Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Like, wow, man"

I'm giving the following comment upon this Free Republic post a thumbs up.

"The writer thinks that Putin is just a Russian nationalist. Bullshit. He was and always will be KGB and the idea of reestablishing the Soviet Empire, slowly, by the old nibbling tactic, is his approach."

What Putin may or may not be, is not the point.

The Russian people have a wide variety of media coverage to select from and only a small amount of it is state controlled.

They have selected media that is pro Russian, and formed their opinion of the West from those sources, and they overwhelmingly dismiss Western Media.

Russians view Obama and the US government as cowardly, lying degenerates attacking Russian culture and values. I would point out that many Americans (probably including you) would agree that the Obama DemoRat Regime are, in fact, cowardly, lying degenerates attacking American culture and values.

Be aware that Russians do not believe that there is much difference between the Obama Regime US government, and the American people in general, after all they elected Obama, ...twice.

This is the operative factor for understanding where Putin gets his power, and why he is not likely to lose it very quickly.

The same American MSM that has convinced Obama voters that Americans are Fascist, racist, bigoted, homosexual degenerates, also convinced the Russians, as well.

 Russians don't see Putin as a problem, they see America as the problem, and the American left, by turning Western media into liberal Socialist degenerate propaganda, has assured that Russians will not be convinced otherwise.---- Navy Patriot

America has sunk a long, long way down.

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