropping out?

The last election shows how people will vote.  Nothing much has changed since then since this kind of talk didn't show in the last election results.

Perhaps the voting patterns will change.  If the reporting changes, it will speak louder than these polls since "money talks".  If the public has had enough of the anti-American reporting, the big media conglomerates and multinationals will lose their audience, and hence ad revenues.  Once that starts happening, then the reporting will have to come around, or they will lose even more money.