Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Picking your nose is good for you?

Or so it is has been said in this article today.  Boosts the immune system, or so it says. 

Reminds me of a scene in Caddyshack

Brave New World --- Dead Ahead

There were a few posts about that awhile back.  Don't know about the book, but the recent movie about it, that is.

In that movie, the new dystopian society didn't allow childbirth.  Nope, kids were raised in bags, not inside mothers.

Guess what is coming soon.  Yep, looks like kids will be born out of artificial wombs after all.  These will be plastic bags.

Considering the unthinkable

If Trump does an el Foldo on the wall, it may be time to clean the "bathtub ring".  That's what Chris Matthews called Trump supporters-- a bathtub ring clinging to Trump.

Cleaning the bathtub ring means no unconditional support of Trump and everything he does.  Not for me, at least.

That doesn't mean supporting the Dems.

Actually, what it does mean is that the GOP is screwing him right now and he cannot stand up to them.  In fact, he may have no other choice but to give in to the GOP and do what they want.  But what the GOP wants is not what got Trump elected.  The wall is his signature issue.  If the GOP gets him to abandon it, they will have made him a captive of the party.

If he vetoes the spending bill and causes a shutdown, what will the GOP do about it?  They might remove him from office, that's what.  But if they do, they may lose whatever they've gained over the last several years.  The GOP will lose a lot of credibility, if not all of it.

Trump also ran on a peace plank.  He shouldn't go running off to war, which sounds a whole lot like a neo con project.

Peace and the wall-- if these go, Trump won't last.  He may not last anyway, but at least we know who the enemy is.

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: Robert Tracinski ponders something that has long bothered me as well as many conservatives - that so many people shrug off the evils of Com...


Significant discussion about the Ninth Circus Ruling that supposedly stays Trump from withholding money from sanctuary cities.

The discussion ends with the observation that the ruling doesn't do that, nor did Trump offer to do that.  It is mostly a lot of posturing for political effect.

Why is Pope Francis nixing bullet-proof vehicle for his Cairo visit?

Why is Pope Francis nixing bullet-proof vehicle for his Cairo visit?


A trip to Cairo is eye opening.  This is what Jesus taught.  Too bad that he seems wrong in a lot of other ways.


On the other hand, he might just be stupid.


He is not like John the Baptist, who criticized the king and got his head cut off.  Francis likes Muslims-- he isn't criticizing them for their violence, at least as far as I can tell.

One Egg or Two? - by Robert Ringer

One Egg or Two? - by Robert Ringer: I think it was Groucho Marx who used to tell the joke about a guy standing on a street corner and repeatedly hitting himself over the head with a hammer. A fellow comes along and asks him why he’s inflicting such pain on himself, to which he replies, “Because it feels so good when I stop…


This tickles me a bit.  It tickles me because it seems like there's is this expectation that everybody "be nice".  "One egg or two", the waiter is said to ask.  What about no damned eggs!  If you don't want an egg, don't let yourself be buffaloed into "ordering" an egg! 

Somebody may think I am not a nice person for saying that.  Believe me, I can and do act like that.  Which makes me laugh.  Why?

Beats the hell out of me.  But let me segue into my main point...

Trump is going to fold over the shutdown issue when he ought to win on the merits.  Why would he do that?  Because he wants to be "nice".

Groan.  The GOP is probably the guys hitting themselves over the head with a hammer about now.  It feels so much better now...


The fourth paragraph above needed a bit of correction.  I am not like that all the time.  I at least try to be polite most of the time.  I can and will act like that when I think the situation calls for it. 


One egg or two is a Jedi mind trick.  Why let anybody pull that one on you?

Truth is essential

That is true because without it, nothing can last.

If there is anything wrong with our society today, it is that truth is not desired for its own sake.  That is how you get things like Bruce Jenner and homosexual marriage.    It is how you get the fraud of AGW.  It is how you get leftism in general.

Hillary is upset supposedly because the Russians did what?  They "hacked" her campaign, and revealed the truth about her, it is claimed.  Even if the Russians hacked the election, we should thank them for it.  Anybody who wishes to be president, and is unhappy that the truth got out about them, should not be in charge of this nation's affairs.  We should be happy that enough people were bothered by the truth about Hillary that they denied her the presidency.

If she became president, the rule of law would be over in this country.  It has a chance now.  Not that it is guaranteed, but it has a chance.

The left isn't interested in the rule of law.  The so-called right claims to be.  We will see about that.  The people who should care are the weakest amongst us.  But the weak can be deceived.  The weak wouldn't be weak unless they could be.  The left preys upon this.  The so-called right?  I'd like to believe otherwise, but there are many times when you cannot distinguish them from the left.

Polls are not really reliable.  But the polls that say that that there's something wrong in this country tend to be pretty consistent.  Now, why do you suppose that people think that there's something wrong?  Bound to be something there, right?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Could it be?

That posts like this one gets Ann Coulter banned?

The real problem with the left is that it sold its soul to the devil.  That is assuming that it had a  soul to sell.

Ann Coulter tells the truth, you see.  The left cannot abide that.  It is not just a matter of disagreement as to what the truth is, no that is not it.  Nope, the left knows what the truth is, and is actively banning it so that people will not be able to know it.   For to know the truth is to know that the left is not in favor of it, and even crooks need some honest people around.

But of course...

Trump wins YUGE in a Government shutdown...

cuz he can pick and choose which agencies get money and which do not.  That means a whole lot of swamp creatures won't get fed.

Bwah, hah, hah! ( eeeeeevil laugh )

Dems are desperate to enforce a defeat, or claim some kind of dubious victory; that they betray their fears.  For instance, Trump is said to be softening on the wall issue.  Schumer jumps all over it, claiming that Trump took it off the table.

Not so fast.  Let's wait and see.  The source for the news was anonymous.  It might be a head fake.  For Schumer to latch onto that shows his desperation.

TrumpCare Being Held Up Over A Trifle

TrumpCare Being Held Up Over A Trifle


Are the various GOP factions colluding with the Democrats, and are they conspiring to sabotage the Trump presidency?  According to this article, there is no good reason to reject this bill.  So why reject it, unless the objective is to deny the president any legislative successes?