Thursday, March 16, 2017

Obligatory, 3.16.17

Data is running short, so I have to conserve it for a few days.
Meanwhile, I need to discuss my off-the-grid situation and the
plans going forward.

As for water experiments:

Successes have been in collecting water from the dehumidifier.

I have several gallons sitting around here that I cannot use
at present because it simply gets too much water.

Another success has come from collecting rainwater.  This is a
bit surprising since I have hardly even scratched the surface
of its potential.

One other success has been in getting my water use down to less
than ten gallons per day.  It may be less than five, even.

However, I have not measured this precisely, so these are only

Problems have been with distillation, for one.  But the last
attempt was not that bad.  Can it be duplicated?  That I don't
know yet.

Filtration attempts have been frustrating.  However, commercial
filters have worked well.  I am considering buying a sand
filter, which would cost over 200 bucks.

If I were to buy outside products, like a distillation device,
and a filter, I think that everything else may fall into

At this time, I do not know if I can reach the fifty percent
reclamation point.  I'd like to be able to get my daily use
to a net two and a half gallons per day.  The last goal is to
throw out only a gallon per day, maximum.

Power experiments:

Not many of these.  In fact, only one.  It may be a disappointment
if I do not get much hotter water out of it than what I am
getting now.

The experiment has a ways to run yet.  The thing that is worrisome
is that it will take a lot of electricity to pump the water and
move the air over the heater core.

I now have a rudimentary system in place.  But it really is
marginal at best.  Must get much better.


I haven't discussed this much.  It was discussed briefly with
number one.  He recommended a certain breed of dog as a helpful
guard for a possibly dangerous place.  Won't be discussing the
breed here.

It would be best to organize the community, but if it is like the
rest of society, it will be like herding cats.


Pretty much settled in on what I'd like to do, but don't know
yet if it can be approved.


Housing must be successful.  Cannot experiment with designs.

Must get something that will work and will last.  I have ideas,
but execution is a worry.

Just did some trig calcs.  For a 12 foot tall structure to provide
shade for all of the trailer, you need an overhang of 5 feet.

That is assuming my calcs are correct.  That means I need to construct
a roof that is 13 feet wide to cover an eight foot wide trailer.

That's 338 feet of roofing, minimum to cover all of the trailer
which would be facing due east west orientation.

The entire structure when finished will be much larger.  I want
it to have a transparent roof out a distance in order to catch
the sun in the summer and winter.

That could mean a three by twenty six length of glass on the
north side, and five by twenty six on the other.  This would
give a twenty four by twenty six foot roof ( six twenty four sq. ft.)
Glass needed:  about two hundred square feet. Expensive.

May want to enclose all of the south side, but that presents
problems with excess heat.  How to manage that?  With a tarp?
Or not at all.  Too ambitious.  The overhang should be all.

That reduces the glass to three by twenty six feet.  Saves a
bunch on glass.  Lose opportunity for passive solar.  This
will have to be done differently.

I can build a relatively small glass enclosed area for the
passive solar devices.  Probably as little as thirty two
square feet.

The north side will have the three feet of glass roof, and
enclosed with screen to keep out varmints. (hopefully)


Want to grow spirulina.  Use that for raising other critters,
such as earthworms and or crickets.  These in turn could feed
chickens or fish ( or both).

The water problem needs to be licked first.

Security and sanitation are big obstacles.

Food can be bought, if necessary.
Even water can be bought.

Security can be enhanced, but not guaranteed.  The odds can be
improved.  But how?

Of course, money is the biggest obstacle of all.

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