Saturday, July 1, 2017

How The FBI Set Up Donald Trump

How The FBI Set Up Donald Trump


I didn't read anything but the intro to the video.  However, consider that this whole Russian business was based upon a complete fabrication that may have been aided and abetted by the FBI.  Then consider how they hyperventilate over the slightest thing they consider wrong about Trump.

These guys accuse Trump of being a liar, and goodness knows what else.  They take the friggin' cake.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Originally posted 6.30.17, 
Updated 15: 00

Seems like Ace is on the Never Trumpers in the GOP.  Yeah, there does appear to be this strain of righties who "just don't like Trump."  Ask me if I give a poop.  I look at results.  Something that they never get.

Would they feel better if Hillary was POTUS?
Don't tell me that failure to repeal Obammy care is because Trump makes them feel ashamed.


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Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: For all those people who think that Trump's tweets are brilliant at reaching the public and throwing his opponents off balance or whatev...


Betsy seems to think presidents are really these high-toned kind of people.  But ask yourself if that is really so?  Clinton?  No.  Bush?  Not really.  Obama?  No.  Maybe Reagan was.  Maybe the first Bushie was a decent man.  But Nixon?  Johnson?  Even Kennedy?

These guys are more typically a bit roguish.  These aren't fine upstanding gentlemen, here.  Let's not kid ourselves.

Actually, I note that the media tears down GOP politicians.  If Trump wants to fight back with Twitter, then so what?

Focus Fusion video

If you are into a lot of facts and figures, pie charts, and graphics, this is for you.

I like Focus Fusion as a possible space drive.  Imagine a space drive with an ISP of a million.  Such a drive would enable interplanetary voyages.  Interstellar voyages will require something more advanced.

POTUS speech on Energy Policy

It was yesterday.  I read the transcript, and it looks good.

It is "balls to the wall" on energy development.  This is something I have preached for the history of this here blog.

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.  Damn straight.

Need shade from the sun to cut down on a/c use

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originally posted, 6.23.17, updated

6.30.17 , 7:30 :

This will be the final update to this post.  I have refined the system as well as I can.  Maybe it could be tweaked here and there for slight improvements.  But I have to think about expenses and such.  I spent about 400 bucks on these projects since I got back.  Well, I don't have that kind of money to spend on anything anymore.  It is mostly make-work-keep-busy type of stuff.

I did accomplish two straight days without using the a/c.  Do I really want to live this way, though?  Not unless I can increase the comfort level.  The a/c is awful tempting.  In fact, after two days without it, I turned it on this morning.

This morning?  Yeah.  For some reason, it doesn't cool all the way down to outside temperature in here.  It stays noticeably warmer, about five degrees.  I cannot explain it.  It is something like you might want to tweak for better performance, but how?  By spending more money?

I need to move on, and so I will.

6.28.17,  23:00 :  

Another experiment today. This one started at about 5 pm, and is continuing as of this writing. The melting ice did not really help much with the heat, as far as I can tell. It is still too hot in here. There needs to be shade.

The sun is too much, in other words.

The ice is nearly all melted, and it is feeling more comfortable now.  But it is only 80 degrees outside, so it should feel more comfortable.


20:30 :

I correct the previous statement that the ice lasted nine hours, it lasted seven hours.  The new ice has frozen in the freezer.  This means that it took about twelve hours for it to freeze:  since I replaced the ice taken out this morning with some water that will replace the melted ice in the Coleman on the next experiment.

The bottom line is that a daily swap out is feasible.  It will take less than a day to freeze each batch of water that has to be replaced.

14:30 :  

The ice has melted.  It lasted about nine hours in mild conditions.  The real test comes when it gets really hot again.

10:15 :

After three hours, about half the ice is melted.  Very nice in here.

7:00 :

A test of the "coffin concept" is underway.  It is utilizing about 50 lbs of ice obtained from the freezer, and the passive solar setup from last winter.

The results so far are interesting, to say the least.  It is noticeably cooler in here than in the rest of the trailer, but outside is supposedly cooler outdoors than in here.  For this to be so, an uncomfortable thought just occurred to me.  That is to say, I am heating the trailer with the freezer, and cooling it in here.  Just moving heat around, not out.

The freezer would have to be outside in any serious arrangement.

But it does feel really nice inside here.  I'd say about six degrees cooler than in the rest of the trailer.

A better time to test would be in the late afternoon.  Of course, I had to do it this way. /sarc

6.24.17 :

Boy, was the need for shade confirmed yesterday.  It was supposed to have reached 105 degrees Farenheit.  I fought  a losing battle against it.  Finally had to give up and turn on the a/c when it was 102 inside.  Nothing seemed to help until I called for the cavalry.  Lesson learned.

the original post follows:

This post will go into the Construction sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

The last time, I was working on the "coffin concept", which is to save on power and electricity through the use of only small areas to climate control.  Now that I have one, I have managed to do a few things that will give me an idea of what I need to do on this to make it work better.

At present, it is not working well.  The swamp cooler is not cooling that well.  The misting system is not helping either.  Even watering down the trailer doesn't help that much.  With everything I could think of being done, I still have to use the a/c for several hours a day.

The next idea is to freeze water with that big freezer I bought a couple years ago.  It will go into the passive heater system.  It will work the same way as the passive solar, because the water is in a closed system.  This system will not divert the water into an outside system, but will keep the water circulating through the heater core and back to the Coleman cooler.  The freezer will keep the water near freezing, and a box fan will circulate the air through the heater core.

My thinking is that to freeze 40 lbs of water won't use that much electricity.  It won't supply as much cooling power either, but it is only 64 square feet.  This matches well with my freezer experiment in 2014.    Only 290 watts per hour for that much area, if everything works out.  That would give about three or four hours of cooling.  Forty pounds would figure about at less than two hours actually.  I don't know how realistic this is yet.  Still experimenting.

Keeping in mind that the whole room doesn't need to be cooled down, just me in my little area.  If it starts at eight pm, by ten pm, it should be cooling down anyway.

Another thing to remember is that there is no shade in this location.  I can make more shade, so I have got that going for me.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pot calling the kettle black

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6.29.17 @ 18: 00 :

There was something about this on Limbaugh today.  Could it be that these people only do these things for attention?  They had to know that Trump would respond as he did.  Why should they be surprised at how he responded?

More fake stuff, I'm afraid.  All for the attention.  All for the clicks.  No substance, no meaning.

The original post follows below:

The media has been so dishonest for so long that I stopped taking them seriously for a long, long time.  It preceded Donald Trump by decades.

So, for them to call Trump a liar means nothing to me.  Actually, I really don't know what the heck they are talking about with respect to his alleged lies.  If they had credibility with me, I would look it up.  But I won't waste my time.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Coming Breakup? - by Robert Ringer

The Coming Breakup? - by Robert Ringer: Back in the early eighties, when I was publishing my newsletter The Tortoise Report, the thought crossed my mind that the crumbling American Empire might eventually break up into smaller pieces — similar to the path chosen by the Roman and British Empires. When it comes to maintaining control over your subjects, bigness tends to …


One commenter had an opinion that follows my own:  that leftwing politics is centered in the cities, whilst the rest of the country is far more conservative.  In such a case, how can they "secede"?  They get they food from the countryside.  They probably get their water from the countryside.  In fact, they get just about everything from the countryside.  City states are not sustainable politically.  How would they pull it off?  In the end, they would have to come under the influence of some more powerful political entity.

If they had to choose between other countries and their own, would they really decide to go with the others?

I guess you can say "we'll see".

Did The FBI Pay For Hillary’s Negative Research On Trump? Lunch Alert!!

Did The FBI Pay For Hillary’s Negative Research On Trump? Lunch Alert!!


Did the FBI actually use taxpayer money to play politics?  Isn't that against the law?

Obligatory, 6.28.17

Clearing out my van this morning.  There was a 5'x8' unassembled trailer kit in there.  Yes, it was heavy, but I moved it on out.  Plus a lot of other things.  It has some trash in it to clean out, but it is nearly ready for sale.

I will attempt to sell it for 3500 bucks.  This will help pay down some debts, and relieve me of the obligation to insure it.  Not to mention that the car gets much better mileage than the van.

If I cannot get 3500 for it, I just may keep it.  I really hate to sell this van.  It is a pretty decent vehicle that will be hard to replace, should I choose to do so.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There shouldn't be any such thing as hacking

These people won't let the so-called hacking accusation end.  However, one may ask what is being referred to by the term.

My understanding of it is to gain unauthorized access to computer information.

If computers were secured, then how would there be any hacking?

Also, why are computers not secure?

Surely, they are not behind unlocked doors.

Since that is not the case, then what we are talking about is online access.  Then the online security is weak, no doubt.

Why is online security weak?  That's the 64k dollar question.  But the answer is that with any security scheme, it is only as good as who is in charge of it.  If somebody is really sharp, you aren't getting by them.

Hence, the only reason that there is hacking is that not enough people seem to think it important that it be stopped.

Therefore, we will have hacking until the cows come home.  Nobody cares enough to stop it.  I conclude by saying that all hacking references are bravo sierra.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Lie harder. Yeah, that is the ticket.

Originally posted on 6.24.17, updated on 6.26.17 :

Five things everyone is ignoring about the Russian-DNC "hack".

Mainly that it wasn't one.  Was it a cover story for a murder?  Oh, yeah.  We can't ask that question.

original post follows:...

According to an article in the Hill webpage, Democrats say that Obama should have communicated better about the extent of the "hack".

In the first place, it should be remembered that the so-called Russian hack of the DNC emails allegation was already attempted.  What probably didn't make the news, was this "FBI" investigation was just a rehash of a paid "investigation" done by the DNC.  The FBI never had access to the alleged DNC hacked servers.  A question arises:  maybe the servers weren't even hacked, and that is why the DNC refused to turn them over to the FBI.  In other words, it was a lie.

What should be asked is why Comey's FIB (FBI) put the news out there to confirm that there was a hack even though the FIB didn't do any of their own investigating?  This story was hearsay.  It wouldn't hold up in court, but it is good campaign material.  Why is the FIB engaging in politics?

Other questions arise, as well.  But we can't ask those.  Oh, no.  We can't do that.  We must continually beat this dead horse for as long as we can.  /sarc

Terrestrial Energy begins siting study for commercial molten salt reactor


This is David LeBlanc's enterprise.  This blog has been following his work for five years or more.

Progress seems slow, doesn't it?

Actually, the earlier posts went over the reasons why.  Our government is stupid.

SpaceX reflies booster for second time this year

An old phrase that I use to hear a lot applies here:  "they've got it down to a science".  It so happens that there is no intention to refly these particular boosters after the first recovery.  Instead, these boosters are for learning how to do it.  Eventually, they intend to make a new model which will be recovered and re-flown numerous times.

There was another article which seems to suggest that Elon Musk is well on his way to becoming the world's richest man.  For whatever you think of the guy, he seems to have very grand ideas.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Obligatory, 6.25.17

Been busy around the place today.  After nearly ten months, I still haven't completed the move from Houston.  Although I have had all of my stuff out of Houston since December, some of it was in various places around here where I am now.  Slowly, I am consolidating it all in my trailer, and once that is done, the move will be complete.

After that, I can sort things out!  Stuff is still pretty mixed up and disorganized.

Besides all of that, I am still working on the goal of not using any a/c. It does appear at this point that, in order to reach that goal, I will have to put a cover over the top of this trailer.  On hot days, you can just forget about it.

As of now, I haven't scanned the news.  So, I am in a good mood.  Ay, I must be a glutton for punishment.  After finishing this short communication, I will begin getting caught up on the news.