Monday, March 27, 2017

Sci fi channel

A study of Michalangelo's work was on that channel.  I noted a few things and decided to blog something about it.  It will have to be brief as it is late.

Remember that part of what this blog is attempting is to do is to find out what went wrong with Western Civilization.

Corruption is a problem in the Church, so I have heard.

Michalangelo's work seems to have introduced corruption into the Church's symbolism, and with it, the seeds of future schism. 

Since the Church is struggling with that issue, it would seem that introducing his work in the heart of the Vatican may well have been a grave error.

It may not be correctable.

Obligatory, 3.27.17

Back to the grind.  The treatment is scheduled for late afternoon, so I have all day to prepare for the day ahead.

While doing so, I have given some thought to what happens afterwards, if all goes well.  Naturally, I would like to get back to my moonshot, which is my off-the-grid project.

I have been going back and forth on what I might do out there.  There's little margin for error, so I have to be careful with what I do.  On the other hand, I would like to actually get something done out there.  It has been almost three years, and there's still nothing out there.

There has been one attempt, and that did not end well.  I could build upon that experience, but there is still the risk of error because it isn't a proven method.  Or, I could play it safe and rely on the tried and true.  Or, I could split the difference and make something that is somewhat risky, but a plan b on deck if things don't go well.

The plan b is keeping my living arrangements as is.  The downside is that it is a very long distance from where the construction needs to take place.  Plan b could involve moving closer in, but not on the property itself.

Okay, I also need to keep in mind that my priority now is to get well.  So, let's not get carried away with the future.  This speculation stops here for now.

Each day I make a plan for the day.  I need a plan because I have found that make more mistakes when I don't have one.  I need to be efficient because my stamina is limited right now.  I get tired rather easily.  As of the moment, there is no plan for my activities today.  I will get on that as soon as I finish this post.

One goal is to get more familiar with this area.  On each outing outside my cave, I will try to learn something new about this strange place.  For example, I know where the nearest post office is now.  I discovered that over the weekend.  I know where the bank is.   I know where to get groceries.  I know where the restaurants are, if I want to eat out for a change.  And so on and so forth.  Still haven't found a washateria, but I googled where there are supposedly a bunch of them.  I could do that today, for example.

The trouble with these forays is that they tax my limited stamina, so let's not get carried away.

Lastly, I could mention how I am doing.  Nothing dramatic has happened.  In fact, there is a temptation to think nothing is happening at all.  The treatment is so mild that it is almost as if nothing is happening.  However, something is indeed happening because I can hear it going on all around me when I am getting treatment.  The thing is that I cannot see what is going on.  I have to lie down face first, so I cannot see a thing.  No need for anesthetic, as it is not painful in the slightest.  In fact, a dental appointment is more uncomfortable than what this is.  It is a piece of cake, cross my fingers.

So, there's that.  What else?  Just feeling about the same and hoping for better days ahead.  With that, I will close down this post and get busy for the day.  Until later.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Obligatory, 3.26.17

Today is like a day off.  Didn't have to go anywhere or do anything.  Just watching TeeVee.  James Bond flicks and Jason Bourne flicks all day.

Was going to watch the Godfather flicks, but they went on into late evening last night.  Still haven't seen all of them.

Three days into my treatments.  A long, long way to go.  There could be as many as forty five of them.  So, I am barely underway.

Things are quiet around here.  So, it isn't bad.  Not much interested in excitement now, perhaps never.  Very simple, the way I like it.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Don Surber: President Trump, de facto Speaker of the House.

Don Surber: President Trump, de facto Speaker of the House.: President Trump killed Ryancare and Paul Ryan's career today making the president the de facto Speaker of the House. This is a good mov...

comment:   So, whatever happened to the concern that the presidency is getting too powerful, and Congress is getting too weak?

Evidently, that was only a concern when the dems ran the show.  Something tells me how insincere they were when they were talking that way.

The Healthcare Fiasco

A fiasco it was, and usually is, especially when the nutballs have the center stage.

I call them nutballs because you have to be nuts to think that this had a ghost of a chance of succeeding.  They will continue with their nuttiness and lose again and again and again.

Einstein said that insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, while expecting to get a different result.

This insanity will result in possible cascading failures going into the future unless it is reversed and reversed quickly.  But I am not optimistic about that.  If there's one thing you can count on with the nutballs, they don't give it up easily.

The nuttiness just cost them influence.  They have marginalized themselves and now will have much less influence going forward.  Things will get worse and worse until they will be totally isolated and out on the fringe. 

I call conservatives "so-called" conservatives partly for this reason.  They fail over and over again to conserve anything at all.  If you can get half a loaf, it is better than none.  But the so-called conservatives always want it all.  They end up with nothing.  It is happening again.

It should be remembered that the only reason the nutballs didn't nominate Cruz was because they were defeated.  They were defeated by Trump at least partly because Trump was seen as a guy who might be willing to make compromises.  The so-called conservative preen themselves with their moral superiority for not making compromises.  That's how they end up on the fringe without any influence and failing to stop the hemorrhaging of our culture.  Then they wail about having lost the people.

Do these people really want the people?  Then why disregard the people so often if you are supposedly so concerned about that?  I have to call bullshit.  It is almost if they would prefer to lose and preen themselves as being morally superior as opposed to actually getting results in the real world.  Talking about FAKE.

If the so-called conservatives had dumped Trump, they wouldn't be in a position  to do anything at all.  But that is where they find themselves so often.  You would think that with this opportunity that they would recognize that and make the most of it.  But they probably will ensure that they will make the least of it and accomplish nothing much at all.

Star Trek, original series

It is Saturday morning, and I am watching at Star Trek marathon.  Not all night, mind you.  I just woke up.

As Spock was wont to say, "fascinating".  It was said of Star Trek that they tended to cover the social issues of the time they were in.  The episode I am now watching looks to be something akin to the Cultural Marxism you sometimes hear about.  The episode is called "The Enemy Within".  The time was at the height of the Cold War.

It looks like the Enterprise happened upon some entity that grabbed control of the children's minds, who destroyed the adults and took over their civilization.  It seemed to direct adults by some unseen power that got control over their minds, and caused them to destroy themselves.

This unseen power managed to get control over several members of the Enterprise, which was repeating the process that was observed when the Enterprise arrived at their planet.

I stopped watching as it appears that episode is so similar to what is happening today within our own society.  The entity within is trying to take over the minds of the young and have the older generation pushed aside so that the new power can take over.

How did the captain get control of the ship again?  I missed that part.  You know that they had to get control over the Enterprise again, now don't you?

How do we get control over our society again?  Obviously, we have to stop the messaging to these youngsters who don't know any better.

Much easier said than done.  Truth doesn't matter anymore.  Even Time magazine had a cover article showing that what I am saying isn't a unique observation.

When truth doesn't matter anymore, where does that take us?  We had better find out soon and take corrective action, or we are going someplace that we may not really want to go.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Update:  Episode name might be called "Bread and Circuses".  Either one would have worked.

Friday, March 24, 2017

How I got "banned from the Woolsworth"

Chuck Schumer said back in 2006 that he wanted to filibuster all of Bush's nominees to the courts.

I said to the Mahablogger that this looked like the kind of abuse of power that they were accusing Bush of doing.  For that, I was banned from that blog.

Nobody should be surprised at what Schumer is doing.

If you complain, well, it is time to shut up.

Some impressions of this area

The first reaction was negative.  However, the first reaction may have been more of a disorientation from being in a new place.  Now that I have located a lot of places to go, things are not seeming quite so bad.

One impression has nothing to do with DFW.  It is the Microsoft search engine called "bing".  It sucks.  Google is better.  I saw a couple places now on a bing search that weren't there.  Nothing worse than wasting time looking for a place that isn't there.  That doesn't seem to happen with google.  Therefore, I do not recommend using bing, at all.

Today's weather is rather windy.  So was yesterday's.  If you don't like wind, perhaps you would prefer another place.  This is close to Tornado Alley.  The weather forecast today was said to be rough.  It looks more windy right now than anything else.  Little rain.

These streets have a lot of four way stops.  On a busy traffic day, that can be quite annoying as people don't seem to like to wait their turn.

The freeways are quite confusing to a newcomer.  I don't know how people react to Houston's freeway system.  As a comparison, it seems to me that Houston is better than this place.  It is more consistent and logical to me.  This place has the road names changing all the time.  There's a lot of toll roads that you may get trapped into paying.  I can see good reason to avoid the freeways if at all possible.  But then the streets have all these four way stops.  That too, can be annoying.

Not enough signage.  Houston will warn you about tolls better than this place does.

Irving is said to be the most "diverse" city in America.  Whatever.  I do not subscribe to the conventions these people say you must adhere to.  Diversity is just another word for globalism to me.  If you read this blog, you know I don't trust the globalists.  Globalism is like corporatism.  The left likes to rail against the corporations, but they are on the take, as well as the so-called right.

I think it is great to be getting this treatment, but I would rather be somewhere else.  As soon as I can, I will leave this place.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life is strange

Here I am, complaining about how long it has taken to get treatment, and the treatment option I am receiving wouldn't have existed two years ago.

If I had to go the surgery route, it would have been a very difficult road.  But this one is much easier.  It is almost as if there is nothing to it at all.  Contrast radiation treatment with having the trauma of such a large tumor being cut out surgically.

How fortunate for me, yet it seems otherwise. 

I haven't made it through the treatments to be sure.  There is no indication how my body is responding to the treatment.  So, I am not cured by any stretch of the imagination.  But this type of treatment is light years ahead of the alternative.  Yes, that is why I chose it.

If I got my way on everything, though, I would have ended up in surgery with a much more difficult row to hoe.

Life is truly strange.

Obigatory, 3.23.17

Finally.  Treatment is now underway.  After the first day of this, I feel tired.  Probably because my diet has been off, plus maybe a couple other things not related to the treatment itself.

As for the treatment, it seems to be easy enough.  It is radiation treatment, which is non-invasive.  I did not want them cutting me up.  That option seemed way too hard.  This tumor has been around for a long time, and it is rather large.  An operation would have left a "big hole", so I was told.  I don't like "big holes".  Something about that sounds ominous.  This treatment leaves no holes, few signs of anything at all.  Some hair loss in the region is all.  During treatment, there may be something like a sunburn.  Don't feel anything like that, yet.

I get rather bothered watching the news.  It is insane out there.  During this treatment, I may go offline on the political stuff.  I want to be in the right frame of mind.  Yesterday wasn't as good as it should have been.

The people here are great.  Very nice and kind.  I am doing as okay as one could hope for.  Let's hope that it all continues this way.