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Even when you think you have it figured out...

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The problem with the reporting is that there is so little of it.  It should be obvious that the only thing these people want to do is to use it for political reasons.

To prove my point, just do a search for the man who drove into the crowd at Charlottesville.  My search didn't yield much information, but I did find this.  That is, I found it after digging around a couple pages worth of searches.

Contrast that with the mountains of stories about Trump.  It seems like it is all that they can talk about.

It says in the one article that I read that the man admitted to being schizophrenic.

There is one other point that I want to make.  There was a picture of people marching with Confederate flags and Nazi flags.  Now, anyone who studied history should know what the problem is with that.  The two groups shared racist views, true, but other than that, the differences were profound.

Therefore, the fact that anyone who equates the two indicates an ignorance of history.  For example, Hitler killed white people.  His brand of racism was a lot more exclusive than the Confederacy's.  Indeed, if you knew that the people you marched with might well have cast you in the oven with the Jews, you might not have wanted to march with them.  For this reason, I don't think they should be taken very seriously.  Anyone that deficient in understanding cannot be much of a threat.

The hysteria over Trump's statements is just that.  Manufactured hysteria in order to achieve a political result.

We still don't know much about that guy, now do we?

So, I looked a little more.  He is alleged to have said some really questionable things.  If he really said that stuff, why wasn't anybody alarmed?

By the way, there are some prominent black people who admired Hitler.  Now cogitate for a moment on that one.

So, is all this hysteria really necessary because of the actions of this one man, even if everything said about him is accurate?

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you don't.

It's why I out and out distrust the media.  They sell you 100% lies, and if you believe only 1% of it, it is too much.

The thing that got me is that they really don't know why that guy drove his car into that mob in Charlottesville.

It is simply assumed that he was a "bad guy".  But what if he wasn't?  What if it is just another one of their lies?

Serious question, ya'll.

It is how ordinarily fairly decent types can get bamboozled by these jerks.  If you are ordinarily decent, and you  accept only 1% of their fraud, it is way too much.  Then you become a problem, like they are.

I accepted that this was a bad guy.  But according to Ann Coulter, no evidence has emerged that proves that.

Sort of like no evidence that the DNC was hacked.  But there is a dead body.  Nobody's interested in a murder, but a non-existent hack, now that is news.

Getting surreal

Mulehead Mueller is investigating whether Mike Flynn tried to obtain 33k emails from Russia.

Gee.  Didn't Hillary destroy these emails, which were under subpoena?  You mean that he is seriously investigating something like this?

It implies that a) that the emails existed, and b) that the emails would have been damaging to Hillary, and c) that Hillary was in violation of law, and d) that they want to punish someone for trying to find answers to those questions that should have been answered by our own government, but weren't.

The Hell of it is, that Mike Flynn probably wasn't doing it, but they are going to try to charge him with a crime anyway, by saying that he obstructed justice.

Justice?  What Justice?


Sebastian Gorka resignation and the Deep State

This individual was a part of Trump's national security team.  He has just resigned.

Trump supporters should be concerned about this, as well as other recent developments.

It seems that the Deep State has taken over foreign policy of the Trump Administration.
There is some grumbling on the Instapundit blog about the Afghan policy of adding more troops there.  My impression was that it would be a quick surge and then exit.  If it changes into a perpetual war, then the trajectory of this administration has been markedly changed.  Instapundit says go big or go home.  I think this administration at this point is setting itself up to go home.

But what if the Deep State has other ideas?

Gorka is said to have favored the use of the phrase "radical Islam", which is frowned
upon by the Deep State.  If you read some of Gorka's credentials, it is clear that the
impression of incompetence was intended to be given.  But is Gorka really wrong, or is
the Deep State wrong?  What is the point of ever lasting war in Afghanistan?

What I see here is that Trump is bowing to the neo-Cons in order to firm up his support
there.  The continual threat of removal from office seems to be the reason for Trump's change of course.  Is there is a real change going on?  Will Trump be his own man, or is he now a captive of the Deep State?
This Deep State stuff is worrisome.  It appears to me that they are the ones really running the country right now.

People need to keep their eyes and ears open and alert to what is going on.

I am suspicious.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Do these tactics seem familiar?


These uniformed rowdies, not content with keeping order at Nazi meetings, soon took to breaking up those of other parties.  Once in 1921, Hitler personally led his storm troopers in an attack on a meeting which was to be addressed by a Bavarian federalist by the name of Ballerstedt, who received a beating.  For this, Hitler was sentenced to three months in jail, one of which he served.  This was his first experience in jail, and he emerged from it somewhat of a martyr and more popular than ever. "It's all right" Hitler boasted to the police.  "We got what we wanted.  Ballerstedt did not speak."  As Hitler had told an audience three months before --- "The National Socialists Movement will in the future ruthlessly prevent--if necessary by force --- all meetings or lectures that are likely to distract the minds of our fellow countrymen."--- The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer, p. 70
When the so-called Antifa movement wants to prevent others from peaceably assembling, and protesting the removal of Confederate statues, why does it not occur to them that they are acting more like Nazis than the neo-Nazis are?

From Trump's Twitter

Best eclipse evah!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Is intimidation part of the modern poltical scene?

Left wing activist groups are being as disruptive as possible.  Then, after having been disruptive at townhalls, they start harassing representatives at their own homes.

This stuff reads like the rise and fall of Nazi Germany.  It does not belong in America.

Using Plame to silence Trump is odd...

Valerie Plame ( the supposed undercover agent who supposedly got outed by supposedly a Bush administration official ) is trying to raise funds to buy Twitter.  If successful with this, Plame will delete Trump's account.

A basic question here:

Do people actually know the details of the case involving Plame, which happened in the Bush (43) administration?  Here are some facts:

  • That Plame was not undercover, according to Bob Novak, who wrote the story.  Novak could have been misled.  Intentionally? 
  • That no crime was even charged in the case.  Indeed, no crime occurred.  If it had been, Armitage would have been a target, which he was not.
  • James Comey was acting Attorney General, who named a special prosecutor after the Attorney General Ashcroft recused himself from the investigation
  • That Scooter Libbey did not leak Plame's name, Armitage did.  Armitage disclosed this even before the special prosecutor was named.
  • Therefore, no need for a special prosecutor existed.  That no underlying crime existed should have been sufficient reason to render anything Scotter Libbey allegedly did as moot and irrelevant.
  • That Washington DC jurisdiction is one of the most liberal jurisdictions in America.  Libbey may not have received a fair trial.

The so-called Plame-gate was indeed a phony scandal ginned up in order to discredit the Bush administration.  James Comey played a part in that.  Evidently Mueller did too.

Why make their names known again in a highly partisan effort to remove a sitting president for no crime at all?  Aren't they trying the same old trick again?

As for silencing Trump, why?  Does he not have the right to get out his message?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Piddling around

Originally posted on 8.13.17, updated on,

Today, I worked on my "climate control device".  That is to say, my "coffin", or to put it yet another way, my hidey hole.

No, I didn't make it small.  Yes, I am thinking of doing that.  Really small. Like 72 cubic feet.  Do you realize the opportunity here?  Well, look at this from the BTU calculator.

So, worst case scenario is only 516 watts per hour.  Best case scenario is only 147 watts.  Alright.  That the ticket.

Now, to get my lazy butt actually working on it.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up the Coleman cooler, and cut away some unnecessary hosing.   All in a day's work.

By the way, I may be able to upgrade the system with the batteries I have.  Some ideas include using the existing battery outside, and putting in a cut out switch.  A cut out switch will allow the solar panel to charge it during the daytime, and the grid to recharge it at night.  Also, I have a battery that can run a 12 volt fan.  I would have to purchase that.

Now I can waste time and money on something else...  Just kidding.

the original post follows:

My van has an issue that I tried to address today.  Actually, there are several issues, but this one needed attention.

The problem was with a terminal connector on the battery.  It didn't tighten up like it should, and the reason why was that the thing was using a connector intended for the positive terminal, but was on the negative terminal.  The negative terminal is smaller, and I didn't know that.  How many people know that?  Evidently, whoever put this terminal connector on didn't know that.  It was somewhat loose because it was as tight as it could get.  The thing could tighten no further.  It wasn't designed for negative terminals.

It had to be replaced.  So, I bought a universal connector.  It tightens alright, but the thing is too dang complex to put together.  I did get it together after a lot of cussing.  I think the van is okay, but it isn't an ideal fix.  We'll see.

Besides that, I am still fooling around with my solar panel.  I am considering another battery for it,  because it is putting out enough juice to charge more than one battery.  Since money is tight these days, I have to consider things carefully when I am considering a purchase.

My little hidey hole, which is my bedroom, needs better insulation.  That's another little piddling project I have been working on.  My hidey hole is quite comfortable on a hot day.  Everybody around here may wonder if I am ever coming out of my hidey hole.  It is very nice in here.  It is too hot out there.

So, the hidey hole gets a lot of attention.  It isn't perfect, but it is getting better.  It can be improved even more so that I can make a true "coffin" arrangement, that will minimize energy use.  If I were to make a "coffin", it would be about two feet tall, by six feet long, and three feet wide.  That is 36 cubic feet.  About one tenth of the current cubic feet of the hidey hole.

The Butt head calculator says I need about 562 watts for my hidey hole, which I think is a low ball number.  It is low ball if my insulation is "normal".  Nearly 1200 if it is poor.  It may be poor, but I think that it cannot be made much better, although I will try.  At peak hour yesterday, I think this a/c was pulling about that much.

The coffin arrangement can improve that to only 332 watts.  Personally, I do not think that it would take that much.  My frozen ice thingy works better than that, I would guesstimate.

I'm sure everyone thinks I am going Howard Hughes with all this reclusiveness and everything.  But I like to piddle around with this stuff and my hidey hole is doing aok.

In case you were wondering, the hidey hole does not work for nuclear fallout.   If that happens, I am sol.


Because of CRS, I thought I would make a note of something today.  Seems like it is about 7 pm when the solar panel cannot run devices and keep charging the battery at the same time.  That is almost eight hours that it can do this.  It is not an exact number, so don't quote me on it.  If I didn't make a note of it, it would turn into something else.

Also, a crazy notion is going through my head. I may want to make a "coffin" after all.  But all this costs money, and I don't have it.  That's why it is crazy.

Possibility of War

There's been plenty of talk about a second civil war.  How to evaluate that as a

The situation may well be quite complex, and not so easily analyzed.  The reason is
that there are complications that extend past our own borders.

Once again, I point to the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.  The USA
appeared to be caught off guard by this type of attack.  Therefore, one cannot count
out another attack of a similar kind.  What I am getting at is an attack through a
proxy, such as North Korea or Iran.

Iran is not ready yet, but they clearly want the capability to strike US interests and
probably the US itself.

Such threats by secondary powers cannot be taken very seriously unless they are aligned with a major power, such as Russia and China.  Indeed, these countries are strongly aligned with such powers, and so a combination of forces may well bring on a conflict.

Meanwhile, there are dissident factions within the US, which complicate the matter.

These internal factions may well signal weakness to a potential adversary.  Such may
have been the case during the run up to the Pearl Harbor attack.  A potential adversary
may miscalculate and launch an attack, believing that the USA would not respond with
its full capability, due to its internal divisions.

An attack may be a feint, so as to exacerbate the divisions.  Or an attack which would
not indicate a complete retaliatory blow.  Such is the type of attack that the Norks
are threatening.

Splashing dummy warheads just off Guam may be the type of attack that can hurt the USA's image, while at the same time, it may ward off a full attack.  Merely shooting down
these missiles won't be enough, in my opinion.  Therefore, the attack may proceed.
If the missiles aren't shot down because the system is faulty or incapable, this will
be a defeat for the USA.  That could be devastating internationally.

If they are shot down, then what?  Does the USA have to countenance this type of threat? Indeed, no matter how it plays out, the USA loses something.  A simulated attack means the Norks get away with something.  This may be what they are playing for.

Therefore, I think this is a serious threat.

How does that play out at home?

It may well unite the GOP.  Trump is already making some concessions towards the Neo-cons. The Globalists and the Trumpists may set aside their differences.

However, what will the Dems do?  They may well split off.  This dynamic was seen in
the Wikileaks revelations of the DNC emails.  These were blamed on the Russians, but it
is now being circulated about that it was an internal leak after all.

Regardless of the real source of the Wikileaks, it showed that the Dems are divided.
Many of them would support Sanders.  These represent the ones most likely to dissent
from any military action against the Norks. 

But the Establishment Dems who backed Hillary cannot be seen as weak on national defense.

So, I think that there still would be serious divisions within the country, but there
would be substantial support for the POTUS in the case of a simulated attack.  The USA's position in the world cannot take such an attack lightly.  The appearance of military weakness would damage the USA's credibility around the world.

Therefore, my conclusion is this: there will be no war within the USA, but a war may
break out anyway.  It all depends upon how Russia and China react to the Norks launching an attack on the USA, and how the USA responds.

I don't think the divisions in the USA will be sufficient to overthrow the government.

Nor do I think that Trump's enemies are strong enough to oust him.

A war is possible, though.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Charlottesville Big Lie - by Robert Ringer

The Charlottesville Big Lie - by Robert Ringer: To my surprise, on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” the usually thoughtful Kennedy said about President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville violence, “If he had said the right words, we wouldn’t be talking about this.”  Sorry, Kennedy, but you’re wrong.  No matter what Trump would have said, the left, as well as the FNM and establishment sewer …


"...the truth is greatest enemy of the state"----attributed to Josef Goebbels, the propagandist for the Nazis.

Then does that make the real Nazis the so-called antifa?  Or do they just act more like Nazis than the real ones?

Pet Peeves

One of my favorites is this automatic updating systems they have for phones and
computers.  Often it seems that my computer will stop functioning properly, and I
have noted in the past that once this happens, the automatic updating is occurring.
The problem with this is that I want to do what I want to do, not what the computer
wants to do.

I realize that this maintenance is necessary ( or isn't really because these computer
systems are poorly designed), but the interruptions are inconvenient and annoying.
Another thing that annoys me is that these "advances" aren't really improvements after
all.  If they cause you to lose time attending to inadvertent actions, like "butt
dialing", then they really don't save time.  ( Butt dialing happens when you touch
the screen of your phone, and it initiates a call.  You could be sitting on the phone
when this happens.)

I guess it comes down to who really owns this computer, me or the "system"?
Before I started this rant against computers, I had some thoughts about the political
situation.  Seems like the computer rant distracted me from those thoughts.  See what
I mean?

The thought was about how to get the political situation turned around.  Who will
organize this turnaround?  Perhaps you don't have to invent anything, just look around
and see what is being done already.

Several years ago, I participated in an activist system called Grassfire.  So, I googled
it up, to see if they are still in business.  Yes, they are.  So, I bookmarked it, and
will link to it in the future.

There was another outfit that I dallied around with.  These people George W. Bush called
vigilantes.  They watched the border.

Those two could provide a start, but there are others.

The trouble with Grassfire is that it is for profit, or at least what I suspect.
They ask for money, and when that happens, you know it is about money.  Don't like that,
because you have to motivated by some other means than money.

We cannot buy our way out of this mess.

Grassfire is better than nothing, I suppose, but that is not saying much.

It is okay to have pet peeves, but do something about it.  Maybe something can be done
about the scandalous computer industry.  Yes, it is scandalous.  But almost everything
is scandalous these days.


The media is garbage, let's face it.  The idea with the media is not to keep you
informed, but to make money.  If making money means that you will be uninformed, then
that is what you will be.  There are no altruistic motivations governing the media.

When they claim otherwise, look out.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Salt has lost its savor

I think that the Sermon on the Mount applies to the vast majority of Republican Party officialdom right now. 


He ends the article by saying "good for nothing".  Well, yes.

The thing to do is to remove those who won't get with the program.

If that doesn't happen, it will be more of the same.  People have to remember this and act upon it.  Simply complaining about it won't get the job done.

Johnny B. Goode --- How to Play the opening

The coolest sound around, and yet, it is fairly simple.

"Yeah sure", you might say.  "If it were so simple, how come you can't do it?"  Tell you what, from what I know, it is simple indeed.  However, the talent lies in creation, not duplication.

If you can pick this up by ear, you missed your calling.

I couldn't.  The reason I never learned to play like this was that nobody showed me.  Shoot, I bet I coulda learned.

"Oh, yeah", you might say while rolling your eyes.

No kidding.  I coulda.  I spent enough time on it, but never really learned much.  Such is life.

Eclipses and whatnot

Yeah, the day you have been waiting for has arrived--- the solar eclipse.  Woo-hoo!

By the way, there's somebody advertising cars that way.  He has a "woo-hoo" sale.

May sound crazy, but that is quite normal these days

As for the eclipse, I am trying not to go blind while watching it.  In other words, I am not.  It ain't worth it to me.

On other matters, I am quite convinced that there will be no civil war.  If there is, maybe they will throw spitballs at each other.  Quite civilized these people.  We have come a long way towards being civilized you know.  The only mass killings allowed these days are abortions.

But we don't call them that.  Freedom baby!  Gotta be free.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

The healing power of laughter

Yes, I agree totally.  Even Dr. Evil could laugh.

Bwah, hah,, hah!

Er, he wasn't laughing at himself.   Never mind!

Jerry Lewis, Nutty Professor

Jerry Lewis has died.  He was 91.

I didn't know that this movie was making fun of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  It was pretty obvious that it was copying it.

Anyway, I wanted to put up an example of Lewis' work in his honor.  A comedy great has died.

Obligatory, 8.20.17

No post yesterday.  Out of data.  Instead of buying more, I just waited it out.  It was just for one day.

FYI, Betsy's Page just went on the fecal roster.  Replacing it with Conservative TreeHouse.  I'm sick of these people who try to undercut Trump, while pretending to be conservatives.  It is like the deception and betrayal you see from the John McCains of this world.

You cannot allow yourself to be deceived by their words.  Actions speak louder than words, and the McCain types don't deliver when the time comes.

A Civil War in the making?   That opinion can only come from listening to or watching the media.  The Charlottesville stuff is hype coming from them, so it isn't nearly as significant as it may appear. The Dems hype it up even more, and the usual suspects from the GOP side chime in.  It looks a lot worse than what it really is.  I think Trump may be fine.  Especially when the economic numbers really start to look a lot better.  There's reason to believe that they will.

Of course, all of this is tentative.  The media and Dem noise machine may pull their chestnuts out of the fire again.