Saturday, May 27, 2017

Abuse of intelligence for political purposes

After reading a bit of the Attkisson article on the subject, one could ask the deeper question with respect to the allegations of Russian meddling in the election--- was this accusation just a diversion of attention away from abuses committed by the Obama administration?

It is now unlikely because of the naming of a special prosecutor.  This wasn't the charge nor focus of the investigation.  If it were, there could be more confidence in its outcome.

If there had to be an investigation, why didn't the GOP insist upon this investigation as a part of the alleged Russian meddling?

The answer is that the GOP is a fake party, offering only fake opposition.  If the GOP was a real party, offering real opposition, this would not have happened.

Such is the state of this country.  We have a de facto one party system, but a de jure two party system.  It is meant to fake out people that there is a political divide, when no real divide exists.

Until such time that the GOP gets real, I will not be dissuaded otherwise.

Obligatory, 5.27.17

An earlier start this time.  I forgot to mention that there were some comments that were awaiting moderation for quite some time.   Not only did I forget to mention, I forgot to check for comments.  That's why they were in waiting for such a long time.  Most were approved, as only one was a spammer.  Comments are welcome here, just no abusers are welcome.  Dissent is welcome, as long as the abuse is not there.  The lack of approval of comments was an oversight on my part.  My apologies for that.  Not that this blog gets a lot of comments, though.  But that is no excuse.

Just before I wrote that paragraph, I called the nearest Goodwill center.  I want to get rid of the mattress that came with this RV.  But they said no, mattresses and / or box springs won't be accepted.  Rats.  Well, there's a Plan B.

The mattress is taking up space in my van.  As long as the van is stuffed with this queen sized mattress, I cannot use the van for hauling cargo.  Thus, the mattress has to go.  Nothing wrong with it, but it is kinda old.  This is not a new RV that I am living in, hence the oldness of the mattress.

Until I dispose of the mattress, I cannot buy materials for my shading project.  In the meantime, I will continue thinking upon that project.  Already, I am making new plans, as the old plans are too costly.

Today is the first day of a holiday weekend.  Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in defense of this country.  It reminds me of something I want to write about later, maybe even today.

Otherwise, it is onward through the fog.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Obligatory, 5.26.17

Here it is, nearly 10 pm local time, and I haven't made a post.

As for my to-do list, one more item remains, and that is the shading for the trailer.  Problem is, I have changed my mind about it.  It will have to be simplified, due to costs.  Putting up a deck, as well as a screen, is going to cost a few bucks.

So, it is time to simplify the design.  Meanwhile, I am still nursing a burn from the radiation treatments.  This is slowing me down.

As for the lite posting, I am not using the precious bandwidth, which is also expensive, for cruising the web.  Besides, all that junk was part of the problem, not a solution for anything.

For now on, things are for keeps.  That means a very tight budget, and keeping myself on a short leash.

This could be a problem.


Well, a short cruising of the web shows that I am not wrong.  As a consequence, and although it is going to take discipline; I am going to stop cruising the web, if this is all there is.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back home

Decided not to stay in Dallas for another day.  Been back home since yesterday.   Couldn't post because of the phone problem.  The phone malfunctioned, and I replaced it with a new one.

Meanwhile, it was necessary to do a few things to get back into gear here.  Slowly coming around, and now it may be possible to pick up where I left off.

I've completed some of the stuff on my to-do list.  This morning was rather cool, so I may not need a shade soon.  But that will have to be done soon, because it is going to get hot around here.

Update (s):  17:30  

Now that I am back, there is a lot less data to play with.  Besides that, there's no TeeVee here, as I will not pay for that service.  Actually, I cannot afford the data nor the TeeVee.

Posts that relied upon information obtained from such sources will not be as often, nor as in depth.  Besides, my opinion of our popular culture is at the lowest point ever.  Fakery is everywhere in the political sphere.  Nothing that happens in DC is real, but they are reality, which is unfortunate for the rest of us.

For now on, I will tend to post more practical stuff.  The stuff, or another word starting with the letter "s", can wait.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Was about to leave town, then...

...something went wrong.  My cell phone no workie.   It will ring if I use the landline phone, but it will not respond to my touch.  The touch screen is probably malfunctioning.


Now, I will have to go to a cell phone store in town, and see if these people can fix it, or replace it.  Since I haven't had it for very long, they may give me another one.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last treatment tomorrow afternoon

Late afternoon.  I asked for an earlier time, but no go.  This means that I will have to stay over one more night.  Heck, might as well stay until Wednesday morn, cuz I'm paid up that far.

This treatment regime has left me red as hell in my backside.  I'm using lotion to help heal it up.  Might as well rest it if I don't need to travel just yet.

Confirming bias

at Ace.  They were on the fecal roster.  Still are, but relatively speaking, they might pull out of it, but only if they get their collective heads out of their collective asses.

Projection, projection, projection.

But there's is better.  Ooooooohhhhkayyyyyyyyy.

How to play gitfiddle

Here's one of many, many videos on Youtubers that teach you how to play the gee-tar like you know what you are doing.  ( unlike me, when I was a youngster )  Shoot.  Enough of these, and you may become a chick magnet.


En Espanol

He visto la luz hace tiempo hace Venus se apago
he visto morir una Estrella en el cielo de Orion
No hay senal, no hay senal de vida humana y yo
perdido en el tiempo, perdido en otra dimension

oh oh ah ah ah

soy el capitan de la nave tengo el control
llamando a la Tierra, esperando contestacion
Soy un cowboy del espacio Azul electric
a dos milliones de anos luz de mi casa estoy

oh oh oh, ah ah ah

quisiera volver no termina nunca esta mission
me acuerdo de ti como un cuento de ciencia- ficcion
no estoy tan mal juego
juego al poker con mi ordenador
se pasan los dias no hay noticias desde la estacion

Now this is interesting, translating it back into English via Google translate:

I've seen the light long ago Venus stops
I've seen die a star in the sky of Orion
There is no signal, there is no sign of human life and I
lost time, lost in another dimension

oh oh ah ah ah

I am the captain of the ship
have control calling the Earth, waiting for reply
I am a blue electric space cowboy
two million light years from my house
 oh oh oh, ah ah ah

I would like to return never ends this mission
I remember you as a tale of science-fiction
I'm not so bad game play poker with my computer
spend the day there is no news from the station

6:26 , 5.22.17

Now the original space cowboy, Steve Miller...

I am wondering about that Spanish to English translation could be rewritten into yet another version
of the song?....

8:29, 5.22.19:

The original lyrics:

Did you see the lights
As they fell all around you?
Did you hear the music ?
A serenade from the stars

Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you
We're lost in space and the time is our own


Did you feel the wind
As it blew all around you?
Did you feel the love
That was in the air?

Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you

We're lost in space and the time is our own

The sun comes up
And it shines all around you
You're lost in space and the earth is your own



The lyrics seem negative.  Why not make it a positive?  How can you tweak the words so that they convey a message of optimism, as opposed to a message of negativism?

JP Aerospace's concept of riding the atmosphere in airships in order to get to orbit is incorporated into the lyrics here.

Here's my stab at it:

Do you see the lights
In the sky all around you?
Can you hear the music ?
Calls to us from the stars

Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you
We're off to space and the sky is our home


Do you feel the wind
When it blows all around you?
Do you feel the strength
That's in the air?

Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you
We're off to space and the sky is our home


The sun stays up
Joins the stars all around you
We're  into space now the sky is our home

Breaking News

Ace has a breaking news report.  Evidently, a person of interest has emerged in the Russian election hacking investigation.  A secret source says that Vlad himself is Trump's closest advisor.   The source requested anonymity on basis of national security.

When Vlad was asked for comment, he confirmed that it is truly a secret.


I encouraged feedback on a number of occasions and appeared to have gotten nothing.  It does appear that my latest rant may have bruised some feelings of actual human readers.

Well, if it did, I am not sorry.  You should have piped up.  I cannot differentiate between bots and humans if you do not say anything.