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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A new idea forgotten already

I've got CRS syndrome.  "Can't remember shit."

This was supposed to be a new topic called Seinfeld posts, but I'm forgetting it.

Okay, here's something fast from the Coyote Blog.  To make it short and sweet, the Obummer kids are doing what crashed the real estate market the last time and gave us the Great Recession.  Yep, they loved it so much, they are coming back for seconds.

The trained seals will go back and reward them with political offices, just like the way we got Obummer.

Obama a Republican?

What a controversial statement.  Let's look, er, seriously at the question.


He owns the GOP.  They give him everything he wants.
The Supreme Court is allowing same-sex marriage.  The court has a 5-4 conservative edge, it is said.
Michael Bloomberg ran for NY mayor as a Republican
The Chamber of Commerce favors amnesty.  That has to mean that the GOP really favors it too.
Romney said Obama is a nice guy.  That means they are good friends, wouldn't you say?  Cheney called somebody on the left an asshole, so that's the kind of talk you look for.
The GOP won't repeal ObamaCare.  And Obama says it's a GOP idea anyway.
Democrats are running away from him.  That should be the clincher.  But wait, the GOP isn't running away from him.
The GOP House voted for taxes on the rich.


Obama says Fox isn't a real news network.

Oops!  Sorry!  Can't think of anything else.  Looks like Obama is a Republican after all.

Campaign finance reform

Sure, I think there's a chance for that.  But not a very good one.

One reason is that the idea of reform really doesn't mean reform, but advantage.  The left propagates their ideas this way.  All reforms go through them, at least according to them, and all benefits also accrue to them.  Reform is just a form of self-aggrandizement of the left.

If the left were really serious, they'd want to downsize the spending, period...

The way to do that is not with public financing of elections.  It should be clear to anyone that whoever controls the purse strings controls the activity.  If the government controlled the purse strings, they control the speech.  This is just a way for the left to get total control of speech, just as they have it on major media and in the schools.

How to downsize the spending?  Just don't allow organizations to raise money for political candidates.  Whatever a candidate got should have to come from an individual.  To keep rich individuals from dominating politics too much, just prevent them from donating more than a set amount in any given election cycle.  The latter is already being done, but it should be expanded to include all spending from any individual.  For example, an individual could be limited to a couple thousand bucks total spending in any given election cycle.  A millionaire can only spending a couple grand.  That's it.

How would they run campaigns, then?  No money?

You could use the internet and word of mouth.  Money isn't absolutely necessary.  But money does give the opportunity for the few to gain far more influence than what they should have.

Organizations should be banned because organization overwhelm the individual.  We should keep the individual supreme in this culture.  I fear that collectivism  could overrun this culture after all.  Keep this quote in mind and its source, which the left likes to call evil.

In order to achieve the widest possible distribution of political power, financial contributions to political campaigns should be made by individuals alone. I see no reason for labor unions–or corporations–to participate in politics. Both were created for economic purposes and their activities should be restricted accordingly.---Barry Goldwater

With respect to the Ottawa gunman...

It caught my eye that he changed his name to a MUSLIM name.

So, if you change your name to a MUSLIM name because you are a MUSLIM, then why can't you change your name to a CHRISTIAN name if you convert to CHRISTIANITY?

Of course, I'm thinking of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, who has a MUSLIM name, but hasn't changed it to CHRISTIAN one.  So, why isn't he considered MUSLIM?

Secondly, why weren't the GOP nominees for President all over this?  We do they let themselves be muzzled into silence over the MUSLIM name?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leo Rojas El Condor Pasa

English translation based on the Spanish:

Oh majestuoso Cóndor de los Andes,
Oh majestic condor of the Andes
llévame, a mi hogar, en los Andes,
take me home, in the Andes,
Oh Cóndor.
oh condor,
Quiero volver a mi tierra querida y vivir
I want to go back to my beloved land and live
con mis hermanos Incas, que es lo que más añoro
with my Inca brothers, this is what I yearn for most
oh Cóndor.
oh condor

En el Cusco, en la plaza principal,
In Cusco, at the main square
wait for me
para que a Machu Picchu y Huayna Picchu
vayamos a pasear.
so that we can go for a stroll
in Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu


What the heck?  I know Simon and Garfunkel's version, but this seems more authentic.

Government should do more about Ebola

And guess what?  They are.  But nobody seems to notice that they caused it to happen.

Now they get to manage it and be the white knights that are rescuing us from it.

Trained seals, every one of you.

Who ya gonna trust?

Like the Ghostbusters song, who ya gonna call?

Here's a list of new sources who are the most trusted and distrusted.  Ah, the list shows that the MSM is the most trusted.  People are just trained seals, that's all there is to it.   No wonder we end up with a guy named Barak Hussein Obama as president.

You could have truth biting you on the ass in this culture, but you would never know it.

Relativity and Perspective - by Robert Ringer

Relativity and Perspective - by Robert Ringer

man is the only living creature who can laugh at himself. He can choose not to see every problem, every injustice, and every adversity as a life-or-death matter.

Yes, and if you lose that ability, you may be on the way out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time pressure is on

The quickie posts.  Each morning, I scan the news for what's going on.  I try to find something to write about, and it gets later all the time.  Finally, an idea latches on, but it is getting late.  I get an idea to post, but the idea can only get so much attention is such a short time.

Same thing happened just now.  I am seeing a pattern, or maybe more than one pattern.

First one may be the Monica Lewinsky anti-bullying campaign.  This one strikes me as a form of "shut-uppery" coming from the left.  Drudge ruined her life, she says.  Oh.  So now Drudge has to shut up, I suppose.

The next one may be about this race mongering coming from the left.  Funny how all that works.  If you oppose them, then you are racist; but their policies favor everybody but the white folks.  Somehow it is shameful to be white, and you are racist even though they ( meaning the left and their followers) benefit from their own racialist policies.

The race mongering is similar to how the class conflict works.  Somehow, the rich liberals aren't rich and the non-rich conservatives are "for the rich".  The finger pointing is a great dodge, a great PR ploy.  You don't have to be a victim of class warfare as long as you say the right things and point at the "other guys".  You are "sensitive", those other guys are neanderthals.

What does it all mean?  It's just a fight over money and power.  They get to pretend to serve, but only seek to serve themselves.  That's all it is.

The first thing to understand about Ebola is that we don't understand very much about Ebola

American Thinker


Think you understand Ebola?  Think again.