Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing music video (Good quality, all countries)

They blanked out the faggot reference without it even being noticeable.  That's why it's "all countries".  Yeah, the PC bullshit has us all cowed and scared shitless.  They can censor shit like that, but what about porn?

Anyway, the song is about guys like me.  They wished they were rock n roll stars, but they end up driving a truck and doing deliveries.  Get your Money for Nothing and your chicks for free.  What a country!!!

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

It really seem uncanny sometimes how this YouTube can pick out songs that I like.  There were a series of three here that I really like as great vocal tracks.  The one I'll embed below, plus the Eagles' I Can't Tell You Why, and Chris Rea's song that I put up earlier today.  Great stuff. Or is that just me, and the computer is smart enough to know who I am?

Recap of the last week's posts 1/31/15

Breakdown by category:

                           this week      last week
videos and movies       13                 6
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Seinfeld                       5               1
Basic Concepts           3                9
Current Events            1                0

Looks like "back to basics" didn't last.  Also, a shift into "Seinfeld" mode.  More how-to's, mostly about "da Ranch".  Heavy on the videos.

More active blogging, up to 41 posts for the week.  It's has been awhile since I did that many.

Energy and space have fallen off the cliff.  Maybe there's a reason for that, but I cannot fathom it at the moment.

Chris Rea FOOL IF YOU THINK IT'S OVER Song & Lyrics

That song was on the speakers at the pharmacy where I got me floss.

There's a karaoke version of it here.  How many of you can do it?  Here's the real deal

Why so much time is lost

At my dental appointment last week, I was told that I needed to get "underneath" the bridgework that I had done, and I didn't understand what I was being told.  It required a special kind of floss, and she showed me how that was done.  She also gave me some samples to practice with.  Now that I'm out of this floss, it's necessary to replace them, but I am finding it hard to locate them.  I went to two stores in order to find these things and neither one had them.

While I was at a Walmart Superstore looking for these things, I browsed around and noticed a few things of interest. They had a propane tank on sale, but no price.  Well, that's certainly helpful.

Also, I checked out some tools that I might need, like a stapler gun for stapling the plastic to the wood for the quonset huts.  Plus a power screw driver, so that instead of using a hammer, I can just use screws to put together the wood pieces.

I didn't buy anything, but I used up plenty of precious time.  I did find a place to buy the floss by googling it on the internet once I got back home.  Maybe I'll get this done before the day is over.


Nearly an hour later, I have the floss.  One hour lost is nothing to sneeze at.  Not only that, and the trip may have been in vain, because it was supposedly cheaper than ordering it over the net.  You can't win.

Resuming blogging...

As I move forward through my unplanned weekend:

That last post about Christianity prompted me to go view the Gospel of John video.  I really like to watch that video, I tell you.  The many times that I've watched it, I am beginning to see something familiar about it all.  It looks a lot like our "modern" day arguments.


Jesus says he is the Son of God, and demonstrated it over and over again.  But the people who saw these things did not deny that He did them, but doubted that He was who He said He was.  The illogicalness and inconsistency of this thinking did not occur to them.  But the Gospel is consistent throughout.  So, why do modern day people reject it?  For the same reasons they rejected Jesus back then.  They could not believe that this man was God in the flesh, despite the fact that He did things only God could do.  If those who actually saw Jesus do these miracles, then how can modern day people believe something that is related in a book?  For them, it is mere superstition, and they dismiss it out of hand.

They'll also reject the works of man himself if it does not conform with what they want to believe.  Just look at what John Powell achieved with his propeller that worked at 100k feet altitude.  There are those who don't believe it even though the evidence of this achievement is right before their very eyes.  Then , there are those who don't believe that men walked on the moon, even though millions saw the men get on the rocket ship, saw the rocket launch, and the capsule return to the Earth after having walked on the moon in view of millions on television.

What can you conclude from all this?  Nobody is immune from error or some kind.  But there are those who deny this.  These kind of people are dangerous, because it arises from arrogance, not a humble spirit.  An arrogant man is a dangerous man.

Sociologists Warn of 'Christianophobia' Among Progressive Activists

Free Republic

There has actually been a book written on the subject:  So Many Christians, So Few Lions

The real hotbed for this type of thinking comes from academia, who are supported with taxpayer monies.  As with all of socialism, it is necessarily a bid for other people to support still other people in their dreams of enslaving others to serve them.  They have a perfect ally with the Mohammedans.

They teach the blacks to hate the white man for enslaving them in the past, but what they forget from their history books, if they bother to read them, is that it was the Christians who got them freed from slavery.  It was the Mohammedans that sold them into slavery to the slavemasters.

Now they follow the ones who sold them into slavery, and will do so again.

Doing some calcs for materials needed for quonset huts

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This will be the next post in the construction subseries.

So, let's add up the costs of the materials and see what we come up with:

Plastic sheeting:  Looks like 83 bucks

cattle panels:      Looks like 60 bucks

2x4's (8 ft )  :    Looks like 5 of these for less than 20 bucks

Plywood:          maybe  25 bucks apiece, need 3, so 75 bucks

pallets :             maybe I can get these for nothing

other stuff:        less than a hundred

total so far:       less than 400

Maybe this will cost more than I thought, but what else is news anymore?


The urge is to go ahead and start collecting this stuff, but I'll wait.

The greenhouse sheeting and supplies can be found here.

Don't want to lose my work, so I'll put up where the cattle panels can be found near Houston:

The Richmond store got cut off.  It's off 2218, so I know where that is.


Here's some links that may turn out to be useful:

Powered screwdriver  and bit sets

concrete blocks


There's a TSC in South El Paso area that might have this or can get it.  It may be a problem hauling it in my van.  I put the address in a jpg file

There is also a place called McCoy's that could sell these cattle panels.

Sharyl Attkisson:If You Cross Obama Admin They Will Treat You Like "Enemies Of The State"

We have a budding dictator in the White House, ya'll. Some of you probably don't care, but someday, you may wake up and find everything that you've taken for granted will no longer be there for you. It's because of things like this that this future could be closer than you think.

That's how my best laid plans could go all to smash and why I need to keep an eye on things in DC.

Now that the weekend is here...

I've gotta to figure out what to do with it.  No plans.  Usually, I don't make  plans.  When I do make plans, the plans go all to smash anyway.  Why make a plan?

My "plans" for the move out West are on my mind, so I can do some stuff about that.  I really like the cattle panel idea for making quonset huts.  Perhaps I can put in some orders for the materials and be ready to go out West for my next adventure.

I can build (3) 16x8 Quonset huts for about a grand.  Cheap, no?  The other attraction is that I don't need anybody to help me build them.  The thing about people is that they will be glad to visit once I get everything put together out there, but they'll be pretty scarce until then.  Then, I suppose I'll have 'em in my hair all the time.

One of the quonset huts will be devoted to storing stuff, like a shed.  It will also serve as a windbreak from the north.  It will sit higher than the canopy, that I haven't completed yet.  There'll be a greenhouse just south of the canopy, that will serve as a windbreak from the south.

The third one will be the chicken coop, which will be to the west.  From the east, there will be the approach to the place, with the canopy in the center, where I can park.

I know that I've been over this before, so it is all old hat by now.

So, what's new?  I came across the "rocket stove" on YouTube, so it will be relatively easy to boil up some water, and cook.  Cheap too.  There's plenty of dead wood on the property, so I'll have a way to get started on that once I get there.  I plan on growing spirulina and using that for logs for the fireplace, as well.

But I'm repeating myself again.  Well, it looks like I have got a comprehensive plan, but it is still being worked out.  I found out recently that a freezer will probably not work, so now I have to decide what to do with this thing.  Get rid of it?  Keep it?

Lately, I've been considering buying a propane generator for water collection.  It will run a dehumidifier.  The solar panels and batteries won't supply enough power to run one, and the only question is whether I really want one of these that badly.  It could supply some water, especially on humid nights that occur more frequently than you might think out there.

Perhaps I should keep things simple at first.  Truck in the water, and take it all slowly.  Once I get my social security checks, I can think a bit more about expansion.  Or maybe I don't go out there so soon, and wait until I'm 62 first before going.

Then there's the short position in the market that may yield some cash, so that I may have some money for the extras.

There's a plan, but will it all work out?  We'll see.

This post will go into the general subseries of the off-the-grid posts.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Home again, 1/30/15

Back at home, sweet home.  Somehow, I managed to get through the week without anything really bad happening.  Okay, I'm exaggerating about the really bad.  Something really bad may be unthinkable and unmentionable here.  Today was a slow day, so it wasn't particularly good in that respect.

Once I got home, I wanted to check out some stuff.  I had an idea to get a powerful inverter for use with the freezer.  It isn't worth it.  It may be possible to return the freezer, but I may forget to do that in time, as time is running out on that if I decide to do it.

Then, I checked out the use of a propane generator for running the dehumidifiers, because running them off batteries is expensive.  It has occurred to me that this is absurd, because I can just get the water and truck it back in.  Still need to make trips into town for supplies, so just get the water when in town.  Need to find sources for this stuff, so that hasn't been confirmed yet.

The propane fridge may be a problem, because I have to put it somewhere, but where?  Not in the van where I'm sleeping.  Or wait, it may be possible to do it if you run the gas line through a hole in the bed of the van.  Those exist, so that may be the way to do that.  The fridge shouldn't use all that much gas.

Since I've simplified things a lot, it shouldn't require a terrible amount of money to set things up out there.

However, I won't be 100% self-sufficient either.  I will need a money source.  I've been posting on this though, so to repeat all of that is unnecessary.

Quickie before I go, 1/30/15

Anyone know anything about Sun Tzu, and the Art of War?

That question is asked just in case everybody needed to be reminded that we are in a war.

Two things, very quickly, because I am running out of time:

1) Warfare is about deception.  Deception is not about the TRUTH, but the opposite.  Be wary of ANYTHING that isn't TRUTH and can be verified and vouchsafed as so.

2) Know yourself and Know your enemy.  But if the TRUTH is kept from you, how do you know that you are in a war and therefore have an enemy?

Finally, we all have to decide for ourselves if we are in a WAR or NOT.  It is a safe bet that we are, but the TRUTH of that is being hidden.  Once that decision is made, then WHO is the enemy?  If you cannot determine this, how can you possibly defeat the enemy?

Obama Squirms to Dodge the Truth

James Lewis, American Thinker

There's that word again TRUTH.

Where do we get the TRUTH anymore?  Sadly, this is one of few places.

It should be shouted from every rooftop in the West.  But it is likely to be drowned in the noise of the media and the spitball champs on the left and "right".

Sharia law in Texas?

Say it ain't so!

Looks like it is at least on the way.  Time to wake up, people.

The following is an April 2000 case in Arlington which was a divorce trial between two Muslims, held in a Texas court. It is an example of how unwilling and belligerent Muslims are when they required to comply with our laws. It involved a Pakistani couple. The court ruled in favor of the wife, but the ex-husband wanted to video tape the court proceedings in order to send the video to Pakistan so that a Pakistani court would issue a death warrant on his ex-wife who had won the previous case which he was appealing.

Oops.  Silly me.  We've elected a Mohammedan to the White House.  The people aren't asleep. They are brain dead.

Mike Reagan

I used to listen to the Mike Reagan show on the radio while I worked.  What?  Didn't I say that I didn't like the radio on when I drove?  Yeah, because I didn't need to listen for the two way radio back then.  I do now.

I like Reagan, who is an adoptive son of the late president.

Anyway, he has a good op-ed piece on Townhall.

The media on both sides are obsessed with popularity, but the real news goes by the wayside.  It's dragging us all down.

Brief comments upon the news

Romney discusses his last failed bid.  My impression is that he will be even worse the next time.  He talks about reaching out to minorities, meaning blacks, who don't vote GOP.  News flash to the Romster: they will NEVER vote GOP.  Fuggedaboutit.  This is the kind of thing that the GOP loves to do, but is so doomed to failure.  Why not go where the votes are---the white folks.  But no, that would be racist.  No Romney, puhleeze.

Andrew Sullivan gets blogger burnout.  Wants to go back to "real" life.  Isn't he gay, or something like that?  What's he going to do, get "married"?  Anybody going back to "real" life in the country today is trying to execute something of an oxymoron.  Nothing is real today.  If it isn't digital, it's this phony ass leftist culture that is killing this society.

About the Fed and interest rates:  The left is as dependent upon the zero interest rate regime as the economy is.  If you unplug all of the support, the economic bubble will collapse, and take the political left with it ( maybe ).  The Dems are about to be hoisted upon their own petard, but need to stave off the disaster as long as possible, in order to fool the people enough, so that they will give up their freedom in exchange for a few silver coins...  One last time, in case you didn't get it the first time:  The Dems are dependent upon the big corporations, and the "wealth effect" from a rising stock market..  We shouldn't raise taxes on individuals, but on corporations instead.  Everybody is hooked on the funny money coming from the Fed.  You need to separate yourselves from that.

The Bamster is going all out class war with the tax code:  This solves nothing, but it may fool some numskulls into voting for the Democrats.  As I noted above, the Dems are dependent upon the corporate ATM machine.  This does nothing to address that.  It does do something worse.  Cap gains taxes on individuals should be dropped to zero, but the Bamster wants to do the opposite.  You shouldn't be penalized for success.

We'd better be careful about this:  The Mohammedans are too interested in our political process, while we tend to be apathetic towards it.  This needs to be reversed.  A small minority is going to have outsized influence in our political process because of this.  Wake up, people.


Here's another pretty good article worth a read.  It shows how the Bamster is politicizing political spending.  Money is being directed towards swing states.  In other words, votes are being bought in a type of political warfare.  The left is fighting a war, but what are WE doing?  Shooting ourselves in the foot, it appears.

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW": Bizarre Palin Deranged World Of Washington Posts' ...

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW": Bizarre Palin Deranged World Of Washington Posts' ...: Here's a hint to acquaintances of  The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty-if you invite her to a function tell her its the day befo...


Supportive of Gov. Palin, which is a good thing.  She's a fighter, somebody that we need right now.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home again, 1/29/15

Here we are, nearly the end of the week, which is also near the end of the month, of the first month of the new year.  Time flies, huh?

It sure feels good to get home and get my shoes off.  Today was hotter than average for the Houston area, and when that happens, my feet get hot.  So, when I get home, it is a relief to take my shoes off.  Feels sooooooo good.

It took 3 hours to do the last 2 deliveries and then get back home.  Sometimes, it just doesn't seem worth it.  All that time, and I didn't make all that much money.  Today wasn't a bad day, though.  A total of 11 deliveries, which isn't bad.  It isn't great, but it isn't bad.

I noticed that the stock market rallied today.  My short position is getting creamed again.  It's kinda more like a put option with no expiry.  The worst thing that can happen is that it goes to zero.  In order for it to go to zero, the market has to rally forever.

It is frustrating to watch the markets sometimes.  Impossible to predict with any certainty.  Not unless you've got inside information or somebody powerful on your side who will give you a heads up.  Otherwise, the risks could get to you.  But this position won't get to me because I can take the loss no matter how bad it gets.  I can afford to be patient, but the patience needed seems endless.

I wanted to write something about da Ranch, but there's not a whole lot more to add.  I think the cattle panel idea is a great one in order to make sturdy structures easily and cheaply.  I can make 3 of these for less than a thousand, I estimate.  There'll be one on the north side, then a green house to the south of the canopy, and then a chicken tractor to the west.  The east will be the approach to the canopy, and that's where I'll park.

I want a deck for my shed, and I was just thinking of how to do that.  Use some cinder blocks to raise it about six inches, then put 2x4 across it before laying down the pallets.  On top of the pallets, nail down the plywood deck, and then build the shed on top of it.  If the shed is 16 feet long, I'll have plenty of room for other things besides da Coffin.

Maybe the worms can go in there.  But it might get too cold in winter, and it would be too hard to warm it up.  In that case, it can be made a greenhouse as well, but with a tarp on it in the summer time.  The greenhouse set up will help keep it warm, but not as warm as the one facing the south.

I plan on having worms, chickens, and spirulina.  All need to be kept warm in the winter.

Water will have to be trucked in as well as propane gas.  Also will need supplies.  The plan is to make a trip every two weeks for these items.

To pay for all this, will have to sell my worm castings and maybe the chicken manure could be worth something.  I'm not expecting much income from these sources.  All in all, the proposition still looks shakey.

Back to saying nothing

Ah, yes.  We need material to feed into the maw of this ever demanding blogoshere.

Well, here's something to chew on.

Lately, I've been experimenting with my cooking.  Perhaps you may remember my ideas on cooking eggs.  I started eating egg whites for breakfast recently.  Seems like it's impossible to find something to eat in the morning that doesn't have iron in it.  So, I started with the egg whites in order to have something to eat without iron.  I'd make some huevos rancheros ( eggs with chili ) and eggs with some cheddar cheese that has no iron.

Not too long ago, I found some flour that doesn't have iron in it ( messes with my meds ), and thought up an idea to mix it up with eggs and make pancakes with it.  The pancake concoction is what I've been experimenting with recently.

Looky how many words I used to say nothin'.  But is it entertaining enough?

No?  Got to keep working on it.


Umm. Yummy.  Just made and ate some pancakes.  I was just thinking: you can make flour out of mesquite beans that you can find out west.  Mix that up with this flour I got, plus an egg from your chickens, and you've got some flapjacks.  Use some agave juice and mix it up with some honey that you can procure from your honeybees for your syrup.  Add in some deer sausage if it becomes available.  Very good eatin' without spending a whole lot of bucks.  Beats Mickey D, hands down.

Using the Greenhouse as a shed

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For the off-the-grid construction subseries.

Yesterday, I noted that people construct their own work tables and put them on wheels.  I can use a work table like this to build a coffin on it, and then wheel the coffin into a shed when I need to use the van to go get something.

The greenhouse video shows how to build a cheap shed/ greenhouse using cattle panels and some plastic covering.  For sheds, you can probably just use tarps over the cattle panels.

The shed will have a deck as a floor.  The deck will be made of 4x4 foot pallets that can be fashioned into flooring by putting them next to each other, and nailing a plywood sheet to the top of it.  On top of that plywood floor, the shed/greenhouse can be built.

A crude diagram gives an inventory of what needs to be built.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The "4 Block" Rocket Stove! - DIY Rocket Stove - (Concrete/Cinder Block Rocket Stove) - Simple DIY

Looks simple and easy, just like I like it.  Does look like controlling the fire can be an issue.  (He burned his toast.)


It's expensive, but I was thinking of using a wood chipper to convert dead wood on the property into wood chips.  The woodchips would be converted into logs and the logs would be burnt.

Home again 1/28/15

The fine art of saying nothing.

Could that be my major problem here?  There are people out there that get thousands of pageviews for saying nothing.  Evidently, the public just wants noise, not true information.  True information is hard to develop and takes time to accumulate and then to disseminate.  Even if you are Albert Einstein, and come up with a world changing discovery, it could still take years before its even recognized for what it is.

In the meantime, you have to put up stuff here, or nobody will come.  Why do people come here?  It isn't for entertainment, cuz I don't do that very well.

In order to get those pageviews, I will have to learn how to say nothing.

The above short essay is an example of saying nothing.

Weren't you entertained?  No?  Well, I've got to work on it.

Is there more than one Koran?

Once again, I tried to confirm the passages that Ann Barnhardt is referring to.  Look, this isn't going to be a bashing of Ann Barnhardt.  But there's a problem here.  I cannot find what she's referring to when she speaks against the Koran.

That leads me to a question:  Is the Koran that she is reading from the same Koran that is on the website that I am referencing?  The answer could be NO, because there may not be an central authority on what is what in Islam.  As a result, there could be competing Korans.

We are told that the terrorists don't represent the True Islam.  What is their reference texts, then?  What are the terrorists referring to and what are these "moderates" referring to?

In the West, there was a central authority for a millenia, but then that has splintered into many denominations of Christianity.  For Islam, it appears to be moving in the other way.  It started off fractured, but it may morph into something with a central authority, like a Pope.

By the way, once again, I am not bashing Ann Barnhardt here.  For example, in one of her talks ( PPEC 4/2012), she put up this on the screen:

I agree with this.

As a matter of fact, a recent revelation that I had with respect to truth and tribes looks to be similar to this.  Not only that, but it may explain why this country reached a peak in 1968, and has been in decline since.  We have abandoned truth in favor of postmodernism, which denies one truth.

We were told "God is Dead", but it may be the other way around.  Maybe we are dead, spiritually that is.

Gun control is wrong

Yesterday, I was driving with the radio on, which isn't the usual thing.  I don't like the radio on when I'm driving, but I thought a change would help me keep up with the news.

Stuff from the mass culture bugs me these days, even stuff that's on conservative shows.  This was no exception, but there was something there that confirmed what I believe to be true.

There was a news story about an attempted home invasion that was thwarted by gun toting home owners.  The perps kicked down the front door in order to gain entry and many shots were fired.  The perps fled without getting whatever it was they were looking for.  There were no known injuries, but many shots fired.  The only bad thing there to me was that there were no dead bodies of these perps.  Maybe the home owners were too soft?

Anyway, there's this story on Free Republic where a gun control type seems to have had a change in heart.  Let's arm people, he says.

I would not want to be in France today without self-defense.--- Jeremy Rosen

This is what is called a liberal being mugged by reality.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Home again, 1/27/15

All those thoughts rattling around my brain, and now that I have time to write, not a one of them resurfaces.


Yeah, so I spent some time on the internet, and lo and behold, I found something I have never seen before.  (The word "before" sort of sounds like what's in the Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe.)

But, I won't write about it because I am too indolent and unmanned to handle the task.  Instead, I will post this intro to the 60's sitcom, because it amuses me, and lets me off the hook for another day.

But the bird may return...

Repeal the Bill of Rights

If you bother to notice such things, he's asking white people this question.

Is that the shape we are in?

I mean, how representative is this of us?  There should be NO AGREEMENT WHATSOEVER to this insane proposition, but there are a bunch of dopes who agree with it.  Watch this if you can stomach it.

Here's the left's master plan:  Divide the white people, and have the non-white people vote overwhelming in favor of the left, and this will empower the left to do to the whites what they have done to the white people in Zimbabwe.

You end up with a debased currency, as in Zimbabwe, and a starving people.  All the while, you are complaining about white racism that they practice THEMSELVES in order to get into power.

Now, in this country, you get a black president, voted in by whites, who don't want to be called racists, even though they are not, and this black president plays RACIAL policies in order to further the aims of the left in this country.

The GOP's response?  Cave in.  They should UNITE the white people, and this will stop the RACIAL tactics of the left in its tracks.

No more white farmers: Govt vows


Land redistribution like this isn't what I've got in mind, but I suppose that's what the leftists will do next over here.  Once they wreck everything enough, they'll wreck the farms.  Then everybody can starve.  Behold the future in Zimbabwe today!

Propaganda mill is working overtime, while the GOP folds

According to a Breitbart story, the GOP is folding on their campaign promises to do something about Obama's executive amnesty.

In the meantime, Obama is going to get Netanyahu defeated in Israeli elections, and is going to allow Iran to get nukes.  Will the GOP back down again there?  Their excuse is a rising approval rating for Obama, or it is claimed.  This was the same excuse to drop the shutdown in 2013 that could have ended Obamacare.

Nobody thinks for themselves.  The propaganda tells them what to think, and then the GOP folds like a house of cards.

Most likely, this will lead to a Greek type result, where they elect a Socialist.  You cannot produce prosperity with a printing press, but don't tell Krugman and company that.

Where will they get the money?  Soak the rich.  If the rich had any brains, they'd figure out a way to help the poor so that they ( the rich ) can keep their money.  How?  Get people back on the land.  Will that happen?  Of course not.  You see signs that the rich are getting nervous, but don't worry about them.  They can take care of themselves.  It's the poor that fall for these socialistic schemes, they'll be the ones who suffer for listening to the propaganda.  Happens all too often.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Farkle Family - Wally Cox ( underdog)

I wonder how many takes it took to get all those lines right.  Flicker Farkle:  Hi!

Propane running around my brain

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This post will go into the off-the-grid food subseries.

Food storage is going to be needed, and that means a fridge.  Since the freezer option is out, it will be necessary to go with a propane fridge.  Here's a source for some refrigerators like that that will work in an RV.

Quickie before I go, 1/26/15

Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Well, I got up early, and put up a grand total of two posts, and I feel tired.

I've got an entire day's worth of work ahead of me, too.

What do I write before I leave?  The last few posts on the how-to classification gave me some encouragement, but that is fading a bit.  I would really like to harvest water out there, but the need for energy is too great.  The contraptions I saw may be helpful, and I'd to remember them, but I also have to keep in mind that I don't have that much time.  Same is true for blogging.  There's not that much time.

Crack pot energy idea?

There is a temptation, for want of better description, of labeling anything hard to understand with some pejorative label.  After watching this video, that's my reaction here.  Right or wrong, that's my reaction.  Is this for real, or is it a bunch of junk?

To sift it all out for the truth, I'd have to spend a lot of time on it, and then I could still not understand.

He does have a website, and supposedly, he does have a product to sell.  It just isn't clear to me just exactly how to use it and what it actually does.  Maybe it is useful for taking solar power and efficiently storing it, but that isn't completely clear.

Interesting video all the same.


I watched a second video by this dude, and I think the dude may have something, but he cannot get to the point of what the damned thing actually does.  Pardon my French.  Somebody needs to take him aside and tell him to dispense with the technical jargon and tell everybody in less than 100 words what his contraption can do.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Despite What You Don't Hear In The Media, It's ALL OUT (Currency) WAR! Pt. 1

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Endless hot water without electricity!

Pumping water without electrical power!

Update:  Found this incredible little experimental capacitor set up that can start a car.


This one looks easier to put up than the other, and it can be used as a shed.

Why Reagan cleaned their clocks

It is on display here, if you care to notice, and learn from it.

The "clown" car is defined by the numbers, the "seriousness", and the distance from the center.
With nearly two dozen possible presidential candidates, the GOP is having a seriousness deficit...two dozen speakers ground through 10 hours of speeches in front of more than 1,000 far-right Republicans...they attack from the right, which can force the eventual nominee farther to the right than the nominee wants to go...The media tells us to nominate a moderate, and moderates lose because they have no courage of their convictions or have no convictions...

What does this have to do with the issues facing the country?

When Reagan said there's no right nor left, but only up or down, he had the right tone.  All this is is a bunch of criticism aimed at people for having some courage of their convictions and standing behind it.  That's the last thing these people would want.  If you are serious about what you are doing, these people brand you as a clown.  And Reagan was called an "amiable dunce".

A truly serious candidate can wipe the floor with these people because they haven't got anything and they know it.  They're hoping they can brand you before enough people can see for themselves.

If there's anything I would criticize this meeting for is the fact that they probably won't decide who the nominee will be.

Agent of Chaos, revisited

The video hasn't been taken down yet, so I'll put it back up and make a comment.

In the first iteration of this topic, I mentioned that you have to make a choice.  Even if you don't make a choice, it's still a choice.

The Harvey Dent character is given a choice by the Joker character.  The Joker puts himself at risk of being shot, or not shot, by Dent, and Dent has to make a choice about doing it or not doing it.

Can you imagine yourself in a similar situation, and can you imagine what you might do if you were?

Given how evil the Joker character really was, and your opportunity to rid the world of his evil, would you pull that trigger, or would you refuse?

I'm not sure what I'd do, and even if I was sure of what I'd do, I'd still maintain that I wasn't sure.  How can you possibly know?

After a few minutes of thinking this over, I think you'd have to be prepared for it beforehand.  In the moment of crisis, you have to act one way or another,  There is no time to reflect.  That's what the cop and the soldier has to do.  They are put in situations in which it is easy to judge later, when the heat is off, and the emotions have calmed down.

Pretty scary huh?

Somebody got pretty scared before the video switched on my first time through this.

So, I'm a vampire now?  Bwah, hah, hah!

Sliding door for da coffin

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This is the next in the construction subseries.

Fleshing out some details of da coffin.  The rear door will have access via a sliding door that will be attached to the framing stud along the top.  According to the web page, it needs 5 1/2 inches of clearance, so an extra stud will have to be added so that the track can be attached.
There will have to be a scaffold of sorts, so that the sleeper can be built.  It can be on wheels, so that it can hold the sleeper while it isn't in the van.  When the van is needed for hauling, the sleeper can be pulled out onto the scaffold, and the scaffold can be wheeled into a shed.

No rest for the weary

Today is the day of rest.  Well, that's just bunk.  There is no day of rest around here.  Always working on something or other.

Trying to change things up a little.  This morning, I whipped up a batch of pancake mix, and it was something of a mess.  Usually, I buy a junk food breakfast at the local Mickey D.  But that plan is getting too costly, as the money is gettng a bit scarce.  Making the pancakes didn't really cost anything.

After the breakfast, the usual thing is to buy groceries for the week.  Once again, the thought is to economize, as the money is getting a bit tight.  I managed to save maybe 10 bucks this time.  If I am a bit more careful, I could slice that a bit more, but this will have to do for the time being/  Prices are too high, alright.  My usual habit is to not pay that close attention, but it has my attention now, I assure you.

So, now it is on with the rest of the schedule.  I missed some work last week because my lower back seemed to be acting up.  The rest may have helped a little, but this is going to be with me from now on.  I have to be careful out there.

Yesterday's trip to the dentist was more than a day's pay.  It's really not getting any better.  When I got the oil change, I was told I needed front brakes.  It didn't seem that long ago when I got brakes for this truck.

The cost of living is out of control.

Subseries summarized in one post

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This one will go into the General section list (first item in list on the far left side), as it is a new subseries.

There has to be a grand scheme to organize all subsystems into one large system.  Thus, this post will be working on that project, as we stitch together the off-the-grid project into one master plan.

Here's a list of the subsystems so far, and where I stand on each in terms of posts.

Water:  It has been decided not to produce water on site.  It will require too much power.  The current system envisaged will involve some water recycling and a reverse osmosis system.  The water will be trucked in, as much as 100 gallons at a time.  Perhaps more, if circumstances require.

Power:  It is beginning to look like a bare bones system.  The current iteration has perhaps up to 2 kilowatt hour battery capacity, but without dehumidifiers, this system can be pared down further, and thus, made cheaper.  It could be dropped down to (3) solar panels, (6) 42 amp hour batteries, and other equipment that wouldn't cost that much because it won't have powerful motors that have to be started up.  This leaves climate control as the biggest power consumer.  Here's a method for generator hot water without electricity.  In order to minimize that, we consider the construction subsystem below:

Construction:  Housing is going to be contained within the van.  A "coffin" type setup will provide the room for bedding and will require not too much power for climate control.  As for living space during waking hours?  Haven't gotten to that one yet.  The idea during winter months may be to bundle up.  In the summer, there's going to be a swamp cooler type set up.  These ideas should limit energy use, as energy is going to be in short supply.

Food:  This goes back to the very beginning, when I watched a video on how to make a small greenhouse.  That hasn't gotten much further.  With the current plan, I hope to grow potatoes, raise chickens, and raise some veggies in that greenhouse.  All of this will require water, so my water requirements may increase.  It has also occurred to me to grow earthworms and sell the castings for cash, as I am going to need cash.  Here's a better way to make a greenhouse, which may double as a shed.

Waste and Sewage:  This will be handled with a composting toilet.  A septic tank will use too much water, and water is scarce.  This subsystem has no additional posts as of yet.

Reverse Osmosis System Installation Video

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This post goes into the off-the-grid water subseries.

Given that the production of water on site requires a lot of electricity, it may well be that the only water you'll be able to manage is the water that can be trucked in.  That puts a big premium on getting the most out of a very limited supply.  For that job, it will be necessary to clean up the used, grey water, and convert it back into potable water.

The RO system to use may be this one, or the one in the video below: iSpring Reverse Osmosis water filter system.

An aquarium water pump will supply the water to the system.  Here's the power requirements for such a pump.  The cost is minimal.

It can be seen that only 8 watts will power a system that should be adequate for the purposes here.  It will take a short amount of time for the water to be processed, so the thing shouldn't run continuously.  Therefore, it won't drain the batteries.

In my case, I have no intention of drinking this water, but to use it as bath water.