Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dick Morris says that there's proof Obama tapped Trump's phone

By the way, his site is getting so commercialized that it is becoming unusable. 

He says that an explicit request to tap Trump's phone came down just after the nomination, but was refused.  However, in October, they asked again without mentioning Trump.  I saw that in another place, so it checks out.  Morris went on to say that once someone's is heard on the phone (like Trump), that they can tap their phone too.  Get it?  They went after Trump indirectly.  The point was to get to Trump by way of his associates.

You might have a lawyerly type say that they can get away with that.  Well, maybe.  However, they are denying that they did it.  So, why make the denial? 

Something is still rotten in Denmark, ya'll.

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