Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gordon Lightfoot

Something on the teevee reminded me of this song


Alaskan Bush People on Discovery

As you may have guessed, I'm in a motel room.


These guys are hard luck, the Browns.  Almost sounds familiar.

Obligatory, 3.18.17

On my way to the Big D.

Did not try the whole distance.  About an hour's drive from final destination.

Posting is lite for that reason, and I don't want to pay for more data.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Institutionalized Groupthink:  Aka: Ideology can make you stupid

This is one of the themes of this blog.  If there is anything really
wrong in this here country right now, it is political correctness
gone bugf&%k.  ( I have to censor my speech, cuz Google is now
going to have "flagging" of inappropriate material.)

Flagging of inappropriate material is the "shut uppery" that was
blogged here a few times.  The politics of shut up occurs when the
snowflakes say that they are offended, and that is an excuse to tell
you to STFU.

Don't be surprised then, if this blog gets flagged.  Nobody reads it
anyway, but Google is afraid that somebody MIGHT.  Well, we just
cannot have THAT, now can we?

Frickin' groupthink, Mr. Bigglesworth.

Shut uppery doesn't bridge the political divide, it widens it.

You have to listen to what those who disagree with you have to say.  You
have to seriously consider it.

Then if you don't agree, THEN kick their asses. Just kidding.

The toleration squad is into Doublethink here.  Toleration is censorship.

Yeah, right.

When tempers ride high, it may be time for a time out.
Know what I mean, Vern?

Probably not.  Trouble is on the way.  May not be long now.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Money Power

Whether or not you are aware of it, the money power rules over the
world.  The money power is centered here in the USA, but that may
be changing.  In fact, it has indeed changed.  It is like a cancer
that has metasisized.  When a cancer metasisizes, it has spread to
other parts of the body.  The money power began here, and has spread
like a cancer in the body to the rest of the world.  This is called Globalism.

Why is it a cancer?  It seems to have done some good some might say.  Seem-
ingly, the scientific advances impress; but simultaneously, these have
dwindled for some reason.  I think that reason is the money power.
I called it the Tiberius Syndrome.  Peter Diamandis brought this to
attention when he told the story of how aluminum was discovered
in the Roman era.  The Roman Emperor Tiberius had learned of this
new metal and was impressed with it.  Instead of rewarding the man,
he had the man killed.  Why?  It threatened his established interests.
There's a lesson there for our times.  The Established interests do not
want anything new or better.  They will suppress it just like it was
done in the Roman times.  I call this the Tiberius Syndrome.

Globalism and the Establishment are one and the same.   The
richest amongst us will favor Globalism.  Why would they not?  If
their own society's fail, they can always leave for better pastures.  But
where do their victims go?  Hey, there's victims alright.  If the Globalists hold
down progress, they victimize everybody.  They do indeed hold down progress.
One cannot fail to see this if one bothers to look very deeply.

The Tiberius Syndrome occurs in rich societies that got rich from the
inventiveness of its people.  But some people get rich and powerful, and power
corrupts.  The power of that money corrupts its owners.  They wish to keep this
power for themselves, so they will suppress any newcomers who may become
a threat.  Just like the ancient Roman Emperor Tiberius.
It may not be as crude as an execution, but it will indeed happen.
You will not be allowed to hear about it, or you will be propagandized
into believing that the new thing is no good or dangerous.

Examples abound.  I will not go over them here.  It isn't necessary
if one opens ones own eyes and sees for himself/herself.  It is all
around.  I have noted it time and again on this blog.

Ask yourself one simple question:

Why do problems never seem to get solved?  The Money Power will not
allow this.  For as soon as the problem is solved, their business is
obsolete.  They cannot allow this.  Hence, the Tiberius Syndrome.

Anybody who invents something new will have their invention suppressed
in one way or another.

Fight the Money Power and you will have REAL progress.  Not the
phony progress that they claim.  Just as a cancer kills its host, so
does the Money Power kill its host--- meaning US.

Obligatory, 3.16.17

Data is running short, so I have to conserve it for a few days.
Meanwhile, I need to discuss my off-the-grid situation and the
plans going forward.

As for water experiments:

Successes have been in collecting water from the dehumidifier.

I have several gallons sitting around here that I cannot use
at present because it simply gets too much water.

Another success has come from collecting rainwater.  This is a
bit surprising since I have hardly even scratched the surface
of its potential.

One other success has been in getting my water use down to less
than ten gallons per day.  It may be less than five, even.

However, I have not measured this precisely, so these are only

Problems have been with distillation, for one.  But the last
attempt was not that bad.  Can it be duplicated?  That I don't
know yet.

Filtration attempts have been frustrating.  However, commercial
filters have worked well.  I am considering buying a sand
filter, which would cost over 200 bucks.

If I were to buy outside products, like a distillation device,
and a filter, I think that everything else may fall into

At this time, I do not know if I can reach the fifty percent
reclamation point.  I'd like to be able to get my daily use
to a net two and a half gallons per day.  The last goal is to
throw out only a gallon per day, maximum.

Power experiments:

Not many of these.  In fact, only one.  It may be a disappointment
if I do not get much hotter water out of it than what I am
getting now.

The experiment has a ways to run yet.  The thing that is worrisome
is that it will take a lot of electricity to pump the water and
move the air over the heater core.

I now have a rudimentary system in place.  But it really is
marginal at best.  Must get much better.


I haven't discussed this much.  It was discussed briefly with
number one.  He recommended a certain breed of dog as a helpful
guard for a possibly dangerous place.  Won't be discussing the
breed here.

It would be best to organize the community, but if it is like the
rest of society, it will be like herding cats.


Pretty much settled in on what I'd like to do, but don't know
yet if it can be approved.


Housing must be successful.  Cannot experiment with designs.

Must get something that will work and will last.  I have ideas,
but execution is a worry.

Just did some trig calcs.  For a 12 foot tall structure to provide
shade for all of the trailer, you need an overhang of 5 feet.

That is assuming my calcs are correct.  That means I need to construct
a roof that is 13 feet wide to cover an eight foot wide trailer.

That's 338 feet of roofing, minimum to cover all of the trailer
which would be facing due east west orientation.

The entire structure when finished will be much larger.  I want
it to have a transparent roof out a distance in order to catch
the sun in the summer and winter.

That could mean a three by twenty six length of glass on the
north side, and five by twenty six on the other.  This would
give a twenty four by twenty six foot roof ( six twenty four sq. ft.)
Glass needed:  about two hundred square feet. Expensive.

May want to enclose all of the south side, but that presents
problems with excess heat.  How to manage that?  With a tarp?
Or not at all.  Too ambitious.  The overhang should be all.

That reduces the glass to three by twenty six feet.  Saves a
bunch on glass.  Lose opportunity for passive solar.  This
will have to be done differently.

I can build a relatively small glass enclosed area for the
passive solar devices.  Probably as little as thirty two
square feet.

The north side will have the three feet of glass roof, and
enclosed with screen to keep out varmints. (hopefully)


Want to grow spirulina.  Use that for raising other critters,
such as earthworms and or crickets.  These in turn could feed
chickens or fish ( or both).

The water problem needs to be licked first.

Security and sanitation are big obstacles.

Food can be bought, if necessary.
Even water can be bought.

Security can be enhanced, but not guaranteed.  The odds can be
improved.  But how?

Of course, money is the biggest obstacle of all.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

About taxes

For some strange reason, the GOP thinks taxes are their Holy Freaking Grail.  If only that Grail was in their possession! ( they dream )

Now they run Congress and the White House, and they can do whatever the hell they want. 

From time to time, these GOP yayhoos send me a questionnaire, which is a way for them to raise money.  I don't give 'em any more than what it takes to process the questionnaire.  But I answer their questions.  I just completed one of these, and there's a lot of leading questions.  Bullshit!

No, I do not have my nose up your ass, GOP.  Taxes do not matter that much to me these days.  If I was paying big taxes, I suppose it would.  I wish I could make the money that would make that an issue for me.

Anyway, don't freaking frame the issue in terms of what would be for the common good.  I don't freaking believe that business about balancing the budget by CUTTING taxes BS.

If you want small government, that means cutting the damned government.  Talk that way.  Don't give the government more money by "increasing"- revenues- through -cutting -taxes BS talk.  Even if it turns out to be true, which I am not so sure about.

So, I said cutting taxes ain't important as cutting the size and scope of government.

I think the GOP should RAISE taxes on Corporations.  Especially publicly traded corporations.  Frankly, I don't give a shit if that means higher prices.  I want the corporations to be brought under control.

That may seem liberal of me, but a lot of lefty types seem to be CEOs these days.  A lot of them help the pinko Dems.  It doesn't seem a happy hunting ground for the GOP.  Why feed the bastards?

Raise the hell out of taxes on Corporations.  If they want to leave the US, then leave.  We can tax imports, so you still have to pay taxes, assholes.

It's Globalism, folks.  They own Congress.  Dems and pubs both.  Corporations are part of the Globalism schtick.  Don't fall for their BS, I say.

Now the GOP is in possession of my opinion.  I am sure that all they really wanted was my money.

Good luck at that, assholes.

Rachel Maddow got a "leaked" Trump tax return.  Hmmm.  You know what I think of leaked private information such as that?  I think Maddow ought to be jailed for reporting it.  Private information should be respected.  News companies and reporters aren't immune from benefitting from stolen goods, even if those goods are only information.  If they personally gain from it, they are gaining from illegally trafficked goods.  An accessory to theft.  Put her mannish ass in jail, I say.

Maybe I'm wrong, but...

What two different people think of the same situation might well bring two different responses.  Even as different as the difference between night and day.

I went through some real shit once upon a time.  Most people around me were acting as if I had lost my mind.  But no, I was in possession of my faculties.  I simply did not understand what exactly was going on and why.

Certain people will, shall we say, "bend the rules" if that is what it takes to get what they want.  Somebody was bending the hell out of the rules in order to get me to act in a way more to their liking.

What I am saying is that a criminal element had targeted me for awhile.  For awhile there,  I had the distinct impression of dire harm that could happen at any time.  What was causing all this was a matter of great confusion for me.

Yet, people did not see it, or claimed to not see it.  In the end, I "figured it all out", or at least, think I figured it out.  Some dude was spying on me in order to stop paying attention to his fiancĂ©e.   Since NOTHING was going on, the fact that this dude was behind all the skullduggery did not enter my thinking.  It took me more than a year to "figure it out". 

Just sayin'.  If some bad people target you, you cannot give the impression of being easy to mess with.

You know, if you insist upon being stupid about this, you just might find yourself at the pearly gates a bit ahead of schedule.  Know what I mean, Vern?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The truth about this blog

... been saying it lately.  There's really not much of an audience here.  The numbers look better than they really are.  Almost certainly computer generated.  Somebody set it up in order to help my numbers, but that doesn't fix the problem of no audience.  It looks like there just isn't going to be one.

Also have made the point lately that you have to wave your arms and act like a fool in order to get attention, and that I won't be doing that.

Performance and quality doesn't matter.  People just want to be confirmed in their own biases, whatever they are.  So, they divide themselves into their groups and go off into groupthink.  There is going to be a certainty amongst the group that there will be groupthink.  In contrast, to be truly independent is to be alone, but being alone doesn't work either.  So, it looks like groupthink is a problem for the group, but you have to be in the group---somehow. 

That's a problem for me because I am not a joiner into a group 'er.   I don't roll that way.  Either I start joining, or I am forever alone out on the point, as a manner of speaking.

I think the group stuff makes them a large, powerful, and unfortunately stupid beast.

To fight them is a waste of time and dangerous.  Being stupid, they will never learn.  Being powerful, you are likely to get hurt, and profit nothing for your efforts.  If the Son of God couldn't move this beast hardly at all, how would a lonely little ol' blogger going to get anywhere with it?

Not quitting, mind you.  Just expressing the frustration of the situation.

What can you say when you mess up?

All you can do is say "I screwed up.  Sorry."  What the heck else can you do?

The event that brought this thought to the fore was that I completely forgot to monitor the weather info that was freely available on the web.  This fills in a lot of gaps in my knowledge.  

For instance, I put out a bucket to collect rainwater, but I didn't calibrate how much I collected versus how much it rained.  So now I don't know.

I have been simulating the way of life I would need to have in order to make it work out in the desert.  You cannot do that if you don't have all the info.  I have too many gaps.  I screwed up.  Sorry.

Who am I apologizing to?  For all I know, the only ones reading this are robots.  Yeah, an occasional person may drop by, but my stats look like they are being manipulated by a machine.  So, it doesn't look real to me.

Those folks might care, or might be mildly interested.  But this matters to me, so I am mostly apologizing to myself.  But the principle always works.  Well, most of the time.

What is meant by "works"?  The boss says okay, but don't let it happen again.  Yep.  So, you don't let it happen again until it does.  Then  what?   It could be:  "Jetson, you are fired!"

Then, that's all she wrote.  Except I cannot fire myself.  But I can quit.

Moral:  Please try not to be a screw up.  It is a really bad habit.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Say what?

This one draws a bit of a chuckle.  They can save on enforcement of the proposed law: just fine all the blind people.

You don't like that?  Yeah, that wasn't nice.

Snake lady


This is not an assignment, ya'll.  Yuk. Yuk.

Lyrics from After Dark, from the movie From Dusk till Dawn

Watching her
Strolling in the night
So white
Wondering why
It's only After Dark

In her eyes
A distant fire light
burns bright
Wondering why
It's only After Dark

I find myself in her room
Feel the fever of my doom
Falling falling
Through the floor
I'm knocking on the Devil's door

In the Dawn
I wake up to find
her gone
And a note says
only After Dark

Burning burning
in the flame
Now I know her
secret name
You can tear her temple down
But she'll be back
and rule again

In my heart
A deep and dark
and lonely part
Wants her and
waits for After Dark

After Dark,
After Dark,
After Dark

They took enough blood outta me to qualify as vampires, but none of let me drink from their leg like this.  Not that I wanted to, mind you.

Scenes from movies

To get across a point or two, which I will not specify.  That is left as an assignment.  Come on, it isn't hard.

From Unforgiven, when Clint Eastwood says "we all got it coming, boy".

There are others that I have in mind, but this computer and internet is acting up, so this will have to do for now.

The GOP health care bill

My curiosity was piqued, so I did a search on Who has actually read the bill and can tell me in a synopsis what is in the bill.

Contrast this with what the Dems did: they passed the bill in secret.  Congress had to pass it before you could see what was in it.

On at least this score, it is better.

After reading this, it appears to be a lot like what is already in existence.  However, there are some important differences.
  • Allocates money out to states as opposed to the current system.  (Don't know how they do it now, but evidently more money goes to the states.  This appears to be for Medicaid. )
  • Enhances and expands Health Savings Accounts.  ( You have to be making money to use this, in my opinion.  This would not help me right now.)
  • Replaces the subsidy with a Health Care Credit, which is a refundable tax credit much like the ones already in existence.  ( The idea here is to get people to shop for health care on their own.  Not sure how this will improve matters, but the idea is also to get people to get what they need as opposed to having the government mandate that EVERYTHING be covered.  For example, my coverage has to cover stuff I will never need because I am not married,  nor am I a female.)

It is opposed on the grounds that it "Obamacare Lite".  Well, maybe it is.  The difference, perhaps, is that it is a more individualized version of Obamacare, which cedes more control to the states and to individuals.  Whether or not it succeeds in the long run to avoid a single payer socialistic solution, I don't know.

Actually, I like my own ideas better, but I guess that is me.  I prefer something that would be a true insurance policy that requires that you pay for your own healthcare, and lets insurance companies underwrite policies based upon risk, which is what insurance actually is.  It is not a mere semantic difference.  Call things by their right names.  The left is always redefining words into what they don't mean.  What we have now is NOT insurance, but HEALTHCARE.   A real philosophical difference exists between offering to help INSURE people, but not to TAKE CARE of people.

If the GOP cannot pass this bill, they may not be able to pass anything at all.  Those who oppose this ought to think about that before they vote against it.

They are worried that this will lose votes because it doesn't really repeal Obamacare.  They should look at it this way: if they don't pass anything at all, they will also lose votes.  It may be a no win scenario.  You are going to be damned if you do, and damned if you don't


Dick Morris says that it leaves in Obamacare spending that is costly and unnecessary.  I wonder about that one.   If my recent medical stay at the hospital couldn't be covered, then it would have been ruinous.  Secondly, the refundable credits aren't as much as the premiums ( subsidies) .  They're getting cheap on us, I do believe.

Look.  Some stuff would be good to have.  Why not do catastrophic coverage on all for all, and call it a day?

If you want to get coverage, then you can do this other stuff.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Al Fin's post

The Incredible Shrinking Left.

Al Fin makes a lot of good points, but there may be some wishful thinking.  When the guys who are supposed to be on the rise are as much into groupthink as the left, then the left will win by default.

They will win because they have the momentum, the media, and the indoctrination dept (so called Education Department).

I think there is way too much overconfidence at this point.  You can be assured that you are being set up.

Have to wonder about this

Once upon a time, I suggested to any of the sorry ass Democrats who might be perusing this blog, that they should forget freaking Russia, and concentrate on real issues.

And damned if that is what they are doing.  They are sly mofos these Dems.  I wish I could say the same for the pubs, but these guys are stuck on stupid.

You might think from my writing that I am flipping Dem, but you would be wrong.  I'll never vote Dem.  I'll be freaking dead and cold in my grave before that would happen.  Obamacare or not.

Because basically they are full of shit.  They don't give a shit about Russia and they don't give a shit about people like me.  Especially, very especially people like me.  Not a freaking chance.

And so the same for the pubbies.  The one thing that Trump brought to the table was a refreshing honesty and sincerity.  Or so it seemed.

If he hooks up with the pubbies in order to save his ass, he may be making a mistake.

Dems need something.  They may be making a flanking move, while the pubbies still laugh their asses off about the freaking Russian joke.

Stupid fucks.

Patterns are hard to escape

Behavior patterns are the topic.  I may not be a good "noticer", but I have indeed noticed that it is really hard to change one's habits.

One bad habit is drinking cokes.  I have tried many times to stop, but I always start up again.  Another one is cussing.  Yeah, I tried to stop cussing.  I used to get into trouble in school because of my cussing.  It just comes out of me.  It seems like it cannot be helped.  And so forth and so on with the list.  The list is long.

Can't shake those habits.  Well, a tiger doesn't change his stripes, and a leopard doesn't change his spots.  Dogs bark, cats meow.  Things are what they are.


There are better things for me to do

..than this here blog.  But I like it a bit too much for my own good.

I was thinking about how many times I heard the saying--- "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  You know what?  I HATE that.  When I heard that same thing from my doctor, I thought, it's time to give it up.  It makes no difference if you are right when you are dead.

You see it is like this:  I don't want to wave my arms around like a damn fool in order to get attention.  I have some pride about me that won't let me do that, or do it easily.  I figured after six years of this blog, if I haven't shown people that it is worthy of their attention, maybe I ought to give it up.  Maybe the same about life, but wait a minute.  Death is forever.  Nobody is ready for the Grim Reaper.  You better believe it, kid.

So, I think I should have better things to do than to try to impress you people with my brains.  Evidently, they don't give a shit, so I am wasting my time.  I may not have that much time left.  There's no 100 percent guarantee of success in this treatment, you know.  There's about a five percent chance of something really bad happening, including death.

I saw a lot of stupid shit in the primaries.  I supported Trump early on.  It was really disappointing to hear negative shit about him from these people I once trusted.  The way it looks to me now is that the same shit is going to happen again.  It is going to happen because the people who get to the top are the damn fools who wave their arms around like a jackass.  THEY get the attention, when someone like me won't ever do shit like that.  And because of that, the blog will get ignored.  That would be a shame because there is good stuff here.

The GOP is acting a lot like the Dems, and because of this, they are screwing up.  They had better listen to people, and that even includes these sorry ass Democrats.  If the Democrats won't be reasonable, then you can say that you tried.   You have to show the people that you tried.   Because not everybody is a true blue believer in your brand of bullshit.  Make no mistake:  politicians on both sides are basically full of shit.  That is a lesson I learned this past primary season. 

I figure if the GOP cannot get their shit together and soon, their power will not last long.  I can warn you, but if you people are going to be idiots, then there's no hope for you.

I'll keep hanging around, I suppose.  At least for the time being.   If you fuck this up, you will deserve it.  I won't be around to help you the next time, you rotten bastards.  So you better shape the fuck up.

Analysis: Most likely true

It's all about girl power now.

I'm thinking about a youngster right now that fills the bill in that link.  Once he gets into school, they are going to do a number on him.

Then the women will whine, "Where have all the men gone."

You women, by voting for leftist, are emasculating the men.  Or, you are trying to.  Trouble is, you get a whole lot more of the thing you don't want when you do that.

I was on a jury last year.  That dude could have been a really bad seed;  but he might only have needed somebody to help him out, yet there wasn't anybody.  I would have liked to have sat in on the punishment phase of that trial, but they made an alternate out of me.  My input must not have been desired.

Funny how that keeps happening.

Anyway, you women don't know what you want, but you sure as hell do want power.  All the more reason to deny it to you.  You got too much of it already.

Not so fast

While Democrats Fume, Trump becomes jobs President.

Let's not get into groupthink here, you people.   The so-called right won this last election, but recent history has not been kind to the GOP.

The two Bushes gave the lefties a hole big enough to drive a semi through it.  Trump may be different in temperament, but the results easily could be the same.

I am not so sure that the left has lost its stranglehold on the public.  They have way, way, way too much influence.  Frankly, a lot of them belong behind bars.  I know you can't do that, but if there was a good reason, as I think there is, there could at least be a few shots across the bow.  Know what I mean there, Vern?

No, you don't know what I mean.  That's what makes it the Stupid Party.

For the Democrats to beat the dumbasses that you are, all they have to do is to show up.

Insomnia post

Howdy, ya'll.  Some folks notice things better than others.  Wishbone once said I wasn't a "good noticer".  We'll you know what?  He's right.  There are things that I haven't noticed as well as I should, and it comes back to bite me sometimes.

Rather than tell a bunch of stories about why this is so, I'll save your time.  Trust me on this:  I'm notorious for not noticing things that I probably should.  Sometimes, it just may take a 2x4 whack across the head in order to get my attention.  Know what I mean, Vern?

One thing I hadn't noticed that is biting me hard in the posterior just now is this infection I got.  I sure hope that I haven't screwed up really bad by not noticing it sooner.  Just saying, in order to keep the yuk factor in check, that I haven't been keeping up with the basic hygiene the way I should.  There are some mitigating factors, but those mitigating factors are also the reason for more caution.  Hopefully I snapped to this in time so that it won't continue to be a problem.

It is related to my move out here, and my experimentation in keeping water usage down.  When you have access to plenty of clean water, your hygiene is a lot easier to take care of.  One of the downsides of using less water is the possibility of having something like this rear its ugly head.

It's not that bad.  But it could be.  That is why I need to notice this stuff.

By the way, my treatment won't be without risk.  I was warned to be on the lookout for certain things.  It is not my habit to do that, you see.  I had better make it a habit.


Ah, the infirmities of old age.  I am probably older than my years, as far as my body is concerned.  My spirit is a different thing.  I am still a kid at heart.  Well, never mind.

I started to update this post, but then nature called, and afterwards, I nearly forgot my computer was waiting for me.  I tell you, you forget things you should not forget, and most everything doesn't work right any more.

So, I forgot what I wanted to write and wrote this instead.  Getting old is a bitch.  That's in case you didn't already know.