Monday, May 29, 2017

Hitting a wall already

I'm spending a lot more time on my feet, and now they are hurting me a bit.  The burn on my butt still hurts, and now I am slowing down a lot.  It may well take a lot longer to make it through my list of things to do.

Now I managed to get the supposedly damaged phone working again.  Evidently, the Verizon guy couldn't get the phone to work either, and so they ought to be paying me to work there.

Anyway, I now have an extra phone I cannot use.

It is getting hot, and my shade won't be ready in time to avoid some heat.


Just read some news on Insty.  He asked if the GOP wants to hand the Congress back to the Dems.  Yes, I think that may well be a possibility.

Staying away from the news improves my mood, but moving around more makes more sore.  I'm a poet and don't even know it.

Update (s)  15:15:

Since I have some down time, some thinking is going in the screen porch/deck.  I think I can put it together with minimal effort by way of the following procedure.  I will make two 8x4x8 frames, which will be covered with metal on top, some fencing toward the sun, and screen all around.  There will be a deck that rises above ground level.

Now, each of the frames can be fabricated from 2x4's.  There will be four concrete pillars that set upon the ground.  The deck/porch will set upon these pillars. There will be posts rising from these pillars, and two of these posts will be attached to the side of the trailer, and two more posts four feet away from the trailer.

The prefabbed frames with be fastened to the posts, and to each other.  These won't be load bearing, so they should be strong enough.  The deck will have cinder blocks under a separate 2x4, which will run down the center part of the frame that comprises the floor area.  Finally, the deck is finished with 4x8 piece of plywood on top of the 2x4 prefabbed frame with 2x4 running down center supported by the cinder blocks.

The metal roof and rest is easy enough to visualize.

5.26.17, 3:36:

This project will be in two steps.  Each frame will be built separately.  I am doing it this way in order to determine the soundness of the plan.  If it appears sound, I will finish off with the other half.

In order to complete one frame, I will need the following materials:

4 4x4x 8' posts
4 concrete pillars
15 2x4x8' studs
4 cinder blocks

I have got leftover nails and screws from my shack project two years ago.

For the deck, I need a 4x8' by fairly thick piece of plywood sheet
For the roof, I need some corrugated metal, size available?
more 2x4's most likely for the roof, sides,  deck, and door (s)
sides will need sufficient metal screen, and some fencing planks

may need something to cut the screen to size, as I will need at least one door for access

5.27.17, 18:05:

adjustment to the materials list:

(2) 4x4x 8' posts  cost: 20 bucks
(2) concrete pillars:  15 bucks
(5) 2x4x8' studs:       20 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing planks:  25 bucks
straps and rope,               20 bucks
total                             100 bucks

The procedure is to nail the fencing planks to the studs, which are in turn, nailed to the posts.

The posts are sitting in the concrete pillars, and are connected to the trailer, the rope and straps secure it to the trailer.

It may be desirable to further anchor the screen to the ground via rebar and some concrete.  Not too sure that I need to do this.


Another concept just popped up into my head:  Don't do a screen at all.  Use a swamp cooler instead.  The idea here is to cool down the limited area in the bedroom as I did during the winter months.  The window can be opened, but there is no screen around it.  Don't want bugs, so I can make a screen around the window, and crack it open in order to admit air, if required.  May need to use outside air, but on humid days, I can run the dehumidifier and the swamp cooler inside the trailer.  Running both together will probably use less power than the air conditioner alone.

The materials for this are much simplified.  Will need 2x4's, perhaps as few as three.  Some screen, and I am in business.   Tack the screen into position after securing it against the trailer.  ( This may require a bit more planning )

Will need a swamp cooler though.

5.28.17, 8:58 :    

I am leaning towards just getting the swamp cooler, and letting the dehumidifier and the fan on the stove to move air outside.

This may use almost as much electricity as the a/c with uncertain results.  But I can use this as an opportunity to purify the water through the use of the two devices.  It is worth trying.  If it doesn't work, I can still build the other things.


Done!  Will be arriving on Friday.

5.29.17, 16:11 :  

Considering this idea again.  Just have this urge to build something.  I shopped at the local hardware store today and found the stuff I could use.  Now it is up to three of these, but only part of this needs to be bought at a time.  Once emplaced, the posts can be taken down and used again.  Same with the pillars.

northwest side materials list:

(2) 4x4x 8' posts  cost: 20 bucks
(2) concrete pillars:  15 bucks
(5) 2x4x8' studs:       20 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing planks:  25 bucks
straps and rope,               20 bucks
total                             100 bucks

southwest side materials list:

reuse  4x4x 8' posts  cost: 0 bucks
reuse concrete pillars:  0 bucks
(5) 2x4x8' studs:       20 bucks
(16) 6 ft fencing planks:  25 bucks
reuse straps, rope ,               0 bucks
total                             45 bucks

southeast materials list:

reuse  4x4x 8' posts  cost: 0 bucks
reuse concrete pillars:  0 bucks
(2) 2x4x8' studs:       8 bucks
(5) 6 ft fencing planks:  10 bucks
reuse straps and rope,               0 bucks
total                             18 bucks

Let's say I'm off by 30 bucks or so.  All three can be done for less than 200 bucks.  Is it worth it?  Maybe I should wait and see how the swamp cooler goes.

Let truth be the center

I added the Sam Houston quote to the header because it is true.  Same thing with the Mark Twain quote in the header.  Doing the right thing may get you "crucified".  Jesus Christ was crucified in truth, but not for doing anything wrong, mind you.  If he did no wrong, then it must have been right, eh?

Yes, and people will be amazed at someone who would be willing to undergo punishment, when doing the wrong thing will bring rewards.  This shows that the natural tendency is towards corruption, does it not?  Why would doing the right thing astonish anyone if that were not the case?

You may not get rich if you try to always do what is right and good.  But you still could.  It is "easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to see the Kingdom of Heaven".  Not impossible, but not easy either.

Rewards of money do not last.  But true advancements in the wellbeing of mankind will last as long as the truth remains at the center.  Money is but a means to an end, not an end in itself.  When money becomes the center of one's existence, then the advancement of mankind takes a back seat.

Perhaps this is why Western Civilization is stuck in the mud these days.  There has been no real material advancement in the USA since the late sixties.  I did a study of that through the price of gold in terms of per capita GDP.  It was at a peak in the late sixties and hasn't risen to that level since.

The late sixties also saw a rise in the political left, the loss of the war in Vietnam, going off the gold standard, rampant inflation, a decline in morals, the continued decline in academic excellence, and the concomitant rise of phony science like AGW.

The trend has been downward, with the rise of Islamism, the 9-11 atrocity, and the total and complete debasement of the culture.

Yet we are said to be fighting a war.  Sun Tsu, in his Art of War, said that if you don't know your enemy, and you don't know yourself, then defeat is inevitable.  How can we win with the rise of the fake culture we live in?  If nobody understands this, then we are doomed to failure.

I would rather be in obscurity with this blog than to give up the pursuit of truth.  I would rather not be paid with money nor recognition, if the same were to divert me away from this truth.

Too bad that too few of the people out there recognize the crucial importance of remaining faithful to the truth.  We are immeasurably worse off for it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Opening scene in "A Few Good Men"

You have to ask a question about why this is in the opening scene.  The movie is anti-military left wing propaganda.  Why include this admirable show of discipline and precision?  Is it the kind of thing that makes lefties nervous?  What is the viewer supposed to feel when watching this?  Certainly not admiration.

It reminds me of a comparison made by Barnhardt-- the solemn change of guard at the unknown soldier versus the traditional Latin Mass.  This Latin Mass was changed in the sixties, or so I hear.  Could it be that this discipline and devotion is what threatens lefties?

Perhaps something like this should become a part of all religious services.  That would definitely include guns and military uniforms.  You should definitely not want to join with your enemy.

A suggestion offered thusly, and one more:  get rid of the homosexuals in the priesthood.  If you have to put a camera on them 24/7 and watch them constantly to make sure they don't do that kind of thing.

These suggestions might help.  Always trying to be of service here.

Update(s):  5.29.17, 5:30  

The left wing revulsion for the military and religion may be summed up by the following observation:  Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for his sheep.  So does a soldier.  So does a police officer, so does a fireman.  Interesting how they don't like anybody doing these things.  I think it shows the lefties' intentions to dominate all aspects of life.  If people are willing to die for others, it lessens their power over people.

source lucianne dot com

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Abuse of intelligence for political purposes

After reading a bit of the Attkisson article on the subject, one could ask the deeper question with respect to the allegations of Russian meddling in the election--- was this accusation just a diversion of attention away from abuses committed by the Obama administration?

It is now unlikely because of the naming of a special prosecutor.  This wasn't the charge nor focus of the investigation.  If it were, there could be more confidence in its outcome.

If there had to be an investigation, why didn't the GOP insist upon this investigation as a part of the alleged Russian meddling?

The answer is that the GOP is a fake party, offering only fake opposition.  If the GOP was a real party, offering real opposition, this would not have happened.

Such is the state of this country.  We have a de facto one party system, but a de jure two party system.  It is meant to fake out people that there is a political divide, when no real divide exists.

Until such time that the GOP gets real, I will not be dissuaded otherwise.

Obligatory, 5.27.17

An earlier start this time.  I forgot to mention that there were some comments that were awaiting moderation for quite some time.   Not only did I forget to mention, I forgot to check for comments.  That's why they were in waiting for such a long time.  Most were approved, as only one was a spammer.  Comments are welcome here, just no abusers are welcome.  Dissent is welcome, as long as the abuse is not there.  The lack of approval of comments was an oversight on my part.  My apologies for that.  Not that this blog gets a lot of comments, though.  But that is no excuse.

Just before I wrote that paragraph, I called the nearest Goodwill center.  I want to get rid of the mattress that came with this RV.  But they said no, mattresses and / or box springs won't be accepted.  Rats.  Well, there's a Plan B.

The mattress is taking up space in my van.  As long as the van is stuffed with this queen sized mattress, I cannot use the van for hauling cargo.  Thus, the mattress has to go.  Nothing wrong with it, but it is kinda old.  This is not a new RV that I am living in, hence the oldness of the mattress.

Until I dispose of the mattress, I cannot buy materials for my shading project.  In the meantime, I will continue thinking upon that project.  Already, I am making new plans, as the old plans are too costly.

Today is the first day of a holiday weekend.  Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in defense of this country.  It reminds me of something I want to write about later, maybe even today.

Otherwise, it is onward through the fog.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Obligatory, 5.26.17

Here it is, nearly 10 pm local time, and I haven't made a post.

As for my to-do list, one more item remains, and that is the shading for the trailer.  Problem is, I have changed my mind about it.  It will have to be simplified, due to costs.  Putting up a deck, as well as a screen, is going to cost a few bucks.

So, it is time to simplify the design.  Meanwhile, I am still nursing a burn from the radiation treatments.  This is slowing me down.

As for the lite posting, I am not using the precious bandwidth, which is also expensive, for cruising the web.  Besides, all that junk was part of the problem, not a solution for anything.

For now on, things are for keeps.  That means a very tight budget, and keeping myself on a short leash.

This could be a problem.


Well, a short cruising of the web shows that I am not wrong.  As a consequence, and although it is going to take discipline; I am going to stop cruising the web, if this is all there is.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back home

Decided not to stay in Dallas for another day.  Been back home since yesterday.   Couldn't post because of the phone problem.  The phone malfunctioned, and I replaced it with a new one.

Meanwhile, it was necessary to do a few things to get back into gear here.  Slowly coming around, and now it may be possible to pick up where I left off.

I've completed some of the stuff on my to-do list.  This morning was rather cool, so I may not need a shade soon.  But that will have to be done soon, because it is going to get hot around here.

Update (s):  17:30  

Now that I am back, there is a lot less data to play with.  Besides that, there's no TeeVee here, as I will not pay for that service.  Actually, I cannot afford the data nor the TeeVee.

Posts that relied upon information obtained from such sources will not be as often, nor as in depth.  Besides, my opinion of our popular culture is at the lowest point ever.  Fakery is everywhere in the political sphere.  Nothing that happens in DC is real, but they are reality, which is unfortunate for the rest of us.

For now on, I will tend to post more practical stuff.  The stuff, or another word starting with the letter "s", can wait.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Was about to leave town, then...

...something went wrong.  My cell phone no workie.   It will ring if I use the landline phone, but it will not respond to my touch.  The touch screen is probably malfunctioning.


Now, I will have to go to a cell phone store in town, and see if these people can fix it, or replace it.  Since I haven't had it for very long, they may give me another one.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Today is the day...

 ... of the last treatment for this chondroid chordoma.  It didn't metastize, according to the doctors, and so the odds are in my favor.  However, it won't be possible to know the effectiveness of this treatment ( proton therapy ) for another three months.  At that time, it is likely that I will come back here to Irving, Texas for a follow up examination.

Until that time, I can focus in other things.  Like this blog.  Bet you are excited about that, eh?  Can bots get excited?  heh, heh

There is work to do at the trailer, which is where I now reside.  It is in the Texas Hill Country, about an hour's drive from Austin.

Hopefully, nature didn't take over the trailer while I was gone.  Another reason not to go tonight, as I don't want to sleep with the bugs when I get back.

If I left immediately, it would take nearly midnight to get back.  Don't want to try to deal with problems at that hour.  So, I will wait.

Update(s) 11:35:  

Got my to-do list made up.  It is prioritized and everything.  Now all I am doing is dreaming about things.  Now, ain't that a big waste of time?


When you finish your therapy, you get to bang a gong.  So, I did it.  Before doing my bang-a-gong, I asked how hard can I hit it?  "As hard as you want", said the Doc.   So, I hit it really hard, but aside from making a lot of noise, it didn't break.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last treatment tomorrow afternoon

Late afternoon.  I asked for an earlier time, but no go.  This means that I will have to stay over one more night.  Heck, might as well stay until Wednesday morn, cuz I'm paid up that far.

This treatment regime has left me red as hell in my backside.  I'm using lotion to help heal it up.  Might as well rest it if I don't need to travel just yet.