Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finally, It’s Put-Up or Shut-Up Time on Healthcare - by Robert Ringer

Finally, It’s Put-Up or Shut-Up Time on Healthcare - by Robert Ringer: The Republican’s initial offering for an Obamacare replacement has a lot of people very nervous, especially those who have to run for office again in 2018. Everyone acknowledges that the bill doesn’t come anywhere near close to accomplishing what Republicans have been promising for seven years — replacing the much-hated Obamacare with a cost-effective solution …


Ringer comes up with a lot of good stuff, but this isn't one of his better efforts.  You can have ideology making an otherwise intelligent person stupid.  Oh, by the way, "groupthink" is being blamed for failing to predict a Trump victory.  But the media and the left promote groupthink.  Anybody who knows what is meant by the term could see it coming a million miles away.


The thing I forgot to mention is that Ringer may be following in the footsteps of what you see a lot of these days.  He surrounds himself with fellow travelers who reinforce the notion that he is a genius.  They are a bunch of lackeys who reinforce his notion that he is infallible. 

Here's a news flash to some of you out there:  we are ALL fallible.


Jokes can spun off of this one, even while the story itself is good for a yuk or two.  Talking about moral compasses pointing the way.

Here's a video I want to put up:

Whither Obamacare

It might seem the depth of ingratitude for me to want to see the demise of Obamacare, when I am about to benefit from it greatly.

Yet I wonder if it is good policy overall.  Even if it benefits me personally, I do not see that as a good enough reason to support it.

But now I see that there could be some value in it, after all.  Again, let's not be ungrateful.

The GOP seems to be considering a bill that would give refundable tax credits as opposed to subsidies.  If one policy really is superior to the other, then let them compete.  Give people the option of the GOP plan or Obamacare.  If Obamacare is going to collapse, this may well help collapse it.

It sure would be better than cutting off the knees of people who are in the middle of difficult and expensive treatments, and may have no options.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Civil War videos

These have been lying around for several years.  Sometime back when I bought these videos, I decided that I didn't like them, and so I haven't seen much of them.

But, it sometimes becomes a bit boring around here, so I started watching them recently.  What got my interest was that both Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson believed that God was on their side.

It is an interesting proposition to consider when you think about something like that.  But if God chose a favorite in that war, it is obvious that he didn't favor the South.

Yet the North was not so virtuous, in my opinion.  As opposed to the South, leaving aside slavery, the South may well have been more virtuous.  The better society lost.

A commercialized America is what we ended up is my point.  In my opinion, we are all too consumed by money in this so-called commercial republic.  On the farm, you have what you need.  However, in the city, you will have the breeding ground for crime and corruption of all sorts.  Again, in my opinion, the love of money is what corrupts men and women, and it is this corruption that is corroding the character of the people of this nation.  Indeed, the lack of character is the core of our problem.

If there were any character left, we wouldn't have placed such leaders as William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.  But you have Nixon, too.  It isn't one sided on the partisan level.  Both parties are corrupt.  The difference is that the GOP pretends to care, and the Democrats obviously could care less about such concepts as integrity and honor.

So the nation slowly "Slouches toward Gommorah", as the GOP pretends to be a speed bump on the road to hell.

While I think that Trump is far superior to Hillary, and therefore we are better off; he is no antidote to the poison that is killing this society.

There may not be a happy ending to this story.

Shoring up some weak points

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This post will go into the Construction sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

Well, I have returned from Dallas, and I'm going to wait a week or longer to go back to stay for a couple months.  This morning, I felt a bit energetic, so I started to beef up my sliding door to the bedroom area of the trailer.

After cutting a few pieces of wood and screwing them down, it looks to be sturdy enough for regular use.  However, it is not sturdy enough for traveling, most likely  It may need a few more touches.

Since the bedroom is only about eight by eight, it reminds me a bit of the "coffin" concept.  This will enable a low power device to more easily climate control the small area.  I'm thinking of passive solar in the winter, and swamp coolers in the summer.

My carpentry skills are not that hot.  This thing looks like hell.  But I don't care.  As long as it works and doesn't fall apart, I'm okay with it.  Just doesn't look pretty, that's all.


Did a few more improvements.  It looks a tiny bit better, and is better insulated.  However, there is more room for improvement in terms of insulation.  Appearance wise, just not that important.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Can you spot the PR BS in this "news" piece?

Sex Orgies, prostitution, porn:  Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy

According to the media, the "Pope" is blameless.  It is his faithless flock that is to blame.  Do you recognize the pattern?  Did we not have the same with Barak Hussein Obama?  Obama could never do wrong their eyes.  Whatever went wrong was always somebody else's fault.  If you ever said anything, you were called a "racist".

Notice however, how these people turn back to tradition and blame the man on top when a GOP guy is in the White House.

The media has become nothing but a group of political hacks hellbent on destruction of this country.  Maybe something can be done about them.  Something needs to be done about them.

This "Pope", from what I can hear, is probably egging this stuff on.  Instead, the media won't report it that way.  No, to them, this "Pope" is really "strict", with high standards.  That is most likely a load of BS.

Stuff like this is what makes me wonder how intelligent people can fall for what these people say.

Whether it is "climate science" or this, just about everything coming from them reeks of falsehood.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

This amazes me when I see it

From Instapundit, Disney boss says there's no  media bias.  This leads me to believe that there some cognitive deficiency that prevents these people to recognize how they are behaving against any kind of standard.

If you look objectively at the situation at all, you have to conclude that there is bias.  A person cannot help but biased in terms of their own point of view.  To deny this is to claim that you have no point of view at all, or that you don't care about anything at all.

For instance, these people tend to favor AGW theory.  So, if you believe that to be true, how can you be objective about it?  Once a thing becomes emotionalized, reason leaves the picture.  If they were objective about it, they could listen to "climate sceptics".  Instead, they want to shut them up.  That ain't being objective, ya'll.  Don't tell me you are objective about it when it is an article of faith for you.  It like asking a Christian if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  It is an article of faith.  If the Christian truly believes it, he's not going to objectively listen to arguments against it.  Reason has left that arena.  You believe in what you believe, or you don't.  But AGW isn't supposed to be religion.  It is supposed to be science, and should not have anything to do with emotions.

Science is about logic, reason, and evidence.  It isn't about how you feel about it.

So, when one of them says that he isn't being biased, you have to wonder if there's something not working right upstairs.  It is a cognitive deficit.  Or that they are lying through their teeth.  It is really tempting for me to believe that they are lying.  At times, it starts to piss me off a bit.

So, I am amazed when a seemingly intelligent person could say something completely ludicrous as saying that there is no media bias.  It is like, do you think I am stupid or something?

Obligatory, 3.9.17

On the eve of the trip.  Leaving to stay overnight with my ride so as to get a better start early tomorrow morn.

Posting will be light in the interim.  It should take only a day.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hysteria over Russia

It's damaging our  interests.

The bottom line is that the United States is embroiled in a hysterical reaction to Russian meddling in the Democratic Party that could spill over into far more serious consequences for the United States. Unless politicians and the media want the United States to have little to no leverage against ISIS or on behalf of Syrian refugees, want the United States to provide significant military and economic subsidies for Ukraine to fight Russia, are willing to risk war or proxy war with a nuclear power, and want to avoid peaceful means of improved relationships, they should think about whether pushing conspiracy theories for short-term domestic political gain is such a great idea.

Schumer's Big Lie, by L. Neil Smith

Schumer's Big Lie, by L. Neil Smith


His big lie is to accuse Trump of what he does himself.

Obligatory, 3.8.17

Today, the concerns were a little closer to home.  I will be going to Dallas soon for my first appointment.  It has been a long road, but it looks like I am finally going to get there.

If nothing else happens to blow this up, then it will take from six to eight weeks to complete.  It won't start immediately, as the first appointment is just a consultation and a cat scan.  The treatment will be planned out and once that is in place, then it can begin.

After that, we'll see what's what.  I am hoping I feel a whole lot better.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dick Morris says that there's proof Obama tapped Trump's phone

By the way, his site is getting so commercialized that it is becoming unusable. 

He says that an explicit request to tap Trump's phone came down just after the nomination, but was refused.  However, in October, they asked again without mentioning Trump.  I saw that in another place, so it checks out.  Morris went on to say that once someone's is heard on the phone (like Trump), that they can tap their phone too.  Get it?  They went after Trump indirectly.  The point was to get to Trump by way of his associates.

You might have a lawyerly type say that they can get away with that.  Well, maybe.  However, they are denying that they did it.  So, why make the denial? 

Something is still rotten in Denmark, ya'll.

One of these days, maybe they will get it

Obama should never have become president.

So there was an article on PJ media that says it would bad for civil discourse if one of the kings lies on the floor.  Meaning the two top guys are going after each--- Trump v Obama.

Obama started this.  He is counting on the GOP to do what it always does, and cave in.

Trump is made of different stuff.  It is a good thing to have a "king" like Obama dispatched.  Justice will have been served.

Of course, Obama could cool it.  Or Trump could.  Frankly, if it all ended in civil war, I would not care.  Either we correct these f&^*()s, or they will take us down to the bottom.  Caving in them has made them arrogant.  The arrogance emboldens them to do more and more outlandish things.  If a sufficient pushback occurred that really hurt, they may learn their lesson and quit the crap.

No time to get wobbly, but that is a specialty of the GOP.

The usual suspects sucking up to the left

Where has Mssrs. McCain and Graham been these past eight years?  This is truly unseemly.  Of course Obama is involved in some way.  POTUS doesn't 'order'  a FISA court to surveil someone, but has to sign off on it in some way.  No way he doesn't know nor approveThese guys brag about what they do to Republicans.

Remember Scooter Libby? ( The Wikipedia writeup didn't mention that the government knew the source of the leak.  It was revealed by reporter Bob Novak long before Libby's trial.  So, why the investigation?)   He was convicted of perjury over an event that never led to an indictment nor trial.  Talking about prosecutorial abuse.

In DC, almost nobody votes GOP.  Comey couldn't get a conviction of Hillary there no matter what the evidence was, nor the crime.  On the other hand, you have Scooter Libby convicted even though he didn't do anything.  The same thing here. 

The left has no evidence of a crime even though they looked real hard.  But Hillary skates on an obvious violation of the law.

The media loves to hide behind Graham and McCain.  It makes their sleaziness appear more respectable.

Spymaster and proven liar James Clapper lied again on Sunday when he said he would have been aware of any FISA court-ordered surveillance of Trump Tower

Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker


The James Clapper who denies Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign is the same James Clapper who once lied to Congress, saying that the NSA wasn’t conducting surveillance of the American people

Only people without respect for the truth would listen to the media.  If they reported accurately, Obama and company would be in serious trouble.


Apparently, the Obamabots spy on everybody, including their own.


The cat is out of the bag, so to speak.  Obama spied on everybody.  Denying the obvious reveals the pattern of dishonesty amongst the media.  They were spied upon, too!  They know this well enough.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Witch hunt by any other name

It looks to me that the lefties know full well the Russians didn't "hack" the election.  In fact, one lefty site admitted it.

No, the election was a "sideshow".  Yeah, but that "sideshow" was the fulcrum upon which the proposed investigation is being leveraged.  If there was no crime in the election, then where was it?

Now they are looking for process crimes.  Somebody lied, supposedly, and now they have to be punished for it.  The punishment is what they need in order to avoid looking ridiculous.

Trump should not offer them any scalps, nor any concessions.  Make them identify the crime.  All they can do is point to the Russians and claim something suspicious, and therefore illegal had to happen.  Yet, where is the crime?

Russian BS v. Hillary and her emails

An extraordinary abuse of power by the outgoing Obama administration in surveilling Trump for political purposes, while at the same time refusing to indict Hillary for clear violation of the law.

It appears to me that the media is now trying to gaslight us all.  Hey, according to them, Trump is paranoid.  Ha, ha, ha.

Can there really be any reason to trust these people?

Obligatory, 3.5.17

Priorities are going to have to change around here soon.  If I take this trailer to Dallas, a lot of preparations are going to be necessary.  So, it is time to start "buttoning up" the experiments, and putting away a few things.

One thing that I could put away would be the passive solar project. I can drain the solar heater and the reservoir.  The heater and hoses can be stowed away in the compartment below the bedroom.

That could be a start, but no need to get carried away.  The trip to Dallas is still unconfirmed, and the use of the trailer is not guaranteed.

Besides that project, I want to finish the sliding door project.  The styrofoam on the reservoir needs the be emplaced as well.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't really.


Done!  Or mostly done.  The Styrofoam project wasn't attempted today.  The carpentry work proved to be more than I bargained for.