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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time pressure is on

The quickie posts.  Each morning, I scan the news for what's going on.  I try to find something to write about, and it gets later all the time.  Finally, an idea latches on, but it is getting late.  I get an idea to post, but the idea can only get so much attention is such a short time.

Same thing happened just now.  I am seeing a pattern, or maybe more than one pattern.

First one may be the Monica Lewinsky anti-bullying campaign.  This one strikes me as a form of "shut-uppery" coming from the left.  Drudge ruined her life, she says.  Oh.  So now Drudge has to shut up, I suppose.

The next one may be about this race mongering coming from the left.  Funny how all that works.  If you oppose them, then you are racist; but their policies favor everybody but the white folks.  Somehow it is shameful to be white, and you are racist even though they ( meaning the left and their followers) benefit from their own racialist policies.

The race mongering is similar to how the class conflict works.  Somehow, the rich liberals aren't rich and the non-rich conservatives are "for the rich".  The finger pointing is a great dodge, a great PR ploy.  You don't have to be a victim of class warfare as long as you say the right things and point at the "other guys".  You are "sensitive", those other guys are neanderthals.

What does it all mean?  It's just a fight over money and power.  They get to pretend to serve, but only seek to serve themselves.  That's all it is.

The first thing to understand about Ebola is that we don't understand very much about Ebola

American Thinker


Think you understand Ebola?  Think again.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Next Big Future: Updated Prospects for Commercial Nuclear Fusion

Next Big Future: Updated Prospects for Commercial Nuclear Fusion: Commercialization Targets for Nuclear Fusion Projects LPP Fusion (Lawrenceville Plasma Physics) - the target is to make LPP Fusion with a ...


Rather comprehensive rundown of all the approaches to commercial fusion power.  Nice job.

A little different tack

This may turn into one of my new category posts---Seinfeld posts.  A few preliminaries:
  • My reward for contributing to Focus Fusion came in--- it's a signed copy of Eric J. Lerner's book.
  • I want to remember that I gave some thought of converting my van to an RV.
  • For some strange reason, business has been slow.  This is supposed to be the busy time of the year.
Okay.  Now for the main event.  Some dude at CNN is saying that Obama is a successful president.  Yeah, but what he's successful about is something of which not to be cheerful.

But that's not what caught my eye.  Instead it is this:

President Roosevelt famously said about Social Security taxes, "with those damn taxes, no damn politician can ever scrap my Social Security program." He was right. Americans came to expect this as a benefit because of the taxes they paid, while millions of elderly Americans soon came to love their monthly pensions—as did middle class families who felt relief from having to shoulder the entire responsibility of taking care of their parents after their retirement.

Wow.  That comes close to stating what the left's intentions have been all along.  Destroy the family.  This is what the writer admires so much.  The Death Cult gets its start right here.

I will be using my Social Security money, if it still exists when I get old enough to receive it.  But I wonder if those who invented this program realize that it may also be helpful in overthrowing it.

Want a fairy tale?

Then read the Autobiography of Malcolm X.  That's a real fairy tale, there.

In that fairy tale, the white man is the evil troll that oppresses the virtuous black race.  The virtuous black race is a metaphor for the "girl" locked up in the castle guarded by the evil troll, as pointed out in my previous post.

This fairy tale is presented over and over again in all of Western Culture---ie. it's higher institutions of "learning".  I know because it was on the reading list when I was in a certain class in the university.  The "virtuous" purpose of it is to destroy the evil troll so that the virtuous princess can be set free.

Now, if you read the book mentioned above, you see where we're going as a culture.  That's why I call it a Death Cult, for it's our death that they wish.

Ebola is just what the doctor ordered, I suspect.

Who are blog readers?

That question could be answered by looking in the mirror.

I read blogs.  Why?

Dissatisfaction mainly, with the other forms of information available.

But the dissatisfaction may be spreading to blogs, too.  Why?

Perhaps it's a type of unreality that I think I'm seeing.  People want to hear fairy tales.  They sure get them from the major media.  A lot of blogs seem to be getting that way too.

People want to hear stories where the good guy wins, gets the girl, and walk off into the sunset and they live happily ever after.  In this world, the bad guy wins.  The girl remains locked up in the castle, guarded by an evil troll.  Now, all of that is an oversimplification perhaps, but there's truth to it.

So, a dash of reality doesn't sell.  It doesn't work in getting that audience of overgrown kids to come by and buy what you're selling.

I may be wasting my time here.  That's why I am a little short of words lately.  I'm thinking that I've put up some good stuff here.  Is it all a fantasy of mine?  I think not.  It was supposed to be based upon things that are being done and could be done if those things were taken to their conclusion.

But those things won't be taken to their conclusion because the troll guards "the girl" locked up in the castle.

Solutions exist, but the fairy tales come running so that the kids never grow up.  It's all in the plan.  You're not supposed to grow up.  You're supposed to always be a kid.

Maybe that's why I read blogs.  How to whip that troll interests me, but the solution to that isn't in me.  It may not exist anywhere, because the world sure doesn't want them.  The fairy tales told by the troll is what they'll listen to.

But what I've got ain't no fairy tale.  I don't think it is.  I think what theirs is the fairy tale and this stuff is the real deal.

Some of those bloggers are starting to look a lot like the trolls guarding the girl in the castle.  I don't have no solution for that.  Bummer.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Struggling today

Yeah.  The words, the inspiration, the drive--- all missing.  Don't know what gives.  It's almost as if suddenly, I don't care.

Which is weird.  Let's say, I'm weirded out.

I finished my items pretty early yesterday, and I can't come up with more.  It's almost as if the entire project could have become too easy.  But I haven't done a thing, yet.  If there's any problem is that I'm spending too much money.

Maybe those problems just don't seem so daunting, and I'm slipping back into contemplating my navel.  By the way, contemplating one's navel means an over concern with self.  The thing to do about that is to get into action doing something meaningful so that you thoughts don't come back to yourself and your own little corner of the world.  Sucking one's thumb is closely allied with the phenomenon.

That's what people do, I suppose, when life gets a bit too easy.  They'll start contemplating their navels.  When that happens, trouble could soon begin.  Either they will slip into drug abuse ( turning inward ), or to crime ( turning outward ).  Life is so easy that some type of stimulation is needed in order to deal with the boredom and lack of meaning.

Perhaps I exaggerate the significance of what I'm trying to do.  Or I misunderstand what's really going on in the world.  Still, if I'm right about half of it, that's something.  The past record leads me to believe I'm right better than zero and less than one hundred percent.  All self-kidding aside, my track record is good enough for me to believe that I'm not too far off the mark.

That's all.  I don't know if anybody will pay attention or get what I'm saying, but that's all, just the same.

Fast Food, but the healthy kind

This is an idea that I was thinking about just now, and so I am committing it to "paper" so as not to forget it, which I am prone to do.

When I was a teenager in school, I worked in a health foods shop.  At that time, I didn't care anything about it other than to make a buck.  Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I need money, and this is an idea that might work so that I can move out West sooner rather than later.

The idea is to make a food-on-the-go type establishment.  Fast health food, if you will.  I will use crops grown on my own farm and I will take them to town and sell it to the I-10 travelers.  Will it catch on?  Who knows?  I won't need much, so if I sell just a little each day, I may be able to make it.

The pen is truly mightier than the sword - Batman (1989, T. Burton)

But you might want to duck when the machine gun bullets start flying about.

Scoping out the blog for "Best of" posts

A list of the "Best of" posts via a search in reverse chronological order:

Okay, that's enough.  I've gotten through all the posts of this year, starting from January first.  Quite a variety, I'd say.  It's exhilarating to read through some of this stuff, but frustrating at the same time.  It is frustrating to be so powerless to change anything.  Perhaps that, more than anything else, makes me want to do something that I can do, as opposed to dreaming about something that probably will never be.