Tuesday, March 20, 2018

If there was a way...


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This may be the best hope going forward.  That is to say, just rely upon a Greater Power to get us through the trials ahead.

There is probably little that can be done by human effort alone.  So, just between me and whoever is out there, I am leaving it to the hands of the almighty. 

In other words, I won't worry about it.  I care about it, but I cannot worry about it.  It is necessary for my own good, you see.

I am not a praying type, but I just might start saying a prayer for this nation.  We are in a lot of trouble.

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I could apply some supernatural power to silence all of this inane talk about Russian interference in our election, I'd say I would be sorely tempted.

Even selling my soul to the Devil?  Well, no.

I'm not sure that the earthly affairs of men is a big concern to God.  It is more the concern of slimy politicians.

But the Devil might be interested.

Still, this talk is ree-damned-diculous.  Even a mere mortal ought to be able to see that.

As I wrote before, it is always the premises that you should focus on.  The premise here is that the Russians helped make Trump president.  That is what is ridiculous about all this.

Unless you can find evidence that the Russians caused the votes to be counted incorrectly, or the results to be falsely certified, then you basically have nothing but a charge of influence the voters at best.

Now, if you were to compare the vast network of news organizations against the pitiful Russian effort, no matter how "aggressive", you would have to agree that the Russians cannot affect much.  It is like a sand grain on a vast beach, or a drop of water in the ocean.

Even if they could, so what?  What do you want to do, make America like the Soviet Union, where all news from the outside world is heavily censored?

But you see, we've already got that.  Trying to get the truth out is what would take the supernatural assistance.

Like Pontius Pilate, it may be time to wash one's hands on the matter.

Don Surber: Trump is America's red pill

Don Surber: Trump is America's red pill: I never watched "The Matrix" but I am familiar with this blockbuster because it impacted American culture, and still does 19 years...


Something familiar about this comparison.

As long as we are making comparisons with movies, I share the sentiments of the mathematician character in the movie "Jurassic Park".  He predicted the failure of the park due to the Chaos Theory.  Although I am not a mathematician, I can certainly feel as though being right all the time is not necessarily a good thing sometimes.

Obligatory, 3.20.18

The headlines offer nothing of interest, so the pickings are slim.  Actually, the headlines are not good, and writing about them is unpleasant.

What to write about now?

There's definitely a war within the culture.  It is not going well.  The reason for this is that the culture is in the hands of the corporations, who do not support this country.  If the corporations weren't in control, the news would reflect that.  Instead, there is the constant drumbeat of opposition, and this is what drives the culture ever further away from tradition.

The traditions are what made this country great.  Those traditions are being destroyed systematically.

Those who laud this do not seem to care about how this damages the nation.  Evidently, they believe in cultural marxism. 

The future does not look good.

Trump is taking them on, but his fight may be too big, and too late.

This may seem defeatist, but unless this "Army of Davids" arrives soon, the Swamp will win.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Austin bomber

Ace doesn't know the significance of the latest bombing location.  It was on the west side of I-35.

Yours truly will attempt it, and also try not to make a fool of himself.  That may be difficult, since it comes so naturally.

Anyway, the west side could well be the more well-to-do side of town.   It could be as simple as that, or it could be something more complicated. 

Austin has its hilly areas and its best panoramic views on the west side.  People build homes on those hilly areas.  So, this is all a big guess, and it may be wrong.

Now everybody can resume their drinking.

Could the Russians take advantage of the situation?

Yesterday, I spent some time re-reading a novel called "Alas, Babylon".  It was about a nuclear war and its aftermath.

The thing that struck me just now, was that the setting of that book was about 1960.  During that time, the country was united in itself.  This is in stark contrast to what appears to be the case now.  If I am right, the USA could be in a lot of trouble right now.

Consider Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese saw how divided the country was, and believed, incorrectly, that that was best time to attack the United States.

But the world is much more dangerous now.  Any miscalculation like that one could mean Armageddon.

The Russians didn't change the outcome of the election in 2016.  But they could do a lot worse than that.  They could finish us off in just a few minutes.

One of the novel's characters speculated that if we convinced the Soviets of the folly of such an attack, maybe they wouldn't have attempted it.  But this idiotic stuff going on now could convince the Russians that this could be the best time for an attack.  That is why this crap needs to end now.

Updated same day @ 4:30 pm:

It might well be worthwhile to mention two things:

     1.  That there is a controversy today regarding the election of Trump to the Presidency, and
     2.  There was also a controversy after the 2000 election.   The Democrats made a big deal out of that situation all the way up to the 2001 terrorist attacks.  The run up to the attacks occurred during the transition from the Clinton Administration to the incoming Bush Administration.  That period included the training of pilots who would ram the planes into the buildings.   The planning and execution of the attack occurred during that period of time--- do not forget this.

Therefore, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that the 2001 attacks were a dress rehearsal for a much larger preemptive first strike involving nuclear weapons.  Once again, that the aggressors ( Japanese and 2011 terrorists ) used a period of political turbulence to launch an attack.  It could happen again.

The controversy regarding Bush ended after the September 11 attacks.  But there won't be any reason to have a controversy if the nation is in ruins.

Just saying.

Madness has overtaken the nation's capital

After reading the Andrew McCarthy's NRO piece about the Mueller investigation, I cannot help but feel that this country really has crossed a line.

How can this country go forward after this?  The investigation is quite obviously a fraud, but this is not news to me.  Once that Mueller was hired, I went into a meltdown.  But that was just me.  Now that millions of people could have read this article, or had a chance to read this article, what now?

You have a fraudulent investigation here people.  ( I am referring to people who still support this miscalled "investigation".  People like Trey Gowdy and Lindsey Graham. )  Do you really expect that millions of people in this country are going to accept what you are trying to pull?  What comes after your brilliant coup?  Do you really think you can rule over millions of people by an iron fist?

That can only happen if a lot of people end up dead.

Or, if a lot of people just sheepishly cave in and let themselves be ruled by a criminal gang.  For that is what we have here.

Something has gotta give.

Self driving cars the next new thing?

Female pedestrian killed by self-driving car--- well, that's not an auspicious beginning.

This is not likely the best idea in the world.  It tends to follow a pattern, however, of relying too much on technology in order to solve problems.

The only problem that is solved with using this kind of tech, however, is to save money on hiring drivers.

I noticed in the comment section that a lot of those commenting seem to have more faith in machines than in people.

As a driver who uses their tech in order to find locations and such, these machines are going to be a real hazard.  People and machines don't mix this way.  One or the other will have to go.

The woman may have been jaywalking, but a human driver would have hit the brakes.  The machine wouldn't care, and would continue anyway even if it meant killing someone.  A human driver who acted this way could get into a lot of trouble.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Data leaks? Maybe not.

This new browser has revealed something that surprises me.   Most, if not all websites, are huge data hogs.  They consume typically up to ten megs of data.

All along, I figured something was using up vast quantities of data, but this discovery indicates that web browsing has become rather data intensive.  Such a finding is quite the surprise to me.

If you are a heavy web browser, you could easily use a gigabyte of data with these websites today.  That would only take about 100 webpages.   Such is not that difficult to imagine, as a webpage may seem interesting at first, but then you could click on something else if it turns out not to be.  Each click would take up another huge gulp of data.

What makes these webpages such data hogs?  Not sure yet, but I suspect that there may be little incentive to economize on data demands, and a big incentive to add such things that may bump up data requirements.

Well, I guess I have solved that mystery.  But it won't make my job any easier.   Even the interface that allows me to use this platform for blogging-- is a data hog.  Perhaps not as big of one, but a data hog nevertheless.

It's a challenge, I tell you.

The Collapse of Western Civilization, Part I - by Robert Ringer

The Collapse of Western Civilization, Part I - by Robert Ringer: (The following article is an adaptation based on material from my 1983 book, How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization.) No matter who controls the House, Senate, and executive branch of our government, the drive to disassemble American culture — and, on a broader scale, Western culture — continues almost unabated.  …


Can Western Civilization be saved?  The only way is through the ballot box.  That is, unless you want to wage a war to preserve our culture.  Unfortunately, such a war could be lost, and the results would be even worse.

Obligatory, 3.18.17

Alrighty, now.

Our physical education instructor would open class with that statement.  I'm recalling something over fifty years ago.  Alrighty, now!

To start off this Sunday morn, I am announcing the discovery of a web browser, which I think may be helpful in at least one aspect--- avoid data gulping websites.

One site that I visit from time to time is Instapundit.  It turns out that it is one of the offenders.  It seems that there are few sites that don't grab up too much data.

A site that doesn't is Free Republic.  If I stick with that one, I shouldn't use too much data.  This new web browser allows me to see how much data it gobbles up.  Free Republic doesn't use much.  It doesn't have a lot of frills.  But Instapundit didn't look like it had a lot of frills, but apparently I misjudged that.  This tool will help me to avoid those that use too much data.  A big offender appears to be Red State.  Yay for Vivendi, the new browser.

I'm just getting started with Vivendi, so there's a lot of screening to do.

As for one site that I may be able to use, which is Memeorandum.  While I browsing the same, I noted a stark dichotomy emerging.

What does it mean, this dichotomy?

It does appear to me that a war is underway within our government.  Actually, it is the Civil War, which many are talking about.  A real Civil War is one in which one faction attempts to take control of the government over the other faction.  In this case, it is an insurrection from the losing party, who have been losing a lot of elections lately.  The Democrats are attempting to overthrow our system of government.  Yep, sure looks that way to me.

But the GOP isn't trying to stop them.  What we have here is a coup, in which the central government is attempting to change the government from a Federal Republic into something resembling a unitary state based in Washington DC.  It is a power grab of historical proportions.

Quite important that the battle is joined.  At present, a good many people don't seem to be paying much attention.

I leave it at that for the moment.  I want to evaluate how much data I just used.

Update later this day:

It didn't look too bad, so I am going to use it a bit more.  It is very useful for identifying data hogs, as I have gone through several sites now.  Ace's blog is a big, big, big data hog.  I'm sorry about that one, because I like to visit that site from time-to-time.  Same for Limbaugh and Surber.

Looks like only two data misers so far, and those I have mentioned.