Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trump may have jumped the shark this time

The "blood" comment about Megyn Kelly was pretty bad.  No, it's not political correctness to mention disapproval of it.  He's just simply being rude.  There's no excuse for it.

Well, it was a nice little fantasy while it lasted.  Finally, it seemed like a GOP guy on the scene who showed up with some gonads.  It was too good to be true.  Now, we are back to the whine and milquetoast.

Fuera de serie

Seems like I remember that show that was in Spanish.  I watched it to try to learn some Spanish, but gave up on the project.  I think the words meant "out and about".  But Google translate doesn't render it that way.  Google renders it "off the charts."  And the phrase "out and about" is rendered in Spanish as "fuera y sobre."

I'm "out and about", senores, whatever the hell the way is to say it.  Posting will be lighter, amigos.

Follow up on 8/5/15 post

The fact finding trip was sobering.

The move out West has some complications, I've been warned.  Inasmuch as our government refuses to police the border adequately, there are Mexican gangs that cross the border and raise hell on the American side.  I could be out there on my property and be confronted by one of these gangs.  If that were to happen, I was warned that they would cut my throat.  That's quite sobering indeed.

It may be necessary to be well-armed and well-organized.  It could be a matter of life or death out there.

Wishbone is doing well, in case you were wondering.  That was part of the trip.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Home again, 8/7/15

Actually, been home for about an hour.  Watching replay of GOP debate.  What seems to have stuck out in the first 50 minutes that I watched was the exchange between Paul and Christie.

Nothing really changed my mind, but I did go away with a good impression of the quality of the candidates.


Read over portions of the transcript of the debate.  Trump is questioned about abortion, I think, and it is revealed that he was once pro-abortion.  I was "pro-life" "pro-choice" myself once, so I can't hold it against him, but it does give me a somewhat uneasy feeling about him.  It may well be possible that Trump is even more unreliable than the politicians.

Trump's critics may be right.  Trump may not last.

Obligatory, 8/7/15

Feeling good enough to go back to work, so that's what I'll do.

Unfortunately, I slept too long to have much time to blog this morning.

As to what is on my mind this morning, you may recall that I wrote about a song I heard while in the pharmacy recently.  But there was another song that I heard which slipped my mind.  It was by Jermaine Jackson, who is a brother to Michael Jackson.  The song came to mind when I woke up, so I thought I'd mention it.  I read up about Jackson, and found that he has converted to Islam.  This fact led me to compare him somewhat to his brother, who seemed so screwed up.  Jermaine Jackson was trying to convert Michael to Islam, saying that it would help him.  That reminds me of the story about Malcolm X's conversion to Islam.

No question that this society is messed up.  Christianity is failing, and when something like that happens, something else must take its place.

Why is Christianity failing?  What else have I been writing about?  The truth is out there, and if the people were really interested in the truth, they'd find it.  "Seek, and ye shall find".  It's all what's inside of you.  If there's no truth there, you will always be lost.

The conversion experience of Malcolm X does not convince me that Islam is the answer.  His story impressed upon me that it was just a way to blame others for ones own shortcomings.  There's no truth in that.

I've heard that Islam says that it is okay to lie to a non-believer.  How can God approve of that???

Too bad about Jermaine Jackson and his brother.  They are very talented family.  The song is very nice.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hiroshima anniversary

Yeah, it's time to rip America again.  Actually, I got a bit of a surprise when I went over to Maha's blog and checked out what she had to say about it.  She wasn't ripping America to shreds, but she was worried about the morality of it all.

The idea is not to be moral in order to feel good about oneself.  But that is the usual pattern now isn't it?  No, I'm not going to get on some high horse so that I can accuse others of being beasts, and feel better because I am not one myself.

Hiroshima was the culmination of a series of events that took years to unfold.  Nobody thought it would come to what it came to at the time.  For example, when the French wouldn't do anything about Hitler's march into the Rhineland, they had no idea that ultimately the war that would come would result in something like Hiroshima.  But that is what happened.  Small events can have huge consequences.  Not to blame the French, though.  Do not misunderstand.

The point is that Hitler could have been stopped relatively easily at that point, but they failed to act. Hitler eventually starts a war that makes it necessary to pursue the bomb.  Although Hitler was defeated before the bomb could be used on him, it was used on the Japanese instead.  The Japanese were Hitler's allies and they attacked America at Pearl Harbor.  All of it very complex chain of events, don't you know.

One could argue if all stops were pulled out in order to stop the bomb from being dropped on Hiroshima, that this awful event could have been avoided.  That might even be true.  But you can also argue if such care was taken years earlier with Hitler, that the bomb wouldn't have been built in the first place.

The point?  By the time the bomb was built, it was already far too late to talk about the morality of using it.  There were already tens of millions of deaths.  It may seem cruel to mention, but the dropping of the bomb was not that big of a deal once you consider everything else that happened.

Why feel guilty about Hiroshima, then?  Why not feel guilty about the invasion of the Rhineland? If Hitler had been stopped there, World War II may never have happened.

Reviewing my April trip

It still amazes me that it took 12 days just to put up a rickety little shack.  Number one says he can help me put up another shack in just one weekend.  I'm thinking he's a bit too optimistic.  Naturally, things can go faster when two are working as opposed to just one.  Plus, he add some more power equipment.

However, another shack may not be necessary.  He thinks it will likely be necessary because of the winds out there.  In other words, what I built won't hold up.  If it doesn't, that puts into question the entire project.

That seems to be happening a lot these days.  Could be that my "moonshot" is a bridge too far.

The  breakdown of the trip:

( 2 ) days for traveling
( 1) day for setting up panel
( 1) day for setting up camp
( 4) days worth of rain outs
equals 4 days remaining of actual productive work.  Even those days were cut short by mistakes of one kind or another.

Actually, most of the time lost had not that much to do with the construction itself.  Moving out west to El Paso will save a lot of time traveling.  The rain outs were super precautionary on my part.  I didn't want to get stranded out there.

Obligatory, 8/6/15

A new problem has resurfaced, my aching back.  Looks like I may have to alter my habits a bit.

I'm out of whack, no doubt about it.

I've been reading a few things for the last hour and a half, so I'm catching up.  As of the moment, though, no comment.

Ah, I was supposed to get a new phone.  I can check on that.


Got the phone, and now the service is swapped out.  However, there's a lot more work to do in order for it to be up to date.


The reason I got this new phone is that the old one was crashing too often.  The battery in it has always sucked.  Now, I've been fooling around with this new one and it appears to be working okay now.

It is especially important not to have it crash when I'm working.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modus Operandi---Fait D'Accompli, then Ultimatum

I noticed on some big ticket issues, the method of operation of this administration.  First, Obama presents you with an accomplished fact, then he gives an ultimatum that you have to accept it, or accept the consequences of what will follow.

An example is his arguments in favor of his new deal with the mullahs.  The fait d'accompli is that the international sanctions regime is now in a shambles, thanks to this agreement.  Now Obama says that you have to accept an nuclearized Iran that is the ultimate result of all this, or face the consequences of being an outcast on the world stage.  It is hard to say no.  It's almost like Don Vito Corleone offering you a deal that you cannot refuse.  You should say no deal anyway, and face those consequences.

A second example is homosexual marriage.  This isn't necessarily Obama's deal alone, but his judges and his party did impose homosexual marriages on states that did not want it.  The fait d'accompli was the necessity for another Supreme Court decision, and the consequences were the disruption of lives dues to the fact that many of these "marriages" had already occurred, and now the Court had to take them away or accept the fallout that there annulment would create.  The Court, at best, wimped out.  At worst, they were accomplices with Obama in the hijacking of the institution of marriage and family as we have known it.

The third example is Obamacare.  Need I write more?

This only gets worse.  Unless there's a meaningful opposition, the destruction will be total and complete.

Why the Wizards of Smart get it wrong about Trump

The Dunning-Kruger Effect in action.  Translation:  Politico doesn't get why Trump is ahead.

Or, as Dirty Harry character said in Magnum Force, "a man has gotta know his limitations".

Bwah, hah, hah

Would you let your 12 year old daughter sleep with an 18 year old boy?

American Thinker

Summary:  It's about the Boy Scouts decision to let homosexuals infiltrate their organization and have a shot at the kids.

Comment:  There shouldn't be one needed, but that alone is sufficient to be the commentary of the age we live in.  The Evil and Stupidity of the ruling class has no bounds.


I told him that as an Eagle Scout, I can attest to the cross-generational intimacy of the scouting experience. Young boys, older teens, and men share a lot of private time. They swim together, shower together, sleep in the same tents together. On the everyday level, I told him, I would worry about the Jerry Sandusky factor.--- Jack Cashill
 There's really no point to the infiltration except to have more opportunities to look for more recruits.  The same would be true for unisex restrooms.

Anti-Trump people are the same ones who are running us down

This sounds pro-Trump.  Don't really care.  All I know is that the people who are criticizing Trump for not being a real Republican are the same damned ones who aren't doing jack squat about anything right now.

Trump could be full of crap.  Sure.  But we already know that the GOP and the so-called conservatives are full of crap.  Why not roll the dice and see if the guy can do anything?

Their arguments are for themselves when they have done nothing to recommend themselves to us.

"Like, wow, man"

I'm giving the following comment upon this Free Republic post a thumbs up.

"The writer thinks that Putin is just a Russian nationalist. Bullshit. He was and always will be KGB and the idea of reestablishing the Soviet Empire, slowly, by the old nibbling tactic, is his approach."

What Putin may or may not be, is not the point.

The Russian people have a wide variety of media coverage to select from and only a small amount of it is state controlled.

They have selected media that is pro Russian, and formed their opinion of the West from those sources, and they overwhelmingly dismiss Western Media.

Russians view Obama and the US government as cowardly, lying degenerates attacking Russian culture and values. I would point out that many Americans (probably including you) would agree that the Obama DemoRat Regime are, in fact, cowardly, lying degenerates attacking American culture and values.

Be aware that Russians do not believe that there is much difference between the Obama Regime US government, and the American people in general, after all they elected Obama, ...twice.

This is the operative factor for understanding where Putin gets his power, and why he is not likely to lose it very quickly.

The same American MSM that has convinced Obama voters that Americans are Fascist, racist, bigoted, homosexual degenerates, also convinced the Russians, as well.

 Russians don't see Putin as a problem, they see America as the problem, and the American left, by turning Western media into liberal Socialist degenerate propaganda, has assured that Russians will not be convinced otherwise.---- Navy Patriot

America has sunk a long, long way down.

Obligatory, 8/5/15

Yesterday was a fact finding type of day, and I found out more than I was bargaining for.

There may have to be a reassessment of everything I'm doing, including this.  I spend a lot of time doing this without anything to show.

Time to quit the blog?  Don't know.  One thing is sure, nobody comes, so what's the point?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Obligatory, 8/4/15

Time can really get away from you sometimes.  Here it is, well into the first week of August.  I'm trying to get back on a schedule, and the time issue is back front row and center.

Today will be busy, posting will be light.

Perhaps this post can include a thought or two.

  • Trump is doing well in the polls, but is it style or substance?
  • If it came down to Hillary v Bush, would I vote?  If so, for which candidate?
  • AGW theory gives an excuse for the politicians to do "what is good for you", but isn't it only really good for the politicians and their supporters?  There is a principle there, and if you can grasp it, you will have the key to getting back the power to the people.  The key is the truth, as the "truth will set you free".
  • Somewhere yesterday it was said that to deny AGW theory would be harmful to any politician.  Why would anybody believe that?
  • Deep ecologists don't even like solar or wind.  These two types of projects can also be stopped for environmental concerns.  The bottom line is that the deeper you get into the ecology mindset, the less that you will be able to do to help yourself.  For these people, there are no solutions that they will permit---not even solar nor wind.  But if we are to be able to help ourselves, we have to make a choice somewhere down the line.  Turning back the clock to the Stone Age isn't a viable solution.

Monday, August 3, 2015

More AGW

Well, well, well...   That's what one of the characters liked to say in the video Brave New World.  Then he zaps somebody with some type of punishment device.  Well, well, well...  The left is still talking about AGW.  Well, well, well...  Bwah, hah, hah!

Back to the Ideal Gas Laws.  Remember that Pressure (P) times Volume (V) equals the number of molecules of the gas (n) times the gas constant (R) times its Temperature (T) (PV= nRT) .  This means when the Earth gets hotter, meaning T, that to balance the equation, the product of Pressure times Volume must go up proportionally.  So, what happens when the Earth's temperature goes up?  It's atmosphere expands outward.  Pressure must also increase as well.  Now, how does this trap heat?  It doesn't.  The heat energy is expended in the expansion.  That's the same principle that pushes a piston down in the cylinder of an engine, which powers the wheels of your car.  The expansion of the hot gases in the cylinder does the work and the gas cools by the time it reaches the tailpipe.  Therefore, gases are by nature incapable of heat retention.  By nature, gases dissipate heat, not retain it.

But isn't that what AGW is supposedly all about?  Carbon dioxide is supposed to trap heat like the glass does in a greenhouse.  But glass is a solid.  It's properties are not those of a gas like carbon dioxide.

The only thing that holds the gases on the Earth surface is gravity.  So, if things get hot enough, the atmosphere will be blown away!  Not much of a trap for that heat.  The best that you could call the force of gravity in this instance is like a balloon that can burst if the pressure gets too high.  If the temperature gets too high with the glass, well, it melts.

Even if I am wrong, and the gas does retain heat, it cannot hold heat as well as water.  And water cannot retain it long enough to accumulate.  If it cannot accumulate, then where will the energy come from to make things hotter?

If it did retain heat for more than 24 hours, then what stops the temperature from rising forever?  Therefore, the heat must dissipate in less than the time it takes from sunset to dawn.

This is simple enough, but there are going to be those of you who will remain unconvinced.  Well, well, well...

You know, Einstein didn't need a computer in order to come up with the Theory of Relativity.  What is so magical about computer models?  A computer model is nothing more than what the programmers make it.  It doesn't think like an Einstein does.  Actually, computers are dumb.  They are only as smart as they can be programmed to be.

Yeah, but today's computer are really smart you say.  Maybe.  But if the programming effort starts with the premise that AGW is happening, then how do you think that the computer will be programmed?  Of course it will be programmed in order to confirm that bias, not to contradict it.

Moreover, if scientists get their jobs in order to work on AGW theory, they don't want to disprove it, because the minute they do, they lose their jobs.  If their jobs were structured to determine the issue objectively, their jobs end when they get a result.  Most likely, they will act the same way, to protect their jobs, they will produce a deadlock.

In other words, the "scientists" aren't there to do science.  It is a jobs program.

Dick Morris thinks Trump can win.

He goes over all this on his lunch alert for today.

Morris says that Trump's negatives have gone down.  My bet is that the negatives were a byproduct of the Establishment.  Once enough people figure out not to listen to the Establishment, there may be a big improvement in conditions.  If they don't, the Establishment's days are numbered.

Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch

Heard this on the elevator music channel at the drug store.  Not bad.

Cruz must be getting desperate

He is on the warpath about AGW, but his arguments are unsound.

If you get into an argument on somebody else's turf, ( meaning premises ) you lose.  Cruz is arguing about scientific measurements of heating, which isn't his turf.  It's theirs.

People can argue this stuff until the cows come home.  It doesn't prove anything.  Like I've been saying here, you've got to stop relying upon the experts and do your own thinking based upon your own education and training.  The amount of knowledge needed isn't that much to overcome this tactic being used by the left.

Instead of making the left look bad, Cruz is going to look bad.  Bad news for Cruz.

I think his polls aren't moving and he's really worried.

Obligatory, 8/3/15

There seems to be good news this morning... few symptoms.  It seems that I can go back to work if I wish.  Those last two words ought to worry me, though.  It gets easy to sit on your butt.  Too easy.

The speed of the improvement caught me off guard.  Yesterday, I felt as if I made no progress at all.  By afternoon, I was improving.  My usual routine got out of whack.  I guess I'm wondering if I should just jump back in, or consider making some changes.

In the past, I got into some health problems cuz I pushed myself too hard.  This latest business may have been the same kind of thing.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sometimes ideas just seem to fizzle out

I've become rather fascinated by the video of Brave New World.  This is a society where the use of the word "why" is controversial.

That reminded me of the video of Bernie Sanders, who seemed to take issue with the GOP, who questioned the experts on AGW.  Indeed!  If only the GOP would ask MORE questions!

All in all, I did not like the tone of Sanders.  There was this compulsion in it.

The GOP guy was a bit too laid back and friendly.  Hey, if a guy takes the wrong tone, he needs to be called out on it.

Anyway, the use of the word "why" should never be controversial in a free society.  Besides, a true scientist would love to explain why a thing is true.  I know people who know things, and they don't mind telling people about it at all.  In fact, they enjoy it.

There's something wrong when you are told that you don't have the right to ask questions.

The basic idea that fizzle out is that very one.  It seemed like a promising topic, but it kinda fizzled out on me.  Basically what I want to write is that The Brave New World of Aldous Huxley was not a free society.  Let's not go there ourselves.

Boring stuff

Earlier today, I resolved to get a bit more active.  Been hanging around here too much.

I had thirteen dollars worth of pennies, so I cashed them in.  Used the money to buy some polishing cloths for waxing the car.  Did that, too.  A little disappointing that it doesn't look a lot better.  Well, all things considered, it ain't a bad little car.

But the day went by fast.  Here we are at nearly 5 pm, and can't say that I did all that much.

I did have some more thoughts that I'd like to share, so now that I'm back from polishing the car, I'll get to work on that.

By the way, I may be feeling better.  Best news I've had for the past week.

Reality v fantasy

The thought isn't really unique.  Robert Ringer had something like this in his book Winning Through Intimidation.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just regurgitating old info I've seen somewhere else.  Okay, never mind.  Let's get on with it.

Perhaps I relate to it so strongly, it becomes my own.  Especially when it comes to women.  You see, I think I am especially prone to falling into the fantasy trap with these women.  Especially today's women.  As a matter of fact, I think the women fall for it too.

In fact, you could generalize it across to board from relationships to politics.  So many things fall into the fantasy trap.  AGW could be just another example.  This might bug some people very deeply, but religion may be a type of fantasy, too.

Reality is so hard to deal with, that the fantasy is just too irresistible.  Someone once said that contemplating the inevitability of death is like trying to look into the sun---one doesn't do it steadily.  So, the fantasy trap of that awfulness is the belief in the hereafter.

Of course, that is likely to be seen as an atheistic observation.  It is difficult to resolve it because you can't prove it one way or the other.  That's beside the fact that people believe that you can and that fuels some conflict with someone with a different opinion on the subject.  What might be helpful is to realize that it is a matter of opinion.  There's just no way of knowing for certain one way or another.  That's why faith is necessary.  If it were irrefutable on all levels, it would be fact, and it wouldn't be necessary to believe.  Belief implies doubt.  Kind of a yin-yang thing.

Then what do you do about the difference of opinion?  If what someone believes annoys you, what can you do about it?  You can try to convince them, but their belief is so strong, that the effort is futile.  In the end, you are going to believe what you are going to believe. Or you go caveman, and bash their heads in.  There have been religious wars, you know.  If you want to be civilized, you avoid the caveman stuff.

This isn't necessarily about religion, mind you.  It is something that goes further than that.  That too, is opinion, as someone might ask, "how can you go further than God?"  Good question, there.

My answer is perception.  Human beings perceive things, but not always correctly.  The information processed therefore, may lead to wrong conclusions.  Therefore, even if what you see is truth, your perception of it may not allow you to see it for what it really is.  God can exist, but you may not perceive it as such.  And vice versa.

As I said, it isn't just religion, it is across the board.  Humans seem to be prone to fantasy because it is often better than the real thing.  Or it is deemed in some way to be better.

My fanaticism about truth is that we live in a REAL world, so living in fantasies is not helpful.  But to live in truth is hard to do when so many others won't face the facts.

There are those times when you are facing the facts but are being accused of not doing so.  So is the same with the AGW fantasies.

There are a lot of human problems, but AGW isn't one of them.  But that is my perception.  What if I'm wrong?  If I decide to believe in the Christian God, what if I'm wrong?  Or vice versa?  If I want to be a girl and I'm a guy ( Bruce Jenner ), what if I'm wrong ( that's too easy)?

Postmodernism seems to encourage Bruce Jenner types.  It is easily verified though that sex cannot be changed so easily if at all.  If all of life could be so straightforward!

The harder questions are the ones that cannot be so easily verified.  This is the trouble I often have with women.   My problem there may be a perception problem.  If I knew the answers, I wouldn't have these problems.  But the answers elude me.  I won't go Capt. Caveman.  Just not my style.  If I have a question, I will ask.  It just doesn't necessarily mean that I will get an answer or if I do, a truthful one.

If it is truthful, it is too hard to face, then the fantasy is preferred.

Obligatory or checking in or what have you, 8/2/15

That title, meh.

Nothing new to report in the medical dept.  No news may be good news.

I was thinking about the deal with Iran and why I prefer Trump at this point, but could change my opinion depending on new information.  There could be posts on that today.

Since I need to work, there could be a return to some kind of activity, but that may be limited if I do.  Haven't decided yet.  Definitely need to get more active.  There's just too much to do.

I get a lot of clicks on the light posting variety of posts, but I'm not increasing the output.  This is a one man show here, and it doesn't pay me for my time, which is in too short of a supply.  Bottom line is I cannot hire people to produce more content for me, and I don't have the time to put up more myself.  The refund check is in the mail, if dissatisfied.