Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dog whistles

You hear from time to time about "dog whistles".  I guess these are supposed to be some sort of silent message for ears that are sensitive enough to hear them.

Maybe my ears are getting sensitive, and I am picking up a dog whistle.

Every time I hear the word "diversity", I think I am hearing "kill whitey".

Yep.   A good way to kill whitey is to use a dog whistle to send the attack dogs out to keep you in line, in case you don't know what's good for you.

Better not want things that are no longer for whitey, but are for anybody but whitey.

Know what I mean, Vern?

The latest phony outrage

It's all over the news everywhere.  Trump didn't say the "right" things and the media is aghast.  Well, bless their little hearts.

A study of history shows that the Weimar Republic was brought down by Nazis and Communists.  They worked together because neither liked the Republic and both wanted to overthrow it.

Could history be repeating itself?

Now, if you were to make a comparison between the Weimar Republic and the American Republic, the two groups that squared off are both rather off the mainstream, just as in pre-Nazi Germany.  Probably neither want the American Republic as it is, just as in the Weimar Republic.  Indeed, if you are a Neo-Nazi, then you must approve of the type of government that the Nazis had in Nazi Germany.  Stands to reason, right?  If you do, then you want to bring down our government and impose a dictatorship with a Fuhrer, just like Adolf Hitler.

But what people forget is that there is another side to that historical story as there is to this story.  There always is, but these guys do not want to talk about that.  They want to play politics with it.

History again:  Not only did you have an Adolf Hitler, you also had a Josef Stalin.  Do people really want to say that Stalin wasn't a bad guy, it was all Hitler's fault?  Did Stalin want Hitler to win in Germany?  Did the communists in the Weimar Republic support Stalin or Hitler?

These antifa people seem a bit over the top to me.  To not condemn them is just as bad as not condemning the Neo-Nazis.  Both are dangerous to the Republic.

You don't have to be a KKK supporter, nor a Neo-Nazi to protest to taking down of a confederate statue.  Reasonable people can disagree on this subject.  Yet a reasonable protest was not allowed to take place.

But what we have here is a media that insists on reporting everything in their usual slant.

No matter who the GOP president is, the left would be acting like this.  They said it of Bush, they said it of Reagan.  Makes no difference to them.  If you are a Republican, you are a racist, bigot, homophobe, and all sorts of bad and nasty things.  The Democrats and the left do this all the time.

It is phony as hell.

I'm glad Trump is defying the phony and fake leftist media.  To not defy them is cowardice.  Trump is telling the truth.  Something rare these days.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: Well, I guess a do-over for Trump to condemn the white supremacists whose march in Charlottesville led to the shocking events this weekend, ...


Betsy links to a guy named Nordlinger, who goes after Trump.  Not terribly familiar with this Nordlinger guy, but Betsy seems like a Never-Trumper, as does Nordlinger.  There is a "money-quote" that I would like to refer to, which allows me to segue into a pet peeve of mine.

I think that, if conservatism gets associated in the public mind with nationalism, populism, demagoguery, grievance, race-consciousness, and tribalism, we are cooked. And the country too.

The pet peeve is that some on the so-called right, which I refer to as so-called conservatives, like to call themselves "on the right".  Now, the terminology of right-left is a left wing invention, so when you use it, you are playing on their home field.  When Ronald Reagan said that there is no left or right, in his famous "speech", he was referring to that phenomenon.  Reagan was a stalwart conservative, nobody doubted him on that.  But guess what?  The left wanted to link him to Nazis.  Why?  Because that is what they always do.  So, when you refer to yourself as being on the "right", you are giving the left a cudgel to beat you over the head.  Reagan avoided this, and that may have been the key to his great success.

Furthermore, to admire Reagan while at the same time, referring yourself as being on the right, is playing right into the hands of the left.

How many times have I preached that on this blog?  I cannot count the times.  Yet, Limbaugh, and yes, even Bannon may be playing the leftists' game.  If Bannon really referred to himself as being on the "alt-right", then he did it too.

But it makes no difference if it is alt-right, or right, the leftists will call you a fascist anyway.  They do this with every president from the GOP.

So, this claim that they don't want to have the Nazis and the KKK linked up the conservatives rings hollow with me.  It is because they are already.  They will always be, especially if they do not make this distinction.

Another criticism of this quote is how the terms get linked all together in a soup of bad names.  If yu don't want to get linked up in that soup, stop calling yourselves rightists, for heaven's sake.

No, just because Trump doesn't get PC on us means that he is going Nazi on us.  That's what the commies want everybody to think.

Incidentally, caring about the country is PATRIOTISM, not nationalism.  Let's use our words right, people.

I hate Illinois Nazis

Well, in the MOVIE, they moved out of the way faster.  Gee, can't these people just get out of the way the way these Nazis in the movie did.

It is so obvious.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Charlottesville follies

Who's right, and who's wrong?

Somebody's gotta be right, and somebody's gotta be wrong.

With that in mind, I am going to wade into this a bit, and the folly may be mine for doing so.  Or, if I am up to it, I may be able to show that the folly belongs to the left wingers.

Seems like I read on Limbaugh's site how many on the so-called right are really scared stuffless whenever the topic of race enters the picture.  They cannot run away from it fast enough.

Seems like that his listeners told him that they don't envy his position in times like these.  Yeah, and anybody taking a false step here could be ruined.

Yep.  Message loud and clear.  Anybody stepping into this is taking a chance.

But I have written against Nazis before.  I am sure that I never wrote anything in favor of the KKK.  That's because I never approved of them.  White supremacy?  Heh.  What white supremacy?  If anybody said anything in defense of any of those people, look out.  Frankly, I don't see how white supremacists can even exist in this culture the way it is today.  I know that I have written that before.

So, here's the Democrats trying to tie Trump to white supremacists.  Is that the folly?  Because I think it is:  for no other reason--- that I do not now, nor have I ever favored these groups.  Tying Trump to these is like tying ME to them.  Yes, I DO mind that, I DO mind that very much.

The left is really anti-white man these days.  Just to bring that to anyone's attention can get you a "racist" label.

Funny thing about those white supremacists.  They don't wrongly accuse white people of being bad people just because they are white.  But the left does it all the time.

Why, somebody like me might actually feel a little sympathy for these white supremacists for no other reason than they don't do anything to wrong me, but these other guys do all the time.

That's the folly of the left here.  They may be creating a monster that doesn't exist, and would not exist but for their folly.  Because of their folly, they may be creating one.

For this, I might catch hell.  Well, let 'er rip.  Somebody has to be wrong here.


Hmmm.  Check this out.  These guys sound like communists.  Do you trust communists to run this country?


Actually, I don't know what happened there.  That has taken second place to the reaction to it.

I hear that there was a death.  Some injuries.  There was some sort of protest and a counter protest that got out of hand.

My reaction to this is the reaction to this from the left.  They are going nuts over it.  Yep, it is like old Adolf himself has come back to life, and is running the country now.  My reaction to this is like my reaction to a lot of things these days--- downright disgust.

The hysteria seems to know no bounds.  Look, we've had terrorist incidents which the previous POTUS didn't want to classify as terrorism.  If they claim that Trump is doing something wrong, what about looking at themselves?

There is a lot of emotionalism getting ginned up by this hysteria.  It would be easy to get caught up into it.  But for what?  To satisfy a bunch of agitators?  Let's just ask what happened, and stop using it as a prop for all of the grievances that somebody seems to think that they have about whatever.

The country seems to be spinning out of control.  Something's gotta give.  Unfortunately, I think that with these things, the noisiest and most aggressive parties will prevail.   The outcome will have nothing to do with justice, or what's right and what's wrong.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cuz whitey has to go

Ann Coulter has an article about the immigration proposals from the administration.

Media doesn't want to cover it.  Why?  It's all whitey's fault, that's why.

The media is a four letter word starting with "s" and ending with "t".

Forget the media.

By the way, the aforementioned entity is all over the Charlottesville incident.  Even if it is racially motivated, so what?  If Maxine Waters says "you have to understand their rage", then what is the big deal?

Piddling around

My van has an issue that I tried to address today.  Actually, there are several issues, but this one needed attention.

The problem was with a terminal connector on the battery.  It didn't tighten up like it should, and the reason why was that the thing was using a connector intended for the positive terminal, but was on the negative terminal.  The negative terminal is smaller, and I didn't know that.  How many people know that?  Evidently, whoever put this terminal connector on didn't know that.  It was somewhat loose because it was as tight as it could get.  The thing could tighten no further.  It wasn't designed for negative terminals.

It had to be replaced.  So, I bought a universal connector.  It tightens alright, but the thing is too dang complex to put together.  I did get it together after a lot of cussing.  I think the van is okay, but it isn't an ideal fix.  We'll see.

Besides that, I am still fooling around with my solar panel.  I am considering another battery for it,  because it is putting out enough juice to charge more than one battery.  Since money is tight these days, I have to consider things carefully when I am considering a purchase.

My little hidey hole, which is my bedroom, needs better insulation.  That's another little piddling project I have been working on.  My hidey hole is quite comfortable on a hot day.  Everybody around here may wonder if I am ever coming out of my hidey hole.  It is very nice in here.  It is too hot out there.

So, the hidey hole gets a lot of attention.  It isn't perfect, but it is getting better.  It can be improved even more so that I can make a true "coffin" arrangement, that will minimize energy use.  If I were to make a "coffin", it would be about two feet tall, by six feet long, and three feet wide.  That is 36 cubic feet.  About one tenth of the current cubic feet of the hidey hole.

The Butt head calculator says I need about 562 watts for my hidey hole, which I think is a low ball number.  It is low ball if my insulation is "normal".  Nearly 1200 if it is poor.  It may be poor, but I think that it cannot be made much better, although I will try.  At peak hour yesterday, I think this a/c was pulling about that much.

The coffin arrangement can improve that to only 332 watts.  Personally, I do not think that it would take that much.  My frozen ice thingy works better than that, I would guesstimate.

I'm sure everyone thinks I am going Howard Hughes with all this reclusiveness and everything.  But I like to piddle around with this stuff and my hidey hole is doing aok.

In case you were wondering, the hidey hole does not work for nuclear fallout.   If that happens, I am sol.


Because of CRS, I thought I would make a note of something today.  Seems like it is about 7 pm when the solar panel cannot run devices and keep charging the battery at the same time.  That is almost eight hours that it can do this.  It is not an exact number, so don't quote me on it.  If I didn't make a note of it, it would turn into something else.

Also, a crazy notion is going through my head. I may want to make a "coffin" after all.  But all this costs money, and I don't have it.  That's why it is crazy.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are the Polls Wrong Again? - by Robert Ringer

Are the Polls Wrong Again? - by Robert Ringer: In my recent article titled “The Better What?” I speculated that the Dirty Dems are almost certainly going to be overwhelmingly defeated in the 2018 midterms.  However, I added the caveat that the only two things that can prevent a Republican landslide victory is too much Donald Trump chaos or the anti-Trump Republicans in Congress …


Another one who thinks the GOP cannot lose.  But walks that back a bit and adds... "unless".  But of course.  It is easy to say you will be a shoo in if all goes well.  Trouble is, a lot can go wrong, and usually does.

Hillary still got more votes than Trump.  When that can happen, how can you be so sure of victory?

Give it time.  Anything can happen between now and the next election.

Ringer also criticizes Trump.  I cannot agree.  I like the dude, and I am damned glad he's there.

Korea news

The main headline seems ominous enough.  However, if you read on...

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un has challenged the US to a hot dog-eating contest, demanding that Trump send his best competitor and at least 4,000 hot dogs.

Hot dogs?

This is a joke, right?

Of course.  Check out the date, 3 months old.

Not familiar with site.  It seems to be a mixture of serious stuff and not so serious stuff.  Linked from Instapundit.