Monday, September 25, 2017

What happens after firing of Mueller?

The left wing has its final meltdown.  Maybe then the real coup attempt. At this point, they can be crushed for being the traitors that they really are.

But there are those who think the following strategy works out well for Trump.  I am not so sure.

Does the public really give a damn about the truth?  The tribes have already settled into their opposing camps  It matters little that Mueller has nothing and will have nothing to use.  Eventually he will have to be fired.  The above was written on the belief that it will make a difference politically.

It might if the truth mattered.  If the truth mattered, Hillary wouldn't have been the nominee.

Politics is not about solving problems

Because it seems to me that nobody really wants to do that.

When I say "nobody", all I have to do is look at the experience of this blog.  If this blog has been about anything, it is about solving problems.  It is also about the political class' total disinterest in doing anything like that.

No, the NFL nonsense is designed to make people mad.  That isn't going to solve any problems.

Colin Kaepernick took a knee because he wanted to piss off a lot of people who pay his bills for him.  He has the right to disagree.  He does not have the right to disrespect the nation while making a spectacle of himself, and then expect no blowback.

John McCain refuses to honor his promise because he just wants to make people mad.  He also gets some love from people who don't really give a damn about him or anybody else but themselves.  If John McCain really meant it about public service, like he claims he does, he wouldn't cooperate with Democrats to sink a bill that would honor his own promise.  He would at least serve his constituents who voted for him.  But what does his constituents think?  Do they really like what they get from this bozo?

People want red meat because it is fun to bash the other side.  They all love it so.  Me too.  I admit it.

But the problems remain.  We are no better off for all this nonsense.  Except the politicians seem to continue in their jobs, and the problems mount.

If we really have to divide up into opposing camps, then I might be on the side of those who call themselves "the right".  I probably shouldn't though.  For to do so is letting them off the hook for not getting anything done.  Their time is now, not some unforeseen moment in the future when the time is right.

There are no more excuses.  Suck it up, and get it done.  My vote is no longer something you can count on, assholes.  It is time to stop being assholes, and do your jobs.

John McCain

Update, 9.25.17:

You know, even I didn't know certain things about John McCain.  There are people who blame him for an accident on the USS Forrestal.  Could it be that McCain is no hero after all?

Don't have the time to do a full investigation.  People lie on all sides.  I see no evidence that McCain did anything wrong.  Doesn't mean he's innocent, but where's the evidence of wrongdoing?

It is worse to make accusations on dislike that may be false.  Better to concentrate on what is directly in front of you.  He definitely made a commitment and now he is reneging.  He has a history of doing this kind of thing.


John McCain says he won't vote for any healthcare bill unless it is bipartisan.  Did he vote for Obamacare when it was passed?  So, what changed?  No GOP Senator voted for Obamacare.  So, why is any GOP Senator refusing to repeal it now that they have the chance?

Could it be that their original vote was a sham?  Just a slight possibility that they may have lied to us?

John McCain only plays up to people in order to exploit whatever he can get from them at the time.  Nothing he says or does is authentic.

the original post of 9,24.17:

A thought struck me awhile back.  When McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton, did he crack up?  If so, when he cracked up, did he find a way to parlay betrayal into wealth and power?

I suspect John McCain is only doing what he always done: screw somebody so he can get ahead.

That's why the Dems love him so much.  Until a black guy runs against him, then he is garbage.

The Dems are better at it than he is.

That why the Dems love anybody who disrespects the flag, and runs the country into the ground.

Is The Deep State Conquering Donald Trump? Lunch Alert!

Is The Deep State Conquering Donald Trump? Lunch Alert!


A rhetorical question.  Of course they are!  Morris discusses how they are doing it.

What's the answer?  Primary the hell out the John McCains and their ilk.  Get them out.

Fight harder.  Fight smarter.  Fight with determination.  Don't give up.  This goes for everybody who supports this president.  Otherwise, he will be lost to the Deep State.

The Spreading Cloud

Richard Fernandez,  Belmont Club on Pajama Media:


     Fernandez is basically summarizing the problem with the left-wing right-wing paradigm.

Ronald Reagan spoke against this in his famous speech that began his political career.  It is amazing to me how few people seem to get this.

Reagan didn't seek to "work with" his opponents.  Instead, he identified what areas that Americans can agree upon, and then, enacted it with vigor.  He won big time.

Since then, the GOP has reentered its descent into the left-wing right-wing ideological war that doesn't solve any problems and doesn't do anything but increase polarization and ultimate disintegration if it is not addressed and defeated.

No, it is not the way when John McCain repudiates what he promised.  It is no better than when George H. W. Bush said "read my lips, no new taxes".  You run on something you do you damndedst to enact it.  You don't repudiate it as soon as it becomes necessary for you to back up your own words.

None of this stuff would be possible if the so-called conservatives actually followed Reagan's model.  Reagan had the left wing on the ropes.  Bush let them off, and now look at them.

No, and Limbaugh doesn't get it even though he praises Reagan.  Limbaugh is just a guy using the radio to make a lot of money.

It s not about right vs left.  It is about freedom in a civilized society.  The left-wing seeks the cultural war.  To defeat them focus on solutions.

That's what I have tried to get across on this blog.  After seven years, I just don't know anymore.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

NFL nonsense


Somebody has got to pay for this hanging.  I am friggin' glad Trump is making an issue out of it, and making the left defend their own outrageous behavior.

But will it make a difference on election day?

Just a reminder:  Hillary would be POTUS if it weren't for the Federalist nature of our Constitution.

Final analysis:  maybe it helps, but maybe it doesn't.  But I like it anyway.

original post....

Hey, if the GOP has any gonads, they would threaten to take away the anti-trust exemption for any professional sport operation that deliberately dishonors the national anthem, and disrespects the country.

That might get somebody's attention.

But the GOP is typically a bunch of weenies.

The NFL and other professional sport operations are a bunch of spoiled rotten brats.  Once they lose their privileged status, then what will they do?

Maybe they will stop abusing illegal substances, amongst other things.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

It is better to work

Tomorrow, I will be out on the road again.  Last two days have been down days to fix up some minor problems with the car.

The Obamacare debate has been in the news lately.  As a consequence, I would like to comment a bit further on recent comments with regard to my experiences with the program. Besides that, the government assistance programs as well.

Evidently, there is some misconception about how much a person can get of this assistance.  If I had to depend upon this as my sole source of income, I would be in trouble.  The fact of the matter is that it is just not enough.

That is why I am back at work.  One might say "good".  Well, okay.  But what happens if you really cannot work anymore?  I suppose people may not believe that you cannot work.  Whatever the case may be, I surely cannot do what I did before, unless my illness has gotten better.

Which brings me to the follow up MRI I was supposed to get.  After several weeks, I have still not heard back from these people, and I am doubtful that there will be any help forthcoming from these people.

It all reflects badly on this system, I believe.  There are those who support it in a na├»ve way believing the government really takes care of people.  My experience with the government has tended to be negative.   Consequently, I have not much faith in its efficacy at all.

In my opinion, John McCain didn't do me any favors.  I am stuck with a high premium to pay which doesn't cover very much.  As a matter of fact, I won't pay for another month of this chicken poop piece of crap.

Repeal it.  I don't care.  It doesn't do much good anyway.  What good this might have done was only done in the most grudging of ways, and the follow up is the same way.  What the hell good is it, then?

All talk, and no action.

So, what exactly are you people going to do about this?

Nothing?  Yep, probably.

Why support the GOP Establishment, when they don't support you?

If the GOPe is so afraid of a loss in Alabama, then why do we still have a special prosecutor?

The Congress can end that, you know.  The Dems don't control the Senate nor the House.  Mueller should be fired, posthaste.  Let the Dems squawk.

Supposedly, the GOPe is begging POTUS to support their candidate.  What's in this for Trump?

It seems dumb to me to help the dude on that ground and more, of course.

Like Kevin Dorsey used to say:  "I just don't know anymore."

Vitamin C

Once upon a time, ( the year 2000 ) I was taking Vitamin C because I read online that it could help with high blood pressure.  At that time, I was told by a general practice doctor that I was borderline hypertensive.  So, I tried it.  Later on, there was a cardiologist who questioned that I had high pressure at all.  This came after I had been using Vitamin C.

I mentioned this to the doctor who said that I really didn't have high blood pressure.  He said he never heard of it.  So, I stopped using Vitamin C.  Now, I am using medications for high blood pressure.

Now, don't anybody jump to conclusions and say that the doctor told me the wrong thing.  However, that may be the case.  Why would he do that?  Could it be money?  Just raising the possibility.

Lately, there has been a rash of gout amongst the relations.  It so happens that I have a lot of uric acid in the blood.  But guess what?  I hear that swigging down some lemon juice could help with that.  So, what does lemon juice have in it?  Good old Vitamin C.

Last thing I need is another medical problem.  I will start taking Vitamin C megadoses again.  Maybe it will help kill two birds with one stone.

Lots cheaper than blood pressure meds.  You can't get rich selling Vitamin C, but you can get rich selling blood pressure meds.  Just saying.