Saturday, October 3, 2015

Notes on the Series about the Book of Revelation

Note:  As of this writing, I haven't made notes of the first 4 videos.  Whatever I wrote about this was covered in prior posts.  It also should be noted that I didn't have much to write about that either.

Note:  Gary McDade appears to be following Revelation pretty closely.  However, he adds a great deal of commentary and criticism of those who have a different interpretation than his.  Since he stays so closely to the text, and gives citations to other portions of the New and Old Testaments, I'd say he has significant credibility.  Since he points out those who do not follow Scripture, I'd say ( without double checking that for accuracy) that his criticism of them is probably correct.

Note:  ( after watching 16 videos, with a possible 3 more to view, and having finally read the entirety of the Book of Revelation)  Without double checking all references for accuracy, I'm going to give a judgment that McDade is most likely correct.  Therefore, it is to be recommended for those like myself who needed some guidance in understanding the Book of Revelation, and some motivation for finishing the reading if you have started, but cannot finish reading it.

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9  Begin taking notes.... up to here, the sealing of the saints.  Not clear about whether these people are dead or still alive.  Most likely dead and in heaven because they stand before the throne of God.  However, what of the 4 angels that would hurt the Earth and were held back by the angel with the seal of God until those who would receive the mark so that they would not be hurt?  Must be referring to the Church and its living members.

Part 10

The Seven Trumpets.  However, most of this video slams Pre-Millenialism.

Part 11
Fifth and Sixth Trumpet:

Review of prior material.  Study outline.  Beginning of 9th chapter of Revelation.  Locusts that punish the non-believers.  Torment of them, but not kill them.  "Fate worse than death".  Reference to the seal of the saints.  Again---most of this video slams Pre-Millenialism.  Calvinism introduced.  Said to rob men of their free moral choice.

Part 12

Review as written above.  The mighty angel and the little book.  John was told to eat the book that was sweet as honey, but bitter to the stomach.  Not the only mention of such a thing in Scripture.  Again---video criticizes Pre-Millenialism most stringently.  Discussion of the Kingdom of God meaning the Church.

Part 13

Usual review of prior videos.  Discussion of Chapter 11.  "Truth has fallen in the street."  City of Sodom and Egypt---places of wickedness---linked with Imperial Rome?  ---- then Babylon , a place where God showed his wrath.  This sums up the story.  The rest of the story is retold---"oversimplication".  Much of Christendom believes some form of Pre-Millenialism, it seems.

Part 14

Usual review.  Discussion.  Beginning of retelling the story.  ( see above )  The criticism of Pre-Millenialism:  Daniel's prophecy quoted:  "to the time of the end" means end of prophecy--AD. 70, not the end of time.  Distinction being made is not insignificant.  95% believe of some form of PM ( Pre-Millenialism )...

Part 15

Mark of the beast.  The beast and the false prophet.  Later in the video, he compares the persecution of Christians in the early church and compare it to the "false" Christians who "fought" the Muslims in the Crusades.  No reference to the word "anti-Christ" in Revelation.  The Beast is not "the anti-Christ".  ( conflicts with the movie "Damien Omen"---popular culture.)  The Beast that John refers to is the Roman Emperor or Emperors, who persecute the church.

Part 16

"Wrath of God" is the same in the New Testament as it is in the Old.  Nothing has changed.  That's not what you hear today when you hear it described in the popular culture.  You hear that the wrath of God is Old Testament stuff, and that the New Testament isn't.  Another thing found to be false.  God of love is just as true.  There is no mutual exclusivity.

Will publish at this point, and add the rest of any comments as updates, if necessary

( Update if necessary ):


Yes, I think it is necessary to review something that caused confusion in Part 8 written about in an earlier post.  I looked for how this could be understood, with the confusion removed, and it appears that the seventy weeks of years was an artifice of the PMs ( Pre-Millenialists ).  I could not find it in Daniel, and the review of the video shows that it isn't in Daniel either.  Therefore, it must have come from the PMs.  But wait, it is in Daniel somehow, as McDade says it is indeed 490 years.  Okay, then, I cannot find it.  The confusion remains.  It must be the historical record of what actually happened with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70, and then having the years reckoned back in time towards Daniel's prophecy.  But, I cannot find it in Daniel itself.  Only "70 weeks" is found.  Not "weeks of years".

Part 17

Getting a bit too contentious about the Pmers.  The point has been made.  Cut this short.  May return when I feel extremely patient.

Part 18

Battle of Armageddon is said by the Pmers to start here, but doesn't until a few chapters later.  The "bowls of wrath" are still to be poured out.  McDade exaggerrates human capabilities for destruction when he says that there are enough nukes to split the Earth in half.  ( not a chance )  The rest of the video refers to the Pmers, which isn't necessary for me.  I'm moving on.

Part 19

New videos found!

Moving on.  The Title is Mother of Harlots, meaning Rome.  Rome is the new Babylon.

This concludes my study.  Perhaps I will return to this at some later time.  But this is it for now.

Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24

15 down, how many to go?

Haven't really established how many of these videos.  Just now watched the one about the Beast, and the Mark of the Beast.

My impression is that the popular culture has it all wrong, of course.  What else is news?  Popular culture is just so much junk.  It is like this metaphor:  like cotton candy is to the teeth, so is popular culture is to one's soul.  There's no real nourishment in it.  It may seem like good fun, but it only rots the teeth (cotton candy) or soul (popular culture).  So, the Catholic Church wants to be more modern and to place this kind of Pope at the head of the church?  One that caters to the popular culture?  Such is the state of western civilization.  Is it not any wonder then that it is crumbling before our very eyes?

Today's Plan: To view Gary McDade's videos

I'm also taking notes on some of what I'm viewing.  Since I have been favorably impressed with his videos, I am inclined to spend time on them.  I will post the notes when I conclude watching the videos.  How long will this take?  Probably longer than this weekend, of course.  I have watched 11 of them so far.  There are probably more than 20.

Obligatory, 10.3.15: I may be getting into a rut

If something looks like you're only going through the motions, then it may be time to change things up a bit.

Here's a few things that I am considering:
  • The blog started out being more non-partisan and less argumentative.  It seems that I've fallen into the thing that I once criticized.  While it is true that I am more on the conservative side generally speaking, I think it is also true that I am not happy with anybody right now, including conservatives.  While that isn't non-partisan, it isn't favoritism either.  Everybody catches hell here at some point.  But I don't hate everybody.  Just liars.
  • Changing the header again.  The "wtf" may offend some folks because of language.  I can keep it clean if I make my mind up to do so.  Henceforth, the blog will be clean, and it will start with the header.  I won't remove all bad language from the blog, however.  I don't have the time, and besides, it is a reminder that I can and do use rather salty language at times.
  • Each title will include information as to what it is about.  That starts with this post.
What I won't do

I will not be like somebody that I am not just so I can be more popular.  So, if you are expecting a liberal blog, you ain't gonna find it here.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Something different

Usually at this time of day, when I get off work, and get home, I'd do a home again post.

You know what?  This is a home again post.  The only thing different is the title.

Well, at least something is different.

Nothing new under the sun, as the good book says.  When Obama wants to do gun control again, he's just playing his old tune.

Perhaps the GOP could play a different tune.  But Limbaugh is sounding defeatist to me.  It's almost the white flag time again.

If they had some imagination, the GOP could use this.  Instead, they are always playing defense---and losing.  One thing they could do is to require that gun free zones provide for security.  If there's no security, it cannot be a gun free zone.  BTW, the security would require the use of a gun.

Pass that bill and send it to Obama.  It would be interesting to see how he reacts.

Quick post, 10.2.15

Given what I've read about Revelation, questions arise as to what our government should be doing today.  Not only our government, but what should Christians do?

For example, the Constitution is being nullified, in case you haven't noticed.  At what point do you rebel?  Ever?  This is what I asked in the previous post.  What influence has the interpretation (s) of Revelation of the New Testament had upon people?  If so, should it be considered good or bad?

One thing I have always said that if you give up your guns, your ability to resist what the government is doing has been greatly compromised.  The government seeks the people's guns because they do not trust the people and want to dominate and control the people.  But it is supposed to be the other way around, as Ronald Reagan once noted.   "We the People" tell the government what it can do, but the left wing wants it to be otherwise.

Therefore, any calls like this that Obama is making should be considered as extremely suspicious.  What exactly should be done about this if it begins to take place?

I have suggested a Con-Con.  An Article V convention.  But it is being resisted by so-called conservatives.  Do you really think the left is going to stop encroaching upon what's remains of the Constitution?  This is a legal and hard to resist way of dealing with the challenge coming from the left.  But it is dangerous, of course.  So called conservatives fear the prospect of a runaway convention that may do just about anything.

But there may not be any good alternatives available.

Obligatory, 10.2.15

Finally at the end of the week.  Posting continues to be light until I am satisfied with the videos of Gary McDade, who is discussing the Book of Revelation.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was confused about the prophecy of Daniel with respect to the time from the "Babylonian Captivity" until the destruction of Rome in 70 AD.   Since I revisited it, the confusion has dissipated somewhat, but there is some confusion about this period of time.   I don't think the confusion can be satisfied, so I moved on.  It is rather remarkable, and this is just my opinion here, that there time period Daniel mentions correlates so closely to historical fact.  In other words, Daniel predicts something nearly 500 years before it happens.  That's pretty remarkable to me.

The next chapter, which discusses the "sealing of the saints" is also a bit confusing.  It appears to be that a distinction is being drawn between the Christian Church and the Jewish one.  This somewhat ties into the previous chapter, I am concluding.  Also, toward the end of this video, McDade once again points out that Premillenialism is inconsistent with the Book of Revelation.  ( I haven't yet read the Book of Revelation up to this point to make sure that McDade is being consistent with it, and therefore would be correct in saying that.)

Question:  How many people today are under this alleged misconception about Revelation, and does this have any impact of current events?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lemon Trump Interview

Saw the link to that on Free Republic and watched a bit of it.

It is personally hard for me to see how Trump loses this nomination.  He handles Lemon quite well and can deal with the media, in my opinion.  Nobody is going to catch this guy.  He's going to be the nominee.

Could something happen that would prevent this?  Sure.  But, I just don't see it happening.

Obligatory, 10.1.15

Now I have watched eight of the videos.  This eighth one was rather confusing during one stretch in which he began discussing a time period of 490 years with reference to the prophecy of Daniel.  Confusing.

I'll continue with it, but this one is a head scratcher at this moment.

I recall from history that there was a time period called the Babylonian Captivity.  It is said that the this 490 year time period may extend from that time to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD. 70.   May have to study that in order to remove the confusion, or leave it alone.

Gary McDade is still criticizing Premillenialism with respect to the belief in the Rapture, the Tribulation, and the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth.  He says that there's no support for "Premillenialism" in Revelation.

After a pause and some consideration:   This video may require some study before going on.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Home again, 9.30.15

Use to be that this title meant that I was in a big hurry to get to posting, but that pattern seems to have been broken.
Been home for about an hour, and I went ahead and watched Gary McDade's series on the Book of Revelation.  I have now watched 7 of the series, which will include probably over a dozen more videos.

Evidently, the Anti-Christ may be towards the end as opposed to in the beginning.  It may be better to not skip it and move towards the end.  Instead, it may well be better to just watch them all after all.

One thing about McDade's presentation:  his presentation is definitely at odds at which I had heard about Revelation in that there was to be a Rapture, followed by 7 years of tribulation, and a thousand year reign of Christ on Earth.  McDade says these aren't in Revelation at all.  One thing about all that:  I never did believe any of it.  As for what McDade says is actually in Revelation is a matter in which I will have to find out myself by watching the entire series.

What I was going to write about was the markets.  But that is hardly a match for the End Times, now is it?  I suppose if people lose all their money, they will think that it is the end of the world.

Quick post, 9.30.15

This quick post stuff is born out of the lack of time, like so many things on this blog.  This is offered only as an explanation, it's not a complaint.

Anyway, I was scanning Memorandum, the place to go for all the BS news about politics, which itself is nothing more than the art of BS.

It is necessary though, because one has to keep up with events.  Politics is necessary too, because somebody has got to do it.

The thing that struck me shouldn't be a surprise.  Nothing in this campaign will address what's really wrong.  Maybe that is so because it can't.  "The mind that created the problem cannot be the mind that solves it."---Albert Einstein said that.

Ronald Reagan said that the government isn't the solution, government is the problem.  In my opinion, the politicians are a problem, that's for sure.  None of them are capable of dealing with the problems, but they sure are capable of creating them.  Even if you find one capable, nobody would pay attention to that person.  How do you get votes if you bore people?  People are bored with truth and with goodness.  They want to be entertained and want to have fun.

But what happens when the joy ride is over?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

You have to pick up the pieces.  More fun.  /sarc

Obligatory, 9.30.15

Continuing with the Book of Revelation:  since time is so short around here, how much time should I devote to this?  I figure the least amount in order to accomplish the most.  That's a good rule to follow.  So, what can be accomplished here?  Something of a review of the video series that teaches all about it.

That goal can be reached fairly quickly, if I choose.  I can already state that the video sticks pretty close to the text in Revelation.  He seems to be going over it line by line.  There's a video for each chapter.  Since I've watched five videos, and the first two were introductory in content, that means I've watched videos for the first three chapters.  There is probably upwards of twenty videos.  That's why I am a bit concerned about how much time it would take up.

In other words, if you watch all twenty, and check it all out for accuracy, you will have to spend a lot of time.  Maybe as much as a month.  No time for that around here.  Those who are interested and have the time can do that.

I think I may continue for a bit longer, though.  I am curious about the Anti-Christ.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obligatory, 9.29.15

Since time is so short, what are the priorities regarding how to use what little of it that one has?

It seems that I have encountered an issue that may require a considerable amount of time to resolve.  What is that?  The Book of Revelation, that's what.  It seems that I have been under the impression of what it really was even though I never actually read it myself.  I have read a book or two about the end times, but not the actual source itself.  I did try recently, but gave it up when it seemed impossible for me to read it.  This is a fault that puts me into error.  I don't like being in error.

So, it may be necessary for me to correct this error in what I thought was the case regarding the Book of Revelation.  It just goes to show you that you cannot necessarily trust everything that you hear, or read, for that matter.  You have to do it yourself.  But you may need a reliable guide.  But how do you know that a guide is indeed reliable?  The guide could steer you into the wrong direction.  It is so easy to go wrong.  Too easy.

I'm going to trust ( for the moment ) the guide that I've already mentioned.  Then I will compare what he says to what is actually written in my own Bible.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Quick post, 9.28.15

The relentless marching of time requires that I must manage it.  Since there is a limited amount of time, I have to prioritize its use.

So, what's next for the blog is the question here.

Last week, it was about chasing down a computer problem.  It wasn't really solved, by the way.  Instead, I am managing it.  Seems like the ongoing theme, huh?  Problems don't get solved, they just get managed.

There are themes like this in the blog a lot lately.  Seems like I want to include those themes as an ongoing feature of the blog.  Having a "quick post" is just a way of managing time, which is a problem that must be managed because there's so little of it.

I want to keep up with my "moonshot".  The moonshot meaning my property out west.

I want to keep improving the blog.  If it fails to get pageviews, then so be it.  A large audience is no longer a priority here.  Even a small one may not be.  If all I can do is to improve my own mind, then that's what's going to happen.

Politics may get a bit less coverage.  Why?  It is a waste of time, which I haven't got time to waste.  It is a waste of time because there's little truth in it.  Better to spend time productively than to waste it on worthless politicians.  Nevertheless, one is obliged to keep up with events.  But no more kidding oneself about where things are headed.  Unless there's a big change, the direction will continue to be down.  The "horserace", as it is, no longer interests me.

I have to keep working.  That uses up a lot of my time.  Still have to earn that daily bread, man.

Obligatory, 9.28.15

I'm reminded of a scene in the movie Goodfellas, where Tommy's mother remarks about how Henry isn't talking, and then tells a humorous story about a guy who didn't talk much.  The story ends with how the complaint is reversed 180 degrees, and the complaint becomes "you're always talking".

What reminds me of that is I get the feeling that there's a complaint about the light posting, then when I post a few things, the numbers drop.

Anyway, my reaction to that is to continue doing what I'm doing.  I'm always talking.  Bwah, hah, hah.

I can't help but think that the mention of the Book of Revelation has people heading for the exits.  Or, that I am criticizing why people seem to believe what they do.  Should I just "shut up" because people don't seem to like it?  It's the truth, by the way.  Maybe that really is the sign of the times.  People just aren't much interested in truth.

If it was the discussion about the Book of Revelation that got people upset, well, you aren't going to feel better.  I'm going to keep watching the videos, and if there's something remarkable about it, I just may post it.  Right now, it appears that what I've heard about the Book of Revelation appears to be wrong.  That ought to be interesting, but not these days.

I regret that people aren't interested in this.  If it means anything, I'm not claiming we're at the end times.  I thought I said something that contradicted that.  Whatever.  Sometimes people just react to what they think they saw, not to what they actually saw.

I do think that the country is bad shape.  That hasn't changed.  It's the "why" part that may have people freaking out.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back from the football game

One of the few pleasures that I afford myself from time to time.  Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for me anymore, and with the way the Texans are playing, even less today.

There was a knock knock joke that I heard this week.  It went:  "Knock Knock.  Who's there?  Owen.  Owen who?  Oh and two!"  ( meaning the Texans ).  Yuk, yuk.  It will probably be "owen three" this week!

Away from the football and back to this.  Yay team!

We can always talk about the team that we all are, meaning our civilization.  But the news there isn't good, either.

Hey, I am not naturally pessimistic.  I started off this blog with the premise that solutions are possible.  But solutions are not being sought.  If solutions aren't sought, by golly, they won't be found.  Instead of solutions to be sought and implemented, we get advantages that are sought and taken by those who pretend to serve us.

Not only that, but if you don't know what is and what isn't a problem, you are in real trouble.  Such is the case with Western Civ.  They are all focusing on "climate change", but should be far more concerned about the moral decay that gets increasingly bad with each passing day.

I've contrasted the faiths of Christianity and Climate Change.  People believe in the Climate Change and they base it upon blind faith, yet at the same time, they will condemn religious faith as "superstition" even though there's evidence to support it.

What "blind faith" are AGW proponents basing it all upon?  Faith in politicians.  At best, faith in men ( or scientists).  Probably more the former than the latter because the former signs the latter's paychecks.

What evidence is there to support Christianity?  The testimony of eyewitnesses.  Oh, that!  It's 2000 years ago, come on man!  No.  You don't doubt that there was a guy named  Alexander The Great do you?  That happened long before Jesus of Nazareth showed up.  So why not believe the eyewitnesses of 2000 years ago then, especially since they were willing to die to support their testimony?


The Texans won.  So much for the knock knock joke.  Maybe I should be more optimistic?

The Book of Revelation -Christian Bible Movie - (The Apocalypse of John)

Times of trouble give rise to the end of times stories.  The Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation, and this video is about that.  However, it is not suggested that this movie is faithful in all respects to the Book of Revelation.  I hadn't read it or even attempted to read it until recently.  When I read it, I didn't get it.  I consulted another video to explain it, but couldn't find it.  I failed to take note of what it was that I watched, or who said it.  Now, I have forgotten.   But I do remember watching this one.  There are others, of course.

My view of the end times is that we cannot know when that will be.  It isn't what I said, it was what Jesus said.  What I saw yesterday was impressive.  I regret very much that I didn't take close notes.

Anyway, here is a movie that may or may not be accurate.  I think it is at least, mostly accurate.

Ah!  After watching the movie above, I looked again and found it.  Here's the first of the series:

General Introduction - Study of Revelation #1

These two videos are a contrast of sorts.  Which of these do you prefer?  Either one may appeal to you, but the second one offers more instruction, if that would help decide whether or not to watch it, or perhaps both.


Apologies for the poorly written post.  Hopefully, I can do better than this.  I wasn't drunk, in case you are curious.

Obligatory, 9.27.15

"Distressingly meager."  That was a comment upon an essay I wrote for a test question while I was still attending the university many moons ago.  Yep, he didn't say anything really bad, in fact he also wrote "not too, too, bad" on it, too.  I ended up making an "A" for the course because I found a way to write enough about the subject so as to not be so meager in content.

There's a lot of posts here, but they tend to be short.  Why is that?  I think it is because I tend to be scatter shot and cover too much ground.  The topics run all over the place, but nothing goes down deep in depth.  Hence the meager content.

Can this be corrected?  Not without a lot of discipline, which is one of my weak points.  I regret that, but it is following rather strong tendencies, so there's not a whole lot that can be done about it.  Sure, you can follow Bear Bryant's ( the famous football coach ) advice and keep working on your weak points until they become strengths.

You can look at this blog another way, though.  What it lacks in depth for each post is made up for in numbers.  There are over 9600 posts here.  Many are linked together and all are categorized.  If you want to understand this blog, you have to make use of how it is organized so that the sheer number doesn't become too unmanageable and the depth can truly be said to be better than "distressingly meager".  In other words, there's a crap load of stuff here.

I could attempt to categorize it better if that would help.