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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brave New World

What was once considered normal and good is now considered strange.

Our world is a Brave New World, too.

News Roundup and Quickie post, 2/26/15

After that last discussion, I find myself short on time.  This will be a very abbreviated post.

Just now clicked on Barnhardt's twitter feed and found out the the Vatican is now stealing mail.  Hey, that's what the man said.

I'd say that's big news, but I guess people just don't care anymore.  For the church, any church, to start stealing things, even if it is only mail, is a gravely serious matter.  It's like the end of civilization as we have known it.  Whatever happened to "Thou shalt not steal"?  Or is that now just some obsolete notion invented by some white guy thousands of years ago?  It's scandal of the highest magnitude.  In the service of what?  You have to read it to believe it.

This is like Watergate in the Catholic Church.  However, unlike Watergate, the news media won't be saying much about this.

Yeah, the tone is grave today.  I don't know any other way to put it.

Rise and shine, 2/26/15

Feeling a bit sober this morning.  Sober, in the sense that things are pretty serious.  That "rise and shine" title is a joke, but this is no joke.  All very serious here.

Now, for the meat of the discussion.  After considering this for an hour or so before writing this, the problem is still going to be money, just on a smaller scale than it is now.  I can certainly cut my expenses, but my revenue stream is going to be cut too.  Maybe even more than the expenses are cut.  In any case, I'm still going to need cash even if I can cut my living expenses down to the very bone.  Raising that cash is an issue in itself.  Cutting the need for it to a bare minimum isn't going to get that minimum to zero.  The question is: can I cut it down low enough and still make enough to pay for it all?

 Even if food, water, shelter are taken care of, there is still a need for communications ( internet, phone). (For this part of the discussion, I haven't even considered electricity.  That is no small matter in itself.)   Internet and phone can be combined ( maybe ), but some money will have to be spent on communications.  There's no getting around that.

Besides communications, there's transport.  Without transport, I am dead in the water, literally.

The plain fact of the matter is that I need a vehicle to get around in.  The distances are too great to rely upon horses again.  Even if I had a horse, I have to find a way to take care of it.  Perhaps there's enough food that can be obtained on that property, I don't know yet.  But it seems likely that in order to feed the horse, I'm going to need to find a way to feed it and that takes money as well.  A horse is really impractical out there.  It would only be useful in getting around the property and nearby.

As for relying upon the horseless carriage conveyance, cutting expenses on that is not going to get down to zero.  Even if I could make my own gasoline, I'd still need to pay for insurance, repairs, etc.  Maybe some repairs I could do myself, but insurance has to be paid for.

Communications and transport are going to take up money out of a very limited budget.  What's the barebones expenses on these?  I'm thinking of a number of say, one hundred bucks a month.  A hundred may buy enough insurance for the minimum, and enough gas to get around a little.  Nope, not enough.  Probably closer to one fifty.  Even one fifty would be low.  You'd have to start "cheating" a little.  Cut out insurance.  But you need insurance according to law.  Well, you might have to try to get around the law a little.  One way or another, the money has to be made, or accounted for.  One fifty per month doesn't buy much.

Assuming you can do all that, you'd still need that one fifty plus the servicing of the debt.  That debt issue was something I also didn't mention ( along with electricity ).  For the sake of argument, let's say you could do all that on three hundred a month.

Also for the sake of discussion, you could sell food for a dollar a pound.  Then, for income, I'd have to raise thirty six hundred pounds a food a year above my own needs.  Or three hundred pounds per month.  I'd have to get it to market on the one fifty per month mentioned.

Not likely.

A dollar per pound for food isn't going to be enough revenue and three hundred a month ain't realistic.  In other words, a cash burn will ensue.  The question is how much of one?  After that, how long can I sustain that burn?

I'm not liking these numbers much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home again, 2/25/15

Sounds like a broken record, another slow day.

Well, the plan is now to leave the current job, and go out West in April.  I won't be officially changing my address, though.  The lease runs through May.  The idea is to get more time in out there, because I haven't spent hardly that much time on the property.  Frankly, I don't even know what I've got.  If things look good, I can move out there.  If not, I could probably get my old job back.

It may be interesting to see if there's any work out there in the area while I am at it.  It may be better to work in the region for awhile, and use my days off to do some stuff on the property.

facts and ideas

energy content from wood

idea:  Use pop bottles in place of grow beds in a self watering system

idea:  collect egg shells and use it to make carbon dioxide scrubbers for chimneys in wood burning stoves

idea:  use copper windings through which water passes in order to obtain heat from burning wood

idea:  use "death ray" from a fresnel lens to heat up calcium carbonate so that it releases carbon dioxide

idea: use carbon dioxide as a fumigant to kill insects on plants


In case this needs explaining, egg shells are made of calcium carbonate, and so are bones.  Heating them up sufficiently causes them to release carbon dioxide.  The carbon dioxide is what I seek to use as a useful product in its own right.  As for the ashes, they can be reconstituted into calcium carbonate.  Just add water and it becomes an carbon dioxide scrubber because it will soak it up and remake the calcium carbonate.

That's a cycle that can be exploited.

Quickie, 2/25/15

I expressed some frustration yesterday about not being able to go West.  You see, I want to take my brother along, but he demands an RV trailer, and even then, he hesitates.

An RV purchase is out of the question.  Not even a cheap one.  I am going to have to construct my own shelter because I need to keep this as cheap as possible.  Even if I brought my brother with me, there would have to be two shelters, because, well, one for each guy.

With a chick, I could share a bed, and build only one shelter.  But there'd have to be a chick that is adventurous enough to do something like this.  Just about all chicks would refuse.  So, that leaves me with the option of going alone, or not going at all.

I think I could make it out there alone, but if anything happens, as my brother pointed out, you are alone, and you may not be able to help yourself.

If it comes to that, I may go anyway, and hang the risk.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

Don't know if I am of that spirit yet, but I am getting there.

News roundup, 2/25/15

I get these primarily from Drudge and Memeorandum.  No time really for other sources.  These are picked out by moi, because they fit in with what I usually discuss here.  Here goes:

Rise and shine, 2/25/15

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This morning, it will be another post in the off-the-grid food subseries.  This is in continuation of the post that I began with on a system discussed on video by the LDS Prepper.  What is good about his posts is that he includes a lot of links to get the stuff that you need to implement his system.  It's in the video, and he includes a bunch of links in the description section of the youtube page.

I watched a couple of other videos in the series so as to round out the system.  Here's the basic system, and then the links to the other two follow it.

A "labor free" system he discusses,  and he shows an example of Richard's system, which is on cinder blocks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home again: 2/24/15

Another slow day.  It's getting to suck at work, it really is.  If I am not working late, I'm doing less and less work and getting small checks because of it.  If you average out the last two days, you get an average week of late, which sucks.

The feeling that gave me made me once again look to make some kind of deal that will get me out of here.  But no, it is just not in the cards.  Not at this time.

Arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!  I have to be patient, that's all.  Maybe one more year will do it, and then I'm outta here.


The blog I've been referring to is not working properly.  It may have to be completely redone.  No time for this.


It's working again ( I think ).  It needs to be updated, but it advises a backup first, which appears to be a bit more complicated than I'd prefer.  No time for that now, maybe later.

Quickie before I go, 2/24/15

Just a note here that weather information for Sierra Blanca is a bit hard to come by.  I may have to default to El Paso.  For some strange reason, it used to be easier to obtain this info.

I've spent considerable time this morning looking for better information than what is available.  That leaves me with a question as to how reliable that information really is.

Cross posted to other blog soon.