Saturday, June 18, 2016

The political scene is a joke

You've a got a certified criminal and traitor on the Dem side.  On the GOP side, you supposedly have a candidate in deep trouble because everybody says so.  Not to mention an insurgency designed to undo the will of the people in the primaries.  What do these people think they are doing?  I would think anybody with functioning synapses would figure out that these people are not afraid of Trump losing, they are afraid of him winning.  Consequently, the circus and comedy show they are putting on is designed to make Trump look like a loser.  There's even talk of bribing Trump into stepping down.

These people have no credibility with me.  It is only a question of whether or not there are enough people to see it the same way I do.

If corporations won't support Trump, that's good news as far as I'm concerned.  Corporations don't vote, but they like to throw their weight around.  There's been too much of that.  If they won't support Trump, but will support Hillary, then what does that tell you?  Ah, but who knows what the people will do.  But so far, on the GOP side, the majority likes Trump.

I'll ignore this clown show.

Looking ahead to the future moveout

My stay at this address ( physical not webspeak ) is coming to a close.  This apartment is too expensive.  I would prefer to stay on throughout the lease term, but may be necessary to leave early.  The reason for leaving early would be a physical inability to support myself in a manner in which I have been doing for my adult life.

However, it may not be that drastic.  In a month or so, I should know a lot more about my health situation.  If it isn't too bad, then the plan would be one of three options.

  1. Move to El Paso into an apartment.  This is pretty close to what I am doing now, only the location will change.
  2. Move into my cabin ( which hasn't been built yet, and may never be built ).
  3. Move into an RV trailer type situation.
Of the three options, number one may be the most speculative. That's because it won't be much different in price than what I am paying now.   A cabin would be cheaper.   In order to occupy a cabin, I will need approval from the county people with respect to the septic tank issue.  If I can't get that done on terms favorable enough for me, then the last option may have to be taken.  I don't prefer the last option, but it may be all I can afford.  Money is the problem.  Can't stay healthy enough to work.

There may be a chance I can get a septic system in place which won't break the piggy bank.  But it may be a long shot.

In any of those cases, I will be traveling light.  As a consequence, I am going to start getting rid of stuff.  I've done a little of that already.  This morning, I may make a run over to the electronics recycling center and drop off some electronics junk.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Household waste incinerator

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This post will go into the sewage and waste subseries of the off-the-grid series of posts.  [Note:  not really a series.  The previous button will send you to a grab bag of links.  The next button will send you to the table of contents.]

This item can be purchased here.  Also at "Wilkinson's" in the UK.  Alibaba sells them in bulk, it appears.  Not very useful in bulk.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that I am looking into a septic system that can be approved by state and county regulators.  The information I've gathered so far would indicate that a holding tank will be necessary at very least.  If some kind of tank system cannot be eliminated, then I should like to minimize its usage if at all possible.

I may be able to get an incinerating toilet at a reasonable price, but it cannot eliminate all black water flows, says the state regulator man.  Hence the need for a holding tank or septic tank.  The requirements for holding tank versus septic tank system is made by the county man. 

The holding tank must be drained according to a contract.   Contracts mean money expenditures, hence the desire to use it as infrequently as possible. 

I haven't put it all together in a water reclamation system.  If I did, I would take the black water remaining and run it through a grease  trap, filter it through a home made filter or store bought one, treat it with an antiseptic additive  [ like I did when servicing a swimming pool when I was a teenager], then through a reverse osmosis system to remove remaining particulates and salts.  A final touch is to let it go through an evaporative/condensation cycle that could yield nearly pure water.

The whole system would have to be approved by regulators.  No doubt, it would cost plenty, but it might actually be cheaper than a septic tank.

But it is new and different, so it may be hard to get acceptance.

There may be a use for a waste incinerator, but I've seen better systems than the one below.

Video is here and embedded below:


More thoughts here.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Talking about nuts

Two things went missing recently, and I spent half the day today looking for them.

The two things were quite important, yet easy to misplace.  Fortunately, I have found both, but at the expense of time and a great deal of annoyance.  Not to mention, a good many curse words.

One of those things I will need in order to fill out paperwork for a proposed septic system for my proposed cabin.  The trouble with this idea is that it is going to be experimental, which I suspect does not go well with bureaucrats.

A lot of hard thinking is ahead, and I hope a solution can be found.  Still in that game, but there is no guarantee that I am going to stay in that game.  It could become more trouble than it is worth.

Taliban use 'honey trap' boys to kill Afghan police


The Taliban are using child sex slaves to mount crippling insider attacks on police in southern Afghanistan, exploiting the pervasive practice of "bacha bazi" -- paedophilic boy play -- to infiltrate security ranks, multiple officials and survivors of such assaults told AFP.--- Yahoo news


Ann Barnhardt mentioned that practice.  It is not too big of a surprise to me then, that the Orlando killer was a homosexual.  Evidently, if the police are doing it, then it must be commonplace in that society.  Since Afghanistan under the Taliban was supposed to be a perfect Muslim society, then it must be commonplace in all Muslim societies.

In other words, the story seems to confirm what Miss Barnhardt said about Islamic sexuality.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

PC has driven the culture into insanity

If there was ever a time for clarity it is now.  Yet, the clarity still eludes us all.  Has everyone gone mad?

I'd like to think that there are explanations for everything.  Even a homosexual killing other homosexuals can be explained.  How?  It's projection.  The guy projected his own homosexuality onto others.  It enabled him to continue believing that he wasn't homosexual himself.  It also gave him a motive for killing.  As many homosexuals witnessed his own homosexuality, he was confronted with a truth he could not accept.  Not only that, but they could "out" him.  His response was to eliminate the threat.  By killing all those people, he could claim that he wasn't homosexual himself.   Does that make sense?

Trump isn't handling this well.  He sucks up to the homosexual community and now it looks like he wants to cave in to Democrat demands for gun control.  No gun control means no gun control.  It should have been enough to lock up this wacko killer with the laws already on the books.  Instead, it appears that the guy who ran against PC is succumbing to PC himself.  Why not propose some common sense measures that would have stopped this kind of event instead of going off the rails like this?

Instead of a gold plated, heaven sent opportunity to sink the Dems into oblivion, I am getting a bit worried that there isn't any direction out there from anyone that can turn this around.  Instead, it is more of this crazy shit.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reverse osmosis demo

You wouldn't think all that much crud is in tap water, but this demonstration shows it.


It seems that R.O. can remove 90 to 95 percent of the salts.

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW": Who Will Win In November? A Quick And Easy Guide

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW": Who Will Win In November? A Quick And Easy Guide: Trump or Clinton elected as president in November? There's no mystery as to how to work out which will be inaugurated next January.  F...

Summary :  The race could come down to three states:  Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.


Something tells me it won't be close.

Either way, it won't be close.

Curiouser and curiouser

There are reports that the Orlando shooter was a homosexual.

What kind of sense is it then, to shoot up a gathering place for homosexuals?

If the reports are true, then the guy was probably crazier than a bag full of bedbugs.

If he's that nuts, then how does he fall through the cracks?  The cracks must be bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando massacre

Not really a whole lot to say here.  We've been down that road before.

But, I guess I had better write something, though.

Okay, number one:  If there was security there, in particular armed security, does this lone wolf type succeed at killing all these people?  If you are going to have gun free zones, then you must be held accountable for these scenarios.  You are guaranteeing everybody's safety from such an attack if you declare a gun free zone.  Prudence would indicate that armed security would be required for any gun free zone where there were large numbers of people.

Number two:  Declaring an entire society a gun free zone, like a EU country would do, does not stop these kinds of attacks.  Witness the recent ISIS attacks in Europe.

Number three:  Why wasn't this guy locked up?  You mean the civil liberties of a guy who declared himself in sympathy with ISIS is more important that the internal security of the nation?  The is political correctness gone amuck.

Number four:  If he is in sympathy with ISIS, what is being done about such groups in America?  Anything?  Is that yet another example of political correctness gone amuck?

There could be a lot more to say here, but this alone should be enough to tell you that the current administration's wrong headedness about this issue.  Gun control won't work because it doesn't address the problem.  The main problem is a systematic unwillingness to address threats to the internal security of the United States.  This is largely due to the fact that political correctness is incompatible with our traditional American way of life.


The Dems suggest an arms ban for people on the no fly list. The GOP opposes.  It seems to me that some type of action should have been taken against the guy, since they knew who he was, and where his sympathies were.  Either you lock him up, or you take away his gun rights.  But taking away his gun rights does not stop him from getting a gun.  Locking him up is a better idea because it keeps him away from the bad influences. Not to mention, you can keep an eye on him.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dumb stuff gets all the attention

An accusation that Trump doesn't pay his bills gets a 400, while asteroid mining gets a 7.

What with people anyway?

Spate of murders will become political, this year no doubt

The death of the young Christina Grimmie does not change my mind about the second amendment.  In fact, I am more adamant about it than ever.

The killer is not identified very well, and I am suspicious that it could be another one of those "workplace violence" things that gets terrorism explained away.

The trouble with these open borders uber alles types, is that it opens us up to this kind of thing.  Then, when something happens, they want to go after gun rights.  Seems to be a plan, don't you think?

The GOP only goes through the motions.  They will let the left take away gun rights.  They really don't believe in it themselves.  It is like so many other things with these people.  They are nearly useless.

Trump could change that, and that is why they hate him.

clapton struggling with nerve damage

The condition sounds familiar.

A bit of a struggle going on right here right now, folks.